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Category: Business
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A probate valuation is a process to value the property in the open market after the deceased passes away. Various companies are dealing with the probate valuation process for the beneficiaries in the family.

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Podcast Episode's:
Desktop Valuation vs Full Valuation
Desktop Valuation vs Full ValuationWhen it comes to property valuations, understanding the difference between a desktop valuation and a full RICS valuation is essential for making informed decisions. Both types of valuations serve different purposes and have distinct advantages and disadvantages. What is an RICS Desktop Valuation?A desktop valuation is a property valuation conducted without a physical inspection. Instead, the ... <div><a href="https://hardingsurveyors.co.uk/desktop-valuation-vs-full-valuation" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>

Flat Survey
Flat Survey &#124; Advice for Buying a London FlatWhat do Surveyors check in a Flat?When surveying a London flat, a Chartered Surveyor examines various aspects to assess the condition of the property and identify potential issues. The process typically includes: Structural Integrity: Checking the flat’s foundations, walls, and ceilings for signs of structural damage such as cracks, dampness, or subsidence. ... <div><a href="https://hardingsurveyors.co.uk/flat-survey" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>

Japanese Knotweed Surveyor
Japanese Knotweed SurveyorWhat is Japanese Knotweed?Japanese knotweed, an aggressively invasive plant species, has become a significant concern for homeowners surveyors and mortgage lenders, especially around London. It was introduced initially to the UK in the mid-19th century for its ornamental qualities, characterized by striking red stems and lush green leaves. This plant can have an extraordinary growth rate, potentially up ... <div><a href="https://hardingsurveyors.co.uk/japanese-knotweed-surveyor" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>

London Property Market Predictions for 2024
London Property Market Predictions for 2024 As we approach 2024, various predictions and forecasts have emerged about the potential trajectory of property prices in the city. The Current State of the Market As of 2023, London’s property market has seen some fluctuations. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), London house prices fell 1.4% in the 12 months to ... <div><a href="https://hardingsurveyors.co.uk/london-property-market-predictions-for-2024" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>

Leasehold Reform | Kings Speech
Leasehold Reform - The King's Speech 2023In King Charles III's first King's Speech, significant reforms were announced concerning leasehold properties in the UK. These reforms are part of a new bill intended to reshape the housing market. Here's a summary of the key points: Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill: The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill, as announced in the King’s ... <div><a href="https://hardingsurveyors.co.uk/leasehold-reform-kings-speech" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>

Independent Property Valuation
Independent Property ValuationIn the UK property market, one key factor plays a critical role in buying and selling decisions: understanding the true market value of the property. An independent property valuation provides the most reliable means of determining this. Whether you're buying, selling, considering an extension, or looking to secure a loan, an independent RICS property valuation could be invaluable. ... <div><a href="https://hardingsurveyors.co.uk/independent-property-valuation" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>

Divorce Valuation of Property | Valuing a Family Home
Divorce Valuation of Property &#124; Valuing a Family HomeDivorce is challenging, and a property valuation is crucial in reaching a fair financial divorce settlement. In family law, the property's value is often disputed, especially when dealing with matrimonial homes and other assets. This is where a Chartered Surveyor, professionally trained via the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), plays a ... <div><a href="https://hardingsurveyors.co.uk/divorce-valuation-of-property" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>

Retrospective Property Valuation: A Detailed Analysis
Retrospective Property Valuation: A Detailed AnalysisRetrospective property valuation, also known as a backdated or historical valuation, is a service that provides an accurate estimate of a property's value at a previous date. This can be pivotal in circumstances such as probate, matrimonial disputes, or capital gains tax calculations, where precise valuation figures from a particular point in time are essential. ... <div><a href="https://hardingsurveyors.co.uk/retrospective-property-valuation" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>

London Property Market Predictions 2023
London Property Market Predictions for 2023 London's property market has remained resilient despite facing significant challenges in 2022. Inflation shot into double figures, interest rates rose quickly, and Westminster appeared to be perpetually embroiled in political upheaval. However, according to Halifax, while the annual rate of growth has slowed, December’s house price index shows that prices increased by 4.7% last ... <div><a href="https://hardingsurveyors.co.uk/london-property-market-predictions-2023" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>

Boundary Dispute Surveyor in London | 5 Benefits of Hiring One
Boundary Dispute Surveyor in London &#124; 5 Benefits of Hiring One As a property owner in London, you know how important it is to protect your investment. An issue that property owners can face is boundary disputes, which can be a nightmare to resolve. By hiring a surveyor, you can ensure that your property lines are accurately marked, and any ... <div><a href="https://hardingsurveyors.co.uk/boundary-dispute-surveyor-london" class="more-link">Read More</a></div>

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