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Category: Business
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Conversations with educators and subject matter experts in the digital marketing realm

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Podcast Episode's:
010 - Screen Size Matters

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009 - Identity Illuminated

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008 Chris Kane - Increasing your Marketing Potential with Programmatic
<p>Chris Kane is the founder of Jounce Media, a consulting business focused on the Ad-Tech space.They work with advertisers, publishers, and technology providers to unlock the full potential of programmatic advertising.They help marketers be smarter buyers and publishers be better sellers through education and technical consulting support.</p> <p>They offer customized off the shelf technology to solve specific marketing problems. Previously, Chris worked as Chief of Staff, CEO and CFO of AOL where he was responsible for the day-to-day operation of the management team. He led the AOL Data Portability Program that defines implementing and processing for monetizing of AOL’s data assets. Prior to AOL, he also worked at TURN, a top demand side data management platform where he led the East Coast Client Services team.</p> <p>Full show notes: <a href="http://programmaticuntangled.com" target="_blank">http://programmaticuntangled.com</a></p>
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007 The Importance of Data Governance in Programmatic
<p>Alice Lincoln is the VP of Data Policy Governance at Media Math and has 15 years of experience in digital marketing, data product development and the protection of consumer privacy. In our conversation, we speak about the importance of protecting consumers privacy and data in an ever-growing technologically dependent world and the responsibility that tech companies and other industry groups should have to educate, inform, and be transparent on how consumers data is being collected and used.</p> <p>Full show notes: <a href="http://programmaticuntangled.com" target="_blank">http://programmaticuntangled.com</a></p>
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006 The State of Programmatic in Southeast Asia with Anna Chan - Ep. 6
<p>Anna is the Regional Managing Director of Amnet Asia where she is responsible for setting up Amnet operations in Asia. With over 20 years of advertising and digital experience in Asia Pacific and has held leadership positions in various organizations such as Yahoo. She speaks regularly at marketing conferences and is frequently quoted in press and industry journals.</p> <p>What We Covered:</p> <p>02:12 - How she got started in the digital industry<br /> 03:50 - The first time she heard the term, “programmatic”<br /> 04:48 - Differentiating the state of programmatic for Southeast Asia versus other markets in APAC and other regions<br /> 06:58 - Why programmatic adoption in Southeast Asia has had a slow start<br /> 10:35 - Is there enough educational resources in the region for people who want to learn more about programmatic?<br /> 12:04 - Are Advertisers in Southeast Asia Performance or Branding Advertisers?<br /> 14:05 - Which approach companies are taking - goal based vs branding and awareness<br /> 15:56 - The concerns clients have when investing in programmatic<br /> 16:24 - Transparency in the programmatic industry<br /> 20:09 - Education/Talent and how it relates to programmatic<br /> 25:12 - What her ideal conversation with clients is<br /> 32:00 - The future of programmatic in Southeast Asia</p> <p>Full show notes: <a href="http://nmi.mediamath.com/podcasts" target="_blank">http://nmi.mediamath.com/podcasts</a></p>
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005 Joe Zawadzki - Programmatic and Science: A Leap Forward
<p>Joe Zawadzki is the CEO of MediaMath, and is a respected pioneer in the online marketing industry. With his deep experience in audience targeting and optimization, ad networks and exchanges, and real-time bidding, Joe is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences, roundtables, and major events. On today’s conversation, Joe discusses where programmatic marketing is headed, how AI will affect the industry, and the rise in popularity of header bidding.</p> <p><strong>Key Takeaways:</strong><br /> 02:25 - Joe has a very diverse history and career. What projects did he like working on the most?<br /> 09:25 - Does Joe see similarities between programmatic and quantitative analytics?<br /> 14:15 - What does Joe do with all his ideas? How does he keep organized?<br /> 16:05 - What was the inspiration behind MediaMath’s TerminalOne platform?<br /> 22:55 - More and more leaders are adapting to omni-channel marketing, why is that?<br /> 28:10 - TV is a completely different beast and has historically been more challenging to innovate.<br /> 32:35 - How does Joe handle the possibility of AI into the work he’s doing?<br /> 36:55 - Despite its challenges, header bidding has grown in popularity with publishers. Why is it popular and will it continue to grow?<br /> 41:00 - Joe is uncertain whether header will last the tests of time, and isn’t 100% sure whether it can keep up with a very demanding market.</p> <p>Full show notes: <a href="http://nmi.mediamath.com/podcasts/" target="_blank">http://nmi.mediamath.com/podcasts/</a></p>
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BONUS - Mathlete Takeover Special
<p>In this special Mathlete takeover episode Michelle Said interviews Adam Yamaguchi putting the spotlight on the Marketing Engineer Program, which has just seen the completion of its sixth cohort. Michelle also speaks with recent graduate David Khalev about how the Marketing Engineer Program, or MEP, came to be, the changes its experienced over the years, and what Marketing Engineers, or MEPs, can expect out of their rotations.<br /> <br /> Michelle is the Senior Manager of Programmatic Education at the New Marketing Institute. She uses her 10 years of experience in the online space to educate others in NMI’s industry-leading Digital Marketing and Omnichannel certification courses.<br /> <br /> Adam is currently the Director of Program Development at the New Marketing Institute where he oversees the Marketing Engineer Program.</p> <p>For full show notes visit: <a href="http://nmi.mediamath.com/4b" target="_blank">http://nmi.mediamath.com/4b</a></p>
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004 Programmatic Down Under with Indy Khabra
<p>Indy Khabra has over 10 years of business leadership experience, and has expertise in data driven programmatic advertising. Indy shares his thoughts on where the Australian market is going, and some of the pros and cons of having Apex programmatic technology in the market. One of the challenges presented in Australia is that there’s also a small talent pool of programmatic experts to select from.</p> <p><strong>What We Covered</strong></p> <p>03:35 – There are three types of programmatic users. The early adopters, those new to programmatic, and then there’s a group that falls somewhere in the middle of those two. How important is education when introducing programmatic to new users?<br /> 08:35 – Indy shares his experience of when he first discovered programmatic.<br /> 12:35 – Programmatic can get complex very quickly. It’s so important to keep it simple when it comes to educating new users.<br /> 13:15 – In Australia, 80,000 people classify themselves as having digital media skillsets.<br /> 13:25 – Of those 80,000, 21,000 consider themselves having the programmatic skillset. It’s a very small pool of talent.<br /> 16:25 – How did Indy and his team decide on what technologies they should use to run their campaigns?<br /> 19:55 – Indy shares examples of where the market place has done exceptionally well under programmatic.<br /> 21:45 – What are some of the Apex programmatic challenges the Australian market faces?<br /> 24:15 – Apex is falling behind in adoption.<br /> 25:15 – There’s been a raise in programmatic direct deals in Australia; what are some of the pros and cons of that?<br /> 27:35 – When it comes to brand awareness, how does Indy combine both data and creative together?<br /> 32:45 – Indy offers some final thoughts! People and culture are what drives the programmatic space.</p> <p>For full show notes visit: http://nmi.mediamath.com/4</p>
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003 Michael Weaver - The Mobile Landscape
<p>In this episode we shift the conversation to state of programmatic in the mobile space with Michael Weaver, VP of Channel Solutions at MediaMath. Michael’s two decades of experience in digital marketing give him a unique perspective on all the ways the industry has continued to innovate. We explore the challenge inherent in an environment where technology, devices and delivery platforms are ever evolving.</p> <h3>What We Covered</h3> <p>02:05 - What is behind the growth of mobile programmatic ads?<br /> 06:40 - How are new features and functionality being used for the benefit of consumers?<br /> 10:10 - Why conversations with manufacturers seem to be happening earlier in the cycle.<br /> 12:12 - How can marketers leverage this ever-evolving landscape?<br /> 15:05 - More video is being consumed on a mobile device.<br /> 16:50 - The importance of an experience tailored to the device.<br /> 18:35 - The 3 ways Michael defines “location”<br /> 21:20 - How to measure if an ad was able to affect footfall and point of sale.<br /> 25:00 - Introducing liability and risk<br /> 27:20 - How programmatic solves problems from an outcomes-based perspective.<br /> 28:00 - Is mobile a format, or a channel, or a device?<br /> 30:00 - What types of companies are doing this effectively?<br /> 34:15 - Michael’s thoughts on the direction of mobile and programmatic</p> <p>For full show notes for this episode visit: <a href= "http://nmi.mediamath.com/3" target= "_blank">http://nmi.mediamath.com/3</a></p>
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002 The State of Programmatic with Joanna O'Connell
<p>In this explorative conversation with we dig a bit deeper into the current state of Programmatic Marketing with the Chief Marketing Officer of MediaMath. Joanna O’Connell’s in-depth experience have given her a unique perspective into the current state of programmatic, and what the impact of technology has had and will have on the industry. Joanna’s valuable insights help paint a more complete picture.</p> <p>For full show notes, visit <a href= "http://programmaticuntangled.com" target= "_blank">programmaticuntangled.com</a></p>
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001 What Is Programmatic Marketing and Why Marketers Should Care with Elise James-DeCruise
<p>What Is Programmatic Marketing? Elise James-DeCruise is the Founder of New Marketing Institute, and has lead the charge in building a team of training professionals who are committed to educating emerging and professional marketers. Elise dives in and discusses the definition of programmatic marketing, and why it’s important for marketers young and old. She also discusses why the courses in NMI regularly have new information and content updates to help students grow.</p> <p>Full show notes: <a href="http://programmaticuntangled.com" target="_blank">http://programmaticuntangled.com</a></p>
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000 Welcome to Programmatic Untangled
<p>Welcome to New Marketing Institute’s very first podcast, Programmatic Untangled: where we discuss MediaMath’s key to unlocking your audience and NMI’s role in education around that.</p> <p>The Advertising Industry has changed drastically - not only in the way that consumers are seeing advertisements and interacting with brands, but also in how media is being bought and sold. Ads, which once could only be seen in newspapers, magazines, television, and billboards, can now be viewed on digital screens across multiple devices, and even personalized for particular consumers.</p> <p>Harry Duran is your host for this Podcast, which has been co-produced with AdTech company, MediaMath who founded the first demand side platform (DSP) in 2007. Simply put, a DSP is a technology platform that allows advertisers to purchase digital advertising space in an automated fashion reaching the audiences they want at the scale they need. After the creation of DSPs, the buying process evolved and what used to be done over the phone – the negotiation and purchase of digital media – can now be done in real-time through smart technology. This changed the way advertisers and agencies managed and executed their digital marketing campaigns which revolutionized the industry, creating a new niche within the space: advertising technology (AdTech for short).</p> <p>However, migrating from traditional media to digital required a completely new skill set for marketers and a better understanding of the landscape. In order to meet the growing demand for education, the New Marketing Institute was founded in 2012 as the Learning & Development arm of MediaMath with the goal of empowering marketers to understand the changes happening within the industry and providing education that meets the learner where they are in location, language, learning style and level of experience.</p> <p>In this Podcast series we will be tackling digital advertising’s most mysterious topics from education on programmatic to big data and audience management – just to name a few! We will be releasing episodes on the last Friday of every month. You can expect our guests to be subject matter experts in the digital marketing realm.</p> <p>Join us as we untangle the mysteries of the AdTech industry together!</p> <p>Full show notes</p>
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