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Category: Science/Medicine
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Find out why most published studies are wrong - and what is being done to Unbreak Science!

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Podcast Episode's:
UBS Cerebral Bootcamp Episode 3: The Replication Crisis and Much, Much More
UBS Bootcamp Episode 3. Publication Bias and Levels of Evidence. Find out why meta-scientists say that most published studies are wrong, why the Replication Crisis exists, why "significance" is not the only valuable outcome of studies, and why replication "success" is not the only type of success we should measure in Science. What questions exist and what solutions are being explored? How - and when - can we determine causality - and when it is impossible? Themes: Levels of Evidence, p-hacking, HARKing, Replication Crisis, New Measures of Success in Science. TOPICS: PSYCHOLOGY: POWER POSING, EGO DEPLETION. Solutions: UBS Mantra #1, Pink-sheeting<p><a rel="payment" href="https://www.patreon.com/UnbreakingScience">Support the show</a> (https://www.patreon.com/UnbreakingScience)</p>
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UBS Cerebral Bootcamp Episode 2: Is Science Broken?
In this 1 1/2 hour-long episode, Dr. Jack reviews stunning messages from three editors of major medical journals and introduces the work of Dr. John Ionnidis and others who say that most the published results in the scientific literature is expected to be wrong. Learn why and reviews the evidence - from psychology to cancer research and economic science.Review competing viewpoints on the question "Is Science Broken?". Be ready to jump-start your empirical rational inquiry abilities. Themes: Null Hypothesis Significance Testing (NHST), Publication bias, double false-positive "validation", perverse incentives. TOPICS: GLYPHOSATE SAFETY SCIENCE-LIKE ACTIVITIES Questions for Dr Jack? email: AskDrJack@unbreakingscience.com <p><a rel="payment" href="https://www.patreon.com/UnbreakingScience">Support the show</a> (https://www.patreon.com/UnbreakingScience)</p>
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UBS Cerebral Bootcamp #1 - What is Science?
Intro to the Show! What is Science? How can the public tell Science from "Science-Like Activities?" What was Popper's "Demarcation"? Subjective Belief vs. The Quest for Knowledge. Hypothetico-deductivism. David Hume's types of knowledge. Positivism. Constructivism vs. Objectivity: Do We Create or Discover Knowledge? Confirmationism. Justificationism. Kuhn vs. Popper. Induction and the Limits of Knowledge. Scientism. Appeal to Authority Fallacy. Methodological Anarchy. Regulatory Capture. What about Scientism? Learn about Dr. Jack's 5 Stages in the Ontology of Science and Why Science Needs to Mature Into its Predictive Stage. Visit the Unbreaking Science website for related articles at http://unbreakingscience.com Questions? Email us at AskDrJack@UnbreakingScience.com>AskDrJack@UnbreakingScience.com<p><a rel="payment" href="https://www.patreon.com/UnbreakingScience">Support the show</a> (https://www.patreon.com/UnbreakingScience)</p>
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