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Category: Education
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All stories have heroes. How they got there is our journey. To borrow poetically from Carl Sagan, in order to write a story, one must invent a universe. In order to have a Hero, one must write the story.

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 004 - The Middle Story
Last week we talked about the beginning of the story were the hero is called to action. The four stages the hero takes before entering the stage of Crossing the Threshold are Ordinary World, Call to Adventure, Refusal, And Meeting with the Mentor. Once the hero crosses the threshold the middle of the or act ii begins. Act ii is sometimes called the Special World. The stages are Tests, Allies, Enemies. Approach to inmost cave, reward or seizing the sword, and the road back. Act ii is where we get all the juicy disgusting messy stuff.
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Episode 003 - Ordinary People
Today’s and yesterday’s generations were and are brought up in an environment with far too many choices in visual and audio entertainment. In the old days, were one had to walk to school and back again, 20 miles a day both ways up hill, TV had a finite set of channels with a limited number of programs, with a set viewing period on that very limited number of programs.
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Episode 002 - The Hero's Steps
Greetings from the vast landscape of somewhere. This episode will have two parts. The first part will be short. As you have guessed, I like Star Trek. I like Star Wars, too, along with Firefly, and many more. I like the old classics like the 1935-36 Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. Forbidden Planet and When Worlds Collide is up there. So is the old The Day the Earth Stood Still. Growing up as a latchkey kid I had a lot of time on my hands. I filled the hours with TV. In future episodes that simple declaration will become very evident.
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Episode 001 - The Modern Myth
Our first episode is about Star Trek, Storytelling telling, and the Hero’s Journey. We’re not always going to use Trek as a vessel. In upcoming episodes, we’ll explore movies (old and new), tv shows (old and new), and books. We’ll interview authors and discuss their books and how it fits into the Hero’s Journey framework. In the end, we’ll be much more wiser and will fully grok the epic mythical story.
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