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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Listening to how everyday people connect to themselves, others and all that is. Our Heart is a source of energetic connections and learn what the heart of connection means to them. What strategies and how do they connect from their hearts.

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Podcast Episode's:
Connecting to Joy & Happiness ~ Episode 87 ~ My Conversation with Jessie Holton
Once upon a time self-help books were not on the radar. This conversation is about the powerful digging deep to move forward and choose joy and happiness. Learning to take things as they come, work through them, learn from them, grow from them is the conversation of this Podcast. [0:55] Connecting to a Busy Schedule that Manifests [1:25] Connecting to My Passion & Purpose [1:57] Connecting to my Joy & Happiness [2:47] Connecting to my Process of Joy [3:54] Connecting to the Bodily Warmth & Light [4:44] Connecting to our Power of Digging Deep [6:15] Connecting to Grateful of Our Hearts [6:58] Connecting to our Darkness & Pain [8:05] Working through Our Pain Points [9:59] Connecting to Creating Our Happiness [10:53] Connecting to Our Sweet Spot ~ Flow-State [12:11] Healing Our Baggage with Loving-Kindness [13:10] Connecting Instead of Rejecting Aspects of Self [14:25] Connecting to the Deeper Realms of Our Hearts [16:08] Connecting to Our Flow-State Heals Mental Health [17:00] My Flow-State Connection Flows to Others [18:30] Connecting to My Self-Care [20:26] Connecting to My Heart of Enrichment [21:49] Connecting to My ‘All That Is’ [28:25] Connecting to Our Learnings from COVID19 [29:35] Positive Psychology on Steroids
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to My True Inner Knowing ~ Episode 86 ~ My Conversation with Nick Washington
Men learning to accept and acknowledge our deep inner knowing of our hearts will make significant changes to our well-being in the world. The conversation is with a bloke who is doing just that. From the school of hard knocks, this man has opened to his true self and not afraid to share it to those men who are ready to listen. [0:44] Connections to Colac & Geelong [2:01] Connecting to be True to Myself [3:12] Connecting to Trusting myself [4:46] Connecting to our Tough Times [5:11] Social Conditioning taught Men not to be Vulnerable [6:50] Connecting to the Bigger Out There [7:59] Connection to our Male Ego [9:03] Men Connecting our Hearts [10:02] Path of my Heart’s Connection [12:22] Connecting to our Self-Love [13:38] Men Connection in Football Communities [15:40] Men Connecting rather than “Doing” [16:33] Connections to our Hearts will Unite Us [17:38] Connecting to Alternative Healing [19:01] Spiritual Healing Woke Me [19:47] Connecting to Men’s Sensitive Side [21:55] Was there a Flow-State Experience? [23:20] Inner Knowing Is Always with Me [25:10] Connection to Inner Knowing via Music [25:43] Connecting to the ‘All That Is’ [26:50] Anchoring to my ‘All That Is’ ~ Life Path [28:36] Connection Deep Knowing So Important [31:14] Connection to ‘Knowing the Known’
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to my ‘Aha Moments’ ~ Episode 85 ~ My Conversation with Pat Griffiths
How we think is an active guide on our take on life and ultimately your behaviours and outcomes. The beautiful work of exploring the relationship between our thinking and experiences is the depths of this powerful conversation. How Pat has shifted in her journey of life to deeply enrich it for herself and the people she works with. [0:46] Connecting to myself [2:07] Connected to my Loving State [3:04] Connecting to Our Judgements [4:07] Connecting to my Heart of ‘Aha Moments [5:25] Connecting to the Gifts of Burden [7:09] Healing the Belief System of our Burdens [8:33] Connection with our Inner Child [9:35] Healing & Letting Go [11:12] Letting go facilitates my ‘Aha Moments’ [12:25] Connected Flow-state to Others in ‘Aha Moments’ [14:16] Noticing my Disconnection to Others [16:10] Connecting to Our Responding rather than Reacting [18:23] Connecting to the source of our Reactions [18:54] Connecting to our Personal Values System [20:48] Using in Coaching the SCARF Model [23:20] My Connecting to the ‘All That Is’ [24:18] ‘All That Is’ a Space of Lightness & Peace [25:13] Alignment of our 3 brains Head, Heart & Gut [26:31] In Alignment My Heart Sings [27:42] Connecting to the Beauty of Nature [28:13] Connection at Our Cellular Level [29:20] Aligning Our Subconscious Beliefs [32:33] Connecting to Our Visual Cues [34:14] Enjoy our Self Learnings
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to My Empowerment ~ Episode 84 ~ My Conversation with Alex Knysh
An inner journey of healing facilitates powerful empowerment to Alex Knysh. Alex is an energy coach, a Reiki practitioner and hypnotherapy and from all the way in Sydney. [0:31] My Connection to Energy Coaching [2:17] Like Connecting to a New Me [3:27] Connecting to our Inner Child [4:42] Connecting to & Healing Childhood Trauma [5:06] Disconnected from our Trauma [6:08] Connecting to Nature is my daily Grounding [7:02] Nature Connects me to my Inner Strength [7:38] Connecting to my Flow-State [8:41] My Flow-State Connection to Others [11:07] My Warmth resonates in a Flow-State [11:45] Empowered connections in Flow-State [13:08] Connection to my Heart Chakra [13:48] Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) [16:25] Healing through connecting to our Blocks [18:49] Our Inner Journey is always with Us [20:38] What are the messages of our Dreams [21:24] Connecting to the ‘All That Is’ [24:41] All That Is’ Connection resets our Mental Health [27:09] Connecting Flow-State of Nature with Reiki [31:16] Connecting to our Birth Right
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to My Awakening ~ Episode 83 ~ My Conversation with Susan Deller
The journey to connect to our awakening is meeting our light and shadow. As a spiritual coach and reiki practitioner Susan is about people having a relationship with themselves. Her guiding acronym, "do you ~ your way.” [0:30] My Connection to Being Curious [3:08] Connecting to My Vulnerability [4:05] My Energy Connection [5:33] Intuition is my Process of Connection to Myself [7:45] Connecting to the Deeper Aspects Self [8:50] Connecting to the Flow of Connection to Others [10:15] I see you when you see me [12:17] Connecting to Our Divine [13:27] Connecting to my ‘Now’ Moment [15:38] Connection to Others [16:37] Connecting to Depth of Our Hearts [17:48] Connecting to My Body’s Spiritual Release [21:57] Disconnecting from my Guide [23:40] Connecting to Our Flow-State [24:28] Flow-State is Always in our Hearts [25:49] Our Consciousness is Being Raised
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to Men’s Emotions ~ Episode 82 ~ My Conversation with Nathan Meola
Nathan Meola is Transformation coach in Sydney. As a coach he works with men to connect with themselves and others. He and his partner Mirette also who is a coach, work with couples around the connection. [0:32] Connection through the Island of Men [1:22] Connecting to the Positives of COVID19 [2:42] Taking our Connecting Rituals for Granted [5:38] My Process of Connecting to Self [7:41] Connection to Breath [8:29] Men’s Connect to Breath can be Shallow [9:55] Breath Connects us to Our Emotions [11:16] Men’s Disconnection to Emotions in Order to Live & Survive [12:59] Connecting & Re-balancing the Male Psyche [14:20] Men Connecting to their Vulnerability [15:22] Connecting to our Beautiful Male Sensitivity [17:01] Connecting to the Benefits by Facing our Emotional Pain [18:32] Connecting to my Deep Purpose [24:51] Connecting to my Deep Purpose [29:04] Connecting to Our Flow-State [32:43] Connecting to the 4 Masculine Archetypes
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to Sacred Hearts Rising ~ Episode 81 ~ My Conversation with Brenda Hammon
Brenda Hammon is the CEO of Sacred Hearts Rising. Sacred Hearts Rising is a global community invested in eliminating the shame and silence that stifles the voices of people everywhere, and in elevating the stories that heal, transform, and build connection. This is Brenda’s conversation. [0:12] Connecting to Sacred Hearts Rising [0:28] Connecting to Brenda’s Story [1:06] Connecting to my Sexual & Emotional Abuse [2:30] Connecting to People’s Recovery [5:11] Connecting as an Empath [6:20] Connecting to the Heart [8:03] Connecting to Nature ~ Grounds Me [11:37] Human Connection so Important [13:53] Heart Connection has no Boundaries [16:22] Connecting more to our Hearts [17:53] Healing our Hearts Woundedness [20:17] Sharing Stories of Healing is a Release [22:43] Connection to Self-Empowerment [23:47] Empowerment and our Awakening [31:41] Connecting to our Healing Gifts [33:32] Sharing the story is sharing the Gift of Healing
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to a Photographers Inner Journey ~ Episode 80 ~ My Conversation with Debbs Deb
This conversation is about a Photographers inner journey to healing and well-being. Seeing the Souls of others through her photography her healing enabled her to see and feel her Soul. The powerful connection to her Soul changed her life. [1:15] Connecting to our Yin & Yang in Social Isolation [2:51] Connection to our Inner Child Imperative [4:07] Connecting to Self through Meditation [5:05] Connections to my Inner Child [6:46] Channelling to the Inner Child what it Needs [8:31] Connecting to our inner Child’s Vulnerability [10:04] Connecting to Loving Myself [11:29] Connecting to my Weight Loss [13:35] I See People’s Soul as the Photographer [14:16] Connecting to See My Own Soul [15:00] Spiritual Emergency or Psychosis [17:16] Connecting to the Nature of Impermanence [18:42] Connection to Maple Syrup [19:00] Connecting as an Author ~ Sacred Hearts Rising ‘Sparks of Light’ [21:22] Connecting to Unconditional Forgiveness [22:28] Connecting to Equanimity ~ Sweet Spot of the Soul [27:41] Connecting to our Freedom
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to my Midlife Awakening ~ Episode 79 ~ My conversation with Jem Fuller
Men connecting at all levels of the psyche is imperative for our well-being. This beautiful man shares his inner journey of connecting to his midlife awakening. The awakening opens his world of coaching in personal development for professionals, CEOs and does a lot of personal development through retreats in India and Bali. [1:45] Connecting to my Midlife Awakening [3:18] Connecting to my Coaching Practice [5:02] The Gem of Practicing what I Preach [6:39] Connecting to my Heart, Gut Intelligence & my Body [9:05] Men needing to become more conscious [10:22] What prohibits men’s self-development [11:21] Toxic Masculinity – our old conditioning [12:31] Toxic Masculinity Blocks Men’s Connections [13:19] Connecting to my Daily Routines [15:11] Connecting to our Flow-State [16:10] Gifts of Connecting to our Flow-State [19:20] Connecting to our Open Heartedness [22:40] Connecting to Self-acceptance of our Vulnerability [25:11] Connecting to my ‘All That Is’ [26:42] Connecting to my Experience of ‘All That Is’ [29:25] Men’s Connection to the ‘All That Is’ ~ Letting go of our Ego
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to the Comedian, it isn’t Funny ~ Episode 78 ~ My Conversation with Rod Quantock
This comedian is no stranger to calling it as it is. As a pioneer in the Australian comedy for more than what over 45 years of stand up in cabaret, theatre, television and radio – he is standing up now for the environment. Rod Quantock is in full flight about how we have destroyed the environment. [0:41] Connection to my life as a Comedian [1:50] Out of fashion ~ when ‘Button Up’ Underwear did [5:13] My Connection to the Environment [7:14] Made a Connection to Nature in my Backyard [11:58] Our disconnection from Nature [13:59] My Deep Respect for Science [15:02] There is no connection to Democracy anymore [17:25] I don’t see people connecting with Nature [19:07] Comedian Connecting to the Audience [21:02] Has comedy become commodified? [21:42] Humour Good for our Souls [23:53] Connecting to the Audience is Bonding [25:57] Being Disillusioned [28:58] My Connection to Social Justice
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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