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Category: Games/Hobbies
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A look at the world through geek tinted glasses delivered to you every two weeks in nifty 45-50 minute episodes…..Go on get ManNic!

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Podcast Episode's:
BatManNic: The Season Finale Gotham Deserves!
They say that good things come to those who wait, so you guys & gals are in for a treat! It's been over 11 weeks but we're back with our season one finale and because it's a special episode we're finally tackling one of our favourite topics...… BATMAN! Join Liam & Tobias as they take a look at the newly announced Batman film starring Robert Pattinson as well as taking a look back at some of the Dark Knight's previous big screen adventures With a whole host of goodies and baddies rumoured to be joining the 2021 release join our dynamic duo as they brainstorm some actors & actresses who could potentially take the mantles of some of Gotham's most infamous villains! Don't forget that as well as The ManNic Podcast we can also be found on Tumblr, Twitter & Instagram where we post a whole host of geeky content from pictures & polls all the way to reviews of some of the latest treats to hit our big and small screens. TWITTER: @Themannic INSTAGRAM: mannicpodcast TUMBLR: The ManNic Thank you for all your continued support & patience and we will see you for season 2 this September (2019) Stay ManNic!
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Ep.17: Who Will Win The Game Of Thrones!!!
The battle Winterfell has left chaos in its wake but the white army is defeated. however now Jon & Daenerys must turn their attention towards Kings-Landing and the mammoth task of dethroning Cersei! With two episodes left Liam & Tobias are looking back over the final season of Game of Thrones and making their predictions of how it will all end. Will Daenerys get the throne she has worked so hard to claim, Will Jon claim his place as rightful heir....and will Starbucks make a second guest appearance...Join us as we discuss everything GOT!! Follow us on Twitter @Themannic @Tobiasnicholls @Mrmandypants
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Ep.16: Endgame Was Inevitable!
With over ten years of cinematic world building Avengers Endgame is easily one of the most highly anticipated films of 2019....maybe all time and The ManNic Podcast would not pass on the opportunity to fanboy hard.....and fanboy hard we did!!! This week Liam & Tobias sit in awe of the movie goliath the is Avengers Endgame, breaking down the moments that made them laugh, cry and just plain weep! Obviously there is a MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING on this episode as the boys do discuss the film in depth....we know Thanos demands our silence....but some rules are made to be broken for podcast entertainment! Dont forget to check out The ManNic Blog over at tumblr. Also the boys are on twitter and requalry update with geeky tidbits and treats and sometimes they just jabber randomly: Liam: @Mrmandypants Tobias: @Tobiasnicholls @TheMannic
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Ep.15: The Road To Endgame!
With less than a week to go the road to Avengers Endgame is a long and strenuous journey but fear not for you shall not walk this path alone!! This Week Liam & Tobias take a look at all the destruction & chaos left in the wake of Thanos the mad titan. As the credits rolled and the dust settled (It's still to soon?)everyone was left to wonder and speculate about the future of the Marvel CInematic Universe. Join the boys as they breakdown some of the internets hottest and grossest theories (we're looking at you Antman) and try and predict what could possibly happen in Avengers Endgame! Don't forget you can follow us on Twitter @TheMannic !!1
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Ep.14: The ManNic Dead
This week Liam & Tobias discuss season nine of The Walking Dead and predict how the season will end. Season nine has seen the departure of some well loved names as well as introducing some of the most sinister villains so far. Recorded just before the airing of "The Calm Before" & "The Storm" what will the boys predict for our band of survivors!! Dont forget you can follow us as well as Liam & Tibias on Twitter. @Themannic @Mrmandypants @Tobiasnicholls Thanks for listening Stay ManNic!!!
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Star Guest Spotlight Ft. Emily Hewett
This week we had an unscripted episode for you where Liam & Tobias attempted to recast a number of beloved films including Lord Of The Rings as well as generally discussing some other interesting topics. But due to a technical issue the audio files ended corrupted. Luckily we had a "Break In Case Of Emergency" episode tucked away for such occasions. So this week we have the lovely Emily Hewett back in the hot seat. This time around Emily will be telling us her favourite Film, TV Show, Book, Theatre Show & Video Game, as well as answering some quick fire questions before turning the spotlight onto the boys. So sit back and relax as the boys soon realise that asking Emily to pick just one from each category may not be s straight forward as you'd think. Don't Forget to Follow us on The Social Medias: Twitter- Emily - @Heyitsemeh ManNic - @Themannic Liam - @Mrmandypants Tobias - @Tobiasnicholls
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Ep.13b A ManNic Treat: The Childrens TV That Shaped Us - Part 2
What's that coming over the hill is it a monster? No it's part two of our birthday special. There's nothing better than an early gift and that's exactly what this is. in the final part of our first ever two parter we discuss more of the kids tv that shaped us....but most importantly for Tobias...Thundercats. Don't forget you can follow us on twitter @Themannic DISCLAIMER: this episode is part two so any events or references may have already passed.
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Ep.13a A ManNic Birthday Treat: The Childrens TV That Shaped Us - Part 1
Join us in part one of this two part birthday special as we attempt to help Tobias avoid acting his age by looking back through the childrens TV that helped shape us into the almost fully functioning adults we are today. As well as discussing some of the greatest kids TV of the 80's & 90's, Liam also asks tobias a very special question...what question I hear you cry?...you will have to listen to find out. Thank You for listening, please take a moment to Like & Share as well as Subscribing! Dont forget you can follow us on the following platforms: Twitter: @Themannic Instagram: Mannicpodcast We also have The ManNic Blog where we discuss and review all the latest from the world of entertainment. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/themannic Stay ManNic
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Episode 12: A Very ManNic Valentines
The candles are lit, The chocolates are wrapped and love is in the air as The ManNic Podcast tackle Valentines 2019. This week Liam & Tobias get all lovey dovey as they discuss the best & worst films choices for a first date as well as giving an insight into their own valentines routines. The boys also answer couple themed quiz questions to see if they really would make a good couple... The jury is still out! Please take a moment to Like, Comment & Subscribe! Don't forget we can be followed on social media: TWITTER: @Themannic @Mrmandypants @Tobiasnicholls INSTAGRAM: @Mannicpodcast Stay ManNic!
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Ep.11: Geek Showdown MCU v DCEU
Good things come to those who wait and Episode 11 of The ManNic Podcast is no different. In this episode Liam & Tobias pit the first five films from the MCU against the first five films from the DCEU to see which comic book goliath truly rules the silver screen. So whether you're an Avengers fan or a Justice League follower this episode has something for you. Let us know if your Team Marvel or Team DC over on twitter @Themannic Don't forget we also have The ManNic Blog over at Tumblr where we discuss and review all the latest from TV & Film.
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Ep.10: The Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Episode!
The ManNic Podcast is back and this week we're taking a look at Doctor Who. More specifically the 13th doctor and season eleven. Join Liam & Tobias as they break down the timelords first female adventures through time and space along with her collection of companions. Did Jodie Whittaker's first series as The Doctor leave you longing for trips in the Tardis or did it leave you hiding behind the sofa, afraid of what might come next! Don't forget you can follow us on the following social media networks TWITTER: @Themannic INSTAGRAM: @Mannicpodcast Also give the boys a follow as well, they may get sad otherwise Liam: @Mrmandypants Tobias: @Tobiasnicholls Alonze, Jeronimo & all that jazz!
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Ep.9: A ManNic New Year 2018/19
Some people choose to say goodbye to 2018 with massive parties and lashings of alcohol. But here at The ManNic Podcast we like to see in the new year by looking back at the past year. In this debut episode of 2019, Liam & Tobias look back through their first few months of podcasting as well as looking further into the upcoming year and the TV/Film releases that are still to look forward to! Don't forget the boys are both active on Twitter (@themannic), Instagram (@mannicpodcast) & their Blog https://www.tumblr.com/blog/themannic Happy New Year Everyone!
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Ep.8: A Merry ManNic Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas and all through iTunes Two buddies were gathered, two massive buffoons One Microphone set between sofa & chair In the hope that good times soon would be there The lads had a chat and oh how they laughed As they started recording The ManNic Podcast Tomorrow is that festive day where we all get to eat copious amounts of food while opening stacks of dvd's and bundles of socks. So before you tuck in to your roast turkey The ManNic Podcast is here with an early stocking filler for you! In this festive episode Liam & Tobias open the doors into their own personal Christmas routines as well as buying each other fantasy secret Santa gifts and discussing their go to Christmas films. So sit down and relax as the boys cover topics such as Batman, Veganism, Comic-con, Tim Burton, YouTube and of course Christmas! DISCLAIMER: CONTAINS SOME ADULT THEMES! You can also follow us on Twitter @Themannic As well as Instagram @mannicpodcast we also now have The ManNic Blog where we review the latest Films and TV shows and generally discuss all things geek! https://www.tumblr.com/blog/themannic From everyone here at The ManNic Podcast we would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Ep.7: How To Script The Unscripted!
This week Liam & Tobias had planned on recording an unscripted episode just to see what would happen. They decided to both prepare a few rounds of "2 truths, 1 lie" and a quiz each to fall back on... but sometimes things don't go to plan! It turns out Liam doesn't fully understand what a quiz actually is and there may have been some confusion over how you go about preparing a round of "2 truths, 1 lie". This may turn out to be the most scripted & stressful unscripted episode ever seen by mankind! They also cover the latest seasons of Doctor Who & The Walking Dead. As well as our podcast we now also have The ManNic Blog where we discuss & review the latest film releases, tv shows & trailers. If you could take a minute to peruse our latest posts that would be awesome! https://www.tumblr.com/blog/themannic You can also follow us on several social network platforms: Twitter: @Themannic Instagram: @Mannicpodcast Or you could follow us individually: Liam: @MrMandypants Tobias: @Tobiasnicholls Thank You for taking the time to listen to or download The ManNic Podcast, we are massively grateful for any and all support that comes our way. Stay ManNic!
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Ep.6: The Geek Alphabet!
Episode 6 is upon us and this week Liam & Tobias compile their ultimate Geek Alphabet. Going letter by letter the boys cover 26 different fandoms ranging from Doctor Who and Buffy The Vampire Slayer all the way to Arthurian legend and Pokemon. So sit back, strap in and prepare to be Alphabetized...BUT IN A GEEKY WAY! Dont forget you can follow us on Twitter Instagram: @TheMannic @MrMandypants @Tobiasnicholls We also now have a companion Blog, so if you fancy reading some reviews or just our thoughts on current events then click the link bellow to follow The ManNic Blog https://www.tumblr.com/blog/themannic
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Ep.5: Broadway & Barricades ft: Emily Hewett
This week the boys are treading the boards as they look back through their all time favourite musicals to pick their "Top Three Show Tunes". Fear not though, for they are not alone on this daunting journey, this week they are joined by fellow theatre head Emily Hewett who will help them navigate their way around barricades & bohemian revolutions! As always don't forget you can follow The ManNic Podcast on iTunes, Spotify & Soundcloud. Want to know what the guys & gals get upto when there's no microphone around then don't forget you can follow them on Twitter. Emily: @heyitseme Tobias: @tobiasnicholls Liam: @Mrmandypants Us: @TheManNic Don't forget to Rate, Review & Subscribe!
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Ep.4: Happy Horror Time!
A bell chimes in the black of night, seeing in the witching hour and with it comes the Halloween episode of The ManNic Podcast. Huddle down behind your sofa and clutch your loved ones tightly as Liam & Tobias reveal their ultimate horror films. The ManNic Podcast is pleased to announce that we are now available on Itunes & Spotify! You can also follow us on twitter & Instagram @mannicpodcast @MrMandypants @Tobiasnicholls Don't forget to check out Emily & Carrie over at Tarbis After Hours: https://www.buzzsprout.com/208911 Send them some love! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
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Ep.3: Our SpideyCast Is Tingling
Episode three web slings its way into the light as Liam & Tobias delve into the spandex clad capers of everyone's friendly neighbourhood spider-man. The boys take a look back through the wall crawlers adventures on the big screen as they look at what helped and hindered the life and times of Peter Parker! Don't forget we have a shiny new twitter account for you to go an follow: @TheManNic Also the boys will get upset if you dont think about following them too at: @MrMandypants & @Tobiasnicholls A massive thank you to Purple-Planet for our background music!
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Ep.2: Geek Showdown - Star Trek v Star Wars
It's episode two and how could Liam & Tobias call themselves geeks without wading in on one of the biggest sci-fi disputes of all time. This week the boys discuss everything from Jedi to Janeway and Kirk to Kenobi, Follow us on Twitter: @TheManNic @MrMandypants @TobiasNicholls
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Ep.1: A ManNic High Five
Welcome to the first episode of The ManNic Podcast. In this feature length introductory episode get to know Liam & Tobias as they run through their favourite Films, Books, Tv Series, Video Games & Stage Shows. Music Credit - Purple Planet Royalty Free Music! You can also follow Liam and Tobias on Twitter Liam - @MrMandypants Tobias - @tobiasnicholls The ManNic Podcast is your fortnightly dose of everything geeky!
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