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Category: Health
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The CannaHealth Podcast covers the latest information, news, and research on medical cannabis and CBD, helping you stay up to date on this swiftly growing industry. See more at www.cannahealth.org/podast

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Marijuana Motivated Exercise, Cannabis Users Need Extra Sedation, and More!
<h2>Does Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer? Doctors Call For More Research - NBC News</h2> <p>Does smoking cannabis cause lung cancer? Most studies point to no, but with the dearth of legit cannabis research, doctors are calling for more extensive investigation into the long-term effects of regular smoking or vaping. The most common respiratory side effects from daily or near-daily smoking are chronic bronchitis, bullous lung disease, and pneumothorax, An increase in both availability and potency may increase the risk for lung diseases, including cancer, but until there is easier access to cannabis for research, it is unclear. For frequent consumers, maybe smoking isn’t the way to go.<br /> <br /> <strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>Marijuana, unlike tobacco, does not have any controls on its strength or quality so people don’t use the same amount in one dose. Also, those who use medical marijuana for non-specific conditions such as pain treatment, may vary in the amount of drug they need to provide relief. These factors make it hard for researchers to set standards to measure the drug’s effects.</em></p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <h2>Study Finds Marijuana Motivates People to Exercise - Boston Globe</h2> <p>Think most marijuana consumers are lazy stoners who sit on the couch and eat Doritos all day? Well, science disagrees with you. A recent study from the University of Colorado questioned 600 cannabis users about their exercise habits in relation to their cannabis use and found that almost 500 respondents support using marijuana up to one hour before or four hours after working out. Researchers also found that those who combined cannabis and working out, worked out almost 50 percent longer than those who did not.</p> <p><strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>While it might seem counter-intuitive given how cannabis consumers have typically been portrayed in media, there’s a growing body of research showing that many marijuana enthusiasts engage in active lifestyles and that cannabis is associated with positive health outcomes. For example, another recent study found that people who use marijuana are less likely to be obese compared to non-users.</em></p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <h2>How Cannabis Prohibition Is Harming Veterans Suffering From PTSD And Other Ailments - Forbes</h2> <p>The obstacles to thorough and effective cannabis studies are widely known. Due to its status as a schedule 1 drug, the red-tape scientists have to wade through is problematic and makes researching marijuana exceptionally difficult and has left a gaping hole in what is known about the medical benefits of the drug. A long-awaited study into the use of cannabis by veterans to treat service-related injuries like PTSD began in 2011 but faced an uphill battle in obtaining data due to harsh regulation. Until now, the successful use of cannabis for PTSD and other ailments by veterans has been anecdotal, with prohibition making studying the benefits all but impossible. The VA’s stance on cannabis use, however, comes from the out-dated perception of cannabis use as a disorder. That perception puts millions of veterans at risk for suicide, addiction, and mental health problems because of their inability to integrate cannabis into their therapeutic regimen.</p> <p><strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>Current research supports the potential efficacy of cannabis in dozens of different applications, all of which could have direct positive impacts on overall veteran health. Whether for pain relief, as a sleep aid, or for help in overcoming stress and anxiety, so many veterans find relief in cannabis because it provides an alternative way to manage their conditions far better than a slew of toxic pharmaceuticals.</em></p> <p><em> </em></p> <p> </p> <h2>Cannabis Users Needed up to Twice the Sedation for Medical Procedures - CNN</h2> <p>A recently released study published in the journal of The American Osteopathic Association found that marijuana consumers may need as much as twice the amount of sedation for routine medical procedures than non-users. Increased doses of sedative drugs can be problematic as some drugs cause complications at higher doses, making the collection of accurate patient information at intake vitally important. However, the study was quite small, and based findings on the data of only 25 cannabis users. The results of such a small study, while interesting, do not prove causation and should be investigate further.</p> <p><br /> <strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>Comparing cannabis users to nonusers, they found that patients who reported smoking or using edibles on a daily or weekly basis required 14% more fentanyl, 20% more midazolam and 220% more propofol to achieve optimum sedation for routine procedures, including colonoscopies. For example, it took 13.83 milligrams of propofol, on average, for 225 nonusers to float into unconsciousness, compared with 44.81 milligrams needed, on average, by 25 cannabis users.</em></p> <p><em> </em></p> <p><em> </em></p> <h2>CannaHealth Stories Published This Week</h2> <p>It was a busy week at CannaHealth: we published three new articles for you dive into:</p> <h3>Cannabis Use Associated With Few Crohn's Complications</h3> <p><strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>When other concurrent variables like age and gender were controlled for, the researchers found that <strong>cannabis users were less likely to have many of the severe complications that result from Crohn’s disease.</strong></em></p> <p><em>Cannabis use was associated with lower rates of the following complications:</em></p> <ul> <li><em>Fistulas and abscesses</em></li> <li><em>Parenteral nutrition (intravenous nutrition due to malnutrition)</em></li> <li><em>Blood transfusion</em></li> <li><em>Partial or total colectomy (a surgical procedure to remove the colon)</em></li> </ul> <p><a href= "https://el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/preview/pnceh9hk/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuY2FubmFoZWFsdGgub3JnL2Nhbm5hYmlzLXVzZS1hc3NvY2lhdGVkLXdpdGgtZmV3ZXItY3JvaG5zLWRpc2Vhc2UtY29tcGxpY2F0aW9ucy8=" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Read the full story (and caveats/limitations for the study) here</a>.</p> <h3><br /> How Your DNA Can Affect How Your Body Responds to Cannabis</h3> <p><strong>A new monthly column from Nicco Reggente, PhD tackles DNA and Cannabis:</strong><br /> <em>There are still some glaring issues facing product and strain reliability in the cannabis industry. As such, specific product recommendations require consistent lab testing and updates, which new California legislation mandates as part of compliance. Nonetheless, insights from one’s DNA could provide a user with meaningful information when making a purchasing choice where lab testing data is available. For instance, a user likely to develop dementia could scan a lab report for products highest in alpha-pinene. This process could often yield a product different than what they found on their last trip to the dispensary due to the multitude of factors that can influence cannabinoid and terpene expression in the cannabis plant (e.g. curing method, averse weather, etc.).</em></p> <p><a href= "https://el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/preview/xksph6h8/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuY2FubmFoZWFsdGgub3JnL2hvdy15b3VyLWRuYS1jYW4tYWZmZWN0LWhvdy15b3VyLWJvZHktcmVzcG9uZHMtdG8tY2FubmFiaXMv" target="_blank" rel="noopener">You can read the full column here</a>.<br /></p> <h3>Scientists Create CBD Nanoemulsions to Try and Increase Bioavailability</h3> <p><strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>From their data, the researchers calculated that the bioavailability of CBD oil was about 73% while the bioavailability of CBD NE was nearly 94%. Note that rats are able to metabolize CBD oil much better than humans (~73% bioavailability in rats vs 6-20% in humans). But an increase of 73% to 94% is still significant.</em></p> <p><em>They also found that absorption of CBD oil relied on bile production while CBD NE did not. Bile production occurs in the liver and helps digest fats, including CBD oil. However, CBD NE absorption did not depend on bile production. CBD NE was most likely absorbed directly into the intestine without the help of bile, explaining its speedy absorption.</em></p> <p><a href= "https://el2.convertkit-mail2.com/c/preview/60aeh8hv/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuY2FubmFoZWFsdGgub3JnL3NjaWVudGlzdHMtY3JlYXRlLWNiZC1uYW5vZW11bHNpb24v" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Here's the full, exciting story</a>.</p>
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MMJ for Morning Sickness, Opioids + Cannabis for Pain, and More!
<h2>Study Suggests Using Cannabis For Morning Sickness Might Harm Baby's Brain - Newsweek</h2> <p>Bad news for pregnant women with nausea. A recent study shows a correlation between cannabis use during pregnancy and a decrease in neural connections in babies exposed to synthetic cannabis in the womb. The implication that cannabis use during pregnancy lowers or impedes brain function is nothing new. This study, though performed on rats, not human subjects, definitely makes a case for further research on in utero cannabis exposure and fetal development.<br /> <br /> <strong>From the article:<br /></strong><em>Based on our research and the previous existing findings in the field, it can be said that using marijuana during pregnancy would not be a wise choice.However, it is also notable that the observed effect in the offspring can vary according to their age and according to the trimester during which they were exposed to the drug as well as dose and route of administration of the drug.</em></p> <p><br /> <br /></p> <h2>MMJ Improves Pain And Other Symptoms Associated With Cancer - Star Tribune</h2> <p>A survey of 1120 Minnesota medical marijuana cancer patients found that cannabis improved symptoms associated with cancer. Pain measured on a 10-point scale dropped from a median of 8 to 6.7 and patients reporting a pain score of 10 dropped 25%. This study is notable because it’s the largest of it’s kind to date using information provided by patients. Minnesota, as part of the medical cannabis approval process, requires patients to answer questions and provide usage and symptom data in order to refill prescriptions.<br /> <br /> <strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>The results are encouraging, especially as patients look for alternatives to opioid painkillers. In addition to addiction concerns, he noted that preliminary studies have found that opioids might fuel growth of some cancers. On the other hand, cannabis is metabolized by the body in the same way as many cancer-killing chemotherapy drugs. More research is needed to make sure cannabis isn’t disrupting the effectiveness of chemotherapy and hurting survival rates.</em></p> <p><br /> <br /></p> <h2>Opioid-Cannabinoid Combo Might Be Just The Thing For Neuropathic Pain - Inverse</h2> <p>Research presented at the 2019 Experimental Biology Meeting has shed new light on the interaction of opioids and cannabinoids, allowing a broader understanding of how the two drugs, when combined may be the future of chronic pain control. Turns out, in a small primate study, subjects who were given a combination of opioids and synthetic THC experienced less of a psychoactive effect than groups given single doses of either opioids or cannabinoids. The next step in the research is to determine exactly how the two substances interact and whether using them in conjunction will be beneficial for pain not usually responsive to opioids.</p> <p><strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>We think that by combining them, we can get the anti-inflammatory pain-relieving properties from the cannabis, decrease the dosages of both that are needed, and when we decrease those dosages, we should, in theory, be able to avoid the side effects that are apparent in larger doses.</em></p> <p><strong><br /> ***</strong><br /> <br /> Looking for an amazing, great tasting, organic CBD oil that really works? We at CannaHealth love <3 SabaiDee and their high potency CBD oil. Use our exclusive coupon for 15% off. Just enter the promo code "<strong>cannahealth</strong>" at checkout!</p> <p><a href="https://www.cannahealth.org/best-cbd-oil" target= "_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">You can check it out here!</a></p> <p><strong>***</strong></p> <h2>Marijuana May Improve Women's Enjoyment Of Sex - Reuters</h2> <p>A small study out of Missouri suggests that women who use cannabis before engaging in sexual activity have more satisfying orgasms than those who don’t. The study had many shortcomings— it wasn’t a controlled study, it utilized a small pool of non-diverse subjects, and it didn’t account for amount of cannabis consumed or the method, ie. smoke, edible, concentrate, etc. The results of the study, however, are interesting due to the framing of marijuana not as a risk-factor for dangerous behavior but as an aid in sexual pleasure.<br /> <br /> <strong>From the article:<br /></strong> <em>Women who used marijuana before sex were twice as likely as those who didn’t to say they had “satisfactory” orgasms, the survey found. And women who regularly used the drug were twice as likely as occasional users to have satisfying orgasms.</em></p> <p> </p> <h2>CannaHealth Stories Published This Week</h2> <p><strong>New Study: Is CBD a New Candidate for Treating Alcoholism?</strong></p> <p><em>Preclinical studies using cell culture and animal models suggest that CBD could be a highly effective treatment for alcohol use disorder. CBD protects the brain and the liver against damage from alcohol and helps reduce the likelihood and severity of relapse.</em></p> <p><em>The only problem is the lack of data in humans. Future research should focus on verifying these results in clinical studies, narrowing down possible mechanisms and therapeutic effects, and determining optimal dosages.</em></p> <p><a href= "https://www.cannahealth.org/new-study-is-cbd-a-new-candidate-for-treating-alcoholism/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read the full write-up here</a>.</p>
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MMJ for Autism, FDA on CBD, Opioids, & More!
<h2>MMJ For Autism Law Approved on World Autism Day</h2> <p>Colorado Governor Jared Polis approved a bill on April 2, World Autism Day, allowing medical marijuana to be used in the treatment of autism. Former Governor John Hickenlooper struck down the bill twice in previous cycles claiming there was insufficient evidence of the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of autism, a stance Gov. Polis did not agree with. The bill passed in the general assembly twice previously only to be vetoed by Hickenlooper. Polis signed the bill into law, giving parents of children with autism another avenue of treatment that had previously been denied them.</p> <p><strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>"It's National Autism Day today, and we are acting by expanding patients' access to cannabis products that help those with autism," Polis told a crowd in his office before signing the bill. "We know that not just anecdotally, but with a mounting amount of good scientific data that is coming in."</em></p> <p><br /></p> <h2>FDA Commissioner Gottlieb's New Statement on CBD Oversight</h2> <p>A statement released by the FDA in early April hints at stricter control and tighter restrictions of products infused with hemp-derived CBD. The formation of a “high-level internal agency working group” to explore unlawful or unsubstantiated marketing claims is forthcoming, according to the statement. The organization also plans to take aim at CBD companies for interstate sales as well as marketing CBD products as nutritional supplements. Citing the potential for liver damage as well as the long-term effects of exposure to CBD over multiple products, the FDA plans to do extensive research to aid in FDA regulatory oversight of cannabis-derived products.<br /> <br /> <strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>"As our actions today make clear, the FDA stands ready to protect consumers from companies illegally selling CBD products that claim to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure serious diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, psychiatric disorders and diabetes. The agency has and will continue to monitor the marketplace and take enforcement action as needed to protect the public health against companies illegally selling cannabis and cannabis-derived products that can put consumers at risk and are being marketed and distributed in violation of the FDA’s authorities.</em><em>"</em><em><br /></em><br /></p> <h2>Can Marijuana Help End the Opioids Crisis?</h2> <p>In states where medical marijuana is legal, doctors write few prescriptions for opioids and patients generally use lower doses of prescribed opioids. While there are no formal studies proving that marijuana is helpful in the decreasing the rate of opioid addiction, a so-called “exit drug,” anecdotal evidence abounds. In fact, most states that allow medical marijuana allow anyone with a current opioid prescription to obtain a MMJ card. In light of the opioid crisis, public opinion is swaying in favor of easier access to medical cannabis along with medical research.<br /> <br /> <strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>In 2017, a record 47,600 Americans died of opioid overdoses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The grim tally represents an increase of more than 10% from 2016, the previous record year. More Americans die from opioid overdoses than car crashes or gunshots.</em></p> <p><br /></p> <h2>Medical Marijuana Sales Approved in Georgia</h2> <p>The Georgia General Assembly passed a bill allowing for the production of medical cannabis within state borders. In 2015 Georgia voted to allow medical cannabis oil to be used for the treatment of seizures, some cancers, and a handful of other illnesses, but in a remarkable lack of foresight, did not allow for the sale or transport of cannabis oils, leaving patients at loss on how to actually obtain the medicine. The bill allows for up to 6 private companies to grow cannabis legally in the state with the potential for two universities to also start medical marijuana programs.<br /> <br /> <strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>“Over the years, I’ve met with children who are battling chronic, debilitating diseases. I’ve heard from parents who are struggling with access and losing hope,” [Georgia Governor] Kemp said. “This compromise legislation is carefully crafted to provide access to medical cannabis oil to those in need. This is simply the right thing to do.”</em></p> <p><br /> Episode sponsored by:</p> <p>Us! Go visit our site :)</p> <p>We've got updated and expanded <a href= "https://www.cannahealth.org/best-cbd-oil">CBD recommendations</a>--go check out our favorites!</p>
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Cannabis and Psychosis, Walgreens on the CBD Bandwagon, Tourette's Study & More!
<blockquote> <div dir="ltr"> <div class="defanged99-message-content"> <h2>The Link Between Cannabis and Psychosis is More Complicated Than You Think - Quartz</h2> <p>A recently published study claiming cannabis use can cause psychosis is <a href= "http://link.n.convertkit.com/wf/click?upn=S66r07NePX9Rifv9VjX81tobU1PVpwgpPOFXx6fUvIt-2FmEOS2JXBQNuW0MuKU47WkmrcDHPndMvBDuTTD72d5IQRLF5-2Bxt-2F5pX5ubZFMjbaPAEqqwHZldQvRGEH5x8rcpuJvqj0pWxzta0z-2B0hKoXIYYkgJuaObWBl3ebaBzXOmmyWSmDSipOaWr2fgTe-2Fe857vx-2BunlXEVsobGxU-2F-2F2dMNH-2B4n4EGRs8MQ9oBzrA2fhM-2B8fJ7x1VsKFEgb2-2BZq07MWbhOwTpuR-2BqR4YJXEDmKidAvl-2BRwExQBzgQfNU6qw-3D_xTJUTioo2uepZWisNLvw3AX31kjCofBSQn2VsAY0ZFmPhY5BB-2BpKlBoG-2FKoDjVzOHBZJVJ5pKSm3D5Jf66XlFjl4fhkYCc771a7lXAmRvIxHyU6exe-2Ff3cASa6RYKdmDLZEr-2FRy2x1fWGVNJ9SOpDhCH24cbQ3T9aSPD1PJiklRiN3GK6C77UmCy7huVJD8EDsOCgC640535gTtmkMolY65yBGov1w0842ga17ZtbdGHLDslDRpwchxfco01OFLTN-2FxyGaX6LEAckmas-2BtEmYStWtBxKAdv3kGR1tZkGVsy3al8BWP2SDPF7WhMZst89OF5eexcBL5fs67rx-2FRSo9y4J9IzsHRjrIxzfRBjBKltPhzmnBuqWYy7gUc-2FSl16Bc08sU5FtWNqnjYdYVhsCLPwD-2FJIz3kpd9jCX1s583l8ZIcNMxkXamxJR9rRgSyL-2F-2BttIfJPyorM1ifGoRdzdLenuc01V8I02g9ao5LfmUHeqU-2FKl55rOYjd8eEGvxFGVRrvwQYkCdIQyVKNnpGY1y23UWBc0tzmwRpvYzgmplGQobX0GTWtTCTuXAQ1i80MRIZlQNXufjIbTbM58mTeeQGvB084F3thdB9XvojBoM7ii3KJ2K4KnpqbqrZoeJN23" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">not as straightforward as it seems</a>. Correlation is not causation, and factors like a predisposition toward schizophrenia and the tendency for people with mental health problems to use cannabis more than others were not taken into account. The study also focused most of its attention on folks who use high-potency cannabis daily and not occasional, casual, or social consumers who don’t use the most high-powered strains they can find. Much more research is needed to determine the truth of the matter, but since funding for cannabis studies is so difficult to come by, we may be waiting a while to find out.<br /> <br /> <strong>From the article:</strong><br /> “<em>One major question is whether cannabis causes psychosis, or if those who are predisposed to psychosis are also more likely to seek out marijuana. So far, evidence points in both directions. Some research suggests cannabis both increases the likelihood of schizophrenia, and that those with the mental condition tend to use marijuana more than the general population. Meanwhile, a 2017 study showed that there’s a genetic overlap between tendency for cannabis use and schizophrenia..”</em></p> <p> </p> <h2>Walgreens Will Also Carry CBD Products - USA Today</h2> <p>Hot on the heels of the CVS announcement earlier this week, another retail giant in the health and wellness space has jumped on the CBD bandwagon. <a href= "http://link.n.convertkit.com/wf/click?upn=S66r07NePX9Rifv9VjX81tobU1PVpwgpPOFXx6fUvIt-2FmEOS2JXBQNuW0MuKU47WLng6Ccuo7AQ-2BrmHILMgr0paYpXN71S9mqSG8d3ktC297gS9XwP5Q3zMbrfulSEPBKOq6VvZzrVubYYhfgKHYfogqDUZNMs-2F7O1f2nyLbzwUxZqREJDb4QB6wwva-2F-2FZBIl8gqLJZtdhB53HTIO1l-2Fe1IcZl8WO7eXTc50PmJ-2FCO9w-2BTtVAGpz9wjxBYKhRNXgTNA0vTQPI4Vi9IZllWu8hIV4JtfPlIdFxgVToLNQV3SgMUkHoWHAAcnJG6EqvSuAmR-2F4FLxXK-2FRZYsYLC34LCQ-3D-3D_xTJUTioo2uepZWisNLvw3AX31kjCofBSQn2VsAY0ZFmPhY5BB-2BpKlBoG-2FKoDjVzOHBZJVJ5pKSm3D5Jf66XlFjl4fhkYCc771a7lXAmRvIxHyU6exe-2Ff3cASa6RYKdmDLZEr-2FRy2x1fWGVNJ9SOpDhCH24cbQ3T9aSPD1PJiklRiN3GK6C77UmCy7huVJD8EDsOCgC640535gTtmkMolY65yBGov1w0842ga17ZtbdGHLDslDRpwchxfco01OFLTN-2FxyGaX6LEAckmas-2BtEmYStWtBxKAdv3kGR1tZkGVsy3al8BWP2SDPF7WhMZst89OF5eexcBL5fs67rx-2FRSo9y4J9IzsHRjrIxzfRBjBKltPhzmnBuqWYy7gUc-2FSl16Bc08sU5FtWNqnjYdYVhsCLPwD-2FJIz3kpd9jCX1s583l8ZIcNMxkXamxJR9rRgSyL-2F-2BttIfJPyorM1ifGoRdzdLenuc01V8I02g9ao5LfmUHdoOtV784u3CdIDn1LPwDXlySntJKfz8BbTKE2yuczzdTJJHH9V8rM6RS1R7Mw9hJ-2B9-2B0Ay4-2BPLZzCJelqJfJLgmJwRjyopbmqb1usUxfmw7VwA1ZPw6Nw2Uzo0RfvEUPpi6NeBZ9P-2BJoZbLe3bnBuR" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Walgreens announced</a> that they will begin selling CBD infused products in approximately 1500 stores. Walgreens retail locations in several states including Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, South Carolina, Illinois and Indiana. Products include creams, lotions, and sprays, but Walgreens did not disclose particular brand information.<br /> <br /> <strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>“This product offering is in line with our efforts to provide a wider range of accessible health and wellbeing products and services to best meet the needs and preferences of our customers,” Walgreens spokesman Brian Faith told CNBC.</em></p> <p><em> </em></p> <h2>New Study Focusing on MMJ's Effect on Tourette's Syndrome Tics - Sydney.edu</h2> <p>A groundbreaking new cannabis trial is <a href= "http://link.n.convertkit.com/wf/click?upn=S66r07NePX9Rifv9VjX81tobU1PVpwgpPOFXx6fUvIt-2FmEOS2JXBQNuW0MuKU47Wg3PSV-2FwmXEnlrzKVrxl2Gt5KVMJMqDYIcshf7AlvBqVeEvLRHbsXJa7X8SNyDByETIh8vUgmWRO9aOqOkpvhfwnTGn-2FmD90fTHQtRs57CZ8Pf-2BGnsjeCJEpOz5xepbBAGNW5kG3w-2FG13dc6BgqJkPmIPgv9gR3KqzUKER2z1Fue6HFle6UrWzT0nODakkpBC6CFsgIt3W5nCfomxgKZE1WUHK5oEPMWljP4wzB4Ml4u7Jv3PViOA3HE8w1PyoHIA_xTJUTioo2uepZWisNLvw3AX31kjCofBSQn2VsAY0ZFmPhY5BB-2BpKlBoG-2FKoDjVzOHBZJVJ5pKSm3D5Jf66XlFjl4fhkYCc771a7lXAmRvIxHyU6exe-2Ff3cASa6RYKdmDLZEr-2FRy2x1fWGVNJ9SOpDhCH24cbQ3T9aSPD1PJiklRiN3GK6C77UmCy7huVJD8EDsOCgC640535gTtmkMolY65yBGov1w0842ga17ZtbdGHLDslDRpwchxfco01OFLTN-2FxyGaX6LEAckmas-2BtEmYStWtBxKAdv3kGR1tZkGVsy3al8BWP2SDPF7WhMZst89OF5eexcBL5fs67rx-2FRSo9y4J9IzsHRjrIxzfRBjBKltPhzmnBuqWYy7gUc-2FSl16Bc08sU5FtWNqnjYdYVhsCLPwD-2FJIz3kpd9jCX1s583l8ZIcNMxkXamxJR9rRgSyL-2F-2BttIfJPyorM1ifGoRdzdLenuc01V8I02g9ao5LfmUHeUYQJhA7h3zUEU2C2ZYSvigUmze3kWwFU14YGg-2FggwajXJ3AE1W2VsDmzJyQnLokPRtlXEJdLqF9-2FIT-2F9arGfiLkozoW9KYpq00xF77OiMojqN7-2FLoc2adhwesCavo-2F7-2BRKlAZUzzkhF2vcauUvOu7" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">set to begin in Australia</a>. Researchers at Wesley Medical Medical Research in Brisbane will build off existing evidence that indicates cannabis could be useful in treating and preventing tics such as those that occur with Tourette’s Syndrome. There is no cure for Tourette’s and the goal of modern treatments is to control symptoms like tics that can interfere with day-to-day life for those who live with the disorder. Extracts consisting of a mixture pharmaceutical grade CBD and THC will be used for the trials.</p> <p><strong>From the article:</strong><br /> <em>"There is already early evidence to support the successful treatment of Tourette syndrome with cannabinoids," said Professor Iain McGregor, Academic Director of the Lambert Initiative. "This clinical trial could have a major impact and greatly improve the lives of those living with Tourette syndrome."</em><em><br /></em><br /></p> <h2>More Seniors are Using Cannabis - LA Times</h2> <p>Cannabis isn’t just for the kids! Older Americans are embracing legalization and taking full advantage of the myriad therapeutic properties of cannabis. Cannabis industry insiders say that <a href="http://link.n.convertkit.com/wf/click?upn=S66r07NePX9Rifv9VjX81tobU1PVpwgpPOFXx6fUvIt-2FmEOS2JXBQNuW0MuKU47WvjU2MnaDStcgetCXPkNbmojuSUk8m7KpiXeK21d6jmznKRKso7KKqianDN3MVdJhKxAUENemr-2FaP9G5EKCxtVJJ756hPhK0u-2BUfZiG0-2B6STB28s6-2BLUe-2BlvnkeY0VOFHg9TihViDMY3Tu2WRxL8zx2AR-2BIKxDNv9h7h4kYPSUZUN5oi6BbqWvzYxpwyLUAEdLlpTwPM4ocZwbb75xb6rRR88Nqpu-2B9719hJ7tSlS98o-3D_xTJUTioo2uepZWisNLvw3AX31kjCofBSQn2VsAY0ZFmPhY5BB-2BpKlBoG-2FKoDjVzOHBZJVJ5pKSm3D5Jf66XlFjl4fhkYCc771a7lXAmRvIxHyU6exe-2Ff3cASa6RYKdmDLZEr-2FRy2x1fWGVNJ9SOpDhCH24cbQ3T9aSPD1PJiklRiN3GK6C77UmCy7huVJD8EDsOCgC640535gTtmkMolY65yBGov1w0842ga17ZtbdGHLDslDRpwchxfco01OFLTN-2FxyGaX6LEAckmas-2BtEmYStWtBxKAdv3kGR1tZkGVsy3al8BWP2SDPF7WhMZst89OF5eexcBL5fs67rx-2FRSo9y4J9IzsHRjrIxzfRBjBKltPhzmnBuqWYy7gUc-2FSl16Bc08sU5FtWNqnjYdYVhsCLPwD-2FJIz3kpd9jCX1s583l8ZIcNMxkXamxJR9rRgSyL-2F-2BttIfJPyorM1ifGoRdzdLenuc01V8I02g9ao5LfmUHdwt1oAE913rJh47zydDGhZpAsA4t4ChzJeBwhNyIQ1vrTJJAtEH00Fh5GGj-2BTlPs0TV9-2F65SnGe9TvlKaviwbKRpYT4XrGuPtCvY6Fs26TzMFazQlp7dTvVY4X-2FhuUAAtzghZj-2Bh31b8Izu3Ij5xFq" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">aging boomers are among the fastest growing segment of consumers</a>, with older folks finding relief from the aches and pains that come with aging. Some dispensaries cater specifically to these unlikely customers, scheduling bingo games and offering vape pens as prizes.<br /> <br /> <em>"I would say the average age of our customers is around 60, maybe even a little older," said Kelty Richardson, a registered nurse with the Holos Health clinic in Boulder, Colorado, which provides medical examinations and sells physician-recommended cannabis through its online store. Its medical director, Joseph Cohen, conducts "Cannabis 101" seminars at the nearby Balfour Senior Living community for residents who want to know which strains are best for easing arthritic pain or improving sleep.</em></p> <p>***<br /> Looking for an amazing, great tasting, organic CBD oil that really works? We at CannaHealth love <3 SabaiDee and their high potency CBD oil. Use our exclusive coupon for 15% off. Just enter the coupon code "cannahealth" at checkout!</p> <p><a href= "http://link.n.convertkit.com/wf/click?upn=S66r07NePX9Rifv9VjX81tobU1PVpwgpPOFXx6fUvIt-2FmEOS2JXBQNuW0MuKU47W-2FezCpwubmw-2BY9ytPq4jTek7GfdgmbIOJb8xH5x6k1W5VeXu68aE-2Fx516foZoRezn5sIOF5epslxa8KB2PnBylTdOeqx-2B7Q654oxyAySptZo-3D_xTJUTioo2uepZWisNLvw3AX31kjCofBSQn2VsAY0ZFmPhY5BB-2BpKlBoG-2FKoDjVzOHBZJVJ5pKSm3D5Jf66XlFjl4fhkYCc771a7lXAmRvIxHyU6exe-2Ff3cASa6RYKdmDLZEr-2FRy2x1fWGVNJ9SOpDhCH24cbQ3T9aSPD1PJiklRiN3GK6C77UmCy7huVJD8EDsOCgC640535gTtmkMolY65yBGov1w0842ga17ZtbdGHLDslDRpwchxfco01OFLTN-2FxyGaX6LEAckmas-2BtEmYStWtBxKAdv3kGR1tZkGVsy3al8BWP2SDPF7WhMZst89OF5eexcBL5fs67rx-2FRSo9y4J9IzsHRjrIxzfRBjBKltPhzmnBuqWYy7gUc-2FSl16Bc08sU5FtWNqnjYdYVhsCLPwD-2FJIz3kpd9jCX1s583l8ZIcNMxkXamxJR9rRgSyL-2F-2BttIfJPyorM1ifGoRdzdLenuc01V8I02g9ao5LfmUHef3MHLf9-2BSSMumW-2Fk1-2FhaelL1NvoMgDqxCKAYtA6U5DleVfYwKRYP4t6qeAV6WtvTS0C6rRb79fAi2cDNB12mdl9Xhnjrd0b-2Bu2fDPkZOS3el-2B9fWBo46WbRHCtHy6VAIlhskxLWceUdchkql4Mumy" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">You can check it out here!</a></p> <p>***</p> <h2>CannaHealth Stories Published This Week:</h2> <h4>How Different Cannabis Products Can Affect Symptom Relief</h4> <p><em>Users most commonly reported using dried cannabis flower and concentrates made from flower.</em></p> <p><em>The researchers found that cannabis flower provided the most symptom relief compared to all other types of cannabis products. However, the combustion method did not appear to have any effect on symptom relief.</em></p> <p><em>The average user reported a starting symptom level of 6 and improved their symptom severity by 3.5 points in a single session.</em></p> <p><a href= "http://link.n.convertkit.com/wf/click?upn=S66r07NePX9Rifv9VjX81tobU1PVpwgpPOFXx6fUvIt-2FmEOS2JXBQNuW0MuKU47WD-2BJUp-2FKo1F0BKpTW2aZ9EVp7JPmkHeLo8PnelneoPHuPvPnNSovCgAEHLOc96vR-2FJQKcJNU1vsn8qjOrmfdvylmGvXPjcq9SF9D-2Fw1HBPGj7nE-2FGkMoN91yY6v5sRiZqYoEneC4x9uwEjXTXX3lbPnHzukRpc9pqjYj7HFvAWiQ-3D_xTJUTioo2uepZWisNLvw3AX31kjCofBSQn2VsAY0ZFmPhY5BB-2BpKlBoG-2FKoDjVzOHBZJVJ5pKSm3D5Jf66XlFjl4fhkYCc771a7lXAmRvIxHyU6exe-2Ff3cASa6RYKdmDLZEr-2FRy2x1fWGVNJ9SOpDhCH24cbQ3T9aSPD1PJiklRiN3GK6C77UmCy7huVJD8EDsOCgC640535gTtmkMolY65yBGov1w0842ga17ZtbdGHLDslDRpwchxfco01OFLTN-2FxyGaX6LEAckmas-2BtEmYStWtBxKAdv3kGR1tZkGVsy3al8BWP2SDPF7WhMZst89OF5eexcBL5fs67rx-2FRSo9y4J9IzsHRjrIxzfRBjBKltPhzmnBuqWYy7gUc-2FSl16Bc08sU5FtWNqnjYdYVhsCLPwD-2FJIz3kpd9jCX1s583l8ZIcNMxkXamxJR9rRgSyL-2F-2BttIfJPyorM1ifGoRdzdLenuc01V8I02g9ao5LfmUHeuGGwufnivabRi3s5Xe6BsNbeXQG6dgy5ePgYZfzsLIdOaqm-2FCr3Uk8tcNZHm2n6pUPy3VVXqa86q0q8B6uxwszZwa5Oiaf4IJ0Ye7RNLmDJ4cGNXsh-2FowlS4e0raLkHln4Rc-2B6GKW70V3xdxT3hWy" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Read the full post here...</a></p> <p> </p> </div> </div> </blockquote>
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