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Category: News/Politics
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Variety talkshow about culture,politics,life,and opinions.

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Aloha Podcast Network

Hawaii Podcast
Podcast Episode's:
News of the week
We discuss current news for June 17,2018.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

The origin of curse words-NSFW
we discuss the origin of profanity from a worldly and biblical point of view.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Penile exercises for growth- NSFW
We discuss techniques that really work to add girth and length to the penis. This podcast serves as a guide only. Please do your own research before trying any of these methods.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Western World Generations
We discuss the types and different generations in western world.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Celebrities keep your political views to yourself
This show discusses celebrities and politicize in everything.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Scams, Spies, & Hackers
This show is about people who goes out of their way to lie, cheat, and steal from you. Take the knowledge we talk about to help you through the scams, spies and hackers.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Suicide prevention someone cares
This show we try to talk people out of suicide by listening to suicide survivors and stories of people that had someone die in their family because of suicide. Need help text CTL 741-741 or call 1-800-SUICIDE https://www.suicide.org
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Shut up and play sports!
Political Bomb Show- We make the case to players of sports to leave political views out of the arena. Fans aren’t interested in listening to your political views we want to enjoy the game and have fun.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Allah & Muhammad nothing to do with Quran
Jay Smith Points out many interesting points that Muslims never told us. Allah and Mohammed had nothing to do with the Quran or Islam. The Quran and Islam was created by Abdul Malik in the 8th century who was caliph from 685 -705 watch entire speech https://youtu.be/4ySbW-btfK8
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Gay Jokes Overkill in Workplace
Political Bomb Show rants about overkill of gay jokes and gay conversations in the workplace . Contains explicit language.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Talking about transgender, political correctness.
John from Texas talks with Political Bomb Show host.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Rights for everything and everyone
Political Bomb Show discussion of how far will we go with rights for everything?
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Interview with firearms instructor
Political Bomb Show interview firearms instructor on guns and gun control.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Interview podcast of F life, love and loneliness
Political Bomb Show interviews podcast show F life, love and loneliness
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Do you like Trump?
Caller asked the question and I give unbiased answer.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Sex robots good or bad?
Political Bomb Show discussion on sex robots. Are they good or bad? We also talk about marijuana, cigarettes, pornography,and vaping.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Does God have a gender?
Political Bomb Show caller ask provoking questions.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Reggae Studio Concert 2012
Reh Dogg Live Reggae in studio concert a set of 14 songs all freestyle. Set-list: Welcome To the show Listen to me Wild meh Wild Bring joy Meh love you Meh love you II Some say meh done Times are hard Lover man Nannie Too much taxes Come feh chat All my love The way how meh feel inside
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Network Marketing- Political Bomb Show
Today we interview Bunmi from Nigeria on network marketing.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Are we better off today (2012)- Political Bomb Show
2012 show asking an important question after the re-elected Obama in office.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Election Reaction of Obama-Political Bomb Show
We discuss why 3 million conservatives sat it out and refused to vote for establishment nominee.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Memorial Day- Political Bomb Show
What is Memorial Day?
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Political Bomb Show- Discussing God is he real?
Topic on why God exist christian and muslim have a conversation.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Political Bomb Show- Depression
We discuss depression
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Political Bomb Show- Race in America
Interview with No Trump News Network
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Political Bomb Show-Social media sites & bullies
We discuss social media and cyber bullies on this show. We invite you to leave us a voice message and we will play your message on future show.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Political Bomb Show- Homelessness
This show is about homelessness. We invite you to leave a voicemail message and we will play it on air and respond to your messages.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Political Bomb Show- Helped caller with advice
Political Bomb Show host gives caller sound advice on challenges he faces. Interview about Hip-Hop culture and talk about accepting life.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Conservative Talk
Political Bomb Show host talk to caller with different views
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Political Bomb Show- Cultural decay
Culture Decay
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Political Bomb Show-Second Amendment
Second Amendment Rights
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Political Bomb Show- Illegal immigration policies
Illegal immigration policies
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

Political Bomb Show
Introduction of Political Bomb Show podcast.
Listen: podcast - audio/x-m4a

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