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Category: Education
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How to ease the 20% off-the-job challenge | Apprenticeship Levy Podcast | ICS Learn & PM Insight
<p>Learn more about investing your levy in flexible HR, L&amp;D and management training: <a href="https://www.icslearn.co.uk/apprenticeships/">https://www.icslearn.co.uk/apprenticeships/</a> .&nbsp;</p> <p>One of the biggest reasons holding organisations back from spending their apprenticeship levy is the 20% mandatory training time, which has left managers afraid that they'll 'lose' an employee one day per week. In this webinar from Apprenticeship Consultant Stephen Norris and AELP CEO Mark Dawe, you'll learn why this isn't the case, and how you can make apprenticeships and the levy shape to your needs. You'll learn: - How to choose a training style that fits your requirements, whether face-to-face or online - How to turn the levy into a strategic advantage - How online training can fulfil the 20% off-the-job learning requirement with minimum time away from the office - How to set a flexible schedule that delivers results when and where you need them. &nbsp;</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

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