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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Listening to how everyday people connect to themselves, others and all that is. Our Heart is a source of energetic connections and learn what the heart of connection means to them. What strategies and how do they connect from their hearts.

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Podcast Episode's:
My Connection Back to Life ~ Episode 67 ~ My Conversation with Sean Purcell
Sean Purcell is one of luckiest man to be alive after 10 isolated but mini incidences all aligned up. During a run on a Torquay beach, his heart stopped and if it wasn’t for the care of 10 people who kept his heart beating we would not be here today to tell his story. It changed his life. [0:43] Clinically Dead on Torquay Beach [3:30] Such Gratefulness for Each Day since my Death [4:29] Taking Life for Granted Before Dying [6:17] Being More Connected to Myself [8:47] Each Connection to Others is a Daily Blessing [10:12] Second Shot at Life has improved my Connection to Others [12:58] We Men Need to Park Our Egos [14:30] Men’s Ego Blocks Our Connections [16:13] Connecting to our Vulnerability [16:39] My Deepest Connection to My Vulnerability - Dying [18:32] Being Looked After by Entity Beyond [21:09] My Ego Resistance blocks my Flow-State
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

My Connection to Radio ~ Episode 66 ~ My Conversation with Lee Stamps (Stampsy)
Lee Stamps (Stampsy) is a drive announcer of the departure lounge on K rock. She is also the music director for the Grant Broadcasters network. This is her conversation on her journey in radio and connection to herself. [1:50] My Connections to Sport [3:40] Making a Difference to Just One Person [8:21] My Journey of Becoming More Self Connected [12:00] Being okay to Connect with my Vulnerability [13:52] Growing in the Heart of Trust [17:53] Connection through Deeply Listening [23:21] Managing Our Bodies Energy Reserves [25:26] My Flow-State Lets Go of Negativity [26:09] Deep Love Connection to My Nephews [28:35] No Words can describe my Nephew’s Love [29:24] Deepening My Connections [31:39] Connection to ‘All That Is’ ~ More Conscious Decisions [32:33] Finding Connection to My True Self
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to Our Wellness ~ Episode 65 ~ My Conversation with Jo Surkitt
Jo Surkitt is a wellness educator, keynote speaker, and practitioner who specializes in creating positive change and healthy choices in the lives of people from all walks of life. This is her conversation. [0:54] Connection to Breath “Only This ~ In this Moment” [1:57] Noticing the impacts of my Disconnection [2:48] Connecting to the Ocean [4:50] ‘Peace of Heart ~ Peace of Mind’ [6:44] Connections to Both Parents [7:55] Practicing to be Mindful to Our Reactions [10:41] Connecting to My Support in Family & Friends [12:39] Connecting to My Heart Space [13:13] Heart Connection to Our Identity [17:42] My ‘All That Is’ is through my Heart Space [20:05] Connecting to my No Space ~ No Thing [21:42] Connecting with My Flow-State Within [22:12] Connection to my Flow-State ~ Feels Full of Life [26:12] Heart Comes Alive [26:40] Advice to Younger Women ~ Develop Self-care
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Geelong Business Connect with its Community ~ Episode 64 ~ My Conversation with Ben Flynn
Ben Flynn is the CEO of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce and has a background in marketing, accounting and finance and has worked in many places across the world. His conversation is about businesses in Geelong are well connected to their community. This is his conversation. [3:38] My Connection to Marketing 101 [5:40] Enjoying Connections with People [7:38] Connecting to Nature ~ Outback [10:20] Connecting to the Simplicity of Nature [11:25] Experiences of Nature feeds My Resilience [14:16] Being in the Present Moment [16:03] Men Connecting to Simplicity of Nature [18:33] Learning from Women’s Connections? [21:53] My Connection to Branding 101 [24:07] Staff connecting to Purpose Driven Businesses [25:48] Larger Companies Connecting Back to Communities [27:31] Uniqueness of Geelong Business Community Connection
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to & Embracing Adoption ~ Episode 63 ~ My Conversation with Anne Janev
This conversation with Anne Janev is her story about embracing her adoption. She shares how the impact of adoption whilst deeply loved left something missing. Her story connects us with her journey with adoption and its subtle presence in her connections. [0:43] Connecting to Geelong My Home [2:52] Connecting to My Family of 5 Children [4:05] Making My Children Safe & Secure [5:20] Connecting to My Adoption [9:24] My Connection to Music Moves Me [12:56] “Disconnect to Reconnect” [16:20] Mother’s Connect to Children First & Self Second [17:21] More time for Self-Reflection & Self-Connection [22:03] Connecting to My God ~ Is Trust [23:10] Abandonment In my Adoption [24:15] Adoption – There’s A Missing? [27:23] Let Adoptees Ask Their Questions [28:32] Connecting My Adoption Jigsaw Pieces Came Naturally
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to My True Self ~ Episode 62 ~ My Conversation with Roxie Bennett
Roxie Bennett is a real personality of Geelong. She runs her business Roxie Bennett Life Changer as well as being a successful radio announcer with Bay FM. She is currently writing a book about her Butterfly Plan program that has seen Roxie transform herself. This is her Heart of Connection conversation. [1:02] Connecting to my Transformation Year [3:12] Connecting to all Our Personality Traits [5:38] Connecting Above the Line [6:39] Connecting to the Teachings in Times of Darkness [9:24] Connecting to Others in Tough Times? [11:46] Connecting to our Inner Self [12:46] Connecting to our Giving Self-Love [14:26] Universal Connection in Times of Need [17:07] Connecting With Love? [20:49] Connecting to Our Flow State ~ Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually. [22:30] Aligning to Our Deepest Intention [28:22] Connecting to Letting Go [32:58] Being Grateful [36:50] Connecting to the Butterfly Plan
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to Our Community ~ Episode 61 ~ My Conversation with Martin Duke
Martin Duke is a councillor with the Surf Coast Shire. He has been councillor for now for nearly three years and enjoys every moment of it. He's been with the CFA, the (Country Fire Association) for the past 20 years. He is actively engaged and connected to our community. [0:49] Enjoying Connections with People [1:59] Men and Connection are they connected to themselves? [3:21] Men’s Social Conditioning Is Very Questionable [6:06] Connections Improves My Well-Being [8:38] Connection Is Vital [11:26] Connecting in Childhood Makes it Natural for Me [13:27] Connections Create Energy [14:46] Connection to our Communities [16:39] We need Connections [21:00] Connecting to Men’s Health & Well-being is Changing [26:01] Men connect to emotions rather than Bottling them [32:25] Connecting to Aliveness Within
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to All Of Me ~ Episode 60 ~ My Conversation with Nicole Scott
Nicole is a mental health advocate with Headspace and has found that the best way to connect to herself is by giving to others. Nicole has found a deep connection to this and it lights her world up. Nicole is studying life coaching with the Life Coaching Institute in Melbourne and is soon to be moving into a Social Work degree studying at Deakin. [0:58] Connecting to Myself by Sitting with & letting be. [2:15] Connecting to the ‘Comfort within my Discomfort’ [4:47] Connecting & Healing Our Inner Child Wounds [6:33] Making time to notice & connect to our Inner Self [10:12] Hearts Flow-state Connection to Others [10:39] Community Connection Imperative to our Well-Being [15:05] Flow-state is a Deeper Love & Connection [17:09] Our Flow-state managers our Personality Boardroom [18:06] Connecting to What Intuitively comes to Consciousness [21:03] Connecting to our Loving Presence [24:39] My Connection to Love [26:11] Intellectual Brain & Our Emotional Brain [31:14] Connection to Courage in Our Vulnerability
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to Social Connections ~ Episode 59 ~ My Conversation with Tony McManus
Tony McManus is a sought after speaker on many levels in the community for Beyondblue and RUOK across Southeast Australia. He was the first independent chairman of the headspace local consortium across 100 headspace centres across Australia. He then an established the headspace Geelong fund. [0:35] A Passion to Social Connections [1:23] Making time for Connection in our Busyness [2:10] Men’s Connections lost in busyness [5:38] Heart Connection at 1-on-1 level [7:02] What is Preventing Men’s Connections? [8:18] Connecting to our Vulnerability is not a Weakness [11:56] Men Learning to Navigate our Emotional (Brain) Health [14:49] Men’s Social Conditioning a product of old Toxic Masculinity [15:47] Men’s Connections in ‘Doing’ Based Communities [19:11] Men’s Positive Connections in Community Groups [21:47] Losing Connections in Men’s quest to be a Provider [24:02] Serenity in Bonny Doon ~ Man’s Version of Mindfulness [26:07]Mindfulness ~ ‘Simply Being at the Back of the Boat’ [28:21] Connection to ‘All That Is’ ~ a Reboot (Disconnect to Reconnect)
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to my Inner Child ~ Episode 58 ~ My Conversation with Theo Demetriou
Theo Demetriou is an open hearted man who has learnt so much in his journey with his children. His self-development journey has been to heal his inner child. Theo is a metal artist who is producing some beautiful sacred geometry. He connected with us all at the World Heart of Connection Day and this is his Heart of Connection conversation. [0:46] Learning to Connect ~ Listening to my Children [3:29] Disconnecting from our Childhood [6:33] Connecting to the Inner Child [7:49] Men’s Vulnerability an Unsafe Space? [11:40] Connecting to our Loving Flow-State [12:17] Losing Ego in Love Flow-State [13:31] What prevents Men & our Connections? [17:50] Learning from the Pain of our Disconnections [20:11] Connecting to our Aliveness [23:10] Connecting to our Deep ‘All That Is’ [28:37] Men’s connecting to different forms of Mindfulness [32:16] Connecting to Positive Childhood Memories
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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