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Category: Public Radio
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A San Francisco Bay Area call-in show that covers local public affairs.

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Podcast Episode's:
City Visions: Are teen pregnancy prevention programs at risk?
Since 1991, teen pregnancies have declined by 67% in the United States. However, rates remain higher in the US than in other industrialized nations, and teen pregnancies have significant social and economic repercussions.

City Visions: A conversation with the new OUSD and SFUSD Superintendents
This summer, both San Francisco and Oakland welcomed new superintendents. Both individuals were educated in the district they will now be running. As leaders of high profile school districts that have had their share of problems in the past, these superintendents are under a great deal of pressure to succeed.

City Visions: How can we waste less food?
August 7, 2017: Did you know that 40% of all food grown in the United States each year winds up in the trash? Why is so much food wasted when nearly 1 in 5 children in California goes to bed hungry? What can we do differently on farms and in restaurants, grocery stores and our own homes to reduce the amount of food wasted? Host Ethan Elkind and guests explore the topic of food waste and what several Bay Area organizations are doing about it. Guests : JoAnne Berkenkamp , Senior Advocate in the Food and Agriculture Program of the Natural Resources Defense Council Chris Cochran , Executive Director of ReFED Mary Risley , Founder of Food Runners Produced by: Anne Harper

Zeroing in on safe streets - does SF measure up?
July 24, 2017: San Francisco ranks worst of all California counties for walking injuries related to traffic accidents.

City Visions: The potential and perils of gene editing
Host Ethan Elkind and guests explore the social, ethical and legal implications of the CRISPR / Cas9 gene editing technology.

City Visions: Male brain, female brain
Guest host Grace Won explores the difference between the male and female brain, and why this difference matters.

Is San Francisco ready for a safe injection facility?
June 12, 2017: Should San Francisco provide a clean, indoor, medically-supervised facility where drug users can safely and legally inject?

City Visions: Can Silicon Valley solve our sleep problems?
Is America undergoing a sleep revolution? Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are betting that sleep is the health craze of the moment, investing time and money to develop devices they claim will monitor and improve the quality of our rest.

City Visions: Why are hundreds of California foster care children arrested each year?
On June 19, 2017: Each year hundreds of foster care children in California shelters are sent to juvenile hall for offenses as minor as throwing books or blankets. One county shelter called the police an average of 9 times a day last year. Why are kids as young as 8 being arrested for behavioral issues? Joseph Pace and guests delve into the San Francisco Chronicle's excellent investigative reporting on the criminalization of foster care kids in California. Guests: Karen de Sa , Investigative Reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle Jennifer Rodriguez , Executive Director of the Youth Law Center Produced by: Anne Harper

City Visions: Deborah Tannen on how women talk to their friends and why it matters
H ost Joseph Pace and New York Time s best-selling author Deborah Tannen discuss her new book, You’re the Only One I Can Tell: Inside the Language of Women's Friendships .

City Visions: Institutional Racism, its Roots and Legacy
Does racism persist today because of the bigotry of individuals or hate groups or are racist policies actually embedded in American law? What role have local, state and federal governments played in promoting segregation and protecting white privilege? Joseph Pace and guests explore the topic of Institutional Racism and how government policies have promoted segregated neighborhoods, schools and communities, and in turn, restricted equal access to education and employment opportunities. Guests : Dr. Amos Brown , President of the San Francisco Chapter of the NAACP and Pastor of the Third Baptist Church in San Francisco. Richard Rothstein , Research Associate of the Economic Policy Institute and author of The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America. Robert C. Smith , Professor of Political Science at San Francisco State University and author of numerous essays, articles and ten books, most recently American Politics and the African American Quest for

City Visions: Tabitha Soren, photographing baseball and life
Gen X'ers know Tabitha Soren as the young college student who burst onto the scene in the early days of MTV. But today, Tabitha spends most of her time looking through the lens of a camera.

City Visions: Are criminal justice reforms working?
Host Ethan Elkind moderates a debate on criminal justice reforms in California. Two bills that would eliminate bail are headed for the state legislature, championed by advocacy groups seeking to reduce incarcerations and to make sentencing laws more flexible and equitable.

City Visions: Are we close to a cure for aging?
What if we could end aging and prevent age-related diseases? Joseph Pace and guests explore recent advances in aging and longevity research.

City Visions: Governor Brown's Senior Adviser Discusses Priorities
As the Bay Area grapples with skyrocketing housing costs and choking traffic, what is Governor Jerry Brown and the state government doing to help? Ethan Elkind is one-on-one with Ken Alex, senior adviser to Governor Brown and head of the state's Office of Planning and Research, the agency that helps set land use policy.

Confronting Tech's Gender Problem
City Visions host Ethan Elkind speaks with guests about the struggles faced by women in the technology sector.

City Visions: Why the Summer of Love Matters
Fifty years ago this summer, 100,000 young people flooded San Francisco in what was called "The Summer of Love." Guest host Grace Won revisits this era with those charged with commemorating it. From psychedelic rock posters, to fringed leather jackets, to the music of local bands like the Grateful Dead, we will cover the art, music, and politics of the counterculture. Why was San Francisco the epicenter of this countercultural movement? What is its legacy? This program is produced in partnership with the California Historical Society as part of its efforts to recognize the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love . Visit to learn about what more than 50 cultural organizations around the state are doing to remember the historic spring and summer of 1967. Producer: Wendy Holcombe Guests: Jill D'Alessandro - Co-curator of the DeYoung Museum exhibit, " The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll ." Curator of Textile Arts at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Eric

California braces for deep environmental cuts
March 27, 2017: The budget proposal released by the Trump Administration earlier this month outlines deep and unprecedented cuts across many federal agencies. At the top of the list is the Environmental Protection Agency, slated for a 31% cut.

City Visions: VisionSF - Celebrating Bay Area innovators driving social and economic change
Joseph Pace and guests explore the San Francisco Chronicle's VisionSF, a program honoring Bay Area leaders in social justice and innovation.

City Visions: California Hate Groups on the Rise
On March 13, 2017: In 2016, California acquired the dubious distinction of having the most hate groups of any state in the country. Hate group activity is clearly on the rise in 2017, with bomb threats against Jewish organizations and white supremacists recruiting on college campuses as never before. Host Joseph Pace and guests explore what's fueling the rise in hate group activity here in California and across the country. Guests : Seth Brysk , Central West Coast Director of the Anti-Defamation League Josh Harkinson , Senior Reporter for Mother Jones Robert C. Smith , Professor of Political Science, San Francisco State University Produced by: Anne Harper

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