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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Listening to how everyday people connect to themselves, others and all that is. Our Heart is a source of energetic connections and learn what the heart of connection means to them. What strategies and how do they connect from their hearts.

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Podcast Episode's:
Connecting to Our Community ~ Episode 61 ~ My Conversation with Martin Duke
Martin Duke is a councillor with the Surf Coast Shire. He has been councillor for now for nearly three years and enjoys every moment of it. He's been with the CFA, the (Country Fire Association) for the past 20 years. He is actively engaged and connected to our community. [0:49] Enjoying Connections with People [1:59] Men and Connection are they connected to themselves? [3:21] Men’s Social Conditioning Is Very Questionable [6:06] Connections Improves My Well-Being [8:38] Connection Is Vital [11:26] Connecting in Childhood Makes it Natural for Me [13:27] Connections Create Energy [14:46] Connection to our Communities [16:39] We need Connections [21:00] Connecting to Men’s Health & Well-being is Changing [26:01] Men connect to emotions rather than Bottling them [32:25] Connecting to Aliveness Within
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Connecting to All Of Me ~ Episode 60 ~ My Conversation with Nicole Scott
Nicole is a mental health advocate with Headspace and has found that the best way to connect to herself is by giving to others. Nicole has found a deep connection to this and it lights her world up. Nicole is studying life coaching with the Life Coaching Institute in Melbourne and is soon to be moving into a Social Work degree studying at Deakin. [0:58] Connecting to Myself by Sitting with & letting be. [2:15] Connecting to the ‘Comfort within my Discomfort’ [4:47] Connecting & Healing Our Inner Child Wounds [6:33] Making time to notice & connect to our Inner Self [10:12] Hearts Flow-state Connection to Others [10:39] Community Connection Imperative to our Well-Being [15:05] Flow-state is a Deeper Love & Connection [17:09] Our Flow-state managers our Personality Boardroom [18:06] Connecting to What Intuitively comes to Consciousness [21:03] Connecting to our Loving Presence [24:39] My Connection to Love [26:11] Intellectual Brain & Our Emotional Brain [31:14] Connection to Courage in Our Vulnerability
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Connecting to Social Connections ~ Episode 59 ~ My Conversation with Tony McManus
Tony McManus is a sought after speaker on many levels in the community for Beyondblue and RUOK across Southeast Australia. He was the first independent chairman of the headspace local consortium across 100 headspace centres across Australia. He then an established the headspace Geelong fund. [0:35] A Passion to Social Connections [1:23] Making time for Connection in our Busyness [2:10] Men’s Connections lost in busyness [5:38] Heart Connection at 1-on-1 level [7:02] What is Preventing Men’s Connections? [8:18] Connecting to our Vulnerability is not a Weakness [11:56] Men Learning to Navigate our Emotional (Brain) Health [14:49] Men’s Social Conditioning a product of old Toxic Masculinity [15:47] Men’s Connections in ‘Doing’ Based Communities [19:11] Men’s Positive Connections in Community Groups [21:47] Losing Connections in Men’s quest to be a Provider [24:02] Serenity in Bonny Doon ~ Man’s Version of Mindfulness [26:07]Mindfulness ~ ‘Simply Being at the Back of the Boat’ [28:21] Connection to ‘All That Is’ ~ a Reboot (Disconnect to Reconnect)
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Connecting to my Inner Child ~ Episode 58 ~ My Conversation with Theo Demetriou
Theo Demetriou is an open hearted man who has learnt so much in his journey with his children. His self-development journey has been to heal his inner child. Theo is a metal artist who is producing some beautiful sacred geometry. He connected with us all at the World Heart of Connection Day and this is his Heart of Connection conversation. [0:46] Learning to Connect ~ Listening to my Children [3:29] Disconnecting from our Childhood [6:33] Connecting to the Inner Child [7:49] Men’s Vulnerability an Unsafe Space? [11:40] Connecting to our Loving Flow-State [12:17] Losing Ego in Love Flow-State [13:31] What prevents Men & our Connections? [17:50] Learning from the Pain of our Disconnections [20:11] Connecting to our Aliveness [23:10] Connecting to our Deep ‘All That Is’ [28:37] Men’s connecting to different forms of Mindfulness [32:16] Connecting to Positive Childhood Memories
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting & Supporting People Diagnosed with Brain Cancer ~ Episode 57 ~ My Conversation with Bec Picone
Bec Picone is the co-founder and CEO of Peace of Mind Foundation a ‘not for profit’ Brain Cancer Support Group she and her brother started five years ago. The foundation provides incredible support and resources for people and families going through brain cancer and associated complications. [0:52] Connecting to my loss of a loved one [3:03] Connection is a Core Value of our Organisation [4:01] Forming Connections Heals Anxieties [6:40] Connecting to the Loss & Grief of Death [8:38] Reaching to the Depth of Resilience [11:28] Connecting to my Flow-state of Passion & Purpose [13:17] Co-creating flow-state connections [14:43] Checking in on my Connection to Self my Self-care [16:44] Healthy Disconnection to Reconnect to Self [19:09] Flow of “All That Is” a Purpose??? [21:22] Driving on my Own is my Meditation & Prayer Time [24:44] Energetic Sharing our Non-verbal Connection [26:26] Connecting to Our Incredible Hearts [30:10] Connecting to Our Pure Heart
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to my Call to Help Others ~ Episode 56 ~ My Conversation with Pauline Butler
Pauline Butler is involved in both the corporate world and operates Chi, Connection, Healing and Insight. Through her life experiences, she sensed that she needed to help others. She was then able through her learning workshops and combining her adult education profession has merged the two practices into the CHI connections. This is her Heart of Connection conversation. [1:06] Connections were lost [2:12] Connections to All Aspects of our Self ~ Good, Not so Good, Indifferent [4:11] Connecting to My Energy [4:45] Connecting to my Heart’s Energy [5:18] Connecting to my Heart ~ there is no Disconnection [7:06] Re-connecting my Disconnection [8:29] Healing the Wounds of Disconnection [10:02] Connecting to our Emotional Hurts [11:40] Connection creates a deeper Flow-State [13:49] Connecting mindfully saves Energy for Loving-Kindness & Compassion [16:34] Connecting to my Empowered Loving-Kindness [20:15] My Hearts Connection to the “All That Is” [23:26] Sitting Silently to Reconnect [26:36] Healing the wounds down our old ‘Rabbit Holes’ [28:35] Connection to our Gift of Self-Love
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to what feels True, Right & Calm ~ Episode 55 ~ My conversation with Beverley Gibbie
Beverley Gibbie has the gift of self-connection through her years of deep inner work healing the emotional wounds of her birthing imprint. She is a mother of two and a grandmother of four grandsons and Kim. This is her Heart of Connection podcast conversation. [0:28] Connections to Geelong are long-term [1:12] Connection to myself feels Real, Right & Calm [4:10] Connecting to the Gift of Healing [6:09] Connecting and trusting my Knowing [7:47] Connecting to truth of my Soul or my Spirit [10:05] Flow-state Connection [12:08] Connected Flow-state of Love, Warmth & Acceptance [13:19] Flow-state of Love connects me to my Higher Self [17:45] Connection to Universal Love is Healing [22:01] Inner Journey Search Opened my Higher Self Connection [29:50] Connections & Conversations open our Energy [33:54] Changing Australia’s Culture around Therapy [35:23] Connecting to Heal & Release
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to Transition Streets in Geelong ~ Episode 54 ~ My Conversation with Monica Winston
Monica Winston is the coordinator of transition streets in Geelong. She was originally a founding member of Geelong Sustainability in 2007. Following building Geelong Sustainability she went through to coordinate the transition streets in Geelong, which is part of the global transition movement started in Ireland. [0:46] Connection to Permaculture ~ my pivot point [3:35] Connection to my Awakening Network Community [6:57] My Grounding & Centering Connection [9:51] Connecting to our Light & Dark of Healing [10:44] Connecting to more my Compassion & Open Heart [13:13] Energy of Aliveness and Freedom Within [15:39] My Transformative Connection of pure Awareness [20:52] Connecting to the Subtle Power of Meditation [22:48] Owning what we Project onto Mother Earth [26:52] My Daily Meditation ~ I connect within [28:25] Connecting to Life as a Whole Meditation
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Connecting to Humans in Geelong ~ Episode 53 ~ My Conversation with Jacqui Bennett
Jacqui Bennett is the founder of Humans in Geelong in this conversation. Humans in Geelong is part of a foundation that's all around the world. It was started by Brandon Stanton, who establish humans in New York. They probably needed to establish that in New York. The humans in Geelong are stories about people putting the humans back into the equation and back into action. The aim of humans in Geelong is to inspire, connect and strengthen our communities. [0:59] Connecting to the good news [2:16]Connecting to others & the flow on effect [5:39] Connecting to my ‘mind over matter’ [8:13] Finding my passion in good news ~ Humans in Geelong [11:17] Connecting to my heart’s passion [14:28] Men Connecting through Man Walk [17:54] Community Connecting is coming together [22:16] My connection to the growth of students [24:40] Re-connecting to my Spiritual Well-being [26:26] Practicing my Tibetan 5 rights each morning [28:21] Our need to stop and connect within [30:08] Connecting to Live globally ~ act Locally
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Connecting to my Heart & Spirit ~ Episode 52 ~ My Conversation with Lisa Hunter
Lisa Hunter is a deeply dedicated teacher guiding children into the joy of learning. She is an established artist and has a deep passion for connection bringing people together to thrive in their creativity in community theatre. This is Lisa’s Heart of Connection conversation. [0:56] Connecting to others is my Blessing of Life [2:58] Community Theatre is my Connection [5:01] Validating and connecting to myself [8:19] Connecting to Spirit within my Heart [10:57] Connecting to Spirit is my Magic Flow-State [13:23]Spirit creates a safety for sharing our vulnerabilities [18:56] Connecting to Higher Self [22:12] Our restless Ego [23:30] World Heart of Connection Day ~ September 4th, 2019 & beyond [28:49] Connecting to our Higher Presence in the Now [32:06] Connecting to our Spirit Flow-State Priceless
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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