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Category: Business
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Executive Coach, Kari Granger and CEO, Paul Adams explore what is trending in executive coaching. This podcast supports executives to achieve bold commitments and empower workforce performance.

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Podcast Episode's:
006 | Momentum: What Is Your Source of Ambition?
<p>In this episode, Kari and Paul delve into how to cultivate new moods to maintain our most cherished ambitions. Paul uses the story of the Sirens’ Songs in Homer’s Odyssey to make the point that our attention can (and often does) get captured by tangential possibilities, causing us to stray from what we care about most.</p> <p>Kari shares her own Sirens’ Song, which manifested itself in the form of a pursuit of higher revenue targets to keep pace with her growing company. Because this accomplishment wasn’t connected to the core reason she chose to expand her company, she found herself in a mood of resentment. Kari deconstructs how this mood had a debilitating effect on her ambition. However, using the strategy of cultivating a mood of acceptance, Kari was able to shift from resignation to a new space for her own ambition to flourish.</p> <p>Kari and Paul reveal how cultivating a mood of acceptance opens a new horizon of possibility. This gives us the context to be able to reinvent a new future based on our ambitions. Finally, Paul challenges the audience to observe how moods affect the ambition of those surrounding them at work and at home in order to connect with our own ambition and think differently about what is possible. </p>
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005 | Momentum: What Is Your Emotional State?
<p>In this episode, we focus on the topic of moods and how they act as powerful and shaping forces in our lives. Kari defines mood as a shared social phenomenon with the power to orient entire teams and organizations in both positive and negative ways. Moods can open up or close down opportunities in business and relationships, as is aptly represented in the story Paul shares in this episode. Paul provides an example of a time when a well-respected CEO allowed an overwhelmed mood to cost him future business opportunities. This CEO’s mood was such a debilitating influence that it affected not only his own health, but also the physical health of his employees. Kari deconstructs Paul’s story, making the connection between moods and assessments. She advocates utilizing awareness and assessments in order to manifest and cultivate productive moods. Finally, Paul challenges listeners to set three reminders daily in order to track their moods throughout the day. By mastering the subjective space of moods through this exercise, we can learn to work with moods more effectively.</p> <p> </p>
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Inbetweenisode 4.5 | From Performance to Momentum
<p>In this first ever ‘inbetweenisode,’ Kari and Paul are transitioning between the first Leadership Impact series on performance to the next series of this innovative podcast, which will focus on momentum. Kari and Paul recap the first four episodes and discuss how performance starts with the subjective way in which we see, observe, and relate to situations. By starting with that observational facet of performance and instilling a sense of direction and understanding, actions become clearer and performance maximized. Kari and Paul introduce the topic of momentum and reveal the ways in which they will cover this topic in the upcoming series. Finally, Paul invites listeners to leave reviews and share feedback on this podcast to allow Paul and Kari to deliver the greatest amount of value and help with their leadership impact.</p>
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004 | The Risks of Unexamined Influences
<p class="p1">In this episode, we discuss the invisible forces that shape the way we see, comprehend, and interpret the situations that we engage in on a day-to-day and moment-to-moment basis. These are the aspects of life where we think we have full freedom of choice whether it be our decisions, actions, habits or relationships. Kari and Paul reveal that all of these aspects are impacted heavily by inherent and invisible influences. Paul provides a real-world example of a billionaire who suffered extreme financial hardship as a result of not being aware of these influences. Rather than focusing on building sufficient capital, the billionaire yearned for a superfluence of wealth. What we learn from Kari and Paul in this episode is that every part of our being, from our familial upbringing to our religion and culture, influences how we assess situations and react to them.</p>
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003 | The Subjective Reality of Human Action
<p class="p1">In this episode, we talk all about the perception of reality. We live in a world where oftentimes we<span class= "Apple-converted-space"> </span> tend to think our human actions are influenced by objective facts, data and circumstances. However, what is <em>actually</em> influencing our actions and reactions is our subjective assessments about of reality. The real access to impacting reality is through assessments, as we see through Paul’s real life example that she provides this week. Paul recalls a story where of a salesperson who let his assessment of reality himself impact the effectiveness of his work. As Kari and Paul dissect the nuances of this example, Kari notes that one of the biggest blind spots we have as humans is that we’re unaware that we’re inventing reality in each and every moment through our assessments. Kari stresses the importance of mastering our assessments, and not mitigating them. She urges the audience to ask set of questions to determine where the assessment is coming from whether to act on their assessments. By listening for and shaping assessments, we can start to understand and alter our reactions to how we and others respond to reality.</p>
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002 | Creating Delegates
<p class="p1">In this episode, we discuss the importance of creating delegates. Oftentimes, when a manager or CEO delegates a job or activity to an employee, they delegate the action but fail to align with the employee on the common goal they wish to achieve. Observing action and giving context are two critical components in explaining <em>why</em> a particular job or task matters in the big picture. By spending a little extra time observing the situation and helping others observe it the same way, you can successfully create delegates that will be more empowered and effective. Paul and Kari both give firsthand examples of moments where delegating action simply wasn’t enough and explain how those situations could have been handled differently.</p>
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001 | Inside the Minds of Performers
<p class="p1">In this episode, we delve deep into the minds of performers and uncover what it takes to go from a top performer to a mature leader who makes an impact. Top performers tend to look at facts, figures and past results to assess their next actions. The limitations of this thought process often plague even the best in their field as they advance to leadership positions. Instead, Kari and Paul show how a new context “<em>observation</em><span class= "Apple-converted-space"> </span> <em>action</em> <em>results”</em> can yield more fruitful results. Paul gives an example of a time when he experienced this exact phenomenon. Early in his career, when he made the leap from top performer to leader, Paul created a near-mutiny! Kari deconstructs how this happened for Paul and provides insight on the importance of <em>observation</em> as it relates to <em>action</em> and, ultimately, <em>results</em>.</p> <p class="p2"> </p> <p class="p1">By looking at the issue so many top performers face through this lens, we discover critical insights about how to transform such challenges into making a leadership impact. Through anecdotal storytelling and analysis, Paul and Kari successfully guide listeners into mastering the subjective.</p>
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000 Welcome to Leadership Impact
<p>Kari Granger, CEO of the Granger Network, and Paul Adams, CEO of Sound Financial Group explore what is trending in executive coaching. Leadership Impact is about generating new insights and perspectives for recurrent leadership challenges, such as retaining talent, penetrating new markets, increasing accountability, developing leadership, taking a stand without losing your job, post-M&A culture clash, and more. Join us for coaching solutions that support you in leveraging your leadership impact in the face of everyday challenges.</p>
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