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Interviews with people who share their stories with the world. We focus on possibilities and solutions to problems exploring a variety of topics including personal development, healing, yoga & so much more. Learn with me as the conversations unfold.

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Podcast Episode's:
5 - Healing Trauma An Interview With Tammy Hatherill
Episode 5 A holistic approach to healing trauma a conversation with Tammy Hatherill Author, Reiki Master and Therapist. I interview Tammy, an expert on trauma and PTSD. We discuss reiki, trauma and healing, PTSD, Tammy's upcoming book and the keys to happiness.
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CLSC Minisode 1 - Quitting smoking, fat yoga and menopause
This minisode expounds upon a recent article that I wrote and published on Conscious Life Space - Quitting Smoking, Fat Yoga and Menopause, not necessarily in that order. A solo episode that explores body shame, ageing and acceptance. Minisode 1 of Conscious LIfe Space's Conversations mini episodes of the Podcast - the Minisodes air in alternating weeks from the longer and regular episodes of Conversations that feature guest interviews. The minisodes differ as they are conversations with myself :-) LOL https://consciouslife.guru/quitting-smoking-fat-yoga-and-menopause-not-necessarily-in-that-order/ Let me know what you think in the comments and please share your stories, experiences and comments here or via email to be included in future minisodes - email me, Amy, at hello@consciouslife.guru When you review, comment, share and subscribe - each action shows your support for this work - so please do and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you!
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4- Too Fat to Run a conversation with Julie Creffield
Julie Creffield the founder of the Too Fat to Run blog, author, motivational speaker and coach joined me for a conversation in episode 4 of Conscious Life Space's Conversations Podcast. We discussed her work, being judged, identity, big fat stupid goals, setting big scary goals and active lifestyle and so much more. Have a listen.
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3 - The Disobedient Dietician a conversation with Amber Gourley
Amber Gourley also known as The Disobedient Dietician is a rebel with a cause. With an MS in nutrition and a bunch of other qualifications, she is interested in helping people get well. Many people seek out her services when they just aren't getting the help they need through traditional medicine. We discuss, looking outside the gut, food sensitivities, food as a trigger for inflammation, cooking from scratch and so much more.
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2 - A Gen-X r's perspective on motherhood at 40, a conversation with Chrissy Miller
Becoming a new mother is on top of the list of transformational events in our lives that can change us. Our ideas of who we are and our place in the world can be upended and the upheaval can have both benefits and negative side effects. Although mothers share many common experiences, mothering and motherhood is a unique experience for each individual as they bring their own familial history, personal experiences and expectations, as well as their culture to this phase of their lives. n the second episode of Conversations, Chrissy shares her perspective as a mother of a toddler. She joins me to discuss her chosen vocation of motherhood at this time in her life. We talk about co-sleeping with your child, changes in your body, expectations from others and more.
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1 - Opening up to your mind & body with Heidi Camuti Yoga & Wellness Expert Conversations
Yoga is such a broad term and can mean different things to different people. So, in the first episode of Conversations, Heidi Camuti joins me to discuss yoga and shares her perspective. We talk about yoga and its ability to bring people into the present moment, the mind and body connection, monkey mind and the somatic response of crying on the mat. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of yoga and how it can help guide you on your path, you’re going to find lots of inspiration and information about yoga in this interview!
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