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Category: Society/Culture
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The Official un-official podcast of the City of Trenton! This podcast not only puts those things center-stage but also introduces the listener to a treasure trove of information about this incredible city.

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Podcast Episode's:
Sound like a Sitcom with Dan Benson
This episode of Trenton Waves is brought to you by Pappy and Company.--Shop PappyCo.com and be sure to enter the code TRENTONWAVES at Checkout for a 15% discount on your order! PappyCo.com It's not just a lifestyle, it's a BOURBON lifestyle!--Mercer County Executive, Dan Benson joins Trenton Waves podcast in the studio this week for some laid back conversation as well as what's up and c [...]
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Hanging with Trenton Sk8s
This episode of Trenton Waves is brought to you by Pappy and Company.--Shop PappyCo.com and be sure to enter the code TRENTONWAVES at Checkout for a 15% discount on your order! Pappy.com It's not just a lifestyle, it's a BOURBON lifestyle!--The Sassos learn all about the Trenton skating culture from this week's in studio guest, Jaclyn Duncan! Trenton Sk8s with Jaclyn DuncanFile Size: 30279 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
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Slammin Brew: A Call to Excellence
This week, Christina and Frank welcome a new sponsor:Pappy and Companywww.PappyCo.comA lifestyle brand built around shared experiences, celebrations both big and small, and stolen moments that allow us to slow down and enjoy life, Pappy & Company works with a network of like minded friends, partners, artists, and craftspeople to create our collection of fine bourbon-inspired products that range from barrel-aged pantry staples [...]
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Morph Mentoring and The Glory Firm
While the State of New Jersey offers people the opportunity to ‘wipe the slate clean’ via the Expungement process – it can be time consuming and confusing for eligible individuals to navigate the various steps of the process. The Mercer Path Forward: Expungement Services addresses these various reasons for incomplete expungement efforts and provides complete services that will take an applicant through the entire process to whatever [...]
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The CPNJ and the Benefit of Travel
Frank and Christina review the Capital City Philharmonic's April 20th performance of Trenton's own, George Antheil, and his Ballet Mécanique (an avant-garde masterpiece scored for 4 pianos and 11 percussionists). The CPNJ produced this event in association with the Trenton Circus. The Sassos also share on their recent trip to Kentucky and discuss the benefit to the beauty of travel. The CPNJ and the Beauty of T [...]
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Crunch Fitness Hamilton: If you're looking for a gym, this is NOT the one!
Christina and Frank give a review of Crunch Fitness located at 2465 South Broad Street in Hamilton, NJ. Crunch Fitness Hamilton,NJ Business ReviewFile Size: 12084 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
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Taking the 'hood' out of the Father
This week, Frank has a hard time understanding why people allow their dogs to roam free through a hotel lobby during breakfast, a woman gts too close to his food, and Christina finds much happiness in watching Frank possibly getting a free hotdog. Bryan Evans from The Father Center of NJ visits in studio this week as well. Bryan served as the senior vice president at Greater Trenton, where leads key aspects of the organi [...]
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It's THE Bronx, not Bronx
The Sassos announce their endorsement of Jenna Figueroa Kettenberg for South Ward Councilwoman. If you live in Trenton's South Ward, vote for her on November 5, 2024.On the heels of their announcement, the Sasso's release a new song from one of their faithful listeners about Jenna!Shout Outs:Rancho TaqueriaNew Castle Wine, Brunswick, GAKress Building, Brunswick, GASchroGlo Community Bar & Restaurant, Brunswick, GADaddy Kate's, [...]
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George Antheil's Ballet Mecanique on 4/20/24
Dan and Jill from the Capital City Philharmonic are back in the studio this week with the Sassos to talk about an amazing show coming up on April 20, 2024! Experience a truly extraordinary concert, where open ears and open minds unite. The centerpiece of this captivating event is George Antheil's Ballet Mécanique, an avant-garde masterpiece scored for 4 pianos and 11 percussionists. Antheil's notorious "ballet" debuted [...]
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Look at What I'm Doing! with John Palma
Just a bonus episode we'd thought we'd share!Recently, John Palma, a friend of Frank's since 1988, stopped by for a visit and take in some Trenton. During John's visit to the capital city, the long time friends had some coffee at Slammin Brew then stopped for lunch at The Station Tapas & Bar. The trip would not be complete without a visit to the studio for an episode of Trenton Waves. No, Christina is not in this episode. Cons [...]
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Why Not Trenton? with the TFD
The Sasso's give a congrats to Trenton's newest coffee shop, Slammin Brew and The Station Tapas & Bar!Special recognition to Reggie Hallett from 1911 Smokehouse without whom there would be NO downtown!Also, a special shoutout to Snipes on East State street in Trenton.The Sasso's welcome Trenton Fire Department Director Ken Douglas and Firefighter Kevin Soto to the show this week.  An Interview with the TFDFile Siz [...]
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Terry "JuJu" West - No Relation to Kanye
Frank and Christina discuss the phenomenon of people wearing pajama tops and bottoms OUTSIDE! Frank asks Podcastia married men for help. When in a restaurant with your wife, what is the etiquette of ordering food?Christina loves the accents of her Pennsylvania neighbors as Frank likens them to the cast of Slingblade. Terry West stops by the studio with a quiche, his job description, Sly Stallone's art installation, and h [...]
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Yes, but can you do a "do" loop?
Christina and Frank compare kid's lives today with their lives as kids. Spoiler alert - There's absolutely NO COMPARISON. John Snee, from Trenton Makes Tech, Startup Grind, One Million Cups, and U-Limo, visits the studio this week to talk about Trenton Startups and many other business opportunities for Trentonians and the world.  An Interview with John SneeFile Size: 47206 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
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Trenton has the Best Pickles
THIS WEEK:Frank talks about a run-in with a listener at a recent trip to the Trenton DMV.Christina shares the difference between the Trenton DMV and the one in Lawrenceville. Bubba Walsh and OTC's Tobi Richardson join Christina and Frank in the studio on this episode and address a recent episode calling out the musical styling habits of Bubba's band and find out about the magic that is Toby from the band OTC.PLUGS:Bubba Walsh [...]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

The Goddess with a Job - Donna Maywar
THIS WEEK:Frank talks about getting "hit on" by a waitress.The Sassos expose the homeless trio SCAM on Route 29 in front of Coopers in Trenton and offer advice on what YOU can do about it.Donna Maywar joins Christina and Frank in the studio on this episode and shares all things love, life, Classics Bookstore, and the pursuit of happiness. Follow her on Instagram at:https://www.instagram.com/donnaclassics An Interview with [...]
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Well, Are You STILL Offended?
They're back!​From Episode 9 (that's 151 episodes ago - for those of you trying to keep track) Sara Casey and Tony Goggles return to the studio to promote their new film, "CADDY HACK". Be warned, there are spoilers in this episode of Trenton Waves. You should definitely purchase the film at D.I. Why? Films (Go here: www.diwhyfilms.com/films/caddy-hack ), watch it, then come back and listen to the episode. If spoilers do [...]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Mehshure Twice, Cut Once.
The Sassos discuss a recent meeting about Trenton that was held in, well, not Trenton.Trenton's Assistant Administrative Analyst, Michael Valiant is in the studio this week. If you've ever wondering about the process behind how demolition is done in Trenton, this episode is for you.  An Interview with Michael ValiantFile Size: 40140 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
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Lobby Club & Uncle Nearest
This week, Frank and Christina discuss live music in local bars. Lobby Club General Manager, Mike Haelig, stops by the studio to talk all things Lobby Club and a promotion through Uncle Nearest Whiskey that benefits HBSC. Tune in for details!  An Interview with Mike HaeligFile Size: 47252 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Nerd Wars
Princess Christina and Han Sasso put Harry "Yoda" Irizarry up against  Stacey "Boba Fett" Williams to engage in the most intense Star Wars™ quiz ever. Check out how the 2 biggest Star Wars™ nerds in Trenton, NJ fare in the latest episode of Trenton Waves. Nerd WarsFile Size: 45951 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

2023 Patriots Week Review
Happy New Year, Podcastia!​The Sasso's have off from the New Pod City studio this week so they recorded this episode directly from their home in Trenton. If you missed the 2023 Patriots Week, listen to what you may not want to miss for next year. POST CREDIT CONTENT! 2023 Patriots Week ReviewFile Size: 23032 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

So, What's With That Triangle?
Capital Philharmonic's Executive Director Jill Aguayo and Music Director Dan Spalding join the Sassos in the studio this week to talk all things Capital Philharmonic including, but not limited to, New Year's Eve 2023, what constitutes percusion, the possibility of a John Hatch appearance, and do Triangles really have sheet music? Also:Frank's experience with Dell Customer "service".POST CREDIT CONTENT! An Interview with th [...]
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Upcoming Events and Cool Prizes
In this QUICK episode, the Sasso's share what's going on THIS Saturday, December 2 in the City of Trenton as well as how YOU can participate in a contest to win some cool prizes! Upcoming Events and Cool PrizesFile Size: 4763 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

The NJ Weedman Returns!
You're going to love this interview with NJ Weedman.com (formerly known as Ed Forchion).  This is Trenton Waves' version of Weedman's true E! Hollywood story. The NJ Weedman Returns!File Size: 90167 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
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Circling Around the Block
Will Foskey returns to the studio with a 10-year Trenton Review! Circling Around the BlockFile Size: 58799 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

BYOB-B with Michelle Ruess
Michelle Ruess joins is in the studio this week with the Sassos to discuss the Old Barracks, Patriots week, Mill Hill, how she met her husband, and to be the biggest violator of Frank's studio rules! BYOB-BFile Size: 39909 kbFile Type: mp3Download File [...]
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