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Category: Technology
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Techooid tests and reviews the best tech, software, gear, apps and more. You can trust our veteran journalists, scientists, and experts to find the best stuff.

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Podcast Episode's:
5 Gadgets to Help You Focus While Studying
Studying is an important part of retaining memory or knowledge. This is because if you do not practice or recall memory after you have learned something, you may have the chance of forgetting it. However, studying can be difficult, too. Most of the time, you must study from your desk, read some books, or use […]

How to Use Mendeley [Updated Guide 2021]
There are still many researchers who argue to write Citations and bibliographers without any software. But they are clearly missing something very important. This is an easy guide on how to use Mendeley on the word. Reference managers aren’t just citation software these days. Publishing companies are doing their best to improve them by offering […]

Easy-to-Follow Mac Tips for Graphic Designers
Graphic designers expect seamless speed, endless storage, vivid functionality, and excellent graphics quality from their MacBook. If you are among those creative minds who love to play with graphics in day-to-day life, you need to regularly maintain your Mac to keep them up and running for every new task or challenge. Here’re some tips that […]

Best Budget Smartphones under 400$ in 2020
Google Pixel 4a — Best Overall When it comes to the best overall smartphone under 400$, Google Pixel 4a is an undisputed winner in 2020. Just like the previous pixels, the best thing Google has going for this budget smartphone is flagship grade cameras. While the single 12.2mp camera might sound modest on paper, the […]

Best Video Conferencing Apps and Software
The right telecommunication tools have always been important for productivity, but they’ve become even more essential now that more companies have been adapting to a work-from-home set-up amidst the ongoing global situation. One tool that is consistently being relied on by corporations, startups, and freelancers alike are video conferencing apps and software. Whether it’s for […]

Best Free Internet VPN Services
Virtual Private Network (VPN) is gaining popularity for the past few years gradually. Recently, free internet VPN services have become more popular. The year 2020 appears to be a potential game-changer for free internet VPN services as more and more people want to entertain themselves while working from home, simultaneously. In a bit hurry? It […]

Best Skin Tag Removal Pens
When my parents were in their teenage, the only way to remove the skin tags, moles, freckles etc was to visit dermatologists. It was really tiring as many times, there was more than 1 session to attend. However now in our era, thanks to the Best Skin Tag Removal Pen, our life has become much easier.  […]

Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Beard
Men love their beard when it is well-groomed and nourished; the rest that doesn’t have the riches of a perfect beard just dream for one. Argan oil for beard is said to do the job and make things right. Sometimes, it becomes hard to figure out what exactly is beneficial for your beard so that […]

Does Tea Tree Oil for Beard really help?
Many beard oils and other products have been made to help people with no or patchy beard. Speaking of Oils, Tea Tree Oil for beard is said to be significant enough to help people have a beard of their dreams. Nowadays, almost every man considers to grow a thick, well-groomed and nourished beard, especially when […]

Best Magnetic Rowing Machines
If you’re an introvert and prefer an effective workout at home to reach fitness goals, nothing beyond compare than the magnetic rowing machine. They are the finest physical apparatus for cardio, muscular fitness, upper & lower body work out, and weight loss.   They have extraordinary friction-free resistance. The apparatus runs smoothly and silently. Most people […]

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