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Podcast Episode's:
12 Ways to Find Daily Joy: How to Feel Happier Everyday
If you’re finding the daily grind is getting you down, we’re here for you – we have rounded up some expert ideas on how to fill your day with simple joys and make life that bit sweeter. 1) Miniature World Have you ever paused and spent a bit of time watching insects? Some of their …

Public Speaking: Useful Tips for Improving Your Speeches
Many people have a fear of public speaking. And only very few really enjoy standing and speaking in front of a potentially critical audience. Add the extra challenge of doing this in a foreign language and it’s not surprising that the thought of public speaking can cause high levels of stress. Yet, the ability to …

Permaculture and Micro Farming: Survival Gardening Hacks
Permaculture is becoming an increasingly popular buzzword to farmers and gardeners. On the suburban micro-farm, you need strategies that help reduce costs and make efficient use of your limited time. In conventional agriculture, time-saving solutions are presented in the form of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, but often these time-saving techniques come at the expense of …

Conversational Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize & Influence People
Are you ready to discover the most powerful way to positively influence the human mind and hypnotize others during normal every day interactions? You can use covert hypnosis ethically to persuade and convince people to do what you want, connect and communicate with people at a deeper level than ever before, and to accept your …

7 Step Manifestation Trick to Manifest Anything You Want
When it comes to creating what you want in life, the basic steps remain true for all categories. This seven step process is comprised of the practical details that will manifest everything you desire in life. You’ve undoubtedly used this process, quite possibly unconsciously, to create your current conditions, circumstances and physical objects. However, on …

How to Identify a Narcissist – 7 Top Traits
We all have that one friend, family or colleague who we tag as narcissist, the ones who just cannot get over their own selves! That one friend who cannot stop clicking selfies of himself/herself, that family member who goes on announcing how grand his/her life is on social media, that colleague who expects lifelong gratitude …

Innovative Piano Practice Methods – A Plan for Working Out
If focus and purpose are missing from your practice time at the piano, try these innovative strategies while you learn how to play piano. The great thing about piano playing is that time just seems to evaporate. We soon lose ourselves in what we are doing, and when things are going really well, we can …

How to Build Your Baby’s Brain
Your baby’s brain starts to develop during the first and second week of fetal development. Between one and two billion brain cells will have developed by week 18, but only a small amount of these will have developed connections to each other before your baby is born. According to the NHS, your baby’s hearing and …

Type 2 Diabetes: Are You at Risk? The (Symptomless) Condition
Find out if you are at risk for Diabetes – By the time symptoms of related conditions flair, irreversible damage often has occurred. Sam had been feeling rundown for a while. His energy wasn’t what it used to be, and he found himself tired by the middle of the afternoon. For some reason, he hadn’t …

The Best eBook Reader Devices and Apps
As technology continues to advance, we often find that hardcover books are slowly vanishing into the ancient world. It is estimated that in the next thirty years, 90% of the books will be available online. Fortunately, several excellent devices and apps have been devised to make the reader’s life easy and comfortable. It’s now possible …

Numerology: Uncover Your Destiny with the Power of Numbers
NUMEROLOGY is an ancient art. A numerologist believes that numbers have meaning and through looking closely at an individual’s personal numbers a lot of helpful information can be revealed. This includes personality traits, character weaknesses and strengths, possible challenges of this life and also its purpose. In many ways, numerology is similar to astrology because …

Top 10 Resume Templates to Start Growing Your Career
It is not easy to land a job. When it comes to the job of your dreams, everything can turn out to be more difficult. Every person who wants to start his or her career (or achieve new heights in the sphere) needs a professionally-looking resume. It is possible to speak a lot about regular …

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