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Category: Comedy
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Welcome to Americas' longest running and favorite podcast, where grown adult comedians sit down and do puzzles together! Come get whacky with us and although you may think this is a podcast for children, I assure you it is not.

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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
12 - Soary Not Soary
<p>Gabe comes on the puzzle pod this week and the boys get it on! We discuss my racist high school mascot, (GO REDSKINS)! We also talk about Gabe’s Canadian roots and the role hockey has played in his life growing up. &nbsp;We also discuss the difficulty of stand up and Gabe talks about his eclectic taste of music. &nbsp;It's a rip-roaring good thyme!</p>
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11 - ROOMMATE MEETING! (Blackout-Bonus)
<p>For this week’s puzzle-cast we have the second ever blackout bonus episode. Ran tries to sabotage the episode by trying to create dead-air and ruin the recording levels but Andrew foils his plans and saves the day. Lee and Andrew take a good look into each others eyes as the roommate meeting gets HEATED!&nbsp; We discuss the etymology of Red’s name. Somebody pooped and the boys aim to get to the bottom of it. Then they bury the hatchet from all the roommate drama with a round of vodka shots and pizza pieces.&nbsp; Lee makes the grossest drink ever created because he was mad about the great pizza heist.</p>
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10 - Devil Music
<p>Blake and I discuss how our political system is fucked! Andrew’s biggest sexual fantasy comes true!&nbsp; We talk about Blake’s sinful predilection for devil music and ghoul-punk and Andrew alienates any potential Jimmy Buffet fans out there.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

9 - Book Of Chris
<p>Chris discovers he has quite a passion for puzzling.&nbsp; Andrew attempts to ask Chris questions about comedy but Chris has no time for that as his laser focus hones in on his new passion - puzzles. We talk about his divorce and how that led him to comedy and how he’s managed to be successful on his own terms.&nbsp; We also discuss advanced level geography and determine where TF Turkey is!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

8 - The Label-Breaker
<p>The incomparably funny Zach Wycuff joins us on the puzzle pod! We talk about Zach’s faith, his job as a parole officer and his life as a stand up comedian.&nbsp; We talk about the struggles of being labelled into one group and how that misses the complex nuances of an individuals personality.&nbsp; Zach talks about what it felt like to win the FPIC contest both immediately afterwards and the months following and the challenges that came along with that accolade.&nbsp; Andrew misuses the word "pigeonhole" several times.</p>
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7 - The Funniest Person In Cincinnati And Also Josh O'Neill
<p>The boys put some custard on this hot one! Josh O’Neill and Lee Kimbrell hop on the puzzle-pod to discuss the most difficult aspects of stand up.&nbsp; We start our own new segments including “Andrew’s Burnt Biscuits” and “Lee’s Roasted Giblets.”&nbsp; I think its safe to say that this episode is the most whimsical AF to date! SO COME ON DOWN!!!&nbsp;</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

6 - A Portrait Of The Artist As A Stand Up Comic
<p>Chris Weir has always been one of my favorite comedians.&nbsp; We talk about his background in art and illustrating and the ways in which that intersects with stand up comedy.&nbsp; We talk about the frustrations that come with doing stand up and how we deal with heckling and how that has changed over the years.&nbsp; Finally, and most importantly we address our Swedish constituency and talk about why everyone should move to Sweden ASAP.&nbsp; Check it out folks!<br><br><br>Season 2: "Office Hours," Episode 6</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

5 - Ran Doesn't Help With The Puzzle, So Andrew Beats Him Up!
<p>Season 2: Office Hours starts off hot! Ran comes back for his second appearance on the puzzle-cast and besmirches the host’s good name, so Andrew has no choice but to hurl a pot of piping hot pot of coffee into his face, disfiguring him horribly, in order to restore the Rudick family honor. Things quickly devolve into further mayhem as the pair discuss who would win in a post-apocalyptic fight over who would be a better father.&nbsp; Lee “drops in” and Andrew learns what the word “compartmentalize” means.</p><p><br></p><p>Season 2: “Office Hours,” Episode 5.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

4 - Don Fazulli Was A Hack (Part 2)
<p>Join us for the gripping finale of Season 1! Clinton opens up about how he hates parades.&nbsp; Josh discusses his experience getting to emcee for Mike Bribiglia.&nbsp; Andrew talks about getting heckled offstage by the Manager of Go Bananas Comedy Club.&nbsp; Things get a little loose when the host starts dishing out valuable puzzle points.&nbsp; Molly acquires 20 puzzle points, while Josh is docked 15 for name-dropping Chicago based comedians Mike Cronin and Tim McLaughlin.&nbsp; The studio whiteboard gets utilized to talk shit about our least favorite local comedian! Email us with your guesses as to who it is for a chance to win a brand new pre-owned puzzle!&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 4.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

3 - Don Fazulli Was A Hack
<p>Episode 3 features the first half of a hot puzzle-sesh with special guests Clinton Jacob, Molly Hartzell, Lee Kimbrell, and Josh O’Neill! Lee puts an APB out for some red handlebars and things get NUTSO when a boarder-piece goes missing!&nbsp; We commiserate our worst bombs of all time and re-tell the first jokes we ever wrote! It’s a whacky-good thyme!&nbsp;<br><br>Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 3.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

2 - Blackout Bonus With Guest Host Tom Dustin
<p>Episode 2 is a special black out bonus episode! Tom Dustin steps in as my guest host, as I was too inebriated to even form words! Also joining us on this special bonus puzzlecast are my hilarious friends Bridget Denman, Molly Hartzell, Lee Kimbrell, and Ran Barnaclo! Listen in as we solve the mystery of whether or not Big Puzzle has been shorting us pieces!&nbsp;<br><br>Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 2.</p>
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1 - Put The Kids To Bed, Cause The Grown-Ups Are Puzzlin!
<p>Andrew welcomes his inaugural guest and special friend Ran Barnaclo. They discuss life, love, puzzles and comedy. Their special friendship will live throughout the anals [sic] of time in this barn burning episode. Take the kiddies to bed, because its time for the adults to puzzle!<br><br>Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 1.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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