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Category: Technology
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Use the most powerful and popular technology for the ecommerce platform. Biztech is equipped with Magento certified developers with the right skill-set that enables us to promise and deliver bespoke ecommerce solutions with the most adroit features.

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Podcast Episode's:
Guide to Social Distancing & Work from Home: By you, for you!
Global economic recession is on our heads as I write this article. Every article getting published these days talks more or less around these three words. Which industries are going to be hit, what to expect, how to make the best of your savings, how businesses can tackle these hard times, and whatnot. LinkedIn. Twitter. &#8230; <a href="https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/guide-social-distancing-work-from-home/">Continued</a>

Biztech’s Business Continuity Plan and Remote Work Best Practices
COVID-19 has reached the city Biztech operates in: Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our workforce is quite large, so we felt it was necessary to move the company’s operation to everyone’s homes. We began the process on Friday evening. Two separate teams were created that prepared everyone’s computers and packed them so everyone could transport them easily. As &#8230; <a href="https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/biztechs-business-continuity-measures-remote-work/">Continued</a>

Tech’s Valiant Effort in the New Age War
I suppose things have changed even more from last week and this article finds you in your homes today, self isolating. Times are darker now and it is easy to feel guilty if you are healthy but unable to go about your activities and life as usual.  Being excited about tech also seems strange. But &#8230; <a href="https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/tech-valiant-effort-new-age-war-coronavirus/">Continued</a>

COVID-19 Is Disrupting Tech Like Tech Never Has.
Readers, this is my first foray into writing a weekly piece about all things tech. Well not all things, but the things that impact businesses that we care about at Biztech. I am still working on streamlining what goes into this but I will try to keep it as fun, and as quick as possible. &#8230; <a href="https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/covid-19-disrupting-tech-like-tech-never-has/">Continued</a>

ADA Compliance: The Need of the Hour
Interacting with some form of technology is an integral part of our day right now. Everything we need is found on the internet, we have smart home routines to automate certain routine tasks and we are close to getting completely driverless cars. While the advancement of technology is cool, there also needs to be a &#8230; <a href="https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/ada-compliance-need-of-the-hour/">Continued</a>

PWA vs. Native: Which One is Better?
Native Apps are fully in coordination with the terms of built-in functions and performance. These apps can be used offline which makes access faster. Though you need a bigger investment in the beginning, native applications keep us sorted for a longer term by offering a better user experience and are a standard across industries. Progressive &#8230; <a href="https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/pwa-vs-native/">Continued</a>

Biztech Named Among Top Ecommerce Developers of 2020 by Clutch
Here at Biztech, we know it can be difficult for a new company to maximize its success with limited staffing capabilities. That’s where we can help! We help companies of all sizes prepare for tomorrow by providing first-in-class tech teams. We have a comprehensive team of developers, business thinkers, designers, and marketers ready to make &#8230; <a href="https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/biztech-top-ecommerce-developer-india/">Continued</a>

SAP Vs Odoo: Which One Should You Choose for Your Enterprise?
For a long time SAP has ruled the enterprise software market with its ERP software products. But the rise of open source software a decade ago had to have it’s inevitable impact on the market as well. And thus we saw the rise of OpenERP, launched in 2010, which went on to become Odoo. Interestingly &#8230; <a href="https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/sap-vs-odoo-which-one-should-you-choose/">Continued</a>

What is a Business to Customer (B2C) Application?
Business organizations maintain an ethical way to offer their services. The entire process of application development and implementation proceed according to the requirements of clients and customers. So, many experts and professionals are required for&#160; the dynamic and ever-changing market demands for web application development. However, this alone is not enough to meet specific needs &#8230; <a href="https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/business-consumer-application/">Continued</a>

CRM Implementation Process: The Typical Steps Involved
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Customer Relationship Management is the most efficient approach to maintain and create a valuable buyer-seller relationship. It leads to a strong bonding between both parties that are accountable for the loyalty and trust between the two. Once this relationship is built suitably, the organization is able to easily &#8230; <a href="https://www.biztechcs.com/blog/crm-implementation-process-typical-steps/">Continued</a>

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