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Category: Business
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OnPay Solutions transforms the way remittance is processed. Thanks to our platform, you receive payments quickly, safely, and at a low cost. Bank-level secure, cost-effective, agnostic to your ERP and bank, highly scalable.

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Podcast Episode's:
Accounts Payable Automation
Learn more about using our technology for complete payment automation, to onboard your vendors for an ePayment program and manage all of your payments whether you are a mid-size business or a multi-national Fortune 500 company. Save time and money by eliminating manual processing tasks and focus on your financial analysis thanks to cutting-edge A/P payments automation. Cloud-based, bank-level secure, cost-effective, agnostic to your ERP and bank, revenue-generating. Change is only minutes away...
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How Virtual Cards Can Impact Your Business
Many businesses today are leveraging technology to manage finances with accounts payable. You will find that technology can make your process inexpensive, fast, convenient, and provide a high level of security to your company. One of the newest forms of electronic payments is virtual cards. A virtual card is a 16-digit credit card number created solely to pay for a transaction or multiple transactions at a predetermined amount, but without a physical card. The card automatically expires after the payment is made.
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Top 5 Reasons to Automate
Although technology has made Accounts Payable payment automation a standard for many organizations, 60 percent of businesses in the United States are not aware of the countless benefits of A/P automation. Leveraging software applications to apply the process in manner that is seamless and effortless, here are our top 5 reasons to automate.
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7 Best Practices for Fraud Prevention
Fraud prevention along with fraud detection strategies embedded into your payment platform and processes can help, but you will want to see this video to review the seven best practices for payment fraud prevention.
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Cloud Based Software vs. On-Premise Hosting
Cloud based software is more accessible, has lower upfront costs, and is more stable. ... A hybrid option can be helpful for small to midsize operations who are lacking resources, and don't have the infrastructure to support a full on-premise hosting but can benefit from the cloud with certain business functions.
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B2B Payment Trends - ACH Will Surpass Check Payments by 2020
With the advent of new payment technologies evolving every day, B2B payment trends are swiftly shifting towards secure electronic payment solutions. Watch this video to discover current B2B payment trends.
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11 Reasons Why Your ERP Isn’t’ Your Best Solution for Making Payments
Did you know that an ERP isn’t really the best option for making payments? Electronic payment options are often very limited. You could be missing out on cash rebates offered with the virtual credit card. Listen to this podcast and discover the eleven reasons why an ERP is not the ideal payment solution.
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How Accounts Payable Payments Can Improve Your Business and Business Relationships
Discover how payments impact your business and relationships. From improved levels of productivity to lower costs, there are many positive outcomes of maintaining good supplier relationships. Find out how A/P automation can help transform your business relationships.
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How An A/R Lockbox Can Transform Accounts Receivable and Cash Application
Technology changes and enhancements are intended to streamline processes and improve life. In financial technology, this is the expectation. Find out how an A/R lockbox can transform business processes for receivers and payers.
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Five Myths About Accounts Payable Automation
There are a lot of myths surrounding accounts payable automation. Fear of change can be overwhelming when taking the leap from manual processes to an automated process, but the benefits are worth embracing automation.
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