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Category: Business
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Welcome to the Insurance Marketing Master Class!

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Podcast Episode's:
ep.0021 – Lead Generation – Facebook Pixel & Retargeting
In this episode, I discuss what a Facebook Pixel and why it is important to use it in your marketing strategy.   Resources: Facebook’s Page on the Pixel:  https://www.facebook.com/business/learn/facebook-ads-pixel WordPress Plugin for Inserting Your Pixel:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/insert-headers-and-footers/   Notes: Lead Generation – Pixels & Retargeting/Remarketing FB Pixel & Retargeting Javascript snippet that goes in the head […]
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ep.0020 – Optimizing Landing Pages to Convert More Leads
In this episode, I go over how to optimize your landing page to convert more insurance leads.   Notes: Lead Generation – Optimizing Landing Pages to Convert More Leads Ads visuals and landing page visuals need to be similar Always ad an image. Everything above the fold (if possible) Use A/B Split Testing Clean Design […]
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ep.0019 – Lead Generation – Driving Traffic to Your Lead Magnets & Converting Leads on Your Website
Continuing with lead gen…Once you have created attractive content, it is time to start driving traffic to it, so you can convert more traffic on your website. Notes: Lead Generation – Driving Traffic to Your Lead Magnets & Converting Leads on Your Website Ads FB Cheaper than Google Great targeting Everyone is on Facebook (nearly) […]
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ep.0018 – Lead Generation – Attract Your Customers by Creating Valuable Content
In this episode, I discuss how content plays a role in the attract stage of the inbound methodology and why it is essential to attract new customers. Notes: Lead Generation – Attract Your Customers by Creating Valuable Content So, we’ve talked about lead magnets. Once you have your lead magnets in place, you need to […]
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ep.0017 – Lead Generation – Lead Magnets & Converting
In this episode, we discuss the qualities of great lead magnets and cover some examples of how an insurance agency can use lead magnets to convert. Notes: Lead Generation – Lead Magnets & Converting When one says lead magnet, most think of ebooks. – SO MUCH MORE What is a great lead magnet? There are […]
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ep.0016 – Lead Generation – Why Your Website Should Never Be Just A Billboard
In this episode, I discuss the potential of your agency website as a means to enchant and convert your audience. Notes: Lead Generation – Why Your Website Should Never Be Just A Billboard (Start with Billboard LeadGen license plate scan w/pupil dilation analogy) That is the power of a website. Many people have websites, but […]
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ep.0015 – Analyzing CLTV With Closes, Leads, & Conversion
In this episode, we highlight the process of applying CLTV to a marketing campaign, using Facebook advertising as an example. Notes: Analyzing Customers, Closes, Leads, & Traffic Go back and listen to the previous episode, if you haven’t already. Now that we know what a customer is worth, we can look at reverse engineering the […]
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ep.0014 – Is Marketing Really That Expensive?
In this episode, we look at how to justify marketing spend and budgeting by calculating Customer Lifetime Value. Notes: Customer Lifetime Value What is CLTV? Why is CLTV important? Understanding how much an average customer is worth will allow you to start budgeting an appropriate amount of marketing spend per customer, per lead, per click. […]
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ep.0013 – Inbound Marketing Overview
In this episode, I give a quick overview of inbound marketing, in order to tie in some of the concepts that we have been discussing and will be discussing in future episodes.
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ep.0012 – Clearly Communicating Your Value Proposition w/Sheldon Snodgrass
In this episode, I interview Sheldon Snodgrass of Steady Sales about sales strategies and how to apply them to your insurance agency marketing strategy. Sheldon Snodgrass Steady Sales http://www.steadysales.com/ 413.244.2294 Resources: Specific Notes: A – Advocacy E – Expertise I – Independency O – Owed U – “You” (the customer) Books: To Sell is Human […]
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ep.0011 – Choosing Page-Level Keyword Strategies
In this episode, I discuss how to choose page-level SEO keywords and how begin optimizing your on-page SEO. Resources: kwFinder Majestic SEO SEMRush
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ep.0010 – How One Insurance Agency is Growing with Lead Generation, SEO, & Acquisition
In this episode, I interview Eli Zimmer & Tom Ayres from Daigle & Travers Insurance, who have been growing their insurance agency with focused effort on SEO, lead generation, and by acquiring another local agency. Eli Zimmer & Tom Ayres Daigle & Travers Insurance http://daigletravers.com/ 203.655.6974
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

ep.0009 – Understanding Keyword Strategy
Many insurance agencies are not entirely sure about how they should approach developing an SEO strategy. Choosing the correct keywords is one of the most foundational aspects of a great SEO plan. In this episode, I start to break keyword strategy down and how to implement SEO techniques on your website. Resources: Yoast SEO Farley’s Massive […]
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ep.0008 – Being An Agent of Digital Change Within An Agency w/John Lapointe
In this episode, I interview John Lapointe of Lapointe Insurance Agency in Fall River, MA. John has recently joined his family agency & discusses his process of bringing the agency into the 21st century. John Lapointe The Lapointe Insurance Agency http://www.lapointeins.com/ Additional Resources:  https://kwfinder.com/
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ep.0007 – Importance of Your Insurance Agency Website
In this episode, I discuss the importance of your insurance agency’s website and how it should be utilized as a lead conversion tool.
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ep.0006 – SEO Software Platform w/Adam White
In this episode, we are joined by Adam White of SEOJet.net, an SEO software platform owner. Adam explains the relationship between your keywords and your link profile. Adam White SEOJet https://seojet.net/ Guest Post Tracker https://www.guestposttracker.com/
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ep.0005 – Sculpting Your Insurance Agency Buyer’s Journey
In this episode, I discuss the importance of the attract and convert stages of the inbound methodology as it relates to the Buyer’s Journey.
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ep.0004 – Driving Sales Through Educating Prospects w/Allen Drew
In this episode, I interview Allen Drew about how he drives insurance sales by educating his prospects and customer base. Allen Drew Allen Drew Insurance Agency https://allendrewinsuranceagency.com/ Confessions of An Insurance Agent [book] https://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Insurance-Agent-insurance-business-ebook/dp/B071LMDWBL/
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ep.0003 – Insurance Agency Buyer Personas
In this episode, I go over what Insurance Buyer Personas are, why you would want to use them, and how to create them. Download Our 15 Free Buyer Personas for Insurance Agencies  
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ep.0002 – Rethinking Your Agency Branding w/Christian Neil
In this episode, Christian Neil discusses branding your agency…but it’s more than your logo and collateral! Christian Neil Neil Creative https://www.neilcreative.com/
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ep.0001 – Insurance Is Boring. How do I market that?
In this episode of the Insurance Marketing Masterclass, I go over how to get past the age old belief that insurance is boring, so therefore the marketing must be also…so NOT true! Check out Yeti.com: https://www.yeti.com/
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