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Category: Business
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The podcast focused on luxury travel marketing for aviation, hospitality, yachting and tourism.

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 11: Closing The Deal (And What To Do Next)
<p>In our final episode on funnels (for now) we talk about what you can do once you have a working cold traffic funnel in luxury travel. Everything from making sure that your high-net-worth leads convert to deals or your that your bookings don't bounce in the checkout phase.&nbsp;</p>
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Episode 10: Email Marketing & Automation For Luxury Travel
<p>In part four in our series on digital marketing funnels for luxury travel we talk about email marketing and marketing automation. Find out why it is a crucial component in every marketing strategy but is often executed poorly due to a lack of awareness.</p>
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Episode 09: Content Marketing For Luxury Travel
<p>What is content marketing? How does content fit into a luxury marketing funnel? In this episode you will learn what the phrase content is king, context is queen really means and how most companies go wrong when it comes to their online content.</p>
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Episode 08 - Media Buying For Luxury Travel
<p>As part of our series on funnels we start off this week with media buying. What is it, how it should be done and what is the relevance for luxury travel marketing.</p>
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Episode 07 - What Is A Digital Marketing Funnel?
<p>If you are still thinking that digital marketing consists of just having a pretty homepage, doing a little bit of SEO, social media and maybe dabbling in Google Ads, think again! The field of digital marketing has evolved and if you want to generate high-net-worth leads and bookings for your business, you better get up to speed!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 06 - How To Create Smart Luxury Marketing Strategies
<p>In this episode we teach you why you need to invest time and energy in a proper strategy first before you can start your actual luxury travel marketing campaigns. We also talk about what should be included in a strategy project and how we at Jadewolf Marketing plan out ours.</p>
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Episode 05 - Luxury Buyer Personas In Luxury Travel
<p>In this episode we discuss luxury buyer personas. What are they, why do you need them and how do they fit into a larger marketing strategy for a luxury travel brand?</p>
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Episode 04 - The Anti Laws Of Luxury Marketing Applied To Luxury Travel
<p>Find out how Kapferer &amp; Bastiens "Rules Of Anti-Marketing" from their 2012 classic, "The Luxury Strategy" apply to luxury travel (aviation, hospitality, yachting etc.). This episodes features Liubov, my wonderful co-founder as well.&nbsp;</p>
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Episode 03 - The Difference Between Brand & Direct Response Marketing
<p>What are the differences between brand marketing and direct response marketing? How does that apply to luxury travel? Why is the distinction important? Find out in Episode 3 of the luxury travel marketer podcast!</p>
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Episode 02 - The Luxury Travel Industry Is Changing
<p>In the second episode of the luxury travel marketer podcast, we talk about how the luxury travel industry is changing right as we speak and what this means for marketers who want to adapt and be ready for what is about to come.</p>
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Episode 01 - Introduction
<p>In the first episode of the luxury travel marketer podcast we talk about why we created this podcast, the topics we will cover in the future and why we believe that a free flow format like a podcast is ideal for our listeners and clients to learn not only more about digital marketing for luxury travel, but also get to know us as better as human beings on a more personal level.</p>
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