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Category: Environment
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We help you create the very best version of your own life. Healthy Mind / Body / World

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Podcast Episode's:
24 - What is it Like to be a Business Owner?
It's our very first Ask Me Anything episode! Today I answer your questions about entreprenuership, permaculture as a social movement, and social ettiquette.

23 - Sleep Story: Take Me to Wonderland
Fall asleep tonight with Alice as she encounters a number of strange situations during her adventures in wonderland. We've specifically crafted this version to help you have a restful slumber. 

22 - How to Evaluate Suspicious Information on the Internet
How can you tell if that enticing internet headline is reasonable or nonsense? How do you know if someone in particular is a credible source of information? Today we explore these questions via one particular example that came up this week.

21 - Sleep Story: The Glass Dog
Listen to our first ever sleep story and get a great night's sleep tonight!

20 - How to Utilize Sleep Stories for Blissful Slumber
How to best use a sleep story for an optimal sleeping experience. 

19 - How to be Comfortable in Social Situations
Practical tips on how to become a master at conversation. Avoid awkward silences where no one knows what to say because now you will have tools to guide the conversation! Being good at having meaningful conversations will enable you to have deeper connections with others. 

18 - Notes on How to be Prepared for a Hurricane
Impressions from my first hurricane experience ever this week.

17 - Could Using the Sauna Save Your Life?
We explore a recent study indicating that frequent sauna use could have a shockingly good effect on your health.

16 - Easy to Understand Details About How to Meditate
A practical introduction to meditation so you can start today. We focus on the details of how to meditate properly rather than discussing the many benefits meditation can bring to you. Start with two minutes per day and work your way up from there. 

15 - How to be an Adult & Have Healthy Romantic Relationships
Today we explore individuation, which is the process of defining yourself as an individual. Individuation is a key part of becoming a well functioning adult and forming healthy relationships with others. We also explore codependency in romantic relationships as a byproduct of incomplete individuation. Join us as we explore these fascinating and useful topics because they will directly effect the quality of your life.

14 - Food Growing Experiments from this Year
This is a fun one. We're discussing our food growing experiments from this year, many of which were super successful. We also discuss how to understand the climate where you live.

13 - Which Foods Are the Highest in Nutritional Value?
Join us for the exciting conclusion in our How to Eat Optimally series! Today we explore which foods are highest in each vitamin, talk about why the vitamins are named alphabetically, and also cover a few other healthy eating topics to supplement last week's healthy eating discussion. 

12 - What is the Healthiest Possible Way to Eat?
Learn to eat in a way that is going to put your body in a position to be functioning optimally. How you eat is the #1 factor in how well your body is working and is going to be a key factor in enabling you to feel great on a day to day basis. 

11 - How to Get a Great Night's Sleep Every Night
Having a great night's sleep can make the difference between an awesome day or a horrible day. Many people suffer from insomnia because they have not yet adopted good sleep habits. In this episode, we discuss specific techniques to ensure you are getting a great night's sleep every time! 

10 - How to Be the Author of Your Own Life
Today we're discussing "Life Authoring" as a tool to help you set meaningful, actionable goals for your life. What sort of life do you want to have in 5 to 10 years? What specific action steps do you need to take to actualize that future? We discuss life authoring as a general process and then introduce our free life authoring tool, available via our website. 

9 - Understanding Other Ways of Looking at the World
There are actually a fairly limited number of totally different ways make sense of the world around us and our place in it. Today we explore the details of each of these thinking styles with an eye towards ways to facilitate cooperation towards world betterment and life maximization. For this exploration, we are primarily utilizing a framework called Spiral Dynamics, which is a way of categorizing the general modes of thinking. We think you will find this information to be both interesting and practical by increasing your understanding of what motivates different sorts of people based on their thinking style. 

8 - Are Food Forests the Agricultural Technology of the Future?
The food forest concept is integral to Aspire's vision for a better future for us all. But what is a food forest? It's a forest designed by people to specifically emphasize food production. In our model, a food forest is made up of fifteen layers, each of which represents its own biological niche. Together the layers create a diverse ecological system in which the individual components work together to create a more stable, abundant whole. Understanding these layers will enable you to start understanding how to move your immediate surroundings to something more similar to a Garden of Eden situation.

7 - Can Permaculture Save Civilization?
Today we explore our vision for a better future. We touched on this in the previous episode, so we thought it would make sense to go ahead and flush out the concept since Aspire is an action oriented organization whose goal is to resolve the world's largest problems. We explore the concept of a food forest and the potential for the food forest concept to be applied at a global scale. Join us as we strategize exactly how we plan to tackle these major issues. 

6 - Exploring How to End Racism and Build a Better World
Today we are discussing how to build a better world, specifically focused on what would be required to permanently resolve the scourge of racism forever. Part of our mission is to seriously evaluate what would be required to fix these sorts of major structural societal issues. We discuss a specific news event from this week as a lens through which we can evaluate the current state of race is our society and to explore how to create a more harmonious future.

5 - Have You Ever Wanted to Try Tai Chi?
Today we discuss the correct way to breathe while meditating or doing Tai Chi. Then we explore some of the fundamental concepts in Tai Chi because we will be releasing short instructional videos to teach you Tai Chi for free.

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