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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Biblical knowledge is the beginning. Only through detailed study including Biblical and secular history, the sciences, sacred and secular writings and even mythology, can one achieve the true goal, attaining wisdom in using the Word of God.

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Podcast Episode's:
Deuteronomy: Transitioning The People From Wandering in The Desert to Settling in The Promised Land
<p>Moses is still leading the people as they prepare to inhabit the Promised Land. &nbsp;God is ready now to give Moses a second set of laws for the Hebrews to observe designed to govern them as they inhabit and build their lives in their new home land, Canaan.&nbsp;</p> <p>The name Deuteronomy actually means "second law". This second set of laws gives more detail surrounding religious practices,&nbsp;but especially important is they announce the civil, or “day-to-day living “ laws to be observed as the Israelites begin to build their lives as God's people in the land God promised to give them. &nbsp;</p> <p>Join us in this lesson as we learn how Moses prepares the people for transition in living from wandering to settling, and also leadership. He reviews the past history between God and them, then progresses to giving of the additional laws and commands which must be followed as they take possession of the Promised Land and settle in it under the leadership of Joshua.</p>
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Deuteronomy: Crossing The Bridge into The Promised Land
<p>&nbsp;We enter the book of Deuteronomy which serves as a “bridge” linking the adventure of the chosen people outside of the Promised Land, as recorded in the first four books of the Bible, to taking possession of and living in the Promised Land.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;Learn with us how the Israelites, through the giving of the covenant, and God dwelling among them, the giving of the law and miracles of provision, sustenance and teaching and even stern rebuke, are prepared to enter and possess the Land promised by God. The One, True God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.&nbsp;</p>
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Numbers: "Why Is The LORD Bringing Us To This Land Only To Let Us Fall By The Sword?"
<p>As they were led by God through Moses, the Israelites turned from trusting God. They actually had it in mind to leave Him. They said, "We should choose a leader and go back to Egypt."&nbsp;</p> <p>Important to understanding God's nature is why He allows certain events and how He then chooses to deal with His people in them.</p> <p>Listen to this study to learn&nbsp;more of God as He, through his Word, demonstrates His unfailing love, mercy and grace through the way He acts, reacts - and even chastises - as he deals with His people - especially when they decide to not be easy to deal with and willfully disobey and begin to even despise Him.&nbsp;</p> <p>God wants YOU and ME to learn his nature because the more you learn of Him, the more wisely and circumspectly you'll be able to navigate your life on this earth - and become a greater and more glorifying asset to God. &nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Warning To Those Who Study Without Choosing Salvation:</strong> All this ONLY applies if you are truly God's possession through choosing Jesus Christ as your Savior. Without the salvation through Christ alone, the more you learn, the more will be held against you at The Great White Throne Judgement, when you will stand before God at the end of the age and the books of judgment are opened.&nbsp;All you learned about Him and His Word can and will be used against you in God's court on that day.</p> <p><br></p>
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Numbers: Who Were The Giants of The Land of Canaan? Where Did They Come From? Were They Human Beings?
<p>When we consider that God is all-powerful and the Master of all things He created, why didn't He just dispose of Satan permanently after he and the angels that conspired with him sinned?&nbsp;</p> <p>Clearly, God's plan includes what can be considered a "chess game" with Satan. God creates the game and rules of engagement. Satan is sure that God's character binds Him to the rules just as Satan is bound to them. What we see then is a game of strategy. When God makes His move, Satan simply fashions his counter move. The main reason the Giants were fashioned by Satan was to pollute the pure line of human DNA so that the prophesied Messiah and Savior - Jesus Christ - could not fulfill the requirement of being the Second Adam. Since the first Adam was fully human, as humans are specifically made in God's image, the Second Adam had also to meet this requirement to redeem what the first Adam allowed Satan to take from him. &nbsp;In this game, winner takes all and the stakes are eternal. Something to keep in mind as you study the history and details of this "chess match" and the strategies that Satan is allowed to use.&nbsp;</p> <p>We know he looses, but God is keeping this game in play for 6,000 years. We are close to checkmate at <em>this very time</em>!&nbsp;</p> <p>Keep watch as you keep learning God's Word and of His plans and purposes in this age&nbsp;as it draws to a close. YOU can make sense of all this - and God wants you to understand - <em>with wisdom</em>. &nbsp;</p> <p>Keep learning with us as you listen to these podcasts!</p>
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Numbers: God Prepares His People In The Wilderness to Inherit the Land Of Canaan
<p>We begin our study of the book of Numbers. A major feature of this book is the forging of the Hebrews to become a single, true nation of and for God.&nbsp;</p> <p>Numbers chronicles two national censuses taken of the people: &nbsp;The first census counted the multitude which came out of Egypt. &nbsp;The second counted the new generation that was to enter and inherit the Promised Land.</p> <p>Although named “Numbers”, this book deals much more with the wanderings of Israel under God’s direction.</p> <p>Picking-up where Exodus left off, in reality, it is more a story of the <em>arrested</em> progress of God’s people after they were freed from Egypt to serve God in the land He was giving them.</p> <p>Join us as we continue to learn about Israel's beginnings and consider how God used their long journey in the desert to prepare His nation to conquer the giants inhabiting the land of Canaan.</p> <p><br></p>
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Leviticus: The Depth Of Meaning in Sukkot, The Feast Of Tabernacles (Part 2)
<p>In this lesson we continue our study of the full, end-to-end historic and prophetic meaning memorialized in the Feast of Tabernacles. We also take a look at the special Sabbath at the end of this appointed time, The Last Great Day.</p>
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Leviticus: The Depth Of Meaning in Sukkot, The Feast Of Tabernacles (Part 1)
<p>The final appointed time in the recurring rehearsal of God's plan is the observance of Sukkot, or the Feast of Tabernacles. Among the fall 'Holy Days', this observance takes place in November of our calendar.&nbsp;</p> <p>During this multi-day appointed time of rehearsal, the Israelites lived in tents or temporary dwellings. Today, observant Jews do the same, make temporary "dwellings" inside or outside of their homes. This was and still is done to commemorate the Israelites living in tents on their wilderness journey, as they made their way toward the Promised permanent home, the Land of Canaan.</p> <p>Among all of the appointed times, Sukkot also pointed to the time of the church age. Similar to them, we also “wander” in our temporary earthly sojourn as we make our way toward inheriting the eternal “Promised Land” of Heaven.</p> <p>Learn about this key observance, especially as its meaning is taken to its full end, where Sukkot observance prefigures when the church returns with Jesus to dwell with Him on the earth for a thousand years. During this promised Kingdom age, known more popularly as the Millennium, this key period - the 7,000th "day" in years of God's plan for this age, is the bringing of the long-awaited Kingdom of the Jews, with the True Messiah ruling from the Throne of David in the prophesied fourth temple.</p>
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Leviticus: Trumpets and Ceremonies - Marking The Milestone Events, Times and Seasons of God's Plan
<p>In the book of Leviticus we start to see how God uses trumpets and ceremonies to signal the times, seasons and functional aspects of His plan. They also marked the beginning as well as ending of key assemblies and events. &nbsp;</p> <p>Listen-in to learn more about the use of trumpets and ceremonies to train the people of God and to rehearse, over time, their - <em>and</em> <em>our</em> - place in the overarching extent of the full plan of God.&nbsp;</p> <p>We also take a closer look at the meaning of the sixth appointed time mark on God's calendar, Yom Kippur, better known as The Day of Atonement.&nbsp;</p> <p>How does this apply to us and the Jews alive at the end of the Age?</p>
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Leviticus: Correctly Worshiping God In Truth - Instructions to The Priests and The People of Israel
<p>Leviticus is the third volume of the five books of the Torah, or the Teachings, also known as the books of "Instructions" or "Law". &nbsp;Leviticus is a manual detailing the sacrificial system and a guidebook of required worship practices.</p> <p>It was mainly intended as an instruction manual for the Hebrew priests, but also taught the newly-formed nation of Israel the principles of spiritual holiness, physical cleanliness and dietary observation.</p> <p>The intent of this book is to instruct on how to correctly worship God in “truth”. &nbsp;</p> <p>Why the quotes around the word truth? &nbsp;Because, the laws and feast days observance directives in Leviticus serve only to foreshadow how, in the coming church age, His people will completely worship God <em><strong>in spirit</strong></em> and in truth - as they prepare to reach the spiritual "promised land" of Heaven for eternity!&nbsp;</p> <p>In those early days, God came to earth to dwell with His people. At the end of the age, God's people go to heaven to dwell with God - finally, to worship God in both spirit and truth.</p> <p>Tune-in to this lesson as we set the stage for understanding the full intent and thrust of this third book of the Torah, the book of Leviticus.</p>
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Exodus: The Richness and Depth of The Passover - The First Feast of The Lord
<p>As we prepare to transition out of the book of Exodus, we summarize the israelites' miraculous initial experiences so far with their God as led by Moses.&nbsp;</p> <p>Just as important, we are given detail of the institution that is the foundation of all the appointed feasts, &nbsp;the the cornerstone of them all, the Passover.</p> <p>Listen-in to learn of the depth, breadth and great prophetic meaning of this key appointed observance. It truly is a yearly rehearsal of the coming Jesus Christ as their Messiah and His work as the Only Sacrifice and Savior of the world and the entire creation under judgment!&nbsp;</p> <p>Please don't stop your study of the Passover and the other feast days here. It is strongly suggested to continue pursuing personally learning the wonder and richness and depth of meaning of them all. &nbsp;Passover, and all God's appointed times of observance are most beneficial to understand for us, especially today.&nbsp;</p> <p>Guarantee: Your own, personal studies will guide you to a much richer and more complete understanding of the heart, mind and plan of God. If this is what you truly desire, you shall have it. Resolve to study the whole council of God!</p>
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Exodus: Walking Through The Tabernacle - The Door, The Holy Place and The Most Holy Place
<p>Join us as we continue learning about the Tabernacle. Here, we more closely observe the floor plan, the furnishings and the placement of the articles.&nbsp;</p> <p>All the major features of the Tabernacle rehearsed the “major features” of the One to Whom it pointed. The Menorah "mapped' the appointed times that depict the plan of salvation through the One Who would fulfill them all.</p>
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Exodus: The Meaning of The Intricate Construction of the Tabernacle
<p>The key tie-in for the Tabernacle, this dwelling of God among the Israelites and its construction and furnishings, is that <u>it’s purpose was to point to Jesus Christ</u>!</p> <p>When one understands this, the entire thing makes PERFECT SENSE! Conversely, those who cannot make this connection, and isolate this to just the Old Testament, cannot come to any conclusion other than just “this is what God wanted and it is a mystery, which He will reveal someday". Then it will all be made plain.” It has already been made plain! The Scriptures themselves make it clear.&nbsp;</p> <p>Listen-in and learn how the major features of the Tabernacle predicted the “major features” of the One to whom it pointed, the coming Jesus Christ who would "tabernacle" with His church forever!</p>
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Exodus: God Reveals to Moses The Detailed Plan for His Tabernacle
<p>Israel willingly enters their covenant with God. It is ratified and in effect.&nbsp;</p> <p>As Moses meets with God on Mount Sinai,&nbsp;In addition to the two tablets of the Law of the covenant, God gives him a very specific set of instructions for a portable sanctuary called the Tabernacle. God's begins to act on His desire to dwell among His own, covenant people.</p> <p>Other than the exodus and the giving of the Law, one of the most important accounts in the book of Exodus is the construction of the Tabernacle. &nbsp;God ensured that the detail of its design and construction was preserved for us here.&nbsp;</p> <p>Why is the Tabernacle so important? What is its significance? Does it hold meaning for us today?</p> <p>Listen-in to discover the&nbsp;deeply meaningful and highly prophetic meaning in the layout and fixtures of the Tabernacle, preserved for us in the book of the Exodus.</p>
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Exodus: Liberated From Egypt To Enter A Covenant With God
<p>The Exodus from Egypt is accomplished. Israel is free, now being led under Moses as they begin their journey through the open desert. &nbsp;</p> <p>The next milestone event is the giving of the Ten Commandments, the moral law and the entering of the covenant with God at Mount Sinai. &nbsp;The covenant is ratified and administered under the terms of the law, as given through Moses. The Exodus and the forging of the covenant under the law transition the flow of time from the dispensation of Promise into that of the Law.&nbsp;</p> <p>Tune-in to learn of the authority and, just as important to understand, the purpose of the eternal Law of God. Discover why it was given and how it has authority and is actualized in spirit and in truth in the lives of those under the New Covenant through Jesus Christ in the church age.&nbsp;You may be amazed at the similarities!</p>
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Exodus: God Prepares Moses, Egypt and The Hebrews For The Exodus
<p>God called Moses, plainly identified Himself to him and gave him his assignment – to deal with Pharaoh and lead His people from bondage to freedom and beyond.&nbsp;</p> <p>Moses’ assignment was not just to free the Hebrews alone, but also to pronounce judgment on Egypt and, more specifically, the gods of Egypt.&nbsp;We know that God hardens Pharaoh’s heart so that he does not release the Hebrews until the set of Ten Plagues is complete. &nbsp;The question is, why?&nbsp;</p> <p>Listen-in to learn about this key historic and prophetic story. So much is revealed about God and His plans, His heart and how he thinks and works as He releases the Hebrews to serve Him. We also see how God begins to reveal Himself and teaches about His nature, His character and His overarching plans. Using Moses to lead and intercede, God begins to prepare the people to be His very own possession and conduit to salvation through the institution of the Passover.</p> <p><br></p>
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Exodus: The History and Destiny of Moses and the Hebrews Begins
<p>In the midst of Satan's continued attempt to destroy the Hebrews, God brings forth the next powerful Chess piece in His plan, Moses. Next to Jesus Christ Himself, Moses is the most impacting figure in Biblical - and all - history.</p> <p>Although reluctant, Moses was called and trained by God, destined to take a race of slaves and mold them into a powerful nation of people that would drive the course of the history and bring the Scriptures and the Word of God into the world.</p> <p>Moses would grow-up in a privileged life and be subject to the highest education in the household of the Pharaoh. Yet, he still would maintain a strong connection to his Hebrew roots.&nbsp;He was destined to give his life up for his people and risk all to bring them from bondage to freedom in the Holy God of creation he'll bring them out to serve forever.</p> <p>Tune-in and listen to this podcast as we allow the Scriptures to tell us the fascinating story of Moses. It all begins in the book of Exodus.</p>
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Exodus: God Brings Israel from Bondage in Egypt to Freedom to Serve Him
<p>In Genesis we began learning of the God who created all things and the beginning of history. Genesis began to reveal to us His purposes and plan for creation. We also were given a view into the future as He deals with sin, promises a Savior and manages His own people through His law forming and keeping covenants.&nbsp;</p> <p>We covered the unfolding of His plan for the first people for Himself, Israel, and leave Genesis with these twelve tribes firmly planted and growing in the land of Egypt.</p> <p>In this lesson we open the book of Exodus.&nbsp;The word Exodus in Hebrew means “the outgoing” and this book covers Israel being prepared, and released from severe bondage in Egypt to embarking on their miraculous journey with their God toward their own land as His own possession. We learn the beginning of their unique and peculiar history as they leave Egypt, now as a nation.</p> <p>For reference, Genesis covers the period from about 4004 B.C. (the creation of the world) to the death of Joseph in 1805 B.C., a period of 2,199 years. Enjoy as we move into this next rich book of the history of this age.</p>
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Genesis: Settled in Egypt - The History of The Twelve Tribes Begins
<p>As second in command to Pharaoh, Joseph manages the land of Egypt through the prophesied seven years of famine. Using wisdom, he eventually takes the land away from the people and the people's labor and transfers it to Pharaoh's full ownership. The people are happy to be in bondage to Pharaoh for food now.</p> <p>Joseph is rewarded by allowing his family to settle in Egypt on the choicest land. They prosper and increase greatly in number. This is the rise of Israel and the beginning of their prophetic history. Listen to learn how the dying Jacob pronounces the future for each tribe as they are launched into history and are prepared for their exodus!</p>
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Genesis: Through the Dungeon to the Savior of Israel - The Rise of Joseph
<p>The complete story of Joseph is a masterpiece from the Hand of God. It is at once a complete prophecy of the role and mission of the coming Jesus Christ as Messiah and God's end-to-end plan for the shepherding of the nascent twelve tribes through history.&nbsp;</p> <p>Cycles of disobedience, to bondage to freedom, on to their being the head of the nations in the Millennium are shown. Listen as we begin to learn of Joseph's rich history and how it so wonderfully reveals God's mastery through Jesus Christ over His covenant people and history, itself.&nbsp;</p> <p>God <em>can</em> and <em>will</em> do ALL His pleasure.&nbsp;Looking at the state of Israel and her restoration to the land in these end time is a witness to us. Prophecy is fulfilled though history - and YOU are alive for such a time as this! Learn!</p>
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Genesis: Wisdom and Prophecy From The Life and Times of Joseph
<p>The dying Jacob pronounced a final, prophetic blessing on each of the heads of his twelves son that shows the general trajectory of each line. The prophetic course is set for the twelve tribes and God's plans for Israel begin to take foot.</p> <p>Listen to this podcast to begin to learn of one of the most prominent figures in the scriptures. Joseph's life is a major source of history and wisdom for us and a type of the coming life of Messiah, Jesus Christ.</p> <p><br></p>
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Genesis: Jacob Wrestles with God and is Given a New Name: Israel
<p>Jacob wrestles with God and his name is changed to eternally state that he struggled with God and men and overcame. How prophetic! Is this not the experience of Israel that history holds?&nbsp;</p> <p>They also are assured that they absolutely will overcome all in the end - God keeps His covenant, and this assurance is engraved in their name, Israel.</p> <p>Listen-in as we begin to trace this encounter forward. This <em>is</em> the official beginning of the twelve tribes of Israel.&nbsp;What a story - and we are alive now to see its full and final fulfillment. They are back in their land, but who do they trust to bring about what the Bible says is in store for them?</p>
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Genesis: Making Sense of Modern Times - Value in Tracing the Descendants of Key Biblical People
<p>We now wrap-up our learning about Jacob, Laban, Rachel and Leah and move into the history of the nascent twelve tribes of Israel.&nbsp;</p> <p>As we begin, it is valuable to trace certain Scriptural history down into the modern day. Listen-in to learn the importance of the prominence of the city of Tyre and how the decedents of Laban who founded it mastered the art of world trade in the Babylonian system - the system that moved into what is now Lebanon and outward, to become the economic foundation of our world system today.</p>
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Genesis: Jacob, Laban, Leah and Rachel -The Beginning of the Twelve Tribes of Israel
<p>Genesis moves us forward from the beginning of the dispute between Jacob and Esau. As Jacob departs he is given a dream of a stairway that spans between earth and heaven. God then reiterates the covenant between Him and Abraham, Issac and Jacob.&nbsp;</p> <p>Continue here to learn how God, through the key characters of Jacob, Laban, Leah and Rachel begins fulfilling His plan for a people and a land for His Holy name. No matter the situation or the players, rest assured.&nbsp;</p> <p>As you'll learn through this historical account, God's covenants are sure and will stand forever!</p>
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Genesis: Edom Through The Centuries - Those Who Seek to Destroy Israel Will Be Destroyed
<p>The struggle between Jacob and Esau persists and even strengthens over the centuries. The Edomites have moved through the world's system throughout history to pursue the complete destruction of Israel.&nbsp;</p> <p>Esau's and his bloodline's hatred for his brother is unquenchable. The Bible tracks this in the Edomites as they intertwine with peoples though the centuries including the Greeks, the Romans (the Herods, European bloodlines) and down through to today's Jordanian Arab "Palestinians".&nbsp;</p> <p>God wants us to understand the unbiased truth about origins of antisemitism and how Satan uses his forces in the world to try to destroy God's people.&nbsp;</p> <p>We are at the end of the age. As you study, keep your eyes on Israel. The "Palestinians" are the final line of Esau before the day of judgment comes. A peace plan soon? Yes! But, "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape". (1 Thessalonians 5:3)</p>
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Genesis: The King's Highway - Ancient Route of Trade, Future Route To The King's Land
<p>There is described in the book of Numbers an ancient highway named The King's Highway. At the time of Moses, this highway formed the major trade route that connected Cairo, Egypt, modern-day Jordan and Syria.&nbsp;It passed in front of the constricted opening to the City of Petra in Jordan, the land of Edom. The Edomites would wait for world traders to pass by, ransack their caravans, then retreat into the impregnable rock walls of their city, Petra.</p> <p>The book of Isaiah says that in the future, when Jesus returns to set-up His kingdom and resigns from David's throne in Jerusalem, God will prepare this highway again. It will run the same route as the King’s Highway, again connecting Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Syria. This time, it serves the nations as the passage to Israel to trade with her as the head of the nations in the Millennium Kingdom's economic system.&nbsp;</p> <p>Yes, there will be a perfect economic system at that time headed by the true King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Learn more about this prophetic trade route and its importance in God's economy.</p>
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Genesis: Jacob's Cunning vs. Esau's Belly - The Birthright War that Will Usher In The End of The Age
<p>God said the birthright would be Jacob's, that Jacob would prevail over Esau and the older shall serve the younger. God used both Jacob and Esau to make this happen. Esau wars with Jacob to gain it back.</p> <p>The war is fought over these thousands of years. Esau's progeny gains and then looses their nation. They are warned by God that because of their violence against Jacob's progeny that they would be covered with shame and destroyed forever. This is the destiny of the Edomites throughout the centuries - and their so-called "Palestinian" descendants.&nbsp;This is what you are living through at this time! As you learn the prophecies of the Bible: Keep your eyes on Jerusalem and those that surround her!</p>
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Genesis: The Twins Jacob and Esau - Two Peoples and Two Nations In Conflict
<p>Through twins Jacob and Esau came the beginning of the nation of Israel and the people known as the Edomites. Arch enemies to this very day, they started in conflict while in Rebekah's womb. The battle is to the death. God said of them&nbsp;"the older shall serve the younger" and further, that He loved Jacob and hated Esau. God chooses whom he will for His purposes.&nbsp;Israel is eternally selected and the Edomites eternally rejected.</p> <p>Listen to learn this amazing foundation story of modern world history. Discover how Israel came to be, as Jacob swindles the birthright blessings from Esau, and Esau vows forever to kill Jacob. This conflict is the foundation of the history of Israel and the Edomites that are in battle to this very day - as Israel and the "Palestinians" war of the Promised Land.</p>
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Genesis: Isaac - Foreshadow of The Coming True Son of Promise
<p>The promise of a son in old age? How could this possibly happen? Abraham doubted. &nbsp;He tried to 'help' God keep his promise but we know how badly that worked out. Sarah actually laughed when she heard about the promise, as she doubted too. All indications are that this is impossible. But God made it so. Then, God commands Abraham to sacrifice his beloved, promised son of the promise! But, now Abraham obeys in full faith without doubting God. Even Isaac submitted to being sacrificed.</p> <p>A father sacrificing His beloved son of promise. The son agreeing to be sacrificed. Does this sound familiar? There are even more amazing parallels between Abraham and Isaac and God the Father and His Son of Promise, Jesus Christ. Listen-in to learn how God lays out, in the lives of Abraham and Isaac, a foreshadow of the Himself, His plan and His coming Son of Promise, Jesus Christ. &nbsp;</p>
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Genesis: Learning The Hard Way - Helping God Keep Promises is Disobedience with Great Consequence
<p>God makes promises and God cannot fail. Abraham knew this. We say we know this. But like Abraham, we often feel it is taking God too long, or in our situation the"odds" are simply against God keeping His promise. God teaches us through Abraham and Sarah that doubt is not only disobedience but the outcome of "helping God" has consequences that can have immediate and <em>very long-lasting </em>consequences. <em>Israel still suffers today because of Abraham's doubt!</em> Listen-in to learn and gain wisdom in right dealing with God as God deals with you.</p>
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Genesis: Transitioning to the Dispensation of Promise
<p>Because God is sovereign, all in covenant with Him can rest assured in His promises. But, God's plan runs on the foundation of time. This forces faith alone as His plans unfolds over time - sometimes a very, very long time.&nbsp;</p> <p>In eternity, all is taking place at the present moment. But time is the problem for those living outside of eternity. This is the problem for all of Israel under the Old Covenant and us who are Christian, under the New Covenant in Jesus Christ.</p> <p>Listen as we learn more from Biblical accounts of God's sure resolve and His Heart and character as He works out His irrevocable plans for Israel and the church despite time - despite <em>us</em>!</p>
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Genesis: God Ratifies The Eternal Progeny and Land Covenant with Abraham
<p>God cannot lie and no one can undo what God has decreed. Period. God unconditionally and irrevocably covenanted (contracted) with Abraham that He would give him the land of Canaan (Israel) and through him, a people with a heritage as God's own. These promises are eternal and irrevocable. &nbsp;&nbsp;In Genesis 15, the Bible specifically details the ratifying process that "sealed the deal" between God and His people through Abraham forever.</p> <p>If you're not sure when someone asks about Israel, "Who's land is it, anyway?". You can KNOW the answer. It is God's possession and He gave it only and eternally to the Israelites! Listen to learn more about God as covenant Maker and Keeper - and how this applies to you in the New Covenant in Christ if you are truly born-again and saved through Him alone.</p>
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Genesis: You Must Live in Mystery Babylon. You Must Come Out of Her, My People
<p>Throughout Genesis, we learn that God allows Mystery Babylon to survive and flourish and have mastery over the earth in this age.&nbsp;Abraham lived well in Ur of the Chaldees as he worshiped pagan gods. God called him out of that system and into His system. By faith Abraham obeyed, but God did not take him to heaven at that time. Much later, Jesus prayed to the Father about His own called out ones saying, "I do not ask You to take them out of the world, but that You keep them <em>and</em> protect them from the evil one."&nbsp;</p> <p>So it is with us today, who are truly saved in Christ. Listen-in to understand more about living in the System and still obeying the command to come out of it.</p>
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Genesis: Abraham Meets Melchizedek. Just Who Is This Peculiar King and Priest of God?
<p>At this point we are introduced to a very peculiar character, Melchizedek King of Salem. Abraham meets this special king after returning from battle victoriously.</p> <p>Interestingly, &nbsp;this Melchizedek has no human lineage and also was identified as priest of God Most High!&nbsp;Who could he really be?</p> <p>Psalm 110:4, Hebrews 5 and 7 all equate the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ, with Melchizedek: Psalm 110:4 "The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent, Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek." Also stated in the book of Hebrews chapter 5.</p> <p>As the priest of God, Melchizedek brought out bread and wine and blessed Abraham, saying, &nbsp;&nbsp;"Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth. And blessed be God Most High, &nbsp;who delivered your enemies into your hand."&nbsp; Abraham then tithes to Melchizedek!</p> <p>Listen to learn about the beginning of law of Israel and the law of Grace! We must understand the difference between them to serve God in sincerity and in truth.</p>
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Genesis: Abraham's Life as The Father of Israel and The Faithful
<p>In the last episode you were introduced to Abraham, Lot and Sarai. Abraham is a key, pivotal figure in Scripture and the history of God's plan of salvation and this Age. Abraham was chosen by God to leave his family and pagan religion to become the father of God's chosen race, Israel. He believed God and obeyed by faith alone. Further, through his faithfulness he's called to be the father of the faithful of many nations into the New Covenant-based church age. Listen-in to learn more about the life and times of this important man.&nbsp;</p>
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Gensis: Nephilim, Giants, Human Hybrids: Fallen Angels Conspire to Prevent The Second Adam
<p>After the fall of Adam, God announces His remediation plan. The coming Savior who will be both <em>fully</em> God and <em>fully</em> human is announced. He must be fully human to rightfully retake the kingship of the world as the "second Adam". &nbsp;&nbsp;Now, the fallen angels knew the foundation of the redemptive plan of God. How to stop it? In Genesis six, the Bible tells us about fallen angels beginning to destroy the DNA of humanity to thwart the coming of Jesus Christ as fully human. This created the Biblical giants. Yes! &nbsp;The giants were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when some fallen angels went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.&nbsp;</p>
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Genesis: The Tower of Babel Falls as The Modern World Rises
<p>The Babylonian system had begun and Nimrod and Semiramis were king, queen and lord of the nascent new world system. Although God slowed its development and scattered the people through confusion of multiple languages, He did not stop it. Why?</p> <p>Listen-in to learn how the newly-formed Babylonian system survived and indeed prospers until this very day. It will climax as the final New World Order and then be utterly destroyed. When that time comes, it will be in an instant just like Sodom, after Lot and his family were removed immediately before destruction came from God.</p>
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Genesis: Nimrod and The Tower of Babel. Mystery Babylon World Governance is Born
<p>Now more than ever we hear of The New World Order that is poised to overtake the entire world. Actually, it's not new at all. What you are seeing today is end-time culmination of the Mystery Babylon global religious and economic system that was formed thousands of years ago. &nbsp;Listen-in to learn about Nimrod, the direct agent of Satan and a hunter of men and His wife Semiramis. They built the first cities and a tower to reconnect to the pre-flood gods who gave them power and wealth. God paused his progress but did not stop it. This is how languages and nations and the Satanic, total world governance system we are living in right now came to be. Nimrod and the Tower of Babel is the post-flood kick-off of the Babylonian economic and religious system Satan is using to enslave humanity and then destroy God. Spoiler alert: This all ends badly after The Great Tribulation. Satan and all who followed Mystery Babylon in this Age will be judged and cast with Satan in hell for eternity.</p>
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Genesis: Noah, The Flood and The Dispensation of Human Government
<p>You are probably familiar with the story of Noah and the Flood. As with all the Biblical narratives, there is much, much more to this story when studied in light of God's plan as set out for us in the Bible. Listen-in to begin to find out about the details of Noah, his family and the aftermath, after the ark landed and the waters receded...</p>
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Genesis: The Lives of Adam, Methuselah and Enoch: Prophetic Shadows of the New Testament
<p>Continue your study in Genesis chapter five. Here, the lineage of Adam is presented along with an introduction to Methuselah and Enoch. God uses the lives of these key figures to shadow of His plan of salvation and the coming New Covenant and the New Testament. This is the portion of the Bible written many centuries later to chronicle the coming of Jesus Christ as Savior and His church in the closing years of this age.</p>
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Genesis: God's Plan to Restore Paradise and The Tree of Life to Earth at The End of The Age
<p>The book of Genesis is not only about the history of creation and the fall of it into sin. It also is a brief history of the <em>future</em>! God has His plans for this age already laid out. Genesis gives us a solid introduction to the plan and final "end game" goal of God.&nbsp;</p> <p>Listen-in to continue to learn about God's overall plan of salvation, restoration and renewal of Paradise, The Tree of Life and how He is rolling it all out in this Age.</p>
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Genesis: What Happened to The Garden of Eden? Defining Hades, Paradise and Abraham's Bosom
<p>The Garden of Eden was a physical place specially prepared by God as the home for the first human beings, Adam and Eve. We know that after they sinned, God thrust them out of that garden and set an angel to block re-entrance. Adam was now no longer king of the world. He willingly abdicated his rule of earth to Satan and lost access to the Garden and his throne.&nbsp;</p> <p>What happened to the Garden of Eden after that? Listen-in to learn more about Eden and the other closely related places of Hades, Paradise and Abraham's Bosom.</p>
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Genesis: Signs of Jesus as the Coming King and His Gospel Written in the Stars
<p>With deeper study in Genesis and understanding simple cosmological concepts, we can extract many key details God offers us about the promises and prophesies of Jesus Christ, coming as Messiah and the final King of Kings. Listen-in as we dig a little deeper to extract more about the plan of salvation and the final age - and the focal point of it all, Jesus Christ!&nbsp;</p>
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Genesis: Signs and Times in God's 7,000-Year Plan for This Age
<p>As a recurring witness to His plan for the world and humanity, God set in motion the heavens and the stars in them to continually reveal His end-to-end salvific plan. He uses "times and seasons" to mark key milestones and events in the 7,000-year plan for the current earth and its inhabitants. As the earth marches on its course around the sun, these signs actively review God's plan from beginning to end each year for all generations to learn. God included the why and the how of these times and season and heavenly markers in the book of Genesis. Listen-in to this teaching to learn more about the overall plan of God that includes you in such a time as this!</p>
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Genesis: The Corner Stone of The Biblical Doctrines
<p>The book of Genesis chronicles the beginning of this age. It offers an overview of the creation of the earth and life on it as we know it. It also offers something very important that most do not understand. It introduces to the reader ALL of the key doctrines of the entire Bible! This podcast offers a comprehensive overview of the fullness of this introductory book of the Bible. Listen-in to learn the truth about the beginning of it all AND the "profile" of the Mind, Heart and Word of God He offers you in the book of Genesis!</p>
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What Shapes YOUR Personal Worldview?
<p>Worldview is how you perceive and interact with the world around you. It is unique to you and pretty-much dictates what you believe and guides how you act and react as you live your life. It is who you are. So, what do <em>you </em>allow to shape <em>yours</em>? One of the Bible's main functions is to correctly shape your worldview! God <em>wants</em> you to understand the truth and live it. How does the Bible do this? Tune in to this podcast and enjoy finding out!</p>
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Cover-to-Cover Overview of The Bible - Introduction
<p>This teaching is an introduction to the Bible as the unique, inspired, fully-integrated main communication from God to humanity.&nbsp;</p> <p>Whether you are a new, or well-seasoned Christian, or are just embarking on this wonderful path, you will find this introduction comprehensive, easy to understand and very insightful.</p>
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