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Category: Public Radio
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A San Francisco Bay Area call-in show that covers local public affairs.

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Podcast Episode's:
Shafia Zaloom on 'Sex, Teens, & Everything in Between'
Tonight, veteran teen sex educator Shafia Zaloom and two of her students join guest host Eric Jansen for a conversation on healthy teen relationships, getting and giving consent, and preventing sexual assault.

City Visions: California High Speed Rail Chair Lenny Mendonca
In 2008 California voters approved nearly $10 billion in bonds to begin construction of a high speed rail linking the northern and southern portions of the state. The project envisioned a bullet train able to whisk passengers from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than three hours, while slashing pollution from air travel, relieving congested freeways and containing sprawl. Since then, the project’s been beset by litigation, delays and massive cost overruns. But the story’s far from over: right now, construction of a high speed line between Merced and Bakersfield is underway. We’ll talk about the status of the project and the future of high speed rail in the state. Guest: Lenny Mendonca, Chief Economic and Business Advisor to Governor Gavin Newsom and Chair of the California High Speed Rail Authority

City Visions: Lara Bazelon on fairness, justice, and who's credible
Host Grace Won sits down with Lara Bazelon , Professor of Law at the University of San Francisco Law School and head of the school’s Criminal Juvenile and Racial Justice Clinics .

City Visions: Drowning in Student Loan Debt
On the presidential campaign, student loan debt is a hot topic with good reason. Nationally, borrowers hold nearly $1.5 trillion in debt, and here in the Bay Area, student loan debt has nearly tripled in the last 15 years to $26.6 billion. Borrowers are taking longer to repay loans and more students are finding college out of reach. Why is student loan debt ballooning? What can be done to solve this crisis?

City Visions: Are we Zucked? Silicon Valley investor Roger McNamee on fixing Facebook
Host Joseph Pace speaks with long-time Silicon Valley investor and author Roger McNamee about his book Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe.

City Visions: The Rising Cost of Childcare
July 29, 2019: No where in the country is childcare more expensive than in San Francisco. This comes as no surprise to parents who can spend nearly $2,000 a month per child for full-time care, if of course there is a spot for the child, which oftentimes there is not. How are families coping with the rising cost of childcare in a region that is already so expensive? What resources are available for families in need?

City Visions: The federal crime bill - a win for reformers or not?
We continue our examination of criminal justice in the Bay Area, this time with a discussion of the federal crime bill, The First Step Act , which was signed by President Trump in December.

City Visions: Oakland native Tommy Orange on his best-selling novel, 'There There'
Host Joseph Pace sits down with Oakland native and New York Times best-selling author, Tommy Orange.

City Visions: Why We're Eating Ocean Plastic
On July 8, 2019: Scientists estimate that over 8 million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans each year, wreaking havoc on marine life who become trapped in abandoned fishing nets or mistake plastic bags for food. Much of it breaks down into irretrievable tiny particles. Now some of this plastic is finding its way back into our food system, not as packaging, but inside our food and water.

City Visions: Psychiatrist Shaili Jain on PTSD and 'The Unspeakable Mind'
Stanford psychiatrist and trauma specialist, Dr. Shaili Jain joins host Joseph Pace to discuss her debut book, The Unspeakable Mind: Stories of Trauma and Healing from the Frontlines of PTSD Science .

City Visions: A New Age of Space Exploration
It's a New Age of Space Exploration. NASA is preparing for another manned trip to the moon. New technologies will be tested there in order to plan a much longer trip to Mars. Scientists are figuring out how to grow food, fuel, and pharmaceuticals in space.

City Visions: What is life like after incarceration?
Another in our series on criminal justice in the Bay Area, this show focuses on life after incarceration, or what’s known as “reentry.”

City Visions: Do you love avocado toast? Thank a hippie.
The next time you eat a piece of avocado toast, thank a hippie. It was the hippie movement that gave rise to so much of what we eat and take for granted today: tofu, yogurt, organic produce, farm to table, whole grain breads and so much more.

City Visions: Will psychedelics transform mental health care? [Rebroadcast]
Psychedelics are making a comeback. Is America ready? Host Ethan Elkind and guests explore the history and new therapeutic applications of psychedelic drugs.

City Visions: What's it like for women in the restaurant industry?

City Visions: Bay Area author Vanessa Hua on immigration, motherhood, and the American Dream
Host Ethan Elkind sits down with the author and San Francisco Chronicle columnist.

City Visions: Reforming California's drug rehabilitation industry
Host Joseph Pace and guests explore the “Wild West” of California’s drug rehabilitation industry.

City Visions: College success without the scandal
The recent college admissions scandal highlighted the extreme, and in some cases, illegal efforts that wealthy parents will take to get their children into college. But what is the college admissions landscape like for students who don't have tutors or private admissions counselors? How do you afford college when tuition costs as much as $68,000 per year? Is college no longer attainable?

City Visions: Indie Films and Hollywood Stars
The 62 nd annual San Francisco International Film Festival opens this week. With 163 films from 52 countries, the Bay Area will be bursting with cinematic and live performances reflecting the social and cultural issues of our time. Host Ethan Elkind talks to festival producers and filmmakers about how they tackle critical topics like immigration, wealth inequality and redemption. Find out which celebrated musicians and Hollywood stars are in town for the festivities.

City Visions: Why has juvenile crime declined?
Tonight we continue our series on Criminal Justice in the Bay Area, this time with a focus on the juvenile justice system.

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