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Category: TV/Film
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Covering everything nerdy in the world of film, TV and more!

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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
73: Ghosts In The Castle, Bigfoot In His House
It's a bumper review special this episode, as we look for wonderful things to help you fill these dark winter nights. Dan puts his bigfoot in it by reviewing new novel "Devolution", which does for sasquatch what World War Z did for the living-challenged. Andy haunts us with BBC TV comedy "Ghosts". Hazel investigates Nathan Fillion's detective series "Castle". Jon hides out in "His House" with only a horror movie for comfort, and Peter gives Apple + comedy "Ted Lasso" a sporting chance. And we track down Ian Mayor for three British comics recommendations from the depths of his void, at an undisclosed location somewhere on the western spiral arm of the galaxy. Spend some of these dark nights with us!
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72: Cock-A-Doodle DON'T!
In this episode we welcome an awesome guest nerd- Kerris Gibson. You'll love getting to know her and her eclectic taste in movies in our opening segment. (Full disclaimer - We’re not sure WHY we got onto the subject of a certain part of the human anatomy and how often it ‘shows up’ in film, but that’s the path Kerris leads us down...) We also have a bumper round of "Film Buff or Film Bluff", the game where we try to outfox each other with both true and made-up trivia about the world of entertainment. Jon has three ‘facts’ about movie plots and why they departed from their source material. Then Hazel, one of the biggest fans of “The West Wing” has three stories about its behind the scenes shenanigans, including the lesser-known lyrics to the opening theme. (Yes, we make her sing them.) Kerris befuddles us all with pranks from Japanese game shows. Followed by Peter, who's been spending his time wisely in lockdown on the trashiest of trash TV, and has three plots for movies allegedly streamed in 2020. And Andy finishes us off, with three facts about the awesome Orson Welles. Enjoy playing along to this one at home!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

71: Halloween Spooktacular
Halloween! The inspiration for so many great movies, which we try and rattle off in quick succession in our opening segment. From the moments that shook our childhoods, to what we think defines a great horror, be afraid. Be very afraid. After a quick change of underwear, we move on to discuss our recommendations of the week. First up is Dan who is sucked in by “Vampires Vs The Bronx”. Then Andy recommends the latest Sofia Coppola/ Bill Murray collaboration “On the Rocks”. Peter leads the charges against “The Trial of the Chicago Seven” (it was acquitted, on account of being great). And Jon recommends yet another disturbing horror movie that probably no one else will ever watch, “Possessor”. And finally Hazel rocks out to “Rocks”; the latest brilliant and heartwarming independent film to have found a home on Netflix. So....what’s *your* favourite scary movie?
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70: Can You Feel The Power Of The Tingler?
Its Buff or Bluff time again as our nerds try to hide 4 massive whoppers in amongst 12 fabulous facts- will it take a truth serum to find out which is which, and can you beat the team? This time around, Dan covers masks (and The Mask), Jon describes some weird director antics, Peter polishes up our knowledge of Metal Mickey, and Andy evokes great showman William Castle and the amazing stunts he’d pull to promote his movies. In a “wide ranging discussion” we also reminisce fondly about Gladiators (although Jon and Peter are more concerned with Jet’s appearances on GamesWorld) and a close encounter with a manatee, and peek a little behind the scenes at how the podcast is put together, as Jon storms off to his trailer.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

69: A Most Excellent Sequel
We have lots of new movie, TV, book and even orchestral recommendations for you this week. But before that, we discuss who we'd all like to see as the next James Bond. Is it Tom Hardy? Or possibly a more outside choice? Tune in to find out! To kick off our recommendations, Dan shares his nostalgic experiences of listening to the John Williams “Live in Vienna” concert. He also has a review of a brand new book “The Devil and the Dark Water” by Stuart Turton which we were lucky enough to be sent an advance copy of. Jon leads our review of “Bill and Ted Face the Music” which might just emerge as the best thing of 2020. From a brand new movie, to an absolute classic - Andy has been perusing the old blockbusters and shared his thoughts on watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for the very first time. Peter recommends “Raised by Wolves”, Ridley Scott’s first foray into TV. It’s a sci fi drama complete with androids and colonisations that should interest any Scott fanatic. And finally Hazel reviews Katherine Ryan’s semi-autobiographical Netflix show, “The Duchess”. Who would be your choice for the next Bond? Send us your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook @nerdfestuk
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

68: Four Nerds And A Wedding
Dan got married! Jon got a puppy! Ian grew a beard! We have lots of reasons to celebrate in this episode, so please do join us for a bit of non lockdown-related happiness! We also have a great round of Film Buff or Film Bluff for you - including Jon’s definition of a “dedication” to Dan and his new wife. Ian has some made-up movie reviews to fool us with, Peter heads into the land of sci fi, Dan has 3 facts about the life of Buster Keaton, and Hazel treads dangerous waters with the plots of three propaganda movies, one of which she has made up from scratch (sorry Mr. Putin). And finally Dan brings us his review of 'Tenet', whilst trying (and somewhat failing) to explain what he saw. This episode also includes our tribute to Chadwick Boseman, one of the world’s most beloved and inspirational humans, gone too soon.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

67: Lovecraft Is All Around
Love is in the air today, as we open the show celebrating Hazel and Andy’s minus one wedding anniversary, and Jon and Peter offer up some unusual ways on how they can celebrate it :) Then we bring you a tonne of new recommendations for your viewing pleasure. First up is 'Lovecraft Country' which premiered recently in Sky’s ‘Watchmen’ slot. Hazel then talks about an easy binge-watch on BBC iPlayer - “Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience.” Andy has another eclectic offering, with Ugandan film “Who killed Captain Alex”. Hear about some of the amazing action Wakaliwood can produce on a shoestring budget. And finally Peter has two recommendations - “The Americans” and “Perry Mason” which somehow inspires Jon to perform a series of raps about Arnold Schwarzenegger... In the second section of the show we tackle a listener question, which asks us what we’ve found most disappointing so far in nerd culture in 2020. Aside from all the cinema release postponements, this conversation takes us down some interesting paths. Some might even say it was a poignant discussion! N.B this episode was recorded before the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman. We were incredibly devastated to hear about this and send all our thoughts to Chadwick’s family, friends, and legions of fans across the world. Wakanda Forever. Hi
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

66: Wrong? Never!
This time we answer a question from a listener about just how wrong we all are. This leads us into a fun discussion about certain films that we personally love, but need to mount a bit of a defence for to other people. Before that we have our Film Buff or Film Buff quiz, which tests our knowledge on roles that had to be replaced mid-shoot due to an actor’s untimely death, the movie 'Almost Famous', 50s sci fi TV shows around the world, 'Star Trek', and the works of Alan Smithee. Do send in more of your listener questions for us to tackle! @nerdfestuk on Twitter and Facebook.
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65: It's About Time
A pod poem: We hear all that’s going on, at San Diego Comic Con. “Old Guard” and “Palm Springs” halt time’s advance, as we cross space with “The Expanse”. A sequel to the “The Last Of Us”? (and Hamilton’s on Disney plus!)
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

64: Nerds of Future Past
Join Peter, Jon, Dan and Ian for another X-Citing episode of the Nerdfest podcast! In our regular Buff or Bluff feature, we examine the complicated profession of bounty hunting in the Star Wars expanded universe as well as some weird and wonderful cinematic sounds, before answering a listener question on how to bring the X-Men into the MCU and who we’d cast in the key roles. Then Jon delves into his own Sack of Fun, for 82 minutes on the "Money Plane". All that and more on this episode- SNIKT!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

63: NerdfestFest
This week we’re answering some of your profound listener questions, such as "Which is the best cartoon TV show?", and "What's the most horrifying piece of movie tie-in merchandise you’ve ever seen?" giving us an excellent opportunity to talk about a certain pair of Pinocchio boxer shorts. Then we have our recommendations of the week. Dan has two podcasts worthy of your time, including “Californian Century” and the “Six degrees of the song of the south” episode of “You must remember this”. Hazel celebrates the works of Ava DuVernay, including “Selma”, the excellent documentary “13th” and “When They See Us”. Andy recommends the lockdown-themed “Staged”, featuring David Tennant and Michael Sheen trying to practice for a forthcoming theatre show. Peter reviews “Giri/Haji", a thriller set in London and Tokyo. And finally Jon, slightly grumpy that’s he’s not sat in a field surrounding by 100,000 sweaty bodies, recommends some of the most infamous Glastonbury sets from past years, currently featured on BBC iPlayer. We then have Taking One For The Team, where one of us must endure a critically-mauled film for the benefit of the pod. In this case, it’s Dan who drew the short straw and reviews “Artemis Fowl”, originally set for a cinematic release until COVID-19 had its way and it was released on Disney Plus. Cue much hilarity as he describes all the “fowlness” inherent within it. But can Judi Dench’s appearance as a leprechaun give it a redeeming taste? Please send us your listener questions for our next episode, by tweeting us @nerdfestuk on Twitter, or sending us on a message on our Facebook page (Nerdfest UK).
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

62: The Marvel Ianiverse
The Ians align for our latest episode! Yes, Ians Mayor and McLaughlin join Peter, Jon and Dan for a game of Buff or Bluff, encompassing everything from Aerosmith to Vin Diesel’s dog, before we squee about the many exciting things in store for Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Join us for our thoughts on 'Black Widow', 'Eternals', Jane Foster as Thor, and loads more Marvel-ous stuff!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

61: Psychobabble
In a masterful and suspenseful episode, we discuss five of Hitchcock’s greatest film accomplishments. Join us as we dissect 'Rear Window', 'Psycho', 'The Birds', 'Vertigo' and 'North by Northwest' and see how they hold up today. We discuss the groundbreaking shots, the cameos, the treatment of women, behind the scenes factoids, the unique sets, and much more. Before that, we have an eclectic bunch of international recommendations to help you through the 98th week of lockdown. Peter sings the praises of 'Upload', an odd comedy set in a digital heaven. Jon reviews 'Border', a dark Swedish fantasy drama which he tries his best to excite us about without spoilering! Hazel talks about her second-favourite film podcast, 'Film Stories'; a celebration of movie making. Then Dan, on behalf of his fiancée Amy, recommends the truly brilliant cookery/travel show 'Somebody feed Phil', the third season of which has just landed on Netflix. And finally Andy reviews 'Woman at War', an Icelandic comedy drama about an environmental activist who wants to become a mother. Remember nerds, drama is life with all the dull bits cut out.
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60: Five.. Years... Later
It’s a very special week here at Nerdfest, as not only did the brilliant 'Film Stories' magazine recommend us as their podcast of the week, but also it’s our fifth anniversary! We formed our cinema club in the pub, this time five years ago, so we open the show with a little bit of reminiscing. Also in this episode is our Film Buff Or Film Bluff quiz, featuring true and made-up facts about directors’ credits, which famous nerdy things came first, special makeup effects director Rick Baker, and obscure connections. And finally Dan has come up with a brilliant feature called “Getting to Nerd You”, in which he asks fellow nerds meaningful questions such as ‘What is the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done?’ And ‘Who would you invite to a Nerdfest dinner party?’ Thank you to all our listeners! We’re very grateful to each and every one of you.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

59: Parks And Recommendations
Join us, won’t you, for a Nerdfest recommendations special, with not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but SIX! nerds together on the podcast to discuss their top picks for lockdown entertainment. Andy kicks us off with a YouTube channel presented by Tom Scott, where he’s been learning such things as "Do the numbers on toaster dials mean minutes?", "What really classifies as a mountain?", and "What really is sea level, anyway?" Dan reviews Netflix’s first foray into improv comedy, with 'Middleditch & Schwartz'. Find out what he thinks their secret ingredient is. As Ian Mayor is perhaps one of the few people on earth yet to watch “Parks and Recreation”, lockdown provided the perfect opportunity for him to get acquainted with Lesley Knope and the gang. We then all delight in reminiscing about the series. Find out what Jon makes of new TV series 'Devs', starring Nick Offerman in a very different role to Ron Swanson. Peter covers the Netflix Chris Hemsworth-starring movie, “Extraction”, a rip-roaring actioner that has divided us nerds. And finally Hazel tells us what she thinks of new Apple TV + drama 'Defending Jacob' with Chris "Captain America" Evans and Michelle "Downton Abbey" Dockery. How does America’s finest ass handle a more down to earth role? Have a listen, and of course join in the discussion @nerdfestuk on Twitter and Facebook.
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58: Thong Cruise
Welcome to another nerdy lockdown episode - as Jason Nesmith was fond of saying, “Never Give Up! Never Surrender!” Which leads us nicely in to this episode’s Shameful Gap, as Hazel has, quite shockingly, never seen 'Galaxy Quest'! Hear her thoughts as she watches it for the very first time, and bring yourselves on a nostalgic trip back to 1999 with Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, a bunch of delightful Thermians, and one heck of a concept. Also in this fun-packed episode we have our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz where we try to outwit each other with made up facts about Superman in the media, actor’s crazy demands on film sets, renegade and trailblazing women in film, 'Pirates of the Caribbean', and actors who’ve been in video games. P.s for any Thermians listening to this and thinking that the Nerdfest podcast is actually a historical documentary, we would very much like to fly a spaceship, please and thank you.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

57: We're All In The Void Now
Looking for some lockdown inspiration? Our nerds discuss our most recommended distractions across movies, TV and comics. Hazel gets the ball rolling with a review of new Apple TV+ production, “The Banker” starring Samuel L Jackson and Anthony Mackie. Jon recommends TV show “Succession” with the one and only Brian Cox (not that one). Dan promotes the virtues of offbeat documentary “The Imagineering Story” which charts the success of Disney’s theme parks. Peter covers satirical comedy/ horror with “The Hunt”, and finally Ian Mayor actually joins us live (well, within social distancing rules) from the void to recommend 'Sabrina' (not the teenage witch); a comic novel which he absolutely raves about. We then have not one, but two quizzes! Dan's‘5 by 5’ tests our knowledge of the fifth film in a series. And Jon has us guessing which celebrity autobiographies he’s been reading, from ‘revealing’ lines taken from their pages. Stay safe and well everyone!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

56: Going For Gold
Can our nerds go the distance, as we attempt to trick each other with fiendish Buff or Bluffs on ludicrous "X-Men" characters, composer Hans Zimmer, the videogame "Donkey Kong" and seminal Edgar Wright masterwork, "Spaced"? Then Andy fills another shameful gap (how many can one man have?) by watching movie classic: "Rocky". What does he think of it? "Adriaaaaaaaan!" and we discover Peter and Ian's involvement in the "Rocky" videogames. We also discuss the rumours of James Mangold-taking over Indiana Jones 5. and what that might tmean for the franchise?
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

55: Make It Show
As Hazel and Dan watch Hamilton on opposite sides of the Atlantic, Jon is keeping the host’s chair warm as we offer up a brand new set of nerdy recommendations. Make yourself a tea (Earl Grey, hot) as the nerds discuss Patrick Stewart’s return to Starfleet in ‘Star Trek: Picard’, and 'Doom patrol', 'I’m not OK with this', and 'Midnight Family'. And Andy provides a quiz to test our knowledge of movie taglines. Whoever wins, you win!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

54: Clucking Hell
This is the first chance we’ve had to bid a fond farewell to Terry Jones. So, we open the show by reminiscing about his best moments (Python and otherwise), and chat about some of the lesser known cultural influences he’s had. Then we have our Buff or Bluff quiz, featuring facts on Michael Palin, musicians in the movies, swearing in cinema, film production stories, and a lucky dip! Finally, we have the return of Shameful Gap! We scare the pants off Dan by making him watch ‘The Exorcist’. What did he make of it? And how much behind the scenes knowledge does Jon have? Have a listen to find out! Oh, and the first few seconds will reveal why this episode is called ‘Clucking Hell’. Don’t worry, Hazel’s fine...in a manner of speaking...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

53: The Musical That Goes Wrong
Welcome one and all to the newly-created Nerdfest 'Cats' Support Group. Curiosity got the better of Dan and Jon, and so they recall their cat-astrophic experiences of watching Tom Hooper’s 'Cats', with what little remains of their souls. As Dan remarks, "curiosity killed the cat, but Cats might kill your curiosity..." On a lighter note, we chat happily about the various Oscar winning films that we haven’t had a chance to talk about in depth yet, including '1917' and 'JoJo Rabbit'. We also have brand new recommendations for you, including the supremely interesting 'Song of Spider-Man' book about the doomed musical ‘Turn off the Dark’. Jon has (surprise surprise!) another Nic Cage film to recommend - 'Color out of Space' but he is forced to admit that the Cagester is not the best thing in it! What could it be? Hazel also recommends 'The Show that goes Wrong', a new BBC series that sees acclaimed slapstick theatre company The Mischief Theatre perform 6 different plays in front of a live studio audience. Shenanigans ensue. We cap off this episode with a thunderously entertaining quiz where our nerds have to guess which actor or director links various movies. During which Hazel has to change her scoring system on the fly! If you’re enjoying our shows it would mean the world to us if you could give us a little rating or review wherever you listen to us. Thanks friends!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

52: Buffy The Oscar Slayer
In one of our notoriously bad segues, we begin this week’s episode not with a Buff or Bluff quiz, but with a trip to the gateway of the Hellmouth, the home of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. Hazel has been rewatching the series from the start, and so our nerds discuss the groundbreaking storylines, the amusing consequences of remastering it for widescreen, and how they feel now about certain episodes. Once we get back on topic, our Buff or Bluff quiz features facts about the most unusual reasons for becoming a supervillain, the musical 'Cats', previously unknown tidbits about 'The Rise of Skywalker', and the all-time worst TV shows. Also in this episode is the return of Hazel’s needlessly overcomplicated Oscars Sweepstake. Our nerds (and a few special guests) discover which Best Picture nominee they have drawn, and how pleased (or not) they are with their picks.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

51: Nobody Dies!
What with 'Wonder Woman 1984’, 'The Eternals', 'Black Widow', 'Ghostbusters Afterlife' and more, the lineup for 2020 releases is looking mighty fine indeed, as our nerds count through the year, naming the movies we’re really looking forward to... and 'Candyman'. Also join us for our deep-into-spoiler-territory review of 'The Rise of Skywalker'. We’re joined by the much-missed Ian Mclaughlin, overcoming a prolapsed disc in his back to give his thoughts on J.J. Abrams’ closing chapter. We discuss everything about this 40-years-in-the-making movie, including character background notes from Dan, who’s been swotting up with the Visual Dictionary. We’d love to hear your thoughts on TROS - send us a tweet or Facebook message @NerdfestUK
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

50: Fiftieth Episode Special
It’s our 50th episode! To celebrate, we reflect back on some of our favourite recording moments from the past 2 years, and Hazel has a special quiz to test our knowledge of, well, ourselves! Also in this episode we each count down our top 3 films of the year. There are some surprising inclusions, and we debate and discuss how we feel now about certain movies. Any 50th episode would be remiss without our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, so this round includes questions on Murder She Wrote, James Bond, Nicholas Cage (thanks, Jon) and some of the earliest female filmmakers, which gives us all a chance to chat about this long lost era. Last but not least, we’d like to wish all our listeners a very happy new year, and a huge thank you for supporting us for the last 50 episodes. We really appreciate it, and long may it continue :)
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

49: Santa Baby Yoda
As we head into that time of year where no one has a clue about what day it is, and we constantly emerge blurry-eyed from multiple turkey comas, you can take comfort in our many and varied holiday viewing recommendations! In this episode, we review the excellent 'Watchmen' TV series, which Jon has declared his favourite TV show of the year. We also do a spoiler-free preview (because we obviously haven’t seen it yet. Ahem!) of 'The Mandalorian' from Disney+. Dan recommends 'Ladhood', a BAFTA nominated coming of age comedy. And we have a group discussion on Rian Johnson’s modern murder mystery, 'Knives Out'. We end the show with our immediate reactions to J.J. Abrams’ closing chapter of the new Star Wars trilogy, 'The Rise of Skywalker'. Having taken our pod recording equipment to the midnight screening, we put off going to bed for the sake of capturing this segment, featuring a few nerds you’ve never heard from before! Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet, we don’t reveal any secrets :) May we wish all our listeners the absolute best Christmas ever. Thank you for all your support this year. We’ll be back in early 2020 with our favourite films of the year, and a preview of what’s coming up! Until then, take care nerds!
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48: Thor and Order
Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, please take your seats for the return of Nerd Court! In the dock this week is a film that has almost divided a relationship - Thor Ragnorok. Engaged couple Andy and Hazel battle each other in the Nerd courtroom, in our most fiercely fought nerd battle yet. Will Thor Ragnorok see off all the evidence weighted against it? Will Judge Jon pronounce an unbiased ruling? Can Andy and Hazel’s relationship even survive this? Listen to find out! Also in this episode we have our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, where our nerds must find the false fact from a web of lies and deceit. Topics this week include record breaking in films, ridiculous fighting game pairings, Star War’s The Emperor, and the 30th anniversary of the Nintendo Gameboy. Thanks for listening!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

47: A Dark Fate Of Materials
The year was 2019. An era of political strife. A climate crisis loomed. Royal reputations were in tatters. Cats were "sexy". And Sonic the Hedgehog scared the living daylights out of children and adults alike. Through the mist, one podcast emerged from tens of thousands of other film podcasts to bring peace and prosperity to each and every one of its listeners. In this episode, play along to our “Guess the movie from its opening crawl” quiz. Hopefully you paid more attention than most of us to the opening titles of some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters! Also we have a ton of new reviews and recommendations for you. Dan tells us why we should all give 'Jack Ryan' a chance. Jon reviews 'Terminator: Dark Fate' amid multiple interruptions from the nerds who didn’t share his positive opinions. Peter double-taps 'Zombieland 2', Andy introduces a 7 minute film to those of us with short attention spans, and Hazel talks of the new BBC adaptation of 'His Dark Materials'.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

46: Are You Sitting Uncomfortably?
This week our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz includes questions on ridiculous Disney live action plots, some devious Terminator facts, the weird and wonderful films available on SyFy, movie costumes, and how food was used as an effect in some iconic movies. Also Ian Mayor contacts us from the Void, to talk all things unique to John Wick, the Hipster Assassin. And spurred on by some recent awful examples, we have a good old fashioned debate about modern movie trailers- discussing what we feel a movie trailer should contain, and casting our minds back to our favourite trailers of all time. Join in to let us know YOUR opinion on the best/worst trailers you’ve seen- @nerdfestuk on Twitter and Facebook.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

45: I Hear You Paint Faces
In one of our favourite episodes yet to record, we prove just how divisive “Joker” really is, as each of our nerds viewed the film in a different way. Our spoiler-heavy review explores fan theories, direction, Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the character, and how it all fits into today’s world. Before that, we have our main Reviews section. This week, Jon has been lucky enough to attend a preview screening of Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” - is it worth the 3 and a half hour run time, and how effective is the digital de-ageing? Andy is back, and talks fondly of little-known Japanese zombie comedy, “One Cut Of The Dead” which had us all dying to see it. Hazel has been bingeing true crime documentary “The Staircase” (Do you think he did it? Let us know!). Dan has an antidote for all the history-haters out there, with new podcast “You’re Dead To Me”. Peter reviews new Netflix series “Living with yourself”, starring Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd. And finally Ian reviews “It: Chapter 2” (let’s just say he wasn’t a fan) Plus, we have a brand new quiz! Andy’s “First Lines” quiz is full of fun, as our nerds try to guess the famous movie character from the first line they ever speak on the big screen...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

44: A Thousand Tiny Frenchwomen
DID George Lucas really name a Star Wars planet after Jon Stewart? DID Faye Dunaway once throw a cup of urine in Roman Polanski’s face? DID Patrick Swayze really chew on ice in order to hide his breath during the filming of Ghost? And DID the producers of "Thunderball" REALLY drag a dead shark past Sean Connery, only to discover it wasn’t actually dead? Find out in our regularly deceptive quiz, Film Buff or Bluff! Also in this episode, hear what Ian Mayor (still trapped in The Void) recommends you check out in order to prepare for Marvel’s Phase 4 and 5. And it’s the return of our "Shameful Gap". Whilst having grown up in the 90s, Dan had somehow never seen the action thriller Face/Off, featuring one of the craziest concepts ever committed to screen. Find out what he thinks of Nic Cage and John Travolta’s gun fu ballet as he watches it for the very first time...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

43: Jon Is Very Sorry
The pitiful remains of what was once Jon Farthing join us for a bumper crop of recommendations and quizzing. Dan raves about Helen O'Hara's new "Superhero Movie Guide", Hazel swoons over Sir Ian McKellen's live show, Peter checks out the backstory of "Pennyworth", Batman's butler, Jon enthuses over Tarantino nostalgia-fest, "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood", and Ian eventually drag(on)s himself away from the clinically addictive "Merge Dragons" game to surf some shorts on the "Dust" channel. And who will win our closely-fought quiz, based on the plots of ten famous science fiction movies.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

42: The Bee Plot
We’re excited by the recently-revealed plans for Marvel Phase 4, but Hazel and Jon think there’s room for one or two other ideas. So, for this episode we created our own version of Kevin Feige, to which Hazel and Jon must pitch their new Phase 4 concepts. This includes a movie centred on the backstory and adventures of Valkyrie, as well as a comeback vehicle for Marvel’s long-lost character, The Swarm. Get ready to hear Jon defend his alt-right mega bee movie... Before that, we have our Film Buff or Film Buff quiz, with questions on foreign superhero knockoff TV shows, "Home Alone", intriguing movie costumes, and links between Francis Ford Coppola and "Star Wars". We also have the return of Taking One For The Team, where two nerds debate over the merits or otherwise of Jim Jarmusch’s “The Dead Don’t Die”- Is it a zombie comedy with a starry cast, or a self indulgent metatextual and disappointing version of Shaun of the Dead? Find out who triumphs...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

41: How Deep Is Your Nerd?
This week our two special guests, Louise and Andy, join their significant others (Jon and Hazel) in the ultimate Mr and Mrs battle: ”How Deep Is Your Nerd?” See how well they know their partner’s true nerdiness, with a series of movie-based questions. We've lots of new recommendations for you, too: Peter tells us why new Amazon series “The Boys” is different from the other superhero shows. Andy enjoys Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse’s soothing and hilarious fishing trips in “Gone Fishing”. Hazel covers the mockumentary series “Documentary Now!” starring Bill Hader, Fred Armison and Helen Mirren. And Louise gets her licence to kill in Secret Cinema’s ”Casino Royale”. Jon "takes one for the team" by watching "Men In Black International", and not even Hazel’s beloved Chris Hemsworth can save this predictable piece of nonsense!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

LIVE from Newcastle Improv Festival
Welcome to a very special live episode, where hosts Hazel, Jon, Peter, Dan and Ian broadcast in front of an audience, as part of the Newcastle Improv Festival. We’re joined by some very special guests, including Bev Fox from renowned improv group The Suggestibles, who joins Ian to talk about the secret ingredients to their success, and we unearth some new intimate details about how they first met! We’re also joined by improviser and author of 17 novels, Stella Duffy OBE. In a frank and honest interview, Stella talks about how she emerged from a challenging childhood to being able to find herself on the page and on the stage. If you’re interested in writing or what goes into creating a great character, you’ll love her remarkable insights. We then talk to Kerris Gibson, a recent graduate of School of Improv, who reveals why she is so passionate about improvisation, and what skills she’s been learning and mastering. Of course, we pepper the interviews with some Film Buff or Film Bluff quizzes, and finish with a special game of Pitchstorm in which Hazel has to improvise a movie plot involving Jason Statham, the Cold War, and a mysterious tapestry! As this was recorded live in a busy theatre with a lively audience, the sound quality isn’t as great as our usual episodes, but we had the most amazing experience recording it, and we hope you enjoy it too!
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40: Fortieth Episode? EXCELLENT!
If you're a fan of entertainment trivia you'll love our 40th episode, which is a Buff or Bluff bonanza! The nerds face off on questions about actor/ musician duets, obscure casting choices, the one and only Keanu Reeves (including whether or not he was babysat by Alice Cooper), the "Angel" TV series, and the career of James Cameron. Was he really the one who came up with the idea to cover Arnold Schwarzenegger with mud for Predator? That’s followed by a rapturous one-off (we hope) quiz concocted by Jon. He has 10 quotes, which are either lines of dialogue from Nic Cage films, or lyrics from Nic Cave songs. It’s tougher - and funnier- than you might think!
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39: Not Exactly A Recommendation...
This episode is a mega review special - featuring everything new and exciting we've been moved by recently.... and "Brightburn". And we welcome a new guest. It may be a surprise to some listeners to find that Louise actually exists, and is not just a product of Jon's deranged imagination, but we're delighted to have her join us for this episode! We discuss Game of Thrones behind-the-scenes documentary, ”The Last Watch” and our lasting thoughts on Weiss and Benioff’s achievements, before speculating on the prequels coming up. Next up is a review of “Toy Story 4” including Forky’s existential crisis, the rise of Little Bo Peep, the wonderful Duke Kaboom, and the different direction for the character of Woody. Louise discusses "The Handmaid’s Tale" and how close to it's dystopian scenario we may well be in reaIity. Jon recommends that you DON’T watch “Brightburn”, produced byJames Gunn, which explores the notion of SuperMan growing up evil/ having a bad reaction to puberty. Find out why Jon had problems with yet another movie featuring a Bad Superman. Then Hazel recommends the second season of "Big Little Lies", which is just coming to an end (no spoilers though.. and that isn’t a lie!) And finally Peter discusses the TV show "Years and Years", and what Emma Thompson would be like as the British Prime Minister, if possessed by the spirit of Boris Johnson....
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38: Bad Superman!
It’s a fight between good and evil, as Hazel and Jon contest the fate of “Superman 3” in Nerd Court. Will Hazel’s evidence send it to the Phantom zone? Dan is the unbiased judge, with Peter as our expert witness. We also have a voyage to the Void as Ian Mayor bids a wistful goodbye to Vertigo Comics, which announced its dissolution last week. Ian talks about how this comic giant came to be, and what made it so popular over the years. Plus, we open the show with our Film Buff or Bluff quiz, which this week includes trivia questions on everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Little Shop of Horrors to the X-Men. And don’t miss our very first LIVE podcast at Alphabetti Theatre in Newcastle on Friday 2nd August 2019. It’s all part of the Newcastle Improv Festival that kicks off on 27th July. We’re on straight after The SuggestIbles, and entrance to the live podcast is free to all ticket holders for this gig. Find tickets at https://bookwhen.com/newcastleimprovfestival/e/ev-snmk-20190802200000
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37: Wild And Crazy Nerds
This episode takes us on a wild and crazy ride as we discuss the life and times of 1980s comedy stars Steve Martin, John Belushi, Rick Moranis, Dan Ackroyd, Eddie Murphy and John Candy. Gain insights into everything from "Ghostbusters" to "Beverley Hills Cop" from Dan’s review of Nick de Semelyn’s new book ”Wild and Crazy Guys”, then test your own knowledge of 1980s comedy trivia as he sets us a quiz based on stories from the book. Jon has ignored Gary Netflix yet again, to review ”The Perfection”, a disturbing new horror film involving a pair of amorous cello players. Peter and Hazel discuss ”Rocketman”, the biopic of Elton Hercules John, and how it ranks as a musical fantasy. And Hazel broaches the subject of ”Nanette”, a 1 hour Netflix special by Australian comedienne Hannah Gadsby, and how it swiftly swerves from stand-up to something much, much more. And finally, we preview what’s coming up in cinemaland over the next few months: including ”Spider-Man Far From Home”, ”Yesterday”, ”Ad Astra”, ”Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, ”Toy Story 4” and ”Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker”.
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36: Holy Bat-Nipples!
If there was ONE thing that really stood out in 1997’s "Batman & Robin".... In light of the news there’s going to be a new Batman protecting the streets of Gotham, our nerds debate who was the greatest actor to don the Bat Cape, Bat-nipples or no Bat-nipples. Most of us chose different portrayals although, spoiler alert, none of us selected Batfleck (in fact, we sort of forgot about him...) Before that, we have our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, where our nerds face questions on the friendship between Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, the Starship Enterprise, and whether Jim Carrey actually paid for the CIA to torture him... We round off the show with a quiz, in which Jon asks us to identify movies, based on reviews from a Christian Right website...
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35: Sex And Cookies
How do you become a guest on the Nerdfest podcast? Sex and cookies, apparently. This time we have a new voice amongst our nerds, Andy, who joins us for an extra long spoiler special on 'Avengers: Endgame', now that most of the world has seen it (Some of us three times!) In the second part of the show we go scene-by-scene, discussing the fate of many beloved characters, whilst also pondering the eternal question: "How do you spoon a raccoon?" We open the show with lots of new recommendations: Jon reviews one of the best horror movies he’s ever seen,'The Babadook', now released on Amazon Prime. Hazel has been mesmerised by new Netflix documentary 'Knock Down the House' about four women vying to replace long-serving Congressmen in the 2018 House race. Peter explores the new 'What We Do In The Shadows' TV show based on the Taika Waititi movie. And finally Andy has a solution for anyone who has a beef with Bear Grylls - try and cause him harm in the new and interactive choose-your-own-adventure series, 'You vs. Wild'.
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34: The Dinosaur Dating Game
So, if you HAD to, which dinosaur would you choose to "make the beast with two backs" with? It’s these sort of high-brow questions and more which our nerds seek to tackle in this episode. First up is Film Buff or Bluff, starting with Jon's three outlandish storylines involving The Joker. Then Dan gives us three Jeff Goldblum facts, (one of which is his favourite dinosaur, taking us on said dinosaur dating route.) Peter tests our knowledge of some of Marvel’s wackiest characters, and Hazel tries to pull one over on us with her tricksy facts about the first cinematic appearances of certain female actors. This episode also sees the return of “Shameful Gap”, as Hazel shares her first ever viewing of “Groundhog Day”. This episode also sees the return of “Shameful Gap”, as Hazel shares her first ever viewing of “Groundhog Day”. The jokes don’t get much better we’re afraid, as we explore the themes of Bill Murray’s starring performance as Phil Connors, the egotistical weatherman doomed to repeat the same day over and over again. And Hazel and Dan just can’t stop talking about the musical "Hamilton", so the two unenlightened members of Nerdfest seek to thwart their attempts to rename the podcast “Hamilchat”.
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33: Endgame Of Thrones
In celebration of two great franchises both coming to their conclusions, we have some special features for this episode... Dan has devised a dragon-sized Game of Thrones quiz, spanning all seven previous series. And we record our first reactions to seeing "Avengers Endgame" - mere minutes after leaving the cinema (but after relieving our bladders!). Don’t worry - it’s all spoiler free. Before that, we each have brand new recommendations for you- Jon reviews 'Sorry to bother you'; the Tessa Thompson and LaKeith Stanfield starring comedy which tells the tale of a telemarketer bejng told to use a ”white person voice”. Hazel goes all Elizabethan on us, performing a solioquy or two from 'William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily A New Hope' by Ian Doescher. Peter has seen DC’s latest effort, 'Shazam', and classifies it as enormous fun, and Dan has another recommendation for the Nerdfest bookshelf - 'The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs', provoking many deep and meaningful discussions (including which dinosaurs took on the role of oil drillers, to try and blow up the extinction event asteroid...)
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32: GoT any predictions?
Duh duh du-du-duh duh du-du DDUUUUUH. "Game of Thrones" is back in front of our eyeballs and we couldn’t be more excited! In this episode we make our predictions for who we think will die first, and who'll end up on the Iron Throne at the end of the series. Unfortunately the three-eyed raven we’d hired for this purpose flew away, which means none of these predictions will come true, but it’s a fun segment! Before that, it’s the return of ‘Film Buff or Film Bluff’ - and this time we try to fool each other with a combination of true and fake facts about movie special effects, the "Star Wars" Cantina band, Captain America, and Marlon Brando’s crazy on-set antics. Plus, Hazel has a bonus Buff or Bluff about submarines. Hope you’re ready for a science lesson! Also, one of our nerds had never seen 90s action blockbuster “Last Action Hero” - so hear their thoughts upon watching it for the very first time in our “Shameful Gap” feature. Our resident quizmaster Ian McLaughlin has come up with another sterling quiz idea - asking us to decode his cryptic movie title clues. Finally we talk about some of the films we’ve endured from Jon’s infamous Sack of Fun, including “Foreplay”, “Self/Less” and “Sharktopus vs. Barracuda”. Our reviews were... unfavourable...
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31: Marvellous Things Happen
It’s "Captain Marvel" review time, the majority of which we spend trying to come up with our own synopsis. Once we get that established however, we have a lively debate about the film’s merits and shortcomings. In another inspired quiz, Ian borrowed the DeLorean to ask his 5 year old self to describe 10 famous movies, while the rest of us try and guess it from his cryptic clues. And we start the show with our reviews section - including the "RBG" documentary and it’s cinematic counterpart, "On The Basis Of Sex". Peter enrols us in the "Umbrella Academy", and Ian plays a new game he found to comfort him after being too terrified by an "Alien" videogame. Meanwhile, Jon can't make up his mind WHAT to cover, so he attempts to review the entirety of human existence.
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30: It Sounds Amazing, But...
Can you tell the difference between the snarl of a Gremlin and the pwish of the Enterprise doors? Then you’ll probably do a lot better at Ian’s masterful movie sounds quiz than we did! Also in this episode are our(spoiler-free) reactions to 'Captain Marvel' - captured in our mobile recording studio (AKA Hazel’s car) just after leaving the cinema. In Buff or Bluff, Dan delves into the sitcom careers of Marvel directors, Hazel tries to fool us with ‘facts’ about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jon looks at reshot movies, and Peter links Batman and James Bond. And we try out a new game called ‘Pitchstorm’, in which we each try to pitch ludicrous movie concepts, while the rest of the nerds make “helpful" suggestions to ensure box office success.
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29: Ayoade: Battle Angel
It's a full Nerd house, thanks to Hazel’s recovery (though Jon doesn’t quite want to let go of his temporary hosting duties) and Ian Mac being back from whatever he was doing... Ian recommends perhaps the strangest video game concept we’ve ever heard (two words: "Vicious Strawberry".) Jon cautiously recommends the updated version of “Suspiria”. We find out whether the eyes have it for “Alita: Battle Angel”. Hazel recommends a person (no, not Chris Hemsworth...) as she’s been enjoying two pieces of work by the luminous Richard Ayoade. And a review of new Netflix series “Riverdale”, leads us down the inevitable path of a Saved by the Bell debate...(yeah, us neither...) We also have a live draw for our Oscars sweepstake and discuss each Best Picture nominee's merits and flaws. Find out who drew the winning film under Hazel’s needlessly-complicated scoring system, and (as this was recorded just before the Oscars) use your superpower of hindsight to see if our wilder predictions came true, you lucky things.
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28: Pain, Trains and Sex Education
We have lots of wonderful recommendations for you this episode - Jon tests the breakability of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Glass”, Dan endures a nightmare commute on the “Last train to Busan” and Peter shares some “Sex Education” From beyond the void, Ian Mayor enthuses over the incoming news about Denis Villeneuve’s "Dune". And once more we brave Jon’s Sack of Fun, the world’s unluckiest dip. WARNING. Does not contain nuts (or, at least, Hazel), but she’ll be back next time.
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27: The Curious Case Of Hazel Burton
In the official* Nerdfest preview of 2019, we chat about the likes of Star Wars Episode IX, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Toy Story 4, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Avengers Endgame. Find out which will make the top of our watchlist. We partake in our usual fun and frivolities during a Film Buff or Film Buff Quiz, including unusual hobbies of Marvel actors, some musical trivia, and some Muppety facts and fiction. Ahead of the 2019 Oscars ceremony, Dan has concocted a Quiz about this year’s Best Picture nominees. Test your own knowledge against that of our nerds. And we discover what the boys get up to when Hazel leaves them to their own devices... *Official by Nerdfest standards
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26: Into the Cage-iverse
Love him or loathe him, you can’t deny that Nicolas Cage is... interesting. in this episode, No. 1 fan Jon breaks the podcast record (probably)for the most NC references, including his ‘recommen-dont’ film called Left Behind (“It’s the f*****g rapture, innit”) - another consequence of Jon’s late night, post-pub viewings. Dan has the misfortune of reviewing Next, the Cage-starring caper he picked from Jon’s Sack of Fun (TM). Our regular ‘Buff or Buff’ Quiz is back - this time featuring facts about Jar Jar Binks, sport horror movies, Eurovision and David Bowie cameos. Find out which piece of trivia is a complete and utter lie. And in our recommendations segment we talk about Bird Box, Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse, The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, and Dan’s latest addition to the Nerd Bookshelf - a Firefly novel. Before all that, hear about our best nerdy Xmas swag, plus Dan’s review of Mary Poppins Returns.
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25: Welcome to the Sack of Fun
Well hey there 2019, you sexy thing you. So, what was 2018? A whole crock of... well, we won’t go into that here. But the saving grace for a lot of us was the cinematic experiences we encountered, so enjoy our rundown of the best that last year had to offer. This episode also sees the first appearance of Jon’s "Sack of Fun", whereby we all benefit from his recent trip to a discount DVD store, and will be forced to watch whatever we pull out of his sack. In this week’s Film Buff or Bluff Quiz Jon has some wacky movie monsters for us, Hazel explores the life and career of Robert Redford, and Peter brings some...erm... statistical analysis to the table... That’s not the only quiz in this episode, as Ian has devised an enormously fun ‘Guess the movie song’ challenge you can play along to at home. Finally we have another Nerd Debate, in which we discover whether we should consider changing career to scriptwriter... or not
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24: Consider That A Podcast!
ORDER! ORDER! Please assemble for the return of Nerd Court, in which we engage in our fiercest debate yet: the merits of "Total Recall". Will Peter succeed in his quest to send this Arnie classic to Nerd Jail, or will Jon's real-life lawyering skills save it from a fate worse than a decompressive explosion? Also in this episode, we discuss the trailer for "Avengers: Endgame"- including why Tony Stark is still so handsome after 4 days without food or water, the implications of Thanos doing the unthinkable, and some possible theories on how our heroes might work themselves out of this small pickle. We round off the show with an incredibly entertaining Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz. Topics this time include elaborate Freddie Krueger kills, monsters from "Fantastic Beasts", and the lesser-discussed Chris on this podcast, Chris Pine. Be sure to stick around for another one of our fabulous end-credits sequences!
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23: Meet Gary Netflix
Yeehaw! pardners. There’s a Wild West theme to this one-year anniversary episode, as we cover new Coen Brothers movie, "Buster Scruggs" and the game "Red Dead Redemption 2". Other recommendations are Pratchett and Gaiman collaboration "Good Omens", Netflix’s "Apostle" and comedian-testing panel show "Taskmaster". And we choose some great nerdy gifts for Xmas, including a Geek cookbook, a giant lego Star Wars creature and an intriguing book about the weirdest comic book superheroes ever created. As it’s been a year since we started, we have fun struggling to remember which of us said what in previous episodes, in a special self-indulgent quiz. And we also meet the mysterious “Gary Netflix”, a fictional construct who tries his best to head off Jon’s drunken post-pub viewing choices.
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22: Excelsior, True Believers
Spider-Quiz, Spider-Quiz. Does whatever a Spider-Quiz does. Which in this case, means we talk about a peculiar Spider-Man comic book arc that distinctly rhymes with the word ‘Quiz’... Yep, our Film Buff or Bluff Quiz is back, and this time we try to out-fact each other on fake documentary synopses, 'Quantum Leap' episodes, 'Spider-Man' comics, and which films feature the famous ‘Willhelm Scream’. We also pay tribute to Stan Lee, and offer some thoughts and insights about his greatest creations. Ian Mayor is still trapped in the Void, but someone must be letting him out for an hour every day, because he was able to record a great review of 'Daredevil' Season 3. And finally we talk about 'Killing Eve', a superbly written BBC America production from the phenomenal Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
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21: 21st Birthday Spectacular
Our podcast can now legally consume alcohol in America! Three cheers to that! To celebrate, we go on a right old rant as Ian ‘takes one for the team’ and reviews the disappointing Venom (in a very amusing way). It’s not all doom and gloom, as we chat positively about Making a Murderer II, Bohemian Rhapsody, John Carpenter’s tour, and Bad Times at the El Royale, before going all ranty again about Dr. Who (we’re really not sure what Ian had for breakfast that morning). We then have a spontaneous quiz on the values of iconic movie props, followed by Peter’s more planned, and very clever (once we got the hang of it) movie characters quiz.
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20: I Didn't See THAT Coming!
This episode has more twists than the spinning top from Inception ...if it was real...(answers on a postcard). We discuss our favourite movie twists, from the moments that made us jump out of our seat, to the moments that made us give a little appreciative nod. Inevitably, we also digress to talking about our least-favourite plot twists (here’s looking at you, M. Night Shyamalan). This is a fairly spoiler-filled chat, but we do our best to warn you before we make the big reveal. Mostly. In our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, we try and guess which ridiculous movie plot line Ian has concocted in his awesome brain, Dan befuddles us with some of Boba Fett’s lesser known escapades, Peter’s got some "Walking Dead" trivia up his sleeve, Jon reveals some interesting inaction figures, and Hazel takes us down memory lane with some "24" facts, goddammit. Also don’t miss a visit from Ian Mayor, still trapped in the Void, reviewing new video game "Into the Breach" and listen out for the usual after-party fun after the credits have rolled on the episode.
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19: Tickling The Snitch
Time for another Nerdfest podcast - and "time" is the optimum word! Dan opens the show with his recommendation of a clock (it’s better than it sounds, trust us) before we get chatting about the new series of Dr Who in which we have a brand new Time Lord in the form of Jodie Whittaker. Our other recommendations include the BBC’s Bodyguard, Hotel Artemis, and a great documentary find of Ian’s, that looks behind the scenes of the lives of stand up comedians. We round off the show with Hazel’s film quote challenge, in which Dan and Ian take on Peter and Jon to see who can place the most iconic lines. Make sure you listen to the end for a bonus post-credits scene!
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18: Bit Of Rice, Bit Of Fish
We’ve been away for a bit but the nerds are officially back in town! In this show our film quiz ‘Buff or Bluff’ covers the world's most Batshit-crazy "Batman" stories, plus some “Rocky”, Firefly", and Stan Lee trivia you won’t have heard before (unless you read the internet...) and we find out Jon's not-so-secret Sushi recipe. For our recommendations we review "Disenchantment", "The Meg", "Hereditary", "BlacKKKlansman", and "Ant Man and the Wasp". And Hazel picks her Born Identity - ultimate East meets West punch-up, "Rocky IV". Best training montage ever? Yes, yes it is... P.s on behalf of Jon, we’d like to issue a deep and heartfelt apology to all Australians. We love you really :) P.p.s Also, sorry USA P.p.p.s And Argentina...
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17: Meatloaf Impossible
Its a “Mission Impossible” double-bill this episode, as we review the latest “Fallout”, while Jon fills his Shameful Gap by watching the original movie. In Buff Or Bluff, Dan tries to baffle us with origin stories, Jon befuddles us with Michael Jackson’s movie career, Hazel digs into the Indiana Jones archives and Peter asks which sci-fi author invented the waterbed. Recommendations this week include "Fear of Flight", "Pawn Stars", and giving "Fear The Walking Dead" another chance. Who will steal the crown, in the grand final of Nerd Of The Mastery Mind? Ian Mayor tells the fascinating story of the Alien 3 movies from parallel universes, Dan gets a lovely Star Wars present, and the nerds reveal an unhealthy obsession with a certain non-vegetarian rock singer.
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16: Can You Smell What The Nerds Are Cooking?
IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE! Actually, yes it does. We're narcissistic nerds and need your love and validation 😉 We open the show with a flavoursome Film Buff or Bluff quiz - with Jon attempting to fool us with some ridiculous wrestling storylines, Hazel opens the box on Se7en, and Peter has some cunning James Bond clues. We've then got some new recommendations for you (which takes us off on a tangent about the much missed world of DVD extras). And then it's Peter's turn for The Born Identity as he uncages Hitchcock's classic "The Birds". We've then got a brand (not bland, Jon...) new feature, called 'Debate a Nerd'. We discuss what films deserve a sequel, and which sequels acutely affected the franchise that had gone before it. We'd love to hear your opinions on this topic too - @Nerdfestuk on Twitter. Our spoilery review this week is Die Hard...Sorry, sorry, we mean Skyscraper. Starring the man we all want to save our lives, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Dan makes a belated but welcome appearance during this segment, with a bonus Film Buff or Bluff which is well worth sticking around for! Enjoy!
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15: It's Bullet Time!
In an episode packed with the usual nerdy recommendations (including "Mortal Engines"- the most batshit-crazy book we’ve ever heard of) Jon fills a shameful gap with Arnie’s “True Lies”, and Dan chooses "Full Metal Jacket" from the year he was born. We also try to catch each other out with our Buff or Bluff quiz questions, involving "The Matrix", "Star Tours" and some very weird product placements, While Hazel's cats try their best to stop us.
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14: There’s Something About A Wookiee Lapdance...
It's Bayhem in the studio today, as Nerd Court sees Jon take on Hazel fighting the case of "Armageddon". Will it be saved from Nerd Jail? We have a Shatner-influenced Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, and it's the final round of Nerd of the Mastery Mind, as Dan finally gets his revenge on Hazel with his devious West Wing questions. Dan also reveals his thoughts on "Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom" and we round things off with a spoiler-heavy review of "Solo". Buckle up, baby!
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13: Be A Hero
Some rules are made to be broken, aren't they? Welcome to episode 13 of our nerdy movie podcast, featuring the filling of Hazel's THIRD Shameful Gap- "Zombieland"! We also review "Deadpool 2", going into deep spoiler territory, and have a rather risqué Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz (but it has Jeff Goldblum facts in it, so it's well worth it.) Peter and Ian take on their sci fi-oriented specialist subjects in Nerd of the Mastery Mind and, of course, we have the latest and greatest Nerd Recommendations for you. Thanks for all the love you've shown to our podcast recently - we definitely don't feel alone enough to be zombies :)
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12: Where Will You Be When It All Ends?
In this episode we've got a bumper round of quizzes! As well as an entertaining 'Film Buff or Film Bluff' we've got the first 2 rounds of our 'Nerds of the Mastery Mind' - so called because Hazel mispronounced it upon introducing it, and failed to recover. Our recommendations this week include a horror movie, a rival podcast (boo hiss!), a Netflix TV show, and a recommendation not to watch one of the worst things ever put to film (clue: there are icebergs involved...). And finally we round off the show with a spoilery discussion of Marvel's Avengers Infinity War, which includes our speculation of a possible crossover with Bill & Ted...
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11: The Chris Hemsworth Tree
This bumper episode has 2 brand new features! As well as the usual good stuff like movie recommendations and our quiz ‘Film Buff or Film Bluff’, we debut our new game ‘What would Jared Leto do?’ For which we’ve we all come up with various ridiculous scenarios for Mr Leto to test out his "method" acting skills. We also take a look at the classic film Jaws and discuss which modern actors could potentially fill the giant shoes of Brody, Quint and Hooper. And finally, we give Dan a good old fashioned interrogation as he’s been watching all 17 Marvel movies back to back ahead of Infinity War (our review of which will be in the next episode). In this segment one of us (*cough Hazel *cough) might have got slightly distracted by the idea of a Chris Hemsworth tree…
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10: This Podcast Really Ties The Room Together
We made it to double figures! Wahey! In this episode we are all tasked to go on a 5 year space mission, and we must decide which movie, TV show, fictional astronaut and, inevitably, item of food, we would take with us. Expect the unexpected. Also, it's the return of our Shameful Gap feature, as one of us had never seen The Big Lebowski... get ready for some Dudaism! Our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz takes us into the realms of Lord of the Rings offset antics, injuries on movie sets, Carry On films, and which movie megastar once gave Ian a banana. Plus, your opener for this show is some new nerdy recommendations for things we've seen recently. Carry on nerding everybody!
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9: Karen Gillan Rides a Rhino
We start discussing an Infinity War trailer, but get slightly sidetracked by various Karen Gillan fantasies. After that our 'Nerd Recommendations' feature brings reviews of Netflix's "Annihilation", "I, Tonya", "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" and, for some reason, a David Baddiel live show. Film Buff or Film Bluff is our regular quiz, which this time tests our knowledge on movie sound effects, Wonder Woman and, erm, porn parodies. And finally, Ian offers a review of the much loved TV series "Firefly", to fill his first 'Shameful Gap'! Enjoy!
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8: General Grievances
We get all Star Wars-y in this episode as Shameful Gap is back with a, erm, bang! Peter had never seen 'Revenge of the Sith' so sit back and listen as we discuss that film and the wider Star Wars universe (plus we get ourselves into an entertaining discussion on the worst CGI in movies). Before all that though is our Film Buff or Film Bluff quiz, which covers everything from Jaws, Top Gun, Alien and the musical Hamilton! We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as we did making it :)
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7: Wakanda Forever!
Straight out of the cinema and into the pod booth! The team give their thoughts on Marvel's latest: "Black Panther". Our Film Buff Or Film Bluff quiz is back, taking us into discussions on Pixar, swearing in movies, the Batmobile and Chevy Chase. It's also the return of Shameful Gap as Dan watches "Evil Dead 2" for the very first time (and takes us into a discussion on our favourite horror movies). And finally, in Taking One For The Team' we have the misfortune of watching "The Cloverfield Paradox". Hear our thoughts on what must be surely the most disappointing film in recent history.
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6: Someone's Going to Nerd Jail
This episode we debut our brand new feature: Nerd Court. This is where we take a hotly-debated topic, two of our nerds act as the defence and prosecution, and a nerd judge and jury decide its verdict. In the stocks this time is the TV show "Lost", defended by Dan, and prosecuted by Ian. Also this week we have lots of new recommendations for you, including reviews of "The Shape of Water" and "The Post". And we have another new feature called Taking One For The Team (snigger) - this is where we take a critically-panned movie, dig deep, and give it a watch. This week (after avoiding it for so long) we finally succumb to watching "Justice League". How did we find it? Umm.....
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5: Pop Chip Hotshot!
In this episode we have lots of nerdy recommendations from stuff we've seen recently (we mention a few spoilers for "The Last Jedi"). There is also a 'Harry Potter-off' (that sounds dirty, doesn't it?) between two of our biggest Potter nerds which involves a mini Trivial Pursuit challenge. We get slightly distracted by some Star Wars themed Pop Chips, hence the episode title, before concluding with an epic 'Film Buff or Film Bluff' quiz. Enjoy, Please get involved in our nerdy discussions on Twitter @NerdfestUK P.S. we recorded this a few days before the Oscar nominations came out!
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4: Nerd Harder
This episode brings back 'Shameful Gap', as Jon gives us his opinion of "Die Hard 2" upon watching it for the very first time (not one for the kids this...). Our Film Buff Or Film Bluff Quiz takes us into the world of James Cameron, Jason Donovan (yes really) and tortoises getting jiggy. Plus, we talk about the Dr Who Christmas Special, and Ian Mayor gives a great review of new Netflix TV show, "The Punisher".
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3: What a ridiculous way to catch a fish...
Hey nerds! For your listening pleasure this time we have our rundown of the best films to hit the silver screen in 2017 (hey that rhymes...), and a review of "The Last Jedi" that contains oodles amounts of behind the scenes info, courtesy of walking Star Wars-ipidia Daniel Watkins. We also have a new Shameful Gap, as Dan reviews John Carpenter's "They Live" (you know - the one with the chewing gum line), and preview some of the most interesting films to land in 2018.
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2: Burgers and Dinosaurs
In our second episode we discuss new trailers for "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" and "Avengers: Infinity War" (delving deep into where these two universes might be heading), Ian Mayor has an extreeeeemely good burger analogy for the Marvel films, we record our initial (3am!) reactions to "The Last Jedi", and conclude with a brand new feature: Film Buff, Or Film Bluff which you can play along to at home! Enjoy!
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1: The Future of Law Enforcement
This podcast is for all the obsessive film/ TV/ general nerd trivia fans out there. We love this stuff, and we hope you'll find our musings and insights entertaining. In this inaugural episode, us nerds discuss our favourite films of all time, offer a (spoiler heavy) review of "Thor: Ragnorok", musings on the new Star Trek TV series and our first Shameful Gap as Hazel gives a review of "RoboCop" after watching it for the very first time. And lots more! Give it a listen and let us know what you think; there's much more on the way!
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