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Category: Science/Medicine
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Joey’s podcasts are on various topics such as: environmental issues, animals, organic gardening, animal ecology, oceanography, meteorology, geology, fishing, and outdoor vacations across America.

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Podcast Episode's:
Organic Daily Diet – Podcast #227
How can we make our lives better? Proper nutrition is a vital part of the equation. Eating organic is much easier today while still continuing to be a frugal consumer. This show discusses how you can have an organic daily diet.
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Podcast #226 Insects: Good, Bad, Ugly
So what is your connotation of an insect? I have met people who fear them, are squeamish about them, and some, who just hate them. Of course, there are a few people like me, who think insects are cool. On this show I discuss three (one is actually an arachnid) (this sometimes adds people to...
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Podcast #225 Repurposing Stuff
So how much ‘stuff’ is in your basement, garage, shed, and closet. What can we do with all the clutter that we have accumulated over the years? How about repurposing instead of putting in our landfills. This show gives you great ideas and solutions.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Podcast #224 Sunflower Summer/Fall Surprise
Yes, I know it’s fall, but this explosion of yellow color started two weeks ago. It continues through early fall. But wait, aren’t sunflowers finished blooming? Not this variety, and you can eat the root of it!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Podcast #223 Geese Problem
Dorothy walked down the yellow brick road and today we walk on the green scat road. Geese have become a health problem in many parks, fields, and local waterways. On this show I discuss solutions as well as what needs to be done environmentally.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Podcast #222 The Osprey
Everyone loves a good comeback story. The osprey and the bald eagle have endured hardship many years ago due to DDT and have recovered. The osprey, a raptor, is equipped with a distinctive set of anatomical features that make him the perfect hunter. (This photo was taken when I was filming a Joey Bee TV...
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Podcast #221 Pure Joy
What can be better in life than seeing a child’s wish come true. Gabby knew that big fish were out there but had never experienced catching one. She said to me “I really want to catch a large mouth bass”. My good friend, Bobby Urhig, President of MegaStrike Lures and I took Gabby on an...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Podcast #220 The One That Didn’t Get Away
Are there times in your life that you wish you could get back? How about ensuring that the next great moments do not slip past you. I made sure that this one did not get away from me!
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Podcast #219 Bees In Trouble
The amount of bees in my perennial gardens are at times, non-existent. What is causing a worldwide decline in the bee population? I delve into the problem and discuss solutions that are beneficial to gardeners, farmers, and of course, bees.
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Podcast #218 Endangered Species – Black-Footed Ferret
There is a definite need to keep the Endangered Species Act so we may protect plants and animals from extinction. As stewards of the earth, it is vital that we make quality decisions that will safeguard all creatures. One prime example is the black-footed ferret. This animal was on the verge of extinction and because...
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