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Category: General
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Knoxville, Tennessee family-law attorney K.O. Herston discusses current issues in Tennessee family law, divorce, and related topics with guests.

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Podcast Episode's:
#8: Stepparent Success
<p>What makes parent-stepparent relationships so difficult? How can parents and stepparents work together to do what's best for the child? In this episode, I talk with a mother and stepmother who have been able to succeed where so many others fail. Parents and stepparents can learn from their experience.</p>
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#7: Collaborative Divorce in Tennessee
<p>K.O. interviews Knoxville attorneys Jackie Kittrell and Heidi Wegryn about the growing practice of collaborative divorce in Tennessee.</p>
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

#6: K.O. Herston Answers Your Questions
<p>K.O. answers questions sent in by listeners. In this episode, K.O. discusses (1:30) what to look for when selecting a family-law attorney, (11:10) whether a child-support arrearage can be waived in Tennessee, and (16:00) the one thing he most wants to change about Tennessee family law.</p>
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#5: Summer's Story -- "To Hell with Your Happiness"
<p>"To hell with your happiness." That's what Summer heard when she told her mother she wanted a divorce. Summer found herself in her early-20's, the mother of four young children, broke, and stuck in a miserable marriage. Ten years after her divorce trial, she looks back on her experience before, during, and after her divorce. Enjoy her remarkable story.</p>
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#4: Judge Swann Reflects on Changes in Tennessee Family Law and Life after the Bench
<p>K.O. concludes his interview with Judge Bill Swann. They discuss the rise of mediation, the end of gender preferences in child-custody disputes, the most rewarding types of cases, and the most difficult. Judge Swann predicts what we'll see in the coming years, and discusses his life after retiring from the bench.</p>
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#3: Judge Bill Swann Reflects on Changes in the Practice of Law
<p>K.O. interviews Judge Bill Swann about the changes he observed in the practice of family law during his 32 years presiding over the family-law court in Knoxville, Tennessee. Judge Swann also suggests ways attorneys can be more effective advocates in court.</p>
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#2: Terri's Story, Part Two
<p>K.O. Herston concludes his interview with his former client, Terri. They discuss Terri's experience during the divorce process, her reflections on how her life has changed, and the lessons she learned along the way.</p>
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#1: Terri's Story, Part One
<p>K.O. Herston's former client, Terri, speaks with him about her divorce after 31 years of marriage. In Part One, they talk about her decision to divorce, how she prepared for it, and how her husband and children reacted to the news.</p>
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