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Category: Religion/Spirituality
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Spirit Connection podcast with Doug Addison will help activate you to hear God, encounter the supernatural & discover your destiny. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author & coach whose message of love, hope & having fun reaches people around the world.

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Podcast Episode's:
A Wave of the Spirit That Will Go around the World | Doug Addison with Charlie Shamp [Episode 84]
  Do you ever get prophetic words for a future time, but you don’t know when? I’ve got some insight for you about why some things get delayed. But God is now speeding things up and we are going to see some amazing things happen in 2019. Many worldwide revivals began in California and God   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/03/a-wave-of-the-spirit-that-will-go-around-the-world-doug-addison-with-charlie-shamp-episode-84/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Global Revival Angel Released | Spirit Connection Webcast: March 2019
In this prophetic word, Doug shares about an encounter he had with an angel called “Global Revival Angel” who was once assigned to Aimee Semple McPherson. This angel has now been set free … As a confirmation, Doug received a signed certificate and diploma of graduation from her. Tune in to hear more about this   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/03/global-revival-angel-released-spirit-connection-webcast-march-2019/">…Read Full Post</a>
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What Is the Key of Righteousness and Why Do I Need It? | Doug Addison with Dr. Candice Smithyman [Episode 83]
God is moving, new things are happening in the spirit … there are so many positive things going on, even though it may not look like it yet from where you are. It’s like when you’re on an airplane and the sun is shining, but when you descend below the clouds to land, you realize   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/02/what-is-the-key-of-righteousness-and-why-do-i-need-it-doug-addison-with-dr-candice-smithyman-episode-83/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Understanding Paul Cain’s Death from a Heavenly Perspective [Episode 82]
I’ve got some good news and some sad news to share with you. On February 12, 2019 our brother and prophet Paul Cain has gone to Heaven. It’s sad that we lost a brother and a friend … someone who had prophesied into my life for a number of years. But there is also some   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/02/understanding-paul-cains-death-from-a-heavenly-perspective-episode-82/">…Read Full Post</a>
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How Positive Prayer Can Change You & Your World | Doug Addison with Jonathan Ngai [Episode 81]
If you’ve ever wondered how prayer makes a difference, this is one episode to listen to. Are you in a season where things seem unclear, uncertain or a bit … cloudy? If so, I’ve also got some revelation that will open the heavens over you. When people are grumbling and complaining, it makes the spiritual   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/02/how-positive-prayer-can-change-you-your-world-doug-addison-with-jonathan-ngai-episode-81/">…Read Full Post</a>
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God is Speeding Things Up for Us | Spirit Connection Webcast: February 2019
“God is Calming the Storms of Delay ” Doug has an important update on his Yom Kippur 2018 prophetic word to help you get ready for the new places the Lord is preparing for you. These new ways to pray and interact with the spiritual realm will bring you into deeper intimacy with God and   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/02/god-is-speeding-things-up-for-us-spirit-connection-webcast-february-2019/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Unlock Your Heart to Transform Your Life | Doug Addison with Brad McClendon [Episode 80]
In this episode, I release a prophetic word to shift things over you, and then I’ll introduce you to a good friend of mine who has an amazing gift to help people walk in the fullness of their destiny. God has shown me several special things to tell you about this year and I’ll also   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/01/unlock-your-heart-to-transform-your-life-doug-addison-with-brad-mcclendon-episode-80/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Hope for Healing Depression with the Spirit & Medicine | Connie Strasheim with Doug Addison [Episode 79]
If you or someone you know is suffering from depression or anxiety, I’ve got some good news for you. Many things can trigger depression. Years ago, certain levels in my own body chemistry were off because of overworking, Lyme disease, generational ties, curses, a traumatic childhood and grief (seven deaths in one year), which left   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/01/hope-for-healing-depression-with-the-spirit-medicine-episode-79/">…Read Full Post</a>
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More on What God Is Releasing in 2019 [Episode 78]
Are you tired of the status quo and want to go deeper with God? I’ve got fresh insight for you on how to receive all that God is releasing in 2019. In Episode 77 I released the first part of the download God gave me for this year. In this episode, I go into more   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/01/more-on-what-god-is-releasing-in-2019-episode-78/">…Read Full Post</a>
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What God is Releasing in 2019 [Episode 77]
Welcome to 2019 and the first Spirit Connection podcast of the new year. I usually get a download for the new year around September, the time of Rosh Hashanah, which is the start of the Jewish New Year. This year I got a big one! In this episode, there’s so much good news. You’ll hear   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/01/what-god-is-releasing-in-2019-episode-77/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Books of Life Are Opening | Spirit Connection Webcast: January 2019
The new year is here, and this is the year of the Lord’s favor for you! In this month’s Spirit Connection webcast, Doug shares what God has revealed about your Book of Life and provides key things you can do in order to prepare for what God is releasing! Get ready because your Book of   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2019/01/books-of-life-are-opening/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Who Needs a Double Shot of Hope & Encouragement? | Doug Addison with Steven Springer [Episode 76]
Do you have prophetic words and promises that have not come about? I’ve got good news for you, sometimes fulfillment is just a matter of timing. One of my favorite verses is “For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it;   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2018/12/who-needs-a-double-shot-of-hope-and-encouragement-doug-addison-with-steven-springer-episode-76/">…Read Full Post</a>
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How to Get Fresh Revelation for Your 2019 Breakthrough [Episode 75]
What do you need from God right now? New revelation for finances? For relationships? For your life purpose? For revival in your home, community, world? I’ve got good news, you don’t have to be a seer to see what God is revealing in this season: the mysteries, hidden things, even how to deepen your relationship   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2018/12/how-to-get-fresh-revelation-for-your-2019-breakthrough-episode-75/">…Read Full Post</a>
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God is Turning Calamity to Prosperity | Spirit Connection Webcast: December 2018
“It’s time to believe and not doubt!” In this month’s Spirit Connection webcast, Doug offers reasons to get your hopes up and shares strategic wisdom you can apply directly to your life in preparation for the coming New Year. There are practical, real-life things we can all do in our own lives to make a   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2018/12/spirit-connection-webcast-december-2018/">…Read Full Post</a>
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Rescuing and Restoring Children Trapped in Sex Slavery | Doug Addison with Erica Greve [Episode 74]
Have you suffered extreme injustice and need God to show up for you? God is balancing the books! We are in a season right now that requires God’s intervention, since violence and injustices are happening all around the world. That’s why we’ve been seeing more injustices exposed—like sex trafficking. In this Spirit Connection episode, my   <a href="http://dougaddison.com/2018/11/rescuing-and-restoring-children-trapped-in-sex-slavery-doug-addison-with-erica-greve-episode-74/">…Read Full Post</a>
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