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Category: Public Radio
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A San Francisco Bay Area call-in show that covers local public affairs.

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Podcast Episode's:
City Visions: Are the Kids All Right...To Vote?
The movement to lower the voting age is spreading across the country, and on this November's ballot, Bay Area voters will decide whether 16- and 17-year olds can vote in various state and local elections.

City Visions: California's Criminal Justice Propositions
Is the November ballot a referendum on criminal justice reform in California?

City Visions: California Prop 22, COVID Updates and Poet Jane Hirshfield
I s the gig economy good for workers...or are they being exploited by it? We hear from both sides of the debate over Proposition 22, which would classify drivers for companies like Uber, Lyft and Postmates as independent contractors.

City Visions: The Case Against the Electoral College
In two out of the last five Presidential elections, the winner of our country’s popular vote lost the Electoral College and the race for President. Could that happen again? What would Presidential campaigns look like for Californians if Democrats and Republicans had to fight for every vote? Is it time to scrap the Electoral College? Our guest Bill Petrocelli thinks so. Host Joseph Pace will also be talking to law professor Lara Bazelon about Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett and to Avery Hellman about how the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival plans to bring live music to listeners. Join us on City Visions tonight at 6PM here on 91.7 FM KALW San Francisco. Guests (in order of appearance): Lara Bazelon , Professor of Law at Univeristy of San Francisco School of Law, whose recent Op-Ed in the New York Times is "Amy Coney Barrett is No Ruth Bader Ginsburg" ; Bill Petrocelli , author of Electoral Bait and Switch: How the Electoral College Hurts American Voters; and, Avery Hellman ,

City Visions: RBG Remembrance/California Prop 16 Debate
Grace Won speaks with Santa Clara University Law professor Margaret Russell about the life and legacy of U.S. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who died on Friday at age 87. Then, we hear from both a proponent and opponent of proposition 16, which seeks to reinstate affirmative action in California.

City Visions: Will Prop 15 Succeed in Amending Prop 13?
Do you understand what Prop 15's proposed 'split roll' is? On our next show, we will dig into this question and examine the arguments for and against Prop 15. Is it an appropriate amendment to Prop 13, as supporters claim, or a deliberate weakening of an important protection for property owners?

City Visions: Bay Area Activists Volunteer for Out-of-State Races
Beyond the Presidential ballot, thirty-three Senate races, hundreds of House seats and the control of 86 state legislative chambers hang in the balance this November. Local Bay Area activists are not leaving anything up to chance as they harness local dollars and volunteers to help turn out the vote. On Monday, we'll hear from representatives of Indivisible, Sister District and Airlift about their work. We'll also get an update on breaking news and visit with a musician bringing live music to your doorstep.

City Visions: Ian Haney López On Race, Class And The 2020 Election
As the United States reckons with our history of racism and a pandemic that is disproportionately impacting people of color, race promises to feature front and center in this year's election. But can Democrats talk about race and still win?

City Visions: Congressman Eric Swalwell, COVID Updates and Comedian Zahra Noorbakhsh
On the next City Visions, East Bay Congressman - and former presidential candidate - Eric Swalwell will talk about protecting our elections, providing covid relief, and fighting corruption, among other topics. We will also feature our regular COVID update with Chronicle Health Reporter Erin Allday and UCSF doctor Peter Chin-Hong, as well as the comedy of local favorite, Zahra Noorbakhsh. Guests: Erin Allday - Health Reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle Dr. Peter Chin-Hong - Infectious Disease specialist at UCSF Congressman Eric Swalwell - Representative of Calfornia's 15th district, which consists of most of the East Bay. Member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committee. Zahra Noorbakhsh - Comedian, former co-host of the "#GoodMuslimBadMuslim podcastl; writer and performer of last year's one-woman show On Behalf of All Muslims: A Comedy Special. Host: Joseph Pace Correspondent: Sarah Ladipo Manyika Producers: Chris Nooney and Wendy Holcombe

City Visions: MUNI's Jeff Tumlin On How Public Transportation Will Survive
“Is it safe to take the bus?” That’s the question on people’s minds as we enter into the seventh month of the pandemic in the Bay Area. With ridership down, revenue across all Bay Area transit agencies has taken a huge hit that they may never recover from. Host Ethan Elkind talks to Jeff Tumlin, the director of the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency, about how MUNI is coping with all of these changes and planning for the future.

City Visions: COVID Exposes Racial Health Gap In Bay Area
According to federal data, African Americans and Latinos are three times as likely as white Americans to become infected with COVID-19 and twice as likely to die from the virus. Similar disparities persist in California. We'll talk about what accounts for the numbers and how to improve the health of local communities of color amid the pandemic, and after.

City Visions: Racism In The workplace, Musician Mia Pixley, and a COVID Update
While protests against police violence are making headlines, less attention has been paid to an issue that affects the lives and livelihoods of black people every day... racism in the workplace. On our next program, we'll hear stories about how racism has persisted for working black Americans and consider ways to address it.

City Visions: More Distance Learning for Schools in the Fall
On July 17, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the majority of schools in California will have to revert to distance learning as coronavirus case numbers rise. How have schools prepared over the summer for more online learning? What can families expect and will the state's most vulnerable children fall further behind?

City Visions: The Case For Reparations In California
Has the time come for reparations for slavery? Host Ethan Elkind and guests explore the history of the reparations movement in the United States and discuss what can be done to bridge the racial wealth divide.

City Visions: Fighting for Racial Justice and Jazz Singer Paula West
How are communities in the Bay Area heeding the call to address systemic racism? Tonight on our program, we'll discuss recent initiatives introduced in San Francisco and elsewhere in the Bay Area.

City Visions: Social Justice Educator Dr. Lori Watson on How To Forge Racial Equity
The killing of George Floyd has ignited an outpouring of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, bringing attention to structural racism in law enforcement, education, employment and other institutions. We'll speak to race equity consultant Lori Watson about how unconscious bias contributes to systemic racism and what we can all do to practice anti-racism.

City Visions: Justice For All: Reimagining Law Enforcement
As protests against systemic racism and police brutality continue across the country, Bay Area cities are now considering measures to reform, defund or even dismantle their police forces.

City Visions: The Kerner Report And Missed Opportunities For Racial Justice
In 1967, following a summer of civil unrest in cities across America, President Lyndon B. Johnson convened the Kerner Commission to look at the issues underlying these protests. The Commission's report , issued the following year, concluded that systemic racism lay at the heart of the problems and that “Our nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white – separate and unequal.” Why did nothing come of the Commission's recommendations and how can we avoid repeating those mistakes today? We'll also begin the hour with an update on Covid-19 and how the Bay Area is opening up after three months in quarantine. The Kerner Commission Prof. Sandra Susan Smith , Former Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at UC Berkeley; Incoming Daniel & Florence Guggenheim Professor, Criminal Justice, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Prof. John A Powell , Professor of Law and Professor of African-American Studies, UC Berkeley and Director Othering &

City Visions: George Floyd Protests; David Plouffe; Jazz Guitarist Terrence Brewer
Demonstrations against police violence continue in the Bay Area and nationwide after George Floyd, an African-American, was killed while in the custody of Minneapolis police last week. We'll talk to San Francisco Chronicle columnist Otis Taylor about how our region is processing Floyd's death and how we can address systemic racism in our communities. We'll also explore what it will take to unseat the president come November with democratic political strategist David Plouffe, author of the new book "A Citizen's Guide to Beating Donald Trump." And we'll check in with award-winning local jazz guitarist Terrence Brewer about how artists are coping and staying creative during the pandemic. Guests: Otis Taylor , East Bay columnist, San Francisco Chronicle David Plouffe , political strategist and author of "A Citizen's Guide to Beating Donald Trump" Terrence Brewer , San Francisco-based jazz guitarist and educator

City Visions: Author C Pam Zhang and San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
C Pam Zhang's debut novel, “How Much of These Hills is Gold," tells a haunting tale of two Chinese-American siblings during the gold rush era as they set out to bury their dead father. A beautiful story woven with grief and hope, Ms. Zhang brings to life and gives a voice to a group of people often omitted from the story of the American West.

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