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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Listening to how everyday people connect to themselves, others and all that is. Our Heart is a source of energetic connections and learn what the heart of connection means to them. What strategies and how do they connect from their hearts.

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Podcast Episode's:
Poetry my Connection to Expression & Healing ~ Episode 106 ~ My Conversation with Anamika Dutta
Connecting to poetry has enabled this writer and spoken word artist to heal. Poetry opens her mind and heart of expression of joy and pain. In sharing her poetry, she creates a safe place for poetry lovers, and to heal people through her storytelling. [0:47] Home Schooling Opened the World of Poetry [2:00] Connecting to Self in Poetry [3:07] Connecting Deeply in Poetry [4:30] My Poetry is a Spiritual Experience [5:59] Connection to others in Sharing our Stories [7:33] Connecting to our Archetypal Connections [8:40] Connecting to Others Connects to My Purpose [13:21] Connecting & Healing our Subconscious Wounds [15:28] Connecting to the ‘All That Is’ [17:17] With my ‘All That Is’ I’m not Alone [18:26] Discovering & Connecting to Your Purpose [20:01] Depression is Complicated [22:50] Connecting to the Flow-State of Memories [25:13] Connecting with Our Cellular Memories [27:00] Being in the Present [29:23] Connecting to Deeper Levels of Happiness [30:20] Connecting to our Happiness of Self-Love
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Connecting to Our Path of Divine Union ~ Episode 105 ~ My Conversation with Michael Jason Powers
My awakening began in 2001 when the towers went down. I was part of a traditional Christian understanding for a long time. Left that in 1997, and started having an awakening. I started asking deeper questions started seeking meditation started studying the teachings of the masters of the East. Now on the path of Divine Union. [1:30] Connecting to Metaphysics & Shamanic work [4:11] Connecting to my Breath first & Foremost [5:30] Breathe through My Whole Being [6:29] Deep Breath Connects & Enters into Present Moment [7:32] Connecting to Heart ~ I am nothing but love [9:17] Men Being Deeply Sensitive [11:15] Connecting to the Head & Heart Model [12:18] Connecting to the Sacred Circle of Men [13:48] Connecting with Others in a Sense of Ease [15:12] The Teaching of Improv [16:07] Connecting to the ‘All That Is’ [17:29] Being in Peace connected to my ‘All That Is’ [21:06] Connecting to the Harmony of Love [22:16] Connection through Co-creation [24:06] The Heart Space of Co-creation [27:15] Healing of our Shadow in Space of Love [29:06] Our Nobody within our ‘All That Is’ [29:56] Connection to our Ego Death – Good Conversation with Ego [31:58] Connecting to our New Light through Ego Death [33:10] We are Beautiful & We Matter
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to 11:11, 33:33, 44:44 Awakening Code ~ Episode 104 ~ My Conversation with Georgina Beament
My journey with 11:11 Awakening Code was back in the days of MySpace. I was seeking connection and networking with other spiritual groups. I then moved it to the Facebook platform and continued to interact with people through my intuitive understanding and aware of the 11:11 code. It has connected so many dear souls. [0:22] Connecting to 11:11 Awakening Facebook Community [3:54] The Connection to 11:11 [4:55] Connecting to First Number 33 [7:06] Intuitively Connected to My Path [8:00] Meditation Connects Me to Myself [9:47] Connecting to My Inner Trust [11:07] Letting Go of Self-Judgement [12:53] Connecting to Our Psyche’s Inner Healer [14:43] Connecting More to Our Hearts [16:32] Our Hearts Deepens Connections to Others [17:56] Our Hearts Can Heal Mother Earth [19:14] Our Healing Potential [21:47] Connecting to the Harmony of Love [23:17] Our Heart Connection is Authentic [23:50] Connecting with Our Shadow [24:10] Bringing Love to Our Shame [25:14] Connecting to the ‘All That Is’ [26:02] ‘All That Is’ ~ Is Vibration & Frequency [27:49] Connecting & Touching My Deepest Alignments [28:11] Connecting to our Hearts Alignment [29:01] Connecting to Comfort Within Discomfort [32:14] Connecting to Flow-State of Synchronicities [37:34] Connecting to World Heart of Connection Day ~ September 4th [38:37] Connection to Transform our World
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting the Flow-State of Our Big Vision ~ Episode 103 ~ My Conversation with Kath Clarke
Kath is a magic finder and re-connector in the guise of digital marketing. And her goal is reconnecting people back to their big vision within and to express that vision out there. This is her mission; ~ “You don’t have to go it (or grow it) alone. I’ll show you the exact systems to up your prices + get in front of the customers your business deserves.” [0:00] Connecting the Flow-State of Our Big Vision [0:46] Connecting People to their Inner Magic [2:34] Connecting People with their Hearts [4:27] Connecting to Our Flow-State [6:34] Connecting & Pivoting through Being Stuck [8:33] Coming Home to Ourselves during COVID19 [9:44] Connecting & Integrating our Shadow Side [10:53] Self-Transformation Integrating our Shadow [11:53] My Connection as an Empath [14:38] Connecting to Responsibilities in Flow-State [15:54] Connecting to my ‘All That Is’ [18:53] Connecting to our ‘All That Is’ ~ Our Mental Health Dissolves [20:46] By-Passing the Brains Default Mode Network (DMN) [22:27] Connecting to Pure Love of Flow-State [23:45] Connecting to Total Acceptance [27:47] Connecting to the Flow-State of my True Self
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to Our Infinite Consciousness ~ Episode 102 ~ My Conversation with Jolene O’Brien
Carrying the insight of knowing at 4-years-old that the ‘inner me’ was from somewhere else is a very deep essence to integrate. This conversation is about this journey and the social labelling our society has on such children. We hear of the mental health impact it facilitated and also the deep healing and clarity that is continuing to deepen. [1:25] Connecting to Infinite Consciousness [1:31] Deepening my Connections to Self [3:32] Gaining Clarity to my Childhood Insight [6:15] Difficult Integration of my Four-Year-Old Insight [7:41] Societal Labelling & Social Conditioning [9:09] Disconnecting & Wanting a Different World [10:44] The ‘Now’ Gift ~ of my Four-Year-Old Insight [12:20] Connecting to Mindfulness ~ Our True Nature [14:59] Connecting to my Opened Heart [16:04] Life Changing Connection ~ Infinite Consciousness [17:30] My True Nature ~ Sees Your True Nature [18:50] Mental Health Dissolves in our ‘All That Is’ [20:38] Connecting to my Compassionate Awareness [21:50] Letting Go ~ in Compassionate Awareness [24:00] Deep Gratitude Forever There [25:09] Connection to a Vast Awareness [27:16] Connecting to Infinite Consciousness [28:50] A Flow-State of Infinite Consciousness [30:11] Lord’s Pray ~ Thy Will Be Done on Earth as in Heaven [30:59] Our Healing of Mother Earth [31:57] Connecting by Looking Within [33:24] Lovingly Holding our Inner Child Within
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting & Healing Painful Emotions ~ Episode 101 ~ My Conversation with Susie Carroll
Through connecting to her heart and healing her deep pain was the catalyst for becoming an author of a children’s book “Shadows in the Walls.” This illustrated book opens children heart to manage the painful emotions they may experience through their lives. [0:36] Connecting to Being in the Moment [1:33] Connecting with Our Hearts [2:40] Connecting to my Heart Generates Energy [4:26] Connecting to the Pain in my Heart [6:46] Healing for the Heart wants Happiness [7:24] The Rational Mind wants to Control the Heart [8:08] Deep Aversions to our Hearts Pain [8:54] Our Hearts Wish to Sing [10:26] Connecting to my Natural Flow-State [11:24] Connecting to the Lightness of my Flow-State [12:25] Connecting to a Flow-State Riding my Horses [14:31] Connecting to my Horses as Teachers [15:38] Connecting to the Unconditional Love of Animals [16:39] Our Hearts Quietens the Intellectual Brain [18:23] Connection to Others in my Heart Flow-State [19:36] Channelling the Ego & Analytical Mind [21:26] My Children’s Book ~ “Shadows in the Wall” [23:40] Connecting & Integrating our Shadow [25:59] Connecting to the ‘All That Is’ [27:36] Connecting to Deep Freedom Within [28:30] Immersion with the Sense of Nature [30:52] Connectivity to Mother Earth as our Great Mother [32:38] Healing our Interconnectedness with Mother Earth
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Healing Mother Earth ~ 2nd World Heart of Connection Day Meditation ~ September 4th, 2020 ~ Episode 100
The World Heart of Connection Day has evolved from ‘Heart of Connection’ podcast conversations I’ve had with everyday people on how they connect to themselves to others and ‘All That Is.’ As our conversations flowed from Self, Others & ~ into how they experience their connection to the universe and everything (‘All That Is’). There was a profound energetic shift into a deep and powerful love. So profound were some of these revelations it was beyond words, love just glowed from every essence of their being. It was as if they were wholly connected as ONE to the nature of Mother Earth, to our Oceans, to the Sun, to their Moon, or their God(s). The Spirituality of the person just poured forth from their very soul-consciousness. “I have always just wished I could video it so everybody could witness what I experienced.” It is the expression of our true spiritual essence of humanity & beyond.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to Infinite Silence ~ Episode 99 ~ My Conversation with Philip Wade
Meditation is a subtle gift. This conversation is a powerful story of such a gift. From a life as a civil chartered civil engineer he heard inner calling ~ his nature of the true self. He refers to as the Infinite Silence and now shares this profound gift with the whole world through direct experience, spirits inquiry, infinite touch. [1:17] Connecting to Infinite Silence & Touch [2:12] Connecting to Meditation [5:40] Heart Inner Wisdom Connection [6:56] Meditation connections are liberating [8:38] Connecting to Emotions & not Becoming them [9:42] Being Connected to my Sensitive Self [10:48] My Connection to Others [15:17] Connecting to our Eyes of Awareness [16:57] Infinite Touch a Releasing of Blocked Emotions [17:42] Connecting to the Infinite Silence [19:30] My ‘Gaps’ of Infinite Silence are Always There [20:53] The Heart our Entry point to Gap of Infinite Silence [22:29] Connecting to the ‘All That Is’ [24:28] ‘All That Is’ ~ Infinite Silence Transform our Mental Health [25:11] Connecting to Peace of Heart ~ Peace of Mind [25:32] Our Heart Pain is an Emotional Overlay [27:23] Making It Okay for Men to Connect [30:04] Connecting to Surrender & Trusting our Heart [32:13] Noticing our Interconnectedness in Infinite Silence
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to The Nature Within ~ Episode 98 ~ My Conversation with Melissa Fitzwilliam
Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” In this conversation, our guest has learnt to trust the deep calling of her intuition. It has led her to develop ‘The Nature Within’ caring for animals. [0:51] Connecting to The Nature Within [2:20] Connecting to Liquid Crystals [3:32] Liquid Crystals connects & works on Mental, Physical & Emotional Levels [4:39] Liquid Crystals Connects Differently to Everyone [5:59] Organising our Body & Energetic Makeup [7:18] Connecting to Self through Creativity & Surfing [8:54] Connecting to my Intuitive Surfing Flow-State [10:32] ‘Knowing’ my Connection to Intuition [11:47] My Motto ~ Get Out of Your Head & into Your Heart [13:19] We’ve Become Disrespectful to our Nature [14:35] Connecting & Being Guided by Our Intuition [16:51] My Connection to Intuition to Felt [18:04] Connecting to Oneness, Love ~ The Flow of Harmony [19:36] Connecting to our Flow-State @’All That Is’ [22:26] Connecting to Peace of Heart ~ Peace of Mind [24:55] Open-Hearted Connection ~ A Pure Resonance of Energy [28:08] Connecting & Trusting our Innate Self
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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