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Category: Science/Medicine
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Joey’s podcasts are on various topics such as: environmental issues, animals, organic gardening, animal ecology, oceanography, meteorology, geology, fishing, and outdoor vacations across America.

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Podcast Episode's:
Snapping Turtles – Only A Face A Mother Could Love – Podcast #304
Only A Face A Mother Could Love! But there is so much more to this awesome animal. The snapping turtle has a niche in aquatic ecosystems. I have been working up close with many of them in my ponds.
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Lily Pads, Frogs, and Princes – Podcast #303
Almost magically, lily pads are popping up in many waterways. They grow in a vey unique way. Yesterday I had a pickerel frog sitting on top of one in my back pond. Because there was no princess available I decided that I should forgo fairy tales and teach about lily pads.
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Sounds of Spring – Podcast #302
After a long winter season we all look forward to the colors of spring. In the past, I have recorded a podcast show on this topic. But what about the sounds of spring? One specific sound tells me that warmer weather is here to stay. Recently, it has been a constant sound near my ponds...
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Fox Games – Podcast #301
I thought that I have seen every possible scenario that could happen in nature. That is, until the fox games began. No, they did not bring out the Olympic torch to start them but there was definitely excitement in the air. Please enjoy the games!
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Milestone Podcast Show #300
During the past 300 consecutive weeks I have been able to share with you all that nature has to offer. As an Environmental Scientist, I was able to delve into the specifics of important topics. We have listeners from sea to shinning sea as well as Europe and South America. You can listen to Joey...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

A River Runs Through It – Podcast #299
I will spend the next two months at the river. Yes, I will have a fly rod in my hand but I will be watching the spring blast of color along the river banks. The riparian zone will change every week with new plants and flowers. And yes, a river runs through it.
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On The Road Again – Podcast #298
As usual, nature threw me a curveball. I was going to film for the first time in a year. Granted, I was running the camera and the only life near me were wild creatures. My goal was to capture on camera an animal that migrated from the tundra and instead I get a show from...
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Porcupines – Podcast #297
Porcupines definitely fall into the category of an awesome animal. Not only unique by the protection from their quills but also from their niche in nature. Few people are fortunate to see a porcupine in the wild. This show will bring you a little closer to a one of a kind creature. (Photo courtesy Kristina...
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Starting An Organic Garden – Podcast #296
The topics for many of the podcast shows come from inquisitive people. One of my father’s doctors asked me how to garden using organic principles. I told him I would create a step by step process on how to start an organic garden. If you are a rookie or expert this show has something for...
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How Local Weather Effects Blizzards – Podcast #295
Your location will definitely have an effect on any storm. But how will your local weather cause changes to a blizzard? On this show we delve into the meteorology of the merger of these facts.
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