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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Spirit Connection podcast with Doug Addison will help activate you to hear God, encounter the supernatural & discover your destiny. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author & coach whose message of love, hope & having fun reaches people around the world.

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Podcast Episode's:
From Harlem to Hollywood––Living Your Dream with God | Doug Addison with Edwina Findley Dickerson [Episode 36]
Wondering if it’s possible to “live your dream” with God? By the end of this episode, Edwina Findley Dickerson will inspire you to say yes! Not only is she an award-winning Hollywood actress, but she’s also a producer, speaker, motivator, wife, mother and a powerful woman of God with a life story that will knock   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/12/from-harlem-to-hollywood-living-your-dream-with-god-doug-addison-with-edwina-findley-dickerson-episode-36/">…Read Full Post</a>
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“Things Will Begin to Flow Together” – Spirit Connection Webcast: December 2017
Spiritual promotions will become evident in December and we can expect exciting revelation at Christmas time. Your times of hard service and sowing in tears are coming to an end and God is going to repay you double for your trouble and you will reap in joy! The Wind of Change angel was released early   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/12/things-will-begin-to-flow-together-spirit-connection-webcast-december-2017/">…Read Full Post</a>
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How to Let God Redefine You—by Love | Conversation with Abi Stumvoll [Episode 35]
When Abi Stumvoll was 12 years old, she prayed a dangerous prayer: “Lord, if you can teach me how to love myself, I will change the world.” That simple prayer ignited an adventure of uncovering the healing power of the Lord … by learning what God’s love is really like. In this Spirit Connection podcast episode,   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/11/how-to-let-god-redefine-you-by-love-conversation-with-abi-stumvoll-episode-35/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Getting a New Strategy from God for Healing and Financial Breakthrough! [Episode 34]
Are things not flowing in your life like they once did … or like you want? The Lord told me to do a podcast that was going to help set people free and get them healed. There are people who need this message to get healed of diseases, like Lyme disease, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS),   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/11/getting-a-new-strategy-from-god-for-healing-and-financial-breakthrough-episode-34/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Your Invitation to the Edge of Adventure––Where Jesus Is | Conversation with Dr. Mark Chironna [Episode 33]
Need a little encouragement in this time of social unrest and division in the world? Do you wonder what to do in this challenging time of change, disruption and disillusionment? Well, be encouraged, because we’re on the verge of something new, something historical … something amazing! We’re going to talk about what God is doing   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/11/your-invitation-to-the-edge-of-adventure-where-jesus-is-conversation-with-dr-mark-chironna-episode-33/">…Read Full Post</a>
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“Breakout Power is Coming” – Spirit Connection Webcast: November 2017
“Breakout Power is Coming” Forerunners who have been set aside are now being gathered together, “and they will break out …” (Micah 2:13-13). The “loud noise” as they gather will break open the gates and restraints will fall off. This “Breakout” (breaker) anointing will suddenly open gates in the spiritual realm starting in November, like   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/11/breakout-power-is-coming-spirit-connection-webcast-november-2017/">…Read Full Post</a>
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3 Things Being Released after John Paul Jackson’s Passing | Conversation with John Thomas [Episode 32]
God is speaking all the time—24/7. He often speaks through prophets, and right now the sons and daughters of these prophets are starting to rise up—we are taking what God has given us to the next level! The Bible calls it “moving in the spirit and power of Elijah.” I’m a spiritual son of many   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/10/3-things-being-released-after-john-paul-jacksons-passing-conversation-with-john-thomas-episode-32/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Why Does the World Look so Crazy Right Now? (And How to Change the Atmosphere) [Episode 31]
I’m sure you’ve noticed the extreme weather lately … record-setting floods, fires, earthquakes and hurricanes. There has been also been a distracting surge of negativity in the past few years; and the buildup of complaining, grumbling and division has caused us to reap a whirlwind of anger and an increase in violence and evil deeds.   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/10/why-does-the-world-look-so-crazy-right-now-episode-31/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Getting Upgraded in the Nature of God | Conversation with Graham Cooke [Episode 30]
God is speaking all the time … and He uses the prophetic ministry to open the heavens over us. There are many types of prophets. For example, I have a style of a ‘times and seasons’ prophet, known in the Bible as the ‘Issachar anointing.’ My special guest in this episode, however, is a prophet   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/10/your-identity-in-god-the-key-to-transformation-conversation-with-graham-cooke-episode-30/">…Read Full Post</a>
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“Pray & Refrain from Complaining” – Spirit Connection Webcast: October 2017
“Pray & Refrain from Complaining” As the start of the Jewish New Year, October is a time of the release of revelation from heaven. Expect to see more dreams and visions this month. Also plans and strategies are flowing and REPAYMENT IS COMING! It is the time to refrain from complaining and from negativity in   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/10/pray-refrain-from-complaining-spirit-connection-webcast-october-2017/">…Read Full Post</a>
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How You Can Heal from the Trauma of Life | Conversation with Joan Hunter [Episode 29]
Do you know anyone who’s frustrated that they haven’t been healed of an illness they’ve been praying about for years? It’s certainly part of my story … maybe you can relate. Many of you might know that I have gone through 4 difficult years of serious affliction. I was on at the brink of death   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/09/how-you-can-heal-from-the-trauma-of-life-conversation-with-joan-hunter-episode-29/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Why Are the Days of Awe a Big Deal? | Conversation with Dr. David Herzog [Episode 28]
We are in this special time of the year—between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, two major Jewish holidays—when the spiritual realm is open. I don’t know if you can feel it, but there’s a major shift happening! This 10-day period between these two holidays is called the Days of Awe, when the spiritual atmosphere is   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/09/why-are-the-days-of-awe-a-big-deal-conversation-dr-david-herzog-episode-28/">…Read Full Post</a>
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How to See Beyond the Natural | Conversation with Dr. Barbie Breathitt [Episode 27]
Are you having more dreams than usual lately? Does it feel like everything is cranking up to a higher level? Well, it’s a significant time in the spiritual realm right now. God is speaking clearly. He is giving us dreams, visions and plans for the future … the next move of God is upon us!   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/09/how-to-see-beyond-the-natural-conversation-with-dr-barbie-breathitt-episode-27/">…Read Full Post</a>
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“A Time of Alignment” – Spirit Connection Webcast – September 2017
“A Time of Alignment” September is a time of alignment. You can trust God will put you at the right place at the right time to reap what has been delayed for 2 years or more. The delay was part of God’s plan to strengthen you and it’s now a time of rebirthing and refreshment   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/09/a-time-of-alignment-spirit-connection-webcast-september-2017/">…Read Full Post</a>
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The Coming “Fire” Works of the Holy Spirit | Conversation with Sean Smith [Episode 26]
Have you ever seen the fireworks display at Disney World or at a big celebration? At the very end of the night the fireworks get so crazy you can even see them from outside the park. This is a great visual for what’s happening in the spiritual realm. This is not a time to worry   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2017/08/the-coming-the-fire-works-of-the-holy-spirit-sean-smith-episode-26/">…Read Full Post</a>
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