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Category: Business
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This podcast is a collection of training seminars from various ACN leaders. ACN is the worlds largest direct seller of mobile, utilities, and other services. Learn how ACN is changing lives every day.

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Podcast Episode's:
ACN Training: Energy & Customer Acquisition by ACN COC SVP Michael An
Michael An, a COC & SVP at ACN gives training at the ACN event at Charlotte on how to sort potential energy customers and which ones to ignore.
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In order to keep a strong entrepreneurial fire burning, you need to fuel it with the right information. Don't listen to those who don't believe in your dreams. Learn how you can you can keep your flame burning and have new business opportunities through ACN.
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ACN Training: Weekly Training & Team Etiquette by ACN COC SVP Debbie Davis
To be successful in life and business, you need training. Listen to ACN's Debbie Davis as she gives a training on how to build yourself, and those in your team.
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The ACN Mindset & Team Building Training by James Adlam
James Adlam, a senior vice-president at ACN talks about the importance of getting timing right with team building. If someone says no now, follow up with them in the future. He discusses the importance about avoiding ACN jargon when talking with people are getting involved with the company.
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Winning in ACN with SVP George Zalucki
Senior Vice President of ACN George Zalucki addresses ACN IBOs on how to win with ACN and feel fulfilled. He talks about how people can constantly improve and grow, and how ACN can help people feel more enriched and developed on a personal level .
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ACN Training: The Mindset of a Team Builder by ACN COC RVPP Nekoda Bragg
Nekoda Bragg is a COC and RVPP at ACN Inc. He talks about his path that led him to ACN, and he talks about the kinds of bondage that we get into. He talks about his own financial bondage, and how the ACN Opportunity helped him get financially free. He asks us to think about the habits we have on a daily basis and talks about the importance of a positive mindset.
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ACN September Team Builder Bonus presented by Co-Founder Tony Cupisz!
ACN Co-Founder Tony Cupisz goes on a tour of the Detroit area, and talks about the new bonus structure for the company. Learn more about how you can build your own business and see financial success!
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ACN Training: Launching New IBOs by ACN COC SVP Cav. Franco Lofranco
ACN Senior Vice President Franco Lofranco discusses the best way to launch a new IBO. He talks about how to use duplication, while making each one unique in the launch. Listen to this 15 minute training and completely change the way you do business!
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ACN Training: How to Create Massive Momentum by COC RVPP Michael Crowder
ACN powerhouse Michael Crowder talks about how he became a top performer in the company. He explains how you can keep momentum and grow your business during the holiday season. While many people may believe the holidays are a hard time to do business, you'll learn how it can be a strategic time for growth and success. Learn how you can see better results, and build a team of leaders.
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