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Category: Society/Culture
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I showcase interesting and insightful guests who have chosen an unconventional career. I dive into who they are, what they do and how they got to where they are today. I uncover the mindsets and habits that enable them to live life on their own terms

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Podcast Episode's:
Ep 67 - Reese Lansangan, Singer-songwriter
“When you work hard the universe will acknowledge that and people will see that as well.” - Reese Lansangan Reese Lansangan is a 27 year old singer-songwriter, visual artist, graphic designer, fashion designer, and published author. Reese’s first love is music and she believes in telling compelling and informative stories through her songwriting. Her debut album, Arigato, Internet! features 13 original songs + 5 remixes by renowned indie musicians from the Philippines. Her body of creative work is heavily influenced by childhood, science, Asian iconography, and pop culture, branded with a hint of humour. In both her art and music, she is keen on dissecting and shedding light to everyday phenomena that are commonly overlooked. Her hit single Home, written to be performed at a celebrity wedding in the Philippines, has been listened on Spotify over 4.2 million times. We talk about how the Internet helps regular people get discovered, her 'camp rock' experience, recording her first album, creating a song for a celebrity wedding, making time for supporters, the importance of hard work, how it's ok to be passionate about many things and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-67-reese-lansangan
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Ep 66 - Rabia Sitabi, Working in 10 industries before the age of 30
“Just be open to everyone.” - Rabia Sitabi Rabia Sitabi’s life started in tough circumstances: she lost both her parents by the age of 16 and had to become a mother for her younger siblings. Since then she has taken a very unique journey through her career working across a range of different industries and professions. Rabia is now a international culture ambassador who aims to connect the East to the West through events and education. During the week she runs strategy and operations for two international marketing and consultancy agencies, and in her spare time she collaborates with the likes of the South Korean government, Chinese writers, Pakistani LGBTQ groups and Indian Art collectives to expand intercultural awareness in Europe. Her fields of expertise are mostly marketing, branding, social media, and strategy. We talk about becoming an orphan at 16, beta testing Facebook in 2006, being a coloured female in tech, working in 10 different industries before turning 30, meeting Adele before she was famous and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-66-rabia-sitabi
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Ep 65 - Nick Jaffe, Finding freedom and autonomy through sailing
“With the right amount of time and focus and the right tools there are many more things that you can do than you think you can do.” - Nick Jaffe As a teenager Nick Jaffe started working in software development before deciding to study photography at the Victorian College of the Arts. He soon after went overseas and started hitchhiking through Europe before falling in love with sailing. From 2006 to 2009 Nick sailed solo across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in a small 26ft boat. This adventure was the subject of a feature length film called Between Home. He later returned to Australia and started a number of businesses, namely Serversaurus, a web hosting company and Electron Workshop, a co-working space. We talk about hitchhiking to the Arctic Circle, buying a boat over the Internet, having a sense of autonomy & freedom, self-sufficiency, living in a shipping container, Beat Generation literature and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-65-nick-jaffe
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Ep 64 - Alexandra Clark, Entrepreneurial chocolatier
“Whatever you do, just keep walking. Don’t actually ever stop.” - Alexandra Clark After working at an ice cream shop at age 14, Alexandra Clark fell in love with the interaction that people have with sweets. Her curiosity took her to Michigan State University where she studied Hospitality Business & Food Processing Technology. After receiving her chocolate certificate from The French Pastry School of Chicago, she left the country on a full scholarship to New Zealand’s prestigious Massey University to complete a degree in Agricultural Commerce and continue her research on value chains in the cocoa and chocolate industry. She then worked for a number of chocolate makers before eventually deciding to launch her own venture. Bon Bon Bon went from dream to reality in 2013 when Alex returned to her home state of Michigan with the goal of launching a chocolate studio and store that challenged the industry’s status quo with enthusiasm, experimentation, and creativity. The store crafts chocolate candies called “Bon Bon Bons” with a classic French technique in conjunction with a little Detroit ingenuity to create flavors that range from classic to bizarre and everything in between. Alex opened a second store in downtown Detroit in 2015 and is looking to add a third location very soon. We talk about being a "non-illicit drug dealer", the benefits of hippie parents, studying in Norway and New Zealand, saying 'yes' to the best opportunity, turning down a PhD in chocolate, outrageous chocolate flavours, the changes happening in Detroit and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-64-alexandra-clark
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Ep 63 - Anna Therese Day, Independent war journalist
"If I don’t buy this $200 plane ticket and miss the Egyptian revolution I’d never forgive myself." - Anna Therese Day Anna Therese Day is an award-winning independent reporter with her main focus being the Middle East. After graduating from college in Wisconsin she went to Israel to do a Masters degree. During her winter break she heard rumors of a revolution mounting in Egypt and jumped on a plane to see the action in person. Sure enough, she was in Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring to witness the beginning of the end of tyrannical rule in Egypt. She posted some of her photos from the event online and was soon contacted by a number of media outlets to use her as a source, kickstarting her career as an independent journalist. She’s since spent an evening with ISIS fighters before ISIS was widely reported on, she and her team narrowly escaped a terrifying two-year prison sentence in Bahrain, and she’s lost colleagues to horrific murders by ISIS. Her work has been featured in a variety of big media outlets including CNN, Al Jazeera, Newsweek and many more. We talk about the downsides of being independent, not wanting to miss a revolution, fmeeting ISIS before they were well known, sneaking into Syria, taking care of yourself, having contingency plans for kidnapping, the difference between charity and justice and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-63-anna-therese-day
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Ep 62 - Charlene Rhinehart, Corporate America to pageantry
"I didn’t just want my career to be based on income, I wanted to have an impact." - Charlene Rhinehart Charlene Rhinehart has spent a decade working as a Certified Public Accountant in corporate America. What makes her story interesting is that she had the unique personal and professional development goal of competition in a pageant. In 2015 she won the title of Ms. Corporate America and soon after decided to quit her accounting job and travel the world. She went on a six-month world tour with Up with People, a performing arts group that also participates in community service. She wouldn’t have had the courage to deliver presentations with limited Spanish speaking skills or sing in Danish in front of hundreds of people if her pageant experience hadn’t given her the confidence to do so. Nowadays she is self-employed as a speaker, actress and business coach. We talk about corporate pageantry, being a role model, having a sense of direction and purpose, hiring a coach, why you need a "Plan B" if you want to be self-employed, asking for what you want, dancing internationally, not doubting your abilities, the two definitions of fear and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-62-charlene-rhinehart
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Ep 61 - Una Gašparović, How a conductor becomes a digital marketer
"You don’t have to agree 100% with the people that inspire you." - Una Gašparović Una Gašparović used to be a music teacher and a conductor. Soon after completing Bachelor studies in the field of Ethnomusicology she founded a ladies choir and taught other people how to sing. Despite the success and joy of working in music, she didn’t feel a sense of fulfillment. She spent years in a quest to find her “true calling”, exploring interests through hobbies and jobs: making jewelry, learning programming, working in HR, even completing a cooking course and working as a chef. In 2016, she launched a blog / coaching practice, HerHappyHormones, based on her own transformational health experience. While trying to develop this business with practically no resources, she discovered the strategies of digital marketing and dived into webinars, courses, articles and case studies. Eventually she decided to take up a full-time job working in the digital marketing industry and is now a writer at RankingPress. We talk about feeling like a visitor in your own life, hormones, finding ways to give value to other people, location-independent employment, the limitations of formal education, distancing yourself from conventional influences, breaking free from other people's opinions and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-61-una-gasparovic
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Ep 60 - Bryce Adams, Running a Laos nightclub and making software
"You do a lot of things in your life that are so different to where you end up but it’s important to remember those things because they shape you, even if it doesn’t seem obvious." - Bryce Adams Bryce Adams decided to attend university after high school but within a week realized that it wasn’t what he wanted to do. He took a year off to go travelling before giving university another shot: he lasted less than a month before quitting for good. A friend from his travels contacted him and asked for help funding a bar in Vang Vieng, Laos. Bryce returned to Laos to visit the bar and was shortly offered an opportunity to open and run a nightclub at the age of 19. He eventually returned to Australia and started working for WooCommerce, a company that makes a popular eCommerce platform for Wordpress. The nature of his job allowed him to work remotely and continue travelling even after the company was acquired by Automattic, the makers of Wordpress.com. Last year Bryce quit his job to start his own company, Metorik, an analytics tool for WooCommerce. We talk about online poker, dropping out of uni twice, opening a nightclub in Laos, swapping roles within a company, a desire to have control, not trying to emulate someone else and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-60-bryce-adams
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Ep 59 - Jodie Cook, Introducing children to enterprising role models
"The money has got to be the enabler of freedom and not a goal in itself. You could be on a massive salary but you’re not necessarily free because you don’t choose how you spend your own time." - Jodie Cook Jodie Cook founded a social media marketing agency, JC Social Media, back in 2011. Since then she has grown the company to a team of 15 and now runs the social media campaigns for 500 clients across the world. Jodie has also written five books on digital marketing as well as developed Flaunt, a Chrome extension-based social media reporting tool for agencies. Whilst running her agency Jodie started exploring the reasons why some people find it easier to start their own business than others. Her conclusion: entrepreneurial role models. Jodie and her husband then decided to create Clever Tykes, children's storybooks that introduce positive, enterprising role models. Earlier this year Clever Tykes books, resources and a digital enterprise portal were delivered to all 23,500 primary schools in the UK thanks to sponsorship from Lloyds Banking Group. Jodie is also the co-founder of MODL, an app that enables business to book a professional model in under an hour without the cost of using an agency. In her spare time, Jodie is a competitive powerlifter. We talk about work that doesn't feel like work, using simplicity as a business strategy, entrepreneurial role models packing your own suitcase from a young age, deciding to spend money to save time, being aware of your own mortality, becoming the best version of yourself and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-59-jodie-cook
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Ep 58 - PJ Murray, From mining to tech entrepreneurship
"If you have the mindset to say ‘I am the person to do this’ or at least ‘I am the person who can try and learn it and give it a go’ I think that can get you very far." - PJ Murray PJ Murray started his professional career in civil engineering and spent some time working on a mining site before quickly making the shift to software engineering. A self taught programmer, PJ quickly found his feet working at ThoughtWorks before founding online web development marketplace Tweaky.com with cofounder Ned Dwyer. They soon raised capital from the the guys behind 99designs, Blackbird Ventures and later rebranded the company to Elto. The company grew to 25,000 customers before being acquired GoDaddy in 2015. After recently wrapping up a two-year stint at GoDaddy PJ is taking his time to work out what’s next. We talk about moving dirt around, doing contract work after you quit your job, being 100% responsible, dev ops, input/output based rewards, choosing what to read, artificial intelligence and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-58-pj-murray
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Ep 57 - Understanding self with Drew Corby
"No one’s written your book. No one’s written ‘How do I define success?’" - Drew Corby This episode is an experiment of sorts. This is the first time where I’ve brought on a subject matter expert to chat about a specific topic related to personal development and career growth. In this episode Drew Corby is sharing a framework with us as to how we can better understand ourselves. Drew spent 10 years coaching frontline teams in sales, marketing, operations and internal communications. He coached a lot of young people in this role and found that every one of them was sure of one thing: they didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives, but they knew it wasn’t this. Drew would then work with these individuals to help them understand who they are, how to define success and then pursue it. Defining success is something that we have not been very well trained how to do. Society has established some ideas as to what success looks like but these are very generalized pathways that are not unique to the skills and personality that each of us has. Drew is also the host of the Pathways Podcast which gives people a unique window into the inspiration and aspiration we have inside all of us. Alongside that he has founded Pavrr.com, a community built to connect people with purpose and impact-driven work. We talk about the end of 'paying your dues', how to define success for yourself, understanding who you are, the different types of feedback, the signal to noise ratio of good communication and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-57-drew-corby
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Ep 56 - Pixie Weyand, Music venue and cafe owner
"It’s never the situation but your thoughts about it." - Pixie Weyand Two years ago Pixie was still cleaning toilets at a mine in rural Queensland. With a head full of ideas and the drive to do something with her life she has since worked tirelessly to create The Lost Collective, an umbrella for several businesses she is in the process of growing. These include: Lost Boys, a small, organic vegetarian, carbon-neutral café in the Brisbane suburb of Fortitude Valley; The Tree House, a bar offering local, natural, and organic drinks; The Zoo, an iconic live music venue; and Feed Music, an app connecting touring musicians with local cafes and restaurants across the globe to provide affordable healthy meals. Although she has no formal degree or training in business Pixie has learnt everything she knows through perseverance, surrounding herself with the right people and having a belief that she’s capable of making her dreams a reality. We talk about buying a live music venue, recognising herself as a "business woman", why you can't plan everything that happens, how it's okay to be scared, firing all her staff at the same time, running a café by herself for a whole week, dealing with criticism, creating happiness and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-56-pixie-weyand
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Ep 55 - Hershey Hilado, Thriving After Being Sold Into Slavery
"We suffer from our own judgement more than anything else." - Hershey Hilado Hershey Hilado understands what it means to overcome adversity. At the age of 12 her father was murdered by her own uncle. She started shoplifting a year later to survive and was forced to drop out of school and provide for her seven siblings. At the age of 16 her mother sold her into an arranged marriage with a man three times her age. After escaping that terrible ordeal she became homeless for two years until she found her way to Australia with some relatives on her father’s side. She worked as a crew member at McDonalds and in a security control room for a few years until realizing that her calling was far greater than simply earning and surviving. After reading Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" she quit her job and started her first business. Today she runs a successful women's fashion label called Ohmagosh that sells online to customers across the globe. Hershey is also one of the ambassadors for The Freedom Hub, a not-for-profit organization that helps rebuild the lives of human trafficking and sex slavery survivors in Australia. We talk about experiential learning, designing a life instead of just earning a living, the power of giving, the danger of having a "plan B", knowing your values, being able to focus, self-awareness, picking one word as a theme for your year, becoming an asset to society and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-55-hershey-hilado
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Ep 54 - Anna Ross, Making ethically responsible cosmetics
"It is all mindset because I can be wallowing in self-pity and crying every day or I can actually be achieving things that I had only dreamed of." - Anna Ross Anna Ross is the founder and CEO of Kester Black, an ethical and socially responsible cosmetics company she launched in 2012. Kester Black's products are vegan, sustainable, cruelty-free, Australian-made and B Corp certified. Kester Black has donated 15% of its revenue to charities and the company also makes a water-permeable nail polish that Muslim women can use. As well as being a values-led business, they have also had commercial success and Anna has won a number of prestigious awards including the Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year for 2016. A rule breaker by nature (she was expelled from school!), Anna is on a mission to create global change in the beauty industry by setting new standards for cosmetics that are socially and environmentally-minded. We talk about bringing your personal values into business, making sacrifices, transcendental meditation, changing the way you think about things, getting expelled from school, asking why, a changing sense of purpose, visualisation, starting a cat farm and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-54-anna-ross
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Ep 53 - Abena Ofori, Helping purpose-driven companies grow
"Look for the patterns and the opportunities in every setback that you face." - Abena Ofori Abena Ofori manages The Melbourne Accelerator Program’s Impact Entrepreneurship Program. This role sees her overseeing a number of different initiatives designed to equip social entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to make change in the world. Originally born in Singapore she has also lived, worked and studied in Canada and Australia. Abena has previously worked for a number of social enterprises and not-for-profits including Aidha, Earth Hour and YGAP. She strongly believes that all entrepreneurs have the potential to incorporate positive social impact into their businesses. Through her work at MAP she is increasing the awareness of social impact and hopes to help grow the sector more broadly in Melbourne and Australia. We talk about trying to adopt a pony, financial literacy, immigration law, the combination of passion and education, mental health, imposter syndrome and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-53-abena-ofori
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Ep 52 - Will Dayble, Teaching non-profits how to do the Internet
"I’m just one of the more violent early adopters of the qualification-less society." - Will Dayble Will Dayble is a tech geek turned social entrepreneur, passionate about things like measuring impact, breaking dumb systems and supporting the Australian social economy. Companies Will has founded include Squareweave, a digital agency that helps changemakers do good tech and The Fitzroy Academy, an online school to teach social impact education and help non-profits learn digital skills. Will originally wanted to be a social worker but he didn't get the grades and came very close to failing high school entirely. He moved to London after saving enough money and at the age of 19 sold an IT training business he started over there. The resulting funds were used to start a mental health charity helping young people in the Melbourne punk scene, a web development company and a record label. All of those ventures eventually failed. Despite a complete lack of qualifications, Will has written and lectured courses in digital and social entrepreneurship at two Australian universities. We talk about teaching non-profits, the "Internet way" of doing things, the narrative fallacy, living with Albanian criminals, education being sick not broken, why qualifications don't matter much anymore, going to Mars and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-52-will-dayble
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Ep 51 - Cam Greenwood, Using a surf brand for social good
"If you’re gonna create something that’s world-changing or pushes people forward you need to have a crazy vision, dream big and embrace the wild." - Cam Greenwood Cam Greenwood is the founder of Monsta Surf, one of Australia’s fastest growing surf brands which has an engaged following of over 50,000 people. Cam’s vision for the brand is to use it as a platform to positively influence and impact the world. Under his leadership the Monsta Foundation has been able to fund life changing projects in Kenya, the Philippines and Australia. Cam is regularly called upon as a spokesperson for young entrepreneurship and leadership. He enjoys sharing the wisdom he’s become known for and encourages people to live a life of passion and purpose. His vision is to ultimately inspire the world through what he says and the way he lives. We talk about humility, making surfboards in his garage, almost giving up, working with Chinese manufacturers, buying 4,000 catfish, dropping out of university, having time to switch off, embracing the wild, learning from failure, the benefits of being naive and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-51-cam-greenwood
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Ep 50 - Jimmy Hayes, Co-founder at Minaal
“We just want to make cool things happen in the world.” - Jimmy Hayes Jimmy is the co-founder of Minaal, a high-end travel gear company. He met his business partner Doug on a university exchange trip and discovered that they both love to travel. Over a number of overseas trips the pair realised that the part of the travel experience causing the most pain was their gear. They both soon decided to quit their jobs in order to create products that make travelling faster, happier, and more efficient. Although neither of them had a background in design, sourcing or manufacturing they managed to fund a carry-on sized backpack through a massively successful Kickstarter campaign. The company has since gone on to create a number of different bags and related travel accessories. We talk about driving an ice-cream truck, learning from failure, surrounding yourself with smart people, reflecting on the important moments, his definition of a "lifestyle business," asking "why" and "why not," taking care of yourself and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-50-jimmy-hayes
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Ep 49 - Matt Guthmiller, Youngest person to fly solo around the world
"I don’t like the idea of having to go out and find a job, I want to go out and make a job." - Matt Guthmiller Matt Guthmiller started his first company in 2007 at the age of 12, unlocking AT&T's iPhones for people to use worldwide. Since his first solo flight at age 16 he has since earned a commercial pilot certificate having flown dozens of airplanes and logging nearly 1500 hours up in the air. On July 14, 2014, at the age of 19 and after a 44.5 day trip of over 30,000 miles in the air, Matt broke the Guinness World Record as the youngest person to solo circumnavigate the earth by aircraft. In fact, fewer people have flown solo around the world than have been to space. Aside from his aviation feats, Matt was a finalist for the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship before dropping out of that round to go to attend MIT. Now he’s sharing his passion for aviation with a new YouTube series and his next venture, [Quant Financial](http://quant.financial/), aims to provide casual investors with the same algorithmic trading tools used by the largest firms on Wall Street. We talk about unlocking iPhones, Bitcoin arbitrage, flying around the world, why he chose to go to college, being a better problem solver, learning not to try and do everything, spending 30 hours editing a 10 minute video, fearing unknown things and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-49-matt-guthmiller
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Ep 48 - Allen Lee, Changing careers after 15 years in finance
"The greatest things I could have taught myself at a younger age are all related to empathy." - Allen Lee Allen Lee is a little older than some of the people I’ve previously brought onto the podcast. I wanted to try something different and speak to someone who has a slightly longer journey than the average guest. Allen started his career as an analyst for an investment bank but later served as Director of Corporate Development at Lions Gate Entertainment, where he led the company’s annual global film, TV and new media library valuation. He continued his career working in a number of other financial roles mostly specializing in the film industry. At the peak of the 2008 global financial crisis he was laid off and decided to finally start his own business creating predictive film performance models for production studios and distribution companies. After a few years of learning web development he now develops data-driven software for the film industry in Ruby on Rails and SQL. We talk about the intersection of film, finance and data, stress as a motivator, his tales from the dotcom crash, life making decisions we aren't strong enough to make ourselves, taking an easy job vs working on your business full time, the importance of empathy, Russian literature and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-48-allen-lee
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Ep 47 - Morgan Koegel, Educating 1 million girls in Africa
"If you have the opportunity then you should. You need to sit down and find that thing that doesn't sit right in your gut. What is the thing in the world that makes you feel sick at night?" - Morgan Koegel At the age of 25, Morgan Koegel is not only the youngest member of the One Girl team, but also its CEO. One Girl is an organisation committed to educating girls across Sierra Leone and Uganda through programs that target gender inequality and factors that keep women out of the classroom. Previously Morgan has been the Sector Development Manager of Prison Legal Education Australia where she worked in prisons across Victoria, and CEO of Engage Education, a not-for-profit keeping Australian students from low socio-economic backgrounds in school. She is a passionate believer in the power of education and the capacity for young people to do anything they set their mind to. We talk about having two mums, working in prisons, realising your dreams aren't what you thought they'd be, dealing with self doubt, aiming to educate 1 million girls in Africa, raising your hand for things too early, over committing to things and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-47-morgan-koegel
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Ep 46 - Mansal Denton, The impact of time behind bars
"You cannot do anything without actually doing it. Go do whatever it is that you're trying to achieve instead of watching videos and reading about it." - Mansal Denton Mansal Denton has a very interesting journey that shows what happens when life doesn't go to plan. When he was 18 years old he stole and sold some historic documents from a holocaust museum to fund a trip overseas. He later returned to the US and was arrested for this crime, eventually getting charged and sentenced to 8 years in the Texas State penitentiary. The time spent in prison tremendously changed Mansal for the better and he says that it's the best thing that every happened to him. Nowadays he is the co-founder of Nootropedia, an unbiased and accessible platform to learn about nootropics and smart drugs. When he isn't improving cognitive function in others, he enjoys jiu-jitsu, meditation, and a healthy dose of travel. We talk about nootropics, self-directed learning, the importance of history, his prison experience, owning what you've done and who you are, pushing your boundaries, 10-day meditation retreats and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-46-mansal-denton
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Ep 45 - Frank Shi, 3D and virtual reality content creator
"I'm not happy until I'm really pushed to the limits to discover something." - Frank Shi Frank Shi was born in China but moved to the USA when he was eleven years old. He had a very difficult childhood, changing schools almost every year as his parents were separated. Frank was never very good at academia or especially studious but he showed promise in art from a young age. After high school he applied for a number of design schools, eventually going to study digital media at the Otis College of Art and Design where he focused on 3D and visual effects. After he graduated he freelanced for a long period of time across a number of production studios before starting his own business, Paper Triangles. Although the CG production studio has only been in business for a year they have already worked with a number of big brands, most notably creating a virtual reality trailer for Warner Brother's film The Conjouring 2. We talk about trying different activities at a young age, learning 3D design, finding comfort in the discomfort, being open to collaboration, not being closed-minded, VR as a creative medium, self-awareness and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-45-frank-shi
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Ep 44 - Lucas van Lierop, Opera singer
"Even in the most fun things there's always going to be work involved. You just have to figure out how much can I tolerate this aspect of the process." - Lucas van Lierop Born in the Netherlands but raised in Canada, Lucas is a versatile singer that has performed in operas, oratorios, and song recitals. His career has spanned more than a decade, originally as a boy soprano, and now as a tenor. In the summer of 2012 Lucas performed with “I Sing Beijing”, a new operatic training program that focuses on Chinese and Western operatic repertoire. While in Beijing, Lucas was featured in both print and video interviews for CNTV, CCTV, and the China Daily Newspaper. In addition to his work in the arts, Lucas has also worked in media and technology, notably as program coordinator for the New Ventures BC competition – Canada’s largest technology venture startup competition. Additionally, he has worked as a writer and editor for several publications including Mobile Geeks, covering mobile technology in Taipei and abroad. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Musical Arts in Opera Performance at the Yale School of Music. We talk about becoming a celebrity in China, testing how badly you want something, artificial intelligence, having a personal board of advisors, the importance of the arts, journaling and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-44-lucas-van-lierop
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Ep 43 - Paul Rataul, Helping others be who they want to be
"We're often so blinded by what other people think, what society thinks, what our peers think, that it's really hard to get out of that mindset." - Paul Rataul Growing up as a kid in New Zealand, Paul always dreamt of playing international cricket for his country. But after he permanently broke his thumb playing the game he loved and being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he came to a crossroads in his life. His friends encouraged him to apply for internships in management consulting and investment banking, where he went through over 100 interviews in the course of 3 years. After completing multiple internships and undergoing some soul-searching he chose to turn down multiple graduate roles, including one with The Boston Consulting Group in London. He went on exchange to the National University of Singapore to pursue a couple of start-up opportunities including one focused on helping millennials land their dream career and job. In May 2016 he launched his own company, Millennial Mindset, and now he's pursuing his passion full-time to coach and inspire millennials to master their own mindsets and live the life of their dreams. We talk about having a setback that changes your identity, microfinance, doing 100 job interviews in 3 years, journaling, meditation, daily gratitude, being motivated by fear vs being motivated by purpose and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-43-paul-rataul
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Ep 42 - 2016: A year in books
Last year was the first year that I wrote a blog post covering what I read in the previous year and I decided to do it again this year. This is a short episode covering the most impactful and enjoyable books I read last year as well as a small snapshot of what I got out of every single book. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-42-2016-a-year-in-books
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Ep 41 - Highlights from the Top 10 episodes of 2016
What better way to end 2016 than to highlight some of the best moments from the podcast this year. This is a clip show episode with highlights from the 10 most listened episodes in 2016. I won't spoil the order, if you want to know who made the cut you'll just have to listen. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-41-highlights-from-the-top-10-2016
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Ep 40 - Fab Mackojc, Podcaster / Entrepreneur / Avid Reader
"I like the idea of being in control with my life. To live a life that suits my unique personality and that I can be happy living." - Fab Mackojc After a year interviewing young people who have taken an unconventional path in life I decided it was time to share my own story. I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good pal Zezan Tam (who was a guest in Episode 3) to be on the opposite side of the interview for a change. While doing a corporate internship during university Fab happened to read a book called The 4-Hour Workweek which completely changed his perspective on the world and made him realise that a life working 9-5 was by no means mandatory for future success and happiness. He chose to turn down the grad job offered to him and not do any more tertiary education after graduating, a move which surprised a lot of his friends and family. He worked for a few tech startups before eventually deciding to go overseas and do an intensive programming course called Dev Bootcamp. After a few months learning web development Fab decided to move to San Francisco to work as a software engineer for Groupon. This job eventually gave him the opportunity to working remotely and travel the world. Even with all the great perks though Fab realised that life as a web developer wasn't one that suited his strengths and personality so he decided to move back home to Melbourne and focus on his own projects. He now runs a number of his own businesses and is the host and creator of this podcast. We talk about what home feels like, my corporate work experience, not using money as a success metric, learning to face challenges, choosing control over safety, understanding your lifestyle's tradeoffs and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-40-fab-mackojc/
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[Unedited] Ep 40 - Fab Mackojc, Podcaster / Entrepreneur / Avid Reader
This is the full-length unedited version of episode 40. "I like the idea of being in control with my life. To live a life that suits my unique personality and that I can be happy living." - Fab Mackojc After a year interviewing young people who have taken an unconventional path in life I decided it was time to share my own story. I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good pal Zezan Tam (who was a guest in Episode 3) to be on the opposite side of the interview for a change. While doing a corporate internship during university Fab happened to read a book called The 4-Hour Workweek which completely changed his perspective on the world and made him realise that a life working 9-5 was by no means mandatory for future success and happiness. He chose to turn down the grad job offered to him and not do any more tertiary education after graduating, a move which surprised a lot of his friends and family. He worked for a few tech startups before eventually deciding to go overseas and do an intensive programming course called Dev Bootcamp. After a few months learning web development Fab decided to move to San Francisco to work as a software engineer for Groupon. This job eventually gave him the opportunity to working remotely and travel the world. Even with all the great perks though Fab realised that life as a web developer wasn't one that suited his strengths and personality so he decided to move back home to Melbourne and focus on his own projects. He now runs a number of his own businesses and is the host and creator of this podcast. We talk about what home feels like, my corporate work experience, not using money as a success metric, learning to face challenges, choosing control over safety, understanding your lifestyle's tradeoffs and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-40-fab-mackojc/
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Ep 39 - Taylor Pearson, Self-published author and entrepreneurial thinker
"More than any other point in history, people really have the opportunity to take control of their life." - Taylor Pearson I had the pleasure of meeting Taylor Pearson when we both attended the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder's meeting in Omaha earlier this year. Just before Taylor finished college he had the opportunity to go study abroad in Argentina. While over there he witnessed a completely different world to the one he was living in the Southern US. There was a large prevalence of freelancers and entrepreneurs that were living life on their own terms. Upon returning to the US he decided to abandon his lifelong plan to be a lawyer and learn some valuable online skills like digital marketing. He spent two years working for The Tropical MBA and helped them grow a number of online businesses while living in Vietnam, Thailand and San Diego. After his lengthy experience in the entrepreneurial world he decided to self-publish a book called The End of Jobs, which explores how the rapid development of technology and globalization has changed the leverage points in accumulating wealth. The book has sold tens of thousands of copies and has been translated into a number of different languages. We talk about unknown unknowns, "training at altitude", the three schools of Viennese Psychotherapy, the disruptive power of the Internet, what it really means to be entrepreneurial, weight loss and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-39-taylor-pearson
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Ep 38 - Jessica Curl, Functional nutritionist
"I get so much happiness from other people achieving happiness." - Jessica Curl Jessica Curl is the owner of Gangsta Gym where she works not only as a strength coach but also as a functional nutritionist. Her mission is to help people reach their optimal health through the power of education and empathy. After finishing university back home in the United States, Jess decided to come to Australia and play high level soccer for a number of professional teams. After a tough knee injury left Jess unable to run without pain she decided to give up her dream of playing professional soccer to pursue work in the wellness industry. While training for The Arnold Classic as a Strongman competitor Jess ruptured her achilles in January and also again in February of this year. This left her on six months of bed rest after two surgeries. Not wanting to waste this time she studied through the whole period and got her certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner before starting her own gym. We talk about previously eating 40 bananas a day, giving your body ample rest, holistic wellness vs Western medicine, ketosis, the importance of individualised nutrition, writing a cookbook and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-38-jessica-curl
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Ep 37 - How to structure your work life for fun, profit and fulfillment
I don’t have a full-time job at the moment. Friends are often asking me “What do you do for work? What does that look like for you?”. When you don’t work for someone else the line between work and your personal life starts to blur. But the exciting part is that you get to decide what you want your work to be. In this very short episode I talk about the framework I use to structure my own work life. There are three components that I believe everyone’s working life needs to have to ensure they can enjoy the present, plan for the future and work on something that makes an impact. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-37-how-to-structure-your-work-life
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Ep 36 - Gennavieve Lyons, Financially independent real estate investor
"You’ve gotta do things that sit right with you, your personality and your goals." - Gennavieve Lyons Although she came from humble beginnings in rural Queensland, Gennavieve realised at a young age that she was interested making money from real estate investing. After graduating high school at 17 she worked three jobs seven days a week until she bought her first house at 18. By 21 she had properties in 3 countries and at just 25 she was able to retire from the workforce entirely and live off her investments. Even though she doesn't need to be working she is passionate about teaching others to have success with real estate and runs Lyons Property Mentoring. Her aim is to prove to others that investing is neither difficult or out of reach as long as you have the right mindset. We talk about financial independence, what school doesn't teach us, mentoring others, acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses, Parkinson's law, having a strong sense of why and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-36-gennavieve-lyons
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Ep 35 - Why you should never hesitate to travel for a purpose
There's something so powerful about travelling somewhere for a specific reason. Whether it's for that conference you’re really excited about, or hearing about a business opportunity and wanting to go check it out in person or maybe it’s about making a long distance trip to meet one of your idols. The value of these trips might not be obvious before we depart but they're always worth it. In this episode I talk about the five overseas trips of the past three years that had the biggest impact on me and what they all had in common: I was travelling for a purpose. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-35-travel-for-a-purpose
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Ep 34 - Jordan Brown, Practicing international development across the globe
"I've always been fighting for what I've wanted and what I've wanted to do with my life." - Jordan Brown Jordan has always been invested in social issues and building and developing communities. At 16 she found herself at a workshop run by The Reach Foundation that normalised her own personal experiences with a tumultuous family life and expanded her understanding of who she could be and the impact she could have. Ever since, Jordan has been working at the Reach Foundation, supporting and running workshops in communities and schools with young people on how to create and live the life that they want for themselves. Jordan has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible for herself and others, having spent her gap year living and working in rural India and interning in the West Bank in 2014. Most recently, she embarked on a "make or break" year studying, volunteering and traveling in ten countries, predominantly focusing on South Africa and Indonesia. Jordan has returned from her stint abroad with more questions than answers about how best to influence positive change and is currently based in Melbourne where she mentors high school students from low SES backgrounds and just facilitated her first camp for 30 young people. We talk about being open and honest in public, dancing, surprising yourself, living above the clouds, fighting for what you want to do in life, your fears vs the fears of others, Palestinian weaving and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-34-jordan-brown
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Ep 33 - How an immersive learning experience changed my life
Three years ago I had the incredible opportunity to put my life on hold for 9 weeks and throw myself into an immersive learning experience. Never in my life have I been able to learn so much in such a short period of time. Without a doubt, choosing to do that has been the best decision I ever made. In this episode I talk about my experience doing an intensive programming course called Dev Bootcamp and how it impacted my life in more ways than just learning how to code. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-33-immersive-learning-experience-changed-my-life
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Ep 32 - Aaron Fifield, Host of Chat With Traders
"If you’re consistent in what you do you can cover a lot of ground. In a few years time when you look back you can see you’ve come a long way." - Aaron Fifield Aaron was 15 when he left school to do a graphic design apprenticeship. He eventually left his job to start a business with a client importing print from China. Ultimately the business didn’t work out but he wasn’t interested in getting a job again so started a graphic and web design agency instead and run that for a couple of years. For the longest time though Aaron had an interest in getting into the stock market and making some money trading financial instruments. After learning a bit more about what trading entailed he started making trades with his own money but soon realized that no matter what he did he wasn’t able to make much progress. So he realized that something was going to have to change. He decided to start a podcast, Chat With Traders, and use that as a medium to interview top performing traders about the markets and ask them specific questions about the process. His podcast has been listened to over 3 million times in under 2 years of operation. With the sponsorship revenue that Aaron generates he’s been able to step aside from the graphic and web design business to focus solely on the podcast and his own trading. We talk about services-based businesses, the benefits of podcasting, consistency, being "T-shaped" with your skills, waking up at 4am, having a flexible plan for the future, sensory deprivation tanks and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-32-aaron-fifield
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Ep 31 - Have you ever thought about owning less?
"The things you own end up owning you.” - Tyler Durden, Fight Club I first realised the power of that quote when I had to move more than once in a short period of time. However, it was when I decided to start travelling extensively that I really knew I would have to learn to live with less. In this short episode I talk about my journey with minimalism and how it can help you determine what is essential in all aspects of life. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-31-have-you-thought-about-owning-less
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Ep 30 - TJ Lee, Travel Vlogger
“Once you can find something that you're willing to sacrifice for then hold onto it.” - TJ Lee TJ Lee used to work in San Francisco as a tech marketer for Mozilla. After dreaming about travelling the world and becoming a digital nomad she finally decided to do it. Late last year she quit her job, sold everything she owned and joined a program called Remote Year. She's currently living around the world as a digital nomad and travel vlogger, documenting her wild ride on Youtube. Throughout this year, she has began to pick up clients and projects as a freelance photographer and videographer. Recently her journey was featured in publications such as Elle and Cosmopolitan. From what was originally supposed to be a year of exploring the world has now become a year of foundation-setting for her new life and career as a full-time traveler, influencer, and creative. We talk about selling (almost) everything you own, being raw and authentic online, loneliness, deciding what you want your story to be, choosing which sacrifices to make, having a strong sense of belief and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-30-tj-lee
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Ep 29 - Justin Lee, From banking to making music
“I just like making stuff. There’s something about being able to start with nothing and then chip away at that nothing until you have a cool song.” - Justin Lee Justin Lee decided to work in investment banking after college and got a job working at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In his last year of college though he got pretty excited about making music and started creating beats on his laptop with a few friends. His first year working at the bank was a gruelling one and Justin found it very difficult to find time to practice his music making. Although he was able to bring his laptop in and work on some stuff in the late evenings he realized that there simply wasn’t enough work-life balance in this kind of a career to pursue his creative interests. So without even having another job lined up he quit. He now works on the finance team for a tech company in San Francisco called Quantcast and couldn’t be happier with his decision to switch jobs. He’s got the time to make music again and is one of four members of The Moral Gray, a music group that creates unique videos and remixes of other songs. Justin says that being able to create something from nothing is what makes him happiest and that's why he does what he does. We talk about releasing remixes vs original music, the importance of writing ideas down, maintaining high standards, choosing to have a day job, doing creative work with others, virtual reality music videos and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-29-justin-lee
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Ep 28 - What are you focusing on now?
Have you written down what your current priorities are? I recently had the chance to notice the impact in my own life of writing down what I'm focused on over the next few months. In this very short episode I talk about the importance of writing down your current priorities and creating what’s called a /now page. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-28-what-are-you-focusing-on-now
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Ep 27 - Nathaniel Wroblewski, Remote web developer and sailor
"If you’re looking to optimize for your learning and growing never settle for something. Never be comfortable." - Nathaniel Wroblewski Nathaniel Wroblewski and I used to be roommates back in San Francisco and we met during an intensive web development course called Dev Bootcamp. After graduating college with a degrees in chemistry and mathematics, Nate quit his job, sold everything he owned, and left his friends and family behind to try his hand at computer programming. He says it’s the best decision he ever made. He now works remotely as a software engineer for a marketing analytics company called Kissmetrics and gets to travel the world. In 2016, he spent most of his time across 8 different countries. He’s an avid reader, he practices mixed martial arts and he’s also a keen sailor. He hopes sometime in the future to sail around the world. We talk about prioritising happiness over safety, his life-changing MMA injury, almost dying at the Grand Canyon, living on a boat, a collaboration mindset, striving to never be comfortable and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-27-nathaniel-wroblewski
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Ep 26 - How a (regular) tech detox can change your life
When was the last time you spent a whole day without looking at your phone, computer or watching TV? What about a whole week? Spending a whole week disconnected from the internet without my devices is something I do once every year. In this episode I discuss why an occasional break from technology is so important and my own personal experiences doing tech detoxes over the past four years. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-26-tech-detox-can-change-your-life
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Ep 25 - Julian Buckeridge, Strategic marketer and film lover
"A lot of satisfaction in my life comes from opening a door for someone else." - Julian Buckeridge Julian and I first met when his company worked on the branding of a business of mine. Julian is a strategic marketer and account manager for Taylor & Grace, a strategic branding agency located here in Melbourne, Australia. He studied archaeology in university so his journey to stumble into marketing and branding is an unusual one. As a passionate lover of film he created and funded AtTheCinema after he left university. It was a film criticism website where at its peak it was getting 65,000 unique visitors each day. Julian was able to leverage the success of the website to attend exclusive events in the Australian film industry. He then went on to do several years of consulting early-concept start-ups in market viability before meeting his current boss, who eventually offered him the job he has now. Julian is also on the advisory board of the social enterprise Good Mob. We talk about having a love of film, building products for your resume, virtual and augmented reality, validating your strengths, emotional intelligence, resourcefulness, social engineering and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-25-julian-buckeridge
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Ep 24 - 8 books I'm glad I read before I turned 25
This is the first of hopefully many solo episodes where I'll be sharing a few of my own lessons that I've learned during my journey. This one in particular is about impactful books. These eight books had a huge impact on me and I wanted to share them with you. The reason I decided to put out an episode like this now is because, as the title would probably suggest, I turned 25 a few weeks ago. Although the quarter-life crisis hasn't hit me yet, I can't help but think about the massive impact that books have had in my life. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-24-8-books-i-read-before-25
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Ep 23 - Zachary Sexton, Podcaster and productivity junkie
"Whatever you wanna do, you can do. You just need to focus on it." - Zachary Sexton Zack and I met at a brunch in Austin earlier this year that a mutual friend organised. Until recently he was working for a productivity blog called Asian Efficiency and hosted their flagship podcast, The Productivity Show. In this role he's had the chance to work remotely, have a ton of autonomy and interview big name authors like David Allen, Ramit Sethi and Cal Newport, to name just a few. He originally started his career working in Washington DC for a Wyoming Senator and jumped around a number of jobs in his 20s including selling solar panels, working in banking and being a teacher. None of the jobs he had tried so far felt right to him so he took a year off to reflect and read a number of books, one of which was a productivity book which changed his life. Using this new found knowledge he started doing productivity consulting, initially helping his dad upskill hospital staff before he was asked to join the Asian Efficiency team. The Productivity Show received 100k downloads in its first month of operation and has since been downloaded over 10 million times. After deciding to leave Asian Efficiency Zack now looks forward to working on his own again as a consultant helping small businesses to implement systems for more efficient work. We talk about trying a number of different careers, efficiency vs effectiveness, morning rituals, having an abundance mindset, his most important productivity tip and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-23-zachary-sexton
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Ep 22 - Chris Ackland, Using weightlifting to empower others
"The journey is the adventure. If you're working toward something and not enjoying it on the way it's probably time to change something. Massively." - Chris Ackland Chris Ackland is the Head Coach at CrossFit Box Hill where he helps people get stronger, healthier and happier. His mission is to help prove to people how strong and capable they really are. After leaving high school Chris was proactive enough to try a few different things before finding his calling in the health and fitness industry. Although he never formally studied at university Chris constantly sought out mentors and educators to help boost his knowledge so that he can best serve his clients. Even after 5 years of being a fitness coach he’s still always trying to learn more and get better. Chris is also a competitive weightlifter himself and is a huge advocate for the sport. He personally coaches a number of weightlifters and also runs Iron Tribe, a brand dedicated to helping people move better using elements of weightlifting and strength training. We talk about self-education, the rewards of strength training, "book smart" vs. "street smart", always asking questions, giving people your respect, Russian weightlifting manuals, instilling belief in others and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-22-chris-ackland
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Ep 21 - Ryan Holiday, Author and media strategist
"There’s nothing that says a 21-year-old can’t write a book but a 31-year-old can." - Ryan Holiday Ryan Holiday is an author whose work I have been a big fan of for a few years. He writes about marketing, media, philosophy and strategy. Ryan dropped out of college at 19 to work for a talent management agency before apprenticing under a number of authors, most notably Robert Greene, who wrote the best-selling book The 48 Laws of Power. He went on to work at American Apparel where he was an adviser to the CEO and eventually become the Director of Marketing, a position he held at the age of just 22. His first book Trust Me I’m Lying, a debut best seller, was directly related to his work at American Apparel and uncovered the world of online media manipulation. He then published 3 more books in the 3 years that followed. Nowadays Ryan continues to write for a number of online media outlets and also runs Brass Check, a creative advisory firm that specializes in working with authors, media companies and startups. We talk about the power of mentors, identifying opportunities to help important people, the dangers of becoming your own boss, the difference between passion and purpose, building a private library and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-21-ryan-holiday
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Ep 20 - Marama Whyte, Pop culture writer and PhD candidate
"I do really believe that there are opportunities to make change through the culture that we consume." - Marama Whyte Marama and I have been friends for a few years and I am inspired by the fact that her work is about giving a voice to people that culture has neglected or history has forgotten. Marama Whyte is undertaking her Ph.D. in history at the University of Sydney, researching American women in the media in the 20th century. She is also Contributing Editor and Podcaster at Hypable.com, an online magazine of popular culture and entertainment news. She writes on a range of topics including feminism and diversity in pop culture, and hosts the site’s flagship entertainment podcast, Hype. Through Hypable, Marama has had the opportunity to travel to San Diego Comic-Con multiple times to interview many actors, authors, and creators of note. She also credits her work on Hypable with first generating the interest in the media which has resulted in her current research project. We talk about finding novels way to approach important topics, why it's ok to stay a student, the value of developing the humanities, curiosity, empathy, creating work that resonates and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-20-marama-whyte
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Ep 19 - Viet-My Bui, Pursuing creative dreams after seven years of law
"You just can't force yourself to do something that makes you miserable." - Viet-My Bui I wanted to bring Viet-My Bui onto this podcast because I think she is a huge inspiration for anyone who’s pursuing a career only to make other people happy. Though she was an aspiring artist in the earliest of childhood, Viet-My found herself following a path set out by the cultural pressures of her parents. After 5.5 years of studying law she managed to graduate despite the lack of desire to be a lawyer. During the process of qualifying to become a lawyer Viet-My eventually realised that this was not the life she wanted and decided to tell her parents that she wanted to follow her real passion of illustrating instead. Even though she was concerned about upsetting her parents she understood it was more important to place her mental health and happiness first. She soon left the legal world to enroll into design school. Viet-My is now in her final semester and looks forward to focusing on her emerging career as a freelance illustrator. We talk about battling cultural pressures, mental health, never giving up on your dreams, appreciating things more after a struggle, staying true to yourself, introspection, documenting the creative process and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-19-viet-my-bui
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Ep 18 - Kishan Thurairasa, Co-founder and CEO of Jobbop (acquired by Hired in 2015)
"I don't think I'm more special than anyone else but I'm confident enough to believe that I can figure out something if I want to achieve it." - Kishan Thurairasa Kishan Thurairasa was the CEO and co-founder of Jobbop, an Australian platform to help employers hire software developers. I say 'was' because late last year Kish sold the business to Hired, the online talent marketplace. During the final year of his chemical engineering degree Kish created a website allowing students to select their favourite subjects at university and receive a Google-like ranking of the most appropriate employers to work for. Although the site had a lot of initial success with students signing up Kish soon realised that the website was not solving a huge problem for employers, the ones ultimately paying for the service. In 2014 he pivoted Jobbop to help employers hire software developers and their platform eventually brought the industry average time to hire down from 83 days to less than 14. Looking to scale their service Jobbop was accepted into the Melbourne Accelerator Program and were later approached by Hired as the US-based company was looking to further expand internationally. Jobbop was eventually acquired by Hired in December 2015. We talk about selling your company, showing up 7 days a week, noticing opportunities, deciding what to do with your time, being the best version of yourself - not someone else, the benefits of clichés and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-18-kishan-thurairasa
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Ep 17 - Gabrielle Lim, Escape room owner
"If we’re talking about the ideal state it shouldn’t be that there are bad bits and we should just accept that. We should endeavour to have only good bits. That’s the goal." - Gabrielle Lim Gabrielle is one of the founders of TRAPT, an escape room venue and bar located in Melbourne. In a society where people are increasingly isolated behind screens and keyboards, TRAPT is an important piece of a mission to create immersive experiences that truly connect people with each other and their environment while still having fun. Although Gabrielle started her career working within the Institutional Banking division of a major Australian bank she decided to start a business of her own while still employed. As the business has grown and become financially successful it has given her a chance to leave the corporate job and focus on her own business ventures. She's now commenced this new chapter as a "funtrepreneur" figuring out life + business in the most liveable city on earth. We talk about creating a entirely new entertainment category in Australia, what to do when others doubt you, nihilism, figuring out how much money you actually need, the troubles of being an introvert and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-17-gabrielle-lim
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Ep 16 - Josh Miramant, Adventure sports athlete and globetrotter
"I've come to any revelations only through trying to find the most interesting or fun path." - Josh Miramant I was recently asked "Who's the craziest person you know?" and without hesitation I immediately replied: Josh Miramant. Josh is an adventure sports athlete, entrepreneur, web developer and digital nomad. In May 2015 Josh performed the world's 10th suspension BASE jump, where a parachute was attached to four hooks pierced into the flesh on his back. A video of the jump went viral, made the trending news on Facebook and received over 30 million views in just a few days. He has since been asked multiple times to produce a TV show based around adventure sports. When he isn't jumping off cliffs Josh travels extensively and runs a web development agency among many other business ventures and investments. We talk about the 1 out of 60 fatality rate of BASE jumping, the importance of good teachers, having the freedom to spend your time how you want, following the path you find most interesting and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-16-josh-miramant
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Ep 15 - Scott Anderson, Farmer turned software entrepreneur
"Take the honest road, be honest, work hard, let other people share in the glory and you're gonna go real far." - Scott Anderson Scott Anderson is a grain farmer, former Wall Street banker and current software entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Founder of Cash Cow Farmer, a web application that helps farmers improve their profit margins and maximise crop production. Originally raised on his family's farm in South Dakota, Scott went to college in Lincoln, Nebraska and was inspired by a presentation from Warren Buffett to go work on Wall Street. After a few years working as a banker he returned to South Dakota to take over the farm from his father. With his newly acquired knowledge of financial analysis he was able to dramatically improve the profitability of the farm. In the process he created a huge spreadsheet that was used to monitor the production of all his fields, something he knew would be valuable to other farmers. He heard of an event called Startup Weekend in nearby Minneapolis and drove 5 hours to pitch his idea and build an initial version of the Cash Cow Farmer product before later turning it into a real business. We talk about farm technology, the importance of reading about "the greats", managing money, capital allocation, the credibility that comes from authoring a book, the importance of giving back and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-15-scott-anderson
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Ep 14 - Alex Burton, Supplement Formulator
"The people out there that are hungry to learn are the people that are in control of their lives." - Alex Burton Alex Burton works as a consultant at the Burtonia Group, an incubator for nutrition supplement companies that assists with formulation, manufacturing and branding. He is also the Founder and President of his own supplement brand, APT Sports. At the start of 2015 Alex weighed 326 lbs (148 kg) and decided to tackle his weight problem. Over the next 14 months through a combination of different diets, nutrition research and exercise he managed to lose over 100 lbs (45 kg). After achieving this amazing transformation he now wants to help other people achieve their weight loss and muscle building goals through his unique "Logic Diet". We talk about changing the face of the supplement industry, ketogenic diets, surrounding yourself with people that are better skilled than you, having a problem-solver mindset and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-14-alex-burton
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Ep 13 - Jason Lim, Wisdom Seeker and Startup Ecosystem Builder
"I think every human being has the ability to go down any path they want to." - Jason Lim Of all the people I know personally Jason Lim is probably the person who reads the most. Jason is an Associate at Adventure Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm in Melbourne, Australia and the General Manager at the York Butter Factory technology innovation hub. He consults executives in ASX 200 and Fortune 500 companies as well as early stage startups. He is an Entrepreneurial Fellow at the University of Melbourne and has guest lectured about technology and startups in Postgraduate and Executive MBA classes at the University of Melbourne and RMIT. We talk about the importance of introspection, seeking wisdom, the meaning of life, reading books for the purpose of self-development, how to read more often, surrounding yourself with good people and much more. Huge thanks again to the guys at Omny Studio for letting me use their recording studio to do this episode. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-13-jason-lim
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Ep 12 - Ivan Lim, Co-founder and CEO of Brosa
"It's not easy to build a brand but it's never been easier to build a brand." - Ivan Lim Ivan Lim is an entrepreneur I greatly admire and someone I often go to for business advice. Nowadays he is the co-founder and CEO of Brosa, a vertically integrated eCommerce retailer for designer furniture. Ivan graduated at the peak of the global financial crisis and was forced to start his career selling computer equipment over the phone. He soon taught himself digital marketing and was able to join a friend's early stage eCommerce company, refining his skills in the process and later venturing out to create his own online retailer of custom tailored clothing. Ivan decided to leave his passive cashflow business to join online marketplace Tweaky. He soon became the Head of Marketing before the business later rebranded into Elto and was eventually acquired by GoDaddy after he left to start Brosa. In just 2 years, Brosa has grown to 30 team members across 4 countries with an eight-figure annual revenue run rate. In July 2015 the company raised $2 million from AirTree Ventures in order to keep growing the brand. We talk about the future of eCommerce, the healthy tension between comfort and growth, striving to create more than you consume, having a builder's mindset, understanding human nature, patience and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-12-ivan-lim
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Ep 11 - Jeremy Burge, Creator of Emojipedia
"There's just something in my brain that rebels against being told what to do." - Jeremy Burge Jeremy Burge is the creator of Emojipedia, an online encyclopedia of emojis. As of this recording the site has 12 million visitors per month and had six-figure revenues in 2015. After running a web development agency for almost a decade, one day Jeremy decided to launch a website to catalogue and categorise emojis. He began posting about the new emojis included in the Unicode drafts until one day the site started to crash - it went from a few thousand visitors to hundreds of thousands overnight. As the site has grown Jeremy has also been responsible for the creation of World Emoji Day, which is now celebrated every July 17th by people and brands around the world. To acknowledge his role in the emoji field Jeremy was invited last year to join the Emoji subcommittee of the Unicode consortium. We talk about emoji (obviously!), the future of online communication, arranging your life to a schedule that works for you, the different ways to read, the benefits of having a small team and much more. Huge thanks again to the guys at Omny Studio for letting me use their recording studio to do this episode. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-11-jeremy-burge
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Ep 10 - Scott Li, Co-founder of FoxType
"I think my willingness to go through tough times and failures is probably higher than average." - Scott Li Scott Li and I met when we were both still at university. Nowadays Scott is the co-founder and CEO of FoxType, a company that uses natural language processing to help non-native speakers improve their writing. Although Scott was studying law at university he eventually dropped out to pursue a career in tech and startups. After nearing being sued by a developer Scott decided to teach himself how to code. He started a number of businesses in Australia before moving to Boston to work on a Bitcoin startup that he took through the Techstars accelerator. Although that business eventually failed Scott decided to continue building startups and he later co-founded FoxType. The company recently closed a $300K round of funding and is now taking part in the 500 Startups program in San Francisco. We talk about willpower, Bitcoin, immortality, collecting intelligence to make better decisions, the misaligned incentives of universities, the importance of sharing your ideas and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-10-scott-li
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Ep 9 - Olivia Milnes, Part-Owner and Store Manager of a Retail Travel Agency
"If you’re going to spend money and time on something then you’ve got to be in it 100 percent." - Olivia Milnes Olivia Milnes is one of my old friends from high school. She is now the part-owner and store manager of a Flight Centre travel agency outlet in Melbourne's central business district. Liv wasn't excited about going to university after finishing high school even though everyone around her was. Instead she decided to go live and travel in the UK for two years. After returning to Melbourne she decided to start her career working as a sales consultant at Flight Centre. After a year she jumped into an assistant manager position and was later asked to become a store manager with the offer to buy into a share of the store's profits. She hopes to oversee multiple stores sometime soon and eventually represent the company at a national level. During this episode Liv made a commitment to do an Olympic length triathlon within the next two years, so this post is also something that keeps her accountable to reaching that goal. We talk about incentives, turning down great opportunities that aren't right for you, being motivated to exceed expectations, the maturity that comes from living overseas, how to decide what to do next and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-9-olivia-milnes
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Ep 8 - Dinesh George, Agent for Human Development
"There's so much here on earth, both places and people. Experience as much as you can. Also, try and leave the Earth slightly better than how you found it." - Dinesh George Dinesh George is the head of accounts for an Australian tech startup called Influx. Influx provides elastic customer support for small businesses and startups. After dropping out of an aerospace engineering degree, Dinesh happened to discover Startup Weekend and set off on a new trajectory working in the tech industry. He started working as an associate for Adventure Capital before becoming the National Coordinator for Startup Weekend in Australia. He joined Influx over two years ago as their second employee and has played a large role in the company during its rapid growth. He hopes to one day return to his roots and run an aerospace company of his own. During this episode Dinesh made a commitment to do a 5 minute stand up routine in public before 2016 ends, so this post is also something that keeps him accountable to reaching that goal. We talk about stoicism, reconciling religious and scientific beliefs, the future of work, the decentralization of learning, space exploration, setting aside the time to do things that make you happy and much more. Huge thanks to the guys at Omny Studio for letting me use their recording studio to do this episode. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-8-dinesh-george
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Ep 7 - Maxine Lee, Startup Accelerator Manager
"You can't be afraid of knocking on doors and putting yourself out there." - Maxine Lee Maxine Lee is the accelerator manager of the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP). Each year MAP offers 10 startups an equity-free investment of $20k in addition to office space and mentoring. They also run a number of practical extracurricular activities to support entrepreneurs of all stages. Together 24 MAP startups have raised over $10 million in funding, created more than 120 jobs and generated over $5 million in revenue. In 2015 MAP was named the eighth best university business accelerator in the world. Towards the end of her undergraduate degree Maxine was introduced to the world of technology and startups. She unsuccessfully applied for the MAP accelerator with an idea for a fashion startup but was later invited to join the MAP team as an associate. With a lot of persistence, fast learning and a deep understanding of the program, Maxine is now running the accelerator less than 3 years later. We talk about corporate refugees, rapid skill development, taking risks early in life, dealing with failure, having a role that cultivates others, the importance of tenacity, finding comfort in discomfort and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-7-maxine-lee
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Ep 6 - Melissa Ng, Travelling Design Studio Founder
"Don't let people tell you who you should be or what you should believe in." - Melissa Ng Melissa Ng is the founder of Melewi, a completely location-independent Product, UX and UI design studio. Mel grew up in Singapore but decided not to go to university and chose to carve her own path instead. She started with some design freelancing and soon realized she could do the work from anywhere. As the studio started to grow she hired people from across the world to help her out and has since worked with clients as large as McDonalds, Samsung and Citibank. Mel and her team often take advantage of their luxury to work while traveling. We talk about carving your own path, getting comfortable with people, the importance of understanding yourself, psychopaths, Japanese cheesecake, picking things worth suffering through and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-6-melissa-ng
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Ep 5 - Sam Stewart, InfoSec Geek and Angel Investor
"Getting people to think about security in a different way opens a lot of doors and minds, literally and figuratively." - Sam Stewart Sam 'Frenchie' Stewart is a man you want on your side when it comes to information security. He's previously worked for a venture capital firm, a Bitcoin exchange and has founded two businesses of his own. Nowadays Frenchie works full-time as a Senior Security Specialist at ThoughtWorks, a world-wide technical consulting firm. With his spare time and money he also does some angel investing. We talk about security hacking, venture capital, mindsets for success, growing your network effectively, dystopian fiction, peer to peer mentoring and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-5-sam-stewart
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Ep 4 - Jesse Hanley, Nomadic Digital Marketer
"Life ends up becoming the story you tell yourself." - Jesse Hanley Jesse Hanley is a nomadic digital marketer who I met in San Francisco last year and we've since founded two businesses together. Jesse choose not to attend university after leaving high school and began his career in the fitness industry. He learned his digital marking skills in very practical way as he took an online supplement company from 0 to 1 million dollars in sales. These skills allowed him to take on larger responsibilities and eventually become the Director of Digital Marketing for Gold’s Gym Australia. In 2015 he asked his boss if he could start working remotely and ended up doing a 9 month trip around the world hopping from city to city with just a backpack. He now spends most of his time working on RankingPress, TextGoose and researching new business ideas. We talk about learning by doing, taking risks with other people's money, asking your boss to work remotely, leaving a steady paycheck, being the hero of your own story, shock therapy and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-4-jesse-hanley
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Ep 3 - Zezan Tam, Strategy Guy and Big Thinker
"I don't give a f * ck" Takes less courage to say than "I DO give a f * ck" - Zezan Tam Zezan Tam is one of most insightful people I know and also a close friend. He began his career working as a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). After two years he left to take part in Singularity University, a program that inspires people to tackle the world's biggest challenges. He then went on to pursue a number of his own entrepreneurial ventures and now works as a Director of Business Development at Redbubble, an online marketplace for products based on user submitted artwork. We talk about starting your career in corporate, thinking big, trying many things, practicing creativity daily, how your brain is like a faulty hard drive, adopting a growth mindset and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-3-zezan-tam
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Ep 2 - Alex Ray, Digital Cowboy and Software Engineer at Buffer
"Invest in who you are, invest in core principles, and the rest will come." - Alex Ray Alex Ray and I met while we were both doing Dev Bootcamp. He's the person who inspires me most to keep refining my approach to life. Alex choose to drop out of college after studying for two years. He volunteered on a farm in Norway to take a break and realised through the experience how little is needed to be happy. Upon returning to the USA he heard about a program that was teaching people web development in a very practical way. After completing Dev Bootcamp Alex went on to work for a tech startup and a web development agency before getting a job at Buffer. He now spends most of his time working remotely from Santa Monica but occasionally takes advantage of his location independence with a trip overseas. We talk about environments that bring out the best in you, blocking out time for creative work, being conscious about what you eat, asking "why" to yourself, being grateful, meditation and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-2-alex-ray
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Ep 1 - Brennan Sexton, eCommerce Entrepreneur
"… but then you’re always working in your business instead of on your business. I’m very much an advocate of working on your business rather than in it." - Brennan Sexton I've known Brennan for a few years now and am excited to see that his decision to focus on his business instead of taking a grad job is paying off. While completing a business degree at university, Brennan had the opportunity to do a few corporate internships working for the likes of KPMG, IBM and Deloitte. He considered becoming a management consultant but was also running a network of eCommerce stores (Niche Now) on the side. As his degree came to a close he realised that the business would need his entire focus if it was to become more than just a source of passive income. Today, Brennan's business is paying him a proper salary and he is selling a range of physical products across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. We talk about running a business on the side, eCommerce platforms, sharing your failures as well as your successes, travelling with only carry-on luggage, mentors and much more. You can find the show notes here: http://fabsays.com/podcast/episode-1-brennan-sexton
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