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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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This podcast is a collection of my sermons that will hopefully serve as a chronicle of my daily walk with Christ and maybe show some spiritual growth along the way.

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Podcast Episode's:
Come to the Table
Remember those family meals that were a weekly occurence growing up? The food, the laughter, the conversations, the fun you would have afterward? Even if that's not what happened for you, it CAN be that way for you at the table of God. He invites us to the family meal He created long ago to bring His people to remembrance of what He did to save them from slavery in Egypt, the family meal that Christ celebrated with His disciples the night of His arrest, the family meal that can - and should - bring to remembrance for us how Christ has saved us, and continues to rescue us when we need Him. Won't you come to the table?
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A Father's Dreams
Listen in as Joseph, the husband of Mary and the "stepfather" of Jesus shares some insights into the life he lived and the life he tried to give to his "Son", including a father's dreams for his children...the same dreams all father's have for his family.
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Count the Cost
Are discipleship and salvation two separate entities? Or are they forever and always intertwined, one contingent upon the other? Join with me as we look at the dangers of separating them from one another. Salvation without discipleship? That's NOT counting the cost...
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The Storms of Life
One of the easiest ways for us to slip away from the "free" life we have in Christ is to face some storms in our life. Join me as we look at a physical storm the disciples faced that mirrors the spiritual storms we face as Christians.
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Afraid to Be Free
In his first epistle, Peter encourages his readers to remember who it is they are in Christ - a royal priesthood, a chosen race. As such, we are to fulfill the Will of God...but how? By living as free people. Sounds simple, but most find they are too afraid to be free.
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Can These Dry Bones Live?
As Ezekiel stood in the midst of a valley filled with dry, lifeless bones God asked him a simple but strange question. Can these dry bones live? As we think about our lives and sometimes feel lifeless or hopeless or that it's all for nothing, perhaps God's message for His people through Ezekiel is what we need to hear.
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What Now?
They witnessed His 'triumphal entry' into Jerusalem. They witnessed those same people turn their backs on Him. They watched Him crucified from afar. Now they witness Him alive, risen from the grave. As the disciples become apostles, as they face a life without their Teacher and Savior beside them physically...what now? Take a look at what Christ did in the forty post-resurrection days He spent with His disciples to prepare them to be apostles.
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Easter Service
A view of what Easter means to us as Christians through the institution of the Lord's Supper.
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The Triumphal Entry of Christ
One short week before the fulfillment of God's plan for the redemption of mankind, Christ enters Jerusalem with much fanfare. One short week before those shouting "Hosanna" will be shouting "Crucify Him." With the weight of the cross beginning to bear on Him, watch the contrast that Jesus makes with the world as He makes His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
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The Greatest Trip I Never Took
Are we simply mailing it in as Christians? Do I let someone else do all the study, prayer, and spiritual growth I should be seeking for myself? If so, your spiritual journey may be the greatest trip you never took.
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Hungry To Help
In what was a rare occasion, Jesus used one of His opportunities for working a miracle to test the 'hunger' of His disciples to help others in need. Some failed, some succeeded...how would we fare, given the opportunity?
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Extraordinary or Extra - Ordinary?
 I'm just a simple man...I haven't got the talent...God couldn't use me, could He? Yes, He could, and He will if you'll only open yourself up to His Will for your life. The disciples Jesus selected were extraordinary only for the fact that they were extra ordinary; In fact, God specializes in using normal, everyday people to accomplish His Will!
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Why Were the Angels Happy?
 It was a beautiful night for humanity - the night Jesus Christ was born. Little did we know what it would cost the Son of God to fulfill God's scheme of redemption for us. But the angels did...and still they heralded the occasion, singing and praising God joyfully. How could they be happy knowing what their Master must endure? The same way we can when we understand the love that went into our redemption.
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What is the Kingdom?
 We know it's important. We know as Christians we're a part of it. But just what is this Kingdom that Christ kept teaching about? If you're willing to look behind the cliches and dig deeper than the same old answers, maybe you can begin to find out for yourself.
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