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Category: Public Radio
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A San Francisco Bay Area call-in show that covers local public affairs.

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Podcast Episode's:
City Visions: What's it like for women in the restaurant industry?

City Visions: Bay Area author Vanessa Hua on immigration, motherhood, and the American Dream
Host Ethan Elkind sits down with the author and San Francisco Chronicle columnist.

City Visions: Reforming California's drug rehabilitation industry
Host Joseph Pace and guests explore the “Wild West” of California’s drug rehabilitation industry.

City Visions: College success without the scandal
The recent college admissions scandal highlighted the extreme, and in some cases, illegal efforts that wealthy parents will take to get their children into college. But what is the college admissions landscape like for students who don't have tutors or private admissions counselors? How do you afford college when tuition costs as much as $68,000 per year? Is college no longer attainable?

City Visions: Indie Films and Hollywood Stars
The 62 nd annual San Francisco International Film Festival opens this week. With 163 films from 52 countries, the Bay Area will be bursting with cinematic and live performances reflecting the social and cultural issues of our time. Host Ethan Elkind talks to festival producers and filmmakers about how they tackle critical topics like immigration, wealth inequality and redemption. Find out which celebrated musicians and Hollywood stars are in town for the festivities.

City Visions: Why has juvenile crime declined?
Tonight we continue our series on Criminal Justice in the Bay Area, this time with a focus on the juvenile justice system.

One year after legalization, how's the cannabis business?
One year after legalization, has California's cannabis business been booming as people hoped or is it a bust? What are the challenges of doing business in an industry that had a thriving black market, but is now highly regulated?

City Visions: How will artificial intelligence transform medicine?
Host Joseph Pace and guests explore the ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) will impact US healthcare.

City Visions: How to Protect Your Digital Privacy
Do you shop online? Use social media, dating apps or free email? Then personal information – like your address, your clothing size, even your politics and dating preferences - isn’t private.

City Visions: Adnan Khan and Alex Mallick of Re:store Justice on why rehabilitation matters
Joseph Pace sits down with the co-founders of Oakland-based Re:Store Justice, Alex Mallick and Adnan Khan, who was recently released from San Quentin after 16 years.

City Visions: The Oakland teacher strike and the future of public education in California
Host Joseph Pace and guests discuss the policy and funding issues underlying Oakland and California’s public school crisis. What solutions exist to get our schools back in session and back on track?

City Visions: Check out the San Francisco Public Library
In a city where the cost of living is rising, the San Francisco Public Library remains a free and open public space.

City Visions: What can be done about PG&E?
Host Ethan Elkind does a deep dive into PG&E.

City Visions: Author Geneen Roth
Host Joseph Pace interviews New York Times best-selling author Geneen Roth about her latest book, This Messy Magnificent Life: A Field Guide to Mind, Body and Soul.

City Visions: Twitter activism
Host Ethan Elkind speaks with the founders of Grab Your Wallet and Sleeping Giants to learn how two Bay Area residents took to Twitter to metabolize the confusion and anger they felt around the 2016 election and in the process created two different and very successful grassroots campaigns -- one a boycott of companies doing business with Trump and his affiliates and the other aimed at advertisers on Breitbart, an alt-right website.

City Visions: Will Jerry Brown be a tough act to follow?
Host Joseph Pace and guests discuss Jerry Brown's legacy as the longest serving governor of California.

City Visions: Home for the Holidays?
Are you home for the holidays? Looking for fun things to do or new places to take friends from out of town? We’ll have local experts here to give you the inside scoop on Bay Area holiday happenings that are off the hook and off the beaten track.

City Visions: California lawmakers on what's ahead for the legislature
We continue our analysis of the midterm election, but this time with a focus on the California State Legislature. We will talk priorities and challenges with three Bay Area legislators.

City Visions: After the midterms, what next?
Now that the historic midterms are over, it is time to ask, “What’s next?”

City Visions: Carbon capture and the fight against climate change
According to the United Nations, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is not enough to prevent further global warming, we actually need to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. But is that possible?

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