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Category: Society/Culture
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The history of Britain from 55BC, when the Romans turned up, to yesterday (whenever that is we get that far)

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Podcast Episode's:
4 | Britain Between Julius & Claudius - The One Where No One Invades - A Pillock's Guide To British History
Julius left Britain after invading twice and he didn’t come back. What happened in the place after that? It’s all a bit fuzzy, but one thing we can know is that no bugger did any exciting invading. Find out how exactly they didn’t invade here. Transcript – Britannia after Julius Caesar   This episode spans […]
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3.1 | The End Of The Roman Republic | The One Where Julius Breaks Society - A Pillock's Guide To British History
What happened to Julius and the Roman Republic after he invaded Britain? Quite a lot. Including a few civil wars and a shiny new Empire. Transcript – The End Of The Roman Republic   We have spent a couple of episodes of our History of Britain with Julius Caesar. He features a bit in British […]
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3 | Julius Caesar Invades Britain (The Second Time) | The One With The Sort Of Victory - A Pillock's Guide To British History
Following his first invasion in 55 BC, which he bollocksed up, would Julius’ second invasion in 54 BC go any better? Sort of, yeah. Both he and the Britons have a better showing this time. Transcript – Julius Has A Second Go At Britain | The One With The Sort Of Victory   If you […]
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2.1 | Roman Expansion Before 55 BC | The One Where They Fight Everybody - A Pillock's Guide To British History
A look at how the Romans expanded from a settlement on a hill to being ready to have a go at messing up Celtic Britain. Transcript – What the Romans had been up to   So we know the Roman army hit British shores in 55 BC, but how did they find themselves there. Rome […]
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2 | Julius Caesar Invades Britain (The First Time) | The One With The British Weather - A Pillock's Guide To British History
Julius Caesar turns up in Britain for the first time. How did he plan it? How many men did he take? Is he a massive wuss? Answers: badly, loads, probably not Transcript – Julius Organises and Invades (55 BC) | The One With The British Weather   In our last episode of The History of […]
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1.1 | Britain Before The Romans | The One With Loving Europe - A Pillock's Guide To British History
The Romans may have turned up in Britain in 55 BC to civilise Briton heathens, who were presumably doing fine without them. But who exactly was knocking about in Britain? Windmill People, Celts, Beaker People and shit loadsof other folks, that’s who. Find out about them with this podcast. Here is the Amesbury Archer,¬† the […]
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1 | Why Julius Caesar Invaded Britain | The One With Greedy Romans - A Pillock's Guide To British History
Roman Britain might have kicked off in 55 BC when Julius Caesar planned his invasion. Why exactly did Julius and his Roman friends want to invade Britain? It turns ancient political leaders are just as selfish and twatty as their modern descendants. This episode¬†goes over the reasons that the Romans wanted to launch that important […]
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