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Category: Society/Culture
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No nonsense discussions of tech, gaming, sports, films and Las Vegas

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Podcast Episode's:
7 of the Most Infamous Crimes in Las Vegas History - EP#18
<p>Join Jamey, Adam…and guest John Thorpe for discussions on the quality of strip clubs in Las Vegas, the true status of recreational marijuana sales in Nevada, topless show rules and regulations and the nudity ban for street performers. Included in this weeks show is a console wrap up of E3, the new Neil Degrasse Tyson kickstarter campaign, a Gal Gadot casting talk and new alien sightings…with, of course, the nerd alert, gear grinders and the Concierge Chronicle.</p>
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6 Surprisingly Illegal Acts in Las Vegas - Ep#17
<p>Join Jamey, Adam and their guest Randee Dalton (General Manager of the Showcase Movie Theater - Located on Las Vegas Boulevard) for discussions on 6 things that are strangely illegal in Las Vegas.  Topics also include Nude Cycling in Nevada, Elon Musk and the rise of AI, Free Form and the New Warriors…and a look at the future of the only movie theater on Las Vegas Boulevard…plus the Topless report, Nerd Alert, Concierge Chronicle and Area 52.</p>
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5 Most Interesting Conferences in Las Vegas - Ep#16
<p>Join Jamey this week for a mini episode where he discusses the 5 Most Interesting Conferences in Las Vegas.  Some topics touched on are Cartier, Hello Kitty, Vodka Luges, Jello Shots, electronics, UFC and adult films.  Also on tap a mini topless report and Area 52.</p>
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4 Ways to Recognize a Las Vegas Tourist - Ep #15
<p>Join Jamey, Adam, Sam &#38; Amelia this week for discussions on The 4 Ways to Recognize a Las Vegas Tourist…also on the show the New Segment The Concierge Chronicle, reviews of the Baywatch movie and Pirates of the Caribbean:Deadmen Tell No Tales &#38; millennial board games.  Plus The Topless Report, Nerd Alert, Gear Grinders and Area 52.</p>
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3 Ways to Spot Las Vegas Nerds - Ep#14
<p>Catch Jamey, Adam and Sam this week for discussions about what makes a Las Vegas Nerd, Cosplay and what are the best costumes and the trouble with living in a town driven by the hospitality industry. Joining the table this week is Chris Felix, a bartender and server in a major Las Vegas Hotel &#38; Casino. He shares with us the good, the bad and the nightmarish parts of the Las Vegas scene. Also covered are reviews of upcoming content including the new Netflix series The Witcher, The Gifted, 3D printing &#38; Hideo Kojima…plus a full review of Alien-Covenant…and of course Area 52!</p>
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Ep#13-Diaries of a Las Vegas Showgirl…
<p>Join Jamey and his Co-Host Carla this week for an in-depth and frank discussion on being a Las Vegas Entertainer.  Topics include getting started as a showgirl, the pitfalls of being in the entertainment industry and how being topless on stage really feels.  Also covered is what it is like to be an talent agent, the strange things people ask you to do and horror stories of the Biz…as well as good and bad clients.  Included on this episode is a Special Report from Adam &#38; Sam at the LVL Up Expo - The Ultimate Gaming and Animae conference.  Special topics will include strippers and strip clubs, monorails and Jet Skiing in the Bellagio Fountains…with, of course, Gear Grinders and Area 52.</p>
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Ep#12 - Is Stan Lee working for The Watchers?…and Could you see Star Lord inside a brothel?
<p>Join The Pod Bay Door crew and guest Co-Host John Thorpe for discussions on nudity and the Las Vegas Scene as well as the new prediction by Steven Hawking and Disney’s New Guardian’s of the Galaxy ride announcement.  Topics will also include Ice Cube and the Las Vegas Raiders, the Electric Daisy Carnival and a Nevada cathouse story…with , of course, the Gear Grinders, our Gamers section and Area 52! </p>
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Ep#11-”Las Vegas Special”-Topless Pools, Million Dollar Homes, Casino Secrets & the ghost of Howard Hughes!
<p>Join Jamey, Sam and Co-Host Julia for the second Las Vegas Special for The Pod Bay Door.  Discussions will include those frequent and frustrating Las Vegas Questions everyone asks us, a topless pool &#38; casino report and the sale of a very famous and expensive Las Vegas Property.  Also on tap will be updates on Las Rageous, the Trump hotel fire and Yucca Mountain.  The crew also talks about Las Vegas themed gaming and our favorite Las Vegas movies…and, of course, Area 52!</p>
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Ep#10 - Does Bill Nye like Elvis or Heavy Metal and when will Las Vegas’ Ragnarok happen?
<p>Join the crew this week for discussions on unicorn frappuccinos, button masher video games and Bill Nye the Sceince Guy.  We will also cover the upcoming Invincible and Guardian’s of the Galaxy films as well as Elvis, Las Rageous and the beginning of the Las Vegas Pool Season with Topless Pools.  As always, catch the gamers and movie sections of the show with the new segment Gear Grinders…and of course Area 52!</p>
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Ep#9 - The Second coming of Dave Chappelle…and would Samuel Jackson take Britney Spears on a pizza date?
<p><span style="font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif;">Join the Crew this week for discussions on the New LAX Nightclubs E-Sports Arena, Marvel’s new Anti-Christian battles and the demise of the Classic Nintendo NES.  Plus Britney Spears is out and Ricky Martin is in - along with the new MST3000, Cell Phone etiquette and pizza.  In addition, we cover the gamers with Super Mario Run, Pandemic Legacy and Red Dead Redemption 2  - and we hit the movies with Aquaman, Atomic Blonde, Hitman’s Bodyguard, Dunkirk and Deadpool 2 news…with, of course, the Las Vegas 3 and Area 52.</span></p>
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Ep#8 - How to make a film about Aliens - make money…and love every minute of it!
<p>The Pod Bay Door crew is joined by Kelly Schwarze - Writer, Director and film Producer.  We will discuss his latest film Alien Domicile as well as his Las Vegas based studio The Indie Film Factory, film distribution methods, the local and global indie film scene and how to get your film to the new buyers(Netflix, Hulu and Amazon).  Also on tap are discussions about Spiderman and the Sony influence, the Nintendo Switch and Cinema Con…and of course, the Las Vegas 3 and Area 52.</p>
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Ep#7 - Is Sriracha Superman’s new kryptonite and can the Justice League get into Las Vegas nightclubs?
<p>Join us this episode for discussions on the new trailers for Justice League, iT, Spiderman-Homecoming and Valerian.  Plus, the Las Vegas 3 including the Las Vegas Raiders and Marquee and Hakkasan nightclubs.  Also in this episode, we interview Amelia Cooper, creative director of Amelia C &#38; Co. as well as the “Big Baller” of the new confection company “The Curious Confectionery”…and of course Area 52 and the Nerd Alert.</p>
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Ep#6 - Is Rotten Tomatoes a secret FBI project to ruin films…and can Michael Bay save us?
<p>Join us this episode as we discuss Congress and the new NASA budget, board games vs mobile, President Trump and the Las Vegas Raiders.  The Crew will also be talking about the Power Rangers/Krispy Kreme/Dude Perfect partnership, the Mass Effect-Andromeda launch and micro transactions within full priced games.  We will also have the Nerd Alert, Las Vegas 3 and Area 52 along with Han Solo and Deadpool 2 updates.</p>
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Ep#5 - Would Spiderman play a board game with Matt Damon?
<p>Join us this episode for an interview with Danette Tull of the Nevada Film office…topics will include indy films, rules and regulations for film making in Nevada, film resource management, Drones, Jason Bourne &#38; Matt Damon and the future of films in Las Vegas.  Also discussed are the UFC/Boxing combo, Joe Rogan &#38; Max Kellerman, the resurrgance of board games, the upcoming Power Ranger and Spiderman films, the new NASA budget and of course Las Vegas news with Area 52!</p>
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Ep#4 - Would the Backstreet Boys be DC or Marvel heroes and could Mathew Fox defeat Wolverine on the LOST island?
<p>Join us for an interview with Author Julia Shupe and her take on the coming Apocalypse…also Fantasy books, True Crime, Comic Con, cosplay, the Backstreet Boys, self publishing and the millennial influence, Logan movie, female casino dealers, Matthew Fox and Lost.</p>
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Ep#3.5-John Thorpe interview, Las Vegas hotels, concierge, Celebrity stories, Vegas Zombies, gambling, brothels & private dancers, New Year’s Eve, Hoover Dam
<p>Join us for Part 2 of the John Thorpe interview…including discussions of Las Vegas Hotels, concierge work, zombies, gambling, brothels and private dancers and nightlife.  Also included are talks of Hoover dam, Red Rock Canyon and the bright side of Las Vegas.</p>
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EP#3-John Thorpe interview, Las Vegas Hospitality, Cannabis Tourism, Comic Con, Star Wars:Han Solo, gambling, celebrity stories & limousines
<p><strong><span style="font-size:12pt;">Join us on The Pod Bay door for this two part interview of former Las Vegas concierge John Thorpe…including discussions about the Real Las Vegas, cannabis tourism, the upcoming Las Vegas Comic Con and Star Wars:  Han Solo…</span></strong></p>
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Ep#2 - Could two millennials beat Mayweather & McGregor with a hockey stick and some weed?
<p><span style="font-size:12pt;">Join us on The Pod Bay Door this episode for discussions on Las Vegas Professional sports including football, boxing, hockey &#38; MMA.  Also discussed on the show are the legalized marijuana issues as well as the marketing strategies involved.  Included is the continuing discussion of the Millennial generation…plus Area 52 and guest feedback.</span></p>
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A Guide to Global Las Vegas’ - Tech, Sports, Films and Entertainment.
<p>If you love Las Vegas like we do or just love to see it in movies, music videos and the world news then tune into our show weekly!</p>
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