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Born and bred on Long Island NY, we at the Sixth Borough Podcast showcase our many unique friends, their personalities & life stories in natural organic conversations that grow when a bunch of friends get together.

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 126 - Eric Uresk Pt 3 or 4
MMA / JiuJitsu coach Eric Uresk joins the 6thborough podcast once again!

Episode 125 - Freedom JiuJitsu - Quarantine Edition
We are back! The boys are talking to Steve Kaloustian, owner and head instructor at Freedom JiuJitsu in NY during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tales from the Crip - Social Media Censorship, Double Standards and Freedom
Steve talks about social media censorship maybe not having the effect you'd expect, double standards and freedom in general.

Tales from the Crip - I have your password
Steve talks about a password hack scam that's going around, how it works, why it works and how to defend yourself.

Tales from the Crip - Bypass Firewalls, Execute Code, Cause Panic
Steve talks about a method to potentially drive network and security engineers insane by bypassing firewalls using legitimate and trusted domain names.

Tales from the Crip - Evil IOT
Steve talks about an IOT project that would make any movie villain proud.

Tales from the Crip - Straight Outta Excuses
Cripple Steve talks about running!... out of excuses that is.

Tales from the Crip - Data data everywhere
Steve talks about data breeches, how you can possibly get paid and a simple tip to help protect yourself online.

Tales from the Crip - Can you hack the Music Industry
Steve discusses the possibility of hacking the music industry using streaming services.

Tales from the Crip - Aliens on the Internet
Cripple Steve debuts a new mini format called "Tales from the Crip" where he talks about whatever is on his mind - God help us. This episode he's looking for alien life in a place you may not expect.

Episode 124 Eric Uresk pt 2
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined once again by Eric "The Gentleman" Uresk. Eric is back to discuss what has been going on since the last time he was on and what he's got planned for the future. We talk a little training, a little fighting, a lot of soul searching and have a ton of laughs.

Episode 123 John The Maninmal Beneduce pt 4
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined again by John The Manimal Beneduce. John is back to discuss his recent victory fighting for Bellator at MSG.

Episode 122 Caleb Garby pt 3
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined for the third time by Mr. Caleb Garby, and you know what that means...

Episode 121 Anthony Giacchina round 3
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined again by Anthony Giacchina. Anthony is back for round 3 to talk a little fighting, a little about what is wrong with society and a boat load of sh*t about science.

Episode 120 Rebecca Carnage Rampage pt 2
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined again by MMA fighter and Kick Boxer Rebecca Carnage Rampage. Just like in her first episode she holds nothing back so get ready for a fun ride.

Episode 119 Kelly and Chrissy
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by the blonde, bad ass brawlers Kelly and Chrissy. The girls are on to discuss their kick boxing and MMA careers, how they met each other and some of the creepy sh** they deal with being female fighters.

Episode 118 Wine Liars and Beer pt 2
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by the girls from Wine Liars and Beers. The girls are back to discuss the growth of their podcast since the first time they were on and make us laugh with some of their wacky adventures.

Episode 117 Anthony Andreocci
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by NY Combat sports Ref Anthony Andreocci. Anthony comes on to discuss how he got into Martial Arts and reffing.

Episode 116 Island Kava
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by no one - but that's fine 'cause Eric is back to tell use all about his new side project - Island Kava.

Episode 115 Rick #4
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined once again by Rick of No Limits Kickboxing.

Episode 114 Ed McGill
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by Uber driver Ed McGill. Ed comes on to talk about some of the fun stories and crazy characters he's met while driving.

Episode 113 Steve (Tullulahs)
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by Steve the owner of the restaurant Tullulahs in Bay Shore. Steve talks about how he started the restaurant ,turning his love of cooking into a successful business and what the future looks like.

Episode 112 Brandon Remy 2
Fitness coach Brandon Remy is back again with the boys at the 6th Borough - this time to talk a little bit about fitness, but mostly we talk sh-t about ridiculous current events.

Episode 111 Manimal 2
The boys at the 6th Borough welcome back the Manimal for round 2.

Episode 110 Weight Loss Challenge
The boys from the 6th Borough are joined by Courtney and Michelle from the Patchogue Young Professional group to discuss the founding of the organization and the Nole cafe weight loss competition they are currently competing in.

Episode 109 Conspiracy Files
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined again by Mike the Caveman but instead of the normal health and wellness we go down the rabbit hole of Conspiracies.

Episode 108 2018 Recap
The boys at the 6th Borough recap the year that was 2018 and preview a few things ahead in 2019.

Episode 107 John Satava
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by BJJ Blackbelt and soon to be school owner John Satava. John comes on to discuss training with killers, opening his school and some of his views on life.

Episode 106 Chris Molina
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by New York State combat sports official Chris Molina. Chris is a ref that has worked for most of the major MMA promotions and comes on to discuss how he got started training, reffing and how he is trying to elevate the standard of reffing for NY combat sports.

Episode 105 Rebecca Carnage Rampage
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by female kick boxer Rebecca Carnage Rampage who is getting ready to make her MMA debut for Triton Fights.

Episode 104 Eric Uresk
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by Phukett Top Team head coach Eric Uresk. Eric comes on to discuss battling demons from his past, his new outlook on life and how he's making it all work with his fiancee.

Episode 103 Alica Salazar
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by health and wellness coach Alicia Salazar to discuss health benefits and science behind CBD and other Cannabis products.

Episode 102 Ditched Again
No guest just the boys at the 6th Borough being stupid

Episode 101 Brian Costello
CrossFit coach and podcast host Brian Costello join the boys to discuss total body wellness, health and all the things you can be doing to improve them.

Episode 100 Harrison Baron
Host of The Brutally Honest Podcast - Harrison Baron joins the boys to discuss his podcast, how he got started and some interesting views on life.

Episode 99 Just the Boys
No guest, just the Boys from the 6th Borough being the boys...

Episode 98 Larry Sharpe
The Boys at the 6th Borough are joined by Larry Sharpe - the Libertarian candidate for Governor of New York.

Episode 97 Eric - Chris - Steve
Eric, Chris and Steve talk about whats going on and what's coming up.

Episode 96 Brandon Remy
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by personal trainer Brandon Remy to discuss how he got his start in fitness, his training methods and building his brand of total health.

Episode 95 Eric Bloodaxe
Eric Bloodaxe joins the boys at the 6th Borough to talk about his upcoming Bellator MMA fight.

Episode 94 Jeremy Puglia and Ryan Castro
Bellator MMA fighters Jeremy Puglia and Ryan Castro join the boys to talk about their upcoming fights and what it's like to prepare perform and compete in the second-largest MMA promotion in the world.

Episode 93 Dennis Buzukja
Dennis Buzujka joins the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss his upcoming Pro MMA debut, his thoughts on training and the Khabib v Connor fight.

Episode 92 Nick and Chris
Nick and Chris from Red Dragon BJJ join the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss how they got started in BJJ, running The Submission Mission and Chris competing in the EBI.

Episode 91 Dre - PurEarth
Andre of Toast fame joins the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss his past, his evolving outlook on life, and his new passion project - PurEarth.

Episode 90 Wine, Liars and Beer
The hosts of the podcast Wine Liars and Beer, Amy and Dena, join us to shatter the glass and offer the perspective of the other sex. We have a blast talking about their podcast, the weird place dating is and have some laughs at the expensive of pretty much everyone.

Episode 89 John Beneduce
Pro MMA fighter John Beneduce joins the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss his taking on coming back to the ring after a 10 year layoff, his purpose in the universe and astral projection.

Episode 88 Matt Bell
Matt Bell joins the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss pro skateboarding, BBJ, Swell Taco and his sons foundation.

Episode 87 Anthony Giacchina
Pro MMA fighter Anthony Giacchina joins the boys again to discuss fighting, training and his distrust of science.

Episode 86 Courtney Webber
Courtney Weber of Instagram fame and manager of the Pine Grove Inn joins the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss the Patchogue Young Professionals, weight loss, creeps on social media and for tons of laughs.

Episode 85 Triton Fights 7 Preview
Triton Fights 7 Preview.

Episode 84 Coffee at the Handsome House
Coffee at the Handsome House.

Episode 83 Rob Cutrone - The Bean
Rob Cutrone the owner of The Babylon, Bay Shore and the soon to open Patchogue Bean joins the boys at the 6th Borough to talk some - you guessed it - coffee, how he got started and his entrepreneurial spirit.

Episode 82 DJ Theo
Long Island legend DJ Theo joins the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss nightlife on LI, Andre the Giant, binge culture and a little bit of music.

Episode 81 Andrew Stock
Local MMA fighter Andrew Stock joins the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss fighting, VIta Coco and being a self proclaimed nerd.

Episode 80 Tiffany and Stephen
Tiffany Rivera and Stephen King from the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce join the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss the growth and future of Patchogue, some of the inner workings of local politics and have a ton of laughs.

Episode 79 Eddie Avila 2
Eddie Avila is back with the boys to update us on Day One, promoting the comic at conventions and discussing the glory days of bouncing.

Episode 78 John Potts 2
John Potts is back with the boys at the 6th Borough to pick up where they left off before the near death experience last time. We get into memes, jiu-jitsu and the death of Stephen Hawking.

Episode 77 Spain
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by Mike Morello, AKA Spain. Spain is a former pro soccer player, current BJJ wizard and all around awesome guy.

Episode 76 Nick and Pat
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined my Nick and Pat the writers and directors of "Into the Valli" - an independent feature film. We discuss the creative process of writing, the behind the scenes of movie making and the rigorous process of getting into film festivals.

Episode 75 Chris - Triton Fights
The Boys at the 6th Borough are joined by Chris Machi - the Match Maker at Triton Fights MMA promotion. We discuss a little bit of the history of Triton Fights, the process of match making, and the upcoming card for Triton Fights 6 on February 24, 2018.

Episode 74 Mike the Caveman 3
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by their first three time guest Mike the Caveman Kuhn. Get your pen and paper out you are about to be educated!

Episode 73 Host Takeover
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by no one... We got stood up so now you get to hear what we have to say - and damn is it entertaining.

Episode 72 Alp Ozkilic
Former UFC fighter, MMA Trainer, and World Traveler Alp Ozkilic joins the boys at the 6th Borough.

Episode 71 Team Steve
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by BJJ Black belt and Drock's twin - Big Steve.

Episode 70 Digging in the Vault
The 6th Borough Hosts test out their brain child and just get after it for a little while.

Episode 69 John Potts
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by John Potts to discuss all many aspects of life including politics, jujitsu, memes and being a fuccboi... Not to mention survive a near death experience...

Episode 68 Vinny Uzi pt 2
The boys are joined again by the hilarious Vinny Uzi to discuss steroids in sports and the joys of being a parent.

Episode 67 Village Cigar
We are live at Village Cigar Headquarters with shop owner Miguel for a special event.

Episode 66 Eric and Marc 2
Eric and Marc of Eri-Marc Records join the boys to discuss the history of House music, how they got their starts and their upcoming projects

Episode 65 Matt - Sneaker Bistro
Matt from the Sneaker Bistro joins the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss all things sneakers and the dope spot known as the Sneaker Bistro.

Episode 64 Steve Zarzana
Tattoo artist and friend of the 6th Borough joins the boys for some wild ass conversation and tons of laughs.

Episode 63 Rick and Ryan
Pro Kick Boxer Rick Schaefer and MMA fighter Ryan Castro both join the Boys at the 6th Borough for each of their second visits. We talk about living the life of a fighter, the state of being a man in today's society and ass wiping customs in other cultures.

Episode 62 Alex Spyrou Pt 2
Alex Spyros of AS Engineering Services joins the boys again to discuss pretty much everything and we let him know that he's basically our bad ass man crush.

Episode 61 Adam Benini
Adam Benini from the Sign Factory joins the boys to talk about making signs, design, his love for cars and how he blended them all into a business.

Episode 60 Joe Silva
Joe Silva joins the boys to update them on his life over the past year, motorcycle life on LI and of course - coffee.

Episode 59 Adam Kownacki Pt 2
Babyface is back with the boys to discuss his recent huge win, how it feels to be on the cusp of super stardom in Poland, and how he really feels about wrestling.

Episode 58 Anthony Giacchina
Bellator fighter Anthony Giacchina joins the 6th Borough to discuss fighting at MSG, how he got into MMA and the do's and don'ts of using a sauna in the funniest way.

Episode 57 DJ Intrigue
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by Pat-Med alum, DJ Intrigue. Intrigue is a DJ affiliated with Wu Tang Clan, a music producer working on film and TV and an ultra passionate Long Islander.

Episode 56 Ryan Castro
The boys at the 6th Borough are joined by Ryan Castro to discuss his career in MMA and some of the glory days of the club scene in NY.

Episode 55 Eric and Mark
Eric and Mark get with the guys and talk about race and racism on Long island.

Episode 54 Triton Fights 3 preview - Nick Canobbio
The boys preview the upcoming Triton Fights 3 MMA event on June 30th 2017 with Nick Canobbio.

Episode 53 The Bouncer Chronicles Pt​.​1 - Sam
Sam joins the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss some of the craziness that happens being a bouncer on and around Long Island. This is the first installment of the Bouncer Chronicles - where people outside of the industry get an inside look at the bar/club scene.

Episode 52 Fat Jeremy
The boys are joined by Jeremy "Fat Jeremy FJ" Puglia. FJ is a former junior hockey player and current MMA fighter that is contending for the Triton Fights Middle Weight Championship.

Episode 51 Sgana, Drock and Yarbs
Sgana, Drock, and Yarbs are up to their antics again. Hilarity ensues.

Episode 50 Kyle Murray
Kyle Murray joins us to talk about Oasis Grooming and what goes on behind the scenes making the hair products that allow you look your best.

Episode 49 Matt Sganga
We welcome back Matt Sgana and discuss a whirlwind of topics.

Episode 48 Vinny Uzi
Fitness Guru Vinny Uzi joins the boys at the 6th Borough to discuss fitness, nutrition, his new home training facility... and somehow porn.

Episode 47 Krishna
BJJ Black belt Krishna joins the boys at the 6th Borough Podcast.

Episode 46 Brian Michelino Pt 2
Brian is back for round two with the boys of the 6th Borough Podcast. If you didn’t hear his first go around, check out Episode 17!

Episode 45 Mike the Caveman Pt 2
Mike the Caveman is back to further expand your mind and knowledge about health and nutrition.

Episode 44 Adam “Baby Face” Kownacki
Professional Boxer Adam Kownacki joins the boys to discuss his life as a boxer, some of the top notch gyms he’s trained at, and the experience of moving to America.

Episode 43 Chris Ott
The 6th Borough Podcast gets overrun with Otts. Dr. Chris Ott joins us to discuss becoming a doctor, archery, fishing, and fun wheel chair activities.

Episode 42 Kyle Carroll
Writer and Fellow podcaster Kyle Carroll joins us to discuss working for My MMA News, what drew him into the business, meeting future MMA Stars and Champions, the local MMA scene, and where the sport is going in the future.

Episode 41 Mike the Caveman Kuhn
Health detective and Doctorate candidate Mike the Caveman sits down with us and discusses boosting and maintaining your testosterone, immune health and much more. Get your notepads ready this podcast is full of interesting health facts.

Episode 40 Chris Wall
Chris Wall joins us again to discuss life, politics, and the Presidential election which is going on while we are recording. You can imagine how this conversation goes, hang on it’s going to be a wild and bumpy ride.

Episode 39 Liz Underwood
Liz Underwood joins us to discuss being a veterinarian, going to vet school in the Caribbean, and of course Liberace.

Episode 38 Presidential Debate
The four hosts and Steve from the research team watch and comment on the 3rd Presidential Debate. Who’s worse, the candidates or the boys from the 6th Borough? What a shit show!

Episode 37 Joe Lobianco
Tin Mirror Productions’ owner Joe Lobianco comes on the podcast to talk clones, MMA photography, and “Quality Control,” a short film he’ll be releasing.

Episode 36 Eddie Avila
Comic book creator and artist Eddie Avila joins us to discuss his current project Day One, the inspiration behind it, and the in depth creative process in developing it.

Episode 35 Dan Lupfer
Car enthusiast, father, and History Channel Reality TV star Dan Lupfer joins us to talk about many things including how little “reality” goes into making Reality TV.

Episode 34 Mike Lauro
Mike Lauro is an exercise physiologists who is one of the owners of Prescription Exercise LLC. He joins us to tell us all about the business and the people he is able to help. And he does it with so much passion that it’s infectious.

Episode 33 Anthony DiDomenico
Standup comic and fellow podcaster Anthony DiDomenico joins us to talk all things funny, the struggles of getting started as a comic, and his passion for WWE.

Episode 32 Caleb Garby Strikes Back
Caleb Garby revisiting us on the podcast! We talk food, farms, alcohol and all things delicious.

Episode 31 Joe Scioli
Today we have Joe Scioli A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, A Juco wrestler, 2x NJCAA Academic All American, Former Mid-Atlantic Regional Champion, Former Nationally Ranked Juco Competitor and basically all around bad ass and an awesome guy. Oh don’t forget about deep thinker, teacher, and bouncer extraordinaire.

Episode 30 Jamie - The Tap Room
Jamie one of the owners of The Tap Room comes on to talk to us about his two locations, the hard work that goes into running a successful bar, and some new projects in the works.

Episode 29 George Lederer
Science teacher and kickboxing coach George Lederer talks with the guys about training, teaching, fatherhood and coaching athletes on Long Island!

Episode 28 Matt Sgana
Matt Sganga joins us to discuss the upcoming Olympics, the stud wrestlers he’s coached from LI, and dealing with being related to Lunchbox.

Episode 27 Bobby D’Alessio
Bobby D’Alessio comes on to talk about growing up as Lunchbox’s friend and his many world travels including going to Cuba.

Episode 26 Angela Flanagan Pt 2
Angela is back for round 2 of conversation after her recent trip to Iceland. Things get a little heated when the discussion turns to the beauty of LI and what makes a place great to live.

Episode 25 Mike Gerardi
Mike Gerardi joins us to discuss some of the savages that he trains at his gym, nutrition, working out, and the wildness of growing up on LI.

Episode 24 Nick Prainito
Nick joins us to discuss being a sponsor for Save the Children, working for Mattel, doing video work for the WWE, and a surprise about women’s jeans.

Episode 23 George Demetriou
Retired NYPD officer George comes by to discuss martial arts, being a great family man and his current passion and business Spartan Performance and Crossfit.

Episode 22 Terence Daly - Brewology
We are onsite at Brewology with Director of Beer Terence Daly talking philosophy, culture, science, and of course booze.

Episode 21 Shawn - Olde Town Gardens
We are on location with Shawn at Olde Town Gardens discussing this awesome nursery and how to create an amazing haunted house.

Episode 20 Drock, Yarbs, Sganga
Holy hell, who let these 3 idiots have an episode with no supervision?

Episode 19 Nick Canobbio
All round great guy Nick comes on to talk about MMA in NY, Compubox/Compustrike, and some of the ins and outs of running a business.

Episode 18 Matt Denzler
Matt Denzler aka Masta Deadly aka Dirty Socks aka Imposter Drock aka Sad Clown talks about being a renaissance man and the invention of the pistol chin as well as tons of other topics and being a handsome fuck.

Episode 17 Brian Michelino
BJJ purple belt, expert corner man, MMA gym manager and all around good guy Brian Michelino comes on to discuss his passions in life.

Episode 16 Nick and Tony Sandalena
Nick and Tony Sandalena come on to talk about #2wheels2cali, the differences of East coast and West coast living, and following your own path.

Episode 15 Angela Flanagan
Angela comes on to tell us about her scary experiences escaping Russia, her journeys in the government-less city of Freetown Christiania and her travels through Europe.

Episode 14 Alex Spyrou
Alex is a lifelong martial artist, adventurer and an engineer. He joins us to talk about mountain climbing, what it was like training MMA in the 90’s and immigrating from Cypress.

Episode 13 Steve Zarzana
Steve comes on to talk about being a tattoo artist, working through the struggles of life, and most importantly being one of the best dads on the planet.

Episode 12 Terry - Toast Coffee House
Terry the owner of Toast comes on to discuss the vision and evolution of the restaurant and the incredible journey that brought him into the business.

Episode 11 Rob Nasta
Rob Nasta talks the Crepe Business, secret recipes and getting through the first year in the restaurant business!

Episode 10 Tommy Dejosia
Tommy Dejosia come by to talk about film making, photography, BJJ and the recent Trump rally in Patchogue.

Episode 9 Matt Gorton
Freelance clothing designer Matt Gorton talks entrepreneurship and design in the fashion business. This was one of our favorite podcasts. Matt is humble, creative and awesome at the same time while talking about his journey through the clothing business. He’s also a big MMA fan!

Episode 8 Chandra
Chandra comes on to pave the way for future women guests and talks about life in the OR, DIY projects and an upcoming cooking throw down.

Episode 7 Caleb Garby
Caleb Garby comes on to talk about sking Sugar Bush, The Mad Taco with their new farm to table venture and more fun filled adventures.

Episode 6 Guas
National Parks guru and cross country trekker Guas, talks about his experiences roughing it through natures beautiful wonderlands.

Episode 5 Rick Schaefer
Today professional kick boxer Rick Schaefer comes on to discuss the sacrifices needed to be successful, the bonds created with people you train with, and shows that he can be more devastating to a Louisville Slugger bat than Mo Rivera’s Cutter.

Episode 4 Mike Lent
Professional skateboarder Mike Lent talks about secret skate spots, having his own pro-model board, growing up in Patchogue and living his dream.

Episode 3 Chris Wall
Chris Wall talks about his experiences as a hired gun drumming in the music industry, the glory days of SGT and geeks out a little with the hosts on Star Wars.

Episode 2 Joseph Silva
Famed caffeine dealer Joe Silva of Roast Coffee and Tea comes on to talk about Latte Art, playing the piano, medical school, and some sweet ass neckwear

Episode 1 Nick and Ivan
Guerrilla street artist Ivan and wanderlust sufferer Nick come on to talk about the science of online hook ups, the intervention of higher powers and up coming treks to Cali.

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