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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Listening to how everyday people connect to themselves, others and all that is. Our Heart is a source of energetic connections and learn what the heart of connection means to them. What strategies and how do they connect from their hearts.

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Podcast Episode's:
Connecting to Transition Streets in Geelong ~ Episode 54 ~ My Conversation with Monica Winston
Monica Winston is the coordinator of transition streets in Geelong. She was originally a founding member of Geelong Sustainability in 2007. Following building Geelong Sustainability she went through to coordinate the transition streets in Geelong, which is part of the global transition movement started in Ireland. [0:46] Connection to Permaculture ~ my pivot point [3:35] Connection to my Awakening Network Community [6:57] My Grounding & Centering Connection [9:51] Connecting to our Light & Dark of Healing [10:44] Connecting to more my Compassion & Open Heart [13:13] Energy of Aliveness and Freedom Within [15:39] My Transformative Connection of pure Awareness [20:52] Connecting to the Subtle Power of Meditation [22:48] Owning what we Project onto Mother Earth [26:52] My Daily Meditation ~ I connect within [28:25] Connecting to Life as a Whole Meditation
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Connecting to Humans in Geelong ~ Episode 53 ~ My Conversation with Jacqui Bennett
Jacqui Bennett is the founder of Humans in Geelong in this conversation. Humans in Geelong is part of a foundation that's all around the world. It was started by Brandon Stanton, who establish humans in New York. They probably needed to establish that in New York. The humans in Geelong are stories about people putting the humans back into the equation and back into action. The aim of humans in Geelong is to inspire, connect and strengthen our communities. [0:59] Connecting to the good news [2:16]Connecting to others & the flow on effect [5:39] Connecting to my ‘mind over matter’ [8:13] Finding my passion in good news ~ Humans in Geelong [11:17] Connecting to my heart’s passion [14:28] Men Connecting through Man Walk [17:54] Community Connecting is coming together [22:16] My connection to the growth of students [24:40] Re-connecting to my Spiritual Well-being [26:26] Practicing my Tibetan 5 rights each morning [28:21] Our need to stop and connect within [30:08] Connecting to Live globally ~ act Locally
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Connecting to my Heart & Spirit ~ Episode 52 ~ My Conversation with Lisa Hunter
Lisa Hunter is a deeply dedicated teacher guiding children into the joy of learning. She is an established artist and has a deep passion for connection bringing people together to thrive in their creativity in community theatre. This is Lisa’s Heart of Connection conversation. [0:56] Connecting to others is my Blessing of Life [2:58] Community Theatre is my Connection [5:01] Validating and connecting to myself [8:19] Connecting to Spirit within my Heart [10:57] Connecting to Spirit is my Magic Flow-State [13:23]Spirit creates a safety for sharing our vulnerabilities [18:56] Connecting to Higher Self [22:12] Our restless Ego [23:30] World Heart of Connection Day ~ September 4th, 2019 & beyond [28:49] Connecting to our Higher Presence in the Now [32:06] Connecting to our Spirit Flow-State Priceless
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Connection in Dance Flows to my Soul ~ Episode 51 ~ My Conversation with Chloe Janev
I've known Chloe Janev for many years and I felt from the time I met Chloe, that she was connected to life and the universe. She is a warm empath who is switched on to life. Her deep loss of their 2-day old daughter, Winter has been deeply healing. Chloe ran a dance studio for almost 10 years and knows she will return to her deep love of dancing. This is her Heart of Connection conversation. [2:34] Dance is my Connection to flow [3:25] Disconnection to my Flow [5:00] Connection to my Body’s Holding Patterns [8:23] My Disconnection a sign to Align [9:59] Connection to my Divine Mother within [13:15] Connection to Our Family Affirmations [15:17] Connecting & Healing our Wounds [17:33] Connection to our daughter Winter [19:51] Interconnection to ‘All That Is’ beyond words [21:54] Our Beautiful Winter ~ she’s our Angel & we are blessed [25:15] Connecting Back to my Dancing [27:52] World Heart of Connection Day ~ September 4, 2019
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connection to my Inner Spark & Flow ~ Episode 50 ~ My Conversation with Niki Humm
Niki Humm is the author of a wonderful book called Autism Superheroes - The Spark Within. It's a lovely book for those loving parents and carers young people on the Autism spectrum. Its a journey of her eldest son & Niki as a parent. This is her Heart of Connection conversation. [0:46] Connection First to Soul [2:00] Connecting to My Inner Spark [3:39] Disconnection and connection to my anxiety [5:17] Connecting to my Inner Healing [6:21] Un-connecting to my Suffering [8:52] Connecting to my Observer Self [11:16] Connection to the Synchronicity [13:49] Heart Connection of Love [15:32] Autism Connecting to their Intuitive Spirit [17:41] Wi-fi through Analogue? Need to change channels [20:24] Through the Wound Enters the Light ~ Rumi [21:28] Connecting with loving-kindness to our wounds [27:39] Our Suffering Dissolves in Connection to our ‘All That Is’ [30:15] Empty our Minds to Connect
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connection to Self Creates my Flow States ~ Episode 49 ~ My conversation with Natalie Hodgen
Natalie Hodgen is a psychologist and mother of two beautiful children. After a lifetime in Geelong, she and family moved to Perth. Natalie was a psychologist in the Disability Sector and then with young people. She has worked for many years now in adolescent and with young adults. This is Natalie’s Heart of Connection conversation. [1:47] Connections and Resilience of my Children [2:49] Connection to Self & Others [4:25] Connection to self my life flows [5:42] Connection my flow states is freeing [8:13] Connection to self-care – press pause [11:44] Connecting to self beyond words [12:51] Connecting to my open heart [15:29] Connecting through the Dark Night of the Soul [18:32] My Connection of two homes [22:43] My Letting Go in the ‘All That Is’ [24:42] Connecting to my Abundant Energy [27:00] Heart & Mind Harmony [33:14] Connecting to our Consciousness Raising
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Reconnecting to my Heart through Transformation ~ Episode 48 ~ My conversation with Bill Hunter
Bill Hunter is an incredible engineer who worked to invent through his medical research a medical piece of equipment for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was years of work to create a medical testing device to help people in the third world countries. This is his Heart of Connection conversation. [0:52] Developing Medical Testing Equipment for Developing Countries [2:43] Medical Technology takes Energy, Time & Money [3:47] Men Connect to Ego Driven Pursuits [5:02] Connecting to my Authentic Ego [8:08] Connecting to Our Hearts [10:13] Men Splitting Off the Emotional Brain [10:43] Men Aiming for Absolute Excellence and Perfection [14:39] Connected to Dark Night of Soul [18:51] Re-Connecting to My Inner Happiness [21:01] Connection beyond Intellect [27:34] Connection to Nature ~ we lose Our Ego
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to My Inner Still Voice & my Dreams ~ Episode 47 ~ My Conversation with Lynette Fox
Lynette Fox was a wonderful trainer in Transpersonal and Emotional counselling, now known as Association of Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapists (ATEP). Lynette has trained to become a Jungian psychotherapist. This is her Heart of Connection story. [1:03] Connections from Primary School Teaching to Jungian Psychotherapist [5:26] Transpersonal & Emotional Release Counselling (ATEP) Training [6:47] Connection to My Self Deepens through Transpersonal work [8:00] My Journey into Jungian Psychology [10:32] Connection to my Heart brings Relaxation & Satisfaction in my Body [12:34] Connecting to the feeling of being myself [14:18] Connecting to Being Present in the Moment [17:50] Connecting to Others through My Creativity of Art & Writing [21:18] Connection to Intuitive comes from stilling my Mind [24:12] Quiet Voice Within is ‘All That Is’ [27:37] Connection to My One with All [29:28] Connection to Nature
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to the Divine Core of Self ~ Episode 46 ~ My Conversation with Corrie van den Bosch
Corrie van de Bosch is a Missionary Sister of Service who is an incredible inner journey teacher. In addition to her religious commitment as a nun, she became a counsellor and trainer in Emotional Release Counselling (ERC) now known as (ATEP) Association of Transpersonal & Experiential Therapies. She has supported and guided many people in their inner journey work. She is her Heart of Connection conversation. [1:51] Connected to own Heart in an Intimate Way [2:58] Connected to my Flow more than ever through God [3:59] Connected to my Vitality ~ being in the Present Moment [8:30] A Connection within ~ Coming Home to ourselves [9:44] Connecting to God out there & the same God within Me [12:05] Connection to the innocence & purity untouched [17:34] Love in our Hearts [22:41] Experience of my spirituality crisis [24:07] My Search for God ~ was my search for life [26:23] The knowing ~ I call it a Yes, deep within me [30:13] Connection to God’s healing through Nature
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Connection to my Flow-State & Creativity ~ Episode 45 ~ My conversation with Lisa Hein
Lisa Hein is the owner of Evolution Design Agency & graphic designer with heart. Her connection and deep empathy is present there in her essence. She has a passion for life and what she does. This is her Heart of Connection conversation. [0:25] Our World Heart of Connection Day meeting [1:52] Connecting to our Vulnerability we find Love [4:38] Connecting to & needing mindfulness [6:08] Families are the key to loving-kindness [10:54] Connecting to our own Vulnerability [11:38] Life can be like a ‘computer with 100 tabs open’ [15:15] Reconnecting to Our Self [16:11] Connecting to our Flow-state [18:26] Flow-state gives mind space but do we fill it up again? [20:41] Connecting to my Creativity [23:42] The Energy of creativity resonates your connection [24:54] Connecting to the clients & their brands [27:30] Love connecting to my drawings
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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