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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
Apostasy –
A Christian’s downward plunge into sin (how it all began).
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

A sermon on fear –
Men not only often fear, they often have the wrong fear.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

The thankfulness of the Apostle Paul as
as expressed in the words “thank,” “thanks,” and “thanksgiving.”
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Audio Bible study on Acts 10:15-20
Acts 10:15-20 15 And a voice (came) unto him again the second time, What God hath cleansed, make not thou common. 16 And this was done thrice: and straightway the vessel was received up into heaven. 17 Now while Peter was much perplexed in himself what the vision which he had seen might mean, behold, &#8230; <p class="link-more"><a href="https://www.abiblecommentary.com/audiosermon/audio-bible-study-on-acts-1015-20/" class="more-link">Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> "Audio Bible study on Acts 10:15-20"</span></a></p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

A “light house for the Lord” sermon
by Chris Reno.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

A Bible study on the topic of “LIFE”
LIFE is in the name of Jesus (Jn. 20:31). What else can we know about life?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

The sin of covetousness
This is the last of the Ten Commandments God gave to Israel. This also happens to be the only commandment mentioned by Paul in Rom. 7:7-8.  This sermon includes a proposal on why Paul said it was this sin that caused him to realize he was guilty of sin.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Paul’s use of legal imagery in the New Testament –
Several passages in the Bible draw upon legal imagery.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Audio Bible study on Acts 10:7-13
Acts 10:7-13: 7 And when the angel that spake unto him was departed, he called two of his household-servants, and a devout soldier of them that waited on him continually; 8 and having rehearsed all things unto them, he sent them to Joppa. 9 Now on the morrow, as they were on their journey, and &#8230; <p class="link-more"><a href="https://www.abiblecommentary.com/audiosermon/audio-bible-study-on-acts-107-13/" class="more-link">Continue reading<span class="screen-reader-text"> "Audio Bible study on Acts 10:7-13"</span></a></p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Judge not that ye be not judged –
This sermon on Mt. 7 was delivered by Chris Reno.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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