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Category: Comedy
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Robot Pizza Van examines funny, outlandish, clickbait news. We talk cutting edge/useless tech, weird science, surprise pop culture, and unusual art. Offroad-artist, Borg-audio engineer, and Rygar-graphic artist co-host this trip down the rabbit hole.

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Podcast Episode's:
A Sock Full of Bones: Episode 101
No more Sweethearts, Smash Mouth hotline, wi-fi electricity, brain to speech, banker dressed like Spider-man, the world's smelliest fruit, and more weird news. Music by Uncle Milk. For more visit www.patreon.com/robotpizzavan
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Murderbots, a Flat Earth Sea Cruise, and the Rotary Phone Challenge: Episode 99
Doctors save a guy by giving him 15 beers, a robot hotel lays off half the robots, a new startup charges $8,000 to fill your veins with young blood, a flat Earth convention on a sea cruise, teenagers are challenged to dial a number on a rotary phone, man attends stranger's bachelor party, offensive restaurant sign approved, egg photo breaks Instagram record, man rents separate apartment for cats, asymmetric jeans, and Nike Air Max 1 G “Grass” shoes are covered with astroturf. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit www.patreon.com/robotpizzavan
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Driving a Hot Dog Car, and Other Weird News Stories: Episode 98
I read the whole internet and I find all the weird news stories. This week I have Analytic Psychologist, Dr. Jon Platania as a guest. We talk about a sheriff that uses cardboard cutout deputies, officials that say taking chicken nuggets left on the highway is a crime, controversy surrounding the oldest person that's ever lived, snow in southwest china that is rare so people are selling it on the roadside to tourists, where you can buy snow online right now, a cat from Michigan that ended up in Florida but no one knows how, a job you can get at Oscar Meyer driving the hotdog mobile across the USA, and Taco Bell has a billboard in Toronto that dispenses free nacho cheese this month. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit www.patreon.com/robotpizzavan
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

Woman Bites Jogger, Restaurant's Offensive Name, Christmas Weed, and More Weird News: Episode 97
The universe might be an expanding bubble in an extra dimension, man accused of guitar thefts has one thing to say, armed standoff ends after someone sings Christmas carol, homeless men allegedly broke into home and cooked dinner, an astronaut accidentally called 911 from space, artistic daredevil paints while skydiving, Christmas weed, woman bites jogger, and baby is named after highway where she was born. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit www.patreon.com/robotpizzavan
Listen: podcast - audio/mpeg

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