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Category: Health
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The Too Busy To Eat Show is dedicated to improving the lives of busy people by providing them with inspirational stories from high achievers.

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Podcast Episode's:
55: Craig Ballantyne – How to Own the Day and Control the Life You Crave to Live
<p class="p1">Craig Ballantyne is a Productivity & Success Transformation Coach from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life — and his brand-new book, <a href= "https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1592337392/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1592337392&linkCode=as2&tag=earlytorise02-20&linkId=d16e2cee33215c3fcf86c49dc59248d2%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank">The Great Cardio Myth</a>, debunks all the untruths you've been told about cardio being a silver bullet for weight loss and heart health.</p> <p class="p1"><span class="s1">I</span>n this episode, Craig shares his journey as a writer, personal trainer, and coach. He also shares his formula on how one can own the day and take control of the life one craves. He also debunks the role of diet, exercise, and sleep to make you function at your optimal self while enjoying work-life balance.</p> <p class="p1">Full show notes: <a href= "https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/craig-ballantyne" target= "_blank" rel= "noopener">https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/craig-ballantyne</a></p>
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054 Dara Fairman - Importance of having a Life Design Declaration
<p>Dara Fairman is a Time Management Strategist. She has successfully executed many workshops and one-on-one personalized productivity and time management solutions. In 2016, she launched the My Time, My Way program, which helps others to improve their time management, goal creation, and execution skills for a successful personal and professional life.</p> <p>In this episode, Dara shares her passion for helping others become more productive - ways to make a ‘life design declaration’ for clarity in achieving one’s goals. She also shares the importance of prioritizing optimal fitness and health to increase productivity.</p> <p>Full Show Notes: <a href= "https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/dara-fairman" target= "_blank" rel= "noopener">https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/dara-fairman</a></p>
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053: Sean Cannell - How Healthy Lifestyle Choices Affect Personal and Business Success
<p>Sean Cannell is the go-to authority of building real influence with video. He teaches influencers how go further faster with social media and video. He has over 16 years of experience in online video, social media, and online marketing.</p> <p>Sean built multiple successful brands online including seanTHiNKs, THiNK International, THiNK Media TV, and Clearvision Media, to over 86,000 subscribers with over 30 million video views.</p> <p>In this episode, Sean shares his business story and his insights on how a healthy lifestyle impacts more on his life.</p> <p>Full Show Notes: <a href= "https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/sean-cannell" target= "_blank" rel= "noopener">https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/sean-cannell</a></p>
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052: Kyndra Holley - Peace, Love and Low Carbs
<p>Kyndra Holley is the face behind the blog Peace, Love and Low Carb and a published author of The Primal Low Carb Kitchen Cookbook, Craveable Keto, Keto Happy Hour, and 30 Minute Ketogenic Cooking.</p> <p>In this episode, Kyndra shares her weight loss journey and how she used her many years in the restaurant industry and her passion for cooking to create ever changing menus for herself and to the people who wants to change their diets through her blog and books. She also shares her passion in the weight loss potential and health benefits of a real food low carb/keto way of life.</p> <p>Full Show Notes: <a href= "https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/kyndra-holley" target= "_blank" rel= "noopener">https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/kyndra-holley</a></p>
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51: Miriam Kalamian - Bringing Quality of Life to Cancer Patients With a Ketogenic Diet
<p>Miriam is a nutrition professional specializing in the use of the Ketogenic Diet for cancer and other metabolic diseases. She has a passion for helping others implement this diet, which comes directly from her personal experience.</p> <p>In 2004, her 4-year old son Raffi was diagnosed with a brain tumor; standard care therapies failed to stop the relentless progression of his disease, which made her realize she needed to switch gears and find other options.</p> <p>In this episode, discover how Miriam offers hope to cancer patients with the Ketogenic diet, and learn the potential Keto diet offers to bring quality of life to cancer patients and their families. Also, learn about the challenges of the conventional cancer community and why they resist Keto and other nutritional therapies.</p> <p>Full Show Notes: <a href= "https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/miriam-kalamian" target= "_blank" rel= "noopener">https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/miriam-kalamian</a></p>
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50: Melissa Rifkin - What It Really Means To Be Healthy
<p>Melissa Rifkin is a registered dietitian living and working in NYC and has an amazing perspective and background in helping people. She remotely counsels and coaches by utilizing Rise, an application she co-founded which provides daily feedback and weekly action plans for each client. She also actively curates and maintains <a href= "https://www.instagram.com/confessionofadietitian/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">@confessionofadietician</a>, an Instagram account which posts healthy meal planning ideas. She truly is an educator who practices what she preaches.</p> <p>In this episode, Melissa shares hacks for achieving a healthy, well-balanced being.</p> <p>Full show notes: <a href= "https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/michelle-rifkin" target= "_blank" rel= "noopener">https://toobusytoeat.com/blogs/podcast/michelle-rifkin</a></p>
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49: Turning obstacles into major life successes with Rachel Martinez
<p>Trauma has turned Rachel Martinez’s world upside more times than any one person should have to deal with. Instead of falling victim to her circumstances, Rachel overcame one after another. After starting a construction company, being in the Army, winning Mrs. California, and dealing with multiple traumatic brain injuries, Rachel is now a life coach. Her focus is instilling confidence and leading them to recovery and a life they never thought they could have. </p> <p>Background...1:45</p> <p>    As a child, Rachel was very entrepreneurial. On the outside, her childhood looked great, but on the inside her home was not a happy place. By her 20s, Rachel had gotten so used to overcoming that when people told her things were impossible, she felt like it had to be done. At 21 she started a construction company and was easily generating $10,000 a week. After some time running her company, she decided to join the Army and had a heart attack on the field. After an MRI, Rachel found out she had a brain tumor and left the Army. Two weeks after being out of the military, Rachel was almost beat to death and had emergency reconstructive surgery on her face. The doctors kept saying she wouldn’t do certain things; Rachel told them that this was not the end of her story. She has continued to overcome her injuries and now helps other in the areas of life, leadership and trauma recovery. </p> <p>Mrs. California...9:00</p> <p>    Injury after injury led her to continue to pursue this dream. She kept running and placed higher and higher each time. This experience allowed her to give back to her community. It also gave her a platform to tell her story. Despite much hesitation, she shared her story and earned the title in 2015. </p> <p>What drives you to keep going?...14:30</p> <p>    The ‘training’ she got as a child, being told that she was worthless or not good enough, shaped her into the person she is today. She remembers that she did not want those labels to define her. She also did not allow other people to influence her in negative ways. She was working with a coach, and the impact led her to want to provide that for other people. Not letting small minds tell her that her dreams are too big is a motto Rachel lives by.</p> <p>How do you manage it all?...18:00</p> <p>    Rachel has several tools that she uses to manage her busy schedule. Her phone (alarms and the calendar especially!), a vision board (two things she wants to accomplish this year), other whiteboards for clients and school purposes, and her computer. </p> <p>Finding Balance...21:15</p> <p>     Rachel makes very specific and dedicated time to spend time with her husband. Her marriage is at the top of her list. When other things fall apart, her foundation stays strong. Friends, family, exercise, and sleep are also criteria for Rachel to feel balanced. Her drive allows her to be productive and help as many people as possible.</p> <p>Nutrition...22:45</p> <p>    If Rachel feels low energy, her brain does not function well. She makes it a point to relax when she eats. This means that she steps away from her desk and work and steps into spending time with others.</p> <p>Mission Statement...26:00</p> <p>    Rachel has always had one but never wrote it down. Once she wrote it down, it became more impactful. Now it is on her vision board reminding her why she is doing what she’s doing. Her mission statement makes a difference in her perspective on different tasks. She picks one to focus on each year.</p> <p>Routines...27:30</p> <p>    Absolutely! Rachel wakes up and will have a lemon, olive oil, ginger, honey drink to start her day. She has specific times throughout the day dedicated to different aspects of her life; the gym, lunches with her husband, and other little things that she puts in her schedule. If she didn’t put them on her schedule, it is likely that they would not have happened.</p> <p>Advice for the busy person?...29:20</p> <p>    Accountability. Finding a life coach can transform your life. Having another perspective gives a whole other dimension to any issues in life.</p> <p>  </p> <p><em>Contact...32:00</em></p> <p><a href= "http://www.rachelchapinmartinez.com">www.rachelchapinmartinez.com</a></p> <p>work phone: 831-915-4444</p> <p>Email: <a href= "mailto:holographique@live.com">holographique@live.com</a></p> <p> </p>
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48: Pursuing a passion with Murray Carter of Carter Cutlery
<p>Murray Carter developed a love for the Japanese culture at a young age. Growing up in Canada, he did not have much interaction with the Orient. His move to Japan and his decision to live there for 18 years was a dream come true. He studied the art of forging blades and moved his business to the United States. Murray lives in Oregon and is the man behind Carter Cutlery; a company that creates the highest performance cutlery.</p> <p> </p> <p>Background...1:45</p> <p>             Murray grew up in Eastern Canada and geographically, he did not have much interaction with the oriental culture. When Shogun, the TV series aired, he was taken by their culture and sparked a major interest. He took up martial arts, started to read history books, and really dove into the history of Japan. At eighteen, he researched the country and took off to Japan all by himself. He later met up with a karate group while he was there. Murray dislocated his knee about a month into his trip; because he was immobile, he started to read and learn the language. While exploring one day, he saw a shop with a beautiful display of knives and met Mr. Sakemoto...the rest is history.</p> <p> </p> <p>Trips to Japan...14:00</p> <p>             Murray has made multiple trips back to Japan. He became very focused on getting back to Japan to establish a lifestyle there. Murray’s plan was to open up a small school to teach English. Once he got back to Japan for the second time, he went right back to where he had been before and set up the English school. He was able to go to the original knife shop he stumbled upon his first time there. He spent 16 years in Japan learning about the Japanese culture and knives. He is probably the only Caucasian that is considered a Yoshimoto Bladesmith.</p> <p> </p> <p>Carter Cutlery...25:30</p> <p>             Murray would travel to France and the US for different trade shows. Here he would sell the best knives he had made. The result of these shows was that many customers expressed a very strong support of his work and work ethic. This support was enough to encourage Murray to move to his blade-smithing operation to the United States. In 2002, he and his family were checking out Oregon. They ended up loving it and in 2003, they bought a house there. His journey to get to America was not easy due to visa issues, but the tough journey made it that much sweeter. The more effort you put into something, the greater the reward. He finds this to be true in the business world as well.</p> <p> </p> <p>Successful Routines...41:45</p> <p>             Murray goes to bed at the same time every day; 9:30pm. Murray likes to exercise 3-4 times a week. Although he is not always disciplined in this, he notices a change when he is consistent.</p> <p> </p> <p>Advice for the person looking for their passion...43:40</p> <p>             People always say, ‘follow your passion.’ This may not work for everybody and making rash decisions may negatively impact their life. Good health (sleep and staying in shape), security, and community are three things that will allow you to gravitate towards your passion. The perspective should be long-term, not a short-term goal. Start thinking about food that will make you feel good four hours from now versus what will taste good in ten minutes.</p> <p> </p> <p>Contact...46:45</p> <p>www.cartercutlery.com</p> <p>YouTube: Murray Carter</p> <p>@cartercutlery</p> <p> </p>
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47: How to avoid burnout and still accomplish your goals with Dr. Portia Jackson
<p>With a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology, with a minor in Spanish, from Stanford University, a Masters of Public Health from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and a Doctorate of Public Health from UCLA, it is safe to say that Dr. Portia Jackson has certainly worked hard! She has coaching, speaking, teaching, and public health experience all under her belt. Dr. Jackson is currently an Assistant Professor at Cal State LA and teaches classes about burnout, self-care, and resilience in professionals of color. </p> <p><strong> </strong></p> <p><em>Journey...3:00</em></p> <p>Dr. Jackson grew up working very hard and knew from the age of 5 that she was going to be a doctor. In high school, she was taking summer chemistry courses and ended up starting college at 16. She finished college at 20 years old and couldn’t even get into the bars when she started her graduate degree! Within a few weeks of finishing her doctorate at UCLA, she had been diagnosed with a chronic illness. She continued to have health problems and had a blood clot at the age of 30 and ended up on disability leave. She didn’t realize that the path she was on was leading her towards destruction and burnout. She decided she wanted to do something else, but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. It finally hit her that she should coach people on burnout! She was able to relate to people rather than just teach them. Along the way, Dr. Jackson was also adjunct teaching at multiple Universities! Her goal was to be available to her students so she shifted her coaching practice into more of a speaking role; doing speaking engagements and lectures.</p> <p> </p> <p><em>How did you find a successful balance?...10:10</em></p> <p>Dr. Jackson is very careful as to what she says yes to. She pulls back the amount of time she gives to certain subjects if she feels as though they are big stressors. ‘Time-boxing’ is a method she has found helps her. She will allocate a specific amount of time to each project she is working on. If it is something that somebody else does well, she will pass it along. The relationship she has with her family is first on her list. Without that precious family time, everything seems off balanced.</p> <p>  </p> <p><em>What are the essential components to a balanced life?...13:45</em></p> <p>Sleep! If you aren’t sleeping you will not have endurance, stamina, and resilience that are needed to fuel a busy life. Having a routine that positions you to get good sleep is important. Proper stress management and nutrition are key as well. Dr. Jackson takes time to do hot yoga 3x a week. She is also a big fan of food prep; going to the grocery store once a week to get all they need.  Journaling, planning your week ahead, and organizing your priorities are helpful to make the week flow smoother. It is important to practice balance and not status. No one is practicing all of these things perfectly! It is okay to allow yourself to be human.</p> <p>  </p> <p><em>Dr. Jackson’s Routine?...18:50</em></p> <p>Somedays, Dr. Jackson is out of her house at 5:40am! Other days, she enjoys to have a more relaxing day, especially after a 14-16 hour day. She needs this occasional relaxing morning to recover from the previous long day. Before bed she takes time to review her journal, look at what she wants to accomplish, and do a devotional. She personally likes to take melatonin to get a deep night’s sleep. This allows her to wake up feeling ready to tackle the day’s activities! It’s important to have some down time after hard work, but it is also important to take time to work on any long-term goals that you set.</p> <p><em>Advice for the busy person...22:45</em></p> <p>Take a deep breath to hear yourself and tune out the rest of the world. Remember your why. If you are doing too much, what is the one thing that if you did it, your life would be most different? Be willing to step back and evaluate where you will be most impactful. Saying no is sometimes the only way to say yes to yourself.</p> <p> </p> <p><em>Contact...</em></p> <p><a href= "http://www.portiajackson.com">www.portiajackson.com</a></p> <p>@drportiajp</p> <p> </p>
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46: Corporate job and poor health to great health and a thriving business with Helen Marshall
<p>Helen Marshall is English born and now finds herself living in the countryside of Australia along with her husband and two children. Helen has had quite the journey to achieving a healthy life. She transitioned from a major corporate job to starting up her own business, Primal Alternative. Her success and own journey to healing is inspiring and something she is passionate about sharing.</p> <p><em>Background...2:25</em></p> <p>Helen’s health journey started when she first heard that fat indeed made you fat. For 25 years, Helen ‘enjoyed’ salads and avoided all kinds of healthy fats; olive oil, avocado, etc. She worked as a personal trainer for years and then found herself transitioning into the corporate world with the role of a business manager for an international company. She was still following a low-fat, high carb diet along with going to the gym diligently. After being on antibiotics for acne and having children, Helen says her system simply maxed out. She could not understand why she was feeling so sick. She thought she ate healthy and was baffled as to why she was so ill; headaches, nausea, heavy periods, cramping, plantar fasciitis were just a few of her many, many symptoms.</p> <p>Being sick for so long, Helen found herself sinking into a dark place. While talking with her husband one day, out of nowhere she stated ‘I need to go gluten free.’ After announcing it to her friends, one suggested she go Paleo. Feeling desperate yet highly motivated, Helen set out and adopted a Paleo way of life for six weeks. After a week, she knew she would never go back to her old ways. Helen started to blog and soon enough, people were reaching out to her saying they had experienced the same thing. After all the feedback she received, Helen decided to go through Primal Blueprint and become a coach. Through her coaching, she would often share recipes with her clients which is how her business came to be.</p> <p><em>Doctoral advice...14:05</em></p> <p>While Helen was sick for all these years, her doctors continued to tell her that she was experiencing post-partum depression, but everything else was fine. They continued to prescribe her anti-nausea tablets and other medications. As time went on, these prescriptions only made her feel worse.</p> <p><em>Changes after going primal...15:30</em></p> <p>Having to ditch the gluten after being on a high-carb diet was tough for her. Her initial detox left her feeling like she went backwards. But then she felt a fog lift after the first week of going Paleo. She came out on the other side feeling so much better. Her constipation disappeared, she was sleeping deeper, and found more energy. </p> <p><em>Managing the Corporate World...18:45</em></p> <p>Helen found that she was working just to get through the week, to get to the next holiday. The pressure and high intensity of the corporate environment was also detrimental for her health. Now she lives in the country and is an entrepreneur.</p> <p><em>How do you manage your time?...20:20</em></p> <p>Parkinson’s Law says that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." Helen plans out her days to include her workouts, tidying the house, taking care of the kids, and her work. She schedules beautiful things into her days as well to make sure that she is able to take time for herself, her husband, and kids.</p> <p><em>One piece of advice for a busy person?...23:40</em></p> <p>Helen would ask ‘what’s your vision? How do you want your life to look?’ She encourages someone to dive into their priorities and figure out what they truly want to accomplish. Instead of focusing on getting a fancy car, big house, and high paying job, try to focus on growth, experience, and contribution. All of these things along with, nourishing yourself with good food, moving around, spending time in sunshine, and getting good sleep, will set you up for success.</p> <p><em>Contact...27:05</em></p> <p><a href= "http://www.primalalternative.com">www.primalalternative.com</a></p> <p>Facebook: PrimalAlternative</p>
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45: Turning a passion into a successful career with Chris Freytag of Get Healthy U
<p>Chris Freytag is a lifelong fitness fanatic. She has been pursuing knowledge in nutrition, exercise, and wellness for over 20 years. She is the founder of Get Healthy U; a program for those looking to lose weight, eat right and feel great. Her experience has allowed her to relate to many women in all different stages of life. She understands aging, life after kids, and the struggles of being busy. The people she teaches, works with and interacts with drive her each day. Chris has been married for 25 years, has three kids and lives in Minneapolis. </p> <p> </p> <p>Background…2:05</p> <p>Chris’ mom was into cooking healthy, which is where Chris first got into eating right. In college, Chris wanted major in exercise, but her professors told her that was not a major. She decided to major in journalism because of her love of speaking. At the time, gyms and aerobics were growing and gaining more traction. Chris, always being a lover of movement, got into aerobics as a side gig. She started to transition from journalism into fitness full time as the health movement continued to take off. She made VHS tapes of herself and then DVDs. Journalism truly helped her create her career; she was able to clearly explain everything she was doing while being recorded.</p> <p> </p> <p>Books and TV…5:40</p> <p>Chris’ love of education transfers over to her love of fitness; she wants to know everything that is going on within the body. Her big breaks were a trial run on a local TV station and her VHS tapes. When she was starting out, Chris went to NBC to pitch a health segment. They agreed to try it out on a Monday morning. It got good reviews and they kept telling her to come back each week. She’s now been doing it for over 15 years! She was able to get her first VHS tape (which she financed herself and had her friends in the back!) into a catalog. Through that, other companies found her and started to hire her to do other fitness VHS/DVDs.</p> <p> </p> <p>Her Audience…9:00</p> <p>You have to find your niche and realize that can’t please everybody. She found that she really connected well with women and the different stages of life they may be going through. She works with women post-baby, those going through menopause, and throughout all other life segments. Her crowd has followed her for years. They are attached to Chris and many have even aged together! Chris does a lot of interaction (email, comments etc.) herself because she truly cares about each person who call, email or write to her and her team. She wants people to figure out who they are and how healthy they can be as they age.</p> <p> </p> <p>Managing Family Life and a Career…13:00</p> <p>Chris became a very good time manager. Her family had a very disciplined schedule and reached out to the community for help if needed (carpools, play dates etc.) Her and her husband had to divide and conquer. There were times it was tough, but you just have to do the best you can. If you are home all day, that’s great. If you are away, you are still influencing your child. It is the quality you provide, not necessarily quantity. Chris is a corporate speaker and teaches that life balance is ridiculous. Life is about passion; whatever is happening at the moment will take your attention. You do the best you can and let your attention go where it needs to go at the time. Whatever you do, do it with an ‘all in’ attitude. Chris used a whiteboard that her and her husband would fill out each Sunday night. She would color code it so everyone knew what was going on. The ten minutes to fill it out on Sunday saved her family hours during the week. Everyone, kids included, knew what to expect for the week. </p> <p> </p> <p>Get Healthy U…19:30</p> <p>This is an evolution from her VHS/DVDs. When the internet started, Chris was one of the first fitness professionals to hop on the web and also started a blog. She hired one or two people to help her keep up with blogging and websites. Social influencers came into play and she has had many people reach out to her. Over time, it was her kids helped her realize that streaming was the direction VHS/DVDs were going. She stopped doing DVDs and fully dove into the online streaming world. The evolution of technology has really evolved, but her audience and goal to help others have stayed the same.</p> <p> </p> <p>Has nutrition helped you stay productive?...23:45</p> <p>What you put in your mouth is more important than any fitness regimen. Chris has always loved healthy eating, which stemmed from her mom. As a mom herself, she knows that healthy eating can be tough, but she encourages others to make it fun! It doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, she educated her kids as they were growing up and made sure they knew what they were eating and why. Because of this, her kids are now very educated, interested, and keep up those healthy habits.</p> <p> </p> <p>Advice to the busy person…28:10</p> <p>Strive for progress, not perfection. Perfection leads to disappointment and it is a horrible standard to hold yourself to. Accept yourself regardless of what stage of life you are in. Take time to figure out your deep goals, your whys, and do what you can to reach these. Follow through with what you decide to pursue. Remember that everyone is different. What you like is what you will stick with. Be strong in your decisions, but flexible in your approach.</p> <p>Contact…32:00</p> <p>www.gethealthyu.com</p> <p>Instagram: @chrisfreytag</p> <p> </p>
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44: How to balance an expanding business, raising a family, and staying healthy with Ashley Reeves
<p>Ashley Reeves, of Ashley’s Fresh Fix, is a wife, mother to four, blogger, health food enthusiast, and business extraordinaire. She successfully runs a blog and Instagram account full of recipes, body positivity, acceptance, and healthy food tips and tricks. Her feed is full of something for everyone; family, food, and fun!     </p> <p><em>Journey… 2:00</em></p> <p>Ashley started blogging dieting tips around ten years ago after her own weight loss journey of 70lbs! She was blogging for fun and overtime, it significantly grew. With two children and a tutoring company, it became too much to handle. However, when Instagram become popular, she started up again; sharing her tips and tricks. She found this to be quicker and easier to handle than blogging. It turned into a business when she randomly met a man who worked in social media (he was looking to buy her house!). He told her to monetize her brand, and it is a good thing she did! Since then she focuses on her social media as her full-time job. Her community is made of tons of moms and busy parents. </p> <p><em>How do you manage it all?...5:25</em></p> <p>‘A balanced day is impossible, but a balanced life is.’ On different days, Ashley focuses on different things. Sometimes Ashley has a babysitter so she can get work done, while other days she focuses completely on the family. She has found this schedule to work best for her.</p> <p><em>What were some challenges?...7:10</em></p> <p>Ashley didn’t always take social media seriously and felt like she was not experienced enough to make it work long term. Her degrees aren’t in business or anything of the like, so she often undervalued herself. She self-taught much of what she knows today through books, conferences, and following other women. She was very hesitant to put herself out there as a healthy blogger. Her struggle with weight after having four kids is constant, but she works her hardest and encourages women in all walks of life to do the same. Her example is inspiring to many and her community thrives off of connecting with her.</p> <p><em>Is there a time you knew this was going to become your job?...9:40</em></p> <p>Ashley’s degree is in elementary education so it took her a while to see this as a real job. She had it in her head that it would be more of a short-term deal. In the last year and a half, she has realized that this is the place for her. She has dabbled in tons of business opportunities but found the doors to eventually close. In this realm of social media, doors continue to open for her. She continues to walk through those open doors and came to realize how good she is at what she does!</p> <p><em>What keeps you going?…11:30</em></p> <p>When Ashley focused on the community that followed her, she kept going back to a vision of a huge kitchen table. She loves facilitating feelings of love, acceptance, body positivity and food over this ‘table!’ Her goal is to reach just one person on each picture or video she posts. Being vulnerable and sharing herself allows her community to respond and interact with her in a massive way.</p> <p><em>What takes away from a balanced life?…13:45</em></p> <p>Ashley has to be intentional. Without intention, she feels like her life is a bit thrown off. She and her husband sit down every Sunday to figure out scheduling, organizing, and how their week will look. Being intentional with her time is key to productivity. Another aspect that takes away from productivity, seen especially in social media, is that of the comparison trap. There is a constant flow of images, accounts, and people that make it hard to keep your sights on what’s ahead.</p> <p><em>Advice for a busy person?…19:00</em></p> <p>Give yourself grace. Remember that you are trying the best you can and focus on the saying ‘progress over perfection.’ Take the shortcuts that will still keep you on track and maximize your time. </p> <p><em> </em><em> </em></p> <p><em>Contact…21:10</em></p> <p>Instagram: @ashleysfreshfix</p>
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43: Eating low carb while traveling with Lynn Terry
<p>Lynn Terry is the face of <em>Low Carb Traveler,</em> a very popular social media community. Lynn has dedicated her life to helping others find a way to be on the go yet be able to follow a low-carb lifestyle.  Her website is full of creative ideas, recipes, and encouragement to help start or continue fueling your low carb journey.</p> <p><em>Journey…2:15</em></p> <p>             Lynn decided to go low carb as a way to lose weight. She had no idea that it would become a lifestyle. She had gained weight and was in chronic pain, but she is living a full life without pain! At one point Lynn had it all, but it was her worst year ever. Her weight loss journey proved to be a turning point in her life. She gained a sense of freedom from changing her life by adopting a low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle. </p> <p><em>Low Carb Traveler… 5:45</em></p> <p> <em>           </em> Lynn loves what she does. She has a great audience and truly loves connecting with each and every person. She travels A TON and realized that if she only ate healthy at home, she would be 400lbs! Lynn decided 6 and ½ years ago that she was going to help others stay healthy on the go. This is ultimately how her business was born. </p> <p><em>What is the key to success during travel?...8:50</em></p> <p>             You want to have confidence and feel your best when you are on vacation, which is precisely why Lynn chooses to go off plan at home. Your reward is not food, but it’s how you feel. You want to be energized and confident. Regardless of how you look, if you are eating right, you feel in control and that conveys confidence. This confidence is more beautiful than any body part! When everything is spinning out of control or if you can’t do anything about certain things, you can control what you eat. </p> <p><em>Willpower and self-control…12:45</em></p> <p>             Lynn knew she couldn’t change everything about her life. She chose low carb because someone once told her she could eat as much as she wanted as long as she stayed under certain numbers. She knew she wouldn’t have to starve herself and she could eat whenever and wherever she wanted. All she had to do to change where her decisions. This freedom allows her to be flexible when her days get busy.</p> <p><em>How do you manage your multiple platforms?...15:50</em></p> <p>             Lynn was an emotional eater and sometimes her job and life get stressful. This leads her to be very picky with her time. What makes it all worth it are the stories she hears from people. She sees life changes in people in the forms of food, fertility, chronic pain, stress, sicknesses, confidence…you name it!</p> <p><em>Advice for an unhealthy, stressed out traveler…20:15</em></p> <p>             Mindful living. Lynn used to get swept up in everyday life; she wants to teach people to make deliberate choices and to be in control. Every choice you have, make it with intention, confidence, and mindfulness.</p> <p><em>Contact</em>…</p> <p><a href= "http://www.travelinglowcarb.com">www.travelinglowcarb.com</a></p>
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42: Understanding ketosis with Ketogenic Bible author, Ryan Lowery
<p>Ryan Lowery is the President and co-founder of Applied Science and Performance Institute. He studied exercise physiology along with exercise and nutrition. He is the co-author of <em>The Ketogenic Bible</em>, a book that explores scientific research concerning ketosis. His knowledge and passion towards the subject are evident through his public speaking events and has led to many academic awards.</p> <p><em>Journey…2:15</em></p> <p>             Ryan grew up in a small town in New Jersey. He was always playing sports and could eat anything he wanted, but couldn’t put on weight. For most, they wouldn’t mind this problem, but for Ryan, he wanted to put on some weight to be successful in sports. Going into college he was interested in physical therapy and soon realized that his passion for nutrition was stronger. He first learned of the ketogenic diet and ketosis after hearing it from colleagues. He’s been studying how the ketogenic diet, performance, and training techniques work together ever since. He is dedicated to bridging the gap between science and application. He wants to break down the complex science for people to apply it to everyday life.</p> <p> </p> <p><em>The Ketogenic Bible…6:55</em></p> <p> <strong><em>           </em></strong> He and Dr. Wilson have been working on this book for a very long time. The way that ketosis is growing, the more misinformation comes along with it. Their goal is to provide factual evidence in a comprehensive and simple way to understand.</p> <p> </p> <p><em>What is ketosis?...8:00</em></p> <p> <em>           </em> A ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate, high fat, and moderate protein way of living. Fat is back! People were misled that fat was causing heart disease and obesity; in reality, it’s the combination of high amounts of fat and high carb ways of eating.</p> <p><em>Recent…9:25</em></p> <p>             Therapeutically, there are tons of new discoveries and hopes. Traumatic brain injury, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, longevity, are all being looked at through a ketogenic perspective. A bunch of companies are coming out with exogenous ketones. These complement the diet to help someone become more flexible in their ketogenic diet. Cognitive aspects and performance are also starting to emerge.</p> <p> </p> <p><em>Healthy Tricks…11:30</em></p> <p>             A lot of times Ryan uses Intermittent Eating (fasting sounds restricting) as a way to maintain his ketogenic way of eating amidst his busy schedule. It takes time for people to adapt to not eating a ‘normal’ three times a day. There are many ways to help your body kick start its journey; MCT oil or coconut oil in your coffee or drinking exogenous ketones.  Many times the psychology of not eating is more difficult than actually performing the task.</p> <p> </p> <p><em>Nutrition as medicine…16:50</em></p> <p>People who are obese are essentially sick. New studies and research are proving how illnesses can be treated with nutrition. There is a concept Ryan refers to as ‘Press/Pulse.’ He and others call to ‘press’ into the ketogenic diet. We should ‘pulse’ with drugs like radiation or chemotherapy. Right now it is reversed; these treatments are harsh to our bodies. What we eat is extremely valuable to our bodies and its effects can treat many different illnesses if done correctly.</p> <p><em>Challenges of writing the book…20:00</em></p> <p>             Ryan truly enjoys the challenge of taking complex ideas and breaking it down. In order for research to impact someone, they need to be able to understand it first. </p> <p><em>Advice for a busy, unhealthy person…21:40</em></p> <p>             You cannot eat off the dollar menu. You must take care of your body and find time to take care of yourself. Move every day; make a phone call and go for a short walk. When you are done with your day, your body will thank you for not stopping to get a BigMac. If you don’t take the time now, you will pay for not taking care of your body sooner than later. </p> <p><em>Contact…</em></p> <p>http://theaspi.com/</p>
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41: Balancing life while pursuing success with dynamic business woman and super mom, Amanda Tress
<p>Amanda Tress is a wife and a mom to soon-to-be three children, a personal trainer, and a digital marketing consultant. She runs and manages multiple highly successful businesses. Her passion is to help other entrepreneurs be successful in not only work but life as well. She has built a wonderful social media community and uses her platform to reach many women find their success.</p> <p>Background…1:45</p> <p>Amanda is a mom of two and soon to be three; their daughter will be joining them soon! Her journey to health started in high school. She was active and fit, but not healthy. She was dealing with tons of stress, blood sugar issues, and a metabolic disorder. Even though she was an athlete, her nutrition was not good. Her family did not model healthy eating; most of her family meals were fast food. When she got to college, Amanda noticed she was the only one of her peers that was on blood pressure medicine. She became a personal trainer and started to learn more about nutrition. Granted, the nutrition education available then is greatly different to today’s information. Fast forward several years, Amanda found herself very immerse in the fitness world. After her first child, she discovered some food sensitivities; she took out gluten and dairy, and it immediately changed her life. She maintains a focus on whole food nutrition.</p> <p>Intermittent Fasting… 6:25</p> <p>She discovered intermittent fasting before it became trendy, also because she was literally ‘too busy to eat!’ She continues to practice intermittent fasting; she prefers to skip breakfast and breaks her fast at noon. It’s so important for your immune system, insulin sensitivity, and the maintenance of skeletal muscle. Our bodies thrive during those short periods of fasting. </p> <p>A fitness professional who doesn’t cook?!...10:15</p> <p>Amanda has a personal chef to help with her busy schedule. She has delegated cooking to ‘Chef Donna’ to help her family and prioritize other things in her life. Amanda encourages her clients to plan ahead.</p> <p>How does Amanda handle her busy life?…12:50</p> <p>It has been a process, but one of the most important elements are those in her support team. Amanda is good at deciding what is not essential. If it is not critical or extremely time sensitive, she tends to not worry about it. Amanda schedules her workouts to make sure that is a top priority. Sleep is another area that Amanda does not take lightly. Getting the right amount of rest (or power naps) is crucial to her success.</p> <p>Fitness…15:50</p> <p>Amanda follows a carb cycling lifestyle which she strategically lines up with her workouts. On Monday and Tuesday, she focuses on high-intensity interval training or fasted cardio. Wednesday is full body strength, Thursday is back day, Friday is a rest/active recovery day, Saturday is leg day and donut day(!), and finally, Sunday is yoga or active recovery. </p> <p>Entrepreneurship…18:25</p> <p>Creating and running a fitness business, a business coaching company, and a full-service digital marketing agency is no small feat. In addition to fitness, she has a career background in digital marketing. Her passion is to help other wellness professionals earn enough income to recirculate their wealth. She specializes in working with women who want to scale a business online.</p> <p>What’s next?...20:45</p> <p>Amanda is very focused on her membership site for her fitness clients. She works with mentors providing people with workouts and accountability. Her most exciting project is ‘The Faster Way to Fat Loss Certified Coaching Program.’ Other trainers learn her strategies and then run ‘The Faster Way to Fat Loss Programs.’</p> <p>Advice for an unhealthy person…22:45</p> <p>Your journey is about progress, not perfection. Make one small daily change and focus on that. If you feel progress and passion, you will accomplish your long-term goals.</p> <p>Contact…</p> <p>https://www.amandatress.com</p> <p> </p> <p> </p>
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40: JP Sears on connecting with yourself to achieve your true capabilities
<p>JP Sears is a certified Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner and an emotional healing coach, tied together with comedy. His YouTube channel is extremely popular; the humorous videos will surely make you laugh, but they also convey important messages. He encourages clients and his audiences to connect with themselves on a deeper level to achieve their true capabilities.</p> <p><em>Journey…2:45</em></p> <ul> <li>The comedy side of JP started in childhood. He found that if he could make people laugh, he felt a sense of significance. After high school, JP went off to college for a few months. After realizing college was not for him, he discovered that exercise was. He never thought of it as a career, but started studying exercise courses which led to his interest in nutrition. Following his interest in nutrition came ways to reduce stress. Through this, he found the art of emotional healing. He had been doing emotional healing for 13 years before making his first ‘Ultra Spiritual’ comedy video. JP uses the language of comedy to deliver messages of self-awareness and consideration.</li> </ul> <p><em>Awaken with JP…8:10</em></p> <ul> <li>This was created in 2013, before any of his videos were made. The name ‘Awaken’ is exactly what he wants to achieve with his clients. Along with clientele services, JP also has a book! The main motivation for the book was a creative challenge. He had never done anything like that before; he had to dive deep into the vertical dimensions for his book. Over the years, he has slowly started to give up his client work to focus fully on his other projects. </li> </ul> <p><em>Events…14:00</em></p> <ul> <li>JP attends and speaks at events to be able to reach multiple people rather than just one at a time. He sees it as his ‘canvas that he is able to paint on.’ There is nothing like a live audience; the presence of people impart a beautiful state on him. </li> </ul> <p><em>‘Ultra Spiritual’ Videos…16:30</em></p> <ul> <li>The responses from the videos come in a big spectrum; some people find them funny while others are impacted in a more significant manner. Those who are impacted deeply feel as if he is portraying their own, true selves. That is the whole meaning to each video creates; to allow others to uncover their feelings.</li> </ul> <p><em>Exercise and Nutrition…19:45</em></p> <ul> <li>Amidst the travel, events, and his busy life, JP works to be in a peak state both mentally and physically. So much of what he does is second nature; remember his passion for exercise and nutrition in his late teens? He eats very clean, whole foods; no processed foods or gluten. His body reacts well to a high fat, very low sugar diet; lots of coconut oil, MCT oil, grass-fed butter, etc. He gets to the gym four times a week for about 45 minutes a session. He concentrates on slow, eccentric movements. Sleep is also extremely important to JP; he typically gets a solid 8 hours of sleep.</li> </ul> <p><em>Advice for a busy person…25:30</em></p> <ul> <li>Take a little bit of time and find a bodily sensation; it may be tingling in your foot or tightness in your neck etc. Sit down, meditate on that feeling, and breathe through that sensation. This practice only takes 5 minutes to become more aware of yourself. Be consistent with this practice. After practicing the bodily feelings for some time, try finding an emotion and meditating on that.</li> </ul> <p><em>Contact…</em></p> <ul> <li><a href= "http://awakenwithjp.com">http://awakenwithjp.com</a></li> </ul>
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39: Melanie Folstad on healthy eating for kids even with a busy schedule
<p>Melanie Folstad, aka @cleanlittleplates, is a mom that loves to serve up delicious, real food to her little ones. She encourages other parents to get their children on board with healthy eating as well. The methods she uses are proof that healthy ‘adult’ food can easily be tasty meals for children too. Her presence on Instagram inspires parents all over to nourish their children with real, whole foods. </p> <p> <em>Journey…2:10</em></p> <ul> <li>When she was younger, Melanie found herself struggling to embrace food and was restricting herself; like many women do. Melanie became interested in the health industry while she was in University. She learned more about exercise, wellness, and overall health and found herself in a much better place. Having kids also humbled her. Seeing her body go through such big changes encouraged her to find new ways to incorporate healthy living. Understanding food and what it does for the body has helped her get to where she is today.</li> </ul> <p><em>Clean Little Plates…4:20</em></p> <ul> <li>One thing that sets her Instagram account apart from others is the fact that it truly is real life. The idea of her account started when she noticed that moms were asking her how she got her kids to eat what they were eating at daycare or preschool. Instead of texting all of her friends the recipe, she created her Instagram account and it has grown tremendously.</li> </ul> <p><em>Common Questions…6:30</em></p> <ul> <li>How do you get your kid to eat that? Start your kids early. Limit convenient snacks and processed foods. When you compete with processed foods, homemade meals taste differently. Offer new foods with old foods you know they love. It is also important to be a good example; model what you expect from your kids. Melanie makes the same thing for her kids that she makes for her dinner. It may be messy, but bring the kids into the kitchen with you. They will want to taste what they made and will love to be involved. </li> </ul> <p><em>Nutritional Philosophy…9:00</em></p> <ul> <li>A lot of her recipes are plant-based, not because they are vegetarian, but because veggies are usually harder to get kids to eat. She knows her kids will have no problem eating cheeses or having a glass of milk so she puts her focus on vegetables. Melanie is refined sugar-free, but finds ways to make treats that her kids adore! </li> </ul> <p><em>Exercise Preference…10:50</em></p> <ul> <li>Melanie loves group fitness. She will occasionally do home workouts. These encourage her kids and sets a good example to them. They know that exercise is important as well as healthy eating.</li> </ul> <p><em>What’s ahead?…13:50</em></p> <ul> <li>A cookbook is a dream. Running the Instagram account is enough for her plate at the moment. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see all of Melanie’s recipes in one spot?!</li> </ul> <p> <em>Biggest hurdles for healthy kids…15:50</em></p> <ul> <li>The food marketing industry does nothing to encourage healthy eating. The boxes with tons of sugar are bright, fun, and offer prizes. Healthier options are boring and do not grab the buyer’s attention like the high-sugar options. </li> </ul> <p><em>Strategies to be prepared…16:50</em></p> <ul> <li>Melanie food preps versus meal prepping. She will have veggies, meats, or fruits chopped, sliced, skinned etc. This way she can throw snacks or meals together quickly without spending tons of time in the kitchen each day. She will do some batch cooking such as making extra quinoa to use throughout the week. Melanie also has been enjoying overnight oats to keep it simple, quick and healthy amidst morning chaos.</li> </ul> <p><em>Advice for a busy person to start eating healthy… 19:30</em></p> <ul> <li>Buy some vegetables, wash them, cut them, and store them. This is an easy and convenient snack to get started. Even if you dip them in ranch, at least you and your kids are getting your vegetables in!</li> </ul> <p><em>Contact…</em></p> <ul> <li>@cleanlittleplates</li> </ul> <p> </p>
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38: Danielle Natoni - her journey to fitness superstar and making fitness a part of your life
‘From fractions to fitness’ describes Danielle Natoni and her transition from being a healthy teacher to a fitness expert perfectly. This former math teacher is now a Beachbody coach, the Creative Director for Shaun T, Master Trainer, Instagram Influencer and Insanity Live Format Expert. She is a mother to two girls and wife to the husband she met on the set of an Insanity infomercial. Journey…1:45 - Danielle grew up with healthy parents and has always been into health and fitness. Being fit was a part of who she was. After having two kids, trying to finish college, working two jobs, and finding herself in tons of debt at the age of twenty-two; she realized that she needed to come up with a solution. She thought about things she could do to provide herself a steady stream of income. Danielle always found a way to pay her gym membership because that was where she found her happiness. So she started teaching group fitness classes and then got her personal training certificate to do something she loves while simultaneously earning some extra money. She completed the Insanity program and was asked to be in the infomercial; it is easy to say that the rest is history! www.iamfitandfunky.com…9:15 - Danielle loves Beachbody and the community she has built through that community. She also wants people to know that there is more to life than fitness! Be on the lookout for some new programs and a new site: daniellenatoni.com. She will still maintain working with Shaun T and her Team Beachbody. She’s excited to provide people, women especially, with the tools to be a successful entrepreneur on top of being a mom/dad and a wife/husband. Mathercizes….11:45 - Kids are getting more and more sedentary. Recess is the first thing that gets taken away from students. Danielle taught 5th grade and her students only had PE twice a week. The idea that a child can sit in a chair for eight hours a day is outdated. Her goal was to incorporate movement as much as possible. To practice for a standardized test, Danielle came up with a solution. Her students would work on a problem as a class and after solving it, they would choose a movement to perform. She found her students behaved better and she noticed her brains seemed to function at higher capacities. Fitness in the Family…15:30 - Danielle has two daughters and sometimes it can be a chore to get them to work out. They both play volleyball and are athletic. Her youngest has Tourette’s syndrome and goes to a trainer (who also has Tourette’s) twice a week to work through her disorder. She models healthy behavior and wants to point out that she does it because it makes her feel good; not to be skinny. As they get older, Danielle hopes her healthy habits will be instilled in them. Nutrition…18:30 - Nothing is black and white. Danielle follows a modified Paleo lifestyle; she stays away from dairy, legumes, grains etc. A mixture of Intermittent Fasting, Paleo principles, and chocolate fuel her each day. She does drink Shakeology, which isn’t Paleo, but it works for her. She chooses organic, non-GMO, sustainably raised meats and high-quality sources. Remember these methods work best for her, they may not work for everybody. Her goal is true health and to be the ‘best Danielle’ internally and it shows within her outer shell. Advice for an unhealthy person…23:00 - If you do not make you a priority, you will never be able to get anywhere on your fitness journey. Until you do that, you will continue to struggle. Don’t put yourself on the back burner! Make a generational impact by being good examples to your children and young people around you. Contact… - www.iamfitandfunky.com - @fitandfunky
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37: Dr. Andrew Miles on how the busy person can handles stress
Dr. Andrew Miles specializes in Chinese medicine with post graduate experience in British Columbia and advanced diagnostics and integrated medicine at the Chengdu University of TCM in China. He treats chronic pain and promotes the importance of gut health. He has been presented awards from Chinese and Taiwanese governments for his contributions to Chinese medicine. Background…2:15 - Dr. Miles’ step-dad was Chinese which is when he was introduced to the Chinese culture. At the time, he was learning martial arts and along with martial arts comes injury. That was also when he became interested in Chinese medicine. He ended up going to school for Chinese medicine in British Columbia and then continued his studies in China. He learned what it meant to be effective through tons of traveling, exposure, and mentors. Because of them, he was encouraged to close his dream clinic in order to follow them. Dr. Miles views this as a perspective shift that was bound to happen. There is no way he could have accomplished what he has now without that critical decision. Studying in China…6:25 - There is actually an entire separate class of doctors that work with professionals. Some doctors recommend cutting back the numbers of hours worked; that’s not realistic in all cases. There are some people that spend a lot of time on a plane or traveling and that could be the time they budget for sleep. For example, if you travel to have a dinner meeting with a government official and he/she serves you a very nice bottle of wine, you’re on their time; will you decline? Probably not. Those business men or women may not have the luxury to be picky about their food or choose the meals that are served. Discoveries…9:15 - Right now, Dr. Miles is working on a project that is directly helping CEOs. When operating under long-term stress, the brain is overloaded and constantly inflamed. Overtime, the connections in the brain begin to break down. If you aren’t eating ideal foods, then your gut starts to become irritated as well. Dr. Miles is working to relieve this problem. His goal is to provide relief to the people who are on-the-go and busy all the time. He is treating the whole person, not just one aspect of their issues. Biggest hurdles…12:40 - The main access to distributors has been the most difficult task to overcome. Dr. Miles is bringing Chinese medicine over to the West, but is having a hard time finding schools here that teach the proper aspects of Chinese medicine. How to manage stress…15:45 - Protect your gut flora. In China, he saw many people spend the night drinking, but the next morning they would spend half of the day drinking fermented teas such as Oolong or pu-er tea. Both of these are good for gut health. The tea helps with digestion and pulls any nutrients from whatever they would eat. You can also find an herbalist to help find the key combination to what will help calm your stress levels. What do you see most often?…20:20 - Sleep breakdown. As soon as we get burnt out, we lose the ability to restore ourselves. Stress, concentration, and memory start to take a hit. This is followed by a low-grade depression, which only adds pressure and neural decay. Dr. Miles may recommend breath work or acupuncture; it depends on the person and the time they have to get their health back. Advice for the busy, stressed out person…24:20 - Ask yourself, do you sigh or yawn more? Watch your breathing and see if your body is trying to exhale or inhale more. This will tell you what your body actually needs. If you are trying to sigh, it’s a problem of distribution; there is some sort of blockage. This is the time you can run or exercise it off. If you are yawning, it means you are drawing blood to the internal organs. That means you are trying to nourish and power up, and recharge. Contact… www.botanicalbiohacking.com
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36: Simone Miller, expert chef and author, on cooking paleo and gluten-free
Simone Miller is a well-known chef that has been cooking for two decades now. She worked in a variety of restaurants growing up on the East coast. She then decided to take her talents to San Francisco and focus on being an elite chef, recipe developer, caterer, and author. Her own food intolerances led her to turning her catering company, Zenbelly, into a gluten-free, paleo-style phenomenon. Journey…2:00 - Simone started cooking at a cafe in Connecticut at the age of 19. She never thought to enter into the restaurant business; in fact she was adamant that she wouldn’t! In college she kept changing her mind about her career path; she loved food, but didn’t want it to be a career. Spontaneously, Simone moved to the Bay Area and became a personal chef and caterer. Through this time, she discovered her food intolerances, which led her to the creation of Zenbelly; a successful, gluten-free catering company. The past year or so she has stepped away from catering to focus on recipe development, cookbooks, and teaching others how to cook. Simone’s Experience as a Vegetarian…7:30 - Simone is an animal lover! She didn’t feel great about eating animals; this choice was not for health benefits. Working at a vegetarian restaurant also prompted her to try out this particular cuisine. She ended up eating lots of gluten and soy, which completely disrupted her hormonal system. At the time of her health issues, she was living in upstate New York where there were really strong farm-to-table farmer markets available. Grass-fed, pasteurized, and humanely raised meats were readily available. This is how Simone slowly transitioned to eating meat again. Gluten-free…10:55 - Simone was feeling better, but she knew she could feel great. Hearing about the Paleo movement, Simone gave it a try. Through this she realized she was eating more carbs than she realized. Once she cut out grains and lowered her carb intake, her blood sugar was much more stable and she did not have the crashes she once experienced. Cookbooks…14:10 - Simone has three books available: The Zenbelly Cookbook, The New Yiddish Kitchen, and Paleo Soups & Stews. Writing a cookbook had always been a dream and it seemed unattainable. Being a part of the Paleo community allowed her to connect with people who she might not have come into contact with. - After The Zenbelly Cookbook, Simone connected with Jennifer Robbins, another Paleo author, through an online network group. As Jewish, Paleo bloggers, they realized a void of Jewish cultural recipes. Thus, The New Yiddish Kitchen was born. - Paleo Soups & Stews started with a conversation with her publisher. At first, she was not interested in it, but the recipes came quickly! In fact at the restaurants she worked at she was in charge of the ‘Soup-of-the-Day.’ It is safe to say that soups are her forte! What do people ask you the most?…24:35 - Many people are looking for foods that they miss. They aren’t sure how to include the foods from their pre-paleo days into their new lifestyles. Simone wants people to feel more confident in the kitchen; that’s her goal! Advice for someone who lacks confidence in the kitchen?…27:30 - Simone tells people not to feel like it’s all or nothing. Start small; cut out small amounts of processed food overtime. - Don’t let perfect get in the way of good. Figure out what works for you; don’t feel bad if you can’t do it perfectly right away. Contact… - www.zenbelly.com
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35: Cassy Joy Garcia, author of Fed and Fit, on how to make healthy living a lifestyle
Cassy Joy graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s in Science. She kept studying nutrition to hopefully find an answer to her issues with help. Despite doing what she thought were all the right things, Cassy still wasn’t feeling healthy. She now lives a Paleo lifestyle and has found that it changed her life. She no longer struggles with weight, fatigue, or joint pain. Cassy has a successful blog, Fed and Fit, and is also the author of her book, Fed and Fit. She loves to stay active (CrossFit, golf, yoga) and lives in San Antonio with her husband. Cassy’s Background…1:45 - Cassy graduated from college feeling more sick than she ever had in her life. She struggled with her weight and constantly being tired. She followed many diets diligently; however, her issues kept returning. She figured she would ‘run the weight off’ and restrict her caloric intake. - Cassy always had an interest in the healthcare field and her interest led her to discovering an anti-inflammatory diet. It also led her to weightlifting and CrossFit versus marathon running. After months on her ‘diet,’ she had dropped about 10 dress sizes! People noticed changes in her health and asked what she was doing. This is when she started to share recipes and it blossomed into a career. What Cassy does now…6:30 - Cassy is a Certified Nutrition Consultant. She wanted to work one-on-one with clients and soon realized that it was bothering her to turn people away from her services because she didn’t have the time to work with all of them. She figured out a way to provide clients with 80% of her services and gives them the tools to work with the remaining 20%. Cassy addresses lifestyle fitness, mindset, and nutrition within her programs. Fed and Fit…9:00 - Cassy started her blog (Fed and Fit) in 2011. In 2013, her and her publisher started thinking about the idea of writing a book. Cassy’s books bridges the gap between a restrictive diet and a those who are naturally healthy. There are tons of recipes and resources that promote healthy living. What’s next?…12:10 - Cassy looks at her job as answering to her readers. Without them, she wouldn't have so much success! She writes each idea her readers send in on sticky notes and takes them into consideration when working on project. Be on the lookout for her newest project coming out in 2018! She is working on an ‘edible solution’ for busy people…stay tuned! Exercise…16:05 - Cassy is going on nine years of CrossFit! She does not do it for the competitive side, but she is in it to workout for life. She complements this intense schedule with yoga and is a big fan of golf. Advice for someone to start improving their health…19:15 - It is easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of the health world. For a beginner, it can be overwhelming. Start by hydrating and getting adequate rest. Check out the Fed and Fit book for a deeper look into these key points. Contact…22:30 - www.fedandfit.com - Look for Fed and Fit, the book and podcast
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34: Mihaela Telecan on personalizing your approach to nutrition and overall health
Mihalea Telecan is a veterinarian who changed focus to nutrition and is now a Registered Dietician, GAPS practitioner, health coach, and fitness instructor. She has plenty of experience in the nutrition world through experimentation, dietetic internship hours, and graduate coursework. She helps her clients reach a truly customized lifestyle plan, there is not short-term diet with Mihaela! She lives in Florida with her husband and son and loves to ride her bike when she isn’t working with clients or spending time with family. Journey…2:00 - Mihaela grew up in a Communist country -they basically had no food industry. Her mom and her family ate what they grew; she had a very healthy diet. She was in veterinarian school when she realized she was extremely constipated (she would go 10 days without using the bathroom). She admitted herself to a hospital where she was diagnosed with mega-colon, meaning an extra long colon. This started her quest to fix her gut and she started paying close attention to what she was eating. She was vegetarian and went raw vegan for years all while having high energy levels and feeling great. - After some time, she started to realize vegan/vegetarian life wasn't working for her. She was constantly cold, poor digestion, her thyroid was starting to act out, and she was extremely bloated. During her first pregnancy, she did not pass the screening test for gestational diabetes. This was a wake up call. A year and a half after her son was born, she came across the low carb world. Reintroducing herself to animal fats and getting rid of a majority of carbs, Mihaela found that she was no longer obsessing about food or struggling with mood swings. Mihaela’s Services…15:00 - Mihaela is a nutrition coach and offers her expertise to those needing assistance. She implements a whole food, low-carb approach. She works with people that struggle with all sorts of different issues; leaky gut, diabetes, etc. Her clients are taught to train their bodies to fuel themselves by using fat sources. She meets with clients weekly and is all about accountability and personalizing each person’s goals. Mihaela has a goal of educating each person in her program; not only in nutrition, but sleep and their minds as well. Advice to someone looking to reach better health…22:15 - How are you breaking your fast? What do you start your day with? Pay attention to your first meal, as it will set the tone for the rest of your day. Mihaela recommends low carb, healthy fats, and enough protein to fuel your busy day. Free Gift and Contact… - Mihalea is giving listeners a 1 week whole foods, low carb menu: ‘No Will Power Needed’ - http://bit.ly/nowillpowerLCHFmenu - https://www.mihaelatelecan.com
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33: Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore, authors of The Paleo Primer, on simplifying the paleo lifestyle
Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore are the founders of Fitter Foods, a company that is passionate about cooking real, cost-effective, and time-friendly foods. Both Keris and Matt love training, nutrition, and the overall concept of achieving optimal health. Keris is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer. Matt is a Strength Coach, Personal Trainer and Health Coach. They are co-authors of The Paleo Primer and The Paleo Primer: Second Helpings. Journey…1:40 Keris: Keris had some health issues in her teens (acne, hormonal issues) and was told to take pill after pill to correct her problems. Being influenced by the earlier health trends, she was running a lot, not eating much, and sticking to a low fat diet. She eventually got into weight training and boxing which is how she met Matt. She and Matt teamed up and created their business! Matt: Matt describes himself as a typical personal trainer; he loved to train and be in the gym everyday. In the beginning, he was successful with training a ton while eating whatever he wanted. Over time, he noticed his body was responding negatively to that style of eating. His body was slowing down and his recovery was taking a hit. Keris started informing him about the Paleo diet and he gave it a shot. At first, he felt like he was dying! With Keris’ encouragement, he persevered and on day 5, he woke up feeling brand new and hasn’t looked back. The Paleo Primer…11:10 Keris: They were running a group training company in London and noticed people weren't recovering well or taking care of their bodies as they should. Keris says London is a grab and go place; people weren't getting the proper nutrition they needed. They created their book to share recipes that are quick, contain minimal ingredients, and are ideal for health conscious individuals. Matt took over the recipe writing while Keris wrote the ‘why’ aspect to the book. Matt: They realized their guide was more of a book; a cookbook that hopefully is never put away! The book addresses common problems such as cost of healthy living, lengthy prep time, and bland ‘diet’ food. The Paleo Primer provides a solution to each of those issues. The Paleo Primer: A Second Helping…16:05 Keris: This book is built off of the first book. Their clients and fans requested further guidance and direction tackling the nutrition world. This book takes down different myths that have dominated the health and nutrition world over the last few years. Matt: They have a lot of friends that are doctors; they do amazing work. What they noticed was a lack of overlap between the medical field and nutrition. People tend to go to doctors for ailments, but some doctors may only have been exposed to limited material in the nutrition field. What’s Next?…18:10 Keris: They launched an online program called ‘Fitter 16’. So many people are doing online body transformations and they wanted to create their own. They address self-esteem and body image, sleep health, hormones, and an elimination diet. Matt: They have been doing online training for years and they want to provide a unique online experience for all their members. The program is a 16 week transformation to set you up with confidence and knowledge to continue the journey off of the program. The first 12 weeks are priming your body; what works for you and getting used to the methods. The final 4 weeks is prepping the client for life after the 16 weeks. Advice for a busy person starting a health journey…22:40 Keris: Change breakfast; that’s where most people start their days. Stick with higher protein breakfasts to positively affect your mood and energy for the rest of the day. Matt: Wherever you’re at, find your balance. You may not have time to exercise as much as you’d like, but don’t get caught up in the extremes. Make the best decisions you can when the decisions come your way. Contact… www.fitterfood.com
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32: Amber Brueseke on having biceps after babies
Amber Brueske is a wife, mother to 4, and fitness coach; she is basically a supermom! Amber practiced as a registered nurse until pursuing her passion in the health industry. She has a successful coaching business and is a Certified Personal Trainer. Her Instagram account, @biceps.after.babies, is an extremely successful and active community and can be used as a great resource tool. She wants people to love their bodies and perform and feel the best they can. Amber’s Journey…2:45 Growing up, Amber’s mom was a huge health influence in her life. From a young age Amber remembers watching her mom teach fitness classes and learning how to lift weights from her. This instilled an excitement to workout and live out a healthy lifestyle. Amber lifted weights for years and then dabbled in running and other forms of fitness. But after her first child, Amber found her love for the gym and lifting weights again. In 2016 Amber set a new goal for herself: GET ABS! After 4 children, counting her macros, and staying determined, she reached her goal. IIFYM…6:15 IIFYM is an acronym for ‘If it fits your macros’ which can also be called flexible dieting. This is a recent mainstream style of ‘diet.’ It works for many people because it is a long-term plan. With this style of nutrition planning one’s carbs, fat, and protein intake is calculated and there are margins to stay within. This is where the flexibility comes from. You have the ability to eat a cookie or eat more broccoli; as long as it fits your macros. With this method, you track your calories and weigh your food. To some people, this may seem taxing and inconvenient. However, Amber views it as an opportunity to teach. This method will help teach proper portion sizes and moderation. Down the road, you will have the knowledge and the proper experience that allows you to make intuitive decisions about your food choices. How do you balance home and work life?…10:10 Finding balance is an ever evolving process. Amber is always striving to reach that balance; some days are better than others. Amber finds that segmenting her time helps. When she is teaching classes, that’s all she is focused on. When she is working on Instagram and her business, she is fully committed to those focuses. This allows her to be focused and give her best to each aspect of life. Coaching Business…12:00 Amber works mostly with moms. She has different lengths of coaching programs and acts as a resource, advocate, mentor etc. She helps with their lifting programming, calculating macros, and other advice. Through coaching, Amber often sees her clients go through very positive mental changes on top of the transformation their body undergoes. Food for kids…15:25 After trying different things, Amber has found that offering a variety of foods works best for her family. Amber and her husband have a ‘two bites, no fights’ rule; meaning even if you do not like the food, you must take two bites of it! What is on the table is Amber and her husband eat and also what her children can eat. If they decide not to, breakfast will come eventually! The Compound Effect…18:40 This is a personal development book by Darren Hardy. It is not focused on weight loss, but all of the advice in his book can be applied to a weight loss and fitness journey. It will fit within any facet of life. One piece of advice for the person trying to get healthy?…20:50 ‘Work for the body you want while loving the body you have.’ This is the tagline for Amber’s business and what she wants all of her clients to experience. You will get so much further in your fitness journey when you come from a place of loving your body versus a place of hating your body. Contact…. @biceps.after.babies website coming soon: www.bicepsafterbabies.com
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31: Olena Osipov on simplifying healthy eating for the whole family
A native of Ukraine, Olena Osipov now finds herself in Vancouver, BC where she lives with her husband and two boys. After her second son was born, Olena developed a passion for health and fitness. Her blog and website, ifoodreal.com, is home to many clean eating recipe that Olena has developed. She shares her journey and love of clean eating with others so they can see that nutrition doesn’t have to be boring -rather it is fun and delicious! Olena’s Journey…2:30 - Olena grew up in Ukraine with very simple foods. Moving to Canada changed all of that; she was exposed to much more processed foods. After having her second child and hanging onto extra baby weight, she decided she needed a change. Olena turned her focus to clean eating; 80% of the time is very clean eating so the other 20% is flexible. - Olena is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Life is not about dieting and unrealistic expectations. When your eating becomes a lifestyle it becomes easier to maintain. ifoodreal.com…6:45 - Olena developed her blog in 2012. She was just starting to really get into the fitness and health world. Her husband encouraged her to make it a business, so she did! Olena gets many comments and emails from followers who thank her for revamping their nutritional views. This is the most rewarding part of what she does. - She would love to help the average family with all things in the kitchen. She understands that not everyone can afford the latest superfoods and trends. Her recipes are designed to fit the busy family lifestyle. You will find a lot of slow-cooker or one skillet kind of meals. Her recipes are influenced by North American flavors with Ukrainian flare. How do you keep your kids healthy?…10:30 - Olena believes that what you get on your plate, is what you have for dinner. That is how she grew up and carried that tradition over to her young ones. Many parents fall into the ‘processed food trap’ because it is easy and kids typically like it. - She also has found success and encourages people to cook in large amounts to have extras throughout the week. School Lunches…13:40 - Many lunches are leftovers from dinner. This cuts down on time spent in the kitchen, allowing her to spend time with her family. She will send her boys to school with thermoses full or soups or other hot lunches. Vegetarian wraps are another healthy option and favorite school lunch. Olena will do organic Mac-n-Cheese as a treat for her boys. Exercise…15:15 - Olena used to work out vigorously 5x a week, but found she could not maintain that high intensity regimen. She is listening to her body more and currently enjoys walking; it has become her preferred style of exercise. (Check out her blog post about giving up wine for 30 days!) - Do what you feel your body needs. If you feel like the gym works with your schedule, great. If walking or a quick jog is what your body is needing, do that! Don’t overcomplicate things. What are your key principles of nutrition?…19:30 - Listen to your brain and your body. Eat whole, real foods. - Don’t calculate every calorie you eat. Advice to someone looking to get healthy… 20:35 - Go to ifoodreal.com and find a yummy recipe. Start cooking! Take it slow but stick with it; progress will come. - Keep it simple. Contact…22:25 - www.ifoodreal.com
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30: Katy Allan on healthy cooking for the whole family
Katy Allan lives in Georgia with her husband and three boys. She runs a successful blog, Savoring the Flavoring. It is filled with recipe ideas, meal planning tips, and never-ending humor. Katy is focused on fueling her family with nutrients in fun, creative, and most of all, delicious ways. Instead of counting calories and obsessing over foods, Katy encourages balance, moderation and homemade foods as often as possible. Katy’s Journey…2:00 - Katy’s mom was a dietician so Katy grew up in her office listening to her mom educate her clients. She was fortunate enough to grow up with a great relationship with food. Her friends would often ask her for advice about weight loss or recipe help. After her son was diagnosed with some autoimmune issues, she went to the next level of making sure her family got the best nutrients possible. She combined how she cares for her family with sharing recipes with her friends to form her blog, Savoring the Flavoring. Katy on Being Too Busy To Eat…6:50 - Having three growing boys means constant energy. Katy doesn’t have time to cook all day long. Her recipes are meant for families that are busy and trying to keep health a top priority. Meal Prepping…8:00 - Meal prepping is the number one trick to staying on track. Even if it is a small act of just chopping up a bunch of fruits and veggies, the little things will help you when the week gets crazy. - Planning out meals will also help you manage your busy schedules. Have an idea of the meals you’d like to serve in the back of your mind. Katy uses a ‘Fit Book’ to write down what she plans to eat that week to help her stay on track. Keeping an ongoing grocery list throughout the week has proven to be helpful. Cooking Background?…11:30 - Katy grew up cooking but never taken any formal training. Despite having no cooking background, Katy is very curious! She does a lot of trial and error runs. She also learns from food styling books and food photography books as well. Nutrition Philosophy…13:45 - In every different phase of life, Katy has discovered that she has to find what works for her. What may have worked for her a couple years ago, might not do the trick anymore. Constantly researching and trying out different methods is how you will find what clicks for you. If you aren’t proactive, you will never be able to discover the methods that will fuel your body. Nourishing Kids…17:30 - Katy’s kids are great eaters because she encourages her kids to eat what she and her husband eat. She does not make separate meals for her kids. It makes things easier for everyone involved. As parents, you only have so long to control what your kids are eating. Good eating habits should start young to carry over into a healthy lifestyle habit. Advice to bring the family into healthier eating patterns…24:45 - Cook at home as a family. Many times it may seem easier to eat out. However, it is important to prepare homemade meals as much as possible. You don’t always know what is in your food when grabbing take out. - Including everyone in the family encourages that healthy lifestyle at a young age. Generally, kids who are picky will be more inclined to try new things that they have helped prepared. - Stop drinking soda and sweet tea. Drink water! Switch to kombucha or Le Croix if you are craving sodas. Contact… - www.savoringtheflavoring.com
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29: Mark Fisher on making serious fitness fun and purposeful
Mark Fisher is the Co-CEO of Mark Fisher Fitness (MFF); a gym that focuses on speaking to people that the traditional fitness regimen might not speak to. Community and authenticity is key to the success that Mark has found within his gyms. Seeing that Mark was a previous actor, MFF is home to many people within the Broadway community. Their humor and crazy-fun antics make it a unique and one of the fastest growing companies in New York City. Mark’s Journey…2:20 - Mark did not come from the world of athletics. He grew up very thin and insecure about his body. He got into weightlifting to build muscle, not because he enjoyed it. Mark was a young actor when he realized he had a knack for teaching fitness/nutrition concepts in a fun way that his theater crew could relate to. Now Mark Fisher Fitness works with people who might not necessarily be termed as ‘gym people.’ Ridiculous Humans, Serious Fitness…5:00 - Like any business, you try things out and see how people respond. Over time you begin to modify and turn that into your own standards. Offering a consistent experience is key, but at MFF, they create a space that allows people to be authentic. The things that blow people’s minds are not systemized; this is what makes Mark Fisher Fitness so unique. What to expect at Mark Fisher Fitness…6:30 - Variation and fun! Trainers may be dressed up in fun outfits, but above all, people feel challenged and accomplished when they leave. They strive to not take themselves too seriously, but they take exercise physiology extremely seriously. Fitness Philosophy…9:50 - Mark’s clients are typically general population; they do not do a lot of sports enhancement. There are two offerings: metabolic resistance training classes and semi-private training. Their initial push is to encourage people who may not be comfortable in the fitness world. The authenticity of Mark Fisher Fitness helps clients (aka ninjas) find a ‘new version’ of themselves that they haven’t been able to discover before. How do you develop community?…16:30 - The community cultural within Mark Fisher Fitness is not done directly, but conditions are created to help clients thrive. Looking for opportunities to develop trainers, clients, and outer communities are ways that people connect and form relationships. Because people are sharing experiences, it turns into an emotional dealing. People start to bond and grow together through their transformations. Their culture creates a safe space and encourages people to be themselves. What is next for MFF?…21:05 - They have an online program for those who do not live in NYC: www.mybroadwaybody.com. Mark is excited to dive deeper into this program this year. Mark and his business partner have also been doing more writing about business at www.businessforunicorns.com. They are excited to keep making MFF better and hopefully expand farther and farther. Advice for a busy person who is adverse to fitness…25:25 - Do not compromise on fun and community. Find ways to workout and meals to eat that you truly enjoy. All too often we choose the ‘ideal’ versus what we actually like to do. Contact… - www.markfisherfitness.com
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28: Maria Emmerich on creating low-carb and ketogenic meals for the whole family
Maria Emmerich is a wellness expert and author in the low carb and ketogenic field. She studied exercise physiology and wants to help people feel their best. Her best-selling book, ‘The Ketogenic Cookbook’ has helped people achieve their health goals all over the world. Maria has two sons and instills healthy habits in them. She encourages busy families that it is possible to get healthy and tasty meals on the table! Maria’s Journey…2:30 - Maria grew up as a heavy child, but was always an athlete. She competed in marathons and went to school for exercise physiology. During the downfall of the economy, Maria was lucky enough to find a job as a nutritionist. One of her clients encouraged her to write a book, especially regarding the ketogenic and low carb diets. Maria’s Clients…8:25 - Her clientele is all over the world! She does phone or Skype consultations to help work around her busy schedule. Before the meeting, she sends out a packet of information for the client to orient themselves with her philosophy. Maria helps her clients find the perfect balance of macros. She loves encouraging people to move away from the processed, sugary foods and back to natural, whole foods. How do you see success in your kids eating habits?…12:50 - When the kids are home, they eat what is in the house. With two active boys, Maria educates them about the consequences and benefits of certain foods they eat. Maria will make most of the classic foods like burgers, chili, lasagna; she just makes it a paleo/low carb way. Starting kids off on sugary foods young will lead them to crave those foods more and more. If one starts feeding kids healthier foods at a young age, they will enjoy those foods. Books…17.15 - Maria wants people to know that eating healthy does not mean deprivation. Her cookbooks are meant to help people enjoy the food they eat while making a lifestyle change. She is working on a ‘restaurant’ cookbook that includes moo-shu pork and pancakes! Her ‘30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse’ is a great staple to have in any kitchen. She talks about exercise, mitochondria along with other physiology, topical chemicals, and of course, lots of food! Advice for someone looking to make a change…23:15 - The first step is to look at your breakfast. That is a great place to start removing the hidden sugars that many do not know about. A small glass of skim milk has more sugar than 4 Starburst! Changing your breakfast will affect how you feel the rest of the day and hinder other cravings. - The second step would be to look at labels. Companies are moderating food to contain tons of hidden sugar. Check the labels for sugar before you buy them. Contact…26:55 - www.mariamindbodyhealth.com
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27: Dr. Brett Hill on avoiding crash diets, keeping it simple, and finding life balance
Dr. Brett Hill is a chiropractor, co-host of two top-rated podcasts, author, and paleo advocate. He has had many TV, radio, and podcast appearances for different networks all over Australia and the world. His podcasts ‘The Wellness Guys Show’ and ‘That Paleo Show’ are the number one health podcasts in Australia. Dr. Hill’s motivation to continue learning and help others find their way in the health spectrum stem from his two children. Dr. Hill’s Journey…2:10 - As a kid, Dr. Hill loved nature and he always wanted to help people. When it came to picking a career, the chiropractic path stood out to him because he would be able to tie helping people and natural movements together. He started learning more and more about health, fitness, and nutrition which led him to writing newspaper columns, founding podcast shows, and writing books! How do you find balance?…6:55 - The biggest trick is learning to say no. Dr. Hill found he was saying yes to too much and trying to do everything at once. Figuring out what is important to you and figuring out the vision you want for your life is key. Then you can find balance by filtering what things bring you happiness and fulfill that vision. Making conscious choices and saying yes to what is important to you will help achieve that goal. Books…9:00 - ‘How to Eat an Elephant’ is a book that Dr. Hill wrote after seeing the failures people were encountering doing crash diets. He wanted to provide people with a way to set them up for long-term success. He helps people make a big change for the long term by making small changes gradually. - ‘Rock Bottom’ is his newest book that will be coming out soon. It is the story of how Dr. Hill’s many commitments led to his life vision being shattered. Because he was always saying yes to other things, his marriage took a hit. ‘Rock Bottom’ talks about his journey of what he learned through the process of divorce and having to rebuild his life from scratch. How does Chiropractic work, nutrition and health flow together?…14:05 - Dr. Hill loves talking about nature and the natural ways to allow the body to heal. He talks a lot about natural movement; which includes getting away from machines found in the gym and returning to the basics. Our bodies are designed to be healthy; sadly we have gone away from that. The natural approach to food is what our body is designed to acquire, not the fake junk found these days. Exercise…16:40 - Dr. Hill does CrossFit 3x a week and likes to combine that with natural movements. He loves to kayak, hike, go for a barefoot run, snorkel, and anything to get outside. Playing around with his kids is another way he gets exercise; following them around the playground, wrestling, and sports. Kids and healthy eating…18:35 - ‘Nourish without Nagging’ is another book by Dr. Hill that encourages parents to find ways to help their kids enjoy healthy foods. A big part of healthy eating for children is to heighten their curiosity; help them understand why they would want to eat healthy food. Tapping into what motivates them is a way to connect the benefits of real foods with the goals kids want to accomplish. This book came from his desire to help his kids be the best they could be. He realized he would have to educate his kids instead of just telling them what to eat. One piece of advice for a busy person…25:00 - Keep it simple. So often, we get distracted by all of the information in the media. Healthy fats, proteins, and veggies are always a good place to start. Contact…27:45 - www.drbretthill.com - Coaching details, books, podcasts, and his newsletter can all be found on the website.
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26: Amy Berger, author of The Alzheimer’s Antidote, on nutrition and brain health
Amy Berger struggled with health and physique despite doing all the ‘right’ things. She ended up discovering a low carb/ketogenic lifestyle and surprising enough to her, it helped her reach her goals! Not only did it work, but it made sense scientifically. Amy went back to school to get her Master’s in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. She is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Amy operates ‘Tuit Nutrition,’ a nutrition counseling service for those looking to lose weight or make a change in their lives. Amy’s background…2:30 - Nutrition is not Amy’s first career. She came to nutrition like many others; she struggled with weight loss and had tried many of the common methods. Amy stumbled across the 1992 version of the Atkins book and it all clicked. She discovered that this method of nutrition relieved her of many ailments and frustrations. She researches, studies, and lives out the low carb and ketogenic lifestyle. What led you to get your Masters in Nutrition?…6:00 - Many people do not have a formal degree but are filled with knowledge. Amy feels her degree was the next step for her career; that it gives her an edge that not all have. Her other certifications and studies continue to grow her base of knowledge. Military Service…8:55 - Amy joined the military after college because she felt like she needed a kick in the pants! She says she has a lot of ambition, but has getting it done. She thought being in military would instill that virtue in her. What she learned was that that drive and motivation, comes from within. The Alzheimer’s Antidote…12:05 - The book Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taube influenced her interest in this topic. She decided to write her thesis on Alzheimer’s and began to study how glucose and insulin interact. The major problem in Alzheimer’s is that some neurons involved in memory loose the ability to process glucose -meaning they basically starve to death. Many of the patients have very high insulin levels. What she found was that ketone bodies can fuel the neurons even though they lost the ability to feed off of glucose. Because of the information she discovered, she decided to share it in the form of a book so others can learn about this relationship. Her book is now available! Advice for someone concerned with their brain health…19:55 - Keep your blood glucose and insulin within a healthy range. Stay active and get good quality sleep! Contact… - www.tuitnutrition.com - Buy The Alzheimer’s Antidote
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25: Hannah Krum, the Kombucha mamma, on everything you need to know about kombucha
Hannah Crum, also known as the Kombucha Mamma, is an expert regarding this popular drink. Hannah’s passion has turned into her own ‘Kombucha Kamp.’ Here, she offers advice and products to those interested in brewing their own kombucha. She is the master brewer for multiple restaurants and breweries in L.A. Her mission is to ‘change the world, one gut at a time.’ Hannah’s journey…1:55 - A lot of people seek out kombucha for health issues, but kombucha found Hannah! She was traveling in San Francisco and first saw it being brewed there. She went to her local Whole Foods after her trip and bought one right away. She’s been hooked ever since. She started brewing her own kombucha shortly after her habit outweighed her budget. - Because it is something she loves so much, she wanted to help others learn how to make this fermented drink. This turned into ‘Kombucha Kamp.’ Now she offers workshops, cultures, and lots of advice. He Kamp started with 40 members in 2014, and has grown to approximately 200! The process of putting the book together… 7:45 - Being a blogger, Hannah already had a lot of knowledge and excerpts written down. There was a lot of recipe testing and styling to be done. Being so passionate about kombucha helped make the book a fun project to tackle. Health benefits… 10:15 - Hannah’s husband lost 40lbs after getting into kombucha! He used to start his morning with a gatorade but Hannah slowly worked on incorporating kombucha as a replacement. Once he was hooked, both he and Hannah explored the world of raw foods and traditional/healthier options. - They have both seen amazing results in their digestion, clearer skin, and overall improved quality of life. It is important to note that the benefits one might experience truly depends on the person. However, the initial health benefit typically seen across the board is improved digestion. The more efficiently you digest, the more energy you have. We need the sour/bitter properties of kombucha to help break down what is inside our gut. Future of kombucha…14:00 - Researchers are just at the tip of the iceberg in what kombucha can do. For example, the tea leaves can be composted, the scobys are being utilized for many things including biodegradable fabrics, and the cultures are being used as living bandages. - The cultures are constantly being explored, not just as a food or beverage, but within other aspects of daily life. Travel…15:35 - The book tour took them all over. Hannah loves to meet people and has a strong desire to educate people. Her philosophy is to ‘change the world one, gut at a time’ and she has been able to achieve this through her travels. - Knowing multiple languages allows her to connect with people in different cultures. We are all connected and need to continue identifying with others to share the knowledge we each have. One piece of advice for a ‘kombucha beginner’…18:00 - Go to a grocery store and look in the produce section. If you don’t like the first bottle you try, go back and grab a different one. There are so many different flavors and brands that you can choose from. Look for kombucha that is organic, natural, and raw. If there is ‘stuff’ floating in it, that’s a good sign! One piece of advice for a kombucha lover…19:25 - Go buy or check out ‘The Big Book of Kombucha.’ It is a great resource to further educate yourself about all things kombucha. - Check out Hannah’s free e-book on her website! Contact…20:25 - www.kombuchakamp.com - Hannah’s book: ‘The Big Book of Kombucha’
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24: Serena Wolf on eating clean for people who like to eat dirty
Serena Wolf claims that she is the definition of the saying ‘If I can do it, you can do it’ when it comes to cooking. She went to culinary school on a whim and has not looked back since. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, has been a private chef, recipe developer, and is the author of The Dude Diet. Her blog, Domesticate Me, stresses that cooking should be fun, realistic and doable for people. Serena lives in New York City and just finished up her book tour around the US! Serena’s Background…2:30 - Serena’s path is very untraditional. No one in her family cooked but when she graduated college with a French minor, she decided to go to Paris and enrolled in a ‘basic’ culinary class. Instead, it was intense and full of blood, sweat, and tears. Halfway through the class, Serena realized she really enjoyed cooking and signed up for the year long program. While she was there, she started a blog, Domesticate Me, to keep up with her family back in the States. - Through her experiences, she realized how much she loved to teach others and make cooking fun. She came back to the States and was a personal chef. She even cooked for some players on the Giants team! - Her fiancé spurred The Dude Diet idea. His unhealthy eating habits prompted Serena to challenge herself and cook his favorite foods with a healthier twist. She started writing a column on her blog and people took to it immediately. What was the process of writing the book?…8:15 - It is a two year process from the time you sign the deal until you see the book on the shelf. There are different parts of process such as recipe development, recipe testing, and photographing the food. There are over 125 recipes in the book along with introductions and stories incorporated throughout. How long were you in Paris…11:20 - Serena was in Paris for almost two years. She did a term of pastry (not her thing) after graduating from cuisine. Pastry did not allow her creativity to run like cuisine did. What is going on now?…12:50 - The Dude Diet was released in October and Serena loves seeing others cooking from it. Her goal was to put together meals that satisfy both people in a relationship. Her meals are made with real foods instead of the processed junk. She has just finished her first tour! What can people expect from the book?…17:35 - The first chapters are outlining The Dude Diet philosophy; there is information about portion control, exercise, responsible drinking, and processed foods. There are also helpful pantry organizing, kitchen setup, and grocery shopping tips to help the transition process. This book is for someone looking for realistic cooking advice. It is great for those who are looking to be healthy but not give up everything they love. Contact…22:30 - The 'Dude Diet' is available on Amazon. - www.domesticate-me.com - @serenagwolf on social media
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23: Elizabeth Resnick on the holistic approach to being happy, healthy and hot
Elizabeth Resnick has her holistic health coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. She also runs a blog called Happy, Healthy, and Hot. Through these platforms she stresses how important it is to feel good about yourself. Elizabeth has always been interested in nutrition and fitness. She is currently working on a book and her certification as a Primal Health Coach. Elizabeth’s Background…3:00 - As a child, Elizabeth was always interested in nutrition. At 12 years old she became a vegetarian and stuck with it for about 30 years. Although she never struggled with weight, she had concerns; severe acne, digestive issues, and anxiety. Even though her diet was clean, she cleaned it up even more and went vegan. In turn, her acne and anxiety got worse. One day she received an email about cutting out grains, sugars (dried fruit included), and dairy so she gave it a shot. Just overnight, she could feel a major difference. Within a few weeks, her skin cleared immediately, her anxiety was gone, and her stomach didn’t bother her anymore. - She decided to start a blog and share how nutrition affected and changed her life. Her blog, Happy, Healthy and Hot, comes from Elizabeth’s thought that everyone should feel that way about themselves. She went to IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) and is working on her Primal Blueprint certification. Books in the works…12:30 - Blogging has opened her eyes to writing and how it can help and reach others. She is hoping her book will be like a guide; people want to be told what to do and how to do it. A book allows further connections with readers and a chance for her to pull all the information she has learned together into one place. Elizabeth’s Routine…15:10 - Elizabeth searches for the best natural skin products and natural cosmetics. She washes her face with coconut oil each night. She starts her morning by rising early and does a mini workout (crunches, planks, pushups etc.). Quiet time is also important to her; meditation, walking, journaling. - She also starts her day with a Bulletproof coffee (coffee, coconut oil, collagen peptides) each morning and a green drink to follow and sip on throughout the day (greens, lemons, water). Breakfast may consist of an apple, protein and a fat if she is on the go. If Elizabeth has a quieter morning, she will scramble some eggs in butter and throw in some leftover veggies. Her other meals follow the pattern of a high quality protein, a healthy fat, and non-starchy vegetables. Elizabeth tends to stay away from carbs but she will have them occasionally. Health Coaching…23:45 - Elizabeth is still in the early process of training to become a health coach through The Primal Blueprint. She is taking her time to truly absorb the information presented. She spends time studying the reading or listening to audio provided from the modules. This program is very well respected and is backed up by tons of research. Contact…26:35 Email: elizabeth@elizres.com Blog: Happy, Healthy, and Hot @resnickelizabeth
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22: Neghar Fonooni on empowering women to thrive both physically and emotionally
Neghar Fonooni is a coach, motivational speaker, veteran, and a writer. She wants to teach women how to ‘love their bodies and empower their lives.’ She has put together a 12-week program dedicated to helping women love the lives they are living. Her background as an Arabic Linguist in the US Air Force, years of personal training, and love for nutrition provide her with a unique background to help women reach their goals. Neghar’s Background…3:05 - Neghar has been in fitness industry since 2000 and her methods have evolved over the years. She started with a very one-dimension mindset and it has slowly transformed into different ways of training and nutrition. - She started personal training in a gym and now works primarily online and offers programs exclusively for women (occasionally men). Her focus is on empowering women. - Neghar’s history of disordered eating allowed her to reach people and has led her to the platform she is on today. She thinks food and fitness should add value, not control your life and take you away from the present. Consistency and adaptability are key to making a nutritious and a healthy lifestyle work. - It is important to keep in mind that transitioning from a restrictive diet/mindset does not happen over night. It takes time and patience to release the control that food has over you. Journey in the Air Force…11:00 - Both of Neg’s parents are immigrants. She was raised with the idea that being in the US was a privilege. Throughout her life, these values led her to be very patriotic. - In college, Neghar knew she wanted to be a writer but when 9/11 happened, she joined the Air Force with the intentions of becoming a linguist. She served for four years and chose to not reenlist to raise her son. Her time in the service is something she is very proud of and wouldn’t trade it! Transitioning from being inside the gym to online programs…16:55 - Neghar worked at a gym and would teach classes and do an occasional online consultation. However, at the gym there was not much creativity for her to have. As an outlet, she maintained a blog. Over the years and while obtaining different certifications, other trainers started sharing her blog. Her website started to grow and then she announced online coaching programs. Online Programs…22:10 - This is a 12 week, digital program that is limited to 20-30 women. What makes it unique is the fact that there is a lot of interaction between each other. This is done via private social media groups which allows a safe and supportive space - There are different topics each week; self-love, healthy boundaries, respond vs. react, self-care. It is a mindset program with a fitness foundation because exercise is a prerequisite to dealing with emotional barriers. Neghar says that staying active is the most important form of self-care. What results have you seen?…25:15 - A whole week is spent on energy management; how to make sure you are properly fueled in the sense of how you are connecting to yourself and others. - One thing that many women are taking away from the program is the practice of a morning ritual. Women are natural nurturers and they put aside their own needs to care for others. When they have alone time or that ritual to look forward to, they have that time for themselves which in turn makes them better for those around them. One piece of advice for a busy person…27:55 - Wake up fifteen minutes earlier. Take that time for yourself and you alone. Don’t let others interrupt that time! Contact…30:00 - www.negharfonooni.com
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21: Melissa Joulwan, author of Well Fed, on how cooking and eating Paleo changed her life
Melissa Joulwan is the author of Well Fed —the best-selling, paleo cookbook. After struggling with her weight and self-esteem as a child and through her young adult life, Melissa found CrossFit and the paleo diet in 2009. Around that time, she also found out that her fluctuating weight was due to something bigger than she expected. This sparked an interest in how our diets affect hormones, mood, motivation, body composition. She keeps up with her own popular blog at . Her accomplishments as an author and chef include being a featured chef, writing recipes for cookbooks done by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, and writing for numerous newspapers, online hotspots, and magazines. Melissa used to do roller derby and is moving to Prague in April! Melissa’s Journey…2:05 - Melissa grew up in a family where everyone is a great cook, so it’s no surprise Melissa made her way to be a chef. As a child, she was very overweight, ate too much, and did not like exercise. When she graduated from college, she decided enough was enough! She was tired of people making fun of her and not being able to wear the clothes she wanted. - Melissa focused on exercising more and making smarter food choices. Not only did she lose weight, but she discovered she really liked to exercise. Even though she was exercising and eating well, her weight was still fluctuating up and down and she was not feeling well. - A couple years later and after being very successful in CrossFit, Melissa still could not figure out why she was not feeling well. After seeing her doctor, she discovered a huge nodule on her thyroid. After having most of it removed, she is now on thyroid hormones to help regulate. A Paleo diet has also helped manage her inflammation and Melissa is committed to this lifestyle. Why Paleo?…10:00 - Melissa started off on the ‘zone diet’ and stopped eating grains when she started CrossFit. At the time she was working with Melissa Hartwig (Whole30) who pushed her to give up dairy. Immediately after giving it up, Melissa felt her nagging symptoms go away. Development of Well Fed…13:45 - Melissa has been blogging for a long time and it started off with just logging what she was eating. After about two years of sharing her personal recipes, she was started getting emails about writing a cookbook. Her and her husband decided to listen to her followers and write a cookbook. The book came out and sold like crazy! - All three cookbooks are simple and straightforward. She kept in mind that not everyone knows how to cook and these are seen by the layout of her cookbooks. What is your workout routine?…17:35 - Right now, Melissa is in a serious yoga phase (5-6 times a week). Because of her thyroid, she has to be careful about how hard she pushes herself in the gym; which is why she cannot do CrossFit as regularly anymore. Walking is another way that Mel likes to exercise. She still lifts weights 2x a week, but at a more moderate level. - Melissa incorporates health into her life as much as possible. She uses a standing desk and a fatigue mat for her feet. Sitting is something you should do as little as possible! One piece of advice to start healthy living…24:25 - One: Get your nutrition on track. It is the foundation for everything we do. Get more protein into your diet and get the grains out. - Two: Make sure you sleep! - Three: Exercise. Contact…27:15 - www.meljoulwan.com - Find her Well Fed paleo cookbooks!
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20: Monica Reinagel, the Nutrition Diva, on helping people sift through nutrition info overload
Monica Reinagel went to music school and to become an Opera singer; that is where her name The Nutrition Diva came from. Now, Monica is a well-known nutritionist and author. She has a weekly podcast, does group programs, blogs for the Huffington Post and is a frequent guest on popular TV shows such as TODAY and Dr. Oz. Monica lives in Baltimore, Maryland and is still able to find the occasional concert singing gig on top of her successful nutrition career. Monica’s Journey…2:00 - Nutrition is her ‘second act’ to a professional opera singer. Monica had always been interested in food and nutrition so when she strayed away from her singing career, she enrolled in culinary school and then became a licensed nutritionist. Now she works in media and communications within the nutrition community. Monica’s Philosophies…4:50 - Monica does not specialize in one area, she is interested in every aspect. Just about everything she does is in response to her followers. She works to help other sift through the high quantity of information that is out there in the nutrition world. - Myth busting and unpacking trends seem to be a big part of her job description. Where do you reach the most people?…7:00 - The podcast (The Nutrition Diva) has been in publication for eight and a half years. There have been over 250 million downloads! Online and small group coaching is her new passion and is a very interactive way to connect with people. - Instead of focusing on what we are giving up, think of the things you get to eat more of. She focuses on making weight loss positive and full of things one is gaining instead of what they are missing out of. She tries to cultivate more appreciation for the ‘good enough’ diet. Some diets are so rigid, but there is room in a healthy diet to splurge every now and then. - Monica also encourages people to think of food outside of the box. Food isn’t only nourishing; it can be about artistic works, cultural experiences, and community. Details about the program….12:30 - This program fits into any dietary philosophy; vegan, paleo etc. Everyone pledges for 30 days and you answer a 10 yes-or-no quiz at the end of each day. Each client uses an app that tracks your ‘nutritional GPA.’ The goal is to get a ‘B’ grade by the end of the day. This makes it easy to track your goals and see improvement. The focus is not on calories or weight loss. However at the end of the 30 days, people typically end up losing 4-8lbs. Monica’s Books…17:30 - Monica has a great couple of books and each holds a ton of nutritional information. - Writing is a great tool and she is proud of her work, but Monica prefers to interact with her audience at a more personal level. Social media provides a more personal touch in a realistic and quick time. People tend to have more time to listen to a quick podcast or read a short article rather than sit down and read a 300 page book. Presentation Audience…20:35 - Monica also does educational programming for doctors, nutritional professionals, and others trying to expand their nutrition understanding. - Corporate wellness programming is another aspect that Monica is able to help companies with. Creating a culture of wellness expands farther than just the workplace; people tend to take it home with them. One piece of advice to a busy person…23:40 - Do not get too uptight about the things you are not doing. Don’t underestimate the impact of small, positive changes. - Where you are right now is not nearly as important as the direction you are heading for. Contact….25:25 - www.nutritionovereasy.com - Podcast: The Nutrition Diva
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19: Michael Lares on improving sleep and overcoming migraines
Michael Lares is a former U.S. Navy Diver, a lover of the outdoors, and is an expert in sleeping. After a tragic accident and years of suffering from painful migraines, Michael needed sleep. He found guidance and direction from Dr. Bart Flick. Michael and Dr. Flick worked together to create the Somniresonance Delta Sleeper; a device that helps finds the brain’s natural sleeping pattern. Michael resides in British Columbia with his wife and two children and his work continues to help others. Michael’s Background…3:45 - Michael stumbled across the sleeping technology due to a tragic accident. In 2005 after his wife gave birth, she went to use the restroom and fell face first onto the floor. Two years after the accident, they were still trying to help get her health back to normal. He and his wife tried all sorts of different medicine until one doctor they encountered, Dr. Solomon, changed everything for them. She helped his wife tremendously but also helped Michael with his migraines by connecting him with Dr. Flick. Dr. Flick issued him a PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) device. After a month of using the device, Michael’s migraines disappeared. The four became close friends quickly. - Because of the impact Dr. Flick’s device had on Michael, he decided to invest in this new technology. In 2010, Somniresonance was created and Delta Sleeper was born a few years after. Delta Sleeper not only has products available, but more importantly it offers clear advice and guidance towards safe measures to treat sleeping disorders. What does it do?…19:40 - Biohacking means hacking the biology of the human body with different principles. The principle used in this case happens to be bioelectric therapy. The device runs off of pulsed electro-magnetic fields. - The product is similar to a small computer and it puts out an electromagnetic pulse. Our brains run at a certain frequency and the doctors were able to invent the device to mimic these frequencies. The device imitates a sleeping pattern and the brain has the ability to pick up on that. This gives the brain a little nudge to go to sleep. - There is no high exposure risk because this device is within the same output of the Earth’s magnetics, making it a very natural brain frequency. The Importance of Good Sleep…26:10 - Over time Michael has seen his migraines go away, but being able to truly sleep is the real gift. Thinking you can catch up on sleep after months or even years of high stress and/or late nights is not how our body works. Being tired is not a sign of weakness, your body needs rest because you do not want your nervous system to take a hit. - Even one extra hour of sleep can show dramatic increases in overall day-to-day function. One Piece of Advice….31:20 - Get more sleep and find true love. - Life, sleep and overall health is a balancing act. It is important to start searching for that balance early on in life rather than later. Contact… www.deltasleeper.com michael@deltasleeper.com
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18: Paul Southern on making lifelong changes to your health and fitness
<p>Paul Southern is the CEO of Reactive Inc and the COO of the San Fransisco Fire of the National Pro Grid League. His company, Reactive Inc., is a health and fitness coaching resource available to companies, big or small, and individuals. Paul helps coach those looking to make a long lasting difference in their lives. The National Pro Grid League is the world’s first coed team sport. Paul’s Journey…2:55 Paul found the weight room at during 6th period at Foothill High School and has been hooked every since. He served with the Marines and helped coach them in health and physical training. When he got out of the service, he opened an active nutrition store and started a healthy meal delivery service. Through all of this, he was also training people out of his garage. After selling active nutrition and his meal program, he started Reactive. It was a consulting service and also a personal training gym. He got certified with CrossFit in 2007 and really enjoyed that community. He sold Reactive in 2014 and bought the rights to the San Fransisco Grid. National Grid League…8:00 Tony Budding, who helped produce the Games, created Grid. It is a coed, team sport that brings in specialists to make one team. For example, you have your gymnasts, your weightlifters etc. Each specializes in one aspect to contribute to the team. Putting together a team…9:20 Paul has great scouts in San Fransisco; the owners of Diablo CrossFit in the Bay. Stalking Instagram is a surprisingly effective way to find athletes. There are also combines and pro days for people to come and try out. Key principles to staying healthy…11:50 So many people are sleep deprived. Only getting 6.5 hours a night shows that those are more likely to carry more body fat than those who get more sleep. Finding ways to breathe deeply and distress are also important to staying healthy. Having a purpose in life is another way to feel good about yourself. Nutrition and exercise are two obvious big ones. How do nutrition and exercise affect you?…14:50 Paul says he cannot be effective if he does not take care of himself. Working out daily and eating well help his mind stay clear to accomplish goals. Strength work (Easy Strength by Dan John) and conditioning are Paul’s way to stay active and healthy. Nutrition consists of a lot of planning and prep for his meals. Many people find this hard to do but it’s a key step of making good choices. Batch cooking or using the crockpot makes things easy and convenient throughout a busy week. What is your main focus at Reactive Inc?…19:55 Paul works with companies to get their employees healthier and fitter. The company benefits from this by having happier employees who are taking less sick days because they are healthy. He has a 12 week program that people can follow; offers weekly seminars and support materials to help accomplish goals. This program educates people and helps them create a life long difference. What’s going on with the Grid League?…23:55 To learn more about the SF Fire, go to npgl.com. They are on Comcast Sports Net in CA or Root Sports in CO and UT. Right now they are looking at locations to host the league this year. One piece of advice…28:10 People know their biggest limiting factor; think about where you can make a change in your life. Focus on one thing at a time and make it individualized. Contact…30:00 www.npgl.com www.reactivefitness.com</p>
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17: Todd White on improving your health through drinking wine
Todd White is the founder of Dry Farm Wines; the world’s only natural and health-focused wine club. They use the highest quality wines from winemakers all over Europe. Todd is a writer, speaker, and a leading authority of micro-dosing for alcohol, vitality, and longevity. Along with his expertise in wine, he is also successful in the ketogenic world. He wrote a cookbook called Keto Well and speaks about his journey to low carb eating. Todd lives and works in the heart of Napa Valley wine country in Oakville, CA. Todd’s Journey…3:05 Becoming ketogenic three years ago, Todd found he could not drink traditional wines anymore. He started deconstructing and biohacking wines to try and figure out what was going on. There are 76 additives that are approved by the FDA that are in commercial wines that we are not aware of. Dry Farm Wines offers a truly natural wine. There are no additives, chemicals, no sugar or carbs. There are only a few hundred winemakers that make truly natural wines; all are imported from Europe. How much can I drink?…7:15 Be aware that the alcohol percentage on many commercial bottles sold in the market are not accurate. Alcohol is a domino drug; the more you drink, the more you are drawn into drinking more. Dry Farm Wines stays under a 12.5 alcohol percentage and does very specific testing to ensure this. Having these natural wines in the evening is a great way to enjoy each other’s company while having something to indulge in without the hangover feeling the next day. Health Benefits…12:15 There cardiovascular and neurological health benefits that come from drinking a pure wine. Commercial wines are filled with sugar and it is important to be aware of those; especially if following a ketogenic diet. How are the sugary wines processed differently from pure wines…14:45 It begins with irrigation; irrigation changes the physiology with how the fruit ripens. Fruit is filled with water which makes it less flavorful. The irrigation also makes the fruit heavier (fruit is sold by weight) thus making it worth more. When the sugary fruit juice is treated with yeast, the yeast eats the sugar; making carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol. The higher the sugar, the more there is for the yeast to eat which makes the alcohol percentage higher. In a natural farm setting, there is higher quality fruit and a lower amount of sugar in the fruit. When the yeast eats the sugar, it finishes the process quicker because of the lower sugar content. This produces a lower amount of alcohol. The wine is sugar free because it is completely fermented; the yeast eats all of the sugar. Advice for health conscious wine drinkers…19:00 Go to Dry Farm Wines! Search for natural wines online. There are a few natural wine merchants in bigger cities that are available. If you are in a restaurant, stick with a French wine or an imported wine. It won’t be perfect, but you have a better chance at getting something a bit healthier than the sugar loaded ones typically offered. Dry Farm Wines Programs…24:20 Dry Farm Wines is an online wine club. They offer either 6 or 12 bottle shipments. They are all imported, natural, and they do not charge for delivery. They do not do single bottle sales because the community they cater to are wine drinkers. Which means they often need to order more than one bottle anyways! What are you most excited about…28:15 The expanding world of consciousness and meditation; Wim Hof breathing, the ketogenic diet, cold thermogenesis. We have the opportunity to use this powerful tool to benefit us in many ways. Consider trying this method to help further your nutrition and health journey. Contact… www.dryfarmwines.com todd@dryfarmwines.com
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16: Tawnee Prazak-Gibson on how to be a healthy endurance athlete
Tawnee Prazak-Gibson has a tremendous amount of knowledge in the health, nutrition, and training fields. Her background as a stellar athlete and love for triathlons led her to pursue this passion in exercise science, nutrition, and strength training. She hosts a podcast called Endurance Planet where she targets the endurance athlete community. Her journey is relatable and has enabled her to gain valuable experiences to help her clients. Coach Tawnee is an excellent coach willing to help all reach optimal levels of health and wellness. Tawnee’s Journey…3:40 Tawnee was always an athlete but decided to take a break when going into college. Her journey with health truly started when she gained the dreaded ‘freshman fifteen.’ After an initial weight loss due to a dental surgery, she continued dropping dozens of pounds due to anorexia. She quickly realized the need to get healthy and got away from the eating disorder. After college she got back into organized sports; Tawnee loves triathlons and is really good at them! However, her nutrition was not necessarily where it should be for her type of training. Her hormones started to take a hit and her race performance started to tank. She put the racing to bed and focused on getting healthy. She is now about three years into her passion for health. Using functional and naturalistic paths, she was able to restore all her hormones to levels they should be. Dr. Phil Maffetone…16:05 Dr. Phil sticks to what works for him. He does what makes him feel good and what he believes in. We are all different; that is why there are so many different ways to go about nutrition and training. His ability to train athletes is phenomenal and widely respected. Tawnee often uses his training in her methods of coaching. Key principles to stay healthy in daily life and performance…20:20 The biggest thing to remember is that the approach needs to be individualized. The ‘streams’ that everyone else is jumping into might not always work for someone else. Moderation does not appeal to the masses but at the end of the day, it works. It is easy to get stuck in the ‘diet mentality’ or going to the extreme which is why moderation is a smart place to start. Having a positive mindset and loving yourself is a huge part of nutrition, performance and overall well-being. One piece of takeaway advice…23:25 Feed yourself a positive story. We have a tendency to focus on the negatives. Take care of yourself and have a positive outlook. It is easy to be overwhelmed; don’t feed your feelings of stress. Be a person who is able to find the silver lining in all situations. Contact… www.coachtawnee.com
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15: Nora Tobin on staying fit and healthy living a fast-paced lifestyle
Nora Tobin is a health and wellness expert to 5-star hotels, a Performance Exercise Specialist, a certified nutrition specialist, Wilhelmina model, and hosts events for companies such as GoPro, Eddie Bauer, Fabletics, Shape magazine, and Roxy. Nora’s passion for health, nutrition, and wellness had led her all over the world. Born in Tahoe, she currently lives in Santa Barbara and continues to work with many companies and individuals to improve their wellbeing. Nora’s Journey…2:45 - Nora’s dream was to be a professional volleyball player. She pursued the AVP and her knowledge/experience in health and nutrition grew as she trained. She eventually started a business in Santa Barbara helping individuals achieve success and it led to consulting for hotels as well. She writes articles for Shape magazine and Sports Illustrated as well. Advice for the young apprentice…4:35 - Relentless pursuit: constantly reaching out, following up with people, and continuing to put yourself out there. You must have thick skin and not be discouraged by the ‘no’s’ that come along with being an entrepreneur. You never know when something great can come from a negative situation. - With fitness and nutrition, you must give yourself time. Everyone is different and all bodies respond differently. Don’t quit and keep persevering. What are you excited about coming up…7:05 - Nora is trying to get some shows made and is looking forward to the challenges of the unknown! - The number one question she consistently got from clients was ‘what do I eat on the go as a snack?’ Nora is excited that the Too Busy To Eat bars are the answer to her clients question. - Her book proposal (see below). What principles do you follow on a busy schedule; at home and traveling?…9:50 - The number one thing is getting in some sort of movement. Without daily movement, Nora finds she lacks creativity, is lethargic and does not have energy to give to her clients and responsibilities. - Being on the go at all times, Nora does not always have the resources to cook meals. One of her tricks is to always incorporate greens into every meal. A green tea, TBTE bar, or protein shake in between lunch and dinner is important. She also starts her day by drinking coffee with coconut oil first thing. On a business trip, she chooses to go low carb; a pure protein, lots of veggies on the side, or a big salad. Instead of having a hard time finding something healthy in the airport, Nora packs snacks; raw nuts, green powders, a bar etc. - Taking magnesium also helps with anxiety and sleep struggles while on the road. Taking a powdered magnesium supplementation will absorb in your bloodstream best. Biggest Obstacle to staying healthy…18:15 - Her love for sweets! Being in the profession she’s in, you cannot afford to eat sweets everyday. Nora has found alternatives to cater to her sweet tooth without hurting her physique; like almond flour cookies. - Another obstacle is not having time to cook. Eating out is not ideal but choosing things that are organic or grass-fed are always something you can be mindful about. Book Proposal…21:15 - Nora has written four book proposals but none of them quite took off. Her first was about being vegan because at the time, she was vegan. Realizing that eating vegan was impacting her hormones, she changed her nutrition and training plans. Her newest proposal covers how hormones are affected by nutrition and training. One piece of advice for busy person…25:40 - Cut out processed foods, high sugar, and stay low carb. Contact…28:30 - www.noratobin.com
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14: Jimmy Moore on eating fat to lose fat
Jimmy Moore is an inspirational speaker and the author of the best-selling book, Livin’ La Vida Low Carb. Jimmy made an incredible transformation when switching to a low carb lifestyle and now he helps those who are searching to make healthy changes in their lives. He has multiple books available and a popular blog loaded with advice and encouragement. Jimmy’s Journey…2:10 - Jimmy and his entire family was obese growing up. By age 32 he weighed 410lbs and when his brother passed away at the age of 41 from heart attacks caused by obesity, Jimmy had a wake up call. Because it was the 80s and 90s, he cut out all the fat and stuck to low-fat choices. Jimmy felt horrible on the low-fat diet; always hungry, irritable, and uncomfortable. - One Christmas, he got the Atkins book as a gift and was totally confused by it! Eating fat was against all of the other diets he had ever done. He tried it anyways and just after the first month, he lost 40lbs! At the end of the year, Jimmy had lost 180lbs! Atkins featured his story on their page and he quickly gained popularity. - Jimmy wrote Livin’ La Vida Low Carb and continued to become more and more popular. He eventually started a podcast. It is now the longest healthcare podcast show on air. Jimmy’s Books….10:20 - Instead of using his degrees in political science and public policy, Jimmy’s english degree has helped his writing skills. In fact, he wrote, reread, and rewrote Keto Clarity over 200 times before he was satisfied! Three more books are coming out in 2017! - Livin’ La Vida Low Carb: about Jimmy’s weight loss journey - 21 Life Lessons: lessons he learned on his low carb journey - Cholesterol Clarity: deeper look into cholesterol - Keto Clarity, Ketogenic Cookbook, and Complete Guide to Fasting: deeper look into the ketogenic diet Key principles to making a change…15:55 - We have been lied to! We are allowing other people to tell us what to do and following their orders. We must be the ones who ultimately say yes or no to issues regard our health. It is important to recognize everyone is different. Fasting…19:30 - Intermittent fasting is something Jimmy stayed away from because he always thought that fasting=starving! The first time he tried it, he hated it. But after hearing Dr. Jason Fung speak, he was fascinated and asked him to collaborate and write a book about fasting. - A natural progression to start fasting would be to start by eating a nutrient dense diet. Maybe even start a ketogenic diet to make the fast seem easier. Then, try cutting out your snacks followed by cutting out one meal a day. This means you might need to eat more fat at your other meals so you do not get too hungry. Slowly make your way by only eating in a 4-8 hour window then finally just eat every other day. One key piece of advice…30:05 - Stop eating crap! Anything refined, processed, sugary, carby. Turn to real foods Contact…32:20 - www.livinlavidalowcarb.com
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12: Kenny Stanford II and Roy Maynor Jr on using fitness and nutrition to jumpstart your life
Kenny Stanford II and Roy Maynor Jr are the head coaches and owners of GRIT Fitness in Texas. Their number one goal is to educate people about the importance of nutrition and fitness. They excel by incorporating an element of fun into their training. Obstacle course racing is the vehicle they chose to do that with and share with others. Both live in Texas with their families and love their busy lives. Journey…2:20 - Kenny and Roy wanted to help people discover that they are capable of things that they never thought they could do. They wanted to prove that they are not ‘too busy’ to eat right or exercise. GRIT Fitness opened in January and started really small, just friends at first. Now they are seeing it expand. Both have a passion for fitness and nutrition, which encourages them to continue learning. The book, The Wild Diet by Abel James, has really opened up a new avenue in their lives. Health is contagious! Training…10:05 Kenny saw the documentary Food Inc. and had decided to make a change to become healthier. After trying P90x and eating right, nothing quite stuck. He saw some ads for a Spartan Race and was attracted to the competitiveness so he signed up! His results and progress he made allowed him to realize how badly he craved this sort of training. Kenny and Roy got together and started to train as partners. Their friendship grew and the rest is history! Both still do obstacle courses and spartan races and they try to do as many races as possible throughout the year. What is coming up that you are excited about?…21:40 GRIT fitness is constantly expanding and their goal is to continue expanding more and more. They would like to train and educate people in many different aspects of health and fitness. There is a brand new facility being built to accommodate their ever growing community. Kenny and Roy are also working on a video series that will consist of advice and guidance regarding health and fitness. One piece of advice to a busy person…25:45 Kenny: Don’t wait for the perfect moment or timing. Make the time for it and make it a priority. Have a community or training partner. Roy: You will blink and years have passed. Eat right, stay active, and set attainable goals. It’s about the process; keep putting one foot in front of the other. Contact….29:35 - www.gritfitnessocr.com - Facebook page: GRIT Fitness TX
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11: Sophie Jaffe on making simple changes for dramatic results
Sophie Jaffee is a health and wellness expert and owner of the company, Philosophie. Her holistic approach provides people with a unique way to nourish their bodies. Along with founding her brand, Sophie is also a raw food chef and a yoga instructor. She has a great blog that is filled with positivity, wholesome recipes, and advice to living a well-balanced life. She works and lives in LA with her husband and two kids. Sophie’s Background….2:55 - Sophie became interested in raw foods and healthy living in her early twenties. She starting working at a raw juice bar which eventually turned into her managing the company. She broke away from her 50-60 hour work schedule and jumped into Philosophie. At first she was doing group cleanses and private consultations. Then, she started preparing and delivering fresh foods and was even George Clooney’s personal chef! After some time and tons of hard work, she started selling her superfood blends which Philosophie is so well known for. How do you balance your busy life?….10:30 - Having a support system and community is key. When in town, Sophie likes to stay home, be comfortable, and surround herself with good energy. She likes to bring people into her life and pour into others, but also makes sure to schedule time for self-care. Physically scheduling time for yourself ensures that it actually happens. It takes a very conscious effort to create the work/home balance and not be distracted by the world around us. Philosophie products…16:00 - Philosophie has different superfood powders and each serves different purposes in synergistic ways. They are all high in antioxidants, high protein, and no soy. They are an easy way to add superfoods to just about anything. They also sell unique kinds of coconut butters and honeys that are filled with real, pure ingredients. Her cleanse programs help reset and rejuvenate the body’s nutritious cravings thus making the body satisfied. One piece of advice for a busy person…23:05 - Start with one small change nutritionally. It does not have to be overwhelming, but at least start somewhere. We all know the areas in life we should change, do it! Contact…. - http://www.thephilosophie.com
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10: Dr. Brant Cortright on improving brain health
Dr. Brant Cortright is a clinical psychologist and has a practice in San Francisco. What makes his work unique is the fact that he focuses on a holistic and neuroscience based approach to brain health. Dr. Cortright specializes in depression, meaning, relationships, and anxiety. He is the author of two books, a professor, and will also do speaking engagements and workshops. The journey to writing his book…1:05 - His whole career, Dr. Cortright was involved in consciousness work and how we have underestimated the brain. His book, Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle: Upgrade Your Brain, Upgrade Your Life, focuses on brain health and diet. He was writing a book about depression when he came upon neurogenesis and decided to run with that. How to increase the rate of neurogenesis….5:00 - Diet is probably the biggest influencing factor because to build a good brain, we need high quality materials. The brain is made up of fat; so in turn, we need a diet with high quality fats. Stay away from oxidized fats (vegetable oil) and make sure you get plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA (molecularly distilled fish oil). A low carbohydrate, low sugar, and low caffeine diet is best for many reasons. Top supplements we really need…12:15 - Omega-3, green tea extract, curcumin, and tumeric. Does neurogenesis benefit from physical activity…14:30 - Yes! Whether it’s writing, talking, or learning a new skill. Stimulating our brains is key. Other aspects to improve our brain health…16:45 - All physical activity is good for the body. When it comes to neurogenesis, aerobic exercise has a powerful effect on our brains. High intensity interval training has no effect on neurogenesis but for brain health, we should be doing aerobic training. Being in nature also stimulates brain growth. Meditation…19:20 - There are two different kinds of spiritual practices that help stimulate neurogenesis. One is mindfulness mediation: bringing our attention into the now. This involves being extremely aware of the present moment you are in. The other form is being aware of the heart opening. This could include devotionals, prayer, kindness or loving acts. Other components that would help brain growth…21:00 - Bad stress is a killer to our brain cells. Good stress is short term and low/moderate stress that helps us get stronger. Don’t be ‘on’ all the time. Unplug from phones and computers to disconnect and take a break. One thing to start making their brain healthy…24:15 - Reduce carbs, increase good fats -especially Omega-3s. Contact…23:30 - www.brantcortright.com - http://neurogenesisdiet.com
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9: Dr. Carolyn Dean and drastically improving your health through the proper minerals
Dr. Carolyn Dean is a medical doctor specializing in naturopathic medicine. She went to school at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Not only is she a doctor, but an author as well. She has been a part of writing and cowriting over 145 print and ebooks! She currently resides in Maui with her husband. Her Journey….1:15 - As a teen, Dr. Dean was interested in nutrition and started to read about health while traveling. She applied to medical school and truly wanted to help people. She chose to do naturopathy and had a tough journey along her way. Key Principles…6:10 - Stay practical. Educate yourself on different minerals and supplements that may help. Do you really need to take 100 different pills or supplements to treat each and every symptom you’re experiencing? Have our minerals been ‘farmed out?’….14:35 - There is the soil to consider and different drugs that can be added to foods. If you focus on a more raw diet, you are getting more minerals. Those eating processed foods are missing out on all the good stuff! Magnesium Deficiency…15:15 - Your body is constantly adapting but when you are stressed, magnesium levels take a turn. Low blood sugar, high blood pressure, adrenal fatigue, heart palpitations are just a few symptoms that may be part of this deficiency. However, these symptoms can be easily confused with other issues; for example doctors often prescribe anxiety medicine because that’s what they think is happening. This may lead to other issues. Dr. Dean’s Products…24:00 - Her focus is on low potency and high absorption. She created her RnA drops from a barley extract that helps with magnesium absorption. Her powders are very digestible, making it great for those with leaky gut or following a Paleo diet. Piece of advice for someone to take a step towards better health?…31:00 - Drink water with pink Himalayan sea salt or Celtic salt. There is nothing There is nothing in our water now, and we need the 72 different minerals that are in sea salt. Start with just a very small pinch! Contact…33:35 - www.drcarolyndean.com
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8: Barry Murray and reaching your full potential through nutrition
Barry Murray is a nutritionist who specializes in sports performance. He has a degree in Chemistry and later went on to get his Masters in Nutrition. After his Masters, he created his company, OptimumNutrition4Sport, and now helps athletes reach their full potentials. He works with cyclists, triathletes, and has great success delivering holistic advice to those looking to make positive changes. Barry’s Journey…2:55 - Barry has a degree in Chemistry but he got sick of the corporate world. He had always been interested in Nutrition so he quit his job and pursued his Masters in Nutrition. He is fascinated with how the body can run off of fat instead of carbs. What does a fat-adapted athlete look like?….4:55 - We have been ‘conned’ into thinking that sugar/carbs are the only thing that will help fuel us. However, the physiology shows that converting fats into energy is actually extremely efficient. Barry trains his athletes in a fasted state to increase the rate at which the body can convert fat into energy. He encourages and educates his athletes about high fat and low carb diets. Not necessarily ketogenic, but making sure their fatty acids are being used as the primary fuel source. Benefits he has seen…8:35 - This ‘high fat and low carb’ concept goes against a lot of conventional nutrition guidelines. He was hired by the cycling team, BMC and came in with the primary goal to help the athletes go longer and faster. Their aerobic capacity grew, they achieved better body composition, and other health benefits (controlled appetite, better sleep and recovery, insulin sensitivity). What advice do you have for the ‘weekend warrior’?…12:15 - Anyone can do it! Despite the complexity at the physiological level, it is still easy enough to shift to the low carb/high fat diet. Intermittent fasting is another important and key tool to being successful in this diet. Common Mistakes….14:10 - People often take out the grains and fruits (where the carbs are), but keep the lean meats. That is a low carb, low fat, high protein diet. This could lead to poor energy levels. It is important to incorporate high fats (coconut oil, avocados, fatty pieces of meat etc.) more into the diet. Also, intermittent fasting is just that: intermittent! Use caution because doing it daily without proper research and guidance could lead to adrenal problems. Barry’s Training Routine….17:00 - Barry has won an ultramarathon (125 miles in a fasted state!), he does strength and conditioning work, and high intensity exercise. Barry has found the fine balance between the acute and chronic stress he puts on his body. Unlike many traditional programs, he reduces his training load and has been able to be very successful with his methods. He also likes to use nature to his advantage; sunlight, the Earth, sleep, cold. Advice for the busy person….22:10 - Whatever exercise session you have planned, do it without breakfast! Do fasted training to burn more fat. Contact…23:30 - optimumnutrition4sport.co.uk
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7: Doug Holt on habits and goal setting to change your life
Doug Holt is a highly trained fitness expert, owner of four different companies, motivational speaker, and marketing expert. He has an extremely long, varied, and respected list of certifications and accomplishments. Doug has been featured in many publications and also contributes as a writer to an array of magazines. He now is residing in Oregon and developing material geared to help executives and entrepreneurs in both their business and personal lives. Intro….2:15 - Doug Holt has been in the fitness industry and marketing industry for approximately 20 years now. We are all multi-faceted and it is possible to find balance between work and passions. Doug’s Work…3:50 - He helped find a voice for different fitness professionals all over the world. Interestingly enough, many medical professionals do not have extensive nutrition or fitness training that they should have (they are more focused on medicines and chronic/acute illnesses). Fitness/Nutrition Routine…9:50 - Realize that you ebb and flow, but always try to set yourself up for success. Doug does this by having a green shake or smoothie and always has healthy snacks ready and available! That way the right decision is easier to make. Staple habits…12:25 - Doug has a green smoothie, salad, and breaks a sweat everyday. More importantly, he suggests to do something fun and make a game out of life! Doug breaks his life into 5 different categories; mind, body, soul, relationship and goals. Every 90 days he sets goals for each aspect of life. At the end of the 90 days, he can reflect and set new goals and view progress. Goal setting…15:00 - Doug and Greg both suggest to break your goals up into reasonable time frames. Say you give yourself 100 days to reach a goal… Instead of waiting for the 100 day mark to come around, check in every 30 days or so to track your progress. What are you most excited for?…16:30 - Author of Your Own Story will be launching in December of 2016. This will be an open platform where people can share and create their personal stories. If you were to write your story, would someone want to pick it up? Make the next ten years of your life a best seller! One piece of advice for busy people….19:00 - Set yourself up for success. Before bed, Doug lays out his workout clothes and snacks to prep for the next day. Not planning causes you to become a victim to the things (often unhealthy foods or habits) around you. Closing…21:30 - fitnessprofessionalsonline.com - dougholtonline.com
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6: Barry Friedman on changing your life by being sugar-free
Barry is a World Juggling Champion and author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller, I Love Me More Sugar. He has given multiple TED talks, is a sugar expert, and runs a program called ‘30 days sugar free.’ Providing people with encouragement to give up their sugar habits is something he truly has a passion for. How did Sugar-free Barry happen?…2:45 - Barry was the guy that ate what he wanted and did not think twice about it. After a frozen yogurt date with his son, he decided to give up sugar for 30 days. He noticed a difference the day after giving up this ‘drug’. Throughout his journey, he has noticed changes in his skin, waistline, and blood panel numbers. Replacement for sugar…6:10 - He eats a lot of fruit. Even though fruit has sugar, Barry stays away from any added sugars. Now, his ‘sweet treats’ look like raisins, apples, or celery with almond butter. 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge…8:55 - Barry says it is hard to imagine the life waiting for you after giving up sugar. Start by giving up one thing at a time. Barry does a day-by-day coaching technique to help his clients. During Barry’s 30 day journey, every system in his body went against him on day 4, but he persevered and is able to shed light for those struggling. Day 4 is typically one of the hardest days of the challenge; your body is rebelling against but continue to break the chains that sugar has on you! Testimonials….14:10 - A woman in Louisiana started at a size 18 and is now a size 4! After seeing his wife be so successful after her journey of giving up sugar, her husband (who was on the verge of death) tried the 30day challenge, stuck with it, and now they are both living happy and healthy lives! - More stories on www.30dayssugarfree.com Tobacco and Sugar…16:05 - There is a ton of information coming out about sugar; in fact we will soon be comparing it to tobacco products. The big companies (soda, candies etc.) are donating and sponsoring health institutes…how does that make any sense? I Love Me More Than Sugar…17:40 - This book is a breakdown of all things sugar. We have been exposed to so many different kinds of sugar and ways to incorporate it into our daily lives. We are eating 150lbs of sugar a year, we used to only eat 4lbs a year. Journey with kids…23:25 - The best thing to do with our kids is be a good role model. It is important to do what you can to control the presence of sugar or other unwanted foods in your own home. One piece of advice…26:55 - Get a piece of paper and write ‘change takes change.’ Put it somewhere you will see daily. It is important to get clear with your thoughts and goals. Contact…29:10 - www.30dayssugarfree.com - www.30dayssugarfree.com/tbte - Barry will put together a few free videos for TBTE listeners!
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5: Dr. Thomas Cowan and unique ways to get vegetables in your diet
Dr. Thomas Cowan is a holistic doctor, an author of multiple books including How and Why to Eat More Vegetables, the founder of Dr. Cowan’s Garden, and his medical practice Fourfold Healing. He currently lives in San Francisco where he sees patients at Fourfold Healing. How did you get here…2:13 - Dr. Cowan grew up with the idea of feeling like he had to be a doctor, even though he wasn’t really interested. Being in the peace corps for two years led him to discover that he wanted to be a holistic doctor. One who does not prescribe drugs but rather, proper foods. How and Why to Eat More Vegetables…5:10 - In his book, Dr. Cowan looks at the most important decision to make about health: do we think the way we live and the medicine we take make us the healthiest we can be? - 3 food groups: food from animals, foods from seeds, vegetables/fruit. - The typical native diet averaged 10-15 veggies per day out of 120 different kinds. Today we only get about 8 veggies (ketchup, fries, lack of variety) out of a much smaller pool. Vegetables are similar to vitamins in a sense. That is why we should be eating a wide variety of them. Nourishing Traditions…12:35 - This book talks about how to apply principles of healthy eating to raising young children - The two authors set out to create a vegetable revolution and encourage a wider variety of healthy eating. How was the garden born?…15:55 - Dr. Cowan was given a garden, he tried a bunch of root powders in a restaurant kitchen, and learned about miron jars - Miron jars- shield the vegetables or powders from wavelengths and help preserve freshness, flavors, and nutritional values. Garden to consumer…18:40 - Dr. Cowan picks the best products from his garden, goes to local gardens/farms to grow his seeds the way he wants it do be done What goes into each mixture…24:05 - A plant has three parts: root, stem/leave, flower/fruit. It is important to have a little from each of the three parts. Again, diversity and variety is key! One piece of advice to improve health… 28:10 - Slow down and live a life that has contact with soil, air, water, and all of nature. - Get some powders Closing….29:30 - www.drcowansgarden.com
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4: Ben Greenfield and fine-tuning the human body
Ben Greenfield is a New York Times bestselling author, a former bodybuilder and triathlete, and expert/trainer in all things health, nutrition, and performance. He is the owner of Greenfield Fitness Systems, a company dedicated to finding the best solutions to help people reach their personal goals, and is the host of a very popular podcast show, BenGreenfieldFitness. He lives in Washington with his wife and two sons and continues to look for ways to fine-tune the human body. Intro…1:30 - Beyond Training, New York Times Bestseller - NSCA Trainer of the Year: 2008 - Top 100 Influential People in Health and Fitness: 2013-2014 Moving beyond the basics…2:50 -Many people have access to basic nutrition, training programs, and health information. But it is crucial to pay attention to the invisible variables that many people ignore and pair that with eating healthy and moving more. -If you are constantly exposed to positive ions or carcinogenic properties, you can reverse it by exposing yourself to negative ions. Expose yourself to nature! For example, if you are always around wifi or bluetooth signals, go outside and walk barefoot, expose yourself to pure water, or buy an air filter. Workout routine…13:30 -Since your parasympathetic nervous system is active in the morning, ease into the day with things that are not stressful; breathing, stretching, walk, hike. Usually about 20-30 min worth. -Save harder workouts for later in the day around 4-7pm when when your body temperature is highest, reaction times are fastest, and post workout protein synthesis is at it's peak. Activities could range from weight lifting, HIIT, metcons, or paddle boarding What are you excited about…15:45 -Besides life, Ben is working on a training regimen for obstacle course racers. He is also writing a fiction book and spear fishing. Closing…17:30 www.bengreenfieldfitness.com
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3: Dr. Dom D'Agostino and the incredible health benefits of the ketogenic diet
Dr. Dominic D’Agostino is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine. He is also a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC). Dr. Dom is the leading expert on the ketogenic diet and how it may combat different diseases. Dr. Dom’s Journey…(3:15) - After majoring in nutrition and biology, he got into more of a research role with his degree. - His studies during his post doctoral fellowship with the Department of Defense led him to the ketogenic diet. He was especially interested in the way different fuel sources affect the brain in extreme conditions. What is the Ketogenic Diet?… (7:35) - Diet that evolved out of how fasting changes brain energy metabolism - Basis of the diet is: eating primarily fat, a moderate amount of protein, very minimal or no carbohydrates - Our bodies produce ketones which are used as an energy source when carbs are depleted. This preserves our brain energy metabolism - It is a way of eating that mimics the state of fasting that can be sustained independent from calorie restriction Benefits of Keto diet for the average person?… (10:15) - Controls a number of different diseases; seizures, dementia, Alzheimers, even cancer. - Our carb tolerance decreases as we age; lowering our carb intake will help slow down general age related issues - Keto diets produce sustained energy, are an appetite suppressant, weans us from being glucose dependent, more clarity. - Can achieve this state through modified Atkins, supplementation, intermittent fasting, strict ketogenic meals. Diet Rhythm?…(14:15) - Dr. Dom used to be a big breakfast person - now he usually does 2-3 eggs, small portion of protein, green veggies (500-600 cals) - butter/MCT coffee (sips on through the day) and does not usually have to eat until dinner SEALS, Delta Force, Air Force, medical drug research…(16:35) - Works through the office of Navy Research on product formulation and human application - Currently testing about a dozen different ketone supplements on rodents - including which have the greatest capacity to enhance physical performance, safety, mechanistic work (inflammation etc.) - He is looking at ways to preserve/enhance cognitive function under low oxygen conditions (for people who fly) - Hoping to find a way to take a supplement that will get one into nutritional ketosis - Decreases side effects of chemo by protecting the normal, healthy cells What are you most excited about now?…(24:25) - The emerging applications of nutritional ketosis, finding out the differences between the actual ketones that your body produces, and trying to identify the optimal formula/sweet spot for supplemental ketosis How do you test your methods?…(25:55) - Anecdotal feedback from trials with rats and mice - Researching how the body makes energy as well as effect of creatine, caffeine etc. - Formulating these supplements to enhance the cells capacity to shuttle nutrients and generate ATP Piece of advice to change overall health?…(34:15) - Since we are all busy, adapt your body to less frequent feedings. Try intermittent fasting just once a week to condition your body to cope with the days you are ‘too busy to eat’ - Wean yourself off of carbs and sugar - Take at least one hour to shut your brain off. Contact…(38:00) - www.ketonutrition.org - tons of free resources available on his website
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2: Dr. Samantha and her unique approach to reaching optimal health
Dr. Samantha Brody is a naturopathic physician and the founder of the Evergreen Natural Health Center. She caters to each person on a very individualized based to find the health values that work best for that specific person. She grew up eating SpaghettisOs and processed foods as a child up until college where she found alternative medicine. After medical school, she settled down in Portland, Oregon and opened the Evergreen Natural Health Center where she continues to treat patients today. Samantha’s Journey….1:40 - Super picky and not much exposure to healthy foods - At age 8 her mom was fed up with her picky habits, so Samantha would go to the market and pick out her own foods. Most which came from cans and boxes. It was not until the end of high school and start of college when she tried veggies! - In college, being a vegetarian was the ‘thing’ to do so she jumped on board which started her health journey. Key Principles to eat healthy while staying busy ….6:10 - Two biggest things: understand what is important to you and get clear about your values and how you want to feel everyday. - Pay attention to how you feel (physically, emotionally, mentally) after you eat certain things, sleep well or not, encounter different stressors. - this can also be practiced with children to make them aware at an early age (especially the eating). Dr. Samantha’s Unique Approach/Outcome…8:20 - What everyone wants/needs is different, which is why we all have a sweet spot (with foods, sleep, exercise etc.) - The 30 day jumpstart programs do not prepare us or help us learn where our sweet spot is, which is why they work in the beginning but not the long haul. - Dr. Samantha works to find where people have/do not have flexibility in their lives to uncover their optimal well-being. What is the process of a Skype consultation?…11:05 - Very similar to face-to-face; full intake of medical history, previous labs, talk about values and goals. - Look at their goals and make a game-plan - Will always include taking supplements and a talk about nutrition. Then it becomes more individualized depending on the person. Stress…13:00 - The accumulation of stresses is the most important thing to consider - Looking at the big picture of all the different stress sources helps us pin point what we can change, what we can’t change, and what we choose not to change. - Think outside the box, quiet your mind, and find something that fits into your lifestyle. Biggest Challenges that are in the way of staying healthy…18:30 - Not understanding what is important to you - People using food or choices emotionally - Not understanding there is always a way to find a solution. There is always a way. Stubborn weight gain…19:50 - Under eating (your body wants to store fat because it thinks your starving), not regulating blood sugar, hormones, and stress are all significant issues that affect people. - Tracking food helps people see what they are really eating. This shows that what you are actually doing is not always the same as what you think you are doing Societal Stressors…22:10 - People are beating themselves up everyday over not losing weight or looking what they want to look like. They give themselves a hard time, judge themselves, speak to themselves in such a negative way. - It can’t be an everyday occurrence. It’s okay to want to be healthier, but you can’t drive yourself into the ground for not being where you think you ‘should’ be. What are you excited about?…23:15 - Book Proposal: The Stress Less Strategy - All about accumulative stress and how to address your health from that perspective One takeaway for a busy person to maintain a healthy life…25:40 - Find out what is important to you. - Plan ahead just enough so there is always something to eat in your reach - cooking extra, making sure it is easily accessible Closing…27:30 - Best way to contact Dr. Samantha: www.drsamantha.com - FREE GIFT download! - www.drsamantha.com/tbte
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1: Nina Teicholz and the Big Fat Surprise
Nina Teicholz is a journalist and author of the Best Science book of 2014; The Big Fat Surprise. In this book, she explains the history of how our government has convinced us that fats are bad. She also argues why meat, cheese, eggs, and butter are foods that we should be eating more of, not avoiding. Nina lives in New York City and is still following her passion of writing and nutrition by working closely with the Nutrition Coalition (http://www.nutrition-coalition.org). The Big Fat Surprise… 1:25 - Argues that saturated fats have been demonized. They are in fact good for us! -She tells the story of how our society got this misinformation and why the government is not correcting it - Also discusses the sciences of soybean oil/corn oil and the effects those have on our bodies Selection Bias 5:40 - The research community often ignores what the truth is revealing by ignoring the things that don't fit their hypotheses and selecting those that do fit (sadly this happens more than we think) Sugar is a villain but so are these… 9:30 - Our body treats high carb diets containing things like whole wheats, beans, grains etc., as sugar even though they are commonly seen as ‘healthy’ - For so long we have been brainwashed with poor nutritional information (eat a high carb, low fat diet) from the government Don't fear the fat! … 12:00 - We need to get back to eating whole foods and stop the high carb diet trend How have things changed after her book…13:55 - She has been deemed as a ‘critic of the dietary guidelines’ for researching a topic so controversial in the nutrition world - Being on the inside allows her to see the manipulation and food politics happening. - The government encourages low fat, lean meat diets but there has been no research on this. That is a problem. Future works? …20:30 - exposing the flawed dietary guidelines - smaller pieces to work on improving them in the mean time - the government has more of a control on food than we think Nutrition Coalition 22:10 - People in experiments have been ignored for decades because they don't fit with the government hypothesis - The lack of alternative thinking is hurting our health and the goal is to bring this thinking to Washington. Advice for someone on the go to get healthy…23:40 - Try cured meats- salami, prosciutto, other Italian meats for protein and fat, also low carb - Don’t be scared of saturated fats. Closing…29:10 - Read Nina’s book and find her on social media! http://thebigfatsurprise.com - http://www.nutrition-coalition.org
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