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Category: Society/Culture
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The Official un-official podcast of the City of Trenton! This podcast not only puts those things center-stage but it introduces the listener to a treasure trove of information about this incredible city.

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Podcast Episode's:
EP 11: The RIGHT of Passage
Click image to visit Ryanne's guest page Christina sits with Passage Theater's Artistic Director, C. Ryanne Domingues this week to talk about her journey to Trenton, her experience in theater, and what her dream Trenton looks like.Also, Rynanne explains the process of producing a show with Passage Theater as well as what's coming up on the theater's calendar! An Interview with C. Ryanne DominguesFile Size: 37226 kbFile Ty [...]

EP 10: Don't Steal My Thunder
Click image to visit Jeff's guest page In anticipation of opening day on Friday, April 12th, Trenton Thunder General Manager Jeff Hurley joins the show this week. Frank and Jeff discuss Jeff's journey to the Thunder as well as the actual function of the club as it pertains to the city of Trenton and surrounding areas.    Opening Night takes place on Friday, April 12 at 7:00pm when the Thunder host the Port [...]

EP 9 - Are You Offended Yet?
Click image to visit Tony's and Sara's guest page The one and only Tony Goggles and Sara Casey join the show this week to discuss the Goggles name, intricacies of making films, DI Why?, a gift for Tony's Aunt, and how dangerous this duo would be if Blockbuster Video was still around.Enjoy!Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download to your computer or mobile device, [...]

EP 8 - My Fat Pants Are Too Tight
Click image to visit Andrew's guest page Andrew O'Connor from O'Connor Painting joins the show this week and discusses, with Frank, business ownership in the Capital City. Andrew also shares a little known secret about himself. Stay tuned for the end of the show because it sets the stage for an upcoming contest!Enjoy!Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download to you [...]

EP 7 - Have a Brew-Tea-Ful Day
Click image to visit Deborah's guest page Christina samples tea with Trenton's Tea Duchess, Deborah Raab owner of Tea for All. Deborah explains how Tea for All is always looking for new ways to connect with those who love tea and are committed to helping both the new or seasoned tea drinkers to develop their tea palate. Tea for All always strives to do all that they can to make your experience more meaningful, pleasant and inf [...]

EP 6 - Our Favorite Color is The Rainbow
Click image to visit Leon's guest page Trenton Legend, Leon Rainbow, hangs with Frank this week and shares his history, his Trenton vision, a HUGE water tower, a wooden toilet seat, and the secret behind his last name. Yes, it IS his actual name.Enjoy!Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download to your computer or mobile device, then play file from th [...]

EP 5 - A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Happens Every Day
Click image to visit Anne's guest page Frank gets schooled on commercial real estate this week by none other than Trenton Commercial Realtor and Business Owner, Anne Labate. Anne gives a very easy to understand breakdown of how commercial real estate works as well as answers Frank's questions about how commercial realty affects residential neighborhoods. Anne also reveals why she's not excited about breweries.Enjoy!Right click on " [...]

EP 4 - 44 Years Later, Here I Am!
Click image to visit Carolyn's guest page Armed with Bourbon cocktails, Christina sits with Carolyn Stetson this week to discuss such things as the William Trent house, the Ellarslie Museum, Cadwalader Heights, Carolyn's journey to Trenton and, of course, the Stetson hat — Is there a connection or not?Enjoy!Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download to your com [...]

EP 3 - The "H" is Silent.
Click image to visit Thom's guest page Frank Sasso sits with Trenton artist, Thom Reaves this week. Thom shares some fun facts about his style, vision, and life. In the spirit of encouragement, Thom reveals somewhat of a personal struggle and hopes anyone with a similar struggle listening can find hope in Thom's unique way of dealing with it.​Enjoy!Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left c [...]

EP 2 - Some May Love, Others MayWar!
Click image to visit Eric's guest page Frank sits with Classics bookstore owner, Eric Maywar to discuss the best parts about owning a bookstore in the capital city, a late night Scrabble group, and The Trenton Eat Local Club all while enduring Frank's NY accent.​Enjoy! Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK IN NEW TAB" or Left click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" to download to your computer or mobile device, then play file [...]

EP 1 - Hop on the GusBus!
Click image to visit Mayor Gusciora's guest page In the first episode of Trenton Waves, Frank and Christina Sasso speak with the new Mayor of Trenton, NJ, Reed Gusciora! They discuss Hizzoner's journey to Trenton as well as the future of the capital city, plans already in the works, where he gets his "hair" cut and an invitation to hop on the GusBus is extended!Enjoy!   Right click on "DOWNLOAD FILE" and click "OPEN LINK [...]

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