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Category: Society/Culture
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WokeNFree is a podcast brought to you by Mr. & Mrs. Nurse who are interested in being honest and real with each other and the world. They refuse to leave anything off the table!

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Podcast Episode's:
Episode 20: What Does Success Really Look Like?
  Success  = Money  Success = Love  Success = Happiness  …. What is the real formula for what it takes to be successful? Want to know what we think? Listen to the episode, share your comments below, and join the conversation to learn more about what success really looks like.   Episode Shout-out to TED.com, Business […]
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Episode 19: What Do Serial Killers Look Like?
  After watching a couple of movies like Tales from the Hood, we asked the question…what do serial killers look like? Are they gang members? Are they troubled professionals? Could they be your neighbor? Who are these people in our society? Listen to the episode, share your comments below, and join the conversation to learn more about […]
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Episode 18: What is the Verdict on Tattoos?
  We love tattoos. Every year we get one in tribute to our passions and love for each other. In our society, tattoos are not beloved among us all. In fact, there are some who are hardcore fans and others who are vehemently against them. Listen to the episode, share your comments below, and join the […]
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Episode 17: Are We In Control of Our Emotions?
When was the last time you were angry? Did you clap back immediately or take the time to respond appropriately? Do you think most people handle their emotions in the right way? Are you dying to know what we think on the matter? Listen to the episode, share your comments below, and join the conversation.   Episode […]
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Episode 16: What Does Support Really Look Like?
  Are you really getting supported in your life? Do you have friends who really ride or die? Dying to know what we think on the matter? Listen to the episode, share your comments below, and join the conversation.   Episode Shout-out to ElevatedPost, Gary Vaynerchuk, John Henry, Tony Robbins, and Tiffany Haddish     Music Credits: Music […]
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Episode 15: Why is Sexual Harassment and Assault Happening?
  With all of the sexual harassment and assault cases in the news, did you ever ask yourself, why is this happening? Are people predisposed to hurt each other? Will this sexual violence ever come to an end? Listen to the episode, share your comments below, and join the conversation.  Episode Shout-out to EEOC, The United […]
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Episode 14: What is the Verdict on Bitcoins?
  Do you what a bitcoin is? Even better, do you invest in bitcoins or other types of cryptocurrencies? Whether you are an avid investor or you don’t have a clue what a bitcoin is, you don’t want to miss this new episode. Listen to the episode, share your comments below, and join in the conversation.  […]
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Episode 13: Are You Privileged?
  What does privilege really mean? Are we all privileged? Do we recognize the benefits of privilege in our personal lives? Dying to know what we think? Listen to the episode, share your comments below, and join in the conversation.  Episode Shout-out to Vudu, Ebates, everyday feminism, FRESH U, NY Times, HuffPost, The New Yorker, Kendrick Lamar, Transcendence, […]
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Episode 12: Do You Need to Own a Gun?
  When was the first time you saw a gun or used one? What do you think of the current gun control laws in the US? Are we too restrictive or permissive with guns in this country? Dying to know what we think? Listen to the episode, share your comments below, and join in the […]
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Episode 11: Is Cultural Appropriation Okay?
  Is cultural appropriation okay? Is it possible to avoid cultural appropriation? Are we all cultural appropriators? Join us as we dive deep into the cultural appropriation conversation with guest Anthony Fong, Esq. He is the General Counsel at Broadway Stages and Staten Island Stages, LLC. Aside from being a lawyer, Anthony is an entrepreneur, always looking for new […]
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Episode 10: Are We TOO P.C. in Our Society?
  Do you think we live in a TOO P.C. society? Ever feel like you can’t get your message across without offending the P.C. officers of the world? Are you afraid to voice your opinion because of this? When will enough be enough? What type of society do we want to really have? Join us […]
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Episode 9: Is Conscious Rap Dead or Alive?
  Is conscious rap dead or alive? Which rappers are WokeNFree? In this episode, we will talk all about rap PLUS…you will get to know the one and only rapper Miss Eaves.  Episode Shout-out to Riot grrrl, nerdcore, Peaches, Sia, M.I.A., LIZZO, Leikeli47, Urban Dictionary, ThoughtCo., Facebook, Queen Latifah, Kendrick Lamar, Immortal Technique, MC-Lyte, Lupe Fiasco, Kurtis Blow, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube, Killer Mike, KRS-One, Common, Talib […]
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Episode 8: Are Ghosts Real?
  Are ghosts real? Have you ever seen a ghost? If ghosts are real, why are they here? We are diving deep into this spooky topic so sit back, enjoy and make sure you comment below! Episode Shout-out to ThoughtCo., LiveScience, Penn State University, HuffPost, The Atlantic, Ranker, Merriam-Webster, INDEPENDENT, CERN, big think, Paul Mooney, Nas […]
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Episode 7: Is there a Secret Organization Running the World?
Do you believe there is a secret organization running the world? Are they responsible for the issues in our world? Who are these organizations? We discuss who these organizations are, who are they affiliated with, how they are really affecting us, and so much more. Enjoy the episode as we dive deep into this loaded topic. […]
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Episode 6: Are You A Slave To A Brand?
  Are you a believer in brand loyalty? When it is time to upgrade your tech needs, do you always choose the brands you own? We discuss how we consume our technology, why we behave the way we do, the relevant technology of our times, and so much more. Enjoy the episode and determine if […]
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Episode 5: How to Find the One?
Is there only one person you are meant to love in the world? Do you have one soulmate that you are supposed to meet and live your life with? If so, how do you know if you have found this person? Listen and dive deep into this matter of the heart. Episode Shout-out to Producer Torey […]
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Episode 4: Do You Need Permission?
Do you need permission from your partner to make a drastic change to your body or in your life? We don’t think so. How do you feel about the question? In this episode, you will learn about relationship boundaries, “deal breakers”, how we would deal with a situational conflict between a couple, and so much […]
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Episode 3: Are We Obsessed with the End?
  Why are there so many movies and TV shows about the end of the world? Are we missing something? Is creating scenes of horror and death somehow comforting? Tune in to our third episode where we make sense out of this maddening phenomenon. Remember, every episode we will reveal something new about ourselves. If […]
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Episode 2: Breaking News
Do you ever feel like you aren’t getting the full story when reading or listening to the news? We Do! Why is it that Facebook or social media sites are actually showing us news that doesn’t show up on actual news channels? Can the madness come to an end? Tune in to this week’s episode […]
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Episode 1: Birthday Talk
We are launching WokeNFree on Co-host Natasha Nurse’s birthday. In honor of her special day, we are talking about the history of birthdays, why we celebrate them at all, and how Kahlil & Natasha personally feel about the subject. Every episode we will reveal something new about ourselves. We hope you enjoy our very first […]
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