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Category: Business
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K-Swiss team talks to the young entrepreneurs who inspire us, and who we can learn from as we find out what they do and how they did it.

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Podcast Episode's:
BOSCO | Singer, Songwriter, Fashion Influencer
<p class="p1">Welcome to the brand new K-Swiss podcast, Turning Pro, a show that interviews creatives, hustlers, and young professionals who have turned their passions into their careers. In this episode, Omar welcomes singer, songwriter, fashion influencer and entrepreneur, BOSCO. After deciding college was no longer for her, BOSCO dropped out to pursue her entrepreneurial dream of starting her own creative agency, Slug. BOSCO talks about the importance of surrounding herself with the right people along her entrepreneurial journey. She advocates for giving back to the community and stresses that it is a vital part of her success. -care and self-love in order to be the best she can be. Finally, BOSCO shares her vision for her future goals, which include winning a Grammy, working with Frank Ocean and starting her own record label.</p> <p>Listen to all our past episodes: <a href= "https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio</a></p> <p>Podcast production by <a href="http://www.fullcast.co" target= "_blank" rel="noopener">FullCast</a></p>
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Barney and Omar | June Drops
<p>In this very special bonus episode of CEOs Wear Sneakers, Barney and Omar break down the upcoming sneaker drops for the month of June. First, in honor of the 35th Anniversary of the iconic film, they announce the Ghostbusters Two-Shoe Pack release, featuring an homage to both the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer. Next, they share the release of the Gary Vee 004s, a sneaker that sends a message of positivity and optimism in the face of the daunting task of entrepreneurship. Finally, Omar and Barney tease more upcoming K-Swiss projects and collaborations that they believe will resonate with K-Swiss’ loyal fan base.</p> <p>Listen to all our past episodes: <a href= "https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio</a></p> <p>Podcast production by <a href="http://www.fullcast.co" target= "_blank" rel="noopener">FullCast</a></p>
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Jordan Harbinger | The Jordan Harbinger Show
<p>Barney welcomes to the podcast, Wall Street lawyer turned interview talk show host, Jordan Harbinger. Jordan is the host of the immensely popular podcast, The Jordan Harbinger Show, where he interviews some of the most successful people in the world, gaining insights into their strategies, perspectives and overall world views. In this episode, Barney and Jordan talk about Jordan’s unconventional career path as well as his experience as a communications and social dynamics expert. Finally, Jordan expounds on the concept of deliberate practice, the importance of networking, and striving for constant improvement.</p> <p>Listen to all our past episodes: <a href= "https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio</a></p> <p>Podcast production by <a href="http://www.fullcast.co" target= "_blank" rel="noopener">FullCast</a></p>
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Seth Maxwell | Thirst Project
<p>Omar welcomes to the podcast entrepreneur, Seth Maxwell. Seth is the founder and CEO of The Thirst Project, a nonprofit organization that works with the support of young people to end the global water crisis. In this episode, Omar and Seth talk about what inspired Seth to get involved in this movement and what his plans are for future growth. They discuss the power of individuals helping others and the impact of social media on our society. Finally, Seth provides simple steps we all can follow to help end the global water crisis for good.</p> <p>01:06 – The Thirst Project<br /> 03:43 – What inspired Seth to start The Thirst Project<br /> 07:17 – Seth’s educational background<br /> 08:01 – How Seth learned about the water crisis<br /> 11:27 – Seth talks about the genesis of The Thirst Project<br /> 12:59 – How Seth’s mother supported his passion project<br /> 16:00 – The power of helping one person<br /> 16:59 – Why young females make up the majority of The Thirst Project’s participants<br /> 19:06 – The perfect storm of social impact<br /> 22:30 – The regions of the world that The Thirst Project focuses on<br /> 25:07 – Seth speaks to the water crisis in the United States<br /> 31:21 – How to get involved in The Thirst Project<br /> 33:19 – Where listeners can follow Seth and The Thirst Project<br /> 33:35 – Parting words of wisdom from Seth<br /> 36:11 – Omar urges listeners to subscribe and review the podcast
</p> <p>Listen to all our past episodes: <a href= "https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio</a></p> <p>Podcast production by <a href="http://www.fullcast.co" target= "_blank" rel="noopener">FullCast</a></p>
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Dion Walcott | Toronto Loves Kicks, MARTK’D
<p>Omar welcomes to the podcast, designer, culture consultant, and entrepreneur, Dion Walcott. Dion is the founder of Toronto Loves Kicks, MARTK’D and iDEEa Consultancy Group. He specializes in brand positioning and creative strategy. In this episode, Omar and Dion talk about the sneaker culture, following your passion, and the interconnected nature of music. Dion discusses his work with Yellowbrick, an educational course that taps into interests and passions to spark success and open doors for students. Finally, Omar and Dion discuss the importance of having the correct mindset when it comes to being an entrepreneur.</p> <p>Listen to all our past episodes: <a href= "https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio</a></p> <p>Podcast production by <a href="http://www.fullcast.co" target= "_blank" rel="noopener">FullCast</a></p>
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Julie Pinzur | Mokuyobi Threads
<p>Omar welcomes to the podcast, designer, illustrator, entrepreneur, and hustler, Julie Pinzur. Julie is the founder and creative director of Mokuyobi Threads, an L.A.-based company that offers bags, hats, and other apparel and accessories. In this episode, Omar and Julie talk all about the power of brands. Julie provides advice on creative inspiration, Kickstarter campaigns and personal branding. Finally, Omar and Julie discuss the importance of maintaining a balanced routine.</p> <p>Listen to all our past episodes: <a href= "https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio</a></p>
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Ajay Relan | Hashtag Lunch Bag
<p>In this episode, Barney welcomes to the podcast entrepreneur, investor, humanitarian and founder of the Hashtag Lunch Bag movement, Ajay Relan. Barney and Ajay discuss the mission, success and rapid growth of Hashtag Lunch Bag, from a prescribed project to a national phenomenon spanning over forty cities nationwide. Ajay also touches on topics such as mental health, therapy and the importance of living to give back to others.</p> <p>Listen to all our past episodes: <a href= "https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio</a></p>
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Barney & Patrick | We Are the West
<p>In this episode, Barney and Patrick provide a comprehensive deep dive into the brand initiatives that K-Swiss has been involved in over the past few months. They talk about collaborating with some of the most creative and inspiring entrepreneurs and brands, including Gary Vaynerchuk, Karen Civil, Ariel Stark-Benz and many more. They also discuss the various brand campaigns K-Swiss has promoted. These campaigns span from celebrating Black History Month and Chinese New Year to their Dreamer series of sneakers. Finally, Barney and Patrick tease upcoming K-Swiss events and guests that will be appearing on the CEOs Wear Sneakers Podcast.</p> <p>Listen to all our past episodes: <a href= "https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio</a></p>
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Tommy Genesis | Rapper, Visual Artist, Influencer
<p>In this episode, Patrick Buchanan welcomes to the podcast rapper, model, visual artist, influencer, and entrepreneur, Tommy Genesis. Tommy has been widely regarded as the Internet’s most rebellious underground rap queen. This reputation, however, is somewhat misleading as Tommy reveals in this interview. She talks about the struggles of maintaining her artistic identity in a world of social media and constant news coverage. Tommy opens up about ‘The Tommy Video’ and the criticism and critiques she received from it. Conversely, Tommy discusses her creative process and the accolades she received for her latest music video, God is Wild. Tommy has a positive outlook on her growth as an artist and entrepreneur, which centers on the idea of becoming.</p> <p>Listen to all our past episodes: <a href= "https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">https://kswiss.com/pages/kswiss-radio</a></p>
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Luke Lawal | HBCU Buzz
<p class="p1">In this episode, Patrick Buchanan welcomes to the podcast founder and CEO of HBCU Buzz, Luke Lawal. HBCU Buzz is a media outlet that focuses primary on historically black colleges and universities. It is the leading source of HBCU news, sports and entertainment. Luke discusses the inspiration that sparked HBCU Buzz and provides advice to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses. Luke talks about the common misconception surrounding millennials and challenges the negative sentiment that often accompanies this label. Patrick and Luke discuss Black History Month and the importance of celebrating being black and black culture. Finally, Luke elaborates on the value he places on his time and the goals he is setting in 2019 to be more time efficient in every endeavor.<span class= "Apple-converted-space">   </span></p>
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Sharifa Murdock | Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs
<p class="p1">In this episode, Barney welcomes to the podcast fashion expert and entrepreneur, Sharifa Murdock. Sharifa is the co-founder of Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs, a contemporary fashion and lifestyle trade show that curates forward-thinking brands and connects them with the industry’s top buyers. She is also the founder of ENVSN Fest, an event Sharifa started to inspire young women looking to pursue entrepreneurship, gain success, and be the best they can be. Barney and Sharifa talk about her burning passion for fashion even as a young kid growing up in Brooklyn. Sharifa is a big believer in the power of mentorship and paying it forward, as she details in today’s episode. Barney and Sharifa talk all about Sharifa’s background in fashion, where she got her entrepreneurial hustle, and what she plans on doing next with her career. Finally, Sharifa shares some cogent advice with the audience, including the importance of staying humble, being open to new learnings, and giving back.</p>
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Samantha Peszek | The Gympire | Beam Queen Bootcamp
<p class="p1">In this episode, Barney welcomes to the podcast seventeen-time All-American, ESPN analyst, and former Olympian, Samantha Peszek. Samantha was a member of the USA Gymnastics team that won the silver medal in the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing. Since then, Samantha has continued her career in gymnastics as an entrepreneur, advocate, coach, analyst and champion for the sport. Her I Have Cool Friends podcast, which just recently reached 100,000 downloads on iTunes, features interviews with some of the biggest names in gymnastics. From sports psychologists and nutritionists to former Olympic teammates and coaches, her show provides a wide spectrum of information from the world of gymnastics. Samantha talks all about the peaks and valleys of her illustrious career, including the devastating injuries she suffered both at the Olympics and at the collegiate level. However, her steadfast drive and determination carried her on to her latest projects. She is the co-founder of The Gympire, a training community for those looking to become the best they can be. She also started the Beam Queen Bootcamp, a gymnastics camp specializing in beam and instilling confidence in young women. Finally, Samantha shares her long-term goals of having her own sports talk show and growing her gymnastics camp internationally so she can make a meaningful impact on young female athletes around the world. <span class="Apple-converted-space">   </span></p>
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Daina Trout | Health-Ade
<p class="p1">In this episode, Barney welcomes to the podcast CEO and President of Health-Ade LLC, Daina Trout. Health-Ade ferments, brews and sells organic kombucha beverages in small glass batches in order to ensure the freshest product. Health-Ade is also the fastest growing brand in the beverage category and kombucha is the fastest growing category in beverage industry. This year they gained eight full market share points, a truly unbelievable feat. Today, Health-Ade products can be found in over 18,000 stores across the United States and Canada, including Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Costco, Walmart and Target. Daina talks all about the health benefits of kombucha, the “better for you beverage.” Kombucha is rich in probiotics, which help with digestion, immunity, and giving the body more energy. Daina tells the story of how she, her husband and her best friend all quit their jobs to pursue an entrepreneurial dream. After six years, Daina and her co-founders have found huge success within this niche market. Daina credits hard work, prioritization, and sacrifice for the success of Health-Ade. Finally, Daina shares some of the lessons she learned along her entrepreneurial journey.</p>
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David Hansson | Basecamp
<p class="p1">In this episode, Barney welcomes to the podcast best-selling author, Le Mans class-winning racing driver, hobbyist photographer, and entrepreneur, David Hansson. David is the founder and CTO at Basecamp, a software as a service company aimed at making project management and communication more organized. David is also the creator of Ruby on Rails, an open-source web framework that’s optimized for programming applications. Some of the more famous applications that have been created using Ruby on Rails include, Airbnb, Shopify, Kickstarter and Goodreads. Above all else, David is a philosopher on business. He has written four books on topics ranging from working remotely to running a company by forgoing the lure of excessive growth. Barney and David discuss David’s vision for a better work environment. They also discuss the antiquated notion of meetings and open office spaces. David shares his thoughts on serial entrepreneurship and talks about why he chose to focus most of his attention back on Basecamp. Finally, David opens up about his personal life, including his racecar-driving hobby and his love for travel. David has lived all across the world, from Copenhagen and Chicago to Malibu and Spain.</p>
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KC Holiday | Qalo
<p class="p1">In this episode, Barney welcomes to the podcast KC Holiday, co-founder of Qalo, the functional wedding band that fits your life. Qalo is a brand that isn’t built solely on silicone wedding bands; it is about so much more. The success that the Qalo brand has experienced is due to their commitment to the ideals and values of family, relationships and, above all, love. Along with co-founder Ted Baker, KC knew he wanted to continue wearing something that represented the commitment he made in marriage. They both knew that whatever they created had to meet certain requirements and standards that fit their lifestyles and personal beliefs. KC talks about the impact he and Ted have made in the sixteen billion dollar wedding ring industry. He discusses the organic growth of Qalo, and how it continues to strive for differentiation as a disruptor in the industry. KC speaks to importance of Qalo’s brand as a company that strives to keep families together and promote a sense of community. It is Qalo’s brand messaging that has made it possible to expand into an ever-evolving global community. Finally, KC shares parting words of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to achieve their dreams and goals.<span class="Apple-converted-space">   </span></p>
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Speaker Series 1 | Alex Brown | The Beard Club
<p class="p1">In this episode, Barney welcomes to the podcast Alex Brown, co-founder of the popular subscription service, The Beard Club. A disruptor in the marketplace, The Beard Club is shaking up the beard care industry by offering wholesale prices on top quality products. Alex is a self-proclaimed ‘serial-entrepreneur, having founded multiple start-ups, and is an active advisor to multiple others. With The Beard Club, Alex and co-founder Chris Stoikos grew the business from zero to ten million dollars in revenue in their first year of operation within this niche market. Barney and Alex discuss Alex’s early struggles in his entrepreneurial journey. They talk about beard accelerators, Alex’s nomadic lifestyle, and valuing the journey over the destination. Alex also touches on his role as founder and CEO of Subscription Hacks, a media and educational platform supporting entrepreneurs looking to build impactful subscription and e-commerce companies. Finally, Barney and Alex compare their lists of the most iconic beards of all time, from Santa Claus and Gandalf, to Abe Lincoln and Connor McGregor.</p>
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Brian McDonell | Melin Brand
<p class="p1">In this episode, Barney welcomes to the podcast Brian McDonell, co-founder and President of Melin, a Southern California premium lifestyle brand aimed at crafting the highest quality headwear on the planet. Brian talks all about his entrepreneurial journey, from developing the idea for luxury performance headwear to getting the funding necessary to get the company off the ground. Brian discusses the major breakthroughs he and his co-founder Corey Roth made with the Melin brand and the eventual partnership acquisition that ensued. By collaborating with a major lifestyle brand, Brian and Corey were able to scale Melin up to reach its full potential. Brian also discusses the various marketing tactics that Melin implements, including brand ambassadorships and athlete influencers who wear and promote Melin products in a genuine and organic way. Melin’s biggest concern is brand recognition, which Brian believes can be rectified with proper marketing and promotion. Finally, Barney and Brian discuss the passion that is necessary to build successful brands like K-Swiss and Melin.</p>
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Jesse Lee | dFm | Basic Space
<p class="p1">In this episode, Barney welcomes to the podcast Jesse Lee, founder of the marketing and public relations agency Dub Frequency Media, aka, DFM. Originally from Chicago, Jesse moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. At its core, DFM aims to couple content with experience in order to create and drive commerce. After successfully launching DFM, Jesse decided to start Westwood Westwood, a content platform that celebrates creative entrepreneurs who are mastering their crafts. Jesse is a huge pop culture junkie; he seeks out the latest in music, fashion, design, art, and tech. He’s also not afraid to take risks or try new entrepreneurial pursuits, which led him to start the technology company, Basic Space. Jesse talks about aiming for a win-win-win model where customers, sellers and brands all benefit from utilizing Basic Space. Barney and Jesse also talk about social influencers and the role they play in modern marketing. Finally, Jesse shares his recent projects, including community outreach and political activism.</p>
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Casey Adams | Build Your Empire
<p class="p1">In this episode, Omar & Barney welcome to the podcast author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and CEO of Build Your Empire, Casey Adams. Author of the best-selling book, Rise of the Young, Casey truly has a remarkable story. He turned a near fatal neck injury from a negative situation into a positive outcome by using his recovery time to learn everything he could about building a personal brand by leveraging social media. Today, Casey has catapulting his brand, Build Your Empire, into one of the top influential brands for young entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Casey breaks down the three pillars he utilized to build his personal brand: collaborations, podcasting and traveling. He believes that understanding a brand’s core message is imperative in order to grow and leverage it. Additionally, Casey stresses the importance of building and maintaining strong, meaningful relationships. He credits his own relationship-building skills as one of the reasons he has been so successful in his endeavors. Finally, Casey identifies the difference between influencers and entrepreneurs and gives advice to young upstarts looking to build their own brands.</p>
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Barney and Omar | Brand Transparency AMA
<p>Barney Waters is the President of K-Swiss, responsible for all aspects of sales, product and marketing for the global K-Swiss brand, and Omar Prestwich is a community manager. Together, they field audience questions regarding sneakers, business, branding, and entrepreneurship. In this episode, Barney speaks to K-Swiss’ efforts to be brand transparent and the belief that companies need to allow consumers inside in order to foster and grow brand loyalty.</p> <p>Barney and Omar discuss how K-Swiss has differentiated its brand to that of the sneaker for the hustler, the brand builder, the CEO, and the entrepreneur. In this new effort, K-Swiss has collaborated with bold entrepreneurs who have been disruptors in their respective industries, achieving brilliant results. Barney credits their success to a clear mission statement, a strong ethos, and tangible actions that reflect those statements. Finally, Barney and Omar discuss K-Swiss’ philosophy behind striving to improve daily, even if that improvement is incremental and small at first.</p>
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Omar & Kirk | Social Media Marketing AMA
<p class="p1">In this special AMA (Ask Me Anything) edition of the CEOs Wear Sneakers podcast, Omar and Kirk field audience questions in a fun and unique style befitting the K-Swiss brand. Kirk is the director of e-commerce for K-Swiss global brands and Omar is a community manager. Together, they make up almost half of the K-Swiss digital marketing team. Throughout the episode, Omar and Kirk discuss K-Swiss’ social media marketing, collaborations that the brand is working on, and how the brand maintains its authentic voice. They talk about what it’s like working for a brand like K-Swiss and how effective leadership and creative contributions from President Barney Waters has been vital to their success. Omar and Kirk speak to the reasons behind K-Swiss’ focus on dreamers, hustlers and other disruptors in the industry. Finally, they talk about the importance of being consistent, present and engaged in social media in order to be successful marketers.</p>
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Snow Tha Product | Rapper
<p class="p1">In this episode, Barney Waters and Hommy Diaz welcome to the podcast rapper, entertainer, and entrepreneur, Snow Tha Product. Snow is a self-made, self-taught businesswoman, who successfully launched the company, Product Entertainment in 2007. With a combination of hustle, determination and will to succeed, Snow has built a brand that is both unique and influential, especially with her target audience of young Hispanics. Barney, Hommy and Snow discuss the importance of brands taking a stand for social justice issues. They talk about the Dreamer Movement and its relevance in today’s society. Snow discusses her pride in her heritage, her entrepreneurial spirit, and gives advice for any dreamers out there who wish to make a difference. Finally, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, the K-Swiss team announces the launch of their Dreamer Pack shoes as well as a future collaboration with Snow Tha Product.</p>
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Stevin John | YouTube Star
<p class="p1">In this episode, Barney Waters and Hommy Diaz welcome children’s entertainer and YouTube star, Stevin John aka Blippi. Stevin is a creative entrepreneur with a background in brand development and digital marketing who created the character Blippi with the goal of educating children through positive and interactive experiences. With over 5 billion views across YouTube, Amazon, and Kidoodle channels, Blippi has taught millions of children how to count, colors, letters, and much more! The show has been a hit thanks to Blippi’s appeal to children and parents alike. Throughout the episode, Stevin discusses the success of his show, the branding and marketing that went into Blippi, and his favorite Blippi episodes. Stevin also touches on his plans to reach more children on every platform, including television, movies, live shows, and new media. Finally, Hommy announces an exciting new shoe release in collaboration with the K-Swiss and Blippi brands.</p>
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Anwar Carrots | Streetwear Designer
<p class="p1">In this episode, Patrick Buchanan welcomes to the podcast Anwar Carrots, founder & CEO of Carrots by Anwar Carrots, a brand company specializing in streetwear. A self-described combination of Nico and Martha Stewart, Anwar is a highly creative and open-minded businessman. He touches on his past jobs, his path to becoming an entrepreneur and his motto: “Why not?” Anwar opens up about his cultural roots and his dream project. Finally, Patrick and Anwar discuss his latest project, a custom sneaker released in collaboration with K-Swiss. </p>
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Connor Seltz | Bespoke Custom Sneakers
<p class="p1">In this episode, K-Swiss welcomes to the podcast Connor Seltz, aka Ceez. Connor discusses his background and the unconventional route he took to becoming a customizer of sneakers and other footwear. He reflects on one of his favorite projects, the LeBronold Palmers, and why that custom job was so rewarding. Finally, Connor emphasizes how networking and friendships have allowed him to flourish in such a competitive and niche career. Today, the self-proclaimed “sneakerhead” continues working on dozens of new custom initiatives, collaborating with Nike, Adidas and K-Swiss, to name a few.</p> <p class="p1"><span class="s1"><strong>Connor’s Website –</strong></span> <span class= "s2">https://www.ceezemc.com/</span></p> <p class="p1"> </p>
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Noah Whinston | Immortals
<p class="p1">In this episode, we speak to Noah Whinston about eSports, an up-and-coming industry that according to a recent Forbes article has raked in over $500 million in 2017 and has an audience of over 300 million people all around the world. Noah speaks about his background with sports statistics, his interest in eSports, and how he created Immortals at such a young age. We discuss how eSports is becoming the new frontier of sports as well as the distinction between video gaming and eSports. We also speak about the collaboration between K-Swiss and Immortals, and how K-Swiss is developing a sneaker fit for the professional gamer. Noah offers some tips for those looking to join the rising eSports industry and details what makes a successful professional gamer.  </p> <p class="p1">Noah Whinston is the young CEO of Immortals, an eSports franchise that has a long list of powerful and famous media investors such as Nerdist, Lionsgate, Machinima, and the Memphis Grizzlies. Noah has been featured on Forbes’ list, “30 Under 30: Games” in 2017. At the age of 21, Noah established Immortals after dropping out of Northwestern University. His rational thinking, ambition, and entrepreneurial talents have taken him far in the eSports industry. Currently, he is the youngest CEO of an eSports franchise.</p> <p class="p2"> </p> <p class="p1"> </p> <p class="p2"> </p>
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DJ Clark Kent | Hip-Hop Producer
<p class="p1">In this episode, we speak to DJ Clark Kent. about why he stays conscientious of his diction, his Panamanian pride, and his New York hustle. DJ Clark Kent delves in deep about his love and admiration for his grandmother, and also explains why he does not look up to anybody. As a sneaker enthusiast, but not a ‘sneakerhead’, he mentions he has owned over 4,000 pairs of sneakers, though he currently has around 2,400 pairs. DJ Clark Kent fondly speaks of his love for music, what makes the music business, and why you should be living in the moment, approaching everything with a positive attitude, and to always be authentic to what you’re doing.</p> <p class="p1">DJ Clark Kent is a legendary hip-hop producer whose Panamanian and Brooklyn roots have shaped who shaped him greatly. He has produced songs for some of the most hot names in hip hop, including Biggie, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Lil’ Kim. He has also been a director of A&R at Atlantic, Epic, Columbia, Motown, and Roc-A-Fella. His love for DJing and music was always with him even as a child. DJ Clark Kent’s style, humbleness, and superhero talent has brought him far and made him relevant to this day.</p> <p class="p1"> </p>
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Tyler Schmitt | VaynerMedia
<p>In this episode, we celebrate the launch of the new Gary Vee 003 line, Clouds and Dirt. Tyler talks about the process of creating and promoting the shoe, the vision behind it, and why Gary’s brand has been as successful as it is. He explain K-Swiss’s personal approach to connect with its fans on Twitter, and how living in the digital age has made promoting the brand as well as connecting the brand with the fans easier with the rise of social media. Tyler also discusses his personal background with sneakers and how his interest in sneakers developed, his experience working as Gary’s assistant, and how aspiring fashion designers and artists can get in contact with the brand. Tyler emphasizes the brand’s hard work ethic to create shoes with details that cater to the fans.</p>
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Lil Jupiter | Style Influencer
<p>In this episode, we talk to one of the hottest sneaker Instagram influencers, Lil Jupiter, about how he seemingly came out of nowhere to be one of the most influential sneaker Instagrammers out there and about the new Gary Vee 003 sneakers.</p> <p>K-Swiss shoes are shoes with meaning, substance, and purpose for the entrepreneur with a vision. The Gary Vee 003’s represent Gary’s philosophy of “Clouds & Dirt” and will be available in both larger sizes as well as kid sizes.</p> <p>Lil Jupiter, originally from Washington Heights, NY has risen to Instagram fame with a following of over 240K. His style is something he has always had throughout his life and he speaks about the impact design and fashion has had on him growing up. To Lil Jupiter, consistency is key to achieving your dreams and following your passion.</p> <p>Subscribe today: <a href= "http://bit.ly/kswisspresents">http://bit.ly/kswisspresents</a></p>
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Natasha Case | Cool Haus
<p>In this episode, Cool Haus founder, Natasha Case gives insight into the moment that led her to the Cool Haus concept and the ingenuity and hustle it took to get the business off the ground. She continues to carve out a unique space in CPG and bring creative thinking to the fast-growing, certified female-owned business. </p>
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EM J | Make-Up Artist
<p>In this episode, Make-Up artist Em J created her own line and emerges as the UK’s leading designer of kit essentials for Make-up, Hair and Beauty professionals. Em J talks about starting small, where to find the best ideas and following your passion. </p> <p> </p> <p>Find more of Em J at: </p> <p><a href= "http://www.theemjcompany.com/">http://www.theemjcompany.com/</a></p> <p>Instagram: @emj_mua </p>
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Caner Veli | Liquiproof
<p>In this episode, K-Swiss travels to London: Listen as Caner Veli, inventor and CEO of Liquiproof, talks about creating a product he couldn't find, continually seeking education and inspiration, and "becoming chef of life."  </p> <p>Check out products at Liquiproof.com @liquiproof_official.</p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Check out K-Swiss' latest campaign highlighting entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter </span><span class= "Apple-converted-space">@KSwiss.</span></p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Shop at KSwiss.com</span></p> <p> </p>
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Anwar Carrots | Streetwear Designer
<p>In this episode, go inside the mind of Anwar Carrots and hear how his own history inspired his creative journey into style.</p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Check out K-Swiss' latest campaign highlighting entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter </span><span class= "Apple-converted-space">@KSwiss.</span></p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Shop at KSwiss.com</span></p>
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Gary Vee | VaynerMedia
<p><span class="Apple-converted-space">In this special episode of “CEO’s Wear Sneakers” the K-Swiss team walks you through all the important information you need to know about the upcoming "Crushing It" sneaker launch with Gary Vee. Find out everything from when the events take place, how you can attend, to what inspired the design of the limited edition "Crushing It" sneaker.</span></p> <p> </p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Check out K-Swiss' latest campaign highlighting entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter </span><span class= "Apple-converted-space">@KSwiss.</span></p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Shop at KSwiss.com</span></p>
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Improper Etiquette and Married to the Mob Part 1 | Live from Complex Con
<p>In this episode, as part of the Married to the Mob and K-Swiss Collaboration, partner podcast Improper Etiquette's Leah McSweeney and Laura Stylez do a "CEO's Wear Sneakers" edition at Complex Con. They invite their most inspiring associates to share their secrets to finding success as an entrepreneur.</p> <p>Guests include: </p> <p>Bobby Hundreds; The Hundreds</p> <p>Greg Yuna aka. Mr. Flawless; Celebrity Jeweler</p> <p>Deirdre Maloney; founder of Capsule Show and top PR firm BPMW Agency</p> <p>Leikeli47; up-and-coming rapper and singer </p>
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Greg Selkoe and Sneaker Steve | Karmaloop and Wanderlust
<p class="p1">In this episode, Greg Selkoe and Sneaker Steve stop by the K Swiss office to talk about their new business <a href= "http://wanderset.com"><span class="s1">Wanderset.com</span></a> as well as lessons learned from Karmaloop and a near death experience.</p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Check out K Swiss' latest campaign highlighting entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter </span><span class= "Apple-converted-space">@KSwiss.</span></p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Shop at KSwiss.com</span></p>
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Emil Corsillo | The Hillside and Hickoree's
<p>In this episode, Emil Corsillo gives us his best tactics for getting attention as a small brand. Named one of GQ's Best New Menswear Designers, he talks about taking risks, learning from abundant mistakes and the importance of professional presentation. </p> <p class="p1" style="padding-left: 30px;"><em>"You have to be a risk-taker and you have to be a radical person to start your own thing in the first place, and be good at it; but to run a business correctly and well takes exactly the opposite characteristics and qualities."</em></p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Check out K Swiss' latest campaign highlighting entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter </span><span class= "Apple-converted-space">@KSwiss.</span></p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Shop at KSwiss.com</span></p> <p> </p>
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Karen Civil | Social Media Maven
<p>In this episode, Karen Civil walks us through her journey from wanting to be an "online communicator" before it existed to now, being one of the most well-known social media marketers in the industry. </p> <p>She explains why it's essential to stay true to yourself when building your career. </p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Check out K Swiss' latest campaign highlighting entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter </span><span class= "Apple-converted-space">@KSwiss.</span></p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Shop at KSwiss.com</span></p> <p> </p>
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Matt Halfhill | Nice Kicks
<p>In this episode, we talk to Matt Halfhill, founder of Nice Kicks, who turned his love of sneakers into a profitable and long-lasting business.<span class= "Apple-converted-space">  </span></p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Fun Fact: Nice Kicks is attributed to the being the first to use Throwback Thursday on the internet. </span></p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Check out K Swiss' latest campaign highlighting entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter </span><span class= "Apple-converted-space">@KSwiss.</span></p> <p><span class="Apple-converted-space">Shop at KSwiss.com</span></p> <p> </p>
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Leah McSweeney | Married to the Mob
<p>In this episode, we go behind this scenes with Leah McSweeney, the founder of popular female-focused streetwear brand, Married to the Mob.<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span> After 10 years of carving out her space in a competitive industry, Leah tells us the unique story of how she got started, and how she’s lasted streetwear's fast-moving culture.</p> <p class="p2"> </p>
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Mike Cherman | Chinatown Market
<p>In this episode we talk to Mike Cherman, founder of streetwear brand Chinatown Market.  Mike talks about his previous brands, his successes, failures and lessons learned along the way. Based in Los Angeles, Chinatown Market is known for their graphic printed T’s, bootlegged logos and most recently, their IKEA dad cap.  Hypebeast once said ‘No trend is safe from Mike Cherman’, testament to his speed to pick up on what’s relevant in youth culture. </p> <div> </div>
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