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Category: Business
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The Syndicate is a show with the angel investors and VCs behind big name startups. We interview the brightest investors, syndicate leads, GPs, limited partners and startup founders to create an original, off the cuff discussion on startup investing.

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Podcast Episode's:
TS: Taking European Startups Global and Berlins Tech Ecosystem
Christian is in charge of the German Accelerator in NYC and is a managing partner at Napali Partners, a boutique consulting and advisory firm. Before that, Christian was an SVP, Head of Marketing at Indiegogo, one of the world’s top crowdfunding platforms.  Listen and Learn: The growth of NYC’s startup and funding scene How startups...
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TS: Legendary Rocker Howie Diamond of Ranch Ventures on Following Your Obsessions
Rocker turned entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, Howie Diamond of Ranch Ventures joins the podcast to share his insights on an unintentional journey into the world of VC. Howie’s a character and a rising star in Silicon Valley and his human centered approach is a refreshing and likely strategy to dealing with startup founders. Listen and...
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TS: Why The Next Mega Tech Company is Probably Coming out of China with Sajid Rahman
An investor in the likes of FitMob and Shyp, Sajid Rahman is an executive level leader with industry leading experience in emerging markets, helping companies expand internationally and the Asian startup landscape. He started the first tech accelerator program in Bangladesh, runs an AngelList syndicate, sits on the board and advises numerous startups and is...
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TS: Zach Coelius on 1st Billion Dollar AngelList Exit and Building a Top Tier Syndicate
Zach is a 4 time entrepreneur, full time angel investor and all around good and helpful guy. His Cruise Automation syndicate was the first billion dollar exit on AngelList and he’s invested and advised several more startups well on their way to the coveted unicorn status. Before starting investing, Zach’s company Triggit raised ~18M in...
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TS: Missing Uber Seed Round By Hours and The Evolution of Silicon Valley with Maarten ‘t Hooft
Maarten’s a developer that has seen the evolution of Silicon Valley, from Sun Micro System to Google and finally launching his own micro VC fund. Quest Ventures is industry agnostic and looks for opportunities in early stage startup companies. With some big hits, some big misses, the firm is actually founder friendly and has a...
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TS: Sheel Mohnot with 500 Startups and The Pitch on Fintech, Fund Size, Syndicates and Exiting a Startup
Sheel Mohnot of 500 Startups is ACTUALLY a jack of all trades. He helps design, build, and improve human ecosystems through technology, as a creator or an investor/partner. He focuses specifically on what he calls “financial services for the rest of us” and helping financial institutions operate more efficiently. Sheel has had 2 successful fintech...
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TS: Why VCs Should be Industry Agnostic and Avoid Silicon Valley with Phil Nadel of Forefront Ventures
Phil Nadel is a managing partner and syndicate lead at Forefront Venture Partners/Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners where he leads one of the largest and most active angel syndicates on AngelList. In addition to being an accomplished investor and being a featured investor on the Shark Tank style Pitch podcast, Phil is also a published author,...
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TS: Cryptocurrencies, ICOs and the Future of Public Markets with Joey Krug of Panterra Capital
Joey got involved in Bitcoin mining in 2011 before building Bitcoin point of sale system in 2013. In 2014, he dropped out of Pomona College to cofound one of the first projects on Ethereum called Augur, and in 2015 they did the first crowdsale on Ethereum. Then this year he joined Pantera Capital as Co-Chief...
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