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Category: Comedy
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Welcome to Americas' longest running and favorite podcast, where grown adult comedians sit down and do puzzles together! Come get whacky with us and although you may think this is a podcast for children, I assure you it is not.

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Podcast Episode's:
29 - Kentucky Bus Fights!
<p>Puzzle Buddies producer Clinton Jacob comes on the Puzzle-cast and we talk about therapy, ASMR, proper airplane window etiquette, alien invasions and kentucky bus fights! It’s a friggin riot yall!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

28 - FMK: Unicorn, Centaur, Minotaur (A Very Problematic Episode)
<p>Andrew is joined this week by Karl Spaeth, Anna Mazza, and Ran Barnaclo, as they wrap up their dissection of mythical sex creatures.&nbsp; Andrew’s eyes get extra itchy in this episode as Anna’s terrible case of wet-mouth worsens.&nbsp; Karl talks about his hero Grandfather who served in WWI.&nbsp; Things really take a fun turn when Karl dials up a little Minotaur porn that he’s been saving for a sunny day.&nbsp; Anna seeks thoughts and prayers for her turf-toe.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

27 - The Great Unicorn Orgy Of '69
<p>I am joined this week by my good friends Anna Mazza, Karl Spaeth, and Ran Barnaclo.&nbsp; Anna brings a unicorn puzzle and to pay her back everyone is mean to her!&nbsp; We talk about turf-toe, and Ran and Anna argue over a pair of socks.&nbsp; Karl gets sober AF! Boy oh boy does Andrew have to cut a lot out of this one, but he does teach everyone the proper way to prepare a poached egg! Tune in y’all!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

26 - Andrew Sounds Like A Real Smarmy Asshole On This One (Clinton Fixes The Sound).
<p>The puzzle pod engineer himself, Clinton Jacob, comes on for this weeks puzzlepod to talk gas station culture and teeth! We discuss Clinton’s journey back and forth between music and comedy and we talk about how terrible and hacky our podcast competetors are, namely Ran Barnaclo.&nbsp; And upon editing, Andrew realized that he sounds like a real turbo-douche on this one, so strap in and puzzle up!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

25 - Texas Mitch and the Fun-Thyme Boys!
<p>Puzzle Buddy regulars Lee Kimbrell, Ran Barnaclo and Josh O’Neill join me this week on the puzzle-cast.&nbsp; Ran tries to play the silent game for the first time in his life.&nbsp; We lay down our sexiest ASMR sounds to juice y’alls ears up. Tune in for “Turtle Time,” the newest segment on PB Podcast.&nbsp; Andrew searches for the word ‘feverishly” but comes up short.&nbsp; Red Particles and the gang tries to escape the dust bowl!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

24 - Red Barnaclo, King Of The Crabs (Hot Stinky Pickle)
<p>Chris stops by with a gaggle of cheese coneys and Zach is tasked with asking the hard hitting questions as Andrew’s question-asking ability is questioned.&nbsp; We talk about sexual education and sowing our Hall and Oates. Zach is tought the ins and outs of a good old-fashioned heater and the boys interview for Andrew’s job which is absurd to think he could be replaced.&nbsp; We find out what Zach is looking for in a mate, and unlike Ran, stink is not a factor.&nbsp; Andrew talks about his moccasin-confidence and becomes suddenly self aware of his inability to to be a host. Lee is forced to zip it! Will the golden boys be able to survive Ranos evil Snap?&nbsp; Find out on the gripping conclusion of this dumb bullshit!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

23 - Ranos The Villain vs. The Golden Boys
<p>The evil villain Ranos crashes the pod and tries to besmirch Estell Getty’s good honor, but fortunately the golden boys come to save the day! We talk about whether or not Zach Wycuff is a gun for hire and why he insists on “dancing in the dark.”&nbsp; Andrew makes some serious artistic edits in this one because it gets ROUGH!&nbsp; Lee talks about the farm stuff and we discuss changing ourselves from rabble-rousers into full time bedtime boys.&nbsp; To Andrew’s dismay, he finds out that he doesn’t know how to ask questions or write episode summaries.&nbsp;</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

22 - Algorithm Jones
<p>Jon Holmes and Ran Barnaclo join me this week and we get deep into Puzzle-Theory on this barn-burner! We give our sparkling water reviews and the debate really starts to bubble up.&nbsp; We talk Pro Bowl with the boys and Terrell Nuggs joins us!&nbsp; Andrew decides to give back to first responders by starting a puzzle giveaway!&nbsp; By the way, I lie on this episode and I aint sending shit!&nbsp; Come join the fun!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

21 - Cincinnati's Paddy Daddy
<p>Puzzle Buddy favorite Josh O’Neill returns to the pod to talk turtles, Louis CK, and city living.&nbsp; Josh issues his State of the Cincinnati Comedy scene Address.&nbsp; Andrew helps Josh prep for an upcoming job interview by improvising a series of mock interviews, but Josh quickly flips the script, and reverses roles on Andrew’s candy ass.&nbsp; Andrew finds himself in quite the pickle, forced to think on his feet and explain to Josh why he feels qualified to keep his own podcast.&nbsp; Does Josh get the job? Do Josh’s cutback’s force Andrew to retire from Puzzle Buddies LLC’s?&nbsp; What’s been burning Josh’s Paddys lately?&nbsp; These are the dumb questions we attempt to answer on this stupid podcast! &nbsp;</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

20 - Papaw Issues
<p>Joining me this week is the very funny Zach Powers!&nbsp; Zach just moved to LA this week and he comes on to tell me how he thinks he’s better than me know and how he’s sick of this one-hole shit-town we call Cincinnati (his words, not mine.&nbsp; I love it here).&nbsp; We discuss the music that gets us juiced (Juice-tunes).&nbsp; Zach confesses his love for hit Choch-Rock band Evanescence and the boys really get the convo cooking when we get into gold fish size.&nbsp; Finally Andrew creates his new rapper persona “Buck, Buck, Ground Chuck” and everything works out just fine!&nbsp; Tell your friends!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

19 - The Glass is Half Phil
<p>This week we have the very funny Phil Pointer joining us on the puzzle cast!&nbsp; Philbo Baggins talks about his status as a furloughed government employee and how the shutdown is affecting him.&nbsp; Phil points out (get it?!?!) how different groups of audiences react differently to his material.&nbsp; We talk about how it feels to lose a clap off and discuss about how Clinton did a great job with the theme song even though&nbsp; he needs to modify his last name and Phil does a spot on impression of me! Check out the new rehabbed IG account @puzzlebuddiespod! Im not locking myself out of this one I’ll tell you that much! Wrote my password down on my hand this time!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

18 - Gleek Club
<p>Joining me for this week’s edition of Puzzle Buddies are my awesome friends Mike Hillinski and Joe Mesa!&nbsp; We find out that Mike is really into hardcore ASMR!&nbsp; Find out what hi jinx the fellas are up to this week,&nbsp; like will Joe finally tell Buffalo Puzzles to get fucked?&nbsp; Just how much reverb can one man take?&nbsp; How many times can Andrew say “like” in one sentence?&nbsp; These are just some of the many hard-hitting puzzles we’re going to be piecing together.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

17 - The Mike Pence Rule
<p>Joining me this week on the puzzle-pod are my two hilarious friends Molly Hartzell and Sean Muthig!&nbsp; We try to convince Sean’s silly ass to do stand up comedy, but he throws in the Crohn's-card and teaches us how to make a waffle salad!&nbsp; We address the hard-hitting questions, like are children real, or are they just tiny little actors?&nbsp; The debate really heats up when Molly posits whether or not Sandra Bullock even really exists.&nbsp; She offers some winspiration for puzzling we and ruin Tony Hawk's marriage! Come piece together some FUN!!!&nbsp; IM ANNOYING!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

16 - Horses Are For Hays
<p>Joining me this week on the puzzle-pod is John Hays!&nbsp; John is a musician/comedian/MMA fighter/photographer/lover/bad-boy.&nbsp; We talk about what life is like being tattooed bad-boys.&nbsp; We discuss who would win in an MMA fight (obviously me) and we discuss John’s job working at the Racetrack.&nbsp; We discuss John’s proclivity for missionary sex and how he’s looking for a family.&nbsp; Join us for the sexiest episode yet!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

15 - The Rude Dicks
<p>Leah Rudick and David Bly join the puzzle pod on Christmas night and David teaches us about Canada! I throw a little Christmas shade at my big sis even though she is being as nice as can be! Things get heated over the great Capri sun/lunchables merger debate!&nbsp; We have some fun with accents so my apologies to anyone who might live in those countries! We discuss what’s been bugging us lately, like bugs!&nbsp; Leah discusses being killed by a “swarm of insects” in a past life.&nbsp; We do some practice drills to get better at small talk and Leah divulges her greatest fear - impromptu toasts.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

14 - The Rudick Family Christmas
<p>My sister and brother in law join me for a special Puzzle Buddies Christmas edition.&nbsp; We start with the world’s smallest puzzle and move on to a customized puzzle that they gave me as a Christmas gift.&nbsp; The puzzle in question was a picture of me in a speedo as an 11 year old boy coming out of a pool, dripping with water and pure sexuality. &nbsp; If this sounds creepy to anyone, just remember that I’m talking about a picture of myself in the past.&nbsp; Ive done the calculations and determined that it is impossible to molest yourself so everyone just fucking relax!&nbsp; Also, we find out that Leah is tone deaf AF!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

13 - Lee Is Running Hotter Than Red! (Ruth Bader Ginsberg Coming For Blood)
<p>Chris turns football Sunday into puzzle Sunday as his newfound love puzzle passion possesses him to pick up a golden girl puzzle!&nbsp; Lee has got something caught in his giblets because he is running hotter than Red Barnaclo.&nbsp; An impromptu and fully necessary roommate meeting halts the puzzle pod to address Lee’s potty attitude and inability to spread out the pieces. YIKES TO RED! The gang gets into a heated game of “FMK” and some DIFFICULT decisions are made that leave some of us feeling less than whole.&nbsp; Newlyweds Billy and Alicia Devore join us midway through for some hot takes on Golden Girls.&nbsp; We find out that Alicia is a ghost-fucker and Billy doesn’t even seem to care!&nbsp; Andrew gets his buzz on big thyme after discovering that the puzzle is cursed.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

12 - Soary Not Soary
<p>Gabe comes on the puzzle pod this week and the boys get it on! We discuss my racist high school mascot, (GO REDSKINS)! We also talk about Gabe’s Canadian roots and the role hockey has played in his life growing up. &nbsp;We also discuss the difficulty of stand up and Gabe talks about his eclectic taste of music. &nbsp;It's a rip-roaring good thyme!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

11 - ROOMMATE MEETING! (Blackout-Bonus)
<p>For this week’s puzzle-cast we have the second ever blackout bonus episode. Ran tries to sabotage the episode by trying to create dead-air and ruin the recording levels but Andrew foils his plans and saves the day. Lee and Andrew take a good look into each others eyes as the roommate meeting gets HEATED!&nbsp; We discuss the etymology of Red’s name. Somebody pooped and the boys aim to get to the bottom of it. Then they bury the hatchet from all the roommate drama with a round of vodka shots and pizza pieces.&nbsp; Lee makes the grossest drink ever created because he was mad about the great pizza heist.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

10 - Devil Music
<p>Blake and I discuss how our political system is fucked! Andrew’s biggest sexual fantasy comes true!&nbsp; We talk about Blake’s sinful predilection for devil music and ghoul-punk and Andrew alienates any potential Jimmy Buffet fans out there.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

9 - Book Of Chris
<p>Chris discovers he has quite a passion for puzzling.&nbsp; Andrew attempts to ask Chris questions about comedy but Chris has no time for that as his laser focus hones in on his new passion - puzzles. We talk about his divorce and how that led him to comedy and how he’s managed to be successful on his own terms.&nbsp; We also discuss advanced level geography and determine where TF Turkey is!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

8 - The Label-Breaker
<p>The incomparably funny Zach Wycuff joins us on the puzzle pod! We talk about Zach’s faith, his job as a parole officer and his life as a stand up comedian.&nbsp; We talk about the struggles of being labelled into one group and how that misses the complex nuances of an individuals personality.&nbsp; Zach talks about what it felt like to win the FPIC contest both immediately afterwards and the months following and the challenges that came along with that accolade.&nbsp; Andrew misuses the word "pigeonhole" several times.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

7 - The Funniest Person In Cincinnati And Also Josh O'Neill
<p>The boys put some custard on this hot one! Josh O’Neill and Lee Kimbrell hop on the puzzle-pod to discuss the most difficult aspects of stand up.&nbsp; We start our own new segments including “Andrew’s Burnt Biscuits” and “Lee’s Roasted Giblets.”&nbsp; I think its safe to say that this episode is the most whimsical AF to date! SO COME ON DOWN!!!&nbsp;</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

6 - A Portrait Of The Artist As A Stand Up Comic
<p>Chris Weir has always been one of my favorite comedians.&nbsp; We talk about his background in art and illustrating and the ways in which that intersects with stand up comedy.&nbsp; We talk about the frustrations that come with doing stand up and how we deal with heckling and how that has changed over the years.&nbsp; Finally, and most importantly we address our Swedish constituency and talk about why everyone should move to Sweden ASAP.&nbsp; Check it out folks!</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

5 - Ran Doesn't Help With The Puzzle, So Andrew Beats Him Up!
<p>Season 2: Office Hours starts off hot! Ran comes back for his second appearance on the puzzle-cast and besmirches the host’s good name, so Andrew has no choice but to hurl a pot of piping hot pot of coffee into his face, disfiguring him horribly, in order to restore the Rudick family honor. Things quickly devolve into further mayhem as the pair discuss who would win in a post-apocalyptic fight over who would be a better father.&nbsp; Lee “drops in” and Andrew learns what the word “compartmentalize” means.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

4 - Don Fazulli Was A Hack (Part 2)
<p>Join us for the gripping finale of Season 1! Clinton opens up about how he hates parades.&nbsp; Josh discusses his experience getting to emcee for Mike Bribiglia.&nbsp; Andrew talks about getting heckled offstage by the Manager of Go Bananas Comedy Club.&nbsp; Things get a little loose when the host starts dishing out valuable puzzle points.&nbsp; Molly acquires 20 puzzle points, while Josh is docked 15 for name-dropping Chicago based comedians Mike Cronin and Tim McLaughlin.&nbsp; The studio whiteboard gets utilized to talk shit about our least favorite local comedian! Email us with your guesses as to who it is for a chance to win a brand new pre-owned puzzle!&nbsp;</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

3 - Don Fazulli Was A Hack
<p>Episode 3 features the first half of a hot puzzle-sesh with special guests Clinton Jacob, Molly Hartzell, Lee Kimbrell, and Josh O’Neill! Lee puts an APB out for some red handlebars and things get NUTSO when a boarder-piece goes missing!&nbsp; We commiserate our worst bombs of all time and re-tell the first jokes we ever wrote! It’s a whacky-good thyme!&nbsp;<br><br>Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 3.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

2 - It’s Only The Second Episode And The Host Is Already Blacked Out
<p>Episode 2 is a special black out bonus episode! Tom Dustin steps in as my guest host, as I was too inebriated to even form words! Also joining us on this special bonus puzzlecast are my hilarious friends Bridget Denman, Molly Hartzell, Lee Kimbrell, and Ran Barnaclo! Listen in as we solve the mystery of whether or not Big Puzzle has been shorting us pieces!&nbsp;<br><br>Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 2.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

1 - Put The Kids To Bed, Cause The Grown-Ups Are Puzzlin!
<p>Andrew welcomes his inaugural guest and special friend Ran Barnaclo. They discuss life, love, puzzles and comedy. Their special friendship will live throughout the anals [sic] of time in this barn burning episode. Take the kiddies to bed, because its time for the adults to puzzle!<br><br>Season 1: "A Day At The Dock," Episode 1.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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