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Category: Health
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Feed Your Wild is a conscious lifestyle show about all things nourishing for your ancient body, mind, and soul. Join Venessa Rodriguez to explore health + wellness, intuition + spirituality, and practices that will transform your health and life.

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Podcast Episode's:
How to Go From Confusion + Burn Out To Clarity, Pleasure + Purpose: Uncovering Ancient Wisdom for Impactful Leadership With Ashley Burnett
<p>How do you lead in a strong and sustainable way, in life and career, from a place of alignment... without being drained of energy or burning out?</p> <p>How do you cut thru the noise and maintain the connection to your intuition and inner guidance in times of extreme stress and chaos?</p> <p>That’s what Ashley Burnett had to figure out in her business and life after years of struggle with her health, as an entrepreneur and facing “life or death” moments in her personal life. In this insightful conversation, Ashley shares how imperative it is to shift out the paradigm of “grinding and burn out” to embrace our true nature, and live + lead from a balanced and well-nourished place (and how the heck to do that).</p> <p>We talk about the power of incorporating nature-based ritual, sacred ceremony + self-care into our daily lives and work, and the importance of setting intention, working with a coach, and surrounding yourself with ppl who support your vision. Ashley shares how she was able to maintain connection to her intuition and wisdom throughout some pretty scary events (hint: trust, lift + shift), and the game-changing question that her own coach asked her that blasted her limiting beliefs and made her 3-year vision come into reality within 9 months.</p> <p>So much wisdom here for busy entrepreneurs, mamas, burnt out leaders, or anyone desiring to live and work from a place of sustainability and alignment!</p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/ashleyburnett" target="_blank" rel="noopener">For Full Show Notes, Click Here</a></p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/start-here" target="_blank" rel="noopener">To Learn More About Venessa's Work With Wildly Rooted + Soul Nutrition Sessions, Click here</a></p>
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Dangers Of Being A "Good Girl" + Deconstructing The False Self With Dr. Emelia Sam
<p>Ever feel like you're "on track, but off purpose"?</p> <p>This was the heavy feeling that Dr. Emelia Sam experienced as she was set on course to achieving all the things that she was "supposed" to achieve.</p> <p>In this intimate conversation, Emelia reveals how playing the good girl was a disservice... and it took major deconstructing of who she thought she was to find her true self.</p> <p>We talk about the process of E.D.I.T.ing your story to recover alignment in your life, practical spirituality, the power of resonance + magnetism, and the need for compassionate competency within healthcare.</p> <p>Within the first few years of professional life, Emelia realized something was amiss and started to recover the passions she left behind. For over a decade, she has maintained a blog, now known as 360SOUL, concerned with matters of mind and spirit.</p> <p>Emelia is also gifting FYW listeners her Soul Infusion Kit, check it out in the show notes below! </p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/emeliasam" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Click here for Detailed Show Notes</a></p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/start-here" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Learn more about Wildly Rooted + Venessa's one-on-one work, click here.</a></p> <p> </p>
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#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon in Virgo :: Transformation + Shaping Up Change
<p>Megan and Venessa discuss the themes of this New Moon in Virgo on September 9, 2018: Change, structure, and how we get to shape change...</p> <p>“All that you touch you change. All that you change changes you. The only lasting truth is change. God is change.” ~ Octavia Butler</p> <p>This month is all about looking at what needs to be in place to navigate change, and supporting the structures that allow us to “shape change” on all levels...</p> <p>We cover the physiology and transformative roles of the stomach and spleen on physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels, as well as ways to support digestion and immune function in this transitional season.</p> <p>Of course, we also share lots of practical tips and tools to support your health, including nutrition, plant medicine, and journal prompts to support you this new moon (including one of Megan’s favorite embodiment practices)!</p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/26unfiltered" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Detailed Show notes here</a></p> <p> </p> <p>Say hi on Instagram!</p> <p>Venessa <a href="https://www.instagram.com/wildlyrooted/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">@wildlyrooted</a></p> <p>Megan <a href="https://www.instagram.com/amethyst_and_rose/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">@amethyst_and_rose</a></p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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Monthly Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: SEPTEMBER :: Slide Into Rhythms With Conscious Awareness
<p><strong>Solo Episode: Monthly Akashic Soul Nourishment Reading :: Sliding into September + Unseen Ecologies That Support Us</strong></p> <p>About Monthly Soul Nourishment Readings:</p> <p><em>Just as I weave in spiritual nourishment from the Akashic Records for my clients along with their nutritional protocols on an individual basis, I’ve been inspired to start sharing these readings monthly in the podcast to support the collective with general monthly themed-readings... and so Monthly Akashic Soul Nourishment Readings were born.</em></p> <p><em>These readings are usually filled with metaphor & symbols, so may require a bit of unraveling & might mean something different for each person, so pay attention to what comes up for you as you listen on. Hope they provide value and moments of reflection in your journey.</em></p> <p>The message for September is <strong>Slide into Rhythms with Conscious Awareness.</strong></p> <p>Moving with the current.</p> <p>Smooth sailing, on a slippery slide, the hard stone to support us and the soft growth that cushions, no apparatus but our own bodies and open hearts. Sliding down these natural stone waterslides...</p> <p>This is the energy of September. TRANSITIONS. </p> <p>Sliding into a natural current and flow, a time of transition and movement, and being awake for it... we are called to notice and pay attention to the ecologies that support us in our journeys. Are you resisting or enjoying the ride?</p> <p>The Akashic guides say resisting change is futile, so you might as well be present for the beauty and open to the medicine of joy.</p> <p><strong>Show Notes:</strong> <a href= "http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/september2018akashic">www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/september2018akashic</a></p> <p><strong>To learn more about Venessa + Akashic Records:</strong> <a href= "http://www.wildlyrooted.com/start-here/">http://www.wildlyrooted.com/start-here/</a></p> <p><strong>Support the podcast on Patreon:</strong> <a href= "https://www.patreon.com/FeedYourWild">https://www.patreon.com/FeedYourWild</a> </p> <p> </p>
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Healing, Evolving and Re-wilding with Tarot: Aligning with Your Soul’s Truth with Lindsay Mack
<p>One of the many ways humans throughout history have consulted with the numinous, the All, or God is through divination with sacred tools.</p> <p>Whether you’ve been steeped in the occult practices for years or if you’re a newbie, divination is a way to begin exploring our intuitive self, a container to develop a language, a relationship, and way of working with a wisdom that is reflected back to us.</p> <p>As the founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul and Wild Soul Healing, Lindsay Mack shares how she works with tarot as a divination tool personally and how her health changed and shifted by working with tarot around some of her health issues.</p> <p>She gives advice around giving your power away and steps you can take to gain back your power working with tarot. Lindsay shares the keys to having a tarot practice that best works for you and gives us an epic break down of the Death card, busting the biggest myths and misconceptions about tarot.</p> <p>Lindsay also gives sage advice for anyone interested in getting into tarot to support their own healing journey, as well as how she got through her severe complex PTSD from childhood trauma and the various modalities and practitioners that have helped her along the way.</p> <p>Plus Lindsay is offering a special gift for Feed Your Wild listeners, so check that out in the show notes below!</p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/lindsaymack" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Link to Show Notes</a></p> <p>*GIFT for FYW Listeners* Learn more about the Tarot for the Wild Soul course <a href="https://www.lindsaymack.com/tftwscourse" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl= "https://www.google.com/url?hl=en&q=https://www.lindsaymack.com/tftwscourse&source=gmail&ust=1535142419089000&usg=AFQjCNGb3QrkxCNr5JBpLE8GPYn121T2Ng">here</a>, and use the code YOURWILD at checkout for 10% off of the course!</p> <p> </p>
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Solo Episode: Seasonal & Rhythmic Eating: Why it Matters and How to do It
<p>"The simplest and fastest way to getting to the root of chronic dis-ease and health challenges is to press the reset button by getting back in tune with nature." ~ Venessa Rodriguez</p> <p>In this solo episode, Venessa goes into seasonal and rhythmic eating, what it is, why it's critical and how to do it this summer season. Venessa starts with a guided meditation and dives into challenges including how modern technology has co-opted seasonal eating and how it’s depriving us of nutrients.</p> <p>She covers the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, TCM and other ancient traditions, and why there is so much contradictory information related to diet in studies and health circles!</p> <p>We discuss physiological and energetic components, including perspectives from Ayurveda and TCM, foods/nutrients, and intuitive practices to try out! </p> <p>If you’re interested in learning more about the gut and gut-related issues, check out the upcoming <a href= "https://wildly-rooted-collective.thinkific.com/courses/feed-your-wild-gut" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Feed Your Wild GUT virtual workshop (it’s live August 29 but will be recorded if you can’t make it live!)</a></p> <p> </p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/seasonaleating" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Link for Show Notes</a></p>
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The Story Our Trash Tells: Zero Waste Living With Andrea Sanders
<p>What does your trash say about you, and our society at large? What if all of the waste that you accumulate throughout the year could fit inside a mason jar... what would be the impact of that on our environment and what would it mean for us in terms of how we choose to live?</p> <p>These are the questions that Andrea Sanders asked herself that led her on the path as a young environmentalist grappling with the extensive ecological damage that she was witnessing... and her place in it. I really wanted to bring in the topic of waste, consumption and the zero waste lifestyle movement, because I believe it is critical for our overall health - all beings and the planet - to look at the way we live and how we consume.</p> <p>Andrea tells us how she got inspired and started on her path with zero waste living, and many of the biggest obstacles we face today. She talks about the concept of “biomindfulness” - exploring practices that help us focus our attention back on relationships we hold between ourselves and our environment. We touch on the importance of space and pause when you’re making any kind of lifestyle shift, and Andrea shares what she believes the sweet spot between the hardship of our ancestors and the ultra convenience we have today (but at the expense of the health of our planet).</p> <p>Of course, she also shares the practices that support the reshaping of our relationships with nature and practical steps you can take if you want to move toward a zero waste lifestyle.</p> <p>There is so much here that you can hit the ground running with!</p> <p> </p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/zerowasteliving" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Link to Show Notes</a></p> <p><a href= "https://wildly-rooted-collective.thinkific.com/courses/feed-your-wild-gut" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Link to Feed Your Wild GUT Virtual Workshop - Learn More</a></p>
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#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon In Leo Solar Eclipse :: Heart Medicine & Setting Up Patterns
<p>Megan and Venessa discuss the themes of this New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018: Expansion, truth, solar power, consciousness, energy, embodiment of joy, pleasure, and fun.</p> <p>Chani Nicholas (one of our fave astrologers) says: “Eclipses, especially solar eclipses in Leo, teach us something very important about our life purpose and how to manifest it in the world. This is a time where we want to be setting the patterns that will continue to bear fruit for years to come.”</p> <p>We believe the way to do this is to get aligned through the HEART. We cover the phsyiology and role of the heart on physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels, as well as ways to support your heart gate so you can embody your truest self.</p> <p>Of course, we also share lots of practical tips and tools to support your heart health, including nutrition, plant medicine, and journal prompts to support you this new moon!</p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/21unfiltered" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Link to Show Notes</a></p> <p><a href= "https://wildly-rooted-collective.thinkific.com/courses/feed-your-wild-gut" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Link to Feed Your Wild GUT Masterclass</a></p> <p> </p>
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Navigating The Stars And Talking To Dead People: Astrology + Mediumship With Jessica Lanyadoo
<p>In this episode, I’m excited to be speaking with Jessica Lanyadoo, an internationally respected Astrologer and Psychic Medium, who is currently the resident astrologer for Girlboss and The Hoodwitch in the US, and Chatelaine in Canada.</p> <p>We talk about the reasons behind the recent explosion of astrology into mainstream and how medical astrology can help us understand how to live better in our physical body, plus tips on how to embody information received thru astrology without getting overwhelmed.</p> <p>We also talk about psychic mediumship and animal communication - how Jessica discovered her intuitive gifts and what happens when we die according to her experience talking with dead people, plus how to talk to animals. Jessica shares words of advice for people who want to support their own intuition and abilities, including the vital importance of spiritual and energetic hygiene.</p> <p>This was such a fun interview, but there are a few places with some sound tech weirdness. It’s not terrible – just wanted to give you a head’s up. And yes, we recorded right at the start of Mercury retrograde because we are daredevils like that, so perhaps that’s what we get. We survived and thank goodness we did because this interview is going to blow your esoteric socks off. Enjoy!</p> <p> </p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/lanyadoo" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Link to Show Notes + Resources</span></a></p> <p><a href= "https://wildly-rooted-collective.thinkific.com/courses/feed-your-wild-gut" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Link to learn more + sign up: Feed Your Wild GUT Virtual Workshop August 26!</span></a></p>
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Becoming a Master of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q'ero of Peru + Andean Cosmovision with Joan Parisi Wilcox
<p>What if you could experience "heaven on Earth," without the use of mind-altering psychotropics or disembodied experiences?</p> <p>The Andean mystical tradition is a pragmatic sacred tradition that teaches us how to live in this way - providing tools for living in harmony with nature and the spirit realms, with a primary goal to live with well-being in the embodied world, empower your energy body, and refine your consciousness.  Joan Parisi Wilcox has studied the tradition and spiritual arts of the Q'ero Indians of Peru, the most respected mystics of the south-central Andes, for more than twenty years under the tutelage of Juan Nuñez del Prado and has been interviewed in documentary films about the tradition.</p> <p>In this episode, Joan gives us an overview of the Andean cosmovision, we talk about <em>salqa</em> - the “undomesticated or wild” energy in relation to this cosmovision, and how to refine our energy body so that we can “push the <em>kawsay</em>”, or manifest with the living animating energy of the cosmos. She shares core practices that you can use when you need them wherever and whenever, and gives insight into the importance of intention in this energy work along with her sage advice for committing to your personal evolution.</p> <p>Joan provides insights into an ancient wisdom that can help those of us living in a modern society re-discover our own wild, find attunement with nature and harmony within ourselves.</p> <p>Joan is a professional writer with interests in frontier science, shamanism and mysticism, and indigenous traditions. She is the author of Masters of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q’ero of Peru as well as 2 other books. She has written dozens of magazine articles, been interviewed on radio, lectured at conferences in the US and Europe, is a transformational coach and teaches workshops across the US on the Andean mystical tradition. You can learn more about the Andean mystical tradition at her website/blog <a href= "http://www.QentiWasi.com">www.QentiWasi.com</a>.</p> <p><a href= "http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/joanparisiwilcox" target= "_blank" rel="noopener">Click here for Show Notes</a></p>
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#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon In Aquarius Lunar Eclipse :: Rest for Healing + Clearance this Blood Moon
<p>Megan and Venessa discuss the theme of REST this Full Moon in Aquarius Lunar Eclipse July 27 aka Blood Moon. This is an opportune time for rest in order to review, turn inward, and clear what needs to be released. They cover the importance of rest and sleep for health on multiple levels, the glymphatic system that cleanses and feeds the brain, and various concepts of time management for implementing rest. They also share some practical tips and tools to support your relationship to rest and optimizing sleep.</p> <p> </p> <p>Show notes: <a href= "http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/18unfiltered">http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/18unfiltered</a></p> <p> </p>
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Walking the Plant Path: Evolutionary Herbalism + the Magnetic Power of Plants as Teachers + Healers with Whitney Popham
<p>In this episode, I’m excited to be speaking with Whitney Popham of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Whitney is an herbal practitioner and educator, pollinating the medicine of the plants to bring healing & beauty into the world.</p> <p>We talk about her journey of self-discovery, healing and her life’s calling to the plant path. We dive deep right away into how we got to the point of disconnection from these ancient systems of medicine, and ways we can begin to reclaim that connection.</p> <p>Whitney shares her own experience with healing trauma by building relationships with plants and their medicine on all levels, and provides us with a beginner’s roadmap to using botanicals for supporting the nervous system and the heart.</p> <p>*Note from Whitney: Since we discuss using botanicals and harvesting plants ourselves, it’s important to note that before you harvest or make medicine from any herb, it’s imperative that you’ve first properly identified that plant before you ingest it or give it to anyone else. Learning some basic botany, getting a good ID book, or taking a class with a local herbalist are important steps towards making sure you’re safely harvesting & using herbs.</p> <p>As a clinical herbalist, Whitney has devoted her life to being a humble vessel for the plants to touch people's lives and do their healing work through her. She facilitates healing on the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels of health through the multifaceted lens of plant medicine, nutrition and Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching.</p> <p>Whitney is the co-founder of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, where her and her husband Sajah have trained & empowered tens of thousands of people to become herbalists & practitioners. Through their online programs & live workshops, they share wisdom from multiple medical traditions from around the world to continue the legacy of bringing healing to people, culture and planet.</p> <p>This was such a rich discussion, Whitney really touches on so many critical topics that I’ve been thinking a lot about over the years and try to highlight in this podcast. Lots of food for thought, and I hope you enjoy our exploration of the magical and magnetic power of plants as teachers and healers.</p> <p><a href= "http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/evolutionaryherbalism" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Link to Show Notes</a></p> <p><a href= "https://wildly-rooted-collective.thinkific.com/courses/feed-your-wild-gut" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Link to learn more + join the Feed Your Wild GUT Virtual Workshop August 26</a></p>
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Special Solo Episode: Meet the Wanderer, aka Your Vagus Nerve - Why You Should Care About the Largest Nerve In Your Body + How To Support Your Gut-Brain Connection!
<p>In this first special solo episode, Venessa goes into the gut-heart-brain connection and takes you on a journey with the Wanderer within, aka the vagus nerve.</p> <p>She covers the enteric nervous system (ENS), how the vagus nerve is connected to the various systems of our body and impacts our health, especially through the gut-brain connection. Venessa discusses things we can do to support our vagus nerve and gut-heart-brain connection on physical and energetic levels, including nature-based practices, foods/nutrients, and intuitive practices to try out!</p> <p>If you’re struggling with any kind of gut issue, including GERD, IBS, constipation, or gut-brain manifestation like brain fog and memory issues... this is a must listen!</p> <p>If you’re interested in learning more about the gut and digestive issues, check out the upcoming <a href= "https://wildly-rooted-collective.thinkific.com/courses/feed-your-wild-gut" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Feed Your Wild GUT virtual workshop</a> and take advantage of the presale pricing (it’s a live event August 29 but will be recorded if you can’t make it live!)</p> <p><a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/vagusnerve" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Show notes on the website</a></p>
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#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: New Moon In Cancer :: All Our Water Holds, Ebb + Flow
<p>Megan and Venessa dive into this New Moon’s Cancer July 12 with the theme of this water sign: "all our water holds." They cover the importance of water for health on multiple levels, the surprising signs and symptoms of dehydration that no one tells you about, and the foundations that no one is ever too advanced to review! </p> <p>They also share some practical tips and tools to support your hydration, flow, and connection to water as life on ALL levels. Blessed New Moon!</p> <p>Show Notes can be found at <a href= "http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/15unfiltered" target= "_blank" rel="noopener">WildlyRooted.com</a></p> <p><em>Resources</em>:</p> <p>Grab your free audio <a href="http://www.wildlyrooted.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Sacred Ecology Journey here</a>.</p> <p>Learn more about the <a href= "https://wildly-rooted-collective.thinkific.com/courses/feed-your-wild-gut" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Feed Your Wild GUT Virtual Workshop</a> this August!</p>
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Uncovering Suppressed Histories + Reclaiming Ancient Ways of Living For A Vital Future With Max Dashu
<p>Have you ever wondered... how did we get here? Where are all of the women in history books? What about the true stories that have been left out of our school curriculum and kept hidden for centuries?</p> <p>How about cultures and societies beyond the patriarchal paradigm... What about cultures where women were not only equal, but people were living in a non-hierarchical paradigm that actually valued the maternal and revered Mother Earth?</p> <p>How different would our world be today if we still lived by these principles and ancient ways of knowing?</p> <p>That’s what Max Dashu asked herself as a young woman in 1960s who dared to defy her history professors at Harvard and embark on a journey to get out of the patriarchal interpretation of women and dig up suppressed histories. What she found not only changed her own life but provides a template for reclaiming the wisdom and vitality we seemingly lost long ago.</p> <p>Max Dashu is a historian and one of the world’s leading experts on matriculture. In this episode, she shares various historical global patterns that she discovered are missing in modern times, the nature-based practices and ways of knowing that Max has seen throughout history and what Max foresees in our collective future (with her unique perspective as a historian) plus the prescient advice she gives us for how to move forward.</p> <p>I love how Max weaves together mind-blowing cultural findings, historical facts, linguistic patterns, and art in her teachings... if you’re a nerd like me, get your notebooks ready and listen twice. You’re in for a treat :)</p> <p>Show Notes on the Website: <a href= "http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/maxdashu">www.wildlyrooted.com/podcast</a></p>
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Healing the Healer: A Journey Through The Amazon To The Heart With Irene Shamma
<p>Scientists predict the Amazon rainforest could be consumed in the next 50 years.</p> <p>In this episode, Irene Shamma tells us about her adventure to the Amazon, walks us through the anatomy of Mother Earth and the vital role of the Amazon rainforest for her overall health and our own. Irene also paints a picture of the stark reality and seriousness of the devastation that is happening in the rainforest right now... how we ALL have an impact and what steps we can take to make a positive difference as a regenerative species rather than a destructive one.</p> <p>Her story begins with a journey to recover something very dear to her as a child that she lost... her deep connection to the natural world and sense of compassion. What she didn’t realize was that she was being called by something much deeper than herself.</p> <p>Irene Shamma is an architect, designer, and environmental activist from Cyprus who left her life in the city and embarked on a journey of self-discovery and reconnection with nature in the Amazon rainforest. Along this journey, she received deep shamanic healing with medicinal plants that allowed her to experience the magnificence of the rainforest but also its devastating destruction to the deepest level. A calling to devote herself to the protection of the Amazon emerged. Enjoy!</p> <p>Show notes: <a href= "http://www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/ireneshamma" target= "_blank" rel= "noopener">www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/ireneshamma</a></p> <p>Instagram Summer Giveaway: follow <a href= "https://www.instagram.com/wildlyrooted/" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">@wildlyrooted</a> and <a href= "https://www.instagram.com/amethyst_and_rose/" target="_blank" rel= "noopener">@amethyst_and_rose</a> to enter</p> <p><a href= "http://wildly-rooted-collective.thinkific.com/courses/feed-your-wild-gut" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Feed Your Wild GUT Virtual Workshop</a></p>
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#UNFILTERED Moon Musings :: Full Moon In Capricorn :: Walking The Talk, Alignment + Discernment, Digestive Fire + Gut Talk
<p>In this episode, Megan and Venessa dive into this Full Moon’s Capricorn June 27/28 aka the Strawberry Moon.  The themes include alignment/discernment, enacting our spirituality and self-actualization thru creativity, personal power, and internal fire. </p> <p>This Summertime month we get clinical with this season’s organ - the small intestine + vagus nerve. They cover the energetics, the role and physiology of the small intestine, and share some practical tips and tools to support your digestive fire and flow on ALL levels.</p> <p>It's also Venessa's birthday(!) and she announces a special virtual workshop on July 22, 2018 called Feed Your Wild :: Gut :: Mapping the Wild Terrain of Your Gut Health and Digestive Wellness PLUS how you can grab your spot for FREE. Listen + follow Venessa on Instagram <a href="https://www.instagram.com/wildlyrooted/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">@wildlyrooted</a> to learn more :)</p>
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María Benedetti On Revitalizing Botanical Traditions Of Healing And Reciprocity With Nature
<p>Today’s episode is one that is dear to my heart. We’re speaking with María Benedetti, an ethnobotanical researcher and author focusing on the plant medicine and invisible people of Puerto Rico.</p> <p>We talk about her journey of self-discovery through her work of documenting and preserving plant wisdom and folkloric medicine. She shares incredible stories of so-called “barefoot healers” and we discuss the history and impact of colonialism and capitalism on folkloric medicine and the communities that hold these wise traditions and knowledge.</p> <p>María also shares her refreshing and hopeful take on the challenges that Puerto Rico has faced and continues to face in light of the recent natural disaster and economic plight.</p> <p>María Benedetti is an ethnobotanical researcher, author and educator focused on the botanical traditions of healing and reciprocity with nature in the Puerto Rican archipelago. A student of anthropology, literature and the art of writing in both English and in Spanish, she has worked as an educational journalist (culture, ecology, environment, botanical medicine) for nearly 40 years. She began herbal studies with Susun S. Weed in 1977, and came to Puerto Rico ten years later to learn about and document the tradition of green medicine in the native land of her mother’s family.</p> <p>She has authored several books including Earth and Spirit and has continued to document the Puerto Rican botanical tradition in several other books, most recently a novel Dolores and Milagros. María Benedetti is director of BotaniCultura, an ethnobotanical education project, which includes a publishing company and a beautiful classroom without walls where she offers workshops and conferences, plant/tree recognition walks and facilitates circles of plant wisdom.</p> <p>I know you’ll love her contagious belly laughs and uplifting spirit and the power of the stories she shares.</p> <p>For Show Notes + ways you can support the people of Puerto Rico, go to <a href= "http://bit.ly/feedyourwildmaria">http://bit.ly/feedyourwildmaria</a></p> <p> </p>
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How Working With The Moon Can Change Your Life With Sarah Faith Gottesdiener
<p>How do you begin working with the moon? What does that actually look like and what can it do for you?</p> <p>That's what Sarah Faith Gottesdiener began teaching in her Many Moons workbook for the past 3 years, which have now become a cult classic.</p> <p>Sarah Faith is a creative, an artist, designer, writer, teacher, and Tarot reader, who hopes to provide inspiration and support through a variety of different avenues. Her Many Moons workbook provides a variety of esoteric and practical tools, utilizing the phases of the Moon in real time to get you anchored, in touch with your intuition, and on your path with more intention, and more results.</p> <p>In this episode, we dive deep right away into how to cultivate trust and build your own intuitive practice working with the moon, the history of suppression and oppression of people and magic, how working with the moon has helped Sarah in her own journey with chronic illness.</p> <p>We have been using her Many Moons workbook as a resource for our #UNFILTERED Moon Musings episodes and are excited to share her process of creating the book, how to begin working with the moon.</p> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "http://www.wildlyrooted.com/podcast">www.wildlyrooted.com/podcast</a></p> <p>Reach us on Instagram:</p> <p>Sarah <a href= "https://www.instagram.com/gottesss/">@gottesss</a></p> <p>Venessa <a href= "https://www.instagram.com/wildlyrooted/">@wildlyrooted</a></p> <p>Megan <a href= "https://www.instagram.com/amethyst_and_rose/">@amethyst_and_rose</a></p> <p> </p>
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#UNFILTERED Moon Musings: New Moon In Gemini ~ Destruction + Creation, How To Love Your Liver, and Addressing Addictions
<p>In this episode, Megan and Venessa dive into this New Moon’s Gemini theme of “dualism” by getting clinical with this season’s “poster organ” - the liver.</p> <p>They cover the energetics, the role, and physiology of the liver, and share some practical tips and tools to support detoxification on ALL levels.</p> <p>Megan also shares her own vulnerable journey with addiction and toxins, how she was able to build a bridge for herself to face her addictions and breakthrough self-hatred to step into sobriety and feel more freedom in her life.</p> <p>Show notes: www.wildlyrooted.com/fywpodcast/09unfiltered Send us your questions at www.wildlyrooted.com/podcastconnect</p>
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The Rainbow Diet: Bridging The Gaps Between Science, Soul, And Art In Medicine With Dr. Deanna Minich
<p>What does true holistic health actually look like? And how can we bridge the gap between wisdom from ancient traditions, modern science, intuition and spiritual approaches?</p> <p>Today’s guest Dr. Deanna Minich has spent over 20 years answering these questions and has not only created an incredible body of work blending these areas, she literally brings so much color and light to the often confusing and polarizing topic of nutritional science.</p> <p>In this episode, she talks about her own healing story, how she came to blend science and spirit in her work, and we take a colorful journey through the 7 Systems of Health that are the backbone of Deanna’s teachings and her latest book The Rainbow Diet. Show notes at www.wildlyrooted.com/podcast</p>
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Intuitive Eating + Soul Hunger: Breaking Through Eating Challenges With Metaphor and Storytelling With Dr. Anita Johnston
<p>Have you ever felt that your eating was “out of control?” How can we build a nourishing relationship to food and eat intuitively? How can we fulfill our hunger if we don’t even know where it’s coming from or what we’re hungry for..?</p> <p>Today, we dive deep into the realms of soul hunger with Anita Johnston, Ph.D., a Depth Psychologist and author of Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women Can Transform Their Relationships with Food Through Myths Metaphors, and Storytelling. Dr. Johnston has been working in the field of women’s issues, feminine spirituality, and disordered eating for over 35 years, and is currently the Clinical Director of ‘Ai Pono Hawaii, which has a residential program on Maui and outpatient eating disorder programs in Honolulu and The Big Island of Hawaii. She is best known for her use of metaphor and the ancient wisdom found in storytelling, along with her training as a clinical psychologist, to address the struggles of women and their bodies.</p> <p>In this episode, Dr. Johnston shares how food challenges begin and steps you can take in addressing your own eating challenges, her own take on the real reason behind self-imposed food restriction and binging, how to crack the hunger and cravings code, and what she believes to be the SINGLE critical skill that is required to recover from eating difficulties/disorder (and Anita has seen thousands of people recover from eating challenges and disordered eating!). I know you’re going to enjoy this magical journey through storytelling and soul food. Show notes at www.wildlyrooted.com/podcast</p>
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#UNFILTERED Moon Musings: Full Moon in Sagittarius ~ Blooming + Abundance
<p>#UNFILTERED episodes are a hybrid of moon musings + convo + QA answering your top questions about holistic health, nutrition, herbs, moon cycles, and earth-based medicine. Connecting to the moon cycles can be a powerful way to tap into your inner wild and wise self, and we want you to come along for the ride!</p> <p>Send your top questions to wildlyrooted.com/podcastconnect</p> <p>This Full Moon’s theme: Blooming + Abundance</p> <p>What does abundance look like in your life? What if you give yourself full permission to embody abundance... what would shift?</p> <p>In this episode, Megan and Venessa share some practical tips and tools to really expand your time and energy, establish your own definition of and your relationship to abundance in this really potent time of the blooming flower full moon in Sagittarius!</p> <p>In this episode, we discuss:</p> <p>*What does abundance really mean? Our own personal takes...</p> <p>*What abundance looks like to Megan as a busy mama & entrepreneur</p> <p>*How breathwork and meditation can be a “vacation for introverts”</p> <p>*The fascinating newly discovered role that our lungs have in our health and their importance in creating abundance</p> <p>*One game-changing concept, practice, and way of understanding: rocks, pebbles, and sand philosophy</p> <p>*The power of working with the Wheel - creating your own wheel of life, seasons, and body</p> <p>*We walk you thru a practical way to actually create more time</p> <p>*Expanding time through quantum relativity - AKA magic </p>
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Overcoming Societal Pressures & Living By Heart: Stepping Into Your Innate Mastery With Catherine Scherwenka
<p>What if what you thought was the picture of "success" was actually the source of your anxiety, depression, and frustration? What if you achieved everything that you thought would make you happy, yet you still felt restless and unfulfilled? That's what happened with Catherine Scherwenka, and through a series of tragedy and miracles, she found her way back to herself. She shares her remarkable story and how to live a more authentic life from a space of freedom, courage and Grace... dropping the stress, anxiety and societal pressures in order to step more powerfully into our innate mastery as the change makers we are meant to be before we were told who we should be. Catherine Scherwenka is a globally recognized workshop facilitator that has led thousands of people through transformational experiences both in person as well as virtually. She incorporates a variety of modalities including Kundalini yoga, meditation, spiritual guidance, and mentoring on how to live a happier, more authentic, fulfilling life. Catherine is a speaker and co - founder of FLY Retreats (Feel Like Yourself), IPI (Inner Peace Initiative) and a One Consciousness Transformer for O&O Academy, A school for the transformation of human consciousness. Enjoy!</p>
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Healing Intergenerational Trauma, Family Constellations, And The Power Of Voice Dialogue With Candice Wu
<p>How can we heal intergenerational trauma? How do you know if you have inherited trauma and where do you begin? Candice Wu is an intuitive coach and holistic healing facilitator, who catalyzes the power of love, self-forgiveness, empowerment and body wisdom in her clients to heal trauma and intergenerational trauma from within. With a deep spiritual presence, Candice honor people as living and breathing art, unfolding so that they may each see and know themselves deeply. Learn about the power of Family Constellations, somatic experiencing, and voice dialogue for healing trauma, one easy way to tune into your inner healer, and how allying with death can be apart of your wellness toolkit.</p>
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#UNFILTERED Moon Musings: New Moon In Taurus
<p>Welcome to the first episode of FYW #UNFILTERED Moon Musings with Venessa & Megan! These #UNFILTERED episodes are a hybrid of moon musings + convo + QA answering your top questions about holistic health, nutrition, herbs, moon cycles, and earth-based medicine. Connecting to the moon cycles can be a powerful way to tap into your inner wild and wise self, and we want you to come along for the ride! Send your top questions to wildlyrooted.com/podcastconnect This episode's theme: Planting Seeds + Emergence In this episode, we discuss: *Challenges of modern-day motherhood *The absolute non-negotiable basics you need to have in place for a strong foundation to build resilience and health *A simple practice to reset your circadian rhythm daily *Breaking up with our cell phones in the morning *How to use the process of anchoring to ground and fuel your new moon intentions *And more...</p>
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Wild Natural Beauty, Walking The Talk, & Motherhood As Medicine With Jessika Le Corre
<p>How can we begin incorporating the power of wild natural beauty & living in these modern times without slipping into overwhelm? Jessika Le Corre - creator of Feather Eagle Sky Skincare and mama of 3, weaves ancestral wisdom, having studied skin, herbs, flower remedies, essential oils and plant medicine with a seasoned Shaman. She shares why natural products are critical at this time, herbs + botanicals in her wellness toolkit, how to unlock your ancient wisdom and power to your beauty, plus Jessika's top beauty secrets, necessities, and non-negotiables when it comes to food/diet, morning practices, and ritual.</p>
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Tapping Into Your Every Day Medicine with Susan Lipshutz
<p>How can we tap into our inner knowing and medicine? How can we move through fear in our most challenging moments? Susan Lipshutz, LCSW - sacred feminine activist and integrative psychotherapy has spent more than 30 years supporting seekers and building strong communities that reawaken and integrate the divine feminine into daily life, combining the ancient wisdom of our grandmothers with her own powerful teachings attuned to the complexities of modern life. Find out her most helpful tools and practices that have served Susan in her most challenging moments, 3 powerful questions to ask yourself in the healing process, and learn about the Akashic Records - what are they, how Susan uses them, and how they can be powerful in your healing journey.</p>
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Intro to Feed Your Wild :: Food for your Body, Mind, Soul with Venessa Rodriguez
<p>Welcome to Feed Your Wild! In this first episode, I'm honored to introduce myself, tell you a bit about the show, my story of overcoming chronic illness and how my mom's journey with breast cancer led me to the healing work I do today using food as medicine, nature-based practices, and intuitive guidance. I'll set the stage for what you can expect in upcoming episodes of Feed Your Wild.</p> <p>If you desire to lead a healthy regenerative lifestyle that supports your highest vision for yourself, to do the things you’ve been wanting to do, live your life to the fullest, and share your unique gifts... if you are being called to go DEEP with your soul journey and nourish ALL parts of you - body, mind, & soul... This is your show, this is Feed Your Wild.</p>
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