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Category: Music
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Semi-regular podcasts created by Birmingham country/folk band Friends of the Stars. The podcasts, which also feature music, revolve around discussions held between band members and 'Executive Producer Robson', a friend of the band.

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Podcast Episode's:
FOTS-POD#23 – I Just Called To Say I Robson’d You
Episode 23 of the Friends of the Stars podcasts breaks new technological ground, being the first recorded entirely over Skype. Campbell, Craig & Executive Producer Robson discuss a variety of topics, including Campbell’s brief stint as the Milk Tray Man and his dalliance with a make-up artist called Kindly. The boys then push the boundaries […]
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FOTS-POD#22 – Robson Man 2
This hour-long episode, entitled “Robson Man 2″, finds Cam and Craig in blistering form as they discuss the various merits of iPhones, Spotify and SKY Sports before moving on to give an insight into the working processes of a band lumbering towards the completion of it’s 2nd LP. It’s nowhere near as dull as it […]
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FOTS-POD#21 – A Robson In Winter
Episode 21 finds Campbell and Craig tucking into a couple of afternoon beers during the recent post-Christmas lull. The boys discuss Craig’s recent fatherhood following the birth of his son, Mac Charlie, and also the joys of accompanying Executive Producer Robson on a fraught trip to IKEA. The podcast once again features swearing and also […]
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FOTS-POD#20 – The Amityville Robson
FOTS-POD Episode 20 is a bumper 1-hour special in which Executive Producer Robson and Craig embark on what sounds suspiciously like an ill-informed meander through local history. So, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering about the architecture and cultural history of certain areas of south Birmingham, and you also happen to like swearing, then this […]
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FOTS-POD#19 – The No Robson Club: Part 2
Apologies for the delay in posting the second part of this special two-part podcast. Things are busy at this end . You know how it is. Always true to our word, “The No-Robson Club Part 2″ features a very special guest, so take a wild guess who that might be. This episode features music from […]
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FOTS-POD#18 – The No-Robson Club: Part 1
Episode 18 of the Friends of the Stars Podcast is a PART ONE of TWO PART affair. Recorded just last week in the fine city of Glasgow, these episodes DO NOT feature Executive Producer Robson. Wait….come back. Containing tunes by David Bowie, Magnetic Fields, Kevin Ayers and Elvis Costello, “The No-Robson Club” finds Friends of […]
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FOTS-POD#17 – Things To Do In Denver When You’re Robson
Here is Episode 17 of the ever-popular Friends of the Stars Podcasts. This one is called “Things To Do In Denver When You’re Robson” and continues in the fine tradition of it’s predecessors containing as it does lots of great tunes and two blokes swearing at each other. If it ain’t fucking broke, and all […]
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FOTS-POD#16 – N-N-N-New Jack Robson
FOTS-POD Episode 16 is called “N-N-New Jack Robson”. It’s a continues Executive Producer Robson’s rigorous interview with Craig regarding, amongst other things, New Zealand. We’re hoping for fewer compaints this time… TRACKLISTING “Jody Come Back and Get Your Shoes” – Bobby Newsome “More Pretty Girls Than One” – Woody Guthrie (with Cisco Houston) “Fisherman’s Blues” […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

FOTS-POD#15 – “Das Robson”
According to Campbell, the man who made it, Episode 15 of the Friends of the Stars Podcasts is, “like listening to Radio fucking 4”. Let’s see about that, shall we. Executive Producer Robson turns the tables on this one and becomes the man with the questions, grilling a clearly excited Craig about his recent trip […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

FOTS-POD#14 – “Robson The Headless Thompson Gunner”
Epsiode 14 of the Friends of the Stars Podcast is here…. FOTS-POD#14 “Robson The Headless Thompson Gunner” follows the tried and tested Music + Swearing formula that has proven so successful in previous broadcasts. So successful has this been in fact that interweb subscribers to this rubbish now number more than 20..Who are you people? […]
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