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Category: Arts
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A bi-weekly food exploration plus a guest. Each week features an ingredient, concept or issue relating to food and uncover origins, stories, artworks and innovations by looking at food, art, history and design and how, why and where they intersect.

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Podcast Episode's:
Ep5 - Pancakes & Creativity w/ Aimee Furnival of Another Studio
<p>This week I'll be looking at pancakes and chatting to Aimee Furnival, Founder and Director of Another Studio. Aimee and I made pancakes together, something we have done countless times. Pancakes are the popular breakfast food that are generally enjoyed on the weekend, at brunch or special occasions. It's always a special occasion to spend time with Aimee who is a truly wonderful friend and a creative inspiration. Over pancakes we chatted about design processes from start to finish and how creativity and design affects the items that surround us in our kitchens and dining rooms and as we prepare and share our meals.  As well as special occasions pancakes have traditional links to many different religious holidays but their roots go back much farther than organised religion. This episode will look at how and why the flat, round pancake is universally enjoyed across the world in different variations and how this has been represented in art, history and design.</p>
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Ep4 - Canapés with Diana Pinkett of Vegan Peasant Catering
<p>Diana Pinkett of Vegan Peasant Catering and I discuss how canapes, travelling, family and life have impacted on her everyday life and that of her and her partner Adrian Smith's 100% plant based catering company. Join us for that as well as a little exploration in to canapes and their evolution from ancient times to today. Where did they come from? How did they get their name? And how are they represented today throughout food, art, history and design.</p>
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Ep3 - The Magical Lemon w/Hardeep Singh Kohli
<p>This week it's all about the magical lemon and I sat down with comedian, chef, journalist, broadcaster and my dear friend Hardeep Singh Kohli to talk about his professional take on lemons. As usual in the interviews for the podcast, personal memories came to mind and as usual with Hardeep we had lots of laughs throughout our conversation.</p>
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Ep2 - Popping Cherries w/Mike Wolff
Come and join me on a little cherry adventure! Throughout the ages cherries have been symbolic of life, love, rebirth, fertility, reproduction and sexuality. I was joined by visual artist, street photographer and dear friend Mike Wolff to discuss his work, creative inspirations and to reminisce about the Black Forest, Black Forest Cake and more.
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Ep1 - Emilio de la Morena & Quince
I sat down with Emilio de la Morena to chat about quince, the fruit from antiquity resembling a pear/apple hybrid which has inspired cooks, artists and lovers. Emilio is the Creative Director at Emilio de la Morena, a fashion brand that designs and manufactures luxury womenswear. The aim of the podcast is to explore how food, art, history and design intersect. Born in Spain, Emilio studied at Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion; a Spanish artisan with a London aesthetic. It made perfect sense to kick off the podcast with a discussion of where quince originated, how it traveled the world, its uses and inspirations to us and others throughout the ages.
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Ep0 - Introducing Smy Goodness Podcast
This podcast will look at food, history, art and design. How, why and where they intersect and the impact that they have had and have on our culture and experiences. Together we’ll travel the world throughout time and space to uncover tales, facts, people and objects that have shaped our everyday lives in ways we may not have realised.
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