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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Available now - MASTER THE ANGER WITHIN, by Dr. Jim Slaughter a dynamic, user friendly workbook that teaches key methods for shutting down anger, the emotion that can ruin everything.

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Podcast Episode's:
Keeping Hope Alive
Without Hope, people become depressed, despondent, and even suicidal. Here, Dr. Jim Slaughter identifies eight keys to finding hope and keeping it alive. If you are a couple asking "Do you think there's any hope for us? Jim's answer is "of course there's hope for you. There's always hope!"
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Growing In The Christian Life
Dr. Slaughter shares a brief digest about how to grow in the Christian life including 4 spiritual laws, six great assurances and six ways of growing mature and strong.<br />If you would like to coach with Jim, just reach out to him through his website drjimslaughter.com or call his wellness center at 817-232-1363.
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Dr Slaughter highlights 12 dangerous signals that warn of impending burnout. He explores the symptoms of burnout, and offers solutions for preventing it and recovering from it.
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Learn Love Languages to Make Your Marriage Thrive
Where is the spirit of anticipation, the twinkle of the eye, the electricity of a kiss, the excitement of sex? What about the emotional security that I am #1 in his or her mind? Dr. Slaughter teaches how we can meet each others deep emotional need to feel loved through love languages. If we can learn this, and choose to do it, then the love we share will be exciting and fulfilling beyond anything we've experienced.
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Alex Kendrick OVERCOMER
Dr. Jim Slaughter chats with the Producer, Director, Actor, Alex Kendrick on his new movie OVERCOMER, his passion for making Godly films and his family. Join us and hear an amazing story about his life and film. Alex Kendrick is an amazing guy.
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Stopping Anger In It's Tracks
Jim teaches key methods for shutting down anger, the emotion that can ruin everything.<br />Resource Available now - MASTER THE ANGER WITHIN,<br />a dynamic, user friendly workbook that teaches key methods for shutting down anger, the emotion that can ruin everything.
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Life Coaching For Men
There is a sense of losing ourselves when we live life. People feel like they need direction. An interview with Dr. Slaughter on iHeartRadio's Living Well Show on coaching men to live their dreams by removing false beliefs and sabotaging behaviors. Finding their true selves and reaching their goals, leading them to true contentment and success.
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Listening Well
How to hear what your wife is really saying to hear the meaning beneath the words to lead to a a healthier more meaningful way to communicate. This kind of conversation heals wounds and helps prevent conflict from arising during conversations. When a couple can communicate this way they create a deeper bond and a lasting relationship. These tools can do the same for any relationship.
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Protecting Your Family Nutritionally Loving Well
Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND,<br />Dr Joel Wallach on how men can lead their family to be healthy and nutritionally well. Dr. Joel D. Wallach DVM ND, is a biomedical research pioneer, Nobel Prize Nomine in medicine with his research is in the Smithsonian Institute who spent more than 40 years observing and researching the effects of individual nutrients on health.
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Parents as Disciples & Casual Spiritual Instruction
How Parents can be good disciples to their children with direct and casual spiritual instruction. Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)
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Resolving Conflict Well
An issue common to us all from time to time is the problem of conflict in a relationship. Conflict ignored or left unchecked can lead to wounds, even scars, that end friendships, separate families, and destroy marriages. Here are some principles from Dr. Slaughter about how to handle conflict before it handles you.
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God's View of Love and Marriage
Most people when they get married have an idea of what they want marriage to be without having any plan for having a great marriage or making marriage work. Often marriages fail because their is no plan or real understanding of marriage. But God has given us a blueprint for marriage beginning in the earliest chapters of the Bible. This blueprint is available for everyone who wants to follow it. Dr Slaughter helps us understand God's plan for marriage and what husbands and wives can do to make it the best that it can be.<br />If you would like to coach with Dr. Slaughter for your marriage, reach out to him at drslaughter.com, email him at <a href="mailto:jslaughterphd@yahoo.com">jslaughterphd@yahoo.com</a> or contact him at his clinic, Life Solutions at (817)232-1363.
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Ending The Cycle of Father Wounds
Dr. Jim Slaughter sits down to chat with Bob Reccord about men's father wounds and how most men have them.<br />Wounds happen in all kinds of relationships, but perhaps none are more potentially damaging that those caused by "friendly fire" from those closest to us. Many times they are the result of lack of emotional engagement, harsh--or absent--words, lack of expressed love and pride, or criticism. When they come from a father, step-dad, or major father-figure they leave a lot of collateral damage.<br />Bob'sBio: Dr. Reccord has always been a pioneer in the world of Christian Leadership.<br />Since 2006 he has been privileged to speak to more than 300,000 men through both live and simulcast presentations. Presently he is engaged in developing some training curriculum for men for Promise Keeper’s new app. He was the keynote speaker for the NRA National Prayer Breakfast at the 2013 Houston Convention. Ambassadors Speaker’s Bureau named him second in the nation in speaking for them and raising funds for Pregnancy Resource Centers across the nation over the last five years.<br />He served as a business executive providing services and parts to the automotive, aircraft and computer industry. While doing that he was also regularly speaking to Christian events and churches.<br />He has served as pastor in churches in three states and spoken to churches and Christian gatherings across the nation and overseas. Having been a pastor, Dr. Reccord firmly believes the church is central to God’s plan for transforming people and offering them biblical answers to life’s many issues. His passion for equipping the church comes through in his talks to his audiences. Dr. Reccord draws on his years of leadership to help provide value to his audiences.<br />He served as the Executive Director for the highly respected Council for National Policy (CNP) in Washington, D.C., a non-profit educational foundation whose mission is to restore and sustain American freedoms through business, civic, defense, educational, and religious forums. In doing so, he worked with many of the Christian leaders in the arena of social issues across this nation, as well as leaders on Capitol Hill.<br />Dr. Reccord also served as the first president of the North American Mission Board (NAMB) (1997-2006), an agency with more than 5,000 missionaries and 2,500 endorsed chaplains whose focus is to work with churches and state conventions to mobilize the Southern Baptist Convention as a missional force to impact North America with the gospel of Jesus Christ. During his presidency, the NAMB became one of the top three largest disaster relief agencies in the United States commended by President George W. Bush for its impact after 9/11 and the hurricanes of Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. Additionally, more than 14,000 new churches were launched.<br />Bob feels it is critical for people to live a life which God can bless. That requires a focus on what is “below the water line of life” because God looks not primarily on the outward appearance, but on the heart. And it is those who guard their heart above all else which God says will have a well-spring of life and blessing (Proverbs 4:23). It is this deep belief that led Bob to also serve as President and CEO of Hope for the Heart.
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Part 2 Grizzly Attack Wild Awakening
Part 2 of Jim's interview with Greg Matthews about his Grizzly Attack. Greg's own word:<br />"I thought I understood how to pursue real purpose in life as a man, until I was certain the next breath would be my last. It was in that moment I came to a realization that for most of my life I had traded treasure for trash. The foundation of manhood I had built, crumbled under my feet into the growing pool of blood beneath me. Don’t wait to find your awakening, and discover what we all are searching for."<br /><a href="https://www.amazon.com/Wild-Awakening.../dp/1501194534" rel="noopener">https://www.amazon.com/Wild-Awakening.../dp/1501194534</a>
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Part 1 Grizzly Attack Wild Awakening
Grizzly Attack! Miracle! Greg Matthews, Iraq War Veteran, 9/11 first responder and Homeland Security Counter-Terrorism Officer, found himself face to face with the most vicious antagonist he had ever faced--a 600 pound grizzly bear who stalked, attacked and mauled him in the Alaskan Wilderness. Listen in as Greg shares his own story of the terrifying attack and God showing up during to get him through the attack and in the aftermath.<br />Greg says: I thought I understood how to pursue real purpose in life as a man, until I was certain the next breath would be my last. It was in that moment I came to a realization that for most of my life I had traded treasure for trash. The foundation of manhood I had built, crumbled under my feet into the growing pool of blood beneath me. Don’t wait to find your awakening, and discover what we all are searching for.
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Fathers Loving Well
Being a dad is a challenging full-time job. Sometimes dads feel like they have missed the mark, but Ephesians 6:4 provides biblical guidance for how to love well as a father.
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Joseph A Model For Men
A good husband and father figure is hard to find in the scriptures. We find more about what they shouldn't be than what they should be. We see absent men, we see indulgent men, we even see mentally ill men and the outcome is never good. But, to me, there is one man who stands out as a godly model for husbands and fathers. This is Joseph, the husband of Mary, and earthly father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
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1st Peter - The Missing Ingredient For Loving Well
Marriages often struggle because one ingredient is missing. Dr. Slaughter discusses this missing ingredient that the apostle Peter highlights in his instruction to husbands (1 Peter 3:7). Listen in. It may surprise you.
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Part 2 Qualities of True Manhood
Dr. Jim Slaughter continues his challenge to men to consider what it really takes to be a man. He dismantles stereotypes and identifies the characteristics of true masculinity.
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P.T.S.D.: Overcoming the Effects of Severe Life Trauma
Dr. Slaughter interviews Greg Matthews and Dr. John King about their severe trauma experiences and resulting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Greg and John, P.T.S.D. experts, discuss the impact of severe trauma and share how they have worked to overcome it's often debilitating effects.
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Part 1 Qualities of True Manhood
Dr. Jim Slaughter's two- part series looking at qualities that make a man a man.<br />Stereotypes abound when it comes to deciding what makes a man a man. Is it how old he is? How tough he is? How wealthy he is? Jim shows us masculinity from a biblical perspective, challenging men everywhere to consider what it really takes to be a man.
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Hosea's Sacrificial Love
We live in a world awash in love stories. Most of them are lies. They are lust stories, sex-fantasy stories, domination stories. From the cradle we are fed lies about love.<br />This messes up human relationships and God-relationships. The reality of all existence is that God is love and that God loves the world. But when our minds and imaginations are crippled with lies about love, we have a hard time understanding this fundamental ingredient of daily living. Hosea is the prophet of love, but not love as we imagine or fantasize it. He was a parable of God's love. Listen to Hosea's story as Dr. Slaughter tells it, through the prophet's own eyes.
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A Shepherd's Song
The Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament records one of the most stunning events of all time, the announcement by angels of the birth of Jesus Christ to shepherds in the hills of Bethlehem. Join Dr. Jim Slaughter as he tells the story through the eyes of one of those shepherds keeping watch over his flock that night.
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Christmas Revelation
1. Dr Slaughter gives a wonderful Christmas review of added clues that the Bible gives from beginning to the end about who the Messiah will be, how he will come and what he will do.<br />2. Beautiful Christmas Song from Pentatonix.<br />3. The Worship of the Magi - Matthew reveals the royalty and deity of Jesus in his description of the coming of the magi (wisemen) to give their gifts and worship him.
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Christmas Welcome
Christmas is coming fast, faster than you may think or even want. More on the story of Christmas via Dr. Jim Slaughter. Listen closely to the podcast and you will hear a tale that you will never forget and will want to share with family and friends.
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Thanksgiving Story
Ask most Americans what they think of first when Thanksgiving Day roles around and you will likely hear the words turkey, pumpkin pie, family, and maybe even---pilgrims. But how did this all start? Here is part of the story of God's blessing in November of 1621, to bring together several Eastern Native American tribes and a band of English settlers struggling to stay alive. This is what happened that first Thanksgiving Day.
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Making Your House a Christian Home
Dr. Slaughter teaches how the Christian Home is not merely a dwelling place. We need to realize that the Christian home is much more than simply a house with Christian accoutrements. Let us consider some of the factors of a Christian Home as the Bible describes it.
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Keeping Kids Safe
Dr. John A. King was sex trafficked as a child in Australia by his own family. He has devoted his life to Keeping Kids Safe. Dallas, TX is now #1 in sex-trafficking in the whole world. How is that possible? You will learn from John how and why we must now learn how to keep our kids safe from traffickers.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Humility Living Like A Vagabond
When we take a long deep look inside, we identify with James and John. These are the disciples who came to Jesus with a request for stardom, recognition, power and glory. Their story shines a spotlight on our own hearts showing us a part of ourselves we don't like to think about. The Gospel of Mark tells the story in Chapter 10 versus 35-45.
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How Men Can Love Their Wives Well
"Why do men have such a hard time loving well?" Dr Jim Slaughter share his interview on KBDT. Jim shares why he feels men struggle with loving and showing the ones they love how much they really care. He also gives tips and insights to men to help them love their wives and family well.
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How to Love Your Wife on Valentine's Day
Dr. Slaughter gives ideas and insights on How to Love Your Wife Well on Valentine's Day. Valentines Day is a day for lovers to share romantic love. There are 364 days for men to prepare every year but men seem genuinely surprised when it comes. We have given priority to the work-box not the love-box so at the last minute we throw something together. Yet we are hoping for a night of sizzle but are often disappointed with night of drizzle. How can this happen? Why do guys have such a hard time with all this?
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The Importance of A Man's Work
Dr. Bill Peel shares about the importance of God's call for men to work and the man's power for impact through his work.<br /><br />Dr. Bill Peel is the founding Executive Director of The Center for Faith & Work at LeTourneau University.
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