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Category: Business
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This Podcast is here for one reason only: to make you a better leader no matter who you are, where you work, nor where you are in your life. This weekly podcast will help you find new ways to become the best leader than you can be.

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Podcast Episode's:
How to Lead an Employee Termination with Alison Gerlach - Episode 34
Employee termination can be a sensitive subject but as a leader, it is one which you need to be prepared for. Sometimes it just does not work out. Not all employees are meant to stay with your organization forever and that is ok. Just note that regardless of the reasons you need to treat the person with respect and dignity. These core principles will help guide you through this potentially emotionally-charged situation. This is where my guest for this episode comes to play. Alison Gerlach is a strategic management consultant, podcaster, instructor with extensive experience with large organizations. She brings a skill set which is not easily found. Since she has a great understanding of employee termination and therefore, I had to have her on the show. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview: Background - What is the overall ideology behind addition through subtraction - How can we recognize that there is a problem - What can leaders do to try to salvage the employee - How leaders can instill confidence in remaining employees after a termination - What leaders need to consider when executing a termination - Final advice for any leader dealing with having to terminate an employee Be sure to check out the complete show notes at: https://movingforwardleadership.com/34
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Leadership Axioms with Steve Smith - Episode 33
Leadership is often referred to as an art and not a science. What that means that there are no specific processes or formulas to find the answer to a problem. Instead, leadership requires leaders to develop soft skills or interpersonal skills. Every leader requires a starting point in their leadership journey, much to the reason why I wrote my 9 Foundations of Leadership. My guest today, Steve Smith, likewise has developed his Leadership Axioms which we discussed during this episode.  Here are the topics which we cover during this interview: Background How Steve got into the Executive Coaching Career How did you come about with the Axioms Discussions on the following axioms: Accountability Mindset Time Zone Delegation Priority Setting Pursuing Excellence Servant Leadership Self Assessment For the full shownotes, check the post on the Moving Forward Leadership website: https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/leadership-axioms/
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Lead and Manage the Hiring Process with Rebecca Barnes-Hogg - Episode 32
People are the center and cornerstone of any organization. Without people organizations, business, and even families would not exist! Yet as leaders, we too often pay lip-service the complete hiring process of identifying who are needed, where they are needed and how they are hired. Today that changes for you as you will learn the whole process how to lead and hire your next employee. My expert, Rebecca Barnes-Hogg comes with a lengthy background and has developed her system referred to as the YOLO. In the end, her goal is for you to find the purple unicorn - or your ideal employee. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview: Her background and story Why YOLO? A bad hire impacts your company in many ways. Four Components of the YOLO Principle How to determine what tasks and responsibilities the person will have It’s better to be understaffed than to have a bad employee who will affect the performance and morale of the rest of your team. Ways to recruit people Some ways to interview properly How to evaluate and select the right person How to overcome obstacles
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How to Lead Professional Growth with Keisha A. Rivers - Episode 31
In this episode, I have the great pleasure of interviewing Keisha A. Rivers. Keisha is the Chief Outcome Facilitator and Founder of The KARS Group LTD.  As well, she has a background in education and education development. Finally, she has been an entrepreneur for over 12 years now.  In this episode, we discuss  how we can properly develop our people to be better at what they do. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview: Her background and story How our mistakes and failures lead our lives How we can learn from those mistakes and failures What is the KARS facilitated approach Least accepted aspect of the framework How can leaders best apply change management What are the best ways for leaders to communicate their vision What are some of the greatest success she’s helped organizations achieve
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Lessons from a Younger Leader with George Penyak - Episode 30
Age is often related to leadership; however, just because someone is older does not mean that they are a better leader. Millennials today are slowly taking over the workforce for their creativity, drive, imagination. My guest in this episode, George Penyak, is just that. Despite being the youngest member of his sales team, he is the team lead. In this episode, we discuss what it means to be a younger or millennial leader when dealing with a group of employees who are older and have more experience. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview: - His background and story - How he came into a leadership role - How did his subordinates take the news of his promotion to their supervisor - What strategies has he employed in dealing with older subordinates - What challenges have arisen from directing older subordinates and how he overcame them - What advice he has for anyone who’s about to begin leading older subordinates For the complete show notes, be sure to head to my show notes post: https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/penyak/
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How to be a Fit Leader with Josiah Novak - Episode 29
Leadership and fitness are not generally thought of being held hand-in-hand. However, I am a huge supporter of regular physical activity. Having a high level of fitness has more benefits than simply being ripped. In fact, the mental benefits of physical fitness will greatly outweigh the physical benefits - I know that sounds wrong but it's completely true!  In today’s episode, I have the great pleasure of interviewing Josiah Novak. Josiah is a fitness expert, trainer and online coach, not to mention a really great guy. He is truly passionate about fitness yet has an obvious education to back what he says and believes. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview: - How he got started in the business. - Explanation of the stress-related benefits of regular exercise. - Explanation of the focus related benefits of regular exercise. - How can people keep in shape while at the office. - Some tips and advice for people just starting out to exercise. Be sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website: https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/novak/
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How to Lead through a Negotiation with Kwame Christian - Episode 28
Negotiation is found in our everyday lives no matter if you are trying to land that massive business deal or trying to get your child ready for school. Negotiation is everywhere. So if we are constantly engaged in negotiations then it beckons to reason that as a leader you should be well-versed in the art. That's where my guest comes into play. In today’s episode, I have the great pleasure of interviewing Kwame Christian. Kwame is a lawyer turned negotiation expert. He believes that we deal with negotiations on a daily basis. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview: - Background on how he got into negotiation. - Why is negotiation is not seen in learning institutions today? - What are the key aspects people should consider before entering a negotiation. - Key aspects of a successful negotiation - Common reasons for negotiation breakdown - Common negotiations Leaders will find themselves in. - Various negotiation scenarios best practices - Key must-haves for entering a negotiation For the complete show notes for this episode be sure to check them out on my website: https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/christian/
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Finding Success Through Finding Strengths with Tance Hughes - Episode 27
We all have strengths and we all have weaknesses. As a leader, it is imperative that we know both for ourselves and our people. This is where Strengths Finder comes to play. This approach allows you to find out your and your people's strengths and weaknesses which in turn will allow you to make educated decisions about how to employ and assign tasks.  In today’s episode, I have the great pleasure of interviewing Tance Hughes. Tance experimented with the Strengths Finder concept and achieved outstanding results with his company. Now he is on the 30 under 30 list and his company is amongst the fastest growing small businesses in the USA. So needless to say I had to have him on the show! Here are the topics which we cover during this interview: - His background and story - Organization growth leading to team building issues - Identification of the problem - How he came to chose Strengths Finder model - How he reinforced the results - What key themes came out from the process - Employ people solely on the strengths or get them to work on their weaknesses? - What were some of the challenges overcome during the implementation of this processes. - What are the key benefits of using this model. Be sure to check out the complete show notes for these episode on my website: https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/huges/ 
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From UN Missions to the Boardroom with Jennifer Britton - Episode 26
Non-government Organizations (NGOs) are found all over the world doing great work benefiting the underprivileged.  These organizations have their own leadership challenges which few of us get the opportunity to experience. NGOs leaders have to deal with limited resources and capacity more than  any business could ever imagine.  In today’s episode, I have the great pleasure of having Jennifer Britton on the show with me. Jennifer began her journey working with the United Nations in a humanitarian role and then after an unfortunate circumstance returned home to Canada and began her business. Therefore, it goes without saying that her experience is vast and diverse. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview:What differences would a person would find working for a Non-government Organization (NGO) than in the business realm.How to she used the vision of NGOs to its maximum benefitHow did you mange to work within different culturesHow she developed her business in group coachingCommon problem themes across different organizationsWhat are the core signs for a team leader to decide to bring in a team coachWhat are some ways can leaders effectively lead their organizations virtuallyBe sure to check my website for the complete show notes!https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/britton/
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How to be More Personal with Colonel (retired) Robert Campbell - Episode 25
Often a leader's personnel is referred to as their greatest resource. While the premise of the statement is true, it leads leaders to be cold and heartless. The ideology of being more personal with your personnel is that you become closer to them, understanding who they are as an individual and team member. Which leads to this episode's guest.  I had the great pleasure of having US Army Colonel (retired) Robert Campbell on the show with me. Robert spent over 27 years in the US Army and ended up commanding a Brigade of approximately 5,000 people. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview: - Policies and procedures to make people priority 1 - Helping people with issues - Challenges come across with this approach - Ego how destructive it can be and you can keep it in check - Lessons learned from his time Be sure to check out the full show notes for more information:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/campbell/
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Solidifying Employee Loyalty with Heather Younger - Episode 24
Retaining employees must be at the forefront of any organization's strategy. Simply stated, finding good help is hard to find. However, that statement fails to mentions that losing good help is very easy to do! Employee loyalty is currently at an all-time low and every time an individual leaves your organization, that is a large number of wasted dollars and resources headed out with them. Hence my guest in this episode.  I had the great pleasure of having employee loyalty expert Heather Younger on the show with me. Heather, has a deep history and passion for driving employee loyalty which was spurred by her losing her own job one time. Here are the topics which we cover during this interview:What the main benefits of employee loyalty are.Why employers don’t prioritize employee loyalty.Heather's 7 Intuitive Laws in overview.For the full set of episode show notes be sure to check out the episode post on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/younger/ 
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Making Effective Decisions with Michael Schaffer - Episode 23
Leading people is by far the biggest time drain of leadership. However, in the end you are leader because you the decision making authority within your organization. Leaders often freeze at decision making, they can't seem to grasph that this is a core respsonbility of their job. It does not have to be that way though. My guest today, Michael Schaffer has revolved his life around making decisions and how we can make better ones. Not to mention he has one of the most interesting backgrounds to date on the show! The topics which we covered are: - How his decision-making process works and applies to various situations. - How he defines “risk” and “reward”. - How subjective criteria fits into the picture. - What led to his interest in decision-making processes, and communication of those processes to others. - How he suggests that people might handle the issue of not being able to make a decision.   Be sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/schaffer/
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How to Manage Your Time - Episode 22
TopicsIn today's episode, I discuss how we can establish a work-life balance not only for ourselves but for our organization and team as well. Here are the topics which I cover: How to properly schedule your work timeHow delegation increases your timeHow to properly plan your priorities for the futureBe sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/time-management/
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How to Strike the Balance - Episode 21
Work-Life balance is a hot topic these days. People are feeling constantly connected to their work due to the ever-increasing flexibility of technology. But as a leader, you need to establish a work-life balance for your people before you burn them and yourself out! In today's episode, I discuss how we can establish a work-life balance not only for ourselves but for our organization and team as well. Here are the topics which I cover: Why there is an unbalance How to instill a balance into your organization How to establish your own balance Be sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/balance/
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Exercising Political Leadership with M.P. Mark Gerretson - Episode 20
Politics is one of the areas where people automatically think about when they think of leadership. However, political leadership is much more than simply campaigning, getting elected, and then simply debating in Parliament. No, exercising political leadership has direct impacts on people's lives and that is what we will learn about in this episode. I had the great pleasure of interviewing Member of Parliament (M.P.) Mark Gerretson! He was able to give us behind scenes of being a political leader. Believe it or not, there was no politics discussed: Why politics? What are some leadership challenges which would be specific to political leadership? How does local political leadership differ from federal? What are some of largest challenges you have faced and how did you through them? What are some of the successes which you are most proud of? Advice to others starting their political careers? Be sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/mpg/
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Master the Game - Episode 19
Either we like it or not, we are all in this big game known as life. Well, at least that's how I like to look at it. We all need to play this game and if we are going to be successful then we need to master the game. Those who do so end up being the best influencers within their circles, the most successful, and can lead easier. In today's episode, I go solo again and discuss how to master the "game." In short, the game is anything which you are involved in. As well, this is very applicable when you are trying to influence others and other organizations. So in order to master the "game", you need to follow the three-step process: - Learning the game - Playing the game - Playing the game better than others Find the full show notes here:http://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-19-master-the-game
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The Power of Influence With Brent Kelly - Episode 18
Influence, like many things, can be used for good or evil. The good regarding influence is that as a leader it enables you to guide your people to your vision easily. Additionally, you often need to use influence to get others to believe in you and what you want to achieve. That is where the Power of Influence comes into play. In today's episode, I have the great joy of interviewing Brent Kelly.  Brent and I met through a common contact in a Facebook group which I frequent. Brent has a background in the Insurance sector but lots of great leadership experience including being a certified John Maxwell coach. Brent's specialty is definitely using influence though so during the interview, we discuss the following topics: When to influence others? Where to influence others? Why influence others? How to influence others? Who to influence? How many to influence? Be sure to check out the complete show notes on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/kelly/
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Rising Through Adversity with Jordon Perolio - Episode 17
Today's episode, I have the delight of interviewing Jordon Perolio.  Jordon and I met in a common Facebook group and once I got just a hint of his story I knew I had to have him on the show. To sum it up, Jordon has gone from high school drop out to holding a Master's degree in leadership. During the interview, we the following topics:  Find the full show notes at: http://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/jordon-perolioWhat led him down the leadership road and his background.His reasons for going Officer and the journey to becoming oneLeadership challenges sinceDaily leadership practices you use What drove you to Masters in leadership
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Leading From the Front with Colonel (Retired) John Conrad - Episode 16
Military leaders have been some of the greatest leaders of all time. However, many have been quietly leading in the shadows of their military service. Military leaders have a distinct difference in their leadership requirements compared to their civilian counterparts - they have the potential of seeing their people fall in combat.  In today's episode, I have the delight of interview Colonel (retired) John Conrad.  Colonel Conrad was a Canadian Army Officer and now currently works as an executive within the Albertan government. During the interview, we the following topics: What led him down the leadership road. What have been some of his greatest challenges as a leader. What is the greatest success he has enjoyed as a leader. What would be the largest setback he has had as a leader. What is one piece of advice for leaders starting their journey. Where he thinks most leaders fail today. Be sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website: https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/conrad/
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Maximize Your Credibility - Episode 15
Your credibility as a leader is the cornerstone of your leadership ability. With credibility you can influence and lead people easily. Without credibility you are fighting a lost battle with no hope. But there’s more to credibility than just what is shown on the surface. There are ways which you can gain, lose, and use your credibility to your advantage. During this episode I discuss the following topics: How to build your credibility and maintain your credibility. How your organization’s credibility is built and affected by your own. How you can use your credibility like currency. Be sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/credibility/
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Leading Virtual Teams with James Nieves - Episode 14
Virtual teams are becoming more a common reality as organizations look to cut costs while affording their people work-life balance. Therefore, a leader needs to learn how to lead virtual teams in order to be successful. There are different things to consider when you are leading virtual teams than teams who work in the same office.  In today's episode, I discuss leading a team with James Nieves. James has led a number of virtual teams and has been very successful at that. During this episode we discuss the following topics: How James started leading teams virtually. The benefits of a virtual team The challenges of leading teams virtually. How to overcome these challenges Advice for those who are leading teams virtually. Be sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website: https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-14-leading-teams-virtually-with-james-nieves/
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Develop a Strong Routine for Success - Episode 13
Routines help you keep on track for your goals and dreams. Not to mention routines help you to develop your discipline for everything in your life. In order to develop a strong routine, you need to be committed and dedicated to the cause. Once you have a strong routine in place, watch your goals get accomplished one after the other.  In today's episode, I discuss all things regarding routines.  As John C. Maxwell stated: "You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." During this episode I discuss the following topics: Why I developed a routine for myself. My daily routine. Principles of a good routine. Weekly Routines Monthly Routines Be sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-13-develop-a-strong-routine-for-success/
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How to Instill Accountability Into an Organization - Episode 12
Accountability can make or break an organization. Unfortunately, too many leaders shy away from holding themselves and others accountable for their actions. Or even lack-there-of. It is more than just telling people that they have made mistakes. Ultimately, accountability is about how you and your organization can be the best possible version. As Bob Proctor stated: "Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result." During this episode I discuss the following topics: How to ensure that you are accountable yourself. How to set accountability in your organization. Steps in taking when making someone accountable. Other options for people who are not achieving the results you are looking for. Be sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/accountability/
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Millennial SOS from Sinek - Episode 11
There are lots of talks regarding the millennial generation. As this generation begins to take over a larger portion of the work force leaders need to understand how properly employ these people. Millennials, however, are getting a lot of heat and light for issues which are not their fault. However, as leaders we need to be prepared to help the millennial generation find its way. In today's episode, my guest Tyrone and I discuss the highly viewed, opinionated and controversial video by Simon Sinek discussing millennials in the workplace.  If you haven't seen this yet, then be sure to watch it first at the end of the show notes. During this episode the three of us discuss the following topics: What are your thoughts on Sinek’s whole argument?  Does he has valid points or has there been too much generalization going on? How can they not feel entitled? How can they feel like they have made an impact? What are some tips to build relationships? What should organizations be doing to address this issue? Be sure to check out the complete show notes for this episode on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/sinek/
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The Missing Aspect which Leads all Leaders to Failure - Episode 10
Organizations need to communicate or they will die. It's that plan and simple. Communication is the cornerstone to any successful team and as a leader you need to ensure that your organization is communicating. I have witnessed too many organizations have communication problems which ultimately led to their demise.  In this episode,  I use the example of when I was consulting with a company run by "Dan." Dan had a great vision for his company but his followers were not following it.  What was the core issue? Were his people to blame? Or was there something wrong with Dan's communication style? During this episode I discuss the following topics: How Dan had a great vision for his organization. What the core problem was within his organization regarding his vision. The solution implemented to fix the problem. Be sure to check out the complete show notes for more information on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-10-the-missing-aspect-which-leads-all-leaders-to-failure/
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3 Personality Traits Every Leaders Requires - Episode 9
In today's episode, I talk about the three personality traits which every leader requires.  While leaders require a number of personality traits to be successful, there are definitely three which stick out in my mind. TopicsDuring this episode, I discuss the following topics:Humanity as a personality trait which can make you seem more human in the eyes of those who follow you.Humility, so that people can see that you are a genuine person and leaders and therefore will be more likely to follow you.Respect, because without respect there would be nothing but chaos and destruction. Be sure to check the complete show notes on my website for more information:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-9-3-personality-traits-every-leader-requires/
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R.I.M - Episode 8
In today's episode, I talk about R.I.M and no I am not talking about the tech company once known as RIM but now known BlackBerry. The understanding of R.I.M will help you go much further as a leader. You will be able to see the "bigger picture" as well as you will begin to understand second and third order effects. During this episode, I discuss the following topics: Risks - What risk are these to future plans which you and your organization has? Impacts - How to identify the impacts occurred to you and your organization due to a current event. Mitigation - How to lessen the damage occurred or potential to occur. Be sure to check out the show notes post on the website for more information:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-8-r-i-m/
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3 Different Personality Types - Episode 7
In today's episode, I talk about three different personality types which you will find in the workplace or world even! Before diving in though, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, hope your holidays were great. During this episode, I discuss the following topics: Various Personality types. There are many different personality types which we all encounter in the workplace and in life! Jerks The know it all The introvert Be sure to check out the complete show notes post on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-7-3-different-personality-types/
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Goal Setting - Episode 6
Goals, we all need them. They keep us focused on what is important to us and what we want to achieve. This goes for us professionally, personally, as well as for our organizations.  Goals are important for everything in life.  Without goals, we would have no drive or motivation to become better.  However, in order to strive for goals, you need to know how to properly set your goals. Today you'll find the following topics discussed: How to set goals Why re-evaluating goals is critical What to do once your goal is reached Tips for goal setting For more information and the complete show notes, be sure to check the post on my website:https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-6-goal-setting/
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Christmas Special - Episode 5
In today's episode of the Moving Forward Leadership podcast, I talk all things Christmas related! T'is the season after all! However, Christmas time has led the downfall of a number of leaders for a number of various reasons.  Don't be one of them with today's topics. Here are the topics discussed during the podcast: Discussing Key Performance Indicators Surviving the Christmas party How to say Merry Christmas to your people For the full set of episode show notes be sure to check out the episode post on my website! https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-5-christmas-special/
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Taking Care of Number 1! - Episode 4
In today's episode of the Moving Forward Leadership Podcast, I talk all about you! Taking care of yourself is a crucial part of leadership believe it or not! Here is the quick outline of what is discussed in today's episode: Why take care of yourself 3 main areas of well-being for me Physical Fitness Mental Personal Well-being Questions from the listeners! For the full set of episode show notes be sure to check out the episode post on my website! https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-4-taking-care-of-number-1/
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Professional Development - Episode 3
In today's episode, I dive into the concept of Professional Development. Professional Development is critical to both your people and yourself to keep improving.  However, many people think that professional development needs to be formal but as you will find out there are many ways to further develop yourself and your people. So what were the topics covered today? Well here they are: Updates Professional Development in general PD for Subordinates PD for yourself Questions from listeners! For the full set of episode show notes be sure to check out the episode post on my website! https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-3-p-d/
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Crisis! - Episode 2
In today's episode, I dig into Crisis Management. No matter how well you plan, prepare and execute a crisis will happen one day.  So having an understanding of today's topics will get you ready to deal with it as soon as it pops up. Quickly here are the points covered: What is a crisis What ineffective leaders do What effective leaders do How to be more effective in a moment of crisis What to do after the crisis ends For the full set of episode show notes be sure to check out the episode post on my website! https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-2-crisis/
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Why? - Episode 1
Welcome to the Moving Forward Podcast! Today I'm happy to announce the first of many podcasts to come. This podcast and website are dedicated making you a better leader.  I am here to help you on your journey, a journey which I continue to make daily.  Together, with your need for knowledge, and my experience we will get there. In the first episode, I go into the following topics surrounding why: Why I have started this podcast Why I think I am a good leader Why, "why" is the most important question to answer The concept of "Mission Command" Why you should continue to listen to this podcast For the full set of episode show notes be sure to check out the episode post on my website! https://movingforwardleadership.com/podcast/episode-1-why/ 
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