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Category: News/Politics
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Anti-taxation against the U.S Government.

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Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Enter the Boogaloo aka Big Igloo aka Big Luau aka CNN
On this episode of the podcast, Kris Hunter comes on the show to tell us about all things boog! Kris tells us about the origins of the Boogaloo movement and when it first hit the streets during the march against gun control in Virginia. We also learn about the mainstream media mistaking boog bois for […]
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Divorcing The State: Raising Kids Without Registering Them With The Government With Nick Reed
On this episode of the TiT podcast, we get a visit from Nick Reed! Nick tells us how he raised two kids with no social security number and no birth certificates, he then answers some questions from the viewers. Tune in for this eye-opening event and always remember, taxation is theft. As always, the show […]
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Ken Armstrong – Libertarian for President
Ken Armstrong is yet another person running for President of the United States under the Libertarian Party banner. I have gotten to know him well over the past several months, at various conventions and debates. He served in joint commands with all five military branches, commanded a NATO base in Italy, and was a NATO […]
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Vermin Supreme and Brian Ellison – Wash your hands and arm the homeless!
Now more relevant than ever, political satirist and presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, and political activist and presidential candidate Brian Ellison talk about the future of freedom in America. Will Vermin’s mandatory, government-enforced hygiene programs save us from the coronavirus? Will Ellison’s program to arm the homeless stop the economic tyranny? Find out in today’s episode […]
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Myra Matejka on Iowa Farms and Corona Lockdown
My Matejka is running for the Iowa state house of representatives. She is fighting the corruption to restore farmer’s rights, end the property tax that destroys America’s wealth, and ending the drug war. Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/MatejkaInTheHouse/ And here: http://matejkainthehouse.com/ Please subscribe to “Taxation Is Theft” to get weekly video updates: http://bit.ly/2CUKmkU Follow us: Facebook: […]
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The truth about the corona virus
Join me with Michael Cheney as he reveals some interesting facts about the corona virus. This isn’t research from google or the deep webs or government backed scientists. Michael has spent several weeks talking to real doctors, nurses, scientists and others who really understand what’s going on. Get Michael’s free PDF with lots of information […]
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Tim Moen – Canada Libertarian Party Leader
Tim Moen tells us about the political landscape in Canada, and what they are doing to fight COVID-19. As a firefighter, Tim has a lot of first-hand information on the state of the healthcare system. We also talked about his libertarian messaging strategy, and how a radical approach is absolutely necessary instead of a watered […]
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What happens when you don’t pay your income tax?
In this episode talk to Sharky, a former USPS employee and tax protestor. He did some time over not paying taxes, but has since learned how to avoid paying them without consequence. He has worked with Irwin Schiff, knew him personally, and even appeared in the book that the feds attempted to ban – The […]
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A take on CORONA VIRUS! by a real research scientist!
Dr Mary Ruwart is a well known libertarian activist and author. She has been involved in the libertarian party, running for several offices including the President of the United States. She has published several libertarian books including two of my favorites, Short Answers to the Tough Questions, and Death By Regulation. On this episode, we […]
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Wundaz Gilbert – State of Corona in Uganda
Today I had the pleasure of speaking to my good fried in Uganda. I learned about the current state of Uganda, under lockdown from the government. They are restricting work, but most people there live hand to mouth. This has made it very difficult to survive. There is plenty of food, but without the economy […]
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