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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Listening to how everyday people connect to themselves, others and all that is. Our Heart is a source of energetic connections and learn what the heart of connection means to them. What strategies and how do they connect from their hearts.

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Podcast Episode's:
Connection Deepens through Self Enquiry ~ Episode 36 ~ My conversation with Jan Edmitson
Jan Edmitson has been a wonderful teacher to many Transpersonal & Experiential Psychotherapist. For many years she co-operated a training centre in Tasmania for personal inner growth work and training practitioners to become psychotherapists. Her deep knowledge of and self and her beautiful sense of humour are so endearing. This is her conversation. [3:26] Connection to our Community [3:32] Heart Not Connected ~ Not connect to myself [5:20] Reconnection to my Heart [6:43] Judging Myself & Others [7:51] An Inner Journey of Personal Work [9:01] Softening to my Tears [9:56] My Tears are a Blessing [10:50] Connecting to myself as I Soften [12:03] Word Love incredibly Precious [13:48] Heart of Connection – I’ve become connected [15:19] Holotropic Breathwork [21:08] Connection Sparkles through my Eyes [23:56] Freedom within my Loving Heart [25:20] The Gift of Open Hearts [29:32] Loving Compassion for all those parts of myself
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Episode 35~Nature is My Gift to Self Connection – My conversation with Deb Collins
At National Gathering of Transpersonal & Experiential Psychotherapists Association Deb Collins from Conscious Works was invited as a co-facilitator to guide the members through a process of change. Her guidance and understanding of the processing space of change facilitated a deep sense of safety and connection. Here is her 'Heart of Connection' conversation. [0:13] Connection to Encourage Others In Self Discovery [1:03] Journey of Self Discovery [2:45] Disconnection Experience [3:52] My Internal Driver [4:52] Connecting to Nature [6:28] Body Connection in Nature [7:22] A Presence of Being instead of Doing [9:22] Present Awareness [15:26] Connecting to Mother Earth [21:33] Freedom of Mind is the Connection to Nature [22:54] Drawn to Surfing [26:00] Connections Energetic Gift to Self [27:53] Advice to Younger People
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Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapies ~ Episode 34 ~ My Conversation with Patrica Nolan
Transpersonal and Experiential Psychotherapies was facilitated by a collection of practitioners and Patrica Nolan was a wonderful founding member. Patrica has guided and trained some many people on their inner journey of healing. Connecting to our Inner Lover. [5:26] Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness [8:39]The Inner Healer or Inner Divinity [9:25] Connecting to our positive and our shadow is transforming [10:40] My Connection to Others [13:33] Responding rather than Reacting [15:52] Freedom of my Essence [19:24] Hurt Inner Child [21:13] Connecting to my Inner Divinity [22:54] Healing Mother Earth [26:54] Inner Journey Work to reach Divine Essence
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Episode 33 ~ The Essence of my Mothering Connection ~ My conversation with Margie Skimming
The essence of my mothering connection has enabled me to facilitate empowerment in my role as a nurse working in perinatal mental health services. [2:23] Connections Help Understand Who We Are [4:51] Reflecting Within Is My Teaching [6:57] Deep Love of Mothering [7:49] My Connection to Babies [10:26] Babies Expressing Their Need for Connection [11:46] Our Emotional Health Underpins Our Mental Health [14:07] Describing the Essence of Heart [15:56] Sharing Pleasant Emotions Is Just Part of Me [21:00] Connecting the World of Mother Earth [23:48] Connecting to Nature Brings Calm & Balance [28:10] World Heart of Connection Day – September 4, 2019 [29:14] Commercialism and Materialism Are Stopping Change [29:47] We Human Have Disregard for The Planet [31:37] Work Out Who You Are & Be Honest
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 32 ~ The Mosaic ~ My conversation with Daniel Bruce Levin
The connection to this amazing writer Daniel Bruce Levin 'just happened' through the Heart of Connection Podcast. His story is powerful and the beautiful message in the story of The Mosaic is so worth the read. You will be drawn into the boy’s story in the journey of life. [2:26] Connecting to Self through Meditation [3:38] Connecting To My God Within [6:49] The Story of the Mosaic has shown me a series of steps [8:14] Stop Our Internal Self Punishment [12:32] Second Connection is a Connection To Source [15:44] Not Living in Walls of Pain to Protect Me from Pain [18:40] Love Can be a Radiating Essence of Presence [21:50] Bringing a Presence to Meet Our Emotional Pain [24:50] The Third Connection of ‘The Mosaic’ [26:43] The Fourth Connection we are Part of this Mosaic [28:31] A World Heart of Connection Day [34:56] What We Are Looking for is Who Is Looking [35:34] Be Kind to Ourselves
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 31 ~ Connection & Affinity To Home And Region ~ My Conversation with Tracey Mahony
A true local and soul of the community. Her heart is in the region and the connection to where she belong has settled Tracy in her well-being. Glad to move through life and reach the contentment she is now living. [0:55] My Affinity to the Region I Was Born In [1:23] Spiritual, Physical & Mental Health Are All One [2:28] Nature's my connectivity. Nature is my God. [3:23] Feeling Free in My Groundedness [5:06] Feeling Free Is a Mental Health Free Zone [5:50] Disconnection Can Find A Space of Anger [6:42]Connection to Others People Find Me [8:27] The Energy of Our Connection [9:10] My Past Has Taught Me About Connection [9:55] Kindness Is From The Heart [14:42] Switch Off to In Power Mode to Re-charge My Batteries [17:16] Giving Love to Others Is Giving Love to Me [20:12] I Need My Connection To the Ocean [21:18] A ‘No-thing Think’ Along the Beach [28:38] Coming into My Heart of Happiness
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 30 ~ Connections Are In All Walks of Life ~ My Conversation with Frank Costa AO
Frank and his brother Adrian at a young age brought their parents business and developed a strong business loyalty and trust through their connectivity. It is now a massive success in Geelong and beyond. Frank has gone onto carrying this success when as President of the Geelong Football Club they won 2007, 2009 & 2011 AFL Grand Final. This is his powerful conversation of connection. [0:26] Frank’s Story [1:25] Well Connected in Geelong [2:00] My Mother A Great Lady & Loving Mentor [2:30] Bringing Our Business Values & Respect to the Geelong Football Club [8:44] Connectivity built Loyalty & Trust [10:22] Men Naturally Suspicious of Each Other in Connection [11:57] Men’s Not Connecting Can Effect the World [14:12] Through Connection We Can Improve World Peace [18:02] Connecting Children to Their Self-Belief [19:31] Building a Communication Culture at Geelong Football Club [21:17] 2007 Grand Final – The Best Feeling in My Life [22:51] The Win Connected Our City Community Spirit [25:33] Connection to Supreme Being Provides Purpose [27:22] Changing Male Bravado by Example [32:17] Our Male Vulnerability is Not a Weakness
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 29 ~ Heart Of My Connection to the Ocean ~ My conversation with Belinda Jane
Belinda has taken some very courageous changes in her journey of life. From nursing to community mental health to play therapy. Each of the changes has facilitated deep inner reflection of connecting more at a heart level. [0:24] Belinda’s Story [1:44] My Journey From Nursing to Play Therapy [3:17] Play Therapy Has Opened My Heart [4:38] Children Get “Aha Moments” in Play Therapy & They Light Up [6:03] Learning to Connect To My Heart More [9:54] In Mindfulness My Heart and Mind Settle [12:33] Is Our Emotional Health An Antecedent Of Mental Health? [14:05] Giving Loving Kindness to My Disconnection [15:48] Self-Love is My Important Lesson & Gift to Myself [20:14] My Analytic Self Is My Safe Space [21:05] Healing My Self Connection Heals Our Vibration to Mother Earth [26:15] Reflection Is My Point to Centre [28:32] Ocean Is My Oneness of Connection [29:34] Bare Foot Grounding Myself
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 28 ~ Play Therapy Reconnecting Children & Self – My conversation with Rhiannon Breguet
Lovely to have a deep and meaningful with a social work colleague. A background of work with families in foster care system enabling a reconnection from the pain and wound of disconnection. Rhiannon story is one of insight and growth. [1:09] Child Play Therapy Masters [2:37] Disconnection Impact on Children [5:08] Connecting To Me though Play Therapy [8:26] Being Held Is lIke Being Wrapped Up In Love [10:34] Loving Connections are Vital [12:49] The Process of Disconnection [16:13] Heart Softens in Connections [22:21] Deepening My Connection to Peace & Calmness [25:56] A Heart & Mind Harmony [29:37] Embodying Self-Care
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 27 – Heart of Community Connection – My Conversation with Laura Connor
For 18 years this wonderful lady has lead the community connection in Torquay famous for Bells Beach. The centre is the heart of community connection a gathering place to meet and connect. [3:17] Connection is vital [4:14] Our Disconnection via Economy of Materialism [7:27] A full moon my gift of emotional health & self-care [9:33] Disconnecting my mind through love [11:27] Providing A Purpose for People In Our Community [13:41] Connecting Can Heal Mother Earth [17:27] Felt Compassion for the World [22:22] Australia’s need for Bill of Rights [26:07] Loss of connection & the art of communication [34:52] Focus on Compassion
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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