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Category: Technology
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Join Carl Taylor as he interviews scientists, entrepreneurs and other experts about what comes next so you can be informed and contribute to the discussions and decisions that will ultimately shape humanity for the decades and centuries to come.]

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Podcast Episode's:
Season 1 Recap - Episode 14
<p>In this episode, Carl looks back at the first season of Future of Humanity. From the first episode about the power of blockchain, to the last about in-vitro fertilization, Carl learned that augmented reality can change the worlds of business and health. His guests are all truly trying to make the world a better place and hopes that you will too.</p>
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Fertility, IVF, & Designer Babies with Dr. Michael Chapman - Episode 13
<p>Dr. Michael Chapman is a very successful fertility doctor, having helped over 3000 pregnancies. As Chair of the IVF Directors Group he worked hard to make sure In Vitro fertilization remained clinically protected. He now hosts “The IVF Journey” podcast to share his expertise with the world.</p> <p>Carl welcomes Dr. Chapman to talk about the developments in IVF field. They discuss how public opinion has changed in the 40 years since the first IVF baby was born, and Dr. Chapman shares strategies that couples can explore before turning to IVF to conceive. Finally, Dr. Chapman gives his thoughts on the proposed future of what we now call “Designer Babies.”</p>
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Augmented Reality Training, Detecting Microsleeps, and the Future of Health with Dr. Leila Alem - Episode 12
<p>Augmented reality is becoming increasingly more common, and many wonder how we will use it. Some are hoping it can give us better, healthier lives. ArcSense is a company seeking to do just that, using bleeding edge augmented reality technology to help us deal with stress. Dr. Leila Alem is the co-founder of ArcSense, with an impressive 25-year history in the field, seeking to use augmented reality to improve our health.</p> <p>Carl talks with Leila about how augmented reality affects learning, and the various fields and professions it can help. Leila then describes how damaging chronic stress can be on our mental health. Finally, Carl and Leila talk about how future generations will deal with being connected constantly.</p>
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Blurring Lines, Entrepreneurs vs Employees, and the Future of Collaboration with James Kemp - Episode 11
<p>Years ago, James Kemp decided he wanted to help aspiring entrepreneurs reach the success they saw as their future. Over 11 years he has helped a variety of businesses increase their sales exponentially.</p> <p>This week on the show, Carl welcomes James to share his experience. They discuss the expectations people today have for the work for which they are hired, from working full time, part time, or something in between. Then, they discuss how important it is to not lose your identity to your business. Finally, James speaks about how aging workers who feel they have been left behind by the technological revolution can still be relevant today.</p>
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Understanding Generation Z (Our Future Leaders) with Claire Madden - Episode 10
<p>When we talk about the future, it is with the knowledge that in all likelihood we will not see it. The future belongs to the next generation, which for us is Generation Z. Claire Madden is a social researcher, who has done extensive research on this new generation, compiling her research into her book “Hello Gen Z.”</p> <p>On this episode, Carl welcomes Claire to discuss Gen Z’s unique relationship with technology, as they seem to be the group that most accepts it. They discuss what the members of Gen Z expect from their jobs, and how that differs from previous generations. Finally, they discuss what the future will look like when this generation finally inherits the world.</p>
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Job Seekers, Skill Gaps, and the Future of Work with Fiona Anson - Episode 9
<p>As technology changes, so too do jobs that have been around for decades. To help people find new jobs, as well as to analyze trends to see where jobs are headed, Fiona Anson co-founded the website Job Getter, of which she is now the co-CEO.  Job Getter originated in Australia but has recently started expanding its service overseas.</p> <p>On this episode, Carl welcomes Fiona to talk about the changing landscape of jobs and jobseekers. They discuss how there is a rising demand for service-based labor, and how to entice job seekers to make use of that demand. Then, Fiona reveals how some jobs are moving away from requiring a degree, instead hoping to hire people that will work well in the environment of their job. Finally, Fiona talks about what jobs will soon be done by automation, and which will remain human-run for a long time to come.</p>
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Space, Spirituality, and Flying Cars with Thi Hien Nguyen - Episode 8
<p>Whenever one discusses the future, the topic of space is bound to pop up. No one understands this better than Thi Hien Nguyen, founder of Spaceconnex. Spaceconnex is one of the many companies leading the charge into space today, seeking to bring together like-minded people who wish to see humanity reach the stars.</p> <p>In this episode, Carl welcomes Thi Hien to discuss a verity of topics. They discuss why humanity must become a multi-planet species if it wants to survive long term in the galaxy. Then, they discuss how scientists are making new discoveries that seem to legitimize beliefs that were once seen as spiritual. Finally, Thi Hien shares where she expects humanity to be in 20 years.</p>
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Voting, Blockchain and The Future of Democracy with Jamie Skella - Episode 7
<p>In the future, the importance of the voice of the people in democratic processes will become more and more important. In this episode, Carl talks with Jamie Skella, whose company, Horizon State, seeks to create an easy way for people to vote safely and easily from their phones. Carl discusses with Jamie how Horizon secures its voting practices the same way block chain secures itself, how to keep people educated on the subjects they are voting on, and how artificial intelligence and the human mind will one day meld together as one.</p>
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Swimming Pools, Augmented Reality, and the Future of VR and AR with Noah Nehlich - Episode 6
<p>The rise of Augmented Reality has allowed us to do so many things once considered science fiction. On this episode, Carl welcomes Noah Nehlich, owner of Structure Studios, a company that designs augmented reality programs to be used by contractors who want to plan what their completed projects will look like. Carl discusses with Noah how he developed his software, how AR will change the future, and the possible dangers of using augmented reality in daily life.</p>
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The Future of Email, Digital Identity & Corporate Overlords with Peter Moriarty - Episode 5
<p>The future can be hard to predict. But on this episode of the “Future of Humanity Podcast,” Carl invites his good friend Peter Moriarty to do just that. Peter runs ITGenius.com, a website that helps small businesses use new technology to keep their business up to date. Carl and Peter discuss the rise and possible fall of Email, Space exploration, and how your identity is becoming more and more tied with technology.</p>
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Overpopulation, Climate Change, and Unintended Pregnancies with Dr. Mel (Mary Ellen) Harte - Episode 4
<p>Dr. Mel, more formally known as Mary Ellen Harte, is a biologist who is known for her writings on climate change and population issues. In 2008, she co-authored the free downloadable book, Cool the Earth, Save the Economy. She produced the weekly “Climate Change This Week” blog which addresses the constant effect of climate change on humanity on HuffPost from 2012-2017</p> <p>In this episode, we tackle the issue of climate change from the aspect of population and what impact is has on society and potential impact on the future. Dr. Mel speaks about humanity overpassing the sustainable level of human existence on Earth and its detrimental impacts, as well as addressing the need for affordable contraceptives for impoverished women in order to curb overpopulation</p>
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3D Printing, Drones, & 3D Modeling in Mining & Construction - Episode 3
<p>Dave Meney is the owner of Yenem Engineering Services in Perth, Australia and the mentor for his dynamic team. He and his team have been working for 25 years to help companies get the most out of their structures and improve their production. Dave and his team aim to address structural issues before buildings collapse or other issues arise. His philosophy is that regular structural inspections increase the life of structures and reduce the cost of production and therefore will improve workflow.</p> <p>In this episode, Dave discusses the purpose of his company as well as the future of 3D printing, drones, and 3D modeling in the future of mining and construction. He insists that a change in thinking is needed for the trust and support of 3D printing technology with steel. Dave states that 3D printing technology with steel lowers the time and cost of building construction and structural inspections using drones will benefit and transform society in the future.</p>
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Crooked Teeth, Breathing, and a Hidden Epidemic of the Human Jaw - Episode 2
<p class="p1"> In this episode, authors of <em>Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic,</em> Dr. Sandra Khan and Dr. Paul Ehrlich discuss the evolution of the human jaw throughout time and how today, humans face a pressing epidemic of shrinking jaws. They state that the decreasing size of the human jaw has created more breathing and allergy problems and suggest that parents should address the problem by monitoring their children’s jaw growth. In order for people to become more aware of their dental health, Dr. Kahn and Dr. Ehrlich urge people to ask their orthodontists questions on why teeth must be removed, whether for health or cosmetic reasons.</p>
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Distributed Power, Blockchain, and the Future of Utilities with Dave Martin - Episode 1
<p class="p1">Dave Martin is the co-founder and managing director of Power Ledger Pty Ltd., Prior to this, Dave has worked as a senior executive of Horizon Power and manager of public affairs for Western Power; he has nearly 20 years’ experience in the Western Australia electricity industry. Power Ledger is the “world leading peer-to-peer marketplace for renewable energy.” Power Ledger uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the sale of surplus renewable energy at multi-unit residential and commercial developments, homes, and businesses connected to micro-grids.</p> <p class="p1">In this episode, Dave discusses the disadvantages of using coal as a power source, the expensive cost associated with making a kilowatt-hour, changing the energy industry through the process of blockchain, and microgrids and dynamic economies. He also discusses the advantages of Power Ledger, its platform</p>
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Introducing Future of Humanity
<p>A wise man once said "The best way to predict the future, is to create it." That's exactly what we've been doing as a species for thousands of years. Now we're reaching the next real turning point in human history, our technology is on the cusp of radical transformation of both our economy and society, entire industries are being disrupted, our environment is changing, new exciting industries are just beginning and our lives are getting longer... and all the while are we as humans happier? more fulfilled? is our future going to be constructive or ultimately destructive? The future is coming whether we like it or not, so join <span class="il">Carl</span> Taylor as he interviews scientists, entrepreneurs and other experts about what comes next so you can be informed and contribute to the discussions and decisions that will ultimately shape humanity for the decades and centuries to come.</p>
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