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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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A weekly podcast for the missionary in all of us. Fellow travelers share real-life stories of radical transformation as a result of going on a mission trip. Find yourself right in the middle of a missions team being transformed by God.

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Podcast Episode's:
Pastor Jay - God’s Exponential Impact
Pastor Jay shares his story on how he answered God’s call for full-time ministry. His story is about faithfulness and seeing God’s exponential impact on the lives of those who heed and obey his call.
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Pauline’s Story - We Cannot Outgive God
Pauline shares her story on how being a nurse gave her the opportunity to become a catalyst for life change and transformation. She talks about why she believes that we cannot outgive God and how in every season of life there's just much to learn from giving and going.
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Pricilla’s Story - From Tragedy to Triumph
Pricilla shares her story on how the tragedies she experienced as a child and adult helped mold her into becoming a bold witness for Christ. She talks about overcoming traumas and living the story that God is crafting in her life.
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Friends from Manipur - Answering God’s Global Call
The seven Indian National members of the Manipur medical team share their experience and talk about what they loved about their short term mission to Mumbai. They are the embodiment of God’s global call to go and serve those who are in need of God’s love and Gospel.
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Andrew’s Story - Taking a Leap of Faith
Andrew shares his story on how taking a leap of faith led him to change his and other people’s lives. He talks about how his mission trips to India increased his faith through God’s faithfulness.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Jim and Mary’s Story - Going Where God Leads You
I am incredibly honored to have Jim and Mary Ayers on the show. They are from my county of birth - Rutherford County in North Carolina. Their mom had been so generous with me and my siblings. When I introduce you to Jim and Mary Ayers, I introduce you to a family that sowed seeds of the gospel into me and into our family. And to now take them to a mission trip in India is really one of the highlights of my career. Jim and Mary are living proof that senior adults don’t stop living. And that age does not stop you from going where God leads you.
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Lyn’s Story - Living Sent with Urgency
Lyn shares her story of how mission trips to India changed her life. She talks about how one person can change the world and how we can plant the seeds that Jesus Christ will sow later on. Every believer has the DNA of Christ to live sent.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Rose's Story - Overcoming Spiritual Warfare
Rose, a freshman at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA shares her story of how God used an international mission experience to change her life. She talks about how going on a mission taught her how to win at life-long spiritual warfare and how she experienced deliverance from her struggles and experiences through her faith in Jesus Christ.
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Jenn - We're all Called to be Missionaries
Jenn shares her perspective on how an international mission trip changed her life. Her husband Kyle shared his experience on episode six, and now Jenn unpacks what was going on at the time she and Kyle decided to go on a mission trip and the challenges they faced leading up to the trip and the opportunities after going to India.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Daniel from Guatemala to India
Daniel moved from Guatemala to the US at 16. It took time to learn the language and develop relationships. After getting plugged into a local church and his brother's experience of going on a mission trip he decided to go to India. Daniel has now gone on multiple trips and shares his experience.
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Be a Part of His story in Order to Make History - Jennifer's Story
Jennifer is in the Masters of Divinity program at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She loves cross-cultural ministry. She is a gifted songwriter and singer. She been on three international mission trips in 15 months and shares her experience on today's episode.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

From Selfish Ambition to Holy Ambition - Hunter's Story
Hunter is from Birmingham Alabama and is a recent graduate from Samford University. He has traveled on mission trips through GHI and other organizations and shares his experience of how missions changed his life.
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Prayer is No Small Thing - Lisa's Story
Lisa shares her experience as a missionary starting from an internship in college to a full-time calling. She breaks some common stereotypes of what mission works looks like and shares a compelling reason to not underestimate the role of prayer in missions.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Bethany- I am Intentional About Seeing Needs Now
Bethany shares her experience of going on multiple mission trips, in her first trip to she described India is a place where faith comes alive. It changed the trajectory of her life, her perspective, and even her career path!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Missions is a Lifestyle - Not Just a Trip
Kyle shares his story about being inspired by a message series at his church and going on a mission trip with his wife despite challenging personal circumstances and the rewarding outcome and impacts it made on his life today.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

The Pointy End of the Stick - Beverly's Story
From being scared to pray in front of people to playing a key role in planting a church that is now thousands of people in the Triangle in four years time. She feels like God loves to use her as the pointy end of the stick!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Richard from Watoto in Africa
On the show today is Richard all the way from Uganda, Africa. Richard is the guest relations coordinator at Watoto Ministries in Watoto Africa. He shares about how short term mission trips have changed his life. He joined a missions team in India with a team of high schoolers from the US.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Called to Orphan Care - Kourtney's Story
Her story started in middle school. She felt like God was asking her to make a difference in the lives of orphans. She traveled to India and to South Africa and felt it was her calling. Then she hit some snags in her plan in high school and college. Will Kourtney get to work with orphans overseas?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

From Tragedy to Comfort - Tadhg's Story
Tadhg shares his story of living a life on mission and traveling to different countries as a missionary on short term mission trips as a high school student. How it changed his life and is continuing to impact every area of his life today.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

From Exotic Dancing to Red Light District Missionary
Becky shares her story about how missions changed her life and her journey from a former exotic dancer to a missionary in the Red Light district of Mumbai.
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BUCKLE UP! Here's Comes Missions Changed My Life Podcast (Trailer)
Get ready to celebrate God’s call to GO! Here comes your weekly dose of courage for the missionary in all of us. Buckle up! You’re going to hear amazing stories of radical transformation by actual mission trip participants from around the world. Every episode includes an inspiring word from God crafted just for you! We take you right inside 20+ years of real life mission trip devotional moments in India. If that is not enough, every week we will be sharing practical tools to empower & equip you as God uses missions to change your life.
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