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Category: Environment
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We help you create the very best version of your own life. Healthy Mind / Body / World

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Podcast Episode's:
31 - Can Changing When You Eat Encourage Weight Loss?
Today we're exploring intermittent fasting and time restricted eating for weight loss and overall health. 

30 - How to Create a Powerful Routine for Success
The key to consistent healthy living is to build a routine which allows you to accomplish all of your "must do daily" items without much thought at all. You are harnessing the power of your auto-pilot mode so you can save your energy for the novel portions of the day which require your focus.

29 - What is the Most Effective Way to Change Your Life?
We explore the wisdom of using small, manageable steps for lifestyle improvement.

28 - How to Achieve Your Financial Dreams
Everything you or your teenager / young adult needs to know about how to manage their personal finances. Avoid financial stress by following this simple plan and start building habits that will inevitably result in better life choices when it comes to money.

27 - How to Create a Super Ecological Farm on the Cheap
In this episode, we clear up the misconception that eating meat is bad for the environment. I describe what a super ecological food system would look like, as well as how to get started if you are interested in producing regenerative / permaculture quality food.

26 - How to Protect Yourself from Gaslighting
Gaslighting is an extreme form of psychological abuse that many people don't even know about. Today we delve into this psychological phenomenon, along with the characteristics of a person who is likely to gaslight you. This double episode is available exclusively for our patrons. Others may enjoy this short preview.

25 - How to Effectively Communicate Love with Your Partner
Learn About Love Languages and Techniques for Having Effective Emotional Conversations.

24 - What is it Like to be a Business Owner?
It's our very first Ask Me Anything episode! Today I answer your questions about entreprenuership, permaculture as a social movement, and social ettiquette.

23 - Sleep Story: Take Me to Wonderland
Fall asleep tonight with Alice as she encounters a number of strange situations during her adventures in wonderland. We've specifically crafted this version to help you have a restful slumber. 

22 - How to Evaluate Suspicious Information on the Internet
How can you tell if that enticing internet headline is reasonable or nonsense? How do you know if someone in particular is a credible source of information? Today we explore these questions via one particular example that came up this week.

21 - Sleep Story: The Glass Dog
Listen to our first ever sleep story and get a great night's sleep tonight!

20 - How to Utilize Sleep Stories for Blissful Slumber
How to best use a sleep story for an optimal sleeping experience. 

19 - How to be Comfortable in Social Situations
Practical tips on how to become a master at conversation. Avoid awkward silences where no one knows what to say because now you will have tools to guide the conversation! Being good at having meaningful conversations will enable you to have deeper connections with others. 

18 - Notes on How to be Prepared for a Hurricane
Impressions from my first hurricane experience ever this week.

17 - Could Using the Sauna Save Your Life?
We explore a recent study indicating that frequent sauna use could have a shockingly good effect on your health.

16 - Easy to Understand Details About How to Meditate
A practical introduction to meditation so you can start today. We focus on the details of how to meditate properly rather than discussing the many benefits meditation can bring to you. Start with two minutes per day and work your way up from there. 

15 - How to be an Adult & Have Healthy Romantic Relationships
Today we explore individuation, which is the process of defining yourself as an individual. Individuation is a key part of becoming a well functioning adult and forming healthy relationships with others. We also explore codependency in romantic relationships as a byproduct of incomplete individuation. Join us as we explore these fascinating and useful topics because they will directly effect the quality of your life.

14 - Food Growing Experiments from this Year
This is a fun one. We're discussing our food growing experiments from this year, many of which were super successful. We also discuss how to understand the climate where you live.

13 - Which Foods Are the Highest in Nutritional Value?
Join us for the exciting conclusion in our How to Eat Optimally series! Today we explore which foods are highest in each vitamin, talk about why the vitamins are named alphabetically, and also cover a few other healthy eating topics to supplement last week's healthy eating discussion. 

12 - What is the Healthiest Possible Way to Eat?
Learn to eat in a way that is going to put your body in a position to be functioning optimally. How you eat is the #1 factor in how well your body is working and is going to be a key factor in enabling you to feel great on a day to day basis. 

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