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Category: TV/Film
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The team at Fable Forest Films, a Canadian film production company, launches a Film-making show where they talk Movies, Writing, Gear, and discusses their own journey failing toward film success!

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Podcast Episode's:
FirstFramesFirst 10: Postmen Power Trio Reunion Tour
The Fable Forest celebrates their 10th episode of First Frames First by taking a bit of a break from talking about film progress… and from drinking beers!  Our special guest host Mike, comes on board for a 2 hour drive through the country, drinking coffee, recording every bump in the road and discussing all manner...
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FirstFramesFirst 9: Heather And The Moth
Discussed on this show! We talk about a short film strategy for getting out into the world and continuing to build the brand. Oh god we can’t wait to shoot! Adrian’s wife calls in a panic! This may be the greatest moment of our show to this point! Continued work on our Son of A...
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FirstFramesFirst 8: Emergency Pod!
After a memory card crash and the loss of a great show, the lads swoop into the office to record an Emergency Session!   Discussed on this show! Losing our amazing Podcast that we recorded at Derek’s trailer in front of a campfire!  Look how much fun we had!   Checked in on our 2017...
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FirstFramesFirst 7: Actor Derek Lackenbauer is DMan!
  Special show with guest star, amazing actor, our friend Derek Lackenbauer! We discuss his film experience as an actor working with us on “I Was A Greenhouse“, “Bickerman’s Grove” and “Postmen“! We also get into his experiences before we were even in the picture!         Watch Derek act his ass off...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

FirstFramesFirst 6: Artificial Script Coverage
  During the special 6th episode Adrian and Jason sit down for a super Script Coverage and Discussion Session for over Skype with author Tina Konstant all the way from Aberdeen Scotland, to go over Adrian’s newest screenplay in development “Artificial”!  Yes First Frames First has gone international!   To get a leg up on...
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FirstFramesFirst 5: Talking, Walking Supply!
  The lads talk about launching a new YouTube series “Filmmaker Flashcards”, start discussing their TV Show concept “5 Alarm”, have their first phone interview with the incredible “James McDougall” from “Love at First Stab”, and “Walking Supply”. The show wraps up by getting back into the new film journey segment “Son of a Pitch!”....
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FirstFramesFirst 4: Son of a Pitch!
In this long winded show the lads talk about Marvel and TV shows, discuss some marketing plans, and get into their newest segment where they plan to bring the listeners on the full journey start to finish on a project!   New rule for the show starting from this pint on!  New booze each episode!...
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

FirstFramesFirst 3: Hey, It's Good to have a Goal!
What are we going to do this year? The Fable Forest guys talk about the importance of having something to drive towards… this one went a little long!   Now look… For the record… this show… takes some… rough turns…when these old filmmakers talk about health issues… you may want to… Oh God who knows…...
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FirstFramesFirst 2: Snagging Inspiration - An interview with SKGFilms director Jason Armstrong
For a kick-ass second episode the lads hijack director Jason Armstrong from what was supposed to be a quick meeting of the minds! So much Ontarian talent in one room!   Jason Armstrong: Advice from his stunt coordinator: “If you shoot this tonight you’re going to hate it, but tomorrow you’re going to be so...
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FirstFramesFirst 1: Let the New Beginnings Begin!
The Fable Forest production house decides to launch their very own film podcast to talk about their journey and methods!  Director Adrian Konstant says “We’re trying to crack the code! If we put 5K into a film, how do we make that money back?”   In their first show the lads, quickly introduce themselves and...
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