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Category: Business
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This is the show where we highlight the growing number of female angel investors, the real unicorns.

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Podcast Episode's:
024 Amanda Lettmann - Investing in Underutilized Entrepreneurs and The Six Tenets of Impactful People
<p>Amanda Lettmann, CEO of Kardia Venture, lives a “limitless” life, and believes in the power of paying it forward. As a veteran of the United States Air Force and a successful figure in the tech industry over the past 20 years, she has taken her fascination with finance and thriving businesses into the arena of angel investing.</p> <p>In this episode, Amanda shares how she got into investing, the importance of supporting coachable female and veteran entrepreneurs, and shares her latest adventure of bringing Women of Impact into the world. She also shares her six tenets of impactful people.</p> <p> </p> <ul> <li>01:05 – Amanda is the first veteran investor on the show. What makes her as a veteran investor and the types of investments she makes unique?</li> <li>02:15 – The Pay It Forward aspect – Why investing in women or having women on a leadership team is not just a good decision, but is a good <em>business</em> decision</li> <li>03:42 – What thriving startups are doing right</li> <li>04:41 – Amanda’s start in angel investing</li> <li>06:42 – Amanda’s first investments into public markets</li> <li>07:22 – Making the leap from investing to angel investing; a riskier asset class</li> <li>08:30 – Delving deep into the thought process of syndication and how to do it</li> <li>10:50 – Amanda’s thesis for investment criteria</li> <li>13:15 – Bringing <em>Women of Impact</em> [series] into the world</li> <li>15:37 – Six Tenets of Impactful People</li> <li>18:34 – Speaker Series: Kardiavibe; an offshoot of the ESPN radio show</li> <li>19:45 – What else is Amanda working on?</li> <li>21:23 – The forefront of tech right now</li> <li>24:00 – Full-time versus part-time investing</li> <li>27:05 – What makes San Diego amazing [as a startup eco-system]?</li> <li>29:50 – Final Four Questions</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/24">http://www.sheinvests.com/24</a></p>
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023 Susan Preston - Opportunistic Risk-Taking and the Three Pillars of Startup Success
<p>Susan Preston is the General Partner for the CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund, the Buerk Endowed Fellow for Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington, a Trustee for the Angel Resource Institute, chair of ARI: Women First Enterprises, and on various for-profit and non-profit boards. She is also the author of Angel Financing for Entrepreneurs: Early-stage Funding for Long-term Success. In addition, Susan received her JD, cum laude, from Seattle University School of Law and her BS, magna cum laude, in Microbiology and Public Health from Washington State University. Her background with microbiology is the source of her interest in investing in the med-tech area.</p> <p>In this episode, Susan credits team, technology, and the market as the three pillars of startup success. She encourages beginning entrepreneurs to be confident on their “elevator pitch,” to successfully get an investor’s attention, as well as female angel investors to believe in themselves. To Susan, education and training are vital in investing.</p> <ul> <li>03:28 - How Susan got involved in investing</li> <li>05:27 - Susan’s first year of angel investing</li> <li>06:56 - The involvement on female angel investors in Susan’s company</li> <li>08:49 - How Susan focused on education in her career</li> <li>10:52 - The role of early stage investors in growing the economy of the United States</li> <li>12:12 - Why the diversification of your portfolio can help you as an investor</li> <li>13:41 - The importance of post-investment engagement and what does it really mean</li> <li>15:52 - How Susan communicates with companies on her expectations</li> <li>18:48 - Alignment in the angel investment world</li> <li>19:55 - How an entrepreneur can get an investor’s attention</li> <li>22:14 - Team, technology, and the market on a company’s success</li> <li>23:19 - Investing in the med-tech area</li> <li>26:12 - How Susan’s company run angel investment group workshops</li> <li>28:33 - Helping university startups get an investment  </li> <li>31:11 - Encouraging female angel investors to write their first check</li> <li>32:27 - Susan’s favorite angel investing resource</li> <li>34:24 - Susan’s favorite book</li> <li>35:25 - Major influences in Susan’s life</li> <li>37:03 - What “abundance mindset” means to Susan</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/23">http://www.sheinvests.com/23</a></p>
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022 Julie Harrelson - Collaborative Angel Investing in the Pacific Northwest
<p>Oregon-based entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, Julie Harrelson, is the CEO of Harrelson Group and the fund manager of Cascade Angels Fund, in which she co-founded in 2013. Throughout her entrepreneurial career, she has had multiple executive roles in design, technology, and angel investing. She has received many accolades for her hard work and success, including the 2017 Bend Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year Award and the Oregon 2014 Women of Influence Orchid Award.</p> <p>She is an active member of the Angel Capital Association, the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator and Metropolitan Family Service, and the Portland State University’s Center for Women’s Leadership Honorary Council. In this episode, Julie explores the topic of philanthropy in entrepreneurship and using collaboration to create a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.</p> <ul> <li>09:23 - Entrepreneurship in the Oregon</li> <li>12:04 - How Julie created a fund in Bend, Oregon</li> <li>14:09 - Fund managers are over 90% men</li> <li>16:10 - The beginnings of Cascade Angel Fund</li> <li>18:03 - Julie’s biggest asset from collaboration</li> <li>22:05 - Persistent effort over time leads to valuable progress</li> <li>23:41 - The “three-legged stool” for investing in Bend, Oregon</li> <li>25:00 -  Why angel investors are attracted to Bend, Oregon</li> <li>26:03 - Up and coming industries in Bend, Oregon and Pacific Northwest</li> <li>28:47 - The importance of the entrepreneurial ecosystem</li> <li>30:50 - How can angel investors really make a mark on the entrepreneurial ecosystem</li> <li>32:13 - What Julie looks for as an individual angel investor</li> <li>34:20 - How to manage your portfolio as an angel investor</li> <li>35:33 - Fund Five’s investments</li> <li>39:12 - Being civically engaged as ecosystem builders</li> <li>42:41 - Julie’s favorite angel investing resource</li> <li>42:55 - Julie’s favorite book</li> <li>43:44 - Major influences in Julie’s life</li> <li>44:37 - What “abundance mindset” means to Julie</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/22">http://www.sheinvests.com/22</a></p>
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021 Colleen Poynton - The Importance of Networking and Relationship Building in Investing
<p>Colleen Poynton is the Vice President of Core Innovation Capital where she sources and invests in companies that make financial services more efficient, affordable, accessible, and secure for individuals and businesses.</p> <p>Prior to her involvement in Core, Colleen worked on the sourcing and selection team at Endeavor Global and helped launch and scale the commercial real-estate startup, IIC, as the first employee. She has a MBA from Columbia Business School and graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University.</p> <p>In this episode, Colleen speaks about her experience with investing and her role in Core Innovation Capital as well as emphasizing the importance of networking in order to become a strong investor.</p> <ul> <li>03:38 - How Colleen got involved with 37 Angels in the beginning</li> <li>05:50 - Getting an investor’s perspective at an early age</li> <li>06:37 - What Core Innovation Capital invests in and does</li> <li>07:36 - How Core Innovation Capital founder, Arjan Schütte’s investment thesis brought</li> <li> Colleen into the world on investing</li> <li>09:28 - Core’s investment thesis and mission</li> <li>12:25 - How the members of Core assembled together</li> <li>14:54 - Challenges in raising an institutional fund</li> <li>17:28 - What would Colleen tell her younger self</li> <li>21:00 - Walkthrough of soft due diligence at Core</li> <li>24:09 - How teams are mentored at Core</li> <li>27:21 - The importance of being self-aware and receiving feedback</li> <li>29:46 - What are the typical advice startups receive</li> <li>32:02 - Follow on investing and helping startups fundraise at the next level</li> <li>34:12 - Relationships with early stage accelerators</li> <li>36:10 - How to build enterprise value</li> <li>39:04 - Trends in the FinTech industry</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: http://www.sheinvests.com/21</p>
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020 Loretta McCarthy - How Propelling Women Entrepreneurs Brings Opportunity for Investors
<p>Managing partner and one of the founders of Golden Seeds, Loretta McCarthy, speaks about her passion for supporting female entrepreneurs and women’s role in business. She emphasizes the importance of gender-diversity in the workplace and the benefits it will yield, especially for women-led companies.</p> <p>Golden Seeds strives to provide support and encouragement for female-led startups and angel investing groups. According to McCarthy, optimism and realism are the two main factors that help startup companies have the confidence and judgement to succeed in the business world.  </p> <ul> <li>01:50 - Loretta’s business experience prior to Golden Seeds</li> <li>03:22 - History and foundation of Golden Seeds</li> <li>04:41 - Creating an environment for the female entrepreneur</li> <li>07:52 - Best success of Golden Seeds in supporting the female entrepreneur</li> <li>08:57 - Investment in gender-diverse companies</li> <li>10:33 - Research on the advantages of gender-diversity</li> <li>11:28 - First Round Capital research on women-led companies and return for investors</li> <li>15:56 - Getting more and more women involved as investors</li> <li>18:02 - Golden Seeds on figuring out where to open doors for female-led companies</li> <li>19:48 - What does it take to be an angel investor and debunking myths</li> <li>22:30 - Golden Seeds training to motivate women</li> <li>24:03 - Technology’s impact on growing angel network and helping people participate from afar  </li> <li>26:40 - The importance of leadership in angel organizations</li> <li>28:19 - Synergy between the entrepreneur and the angel investor</li> <li>30:47 - Criteria for first pitch to Golden Seeds</li> <li>33:10 - Every startup team needs a ratio of optimism and realism</li> <li>37:20 - New member orientation at Golden Seeds to learn more about angel investing</li> <li>40:37 - Global push to recognize the importance of women entrepreneurs</li> <li>41:25 - Loretta’s favorite angel investing resource is her colleagues  </li> <li>42:30 - Major influence in Loretta’s life is her mother</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/20">http://www.sheinvests.com/20</a></p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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019 Sue Baggott - Why 'Hands-on' is the Most Important Skill to Make Principles Stick
<p>Sue Baggott is the President of Power Within Consulting LLC, an insights-based strategy and innovation firm, which she founded in 2014. Early in her career, Sue spent 18 years in Global R&D at Procter & Gamble, leading the delivery of game-changing consumer products innovations across hair care, beauty/cosmetics, and baby care categories.</p> <p>In 2015, Sue began working with Queen City Angels (QCA) on a strategy refresh project, which ignited her interest in angel investing and fostered her passion for participating in the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cincinnati. In late 2015, she joined the inaugural Rising Tide cohort and in 2016 became a member of QCA.</p> <p>Sue is active in screening and due diligence work, as well as co-leading QCA’s diversity/inclusion strategy pillar. She thrives on mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs helping to guide consumer/customer insights, design thinking, lean startup, and business planning and innovation strategies.</p> <p>In this episode, Sue shares her passion for innovation, social impact ventures, and her goals to lower the barriers for women entrepreneurs and investors.</p> <ul> <li>02:07 – <em>Next Wave Impact</em>’s business model, being part of the investment committee</li> <li>07:05 – ‘learn by doing’ method applicability in growing start-ups</li> <li>08:22 – advantage of collaboration from different industry backgrounds within the VC ecosystem</li> <li>09:55 – what qualities of a startup she considered for Next Wave Impact from an innovation standpoint</li> <li>14:22 – her learning journey with Queen City Angels and Rising Tide</li> <li>19:22 – efforts to lower the barrier for women entrepreneurs and investors</li> <li>25:11 – her transition venture philanthropy to impact investing with Impact 100</li> <li>31:33 – Rapid-Fire Final Four Questions</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/19">http://www.sheinvests.com/19</a></p>
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018 Julie Kantor - Mentorship as Key to Success and Retention
<p>Julie Kantor is an all-in roll up yourselves social impact entrepreneur committed to building mentoring cultures to drive engagement and elevating women potential in the STEM workforce. Whether working in a boardroom with executives or with collaborative startups, Julie instills excitement, inspiration, commitment, and unwavering drive to help other succeed to invest in others.</p> <p>Julie is the CEO of Two mentor LLC, her 5th startup. As a sought-after global speaker & connector, Julie is well networked to the national community of top business, academic, non-profit, & government leaders. She has worked and consulted with clients such as Cisco, Samsung, Tata (TCS), Intel, MasterCard, Sony, Carnival, BP and more.</p> <p>In this episode, Julie shares her love for mentorship and youth empowerment.</p> <ul> <li>02:39  – Julie’s entrepreneurial journey and Two Mentor LLC</li> <li>05:39  – Mentor and Mentee relationship, Power of Mentorship, Mentor road trip</li> <li>11:09  – Julie’s advice to people on how to be an effective mentor</li> <li>15:00 – importance of communication and clarity in a mentor-mentee relationship</li> <li>16:05 – how soon is a company culture starts in a startup</li> <li>18:00 –mentorship as an integral part of a millennial’s career development</li> <li>20:36 – importance of multi-generational mentoring and knowledge transfer</li> <li>21:42 – sponsoring and mentoring young women in the STEM industry</li> <li>31:23 – what ‘coopetition’ means</li> <li>37:30  – Rapid Fire Final Four Questions</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/18">http://www.sheinvests.com/18</a></p>
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017 Mimi Hui - Why You Should Invest In The Founder's Coachability First
<p>Mimi Hui is a Senior Director of Product Management with a Fortune 50 company. She offers product strategies that combine the empathy of designers with the functionality of engineers. In 2011, she joined Pipeline Angels boot camp which opened opportunities for her in the angel investing industry.</p> <p>In this episode, Mimi shares her investing story, how she joined Pipeline Angels and her considerations when choosing her investment ventures.</p> <ul> <li>01:35  – Mimi and the Pipeline Angels</li> <li>02:48  – Mimi’s career background</li> <li>04:02  – what is pipeline angels all about</li> <li>11:33  – her rising tide experience</li> <li>12:33  – Top game changer qualities in selecting ventures</li> <li>14:22  – Qualities of a coachable founder</li> <li>16:42 – Soft pitching and mentoring</li> <li>18:30 – importance of mentoring</li> <li>21:27 – acknowledging challenges and opportunities as a women</li> <li>27:08 – Mimi’s investment thesis</li> <li>32:26 – Mimi’s upcoming blog: <em>Madam Money Bag</em></li> <li>39:08 – decision making process</li> <li>41:31  – Rapid Fire Final Four Questions</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/17">http://www.sheinvests.com/17</a></p>
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016 Gioia Messinger - Coachability and Tenacity - Traits of every Entrepreneur Needs
<p>Gioia Messinger is a serial high-tech entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Linked Object, a technology and business strategy firm specializing in the internet of things. Prior to that she was also the founder of Avaak/VueZone (acquired by NETGEAR) that defined the home video monitoring category and changed the way you watch your life from anywhere.</p> <p>In this episode, Gioia shares why coachability and tenacity to entrepreneurs are important to help them thrive in their business.</p> <ul> <li>02:39  – Gioia’s entrepreneurial journey</li> <li>04:17  – Gioia’s investment thesis</li> <li>05:41  – Importance of coachability and tenacity of a founder</li> <li>07:11  – Why surrounding yourself with a great team is beneficial</li> <li>09:22  – How to attract like-minded founders</li> <li>11:42  – Importance of customer discovery and market fit research</li> <li>13:31  – Transformative advantage of technology trends</li> <li>16:36  – Challenges and opportunities for SEED funds</li> <li>18:10  – Risk mitigation strategies when investing in early-stage startups</li> <li>21:55  – Gioia as an advisor at entrepreneurial ecosystem at UCSD<br /> 24:42  – Xprize and Women Safety Prize</li> <li>33:25  – What myStartupXX is all about?</li> <li>37:49  – Giving back as a mentor for female founders, accelerators and incubators in the university</li> <li>40:00  – Rapid Fire Final Four Questions</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/16">http://www.sheinvests.com/16</a></p>
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015 Carolyn Leonard - Quest to Change the Misconception between Women and Money
<p>Carolyn Leonard is a seasoned investor who is a pioneer in the women options trading industry. She is the third female independent trader to ever own a seat at the CBOE. Her 21 years in the trading pits gave her a ringside view into the emotional ups, downs, fear, and greed that drives the volatile market. DyMynd , her latest venture helps and creates tools that correct misconceptions and connect financial advisers to high net-worth women.</p> <p>In this episode, Carolyn shares her trading journey and her advocacy to tear down the next wall that stands between women and the world of finance.</p> <ul> <li>03:02  – Reign of the Options Queen: Carolyn’s turning moment where she knew that she will be a trader</li> <li>06:16  – Experiences she had as a women trader</li> <li>08:06  – Mentoring other women traders</li> <li>09:44  – advantages she had wearing her cotton candy pink trading jacket</li> <li>13:26  – fashion and style as her powerful business tool</li> <li>16:42  – Emerging market for women investors</li> <li>18:31  – Social impact philanthropic investing</li> <li>19:53  – Raising tide opportunities for female investors</li> <li>21:06  – Carolyn’s investment thesis</li> <li>25:48  – Impact of women’s emotional security to her financial decisions</li> <li>32:09  – Dymynd’s advocacy to change misconceptions about women investors</li> <li>40:00  – Rapid Fire Final Four Questions</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/15">http://www.sheinvests.com/15</a></p>
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014 Vicki Saunders - How Radical Generosity Can Open a Greater Path for a Better World
<p>Vicki Saunders is the founder of SheEO and #RadicalGenerosity, a global initiative to radically transform how we support finance and how we celebrate female entrepreneurs. SheEO provides a platform in which generous women Activators act as advisors, early customers, suppliers, connectors and follow-on investors to set up emerging female entrepreneurs for immediate and accelerated growth.</p> <p>In this episode, Vicki shares the need of a new model to support female innovators to creating a better world. She also talked about the gender and culture challenges of female investors in the ecosystem. She also gave insights on how radical generosity changes the face of venture capital.</p> <ul> <li>01:50  – Vicki walks us through how she created SheEO, and the breakthroughs along the way</li> <li>04:03  – Impact Investing vs. Venture Philanthropy</li> <li>05:17  – Due diligence process in venture capital</li> <li>05:47  – How to be a member of SheEO?</li> <li>09:16  – What is an ideal activators persona?</li> <li>16:20  – SheEO in New Zealand Conference</li> <li>22:53  – Vicki shares success stories of SheEO venture capitals</li> <li>24:50 – Impact of #RadicalGenerosity in the venture ecosystem</li> <li>29:38– Rapid Fire Final Four Questions</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/14">http://www.sheinvests.com/14</a></p>
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013 Vidya Dinamani - How To Be Coachable Without Being Defensive and Impressionable To Get Funding
<p>Vidya Dianamani is the principal and co-founder of Product Rebels, a company founded to help product managers, business owners and entrepreneurs make product breakthroughs and help every company to stand up for their customer.</p> <p>She has 18 years of experience in business, technology, strategy, product design, and development.</p> <p>In this episode, Vidya shares the process of evaluating startup pitches and the importance of knowing how to bring value to customers, the advantages of being coachable of a startup entrepreneur to the business growth and funding and she shares the ways how an angel investor help seed startups to get their follow-on funding.</p> <ul> <li>02:03 - Vidya walks us through the startup pitch evaluation process</li> <li>06:05 - Vidya’s investment thesis</li> <li>07:39 - Key traits of a successful startup founder</li> <li>12:33 - Importance of iteration to know the hits and misses and adjust your business</li> <li>16:00 - Top investment tips to give to other female investor</li> <li>18:47 - How being in the Rising Tide Fund helped Vidya to be a better investor</li> <li>23:17 - Her most exciting and valuable story of a start-up</li> <li>25:10 - Soft skills that a seed startup must have</li> <li>33:00 - Hera Venture Summit and Vidya’s vision about female investors impact in the ecosystem</li> <li>33:33 - Top 3 Criteria on Vidya’s List for her funding ventures</li> <li>36:45 - Rapid Fire Final Four Questions</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/13">http://www.sheinvests.com/13</a></p>
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012 Andrea Guendelman - How to Fill the Void and Connect your Race Diversity for Startup Funding
<p>Andrea Guendelman is the CEO and co-founder of BeVisible Latinx, a professional career community that connects US millennial Latinas searching for careers. Andrea is an advocate of promoting Latina education and entrepreneurship through her nonprofit works. She created a community where they enabled Millennial Latinas to embrace each other and support one another’s dreams building their social capital.</p> <p>In this episode, Andrea shares ways on how she leveraged on her Latina network that eventually helped her get her VC funding. They also talked about the importance of tenacity and coachability of a startup founder.</p> <ul> <li>02:11 - Andrea walks us through what is BeVisible is all about and its mission.</li> <li>04:00 - Andrea discusses her business background and her ventures.</li> <li>06:40 - She shares ways on how she expanded her network</li> <li>09:10 - She shares steps that she did to leverage on her network that eventually helped her get funding</li> <li>15:31 - Percentage demographics of Latino and Latinas in the VC ecosystem</li> <li>17:20 - Importance of tenacity and coachability of a startup to get funding from your network</li> <li>20:27 - How other people mentor you?</li> <li>24:47 - What is the importance of having that connection Latina to Latina in the venture community?</li> <li>26:19 - What’s more for Andrea</li> <li>32:12 - Final Four Rapid Fire Questions</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/12">http://www.sheinvests.com/12</a></p>
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011 Mindy Tucker Fletcher - How to Grow and Robust your Network
<p>Mindy Tucker Fletcher is a partner in Crux Partners,a San Diego based venture capital firm. She has been a communication strategist to a president, governor, numerous companies and non-profits.</p> <p>She advises,works and promotes San Diego’s Young Scrappy start-up companies. She is a believer of the potential of San Diego’s startup ecosystem.It is her mission to tell a story of ideas , technologies and businesses growing up in San Diego.</p> <p>In this episode, Mindy shares ways on how a startup can grow its network and make it robust.</p> <ul> <li>01:48 - Mindy walks us through how she partnered with Crux Partners.</li> <li>03:37 - How she finds and selects the startup niche that you want to work with?</li> <li>07:25 - How does she help connect startups to the right network?</li> <li>10:15 - 3 Things an investor can do to grow his network and be more robust?</li> <li>11:46 - Startup Buzz: Inclusion, Equality, and Sexism in the San Diego Startup Ecosystem</li> <li>17:00 - How do you support thriving women-founded startups?</li> <li>21:00 - Ways to increase female investors exposure to the ecosystem whether it be women-owned companies or women directed startups.</li> <li>24:00 - Ways to support ventures that are serving a larger women’s audience</li> <li>25:32 - What can Mindy say about the emerging market of businesses shifting to the female space?</li> <li>30:00 - What’s more for Mindy</li> <li>34:12 - Final Four Rapid Fire Questions</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/11">http://www.sheinvests.com/11</a></p>
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010 Terri Mead - How Diverse Thought Gives New Startup Perspective
<p>Terri Mead is an angel investor, IT consultant, expert witness, speaker, angel investor and a startup advisor.</p> <p>She is President of Solutions2Projects LLC a consulting company for IT project management and IT compliance for life sciences and high-tech companies.</p> <p>She is the former VP of Sand Hill Angels in Silicon Valley. She is an advocate of supporting start-ups that offer products and services that improve people’s lives and supports the female founders.</p> <p>In this episode, Terri shares how having a diversity of thought can be an advantage in having new business perspectives. Also, she shares how she advocates female investors and help them penetrate the male dominated investment industry.</p> <ul> <li>01:55– Terri walks us through how she accidentally stumbled upon angel investing coming from IT and entrepreneurial background?</li> <li>03:14– What is Terri’s investment thesis about?</li> <li>04:38- How did she transitioned from being an individual angel investor into VP of Sand Hill Angels?</li> <li>10:36 – Terri shares how diverse thought can bring new startup perspective.</li> <li>11:36 – What are the challenges faced by the Silicon Valley angel invertors and what value have you’ve seen you brought to the ecosystem?</li> <li>22:15 - Why Terri chose to advocate in supporting startups with female founders or co-founders?</li> <li>25:00 – What is Terri’s investment portfolio looks like? What kind of startups does she advocate?</li> <li>30:20– What is more for Terri</li> <li>40:16– Final Four Rapid Fire</li> <li>39:04– Silvia’s episode recap</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/10">http://www.sheinvests.com/10</a></p>
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BONUS: Hera Venture Summit 2017 Preview
<p>An overview of our upcoming Hera Venture Summit.</p> <p>Saturday, September 16, 2017</p> <p>7:30 AM to 7:00 PM (PDT)</p> <p>University of San Diego<br /> 5998 Alcalá Park<br /> Mother Rosalie Hill Hall<br /> School of Leadership & Education Sciences<br /> San Diego, CA 92110-2492</p> <p>Full details and tickets available here:</p> <p><a href="http://www.heraventuresummit.com/" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">http://www.heraventuresummit.com/</a></p>
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009 Kim Folsom - How Can We Build up the Next Generation of Diverse Start-up Founders
<p>Kim Folsom is a serial entrepreneur and BC fund manager. She founded two accelerators, The LIFT Development Enterprises, Inc. and co- founder Founders First Capital Partners, a small business growth accelerator and revenue based venture fund focused on helping underserved employer-based small businesses with funding to meet exponential growth.</p> <p>She is a high-tech executive and serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience growing pioneering tech companies. She has experience founding, leading and building startups for where she has raised over $30 million an institutional venture financing.</p> <p>In this episode, Kim shares tips to up level your start-up and how to build up the next generation of diverse start-up leaders.</p> <ul> <li>02:21– Kim walks us through how she gets involved in the diversity space of investment.</li> <li>03:52– Kim talks about gender investing gap and its impact on woman entrepreneurs</li> <li>05:22– How <em>the</em> sibling rivalry of being a middlechild helped Kim thrive on the industries that she chose.</li> <li>06:57 – How having that big hairy audacious goal can help as a motivator and driver for you to reach your goal.</li> <li>08:40 – How gender gap inspired Kim to put up her accelerator companies?</li> <li>12:40 – How mentoring underserved diverse business owners with a coach same as their ethnicity can help them succeed.</li> <li>17:29 – What is results driven financing is all about?</li> <li>24:44– How revenue based accelerator differ from a traditional business model?</li> <li>26:16– What type of investors do you see in the asset class revenue based private equity funds?</li> <li>28:14– What are the new solution that is entering the market for gaining access to risk capital for diverse founders?</li> <li>30:00– What’s more for Kim?</li> <li>34:08– Final Four Rapid Fire</li> <li>39:04– Silvia’s episode recap</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: http://www.sheinvests.com/9</p>
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008 Xandra Laskowski - How Can Grit and Determination Help Get Funding
<p>Xandra Laskowski is a startup consultant, angel investor, and startup advisor. She offers unique expertise from her 25 years of diverse entrepreneurial experience with large multinational tech companies as well as start-ups.</p> <p>As a startup consultant,angel investor and advisor, she works directly with entrepreneurs to develop their startup roadmap and help them identify the most critical next steps for the business. She helps and educated them to understand the early stage business aspects and offers an advisory framework to build and support the startup roadmap.She helps them with their business, strategic and revenue plans, company messaging and key connections.</p> <p>In this episode, Xandra shares her wonderful insights into angel investing and how her ecosystem continuously grow, continuously educated other angel investor and continuously build their membership. She also shares how grit and determination help get funding.</p> <ul> <li>02:14 - Xandra walks us through how she started in the startup ecosystem.</li> <li>04:11 - How do she advocate for an angel investor to be a board member in their portfolio company?</li> <li>05:55 - How important is a board seat role for check and balance of a company?</li> <li>07:37 - Define smart money.</li> <li>17:21 - Why does having grit and determination an advantage for startups to close funding deals?</li> <li>19:36 - How can an angel investor know what event or conference to go to for them to be exposed in the ecosystem?</li> <li>22:06 - What is your innovation ecosystem and how to you chose the industry you will venture in?</li> <li>24:56 - What is your investment thesis?</li> <li>26:12 - How long is your due diligence process before qualifying startups?</li> <li>27:51 - Why is it important to have a lead investor other than yourself?</li> <li>35:00 - Importance of active networking and connections to be able to pitch your business and get funding from investors</li> <li>35:00 - What’s more for Xandra</li> <li>37:57 - Final Four Rapid Fire Questions</li> <li>40:14 - Silvia’s episode recap</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/8">http://www.sheinvests.com/8</a></p>
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007 Angela Lee - The 4 Ps of Angel Investing
<p>Angela Lee is an educator and entrepreneur with a passion for education.</p> <p>She is the Chief Innovation Officer and  Executive Director of Academic Integration at Columbia Business School and an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching Strategy and Leadership courses. She teaches Strategic Problem Solving, Entrepreneurial Thinking and Executive Communication at Columbia Business School, NYU, and General Assembly.</p> <p>She is the founder of 37 Angels, which is an angel investment network and training bootcamp for women investors. In this episode,Angela shares the 4P’s that she consider before venturing in any angel investment. She also  talks about the importance of immersion in the ecosystem before starting any investment ventures.</p> <ul> <li>02:14 – Angela shares why she started 37 Angels.<strong>
</strong></li> <li>03:30 – What are the characteristics that defines a female angel investor?How do they invest compared to old players in the market?<strong>
</strong></li> <li>04:35 – How do we keep the partnership with the startup entrepreneurs transparent and successful?<strong>
</strong></li> <li>08:08- How do you require entrepreneur to do monthly update regarding the flow of the business startup?
</li> <li>09:10- Angela shares some of the successful investment stories of 37 Angels members.
</li> <li>10:30- How does 37 Angels choose and qualify  the start ups that they will be helping?
</li> <li>11:30- What are the advice that you can share to first time angel investors before they make their first venture?
</li> <li>14:39- What is your personal investment thesis?
</li> <li>15:51- What are the red flags that you consider that makes you not venture in a company?
</li> <li>16:58- What opportunities do you see in the emerging market for angel investment in the next years?
</li> <li>20:10- Advice on how other angel investor can do their valuation process
</li> <li>21:28- Advice on how we can make the ecosystem better
</li> <li>22:56- What advantages do you see in the university setting that an angel investor can look into,in terms of getting new talent and idea?
</li> <li>26:38– Final Four Rapid Fire Questions<strong>
</strong></li> <li>29:25– Silvia’s episode recap.<strong>
</strong></li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/7">http://www.sheinvests.com/7</a></p>
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006 Ellen Chang - How Accelerators Help Build Your Tech Startup
<p>Ellen Chang  is an experienced defense innovation professional working in areas from aerospace to informatics. She has over 25 years of experience in strategy, business and product development, and systems engineering in the technology and aerospace industries.</p> <p>She used to work in the Navy, then eventually left at her mid-career  to pursue a business degree and later joined JP Morgan where she was part of the client management team during the exciting dot.com period where she was able to explore and facilitate investment in start-ups.</p> <p>In 2002, she joined Northrop Grumman but left in 2015  then  co-founded Lightspeed Innovations, which is  an accelerator for startup and early stage companies in the technology field in aerospace, addressing New Space, unmanned/Robotics, autonomy, big data/analytics and cyber security.</p> <p>She is also chair of the Wharton Alumni Angel Network Southern California Chapter. They fosters an entrepreneurial community backed by the strength of the Penn and Wharton alumni network. They help members and entrepreneurs develop,build relationships around investment opportunities, learn about angel investing and discover the tools needed to become a better investor and also connect with exceptional mentors.</p> <p>In this episode, Ellen shares how an angel investor look into the opportunities technology related investments. She will also give an insight on the red flags to consider in venturing to tech companies.</p> <ul> <li>03:00 - Ellen walks us through how she got from a very technical career to where she is today imparting her wisdom onto entrepreneur as an angel investor.</li> <li>04:00 - How does Lightspeed Innovation work as a business accelerator?</li> <li>04:57 - Ellen shares that Lightspeed Innovators helps aerospace start ups using commercial technologies and make the start up cost lower down to a no longer a $50 million cost.</li> <li>06:47 - Do you think by going to accelerators, angels become more open to looking to start up cycles through the help of an accelerator?</li> <li>07:53 - What are the other success factors you’ve seen over the years, with Lightspeed as an accelerator?</li> <li>09:21 - How did mentors helped and been part of your success as a woman in the technology field and as an angel investor?</li> <li>11:21 - How does Wharton Alumni Angels start?</li> <li>12:59 - How do Angel investor provide connection to those start-ups in the local community to meet larger communities?</li> <li>13:25 - When I see a company strapping a little bit more but possibly able to exit without doing many venture rounds I am kinda happy because I am less diluted and possibly make out better. It’s those trade offs that one has to think about.”</li> <li>14:10 - What types of companies are beats the traditional startup setup?</li> <li>16:54 - How do you select, connect and qualify the startup that you will invest in?</li> <li>18:21 - How do Light Speed Innovation select the astropreneurs startup they will help?</li> <li>19:05 - How much time do you spend managing your investment companies?</li> <li>20:47 - What is it about your investment theses that you feel strongly about?</li> <li>22:00 - Ellen shares the red flags she considers that makes you not invest in a business.</li> <li>24:50 - Any advice you can give to start-ups as an angel investor in the technology space, going after NIH: SBIR and STTR grants first before going angel route option?</li> <li>32:37 - Sylvia shares that as an angel investor it is important to know your industry pipeline.</li> <li>35:03 - Tell us something about Wharton Alumni Angel Network.What are the benefits and added pros of being a member?</li> <li>38:14 - Who are Angel Syndication Network? What do they do?</li> <li>41:24 - Final Four Rapid Fire Questions</li> <li>44:18 - Sylvia’s episode recap</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/6">http://www.sheinvests.com/6</a></p>
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005 Suzanne Andrews - How To Build a Better Ecosystem
<p>Suzanne Andrews is an angel investor, a global connector, and author of the book, “Impact with Wings”.She calls herself a ecosystem builder. Suzanne speaks and writes about women’s innovations in practices that are creating business culture where all people can pursue their dreams and thrive. Previously, as the director of the Anita Borg Institute, she supported the techwomen program, bringing the technical woman from the Middle East and North Africa to The United States for partnerships with Silicon Valley Women.From these experience, she learned the power and opportunity and her dream to women's global network of investors and entrepreneurs. In this episode. Suzanne shares ways to be able to build your own ecosystem better and what it means for a female angel investor to pursue and bringing all of one's resources to create the future.</p> <p>Full show notes: <a href="http://www.sheinvests.com/5" target= "_blank">http://www.sheinvests.com/5</a></p>
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004 Amy Chang - The Deliberate Choice to Take More Risk
<p>Amy Chang is the CEO of Delta Nutrassentials, a consumer health supplement company and an active Angel Investor with a corporate, financial, and entrepreneurial background. She previously worked at AMN Healthcare for 14 years and also at Mitchell Madison Group as a Strategy Manager. Amy is also involved in various angel groups and despite her demanding schedule still finds time to give back to her community. She’s involved in homeless ministries at The Rock Church in Point Loma and has also served as a foster youth mentor and a foster parent.</p> <p>We talked about why she became an Angel Investor, the importance of networking, how budding entrepreneurs can get involved with Angel Investors and much, much more.</p> <ul> <li>02:24 - Her decision to leave AMN Healthcare after 14 years</li> <li>03:25 - Why she decided to become an Angel Investor</li> <li>05:44 - What convinced her to make her first investment</li> <li>08:48 - The skills she learned as a Strategist in the corporate world that helped her with angel investing</li> <li>12:42 - The types of investments Amy feels the most comfortable with and the “catalyst moment”</li> <li>14:57 - Angel Investors as catalysts for the next movement</li> <li>17:22 - Her involvement in the Angel Groups, Keiretsu Forum & Wharton Alumni Angel Network (WAAN) and the importance of networking</li> <li>20:36 - How entrepreneurs can best get involved with Angel Investors</li> <li>22:13 - Tips for entrepreneurs who want to pitch to a group of investors</li> <li>23:54 - The story of a founder she has recently invested in and why she invested in her</li> <li>27:18 - How she met the founder of Jewel Toned </li> <li>32:44 - The benefits of good communication between investor and founder</li> <li>36:26 - How she became involved with Delta Nutrassentials</li> <li>39:25 - Her future investment plans and the importance of supporting small businesses, founders, and entrepreneurs</li> <li>41:41 - Starting a relationship as a mentor to opening up capital as an investor </li> <li>44:02 - The mentors who have helped shaped Amy’s career </li> <li>47:39 - Her favorite Angel lnvesting resource</li> <li>48:39 - The person who had a major influence in her career</li> <li>49:51 - What comes to mind when she hears the word, ‘abundance’</li> </ul> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.sheinvests.com/4">http://www.sheinvests.com/4</a></p>
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003 Alicia Robb - Riding the Wave of Smart Impact Investing
<p>Alicia Robb is an author, academic and Founder and CEO of Nextwave. She discusses why creating an “learning by doing” fund was important to her. Why it’s important to selectively mentor, and the importance connecting companies to subsequent funders. She lists her top female VCs and highlights the importance of diversity. All in all, a great conversation with an inspiring leader of the female VC community.</p> <ul> <li>02:20 - Alicia’s story of how she became a VC</li> <li>05:44 - How the mentors really help with investment decisions</li> <li>06:50 - What was the biggest red flag those early investors had?</li> <li>07:30 - The benefit of a group of investors</li> <li>08:40 - What the existing investors received out of being a mentor</li> <li>10:30 - Silvia ask about Alicia’s portfolio.</li> <li>12:35 - What are Alicia’s thoughts on mentoring a large portfolio</li> <li>14:15 - Connecting companies to subsequent funders</li> <li>16:00 - Why it’s important to =clearly define “impact investing”</li> <li>17:10 - What is the current mix of women and men in the pilot funds?</li> <li>19:00 - Impact investing is still relatively young.</li> <li>22:25 - Alicia’s passion with emerging markets</li> <li>26:05 - Defining Homophily</li> <li>28:00 - Alicia talks about diversity struggles</li> <li>29:30 - Estimates of female angel investor percentages</li> <li>30:50 - What other companies have helped Alicia along the way?</li> <li>33:00 - Listing out female led VCs</li> <li>36:25 - A preview of Alicia’s upcoming book</li> <li>39:35 - Silvia’s episode recap.</li> </ul> <p>FULL SHOW NOTES: <a href="http://www.sheinvests.com/3" target= "_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.sheinvests.com/3</a></p>
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002 Allison Long Pettine - Managing Mindsets as an Early Stage Investor
<p>In this interview we meet Allison Long Pettine, founder of Seed San Diego and Crescent Ridge Partners. Allison delves into her early life as a female early-stage angel investor, as well as why she decided to plant her business in San Diego. She explains the difference in mindset when you're an early-stage investor and why it's more key to hone in on someone's potential instead of numbers or data. As a female investor, she is motivated to work with both male and female investors as complementary partners rather than just creating an environment for only female investors.</p> <p>Full show notes: <a href="http://www.sheinvests.com/2" target= "_blank">http://www.sheinvests.com/2</a></p>
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001 Trish Costello - The Genius of Focusing on the ‘Ick’ Factor
<p>To kick off the podcast, our first interview is with Trish Costello, founder and CEO of Portfolia, which focuses and supports the female investor community. In this inaugural episode, we learn of Trish’s humble beginnings, and about her first investment, which was actually in a daycare. Trish mentions the ‘ick’ factor as contributing to men’s avoidance to investing in fields that they can’t directly relate to, and why that’s a great open field opportunity for female VCs. She touches on the importance of avoiding the “shiny objects”, why it’s important to not have tunnel vision when you’re looking into niche markets, and why you should treat your portfolio as your children, giving your investments equal importance. A great start to the podcast!</p> <p>Full show notes: <a href="http://www.sheinvests.com/1" target= "_blank">http://www.sheinvests.com/1</a></p>
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000 Welcome to She Invests!
<p>This is the show where we highlight the growing number of female angel investors, the real unicorns. My mission is to equip female angel investors with more knowledge about how to invest, finding their tribe, and collaborating. From deal flow to exits, women have been gaining experience. Let's learn from each other. We can only improve our representation around the venture table by truly sitting at it and having a voice.</p> <p>New episodes weekly: <a href="http://www.sheinvests.com/si" target="_blank">http://www.sheinvests.com/si</a></p> <p> </p>
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