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Category: Comedy
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2 NY Firefighters, break it down weekly in the most relatable, fun podcasts available. Ever thought to yourself,

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Podcast Episode's:
"PepperNutz" - Business Spotlight Episode #13
Tommy Falbo, CEO and Founder or "PepperNutz" Hot Sauces, stops into the Hellbound with Halos Studio to heat things up and talk all about his sauces! Back in 2007, Tom started his business as a distributor of other hot sauces, because he loved them. Then, shortly after, he realized he should be making his own. So that, he did. (His wife actually had the idea that he start it). Tom discusses how he's be fortunate enough to be in the local Rochester, NY media to help promote his product, as well as working with the NY culinary school for food pairing ideas and chefs for testing of new flavors. He's received a lot of support from the area in Western NY and he is very appreciative of that. Kevin says that it seems as though people in our area, largely support local companies. Kevin is a bit nervous about taste testing all of the PepperNutz sauces, even though he enjoys spicy foods. He was prepared with milk, however. His biggest concern is the 'Carolina Reaper' sauce, in which that particular pepper boasts a heat level of over 2 million scoville units. Sully doesn't do hot sauces but begins to try the different kinds after he learns of one called 'Rum Runner'. Come listen and learn about this great, small business. Go try some of his sauces and tell him we sent ya! www.peppernutz.com And you can follow him on any social media as well.
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Episode 54 - "Athena Ives, Author of 'Thank You For Raping Me'"
In this weeks episode, we lean toward a more controversial topic of rape. We had the opportunity to meet with Athena Ives, a Marine Corp Sgt Veteran, and Author of the book, "Thank You For Raping Me". Athena describes her unbelievable story of growing up being raped by her brother and then again, twice, during her military experience. She explains that the "Thank You" in the title of the book is based off the idea of how these horrible occurrences happening, made her into the person she is today. Kevin, Crystal (yes Crystal was back for this episode!) and Sully talk about what is going on in today's society that makes people NOT want to come forward and some of the reasoning behind why people do. Kevin thinks it's because of all of the false accusations made by women that weren't actually raped and that draws fear into those that have been, from coming forward, in fear of not being believed. Sully describes how difficult it would be to completely rectify the problem because no company, or especially the military, would consider using a 3rd party system, to investigate any allegations of rape. He also describes how "normal" citizens identities are protected when they come forward, and that should be a good reason to do so, if you've been raped or sexually assaulted. Crystal describes her experiences and explains why she decided to not turn in the person that did this to her. Crystal also discusses her thoughts on why people don't come forward. They also briefly discuss how there has been backlash towards Athena from the #metoo movement. Athena's biggest hope with her new book is to inspire people through her words. To let people know that even in the darkest days, there is hope, and that you can build off tragedy and become a bigger, better person from it. You can purchase a copy of Athena's book, "Thank You For Raping Me" here: https://www.amazon.com/Thank-You-Raping-Me-Resilience/dp/099804170X -or- Visit her website at - https://athenaives.com/
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"Zarfling Platoon" - Business Spotlight Series Episode #12 Children's Education
Kevin & Sully invited Travis Blair, owner and founder of the "Zarfling Platoon". Travis is a 10 year military veteran that felt as though he could contribute to helping kids learn through a series of books and games he has created. Travis published his first children’s book, The Knitting Chicken, with illustrator David Buist. Shortly after, his son’s first grade teacher provided him a list of sight words to work on at home. Travis created a game in order to keep his son’s interest. That game helped his son retain the sight words taught to him at school and improve his reading score! Seeing the value, Travis worked with art designer PJ Day to create the SpellCasters VS series. With a children’s book and educational game, and a desire to create more, Zarfling Platoon was stood up with a mission! What exactly is Zarfling Platoon? A Middle Eastern word for what was originally made of ornamental metal, a zarf is a holder for a coffee cup without a handle. Today you know it as that cardboard sleeve allowing you to hold your hot cup of joe! After serving ten years in the US Army, Travis spent quite a few evenings reading and writing in coffee shops in Austin, Texas. He enjoyed the creative outlet, and completed the children’s book he wrote while stationed at Fort Hood. Now he and those in the platoon are known as Zarflings. The mission of Zarfling Platoon is to create children's books and educational games to hold the imaginations of elementary age kids! (Source - zarflingplatoon.com) For more information and to order some educational material for your children, head over to www.zarflingplatoon.com
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Episode 53 - "Do You Have Superstitions?"
Kev & Sully start off discussing the Michael Cohen ordeal and the lawyer being found guilty. They talk about how he probably won't do jail time for it, but if we did what he did, we most likely would. Kevin talks about his busy schedule with marketing for the podcast and how it absorbs a lot of time. They also have small talk on other recent news items. Then the boys move onto the meat... Do you believe in superstitions? In this episode, Kevin & Sully discuss Superstitions. What exactly is a superstition? Superstition is a pejorative term for any belief or practice that is considered irrational: for example, if it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a positive belief in fate or magic, or fear of that which is unknown. "Superstition" also refers to actions arising from irrationality. (Source- Wikipedia - 2018) Out of the "true" definition most people believe that it gives them power to change their own fate, based off of an action. Like Kevin, he taps the outside of a plane before he gets on. He says it's like a "get me there" type reasoning, even though he is not afraid to fly. Sully says his, with planes, is moreso two beers beforehand because he's always stuck next to the fattest guy on the plane. So what are more? Breaking mirrors, black cats crossing your path, knocking on wood and more! They take a look into each "superstition" and its origins. Breaking mirrors - People often think that breaking a mirror may bring you bad luck for 7 years. Mirror superstitions probably evolved from the time when the first humans saw their reflections in a pool of water, believed that the image in a water was their actual soul and to endanger it would mean risking injury to the other self. An ancient myth was that mirrors have magical powers, including the power to foreseen the future and are thought to be devices of the Gods. Thus breaking a mirror would terminate its powers, the soul would be astray form the body and misfortunes would be brought upon the one whose reflection it last held. Black Cats - The Middle Ages, also called the Dark Ages, in Europe, was a time of many superstitions that resulted from early spiritual beliefs and a lack of scientific understanding about nature. The persecution of people accused of being witches is a clear example. Many people believed that witches and black cats worked together. Supposedly, the devil sent the black cat to assist in the witch’s evil deeds. Additionally, witches were able to turn themselves into black cats so that they could slink around in the shadows casting spells on unsuspecting people. Knocking on Wood - In many cultures, it’s a common superstition for people to knock their knuckles on a piece of wood to bring themselves good fortune or ward off bad luck. Yet while the phrase “knock on wood”—or “touch wood” in Britain—has been part of the vernacular since at the least the 19th century, there seems to be little agreement on how it originated. One common explanation traces the phenomenon to ancient pagan cultures such as the Celts, who believed that spirits and gods resided in trees. Knocking on tree trunks may have served to rouse the spirits and call on their protection, but it could have also been a way of showing gratitude for a stroke of good luck. Yet another theory is that people knocked on wood to chase away evil spirits or prevent them from listening in when they boasted about their luck, thereby preventing a reversal of fortune. Christians, meanwhile, have often linked the practice to the wood of the cross from Christ’s crucifixion. So, are you superstitious? We think most people are, and aren't afraid to admit them, but on the other hand, people may have them and not even realize it.
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Episode 52 - "Risen to Success with Special Guest Jarred Taylor"
The boys welcomed Jarred Taylor, the CEO of Article 15 Clothing, Business Manager of Black Rifle Coffee Company, Leadslinger Whiskey, Co-host of Drinkin' Bros Podcast and Producer of movies. Sounds like a lot of hats doesn't it?? Well it is, and he handles it all. JT grew up in the Pacific Northwest. After graduating from North Kitsap High School, he shipped off to Air Force basic training to become a Munitions Systems Apprentice. He wanted something much more combat-related and opted to go through the process to become a Tactical Air Control Party Specialist (TACP). After graduating from the TACP Apprentice course, JT went on to the U.S. Army Airborne School and SERE, and finally got stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, at the 14th Air Support Operations Squadron. He deployed to OIF in 2005 in support of the 18th ABN Corps, 172nd Stryker BDE, and the 3rd Special Forces Group. While there, JT supported combat operations on the streets of Mosul, Iraq, acting as the ground liaison between the Army and the Air Force engaging the enemy with air to ground munitions. Two years later, JT deployed to Baghdad, Iraq, in support of the 82nd Airborne Division. During that deployment, he earned an AFCOM/Valor device for heroic actions on the battlefield. Later in his Air Force career, he became a TACP tech school instructor while stationed at Hurlburt Field, FL. There, JT conducted over 3500 hours of instruction and graduated roughly 350 brand new TACP students during his four-year tour. Upon leaving the schoolhouse, he was assigned to the 7th Air Support Operations Squadron at Fort Bliss, TX. (-Source- blackriflecoffee.com) Jarred starts off talking of how he met the fellas from Nitro Circus including Ringleader, Travis Pastrana. All about how Travis text him one day and asked him to fly out to California on a whim. So he did. He ended up hanging with guys like Bucky Lasek and more. Pretty cool if you ask us. Jarred said it all was pretty much a whirlwind. He drank with Travis until about 3am and then flew out the next morning. Travis text him a few days later and their friendship has been strong ever since. Jarred talks about how he became involved with Mat Best and how they started doing videos together in 2013 and that's a big reason why all of this had started in the first place. When the boys made the movie "Range 15", Jarred had the idea of creating a Podcast to help promote the movie. So they formed the "Drinkin Bros Podcast" together with Evan Hafer (CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company), and Ross Patterson (Actor, Author and past HWH Guest). Jarred talks a lot about the guests they have on, why they have certain appearances and their brand new set for the show. The boys all discuss how being in a role of a large podcast, and having a large audience is a big responsibility that can either make or break you. Jarred says that if you turn or say, one thing or another, that may go against your audience, you're done for. We had a blast with Jarred. He's truly a great dude with a ton of success and gives advice for success in today's world. You can visit any of his work at the links below. Article 15 Clothing - https://article15clothing.com/ Leadslingers Whiskey - https://leadslingerswhiskey.com/ Drinkin Bros Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/drinkin-bros/id1061361026?mt=2 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JTArticle15/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jtarticle15 Black Rifle Coffee - https://www.blackriflecoffee.com/
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Episode 51 - "We've Got Your Black Friday Doorbuster"
Black Friday!?!? Already?? Don't you just love going to the store and getting basically trampled to save yourself $50 on a TV? Because we don't. And we talk all about it, in our way of course. Kevin & Sully talk all things holidays, which Kevin hates, and how Thanksgiving came about. Now we know you're thinking, Thanksgiving was yesterday, but look, if we released this on the Holiday, no one would friggin listen. So here we are, providing you a tranquil audio experience on one of the most chaotic days of the year. Find out how Thanksgiving started, why Thomas Jefferson basically said f*ck you and didn't celebrate it, and when the pilgrims first observed the day. Because it wasn't late November. The tangents are rampant. Then they talk about some of the most popular holiday season movies. Sully's favorites are Elf and Die Hard, while Kevin's is The Christmas Story. They start off by naming movies from the "Good Housekeeping" list, which sucks, then "Rotten Tomatoes", which also sucked.. to end up finally at the "Esquire Magazine" Top movie list, which nailed it. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, have lots of left overs, are still talking to your in-laws, and have the most joyous (sarcasm intended) holiday season.
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Episode 50 - "Conspiracy Theories Part 1"
In their newest release, Kevin & Sully invited a friend to the studio for some conspiracy discussion. They call him "Shred" to not only keep him annonymous, but also because he shreds through a lot of mysteries surrounding our government, the deep state, and more. There are a ton of different theories out there surrounding events that have occurred in our country. They begin discussing how "Shred" started investigating different stories and situations. It all began back when he was a kid riding in a car in Vermont. He noticed a triangle in the sky, a UFO, that was very quiet but apparent. Then, suddenly, it took off into the sky. There was no glow from it, but a really loud roar. Later on, he found out it was the military testing the Stealth bomber. It surprised him how well the government kept that a secret. Sully brings up how in the past people thought the theory behind having an Air Force was odd and now we're seeing the same thing today with people thinking its odd that President Trump created a "Space Force". Things really spiked Shreds curiousity after September 11th, 2001. While he didn't want to believe it was anything else other than a terrorist attack, many different things pointed to something else. So he began investigating on his own. "Shred" lost a close FDNY friend on that day, and he prefaces that his beliefs of the 09/11 tragedy do not downplay or disrespect to the lives lost. It was still a tragedy. Kevin asks about the pancake collapse of the World Trade Center and "Shred" explains how it's just not possible through physics. He said, "Those towers, especially the North tower, fell at free fall speed. If you dropped a bowling ball off the roof at the same time as the collapse, both would hit the ground at the same time. And that doesn't just 'happen' with this type of structure, without some sort of assistance." He also talks about how jet fuel is no more than kerosene and it just doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel. Kevin brings up Chemtrails and the idea behind them with how they're used for weather manipulation, war assistance and more. They all discuss the 'secret societies' such as The Deep State, and how they actually control the world. Shred talks of how they are comprised of the wealthiest people in the world and that's not the people from the lists you see in the media... it's a whole nother faction of people that are 10 times as rich as those. The Illiuminati, the Kabul, the Skull and Bones and more, are those organizations that are all 'The Deep State'. Before wrapping up Kevin asks Shred about the moon and if it's real. Shred explains that the moon is indeed real, it's there, but it's also man made. Interesting huh? Tune in to this episode and prepare to hear some interesting facts. Keep an open mind. What "Shred" talks about can be found in a multitude of places, but you can start with the links below. CIA - https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/ FBI - https://vault.fbi.gov/unexplained-phenomenon
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Episode 49 - "Two Royals and a Carny Walk Into a Bar..."
"Greg the Psychic" joins the crew once again. To connect with Greg (he does them any which way possible) go to http://www.tarottimepsychic.com/ and get a reading... You won't regret it! Greg is always a pleasure to have on. Kevin refers to Greg as their "resident psychic" and Greg loves the sound of that. This was his second appearance with Kevin, Sully & Crystal. Only this time, he was there to tell them what or who "they used to be" in a past life. The theory is that a soul never dies, just the body does, and that soul lives on for eternity through other bodies. The things you learn from a past life are carried on into your current life, and you have the ability to change them for the better, with the knowledge you have from your previous existence. Kevin isn't too happy to learn he was a "carny", while Sully & Crystal were royalty. Well, Sully was for most his past life, Crystal finds out she was a nun in one of her lives. Haha. They get real deep into why and who they were and how that possibly carried into their current lives. Greg the Psychic NEVER disappoints! If you get a chance to have him do a reading for you, DO IT! To wrap up the episode Kevin brings up the Ancient Chinese Proverb, "Red Thread of Fate", and how we're ALL connected to each other somehow. And also how people need to trust their instincts surrounding decision making, not what their emotions tell them to do.
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Episode 48 - "I Ain't 'Fraid Of No Ghost"
Be prepared to be SPOOKED! In a special Halloween episode, Kevin & Sully invited the Podcast "Paranormal Punchers" to join them. Paranormal Punchers are a podcast on all platforms and they discuss/investigate weird happenings from the Sasquatch to Spirits. Mark & Alicia talked about how they made a trip to Gettysburg, PA to investigate the home of Ginnie Wade. She was the only civilian to be killed during the Civil War. She was in her home and hit by a stray bullet. Legend has it that her spirit still thrives there, and Paranormal Punchers tell the guys a little about what they found when they went there. Kevin mentions that they live near the "Rolling Hills Asylum" and how that it super haunted. Alicia and Mark agreed that it would be cool to go there and Kevin suggested that they call them if they ever go, and they'll meet up with them for the experience. Mark talks about his dream to go to the "Skinwalker Ranch" in Utah. The ranch, located in west Uintah County bordering the Ute Indian Reservation, was popularly dubbed the UFO ranch due to its ostensible 50-year history of odd events said to have taken place there. Knapp and Kelleher cite the 1974 book The Utah UFO Display: A Scientist's Report by Frank Salisbury and Joseph "Junior" Hicks, which details an earlier investigation into alleged UFO sightings in the Uintah County region, as partial confirmation of their account. According to Kelleher and Knapp, they saw or investigated evidence of close to 100 incidents that include vanishing and mutilated cattle, sightings of unidentified flying objects or orbs, large animals with piercing red eyes that they say were not injured when struck by bullets, and invisible objects emitting destructive magnetic fields. Among those involved were retired US Army Colonel John B. Alexander who characterized the NIDSci effort as an attempt to get hard data using a "standard scientific approach". However, the investigators admitted to "difficulty obtaining evidence consistent with scientific publication." Cattle mutilations have been part of the folklore of the surrounding area for decades, but NIDSci founder Robert Bigelow's purchase of the ranch and investigation funding was reportedly the result of his being convinced by stories of mutilations that included tales of strange lights and unusual impressions made in grass and soil told by the family of former ranch owner Terry Sherman. Mark mentions that they really enjoy investigating all sorts of weird things from sasquatch to even UFO's! Mark & Alicia were fun guests with some interesting stories that we hope you enjoy! Be sure to visit their links below, and check out Marks Comic Book on their website as well! Web and social media links: https://paranormalpunchers.com https://twitter.com/ppunchers https://www.instagram.com/paranormalpunchers/ https://www.facebook.com/paranormalpunchers
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Episode 47 - "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems"
The Mega Millions Lottery, which spans 44 states, was drawn this week. Kevin and Sully discuss what they would do with the money and the best ways to go about handling it, once you've won. But they start by talking about the people from Honduras coming through Mexico with the intentions of entering the United States of America. That doesn't sit well with most Americans. The fact that these people are carrying their flag and using women and children as scapegoats for their mission, proves that they have other things in mind. President Trump has already stated that he will send troops to the border to stop the 4,000-5,000 people herd. By technical terms, this would be considered an "invasion" of America. The crew put out a post on social media asking their followers if they would be for or against lethal action for these people. A majority of the votes were for lethal action, while some people determined that non-lethal force may be the way to go, to protect the women and children. They discuss this topic for a bit before moving on to the World Series. Kevin is an Atlanta Braves fan since he was a kid. He's happy the Dodgers made it to the Series because they beat his Braves in the playoffs and he doesn't like the team that beat his, to lose the next round. So they talked about the World Series some and then on to the main topic of winning the 1.6 Billion Dollar Mega Millions lottery. Sully says he would segregate himself for awhile until he formed a legal team. That would include not even telling his own MOTHER! Kevin said he would tell family, so they wouldn't be mad at him, but he would also segregate himself and form a legal team. They'd buy yachts, helicopters and private jets to take them wherever, whenever they wanted. Sully would build a ranch with race horses and Kevin would build a mansion, someplace close to "things" because he doesn't like being far away from the store. They talk about marriage after winning, building Hellbound with Halos Podcast to a worldwide thing and so much more. What would you do with almost a Billion dollars?? Listen in and see if any of what Kevin and Sully would do, match yours.
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Episode 46 - "Its a HardNox Life, For Us"
The crew welcomes special guests "HardNox", voted 2017 & 2018 Las Vegas Best DJ's by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Sunday evening Sapphire, where they DJ, was also voted as best day party in Las Vegas as well. Success hasn't come easily for these hard workers. Ramping things up by moving to Las Vegas in 2009, they entered into a city that's one of the most competitive party cities in the country. With acts such as Diplo, Skrillex, and Marshmellow they knew it wasn't going to be an easy road, but that didn't stop them. A few years back they woke up to an email from an ad agency in London, asking them to use their song "Pajamas All Day", for a GM commercial. They were surprised and excited as this all unfolded. Jimbo says it was hard to believe at first but they're actually good friends now, with the person that emailed them originally. The climb to success didn't stop there either. They continuously worked and made it into the Vegas Strip Club, "Sapphire", where they are the resident DJ's for the daily pool parties. They are frequently visited by mega porn stars, beautiful women and loads of fun. But don't be fooled by this... it's not all fun and games. After a day at the pool, they end up having to attending meetings, draw up new content for the week and get to their studio to work on more music. Sully admires that these guys appear to have a party lifestyle, but truthfully, they are very hardworking and driven by success. Crystal has known them personally for many years and she was happy to sit down with them and catch up a little again. Come meet the boys from "HardNox" and give them a shout next time you're in Vegas! Find HardNox on ALL of their Social Media Links Below! Watch “Ferrari” Music Video: https://youtu.be/mjMpe8mqpaE Book HardNox for Live Performance | DJ Set | Hosting: bookhardnox@gmail.com HardNox.tv Follow Us: Snapchat: @HardNoxBoyz http://Facebook.com/HardNox http://twitter.com/HardNox http://instagram.com/HardNox http://soundcloud.com/HardNox
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Episode 45 - "Who Enforces These Dumb Laws, the Supertroopers?"
This isn't the first time Kevin & Sully have been left alone to do a show. Crystal unfortunately could not join them because of work again, and these two are never up to any good without her. They open the episode talking about Hurricane Michael that hit the panhandle of Florida and how devastating it will be for them. They let the people of the panhandle know they are thinking of them through this time. They both remind everyone about becoming a member of HellboundNation and they've dropped prices on all merchandise so they can get rid of it all and create new stuff for everyone. Kevin talks about Taylor Swift endorsing 2 Democratic candidates from Tennessee and how disappointed he is of her. (He acts like they're dating) He says that she typically doesn't endorse politicians or delve into politics at all and this is the first time for her. Then they get into the meat and potatoes of the episode, all about dumb laws around the United States. Such as, in Alaska, you cannot bring your Flamingo into the Barbershop with you. Who, in the first place, ever brought a Flamingo into a hair cutter to have to enact this law? They go over some of the funniest and wierdest laws across the country and discuss them in hilarious ways. As always. Did you know your chicken can't cross the road in Georgia? Well now ya do, so don't let it happen or you could get put in the slammer! This episode gets funnier as it goes on, so stick around and listen to all the whack laws in place across our country.
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Episode 44 - "Who Needs Advice From 'Ask Polly', When You Can Ask Hellbound"
This week on Hellbound with Halos Podcast- Crystal doesn't realize we're recording, once again, and starts the show off talking about her trip to the apple orchard this past weekend. Kevin & Sully mention that they also have an apple festival near them but neither went to it. Kevin opens by mentioning a Facebook post that interested him, in regards to questioning people that if they owned their own island, what would be the one law they would create? They went through some of those responses and talked about each one briefly, before giving their own opinions on laws they would create. Then.... Kevin fires things up by asking the crew their thoughts on the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. Crystal is a bit dumbfounded as she has experienced this in the past and chose not to say anything. Her belief is that if you choose not to say anything after something happens, then you stick to that choice. And vice versa, if you do say something, don't recant your accusation. Kevin discusses how its obviously all politically motivated and it's a hard story to form an opinion on because of that. Sully agrees. Kevin also mentions the question of, when has it been 'too long' to come forward with an accusation. Sully talks about the statute of limitations, and how some circumstances have no limits. They go over the different crimes that have no time limits. Then they turn into advice givers. For the first time ever, Hellbound with Halos opened up their social media flood gates and asked their followers to send them annonymous questions of advice. They got a lot of great questions, and surprisingly, gave out some great advice! They're considering doing this type of thing once a month now, but it'll all depend on participation. Watch for an area or 'drop box' on their website soon, for annonymous advice questions that will be answered on a show, once per month. Possibly. They wind down the episode with Crystal shooing a fly away so hard, she falls over and Sully is concerned for her safety. Forget "Ask Polly"... ask Hellbound. We've added an Advice Form to the website! Once per month, we'll be answering your questions for advice on an episode. Simply fill in your question and we'll answer it! We give great advice, we promise. Go to - www.hwhpodcast.com/hellboundnation TODAY! Your submission remains completely annonymous.
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"Pampered Chef Advanced Director Emma Cardenas" - Business Spotlight Episode #11
The whole crew, yes including Crystal, met with Emma Cardenas, an Advanced Director of Pampered Chef. Pampered Chef is part of Berkshire Hathaway, and is the premier direct seller of high-quality kitchen tools. At cooking shows, their independent consultants help guests use the unique products to prepare simple and delicious recipes while sharing tips and techniques to make everyday cooking easier and faster. Emma started her journey with Pampered Chef almost 2 years ago. She's had a lot of success with it, even though her main objective was to only do the sales for 6 months. She loves the company and what it represents, as well as the people that she's had the opportunity to meet while working for them. Pampered Chef is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company, and Emma enjoys that set up. She states that it's given her opportunities beyond what she ever imagined all while selling a great product. If you are interested in hosting a Pampered Chef Party, and possibly getting some free merchandise because of it, contact Emma today through Facebook at https://www.pamperedchef.com/pws/emmacardenas
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Episode 43 - "Pour Some Glitter on Me", The Tales of 3 Strippers...
Kevin and Sully rounded up 3 strippers (Katrina Lee, Roxii Love & Ginger) that are local to their podcast. They all give a little bit of their backgrounds before getting into the "meat and potatoes" of the episode. Katrina (A very young looking blonde) discusses how she danced at "Sundowner" in Niagara Falls, Canada, as well as, danced/managed at "Mademoiselle's" in Buffalo, NY. She got into the retail business shortly after, selling all sorts of dancer clothing, to strippers, in multiple clubs across Western NY. She's made many appearances in "Hustler" Magazine, Barely Legal Editions and much more. Katrina currently operates a store in "Playmates" in Byron, NY and is planning to expand her business nationwide, by working with a vendor to employ vending machine type systems in dance clubs. She also has a Radio show on rochesterfreeradio.com, the Tune In App, and the Armed Forces Network called, "Beyond The Pole". Roxii Love (Kevin calls her Fun Size) is a short brunette with a great body and awesome personality. She danced for many years at local clubs, but when she got pregnant, she found a new passion in post pregnancy help for woman being a "doula". Roxii has a radio show called "Roxii Love's Radio Rebellion. Ginger is a red head (very red, but obviously dyed), and pretty tall. She currently dances at Playmates in Byron, NY and says she loves it there. She calls it a very chill atmosphere and like no other dance club she's ever belonged to. Playmates is a fully nude club, but they do not serve alcohol because they are fully nude. The boys get right into it with the girls about how strip club life is, clientele, and some of the experiences they have all had. Sully asks about the clubs atmosphere nowadays and some of the dealings with other dancers within the clubs. Kevin talks about how Sully left a buddy outside at Sundowner once, and how him and some buddies were at a bachelor party once and one of his friends made change from the money on the ground by the dancers and just about got tackled. The girls talk a bunch about Playmates and how its a very interactive club and being a fully nude cabaret, they can do sexual performances for the patrons. Katrina says there is even a shower area there where you can wash the girls in the shower. They move on to play some "Would You Rather" and have some fun talking about whether they would do one thing or another, depending on the question. We won't get into that here, as you'll just have to listen! Visit Playmates Facebook Page at - https://www.facebook.com/Playmates.ny/ They are located in Byron, NY - A FULLY NUDE Cabaret Visit Katrina Lee's Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/Katrina-Lee-596007290733980/ Visit Roxii Love's Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/RoxiiLoveFanPage/ Visit Ginger at Playmates!
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"Project LeanNation" - Business Spotlight Episode #10 Nutritional Community
We took this one on the road! Kevin and Sully had their very first "on location" podcast recording with Tim Dougherty, Owner of Project LeanNation. What started out as a favor for buddies, brewed into a successful business venture. Tim started out making meals out of his home. He had freezers lined up in his garage to hold the food. It most certainly didn't take long for him to outgrow that! Tim now has stores in 4 metropolitan areas and is looking to expand into 2 or 3 more. Tim discusses how, while his business is nutrition, it's a lot more than that. "You're part of a community here. This is so much more than food. We have people that come in to pick up their boxes on Sundays... Some are crying, some cheering, but it's all about the support network we've built." And that he most certainly has. He realized, early on, that everyone has a different goal and his most common patrons are the everyday normal people, looking to lose some weight. "I figured it would have been more of the athletes and bodybuilding types that came in, but in a very short time, I realized people from all walks of life took this in", states Tim. Kevin & Sully talk with him about how owning a business can be tough, and only the strong survive. They talk about all aspects of business from starting, to growing, to what is truly the definition of success. "Patience is key", says Kevin. "It's like planting a tree, the tree won't grow if you don't let it take it's time and keep it watered." Sully and Tim both agreed. Sully talks about how he used Project Lean Nation for a 3 month span to drop some weight. He spoke of how great the meals tasted, the variety, as well as, how great it worked for him. This episode is FULL of knowledge. Not just about nutrition, but it tended to encompass almost everything we encounter in business life and personal life. Kevin and Sully had a tough time deciding whether this should be a regular Podcast episode, or stick to the original idea of releasing it as a Business Spotlight Series Episode. Enjoy!
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Episode 42 - "Hey Probst! Let's Get EJ Snyder on Survivor Already..."
Wow was this an incredible episode! Kevin & Sully were lucky enough to sit down with the one and only, EJ "Skullcrusher" Snyder. A 25 year military veteran, survivalist, 3 appearances on the TV Hit Show "Naked and Afraid", Dual Survival and a motivational speaker, EJ, has carved his place in history as being one of the BEST survivalists in the WORLD. With his kickass attitude, nothing can stop this man. Kevin & Sully begin by welcoming EJ to the show and asking a little about his history in survival. EJ goes on to tell some stories about his time on naked and Afraid, as well as, Dual Survival. EJ has always had a passion for the hit reality show "Survivor" and even made it to the final casting to be chosen... but unfortunately, the past coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jimmy Johnson, was selected over him. Booooo... who likes the Cowboys anyway?? EJ still loves the show and would jump at a chance to be a cast member. Hence our title, reaching out to Jeff Probst, to get him on the show. EJ has so much knowledge he shares in this episode, some of which you may not have even thought about doing in the wild. He talks about some of his most dangerous encounters in Africa including run ins with Bull Elephants and Hippos. Kevin asks what he was most afraid of all time, and EJ says that in the wild, you really can't get scared. He says that animals and predators can smell fear, so it's best to tuck that away and be prepared for whatever may come at you. EJ also touches on the 3 most important things to maintain psychologically as well as the 4 things you need to survive anywhere. We'd like to thank EJ for taking time out of his busy life to meet with us, and Probst.... Let's Get EJ on Survivor finally!!!!
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"Silverback Strength and Conditioning" - Business Spotlight Episode #9
In this next episode of our Business Spotlight Series, Adam from Silverback Strength & Conditioning (www.silverbacksandc.com) joins Kevin & Sully. Adam discusses how he got into fitness and learning the fundamentals behind the strength program he teaches. Sully asks about what the programming involves and whether its with Kettlebells or functional fitness style. He coaches people behind the programming inspiration of Mark Rippetoe, the founder of "Starting Strength". Adam went through Mark's training course to teach and practice the Starting Strength methodology. Adam goes on to explain that people need a coach when getting into fitness because people don't know where to start or what to do. Kevin asks what movements are included in the Starting Strength programming. Adam states that it's the Squat, Deadlift, Press and Bench. "The fundamentals of strength come from recruiting as much muscle mass as possible to build strength", says Adam. Adam also provides online coaching to long distance participants. Kevin agrees that this programming style, "does still work", regardless of what people may think. He also says that he's worked with an online coach himself to prep for a bodybuilding show, and he's living proof it works, and it's not as hard as people may be lead to believe. Adam is a Marine Corp Veteran of our country and puts all he has into his business. He says it's all he does anymore and he's very dedicated to helping people gain more strength. He's worked with other Veterans, Firefighters, Police and elderly, to ensure everyone reaches their best capabilities. If you're interested in gaining strength through Adam's coaching, contact him today through his website, www.silverbacksandc.com.
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Episode 41 - "Cuz It's All About The Poo, Bout' The Poo... No Trouble"
Kevin & Sully take pause in the first part of the Episode to acknowledge the events of September 11th, 2001. One of the biggest tragedies on American soil that effected them, as firefighters, and the country as a whole. Crystal couldn't join the boys for this one because she was stuck in an airport to fly out of Sacramento. In Episode 41, the guys had the great opportunity to sit down with Dr. Anish Sheth, a Gastroenterologist from Princeton, NJ. The doctor has made appearances on shows such as "The Rachel Ray Show" on CBS, as well as, "The Doctors" on ABC, respectively. They talk all things poo, poop, call it what you will. Dr. Sheth provides the boys with some very good information in regards to colon health, dietary needs, and what to watch for during bowel movements. Kevin asks, "Why is it that when I eat, like wings Buffalo Sauce on them, the next morning, it feels like I have an alien ripping my intestines out?". The Doctor attributes that more to a disturbance of the intestines and same with eating red meat. He says that the sudden urge to poo after eating meat, is likely from the fats in the meat, not the protein. Protein breaks down, in the body fairly easily, while the fats take much more work to breakdown. Sully says he is pretty regular and anytime it's time for the "number 2", it's "all systems go" for him. Kevin also asked the doctor about the prostate and was wondering if there are any "tell-tale" signs of an issue. Dr. Sheth recommends to all that you should be getting tested, regardless of symptoms. He says that typically when a person has symptoms, the problem has exasperated, so it's much better to be proactive and get tested when the time comes. Kevin also asks about how, society as a whole seems to be having more promiscuous sex, what about anal sex? He's heard varying opinions. The doctor gives them insight into that and many, many more topics surrounding our insides. The doctor correlates a well balanced, healthy diet to a good working digestive system. All systems go in this one, as Sully would say. It was great to talk with the Doctor and we appreciate the time he took out of his busy schedule to sit down with us.
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Episode 40 - "Do You Love The Holidays?"
Kevin & C-Dizzle ridin' solo this week while Sully is working at the firehouse. With the Holiday weekend, it was difficult for them to set a recording schedule. In this Episode they begin talking about the Colin Kapernick and Nike situation that is blowing up the Social Media likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Crystal absolutely despises Colin and the stance he took by kneeling while the National Anthem played prior to NFL games. Kevin feels the same, but voices that he knows, Nike knew perfectly well what they were doing when they choose him as their face for the company. Crystal brings up the Ariana Grande and Pastor "boob grab" at Aretha Franklin's funeral. Kevin hadn't seen or heard of it yet, so she explains the situation and what happened. Apparently CNN (the news source) put out a clip of this and titled it with "Women cannot even find a safe place anymore." Crystal was disgusted by this as well because she thinks it total bullshit that they frame women, or put out into society, that women feel that way. She talks a bit about how safe she feels and how she thinks it's highly unlikely that the Pastor intentionally was grabbing her boob at a funeral. Kevin agrees and states that you never know who puts these type of things out there and why. Then they get into holiday's since Labor Day was last weekend. Kevin does NOT like the Holidays. Specifically the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. He feels as though it is way over-commercialized and it's all about the money to these big box stores that keep pushing the advertising and sales to earlier and earlier in the year. Crystal talks about how much she loves St. Patrick's Day and pretty much any holiday that comes with food. She also thinks bunnies lay eggs. For Real. Kevin had to explain to her that rabbits have live babies and chickens lay eggs. We wish there was a palm-face emoji to insert into our story notes here. They hit a bunch of the major holidays such as New Years, Easter, Valentine's Day and more. Sit back, grab a drink and get ready to laugh.
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"Lunar Ground Shop" - Business Spotlight Episode #8
In their eighth Business Spotlight Series Episode, Kevin and Sully had "Lunar Ground Shop" stop by. Lunar Ground Shop is operated by Felicia and Mary, partners, down in Southern Florida. They are an e-commerce based business for now, but always looking to expand. The shops sole purpose is to bring awareness of the Vegan Community and get people talking about it more. Felicia discusses how they are very passionate about the environment and animals, and they make contributions from their sales to animal sanctuaries across the country. Mary is the creative end of the business, she creates all of the designs for any of the merchandise they sell. They started their business in January of 2018 and look forward to continuing to grow their business and awareness to their cause. They both have been Vegans for a few years now and explain that the "Vegan Lifestyle", is commonly misinterpreted as a "diet" but want everyone to know that it's truly a lifestyle. Felicia says that its encompasses pretty much everything from food, to toiletries, to pretty much anything that could be made with anything from food, or tested on animals. Mary says they both work extremely well together and this helps make for a successful venture. Go visit their store on www.lunargroundshop.com and help the cause by purchasing products. You can find them on Instagram @veganwives and Vegan Wives on Facebook!
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Episode 39 - "Can You Just Take a F'in Joke??"
In Episode 39 Kevin & Sully had a chance to meet Christy Monroe, "The Stripper Comedian". Christy has had much success in the comedy world, in a very quick time. She started out leaving her home at the very early age of 15 and becoming an emancipated minor at the age of 16 in Arizona. She began her college career then as well. With that experience she feels as though even being 18 years old, is too young to attend college because most kids haven't found themselves yet. Kevin starts right out asking how she got into comedy and obviously the name or idea behind what she does. Christy says that she had a failed marriage and moved to South Florida where she became a stripper about 3-4 years ago. She learned she was a great entertainer very quickly and realized she was capable of more, so she turned to the stand up comedian stage. She called herself "The Stripper Comedian" because that was what she talked about, stripping, and having fun with it. After the first few times of being on stage and not doing well, a few other comedian friends boosted her up and gave her advice on what and what not to do during an act. She heeded that advice and has success ever since. She travels the country now and does shows at all types of venues. She's even traveled as far as Hawaii to do shows. Christy discusses how hard it is to be in comedy with the pressures of telling jokes that may offend people. She talks about reverse racism being prevalent in the industry and how it shouldn't be that way. There are certain types of jokes for different people, and people need to realize that before walking into a show. She discusses a rough upbringing and how she ended up where she is at in her life now. Kevin & Sully talk a bit in regards to the most successful people are experts at failing and that shows a lot in a situation like Christy's. They briefly discuss the political climate and how that intersects with the comedy industry and how things need to change in society as a whole. You can find Christy Monroe at any of the following - @StripperComedian (Instagram), The Thong Therapist (Facebook & Twitter).
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"Fireball Approves" - Business Spotlight Episode #7
Tammy, the CEO of "Fireball Approves" joins Kevin & Sully for this episode of the Business Spotlight Series. Tammy explains that all too often, normal people are being scammed online through Air BNB, VRBO, vehicle purchases, home rentals and more. With her background of 18 years in the insurance industry, she partnered up with a reliable company to vet businesses and people to ensure they are true before a person may buy or rent through them. Tammy started Fireball Approves when she was almost scammed a few years back and did not want it to happen to anyone else. Listen in and find out how you can use her service to help you ensure you dont get scammed and visit her website at http://www.fornoscams.us/ The system seems very reliable and the company appears to do their due diligence in seeing that everyone they approve with their "mark" is qualified. If you have a business and want to get "Fireball Approved" please visit their website!
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Episode 38 - "Kenna Get a What What??"
Crystal is back and the boys are happy to have her back in the mix. Sully starts things off telling a story about how his dogs mauled a raccoon in his backyard while he was at work... His wife freaked out about it and called him at work figuring out what to do. Eventually the half dead raccoon was killed and discarded. Kevin welcomes their guest co-host for the evening, 2016 Penthouse Pet of the Year and Porn Star, Kenna James. Kenna was excited to be a part of the show and told a little of her back story as to how she ended up in the adult film industry. She discusses how much she loves the industry and how nice people are that are in it. Kevin asks her what her favorite scene has been since she started and Kenna cannot narrow it down to one in particular. She started off doing only girl/girl porn and just last year started doing male/female roles. Kevin asks if she likes females more than males because of how many lesbian scenes she's done, and Kenna said she likes both and that they both have good qualities. She likes the male actors she's had so far and will continue to work with them. She talks about just wrapping up a threesome video (2 girls, 1 guy), just the other day. Kevin mentions about a boating trip they had 2 weekends ago and how they partied with a bunch of girls. Crystal asks Sully if he's getting divorced now because of it and they said it was just all fun.. no harm. Kevin also talks about how he thinks he could be a porn star and everyone of course laughs at him. Kenna said if he has the confidence, he could do it. Kevin likes that answer (for good reason). They all talk about how sex has become very desensitized in today's day and age and that the younger generations seem to just sleep with anyone and everyone with no thought into it. Where as Kevin and Sully say that the older men tend to pay more attention to the "romance" side and foreplay for sex. Kenna agrees and says that's a big reason why girls love older men nowadays. Crystal brings up the podcast going to Vegas and doing a live show from a bar on the strip. Kenna offers to help secure a place and Crystal agreed to check it out with her. Sully won't go without his wife, even though its a "business trip". Kevin agrees they need to get to Vegas but doesn't think it can happen until next year sometime... Either way, Kenna says to keep her in the loop and she'll help them secure somewhere. There is so much packed into this episode, you'll just have to listen. A HUGE thank you to Kenna for joining us, hopefully it won't be the last time! We're going to hell after this show....
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"BSH Gunworks" - Business Spotlight Episode #6
Kevin and Tom invited their friend Jose, who is a police officer for a local municipality and owns BSH Gunworks, on for this edition of the Business Spotlight. Jose talks about what "BSH" means in his company title as well as how he got started. He says it all started when we began doing stuff for himself "for fun". He admits he messed up a bunch, but when we finally perfected the process of Cerakote and holster molding, he started up his business. Through a lot of word of mouth, he's successfully grown his business. He states that because of the lack of people doing this in the Rochester, NY area, he has a niche. Jose describes one of his favorite designs on a rifle as well as going to actual "Cerakote" school inn Oregon to become a "Certified Cerakoter". You can find any of his work on his social media (Facebook, Instagram) @bshgunworks or his website www.bsh-gunworks.com Got a gun that you want a specific design in mind? Definitely check his work out!
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Episode 37 - "Do You Swear Alot? Cuz We F@#$% Do.
Kevin and Sully fly solo again in this episode all about swearing. Crystal had her schedule changed for the week at work, so she was unable to join us again. Kevin brings up a few news items to start out... in particular Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart from the WWE Wrestling world passed away at the age of 63, a shooter that wasn't originally charged with shooting another man in Florida, was charged with manslaughter, and Paris has installed what they call "Urinoirs", or outside, exposed toilets. Then they move on to talk all things swear words. They discuss how its become more "commonplace" to swear now and what used to be deemed as bad, now is used even in places like daytime television. Kevin talks about how it's definitely become more accepted in society and isn't deemed as offensive as it once was. Sully agrees and brings up some famous Comedians like Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Eddie Murphy... and how they were pioneers for swearing in comedic acts. They both agree George Carlin told it how it was, was truthful, but added swearing to give it that "edge" and funniness. Kevin admits he swears a lot, more so than he probably should and relates it back to working in a firehouse. Sully stays cautious around certain people, but says he tends to swear a lot as well. They get talking about how Howard Stern was another pioneer for swearing "on-air" once he moved to Sirius Satellite Radio and how it seems to have paved the way for Podcasts, like ours, to be created. A little bit of a shorter episode than normal, but the boys will have you laughing once again!
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Episode 36 - "Stripper Football Should Be a Thanggg"
The boys welcome back "Diamond Dust", as she is filling in for Crystal, once again. They have a little fun with her talking about pole dancing and if she's been busy lately. Sully gets right into it talking about his love for the EA Sports Madden Football game for the Xbox and how he cannot wait for it to be released this week. They discuss the "Madden Curse" for players that have been on the cover of the video game and unfortunately for Kevin, Antonio Brown is on the cover this year. He's praying the Madden Curse doesn't effect the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is his favorite team. The crew talks football for a bit and how the hits seem too get worse and worse every year, but without some good hits, and new rules in the NFL, it is making football a lame sport to watch. Diamond thinks the hits are horrible and hates when players do it on purpose to try and take others out of the game. Kevin relates back to when the players wore much less protective equipment yet, made it through with less injury. Sully explains that the athletes are just getting bigger, better and stronger through the years and they are freaks of nature now. They all agree the new NFL rules "gum up" the game quite a bit and they can be interpreted in many different ways. Kevin and Sully talk about fantasy football and whom would be their first and second draft picks if every player was available. And of course, some how as usual, they get on the topic of Strip Clubs. Kevin and Sully talk about their "first times" at clubs. Kevin reveals he's been in the "champagne room" with 2 girls and Sully left his drunk buddy in a bush to get more lap dances. Diamond tells about how her club is busy on Mondays, which Kevin thinks is super weird. They talk about the entertainment factor of strip clubs in correlation with other entertainment like, the WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment. Diamond used to LOVE wrestling and Scott Nash, while Kevin's favorite wrestler was the Ultimate Warrior (RIP). Sully's was obviously Hulk Hogan, the "All American". That drifts the conversation back into football and athletes using PED's and how that impacts the hits in the games as well. This show is laid back, casual talk about a few different topics. We hope you enjoy!
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"Brothers Helping Brothers" - Business Spotlight Episode #5
Kevin and Sully interview Nick, the CEO of "Brothers Helping Brothers". Brothers Helping Brothers was started in early 2014, when Nick Magoteaux’s co-worker/firefighting brother, Art Springer, was hospitalized with the H1N1 virus. Originally, Nick started a line of t-shirts to raise money for his medical expenses. Unfortunately, Art passed away from complications of the H1N1 virus on January 23, 2014. The decision was made to continue the t-shirt campaign to raise money for Art’s daughter, Mollie. Through various efforts, Nick and his brothers from the Phillipsburg Fire Department (Phillipsburg, OH) and The Red Knights Ohio Chapter 16, raised over $20,000 for Mollie. One of Art’s passions was making sure his brothers at the Phillipburg Fire Department had the proper tools, even if it was at his own expense. Many other fire departments out there today are without the necessary tools and lifesaving equipment and do not have the funds needed to buy them. This started the passion to create Brothers Helping Brothers. They want to build the Brothers Helping Brothers brand, by raising funds to provide vital tools and equipment to small and/or rural fire departments in need. Brothers Helping Brothers became a 501-c-3 non-profit organization on July 1st, 2014. Since being founded they have given out seven grants and are working on many more. Brothers Helping Brothers is also researching to find out what tools and equipment are most needed in the fire and EMS service, in hopes to raise awareness of what departments desperately need. If you are interested in donating to help our mission, please visit their donate page at www.brothershelpingbrothers.org It was great to have Nick on and hear about his mission. As a true 501-c-3 non-profit, these are the types of charities people need to start helping. Not only could it help your community, but it will most definitely help more rural fire departments.
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Episode 35 - "Bad Lips, Mad Libs"
Kevin finally lets Crystal know they are starting to record in this one... She's grateful of course. Kevin mentions how they are currently in the iTunes Top Charts, Top 10, which they are very grateful to their listeners and followers for. They ask, very politely of course, for a rating and review if iTunes is the platform you listen on, to help get them out to even more people. In this episode doughnuts are the starting topic. They never know how they end up in some of these conversations but doughnuts was the beginning. Crystal's favorite donut is a "maple, while Kevin's is the "coconut" and Sully's is a plain powdered. Sully keeps things simple, if you didn't know already. Crystal has never heard of the Coconut Doughnut and Kevin offers to mail her one so she can taste the deliciousness. She said she'd look around and see if they had them in California and try one, otherwise, Kevin will mail her one from New York. Sully talks about how much he loves Fall and his "basic bitch" style while drinking his apple cider and wearing his skinny jeans with Uggs. It's always an interesting conversation with these three. They move on to the California Wildfires and Crystal brings up a story about a Grandfather that ran out for an errand, only to come back home to his home engulfed in flames with his wife and two grandchildren still inside. Kevin offers prayers and thoughts from the Podcast to California during these fires because, as firefighters, they understand the complexities of wildland firefighting. Remember Mad Libs? The crew tackles a few. Sully screws his all up. We wouldn't expect anything less. Crystal gets an English class refresher before hers starts, so she doesn't screw up.... Things obviously get pretty funny through this part.... You'll have to listen. Closing out, Kevin mentions the new apparel coming out for Hellbound Nation and the Hellbound with Halos Podcast. It should be on the website in about 2 weeks, so he reminds listeners to watch for it. He also reminds them to go subscribe on the website www.hwhpodcast.com to get discounts on everything they come out with. Sponsored by K Bar Soap Co. and Woodburned Warriors. www.kbarsoapco.com - Code "GGG10" for 10% off www.woodburnedwarriors.com - Code "hellbound" for 15% off Enjoy the episode!
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Episode 34 - "Remember When We Were Kids?"
This week, the crew talks about the Lt. Michael Murphy memorial being vandalized by a 14 year old. They talk about how kids these days are raised and how different it is between now and back when they were all growing up. Kevin mentions how fun nowadays seems so much more extreme then back then. Yes they had some fun, but nothing to the extent it has going to recently. Crystal talks about how she couldn't even fathom doing what this boy did in Long Island and how she would've never thought of doing such a thing. Sully says he would've had his ass beat hard if he did anything of the sort. Kevin says he would've gotten the wooden spoon multiple times. They all discuss some things they enjoyed doing as kids and what their parents did to raise them. Crystal didn't realize New York has Towns, Villages and Hamlets. So, Kevin and Sully explain to her what the differences are and Crystal explains that they do not have that type of governmental set up in California. Crystal jokes about how weird it sounds living in a town or village and reminds her of the "olden days". The episode is wrapped up with a little recap of last weeks episode and how powerful it was. Sully was able to connect with his father and Crystal with her brother and her best friend Addie. It was definitely an emotional episode. Kevin said that he's been to a psychic 2 other times, and the first time was the hardest one because the psychic was able to connect him with a family member on a pretty deep level. He told Sully and Crystal that he knows where they're at with talking to a psychic for the first time. Sully says he felt a big weight off his shoulders and felt as though he had some closure. And it wouldn't be Hellbound with Halos if they didn't completely reverse topics and somehow end up talking about chocolate covered penises and buttholes. We have no idea how this even happens, but their rolling with it. Subscribe to Hellbound Nation at www.hwhpodcast.com and become part of our community! Also, you'll get future discounts on new products and updates on our newest episodes!
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Episode 33 - "That thing we call intuition? That's your soul. Trust it."
This is our most POWERFUL episode yet. Greg the psychic joined the crew for an epic show that will be remembered for a long time, not only by the hosts, but by listeners as well. Greg lives in Hawaii and realized his ability at the young age of 3. Thinking everyone would think he was crazy, he kept his ability to himself for years. Greg can be found at www.psychicgregstanley.com or www.tarottimepsychic.com and will do readings in person or via Skype, Facetime, Facebook Video and more. He is truly talented, as you'll hear, so if you've been interested in doing this or have done one in the past... hit him up for a reading. You will not be disappointed! Kevin hears from his Grandfather and Grandmother a little bit. They come through to him as butterflies and Cardinals, which is interesting, because Kevin says hes been encountering a lot of these lately. He tells Kevin he may not retire from firefighting when he thinks he's going to and more. Crystal's reading was very emotional. Crystal recently lost her best friend from High School and lost her older brother a few years back. Greg brings them through and Crystal is able to reconnect with them quite a bit. He advises Crystal to talk with some people to make sure they are ok and that she will have a successful business venture in the future. Sully was able to reconnect with his father. Greg also was able to bring him through pretty strong. Sully has been having self premonitions of a car accident (which Greg didn't know) and was able to figure that out. You'll hear all of this in the episode, but the moral of the story with that is, DON'T text and drive. Like I said in the beginning, this is our MOST POWERFUL episode yet. When people see psychics it's a very personal, private experience. For us at Hellbound with Halos, we felt as though we wanted to share our experience with you.
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Episode 32 - "Learn to Accept Failure, Cuz Pimpin' Aint Easy"
Intro - Kevin bring up the Mascot naming promotion they have going on right now on www.hwhpodcast.com and to go submit a suggestion. If the name you've suggested is picked, you win a badass prize package including items from Sponsors K Bar Soap Co & Woodburned Warriors. He also reminds Hellbound Nation of the FREE decal packs that they will send to you just by going to their website and clicking the "decal" menu option and adding your info. Kevin sends them out quick, so if you want to show your support and get some awesome decals, go to the website. In this Episode, Crystal rejoins the cast after taking a week off to support her friend in a bodybuilding show. The crew hits on a few small topics to start, such as Sully talking about another interesting story from his vacation to Maine and Kevin doesn't hold back on talking about how he fell out of the shower at 2am the other night. (He won't blame the Tito's Vodka for that). Crystals son can be heard in the background for a few minutes of the show and she puts an end to that, haha. Hey, we got kids, it happens. Crystal brings up the Thailand soccer team trapped in the cave and how rescues are still occurring. They discuss how difficult and dangerous it must be to make those rescues and what they entail. They also wonder why anyone would venture almost 2 miles into a cave for fun... She also talks about the recent poisoning in the UK with the Russian Double Agent and his daughter and what the motive may be behind that. Don't mess with Russia. They'll poison you. Off the Thailand topic they all start discussing the Red Light districts and how much a prostitute would cost as well as how it would be to operate as a pimp of prostitutes. Crystal says she'd take 50% of the cut and Kevin would go 20% hoping to depend on volume and quality of prostitutes. Sully says that Kevin's ho's would probably be the ones servicing politicians and high class people. He also goes on to say he'd bling up a badass pimp cup if he were ever a pimp. (We think he is). They talk about the "lady boys" in Thailand and how they aren't as prominent in Bangkok as they are in Pattaya. Watch out for them if you ever decide to venture into the Red Light District in Pattaya, if you're not into that type of thing. Then they get on a more serious note talking about failure and how failure is viewed as negative in society. Kevin brings up his personally made up quote, "Failure is the Golden Key to Success that everyone is afraid to use". Crystal was taken back a little by Kevin's wisdom in that saying, but they continue to talk about how failure is such a good thing to have happen and how to use it to grow and learn. Some of the most successful people in the world are professionals at failing because they have failed over, and over, and over again. Society needs to change its viewpoint, as a whole, on failure.
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Episode 31 - "Happy Birthday America! The Look Back"
Kevin, Sully and Christina talk about Sully's trip to Maine and how nice of an area it is. Sully explains how it's definitely a "different" feel, but the ocean and beach was really nice in Kennebunkport. He enjoyed his vacation but says it felt good to be back on the podcast with us. We briefly welcome our newest sponsor "Woodburned Warriors" and talked about how you can save 15% off, on us, if you use "hellbound" at checkout. Woodburned Warriors sells a variety of handcrafted wood items, so go check his products out! Then, the crew gets into a look back at all the previous podcast episodes. Talking about when they started, they were using Facebook Live, and decided to switch to Podcast Platforms only for their series. One of Kevin's favorite episodes was when they sat down with Sean Whalen. He loved his wisdom and straightforwardness. Christina talked mostly about the sex doll episode and how she read in detail about them in Forbes Magazine recently. They seriously fascinate her. Even more so than they do Kevin. Hmmmmm. Sully enjoys all of the past episodes and thinks they were all great in their own way. This episode was a GREAT look back at all of the episodes leading up to now. Kind of where we came from, to where were at. They talk about looking forward to the future, and continuing on a fun and successful journey of Podcasting. And of course, there is always sex talk involved. No one can transition from talking about Penguins, to Dildos... better than this crew. Enjoy!
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Episode 30 - "Rants, Raves, and a Playboy Model"
In Episode 30, Crystal and Kevin take the reigns as Sully is on vacation in Maine. In this laid back, informative episode, we discuss the recent Firefighter shooting in Long Beach, CA. We talk about how, no matter which line of emergency services you're in, its a cowardly act and it needs to stop. We discuss possible ways of prevention and what is practical and what is not. It obviously bothers Kevin quite a bit as he is a Firefighter and has seen this happen before, right in his own area where he lives. Crystal states the comparison between police and fire should not be there as no one should be shot, but Kevin reiterates that its not a "police vs. fire" thing, its the fact that a firefighter is not equipped with the appropriate protection to defend themselves in a hostile situation. Kevin and Crystal welcome Felicia Taylor a Playboy Model, Cyber girl, Playboy's Student Bodies, Women of Playboy, and the Miss Playboy Mobile Competition. We discuss her experiences throughout the process and her time at the Playboy Mansion and having the opportunity to met with Hugh Hefner. Felicia said she enjoyed her time doing it, but it was time to move on. We also discuss he vegan lifestyle and well as the pressures and stresses of being a model. Felicia was a pleasure to speak with and we've already discussed having her on again to get her viewpoints on a couple other topics.
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Episode 29 - "The DNA results are IN, and they show you DO go on Sex Panther"
In this episode, Kevin, Sully and Crystal start off talking about DNA and how it was used to solve a cold criminal case. They talk about how the government may be moving to a DNA database in the future and possibly even implanting microchips in people for tracking purposes among other things. Hear their thoughts on all of this and where government tracking people or at least finding out more about people has evolved over the years. They switch gears a bit and talk about their bouts with anxiety and what they have found works, to work through it. They talk about what can trigger anxiety and what may be the leading causes, such as increased social media use with Facebook, Instagram and more. A lot of Americans suffer from anxiety related issues and they talk in depth about it. Adult Film Star Harmonie Marquise then joins the crew towards the end of the show to discuss a couple of new movies she's made with popular porn star turned producer, Sarah-Jay. The crew catches up with Harmonie after not having her on for 3 months and find out what her plans are in the near future. She does a chat/text experience on Sex Panther and more! She'll also be attending Exotica in Miami at the end of July, so go and see her there, as she'll be signing autographs and taking photos with fans. Kevin talks about wanting to go and how he could be a "DILF" in porn. Crystal says she wouldn't do porn and gives Harmonie a ton of credit putting herself out there in the industry.
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"Gunslingers Nation" - Business Spotlight Episode #4
In this edition of our Business Spotlight, we had the opportunity to sit down with Bill Ross, owner of Gunslingers Nation, an apparel company out of Texas. Bill works mostly by himself to design and produce all of his apparel. He has grown with tremendous success over the last year. He personally handles customer services to make the business so successful. Bill is a 10 year Veteran police officer in the State of Texas. He has a great passion for law enforcement. He is currently putting together a benefit concert to raise funds for an organization stated in this podcast. You can visit his apparel company at www.gunslingersnation.com Go support Bill, it was a pleasure to meet him and we wish him the most success in the future!
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Episode 28 - "The Stripper Came Back"
Our favorite stripper rejoins Kevin & Sully for in this episode which discusses everything from suicidal tendencies to the hosts favorite things. Ya, its an odd combo, but these guys can pull off anything. Kevin stresses that if anyone needs to reach out for help to contact Hellbound with Halos privately, reach out to a friend or family member, or contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. With so many Veterans, First Responders and Celebrities lately taking their own lives, we felt it was an important issue to address. Please reach out to someone if you think there is no way out, because there is so much to live for. Japan built the largest LEGO Flower... Go JAPAN! Then the crew talks about a list of their "favorite" things.... From type of ice creams, cars, restaurants, sports, candy, social media and more. We all felt this would give our listeners a little more insight into us personally and maybe you like some of the same stuff we do. We have fun with it, and Kevin learned that he should eat the left Twix first. (Never even knew that was a "thing") This is a great episode with a great mix of seriousness and ending with laughter.
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Episode 27 - "Fitness Whole Pizza in Ma Mouth"
Kevin, Sully & Crystal talk some very interesting aspects of Nutrition and nutritional lifestyles. Some of your nutritional questions may be answered in this episode as Kevin hits on a lot of the small, yet successful points of eating healthy. He has been in the fitness/bodybuilding arena for some time now and talks about the misconceptions people have about nutrition. Sully discusses the amounts of sugars in pretty much everything nowadays and how its difficult for a normal person to understand that what society was taught, years ago, has been found to be untrue. In particular the idea that fats are bad for your and carbohydrates are good. Kevin emphasizes that everything and anything isn't bad in moderation... but that's the key, MODERATION. Crystal briefs the boys on new news items such as a man that was caught masturbating on a plane and the death of famed fashion designer Kate Spade.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

"Vigilant Firefighter Training" - Business Spotlight Episode #3
Kevin & Sully sat down with Vigilant Fire Training CEO Todd Smith. Todd is a seasoned Lieutenant with over 25 years of experience in the fire service. He created his company to give firefighters and fire departments an option when it comes to creating a custom training outline for fire departments. These training outlines relieve some of the stress that comes with creating, implementing and documenting training. Todd says, "Our primary goal at Vigilant is to provide your agency training officer with the necessary tools to produce firefighters who are trained to mitigate any given emergency in an effective, efficient and safe manner." Vigilant Fire Training Mission - At Vigilant we understand the hard work and the dedication it requires to create and maintain a great fire service training program. We also understand that today's environment requires more time and effort of the training officer than ever before. We understand, because this is exactly what our staff has done for the past 20 plus years. Our goal at Vigilant is to allow the training officer to focus on the delivery of training, rather than focusing their time and effort trying to meet ever changing requirements. We truly want every fire department in the nation to have a successful training program that creates a learning environment that is both enthusiastic and exciting. In our eyes a great training program is one that sparks passion, self motivates and creates an atmosphere where one is eager to learn and committed to continuing education. We understand that a great training program does not happen by accident. It requires hours of research, planning and development long before the execution process can take place. Furthermore, great training programs need to be based on proven methodology, strong curriculum and a principled evaluation process. Developing training programs of this caliber can be a daunting, time consuming task. Vigilant has the solution for your training needs. We have the tools and the knowledge necessary to build and create a successful training program. From complete custom training programs and annual training plans to individual lesson plans and presentations we have you covered. We pride ourselves on having the most up to date and current knowledge in fire service training. We are constantly developing new products and services to better serve you and your department.
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Episode 26 - "Well That Went Downhill Fast"
Only Kevin, Sully and Crystal can go from a discussion on First Ammendment rights... to Mom porn. In our newest episode the crew talks about the newest NFL rules in regards to the National Anthem and how fines/discipline will be imposed if players kneel on the sidelines. Also a brief talk about how you are NOT protected at work by Freedom of Speech and your employer does have that right for disciplinary action and termination of your employment based of what you say. And then it heads downhill. Its a hilarious conversation about the most searched terms or words on PornHub and they talk about why some people may be into certain sexual things. Step-mom, Step-sister and Mom are some of the top rated search terms in porn. WHY?!?! Who even searches or want to watch something like that?? It skeeved Kevin out a bit and came quite natural to Sully for some reason. Don't miss this episode in all its hilarity. You'll be rolling laughing by the end.
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Episode 25 - "Caution: Results May End in Divorce"
In this off the rails episode, Kevin & Sully invite their fiance and wife to join them for an interesting rendition of "The Newlywed Game". Kevin talks about how maybe there show be a "Pre-div" (kind of like a "Pre-nup", but legal paperwork to preplan a divorce. The teams go head to head on how well they really know each other with a variety of different quesitons from favorite foods, to favorite things to do together. Kevin learns that one of Christina's favorite things to do together is grocery shopping, when they don't even grocery shop together. Sully and Amy both agree that their favorite thing to do together is have sex and Sully most likely had to sleep on the couch after this episode. We had a blast recording this and its hilarious!
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Bonus Episode - "The Run Down"
Kevin flies solo in this "quick hitter" episode touching base with listeners about why this weeks episode is delayed and how life, employment and family take precedence over the podcast recording schedule. "We typically release episodes on Wednesday's, but going forward we may have release them on different days of the week because of the recording schedule. That is why it's important to follow us on whatever podcast platform you listen on, so you know when the newest Episode is released". Kevin also goes off on a little tangent about people that mow their lawns into the roadway. Who does that?!?! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, turn notifications on and interact with us on those platforms. We love to hear from you and incorporate some of what you provide (comments, etc) into our shows. You may hear some new voices on some shows, and continuously watch for ALL NEW Business Spotlights that release on Saturdays. The Business Spotlight is a great look into some amazing businesses that we hope you'll check out and support! Our Newest Episode will release on either Thursday or Friday this week. So watch for it!
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"Americans Going Blue" - Business Spotlight #2
In our second "business spotlight", Kevin and Sully invited David Shaulis on with them for a talk about support and supporting law enforcement officers. David owns the Facebook Group page "Americans Going Blue". While it is a "private" group, if you are current or retired emergency services personnel, you can apply to be a member. The group is a great way to meet other people in our profession, from around the country. David and Karen (the other page owner) do a great job at vetting current news stories and putting them out to the group, so that all members can read articles/news that are truthful and not "fake news". David takes time to explain why he created the page and how much law enforcement has changed over the years since he was a police officer with the Pittsburgh Police Department. **David is very active with the Special Olympics and notes that they are always looking for help and donations. So if you have a little time or can spare some extra for a donation, it would be greatly appreciated!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 24 "In Your Dreams"
Kevin & Crystal go solo on this episode, for the first time ever. Kevin brings up how these past few weeks have been crazy between dance and Mother's Day and Crystal talks alittle about how she enjoyed her Mother's Day with her sons. Crystal brings up an interesting article about a guy who forwarded mail, as if he was the UPS facility, and had all packages shipped to him that couldnt be delivered. K & C tackle dreaming and all about what dreaming means, how it happens, why we sometimes remember dreams and why we don't remember some of them. You name it, they cover it. From scary dreams, to fun dreams to sex dreams.... they explain what (in general) these types of dreams actually mean.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 23 - "The Truth Hurts" with Guest Co-Host Sean Whalen
In this episode we had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Sean Whalen and have a candid conversation about how to be successful in life. Sean hits hard with very true monickers in regards to how to go about being a success, whether that be in business, relationships or anything else for that matter. Sean resonates with a lot of people through his website www.lionsnotsheep.com, The Revolution Podcast, as well as his new book that is for sale on Amazon entitled, "How to get sh*t done". We connected with Sean a few months back to have him come on the show with us and give our listeners something they can hopefully connect with. His "The king eats first" theory and "How to eat the elephant" are great metaphors as to overcoming challenges and create opportunity in life. Sean is a true American patriot that loves his country to death, and he ran for Congress last year in Utah. He hits hard, and this episode will leave you with many resounding, "Wow" moments. We're proud to call Sean our friend and inspiration. Wanna be successful? Go back to the basics.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

"Halligan Bottle Openers" - Business Spotlight #1
Our ALL NEW Business Spotlight! We're giving Firefighter & Law Enforcement owned businesses a SPOTLIGHT Episode on Saturdays! So watch for new businesses weekly! This week we talk with Tim, the CEO of Halligan Bottle Openers. Starting the business about 10 years ago, Tim has seen alot of success, as well as some challenges that almost all businesses face. Tim is an FDNY firefighter and works this business with his wife and dog. (The dog mostly sleeps on the job, but he says hes a good helper at times). Tim created his original Halligan out of small pieces of rebar and the idea took off from there. Listen in to hear his in depth story and swing by halliganbottleopeners.com to purchase his product!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 22 - "Artificial Intelligence"
This episode is probably one of the funniest ones yet. Cinco de Mayo is approaching fast! What do you do for it? Crystal was supposed to go to Vegas, but that fell through, while, Kevin & Sully dont have much planned except engorging themselves in tacos. Who doesn't love come tacos???? Then, Kevin, Sully and Crystal discuss Artificial Intelligence and whether it's going too far or a great asset to society. Some people may think it can be very intrusive on people's right to privacy while others my use it daily for purchasing items and other things as it may make life easier. Sex dolls have vastly improved over time, and it appears the company "Realbotix" has been a game changer in that realm. They can have programmed personalities according to what you "like" and more. But does AI go too far? Do you think police agencies or government may use it to invade your privacy? Some people fear that AI may jam them up for certain small things, like speeding tickets, or even just knowing where you are all the time.... Even though your cell phone already does that. But any way.... We hope you enjoy this episode. If you listen on iTunes, please throw us some stars and a review! Thank you!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 21 - "Bon Voyage"
Chris from K Bar Soap Co. joins Kevin and Sully on this episode. They discuss the van mowing down people in Toronto and whether its a terrorist event or just a lunatic, how not to walk off a plane with an apple from another country or you could be fined $500 by customs... as well as other trending news items. Kevin brings up vacation destinations and talks with Chris about his recent Disney cruise to the Bahamas. They were also picked as the Disney Family of the Day. They discuss their dream vacations and the best places to go. Sully admits he would love to travel to Ireland just to see the Jameson Distillery. Kevin has been to Hawaii and much of the Carribean, so he talks about how amazing those destinations are. Kevin is real anal about his lawn, so they go on a bit of a tangent of how they cut their lawns. As normal, the episode is like sitting around a campfire with good friends and having a good conversation. Chris talks about a couple of his new soap bars, Fuck Bugs and Fluster Cuck.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 20 - "Relationship Status- It's Complicated"
Kevin, Sully & Crystal discuss how difficult relationships can be and what we can do to make them better. Kevin says, "Relationships are hard work, you need to work at them constantly and if you don't the potential for failure is high". The crew talks about sex in a relationship, and how important it is to maintain intimacy throughout the relationship regardless of whether you tired or busy. Crystal says she would never, ever, deny sex from her partner because of being tired and it's a lame excuse to use. Sully feels as though being in emergency services takes its toll on relationships because of long work hours as well as communication issues. "I don't tell her everything, we don't talk much about what happens at work." Listen & Give a review on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hellbound-with-halos-podcast/id1348845783?mt=2 Listen on iHeart Radio - https://www.iheart.com/podcast/966-Hellbound-with-Halo-28966389/ Follow on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/hellboundwithhalos/ Follow on Twitter- https://twitter.com/Hellbound_Halos Follow on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/hwhpodcast/
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Episode 19 - "Its Zuck'n Stormy Out" & Business Spotlight - Freedom Hard
The crew talks about the recent scandal of Stormy Daniels with President Trump, and the payoff. How and why it should not be an issue as well as why it's even being brought up by the media. Is it because of the Mid-term elections coming up? They also discuss the recent testimony of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, before Congress. Will Zuckerberg get out of this scott free? Or will the American public start to gravitate away from Facebook all together in fear of additional data being shared? Our business spotlight this week is, Freedom Hard, out of Houston, TX. Chris, the CEO of Freedom Hard, sits down with Kevin, Crystal & Sully to talk about his roots and where he is headed with his brand. He recently started venturing into the liquor arena with a Freedom Hard Whiskey, as well as special Freedom Hard coffee brews. He has an amazing story and we were honored to have him join us for the second part of the show.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 18 - "Hot for Teacher"
Kevin, Sully and Crystal discuss some interesting news topics as well as the recent "teacher strikes" in a few states across the country. A contestant from the show "The Bachelor" has a state banning him. The "Grumpy Cat" lady sues for using her kitty in ways she didn't want, and a few more fun topics. Then the crew gets into a teacher discussion over the recent strikes down south. They give their opinions and state some other facts surrounding the issue at hand. Unions, kids, among a bunch of other things affected by it. Always a fun time, and always real... we say what you're thinking and we'll probably go to hell for it.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 17 - "Up in Smoke" & Business Spotlight - Black Smoke Apparel
Kevin, Sully, Crystal and Rachel discuss their thoughts on whether addiction is really a disease or something else. They delve into addiction and treatments as well as what may be the best way to help an addict. With so many overdoses in today's society something needs to be done. However, addicts can only help themselves and when forced, they tend to reject getting clean all together. So what's the answer? Also joining them in the second half of the show are the owners of Black Smoke Apparel out of Fresno, CA. 2 Firefighters that started a very successful business and what their all about. We love BSA and all their products. They also explain the meaning behind their mascot "Fearless" and how he came about. They talk about one of their coolest accomplishments when one of their customers actually had "Fearless" tattooed on himself.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 16 - "World's Most Adventurous Man" with Guest Co-Host Philip Van Benthem
The crew interviews thew "World's Most Adventurous Man" and his escapades of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in the "Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge". Listen to his stories of trials, triumphs and obstacles his 4 man crew faced as they barred an unrelenting sea. From start to finish this episode was one of our favorites!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 15 - "Sex Sells" with Guest Co-Host Harmonie Marquise
Harmonie Marquise joins Kev & Sully on the show to answer many questions about the adult film & porn industry in todays world. Sex is still king and it's selling hotter than ever. Harmonie, whos a Porn Starlet, started in the porn industry approx. 2 years ago. She's done work for Reality Kings and other major studios. She works with Sarah Jay, who is a major porn star who's filmed 1,000's of scenes. Harmonie talks about what she likes most, how long she has to be on set and more. She has an awesome personality and we were happy to have her join us!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 14 - "Quarterback Kid" & Business Spotlight Woodburned Warriors
The crew discusses CTE and the long term effects from Youth Sports, as well as an interview with the owner of "Woodburned Warriors", a woodworking company out of South Carolina. Kevin, Sully & Crystal start things off by discussing the decline in kids playing youth sports. Whether that's because of CTE or the individual sports getting more focus. Everyone seems to think their kid is the "next best sports player", when in fact, it's a VERY low percentage of kids that actually move on to professional sports. Then they talk with Josh, CEO of Woodburned Warriors. He creates amazing custom wood American Flags. He can customize them with anything you ask him to put on them. He does thin lines, businesses and more. He has so much to check out on his website at www.woodburnedwarriors.com Go have a look!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 13 - "God's Plan" with Special Co-host Rachel Barley & Celebrity Guest Ross Patterson
The crew talks modern relationships, dating, cheating and dating apps. Rachel Barley is announced as our new co-host. Celebrity and Podcaster Ross Patterson drops by to say hi. Everyone talks about how tough it is to date in today's society. There are plenty of dating apps out there, but most of them are primarily used for "hook ups". Finding someone geniunely looking for a relationship isn't an easy task. They also discuss how people in relationships use these apps for cheating and hooking up with married men & women. Ross is hilarious AF. A host of the "Drinkin Bros" Podcast and an actor in a few movies, Ross has a lot of things on his plate. We named this episode after Drakes, "God's Plan", because Ross used the term at the beginning of the Episode and it stuck.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 12 - "Gun Control"
The crew discusses the hot topic of Gun Control that's enveloping the nation currently. Top 5 Lists are Top 5 All Time Rock Bands. Are you for or against Americans owning guns? Come listen to our take as we talk about how part of American Society is trying to get rids of guns. Some people feel as though we need them to protect ourselves not only from intruders but also from our own government. Gun control activists seem to think getting rid of guns, as a whole, will stop mass shootings.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 11 - "Valentines Show" with Internet Model Rachel Barley (Facebook Live Episode)
Celebrity Guest Rachel Barley joins the crew as well as a low key Birthday Celebration for Crystal!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 10 - "Modern Day Marketing" (Facebook Live Episode)
Kevin & Sully discuss the recent uptick in the use of "Brand Ambassadors" by companies, New Social Media Algorithms, as well as their Top 5 Celebrity Cougars
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 9 - State of the Union (Facebook Live Episode)
Live Stream of the President's State of the Union Speech, with some mild commentary. We finish the show with our, always interesting, Top 5 lists.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 8 - The People's Show (Facebook Live Episode)
We interacted with listeners and viewers for our first time ever. Took some call ins and chatted with people in the chat. It was a fun show and hopefully we can do one again soon!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 6 - Threatcon 5 CEO Chad Kozdra (Facebook Live Episode)
Chad Kozdra, CEO of Threatcon 5 join Kevin, Crystal and Sully to talk about why he started the apparel company and what he does with the funds. The crew also continues their Top 5 lists with their Celebrities they'd "Take out to dinner"!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 5 - Nick Richardson from Gr8ter Veterans (Facebook Live Episode)
Nick Richardson stops by for an interview and the crew starts their Patented Top 5 Lists!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 4 - Bob Menery & Jerah Hutchins (Facebook Live Episode)
Bob Menery joins the crew as well as Jerah Hutchins from Defender Outdoors. Bob is the famous, comedic commentator that is absolutely hilarious. Jerah Hutchins is an amazingly knowledgeable instructor at a large Gun Range and Shop in Texas.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 3 - K Bar Soap Co. & Model Britne with Guest John Burk (Facebook Live Episode)
In this episode we interview the owner of K Bar Soap Co., Chris McKinney, as well as Girls Gone Grunt Model Britne. John Burk calls in to surprise Chris and Britne.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 2 - Fitness, Steroids and More (Facebook Live Episode)
This show we interview August Girls Gone Grunt Model, Katie. We discuss fitness, steroids, life in Colorado and more.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 1 - Our First Show Ever! (Facebook Live Episode)
Our inaugural episode! In this show we interview first time Girls Gone Grunt model Tiffany
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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